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Front: Rachel Terry, Lauren Leaver, Paige Pinkerton, Lyda Hartness, Madeline Alford; Back: Dwight Normile (MIG Faculty Adviser), Emma Hamblen, Emily Ford, Kirsten Viohl, Haley Arias, Miranda Fogel

proudly passed around to the MIG group. Chua-Eoan said he began working at TIME 30 years ago, answering the phone on Saturdays. And even though he holds one of the highest editorial positions and is on a fast-paced weekly production schedule, he spent about 40 minutes with our group, answering questions and explaining how the industry is changing in the digital world. A tour of Sports Illustrated followed, along with excellent presentations from Richard Demak, who handles the internship program, Trisha Blackmar, the only female senior editor at SI, and Olympics beat writer Brian Cazeneuve. Even if sports was not the forte of our group, we learned a great deal and took many notes to inspire us once we returned to school. Our second and final day began and ended in the Hearst building, where we toured Harper’s Bazaar and Town & Country. As we entered the heavy glass doors of the chic offices of the former, the nation’s first fashion magazine, we were escorted by an associate editor into a glass-walled conference room. We were all ears to the discussion of the magazine’s recent redesign and the ample amount of time dedicated to revamping each section. After a Q and A with our host about internships, jobs and the like, we were happily escorted to the fashion closet and shown what happens in order to prepare for the infamous editorials seen in each issue. Our trip concluded at all-American favorite Town & Country, where we listened to six staff members speak about how they got their positions and what previous experiences proved to be most beneficial. They were more than willing to answer our many questions about intern candidates and how to get the job. During our tour of the offices, we admired the rich history in the archives dating back to far earlier in the 1900s. After we were

given copies of the current T&C issue, the editors also offered their personal business cards and instructions to reach out should we ever have any questions about applying for an internship. Our overall consensus of the trip was delighted surprise in the willingness of every magazine to “pay it forward” and advise us in how to be successful in pursuit of careers in the magazine industry. Sophomore Haley Arias agreed that the trip was highly beneficial in realizing that entering the magazine world from a non-New Yorker’s perspective is not as impossible as it sometimes seems. “What I liked best about the trip was how genuine and helpful each person at each magazine was,” she said. “They showed how much they care and want to help us, and that made me feel more confident.” Added Alford: “It was also great to see the whole thing come together. It took a lot of planning and hard work, but it was worth it. The MIG girls seemed excited and inspired by what we learned, and I think we are going to have a record high of internships as a result.” With a fresh batch of knowledge varying from how to gain an internship to each job’s responsibilities, the MIG members owe many thanks to Gaylord for our club’s establishment, the magazines for accommodating us, and our president and adviser for facilitating a successful visit. Miranda Fogel is an online journalism junior who flew back to New York in the spring for an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. She received an internship there for the summer of 2013.


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