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Mark Nehrenz (right) and Seth Hartman worked together to bring Nehrenz’s vision of OKCGood to life.

OU Information Technology OU IT employees have partnered Specialist Seth Hartman helped Nehrenz with Gaylord College students to design the logo for OKCGood and facilitate a fluid learning environment. the organization’s website. Hartman YouXLab participants are hopeful that graduated from Illinois State University these partnerships will expand to other with a bachelor’s degree in graphic colleges to create a unique network design. He has worked at OU for four of student projects and collaborations years. within the university. “[Mark] is really one of the ones “We need to co-mingle with others who has taken the YouXLab with both outside of this college,” said Foote, dean hands,” he said. of Gaylord College. “We don’t have all After Hartman contributes his the answers, but neither do computer expertise and knowledge about graphic science or business majors. The great design to the YouXLab group, he leaves ideas today are collaborative.” the rest to the students. His goal is to The network of people creates a guide and direct their creativity in such a unique and powerful opportunity for the way that they still have full control over university. Krug has urged members to the project. create tutorials based on their expertise Other alumni, students and members to assist future students within YouXLab. of the group also contribute based on “The more students in here the more their areas of expertise. vibrant of a community it could be,” “YouXLab is a big asset to the Nehrenz said. university, because it enables students An option for YouXLab is to allocate to kind of start dreaming before they workspace in the various college actually graduate,” Hartman said. “It buildings on campus. Each space would doesn’t limit them in what they can do.” Professor Chris Krug has been integral for many of Gaylord focus on the discipline that particular Nehrenz views YouXLab as a creative College’s digital initiatives over the past few years and college offers. space where he can learn, but at the same intiated the YouXLab collaboration. “People on campus have the really time offer his video production skills to great ideas,” Krug said. “Let’s take others. people, bring them together and harness their creativity.” “What I have gotten the most from YouXLab is learning from A native of Tulsa, Okla., Valerie Wade is an advertising people like Seth [Hartman] and Chris [Krug] about how to build sophomore who aspires to build a well-known network of nonprofit a website for my project,” Nehrenz said. organizations. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering with He also has worked with a few freshmen this year who enjoy inner-city youth. creating documentaries. He hopes in the future they will have a project and use the YouXLab as a resource to launch it.


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