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Toys for Tots Making Christmas Brighter for Those Less Fortunate

Timothy’s World of Coffee New ownership, same Gay Coffee Shop

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Holigay Gift Ideas

2 magazine #26, Dec. 2005

52 Established originally in January 1992 as Men For Men BBS by MFM Communications. Named changed to in 1998. Stand alone company as of January 2004. First Issue of Magazine, November 2003. Publisher Steve Polyak & Rob Diaz-Marino, Editor Rob Diaz Marino,


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Dreaming of Christmas Letter from the Publisher

8 Toys for Tots Making Christmas Brighter for Those Less Fortunate

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Timothy’s World of Coffee New ownership, same Gay Coffee Shop


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Think outside the box this Christmas! QUAB

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Christmas event reaches 9th year

The Beat Goes On at Stage West


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Dreaming of Christmas Letter from the Publisher By Rob Diaz-Marino

I know that this time of year is supposed to be filled with happiness despite the hassle of the Christmas rush, but oftentimes it can also be the time of year when the impact of the past year finally catches up to you. I lost a lot of people in my family this year, but my hectic life gave me little time to properly reflect on them, so these are some of the things that are catching up with me. I lost my grandfather on my dad’s side earlier this year. He only spoke Spanish, and my dad always wanted me to learn speak the language fluently so that I could talk to him. Though that never happened, I realized that the truly important things can’t always be put into words. RIP Arturo D.M., Medical Doctor and my grandfather. In the last month my dad’s brother died from complications after being admitted to the hospital for pneumonia, only days before leaving for a trip with my dad. RIP Arturo D.H., Biology Teacher and my uncle. About two weeks ago my grandfather on my mom’s side underwent an operation to replace a stint that was holding his pancreatic duct from being pressed shut by a minor cancer. Soon after he passed away, most likely from the strain the operation put on his body. He loved to do jigsaw puzzles, and he left one unfinished in his room, which my mom took it upon herself to complete. I’ll miss listening to your stories. RIP Werner W., World War II Recon veteran, Brewery Worker, and my grandfather.

vage his depressing holiday. Poor Steve will be staying behind in Calgary to take care of the magazine - he never gets a break does he? I’ll be back in time for Christmas though, with my mom and my dad, and finally things will be back to normal again after all that has happened. But enough depressing stuff, let’s talk about all the good things that have happened this month! Magazine had a booth at the Taboo Sex Show for the 3rd year in a row. Our November 2005 issue was going so fast that we were worried we might completely exhaust our supply! This time we weren’t alone – Priape was in the booth right beside us and we at least had someone familiar to talk to when things calmed down. Plus we got some much needed comic relief as Shane ran around bumping into people with what we dubbed “The Optimist’s Dildo” – you know, the one that so large that it’s useless. We definitely noticed a change in people’s reaction to our magazine this time around. The 1st year we were at the show, when we had just launched our first issue, we had

So I’m left alone here in Calgary, my mom away in Germany to visit my Grandmother (perhaps for the last time), while my dad went ahead with his trip after a brief visit to Spain to mourn his brother. As for me, I will be joining my dad for several weeks to take his brother’s place and sal- magazine #26, Dec. 2005


