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Websites and Social Media

Websites Mixmag magazine already have an up and running successful website. Including sections such as: Events, Fashion, Music and technology. There will be a new link added to the main Mixmag website, directing customers to THE MIXMAG STORE website. Therefore viewers can switch between the two websites easily, depending on their requirements. The Mixmag Store website will include: Home, Events, Female, Male, Sale, The Store, and Mixmag. It will carry out the same layout and theme as the Mixmag website with added touches to suit the store, for example, the latest clothing collections sold in store. Offers and Sales will be promoted online, however limited stock will be available online, to make the concept more exclusive and encourage customers to visit the store and become more interactive with the brand. Viewers can buy tickets online to the latest Mixmag Store Events. There is a chance for them to watch back previous events, events listings and vote for whom they wish to see play in the store. Before the store is opened, there will be a count down on the home page of the website. Viewers can access the whole website, however there will be parts blocked, such as ‘The Store’ until the official opening of the store. This is to keep the viewers intrigued and make the event more exciting with a big build up to encourage more hype surrounding the store.

Social Media The main social media sites for the Mixmag Store will be Facebook and Twitter, as these are some of the most visited websites worldwide, it is a great way to communicate with customers. The Facebook and Twitter sites will post regularly to promote the official opening of the store, and create a countdown with daily updates. There will also be daily competitions for a chance to win tickets to the launch party,exclusive events and free give aways. Not only will this keep the audience interacted with the store even before the initial opening, it is the best way of ambush marketing as viewers newsfeeds will continuously be interrupted by The Mixmag Store information. as well as revealing friends who have applied for the competitions, constantly creating word of mouth. The aim is to create as much social media traffic as possible, increasing the fanbase and generating positive word of mouth. Facebook and twitter will also be used to promote new seasons collections, offers, up coming in store events and new releases, to keep the audience constantly in the know.

Interactive Crowd

An ‘Interactive Crowd’ is a device used over Twitter. It builds a community that allows people who share the same passions to interact with one another online. The ‘Twitter Crowd’ will be set up so that Mixmag fans can communicate about the store sharing opinions and updates. The virtual crowd will be accessible by typing #mixmagcrowd, they will be added to the group and able to see an opening store countdown. This has been proven very successful with many music related Twitter accounts, and is a great way to keep the audience interacting with the brand and one another.

Bil boards and Posters

Interactive Bil board



To keep up-to-date with upcoming technology, and keep the whole concept constantly interactive with the customers, there will be interactive billboards. These will be placed around London, particularly Piccadilly Circus. The Mixmag store billboard will promote upcoming events in the store and the official store opening. To keep the customers interacted and excited, there will be text in competitions from the billboard. The first slide will flash up with Mixmag related questions, such as; 'Who is Mixmag’s Mix of the week’, the next slide will flash up with a number to text in and the address of the new store. Other examples of the interactive billboards, will be notes flashing up asking the audience to find clues around London, directing them towards the store. This creates an experience for the audience and enables them to connect with the Mixmag brand.

Tube Stations

Another key place to advertise in London is the underground. As the majority of the target audience will use the underground to reach the store, as it is situated between the prime two stations in Shoreditch. Another interactive billboard will be placed on the walls of the tube stations, where it gives the audience something to read and do while they wait around in the hustle of bustle of London. Although the billboard will not be digital and moving like the others, it still has a chance for the target audience to text in and have the chance to win tickets to upcoming events. It contains all the key details about how to get in contact and the address of the new store.


The poster is designed to appear eye catching to passersby. It is bright and vibrant to represent what The Mixmag store is about, and gives a little more insight into the new store. The imagery used is to embody the concept and resemble a fun, bright and interactive store. This simple image can say a lot about the store and the atmosphere is has to offer. The Posters will be placed around London, particularly Shoreditch, on; bus stops, walls, lampposts and shop windows. Passersby will start to recognise the logo and imagery, therefore relating back to the brand. There is limited information on the poster, however as the logo is recognisable, it will draw the target audience in. There is a QR code placed on the poster, with relevant information such as the website and address.

Guerril a Marketing

Viral Vid The Viral Video includes a lot of guerrilla marketing. It is crucial that the target audience becomes recognisable to The Mixmag Store logo. The aim of the viral advertisement is to create an underground and edgy feel, making the audience want to find out more about the store. It has close-ups throughout the video of the store logo in several odd places around the city. Such as; brick walls, sign posts and graffiti walls. The places appear quite dingy and derelict. This again creates a mystery and exclusive feel about the store, Leaving the audience intrigued over the viral Video. Clips of a stylish male and female will also appear in the video. One skating and the other listening to music, this connotes the style and vibe of the store and will make the video appeal to both genders. showing that The Mixmag Store is targeted towards both males and females.

There is an underlining narrative, in which flashes on footsteps pop up throughout the video. It represents people walking towards the store from all kinds of areas and direction, and then they will finally find the destination, and finding clues along the way. Almost like a treasure hunt. The Video will be posted on all social media sites, Youtube and The Mixmag Store website. This is proven to be one of the most effect ways of word of mouth marketing, and can reach thousands of hits on 1 day. The viral video is effective because it keeps the viewers drawn in right until the end. It consistently shows the use of guerrilla marketing without a real indication of what the video is about, right up until the end. This is where the store is revealed with viewpoints of the store and one off words describing what it has to offer. So long by Larse is the deep house music that is playing throughout the video. It is a catchy up beat song that gives the viewers a real sense of the brand and keeps their attention throughout the video.

