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Public relations students Anna Restuccia, Dusti Gasparovic, Stephen Eppling and Alexa Mihalick prepare for the next round of interviews during Top Jobs. Photo by Celia Perkins.

“It’s better to be inside the building than outside the building, screaming ‘I want a job,’” she said. Just last year, Uyen Truong was the PR director of Lindsey + Asp and working to organize the Top Jobs event debut, where she landed an internship with Edelman Digital. “The internship was the best part of the job because it allowed me to do something different,” she said. Truong never worked in the digital department, but gave it a go to learn something new. Being well rounded is never a bad thing. Now an alumna who couldn’t wait to give back to her alma mater, Truong sits on the other side of the table, handing out business cards instead of collecting them. “It’s crazy to think just last year I was sitting there thinking, ‘Wow, I hope that’s me in one year,’” Truong said. She speaks with students and encourages them to get involved with Gaylord College’s many opportunities, with Top Jobs being high on that list. After the introductions, lunch was provided and students were given free time. Those who signed up for one-on-one time slots headed to their respective rooms. Expectant students took a deep breath, straightened their ties, snatched up their résumés and shook hands with people who could, quite possibly, offer them their dream job. Public relations alumnus Stephen Eppling said Top Jobs was a great experience. He scoured over his résumé to make it as close to perfection as possible in preparation for the event. “We get so much face time with these professionals,” he said enthusiastically as he gestured over to a room where a recruiter

was looking over a résumé with a student. “Look, they are sitting on the floor right now!” Public relations sophomore Anna Restuccia attended Top Jobs for the first time, seeking feedback from professionals. “It was great to connect with agencies and see what they recommend I work on,” she said. “I’m taking advantage of the program.” When the one-on-ones wrapped up, there was a Q & A session in the auditorium for those who were unable to get all their questions addressed earlier. Friday came to a close, but Saturday morning offered one final day to make a lasting impression. Students attended the breakout sessions they signed up for the previous day, followed by a final Q & A session. “They bring people to us,” said advertising alumna Alexa Mihalick, holding a stack of business cards. “Most colleges don’t get opportunities like this one.” Top Jobs was a huge success and can be expected to continue in years to come, giving Gaylord College students a leg up on their competition and learning insights into the career field of their choice. Networking is huge in this industry, and it starts behind the wooden double doors of Gaylord College, the land of success where big dreamers, hard-workers and charismatic young professionals roam the floors. Dusti Gasparovic is a public relations sophomore from Fort Worth, Texas. She seeks to be a positive role model to young women through the media and fashion industry.


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