a born-again Christian start bible thumping to us about being gay. Hello, look around you guy, you’re at a sex show – there’s stuff here the bible wouldn’t even know what to do with! Not to mention T-shirts with sayings like “Jesus loves you, but I think you’re an asshole.” Damn, wish I had one of those at the time… But back to what I was saying, this year we didn’t get nearly as many negative reactions, and got to talk with so many people that were excited to see us there. It definitely seems like Calgary is slowly getting there. Otherwise, this month we’ve given Darryl Aarbo a break from the Gay Legalese column, but be sure to look out for his article in next month’s issue! In the News *Groan* Not another election! As usual, Magazine will publish the responses of political candidates on gay issues to help inform your voting decision. Not to add any bias, but you may want to read our Press Release section this month – it may have some relevance to this. Bar Banter Our set of articles on the bars last month caused a bit of a ripple, especially in regards to the square footage and capacity of some establishments; granted, we did ask the owners to pull these numbers off the tops of their heads. Our intention was to create a small tourism section on the website – in essence, a subset of the business directory with only the things that are relevant to gay travelers coming to our city. We asked for the bar’s capacity and square footage to give an impression of their scale and how busy they can get. Currently we are having the City of Calgary Fire Marshall pull up the official stats since not all establishments have this information publicly posted. In the end we may just reduce these statistics to more subjective descriptions…big, small, crowded, quiet. You get the picture. Also, the article on the Backlot last month had a little gremlin creep in – did you notice? Owner Ken is definitely not thinking about starting up a band or becoming a rock star! In actual fact, that final paragraph was from October’s music review on the Boygirls. Bad copy-paste, bad! Money-Pennies celebrated their 10th anniversary on No-

6 magazine #26, Dec. 2005

vember 26th, and prior to that, Twisted Element had theirs on the exact date of their grand opened last year, November 12th. Congratulations to the both of you! Winter has finally arrived – no Chinook to save us now! Before you show up in the cold, don’t forget to ask your favorite bars whether or not they are even open on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day! At the beginning of 2005 we anticipated that this would be the year of change, and indeed it has been. Indulge, The Verge, and Solar Café were dissolved, and Detour got their much anticipated make-over to become the new Pulse. Metro Boyztown became Metro The Club and began selling memberships to women, and before the year is up, Twisted Element will finally open up their basement lounge. In the coming year we will see what else the future has in store for Calgary’s gay community. Reader’s Choice Awards for 2005 Get ready, next issue will have our annual Reader’s Choice awards. Fill out the reader survey to be entered into a prize draw, and vote for your favorite establishments so that they receive awards for their efforts! Once again the survey will be held across the month of January and February, and can be filled out from the magazine or online. We’ll have more details for you next issue. Happy Holidays! Lastly, from all of us at magazine, we wish our readers and advertisers a fabulous Christmas and a queer New Year! Questions or comments about the magazine or other things happening in the community, please E-mail us at magazine #26, Dec. 2005


TOYS FOR TOTS Making Christmas Brighter for Those Less Fortunate. By Jason Clevett

Since he moved to Calgary a decade ago, Dr. Richard Denney has been the epitome of the Christmas spirit by spearheading the annual “Toys for Tots” campaign. After working on the program in Toronto with 18East and Traxx bar in the late 80’s, Denney decided to launch the program here. “It’s my Christmas before Christmas. It gives toys to children who can’t have a Christmas,” Denney told “My friends come and give very generously of their hearts and their wallets to a cause they believe in. I have a great following of people, last year we had in the neighborhood of $6000 in toys. One benefactor just went out recently and bought $1000 in toys, he can’t make it to the event so he bought and dropped off toys in advance. We have organizations like Metro The Club, who come in with bagfuls of toys that they contribute.” This years event takes place Sunday Dec 4th from 3: 00pm – 7:00pm at Money Pennies. Patrons bring unwrapped toys and are served snacks and wine, while being entertained by live music. The next morning Denney and his friends take the toys to the Native Women’s Shelter on MacLeod Trail. Denney spoke about why he chose that organization to receive their donation.

to be forgotten, and encourages people to consider them when making purchases this year. “The age group of 13 – 16 seems to get left out each year, for both boys and girls. We have a lot of toys up to that age but that group is the one I am pushing when people ask what we really need. A present for that age would be greatly appreciated. Even things like jewelry, CD’s and DVD’s would be appreciated for that age group, and it doesn’t have to be a toy.” Denney is astounded by how the program has grown. In its early days he held the event in his own home, but eventually it outgrew that! “It has probably grown [by] three to four times the amount of toys from when we started. I used to hold the event in my house, but it became so big that I couldn’t have it at the house anymore. Lorrie and Michelle from Money Pennies came to the event and I said ‘I don’t know what I am going to do next year, there isn’t room for everybody’ and they said ‘Why don’t you consider having it at the bar?’ It’s a great idea because the bar is already decorated – they get their decorations up early for the Toy’s for Tots night. The bar really has made it so that every year it gets larger and more people come out and know about it. It is known now that it is the first Sunday of December.”