QR codes As QR codes are a new innovative way of interacting the consumer with a brand, it is crucial that The Mixmag Store stay up to date with such technology. This is an example of The Mixmag Store’s own QR code. Once again the logo is recognisable and fits into the design of the code. This will be used on most of The Mixmag Store’s flyers, posters and as another way of guerrilla marketing. It gives a chance for passersby to interact with the store immediately. With the appropriate smart phone application, they can take a photo of the QR code which then leads them to The Mixmag store website, so that they can access it immediately. From here they have several options to browse the website, as well as an option to sign up to the text service. This has been proven to be successful by Mixmag in the past. It gives the option for customers to join on the free text service, where they can receive up dates about the store and upcoming events, keeping that intimacy with the brand. The QR codes will be placed all around London on the posters, on lampposts, railings and generally around the streets so that it becomes recognisable for the audience. Also it will continuously create a mystery hype around the store launch, as they will gradually appear more and more around the city.

The Mixmag Store marks the spot... This is another example of a guerrilla marketing technique that the store will be using. To keep an intimacy relationship with the target audience, it is important to keep them as interacted as possible with the brand. The Mixmag store, marks the spot... is a type of treasure hunt in which customers and choose to take part in. 10 vinyl’s will be hidden around Shoreditch area, and it is up to the customers to find them. Once the lucky finders have one of the exclusive vinyl’s, their task is to find somewhere to play it. The vinyl has the words ‘Play me...’ on it. The Mixmag Store will use co-promotion in conjunction with independent record stores around Shoreditch. This is where the finders of the vinyls can go and play them in selected record shops, to find out what is on the vinyl that they are meant to hear. This will this create positive promotional traffic between The Mixmag store and independent record shops around the same area. The prize on the vinyl is a spoken exclusive invite to the official launch party of the store. It is important to be using such guerrilla marketing techniques so that it separates the store from any others. Being unconventional with the advertising process enables The Mixmag Store to set them apart from any other shopping experience.

Festival Promotion and Goody bags

Festivals Mixmag already sponsor festivals such as Creamfields, in which they have their own stage where DJs represent the brand with house/electro and tech music. As this has been proven so successful, festival branding is key. Festivals are ideal to attract the target audience. Music and party lovers will be attending the events, therefore is a great place to begin the promotion of the store. Snowbombing festival in Austria and Summer Break in Newquay will be the two festivals where Mixmag will begin initial advertising. Goody bags will be handed out at these events to the general public to promote the store. This will also create hype and build a relationship between the consumer and the brand. Not only will it create a positive vibe around launch of the store, but it will also give more information about the store, and ensure everybody knows about the exciting new retail space.

Goody Bags The goody bags that are handed out at the festivals will represent the store and the products and events that it will hold. They will have a colour theme of black and white running throughout which resembles the Mixmag logo. They will include: • • • • • • •

A drinks mat Flyers Sun glasses Shot Glass The Mixmag Stickers 20% off next purchase at The Mixmag Store A vinyl with more information about the store and free exclusive new tunes

All the products in the goody bag link back to the store and will intrigue the target audience towards the brand with this positive promotional act. The goody bag is fashionable and exclusive, appealing to a large audience both male and female. The logo will be on all of the items to create a recognisable memory for the consumer. It appears luxury and stylish throughout to keep a consistent strong brand image.

Launch Party

To surround the hype of the store, the launch party will take place on 1st September, 12 days before the official opening. It will take place in the store itself and the space will be changed to fit the event, with top of the range sound systems and lighting. The launch party is exclusive, and invites will be sent to celebrities, DJs, radio presenters and the lucky members of the general public who won tickets to the event. The guests will be greeted with a champagne reception with the option of Jack Daniels. It is an informal event with a chance to mingle and really experiment and interact with the store. Press will be there to help the promotion of the store. Also photographers will take photos and videos throughout the night for them to immediately be posted online and on the social networking sites, to help potential customers to get excited about attending the store. Djs Maya Janes Coles, Jamie Jones and Miguel Campbell will be headlining the event with techno/electro and house music to suit the vibe. The idea is to create a club night theme for the guests to enjoy the music, atmosphere and generate excitement for the official store opening.

Press Pack

A press pack will be sent out to relevant PR companies, Celebrities and radios. Like the other forms of promotional techniques used throughout, the press pack is edgy and unique. Keeping The Mixmag Store’s theme, the press pack will be done using vinyl’s. Each vinyl will contain different information appealing to the reader. They will come in a glossy black box, to represent the outside of the store, and inside will be bright, fun and exciting, including;

• • • • • • • • •

Invite to the launch party Contact details Press release Free Mixmag album Play me... ( more exciting details about the store launch) Flyers The viral video 20% off voucher Mixmag stickers

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Mixmag promotions and advertising  

mixmag store promotions

Mixmag promotions and advertising  

mixmag store promotions