“The Native shelter seems to be left out in the cold all the time. Lots of donations go to the Women’s shelter and other organizations. Many of those groups get a lot of toys from various community groups, and I wanted to do something where it was being appreciated. The women at the NWS are very appreciative. Some of the toys are used at the shelter and the rest, [such] as cash donations used to make food hampers, are sent out to their communities, some of the reserves and various outreach programs.”

Denney also keeps track of those who have participated to ensure everyone knows that the event is happening.

The toys bring a lot of smiles to faces, but Denney did comment that the age 13 – 16 age group at times seems

Denney’s goal is to have Toys for Tots continue for many more years. While many will stand up and applaud

8 magazine #26, Dec. 2005

“People will call me wanting the dates of the event because they don’t go out to bars but want to support the event. I have a phone list of people that I call that I know don’t go out and call and invite them or send them a card with information on the event. It is a great chance to have an outing with friends they haven’t seen in awhile, it is a very social event.”

Richard Denney for organizing such a great event and giving back, he is humble and insists that this is about more than his legacy. “I am a simple man with simple ideas, this was an idea I came up with when I moved to Calgary, and now here we are in the tenth year. There’s going to be at least ten more. The legacy I hope to leave is that this is a season of giving, love and joy and that it is not about me or my legacy it is about people continuing this when I am no longer around. This is a day to get people together to give to those less fortunate than us and make their Christmas better. It gets the Christmas spirit going in the beginning of December and we have a wonderful time getting together with friends.” Dr. Richard Denney’s “Toys for Tots” December 4, 2005, 3:00 – 7:00 Money-Pennies Eatery and Bar 1742 10 Ave SW If would like to have your business or non-profit group reviewed in an up coming issue of Magazine or have comment or suggestions of businesses to be reviewed, please contact us at (403) 543-6960 or E-mail us at magazine #26, Dec. 2005


10 magazine #26, Dec. 2005 magazine #26, Dec. 2005


HOLIGAY GIFT IDEAS By Rob Diaz-Marino L’il Weirdigans from QUAB Gallery In the Art Central Building 212, 100 7th Ave SW (403) 261-2855 Aside from their provocative and sometimes homoerotic art, QUAB Gallery has some very unique hot selling items available for those who aren’t looking to spend hundreds on art. These are “L’il Weirdigans,” a line of mini-sculptures by artist Munkaspeni (incidentally, a pseudonym born from a drunken attempt to say “Monkey Penis”). The L’il Weirdigans come in 3 dif-

ferent lines. First is Voodoo Hoodoo, a set of voodoo dolls that look like monsters, or optionally the celebrity of your choice; Brittany Speers and Celine Dion were on display when we visited. They come with pins and plenty of pre-made puncture marks anywhere you’d want to stick someone – even the genitals! Secondly, the Dead Faeries line features a slightly morbid approach to bug-collecting. Many of the faeries have nails through their bodies, and they appear to be trying to pull them out. Others have parts of their bodies smashed by rocks, with big splats of yellow blood. Finally, the Personal Jesus line gets a little bold by featuring thematic version of the crucified Jesus. One piece has Jesus in a Superman costume, nailed to the cross with Kryptonite spikes. So if you need a gift for that person with the weird sense of humor, you can get a L’il Weirdigan from between $25 and $200. Check out the QUAB website for more photos. Flowers from La Fleur In the Art Central Building #103 – 100 7th Ave SW (403) 266-1707 La Fleur makes absolutely fabulous floral arrangements for a decent price. If you were at the Backlot’s anniversary, Twisted Element’s anniversary, or Money Pennies anniversary you would have seen some of their amazing work. Failing that, all you need to do is

12 magazine #26, Dec. 2005

pop down to their store and you can see that they truly surpass your average flower shop. Though flowers aren’t the typical Christmas gift, remember that an arrangement by La Fleur won’t be your typical bouquet flowers! Couples Massage from Professional Relaxation Daniel (403) 510-7572 Holiday season got you or your partner a little stressed? Why not get a massage to limber them up for that Holiday love-making? Or better yet, go in for a couples massage session where you learn how to give your partner a great massage. It’s a romantic gift that keeps on giving. Hair Styling and Products from Russell’s Cobalt 735 12th Ave SW (403) 228-7822 Maybe your hair is getting too long, or maybe you just want to change your style – how about a new color to usher in the New Year? Someone should get you a gift certificate for Russell’s Cobalt Hair & Aesthetics! Go in for a haircut, or select from their many hair styling products. Toys & DVDs from Adult Depot 1514 14th Street SW (403) 264-7399 140 58th Ave SW (403) 258-2777 Adult Depot is a great place to buy or rent from their colossal selection of gay DVDs, but also check out their healthy compliment of sex toys. This month only, buy a lifesize replica of your favorite Falcon porn star’s cock, and get a DVD with featuring that actor for an amazing deal! It will be almost like singing along to your favorite musical…except not. And if you don’t like the DVD you can still go f%$ck yourself! Men’s Clothing and More from Priape Calgary 1322 – 17th Ave SW (403) 215-1800 Priape has a huge selection of sex toys, but also check out their stylish men’s clothing and undergarments. Buy your boyfriend some sexy underwear, or some nice shirts and jeans to wear to the clubs.

You’re bound to find something he’ll want…and there’s nothing wrong with buying for yourself while you’re there! Women’s Clothing and More from Barbies Shop 1518 4th Street SW (403) 262-0345 Barbies Shop has unique women’s clothing which would appeal to the Goth and fetish crowd. They also have a great selection of jewelry and leather accessories, not to mention their formidable leather boots! Aside from that, check out their new spread of “Glass Art” dildos - never before have I seen one that functions as a crank! Ho Ho Ho Inc. – Ornaments and Trinkets 2nd Floor Scotia Centre Downtown (403) 398-4685 What better Christmas present to give than Christmas ornaments, trinkets, and knick-knacks. The Christmas Store’s assortment of holiday decorations and accessories will blow you away! It’s an ideal way to get affordable gifts for your friends and family - with such a wide variety, you’re bound to find something to suit just about anyone’s taste. Thomas Cook Travel – Holiday Flights Wade Wiley (403) 253-8494 If you just want to get away from it all, Wade can be your ticket out of Calgary. Fly out to visit your family if they live far away, or go somewhere warm just to relax. Treat yourself or surprise your significant other with a romantic get-away. Foxwood B&B – Holiday Get-away 1725 – 12th Street SW (403) 244-6693 On the other hand, maybe you want to get away for a day or two without leaving Calgary. The Foxwood Bed and Breakfast offers a quiet yet intimate environment. Take the time to read that book you’ve been putting off, socialize with other guests, or relax in the clothing-optional indoor hot tub. Happy hunting magazine #26, Dec. 2005


14 magazine #26, Dec. 2005

Just Ask Nina! The Dish who dishes advice By Nina Tron Dear Nina, My boyfriend and I have been arguing for some time. I recently caught him in bed with somebody else. His defense was that when we first started seeing each other over a year ago things were casual and that it’s ok to sleep with other people. But he and I have been living together for the last 11 months! So many things have changed; I don’t see how he could possibly think things between us as casual! I am still fuming, I can’t believe his reasoning. What’s your thought Nina? Yours truly, Deaf or Dumb

Dear D&D, You just caught your boyfriend cheating on you and your letting him take you back to a conversation from when you two first met? How stupid does this guy think you are my dear? You feel cheated and so you should, this guy obviously has been holding this as the trump card for whenever he finally got caught!! That’s right sweetie I can almost bet that this isn’t the first indiscretion he’s had. Men can be such pigs! Don’t be foolin’ yourself, that’s unnecessary! But from here on in Girl you are going to have to LISTEN right from the beginning. If you are looking for a monogamous relationship then you have to start by stating what you want out of a relationship, and be sure whomever you’re dating wants the same thing too. Honey, the minute I hear the word “casual” come out of his mouth, if I’m not looking for casual I hit the door! You don’t have to put up with that crap! So I say ditch the loser and find yourself a man that will treat you the way a Queen should be. This is a good time of year for reflection, look within yourself my dear, find out what you really desire, who you are and what you want. Once you gain this confidence it will radiate through, and is the best shield for keeping off scum who only intend to hurt you. Can I get an amen Girls? Stay strong my dear, Nina P.S. Merry Christmas to one and all! And a very happy New Year!

I am here for you, and I look forward to hearing from you all, I can be reached at: or Mailed to Ask Nina c/o Magazine, Suite 100, 215 14th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T2R 0M2. You can also watch Nina every Sunday night and events through out the week at Twisted Element, 1006 11th Avenue SW. Other than the question, all personal information (i.e. name, address, E-mail) will remain confidential. does reserve the right to alter questions for brevity and content. Responses are for entertainment value only. magazine #26, Dec. 2005


Events Listing Find out what’s happening around Calgary Accommodations

Bathhouse and Sauna’s

Foxwood B&B ●12 See our ad on page 38 1725 - 12 St SW • (403) 244-6693 Accommodation review in Magazine August 2004 - Issue 10

Goliath’s ●6 See our ad on page 60 308 - 17 Ave SW • (403) 229-0911 Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day 7 Days a Week, Specials on Lockers and Single Rooms for Students. Valid student ID must be shown. Student Rates unavailable 8pm to 4am Weekends.

The Seville Park Place ●40 239 12th Avenue SW • (403) 265-6111 Renovated Bachelor Suites Starting at $525/month. Right in the heart of the Gay Community. Westways Guest House ●13 216 - 25 Ave SW • (403) 229-1758 Accommodation review in Magazine June 2004 - Issue 8


Businesses Alykhan Velji See our ad on page 5 (403) 617-2406 Interior Decorator Adult Depot See our ad on page 11 magazine #26, Dec. 2005

140, 58th Ave SW •(403) 258-2777 1514 14th Street SW •(403) 264-7399 ●23 Sex toys, and Straight, Bi, Gay video rentals Adult Source Business review in Magazine October 2004 - Issue 12 10210 MacLeod Trail S • (403) 271-7848 1536 - 16 Ave NW • (403) 289-4203 2770 - 32 Ave NE • (403) 250-8225 1127 - 17 Ave SW • (403) 244-6537 ●20 4310 - 17 Ave SE • (403) 273-2701 Calgary’s largest selection of adult DVD, VHS, toys and magazines. B&D Emporium Inc. ●14 Business review in Magazine July 2004 - Issue 9 829 17th Ave SW • (403) 265-7789

Adult clothing store and accessories specializing in fetish, leather, latex, Gothic, punk, and corsets. Barbies Shop ●48 See our ad on page 36 1518 4th Street SW • (403) 262-8265 Adult clothing store, shoes, Gothic, punk, fetish and more. Bay, the ●29 200 - 8th Ave SW • (403) 262-0345 Brian Mahoney & John McNeill See our ad on page 37 #10, 6020 - 1A St SW • (403) 259-4141 Re/Max Reality Professionals Courtney Sebree Aarbo ●24 See our ad on page 48 1138 Kensington Road NW • (403) 571-5120 Business review in Magazine August 2004 - Issue 10 Barristers & solicitors Christopher Wittke, AMP (403) 451-8648 • Toll Free (877) 718-0884 Mortgage Agent Cruiseline See our ad on page 72 (403) 777-9494 trial code 3500 Phone chat room & talking classifieds for 18+ Deva Dave Salon ●32 4th Floor, 1304 4th Street SW • (403) 290-1973 Edges Salon & Spa #7 - 400 Crowfoot Crescent NW Phone: (403) 375-0000 Our spa’s unique environment, independent of salon, is a tranquil sanctuary where stresses of everyday life melt away.

Ho Ho Ho Inc. ●38 See our ad on page 9 2nd Floor, Scotia Centre Downtown• (403) 398-4685 The Christmas Store

(403) 543-6970 Web site hosting and development. Computer Hardware and Software.

Interactive Male (403) 261-2100, Trial code 3418 or try 1-900451-3800 ($1.99/min) Phone chat room for 18+

More Better Buses (403) 651-1692 Providing unique, comfortable & affordable transportation. Charter us for: High School Graduations, Senior Groups, Pub Crawls and Sporting Events

La Fleur ●41 See our ad on page 58 #103 - 100 7th Avenue SW (403) 266-1707 Florist Shop

Pine Mountain/Java Bear ●42 1406 17th Avenue SW (403) 228-9693 Coffee, Psychic/Tarot/Tea Leaf readings, Gifts and more!

Mary’s Electrolysis ●39 110 815 8th Avenue SW • (403) 234-8704 Permanent Hair Removal

Play Market Mall •(403) 202-1774 2nd Level , TD Square •(403) 252-9672 ●31

MaxWell Reality - Dale Erickson (403) 253-5678 MaxWell Real Estate Agent

Priape Calgary ●16 See our ad on page 16 1322 - 17 Ave SW • (403) 215-1800 Business review in Magazine May 2004 - Issue 7

MFM Communications See our ad on page 22

Clothing and accessories. Adult toys, leather wear, movies and magazines. Gifts. Professional Relaxation Massage See our ad on page 28 (403) 510-7572 Male to Male massage by appointment only RBC Investments - Bob Sokoloski (403) 969-8588 Rev. Nadene Rogers See our ad on page 9 (403) 247-0602 Marriage Commissioner Russell’s Cobalt ●45 See our ad on page 53 735 12th Avenue SW • (403) 228-7822 Hair & Aesthetics Sol Sourced Weddings See our ad on page 58 (403) 270-9480 Wedding Commissioner magazine #26, Dec. 2005


Thomas Cook Travel See our ad on page 49 Wade Wiley (403) 253-8494 Z-Group See our ad on page 71 Voice over IP (VOIP) phone service and long distance (403) 770-1940

Clubs and Bars BackLot ●3 See our ad on page 54 209 - 10 Ave SW • (403) 265-5211 Open 7 days a week, 4pm-close Business review in Magazine March 2004 - Issue 13 Internet Terminal Location* Calgary Eagle Inc. ●4 See our ad on page 29 424a - 8 Ave SE • (403) 263-5847 Open Wed-Sun 5pm-close Business review in Magazine February 2004 - Issue 4

18 Internet Terminal Location* Sunday - Beer Bust 4-8pm. Two Big Beef bones $5.95. $2.00 Draft (12oz) Canadian. Wednesday - Free Pool Thursday - Get Boned. Two Big Beef bones $5.95 and Wing Night. 20 cents per wing Friday - Dark Night - “Feel your way around and come in the Dark” Toonie Sundays (First and last Sunday of every month) - $2 Pizza Slices and $2 Draft Loading Dock ●7 318 - 17 Ave SW, side entrance • (403) 244-8537 Open 7 days a week, 3-9:30pm Business review in Magazine November 2003 - Issue 1 Internet Terminal Location* Metro the Club ●8 See our ad on pages 41 and 51 213 - 10 Ave SW • (403) 265-2028 Open 7 days a week, 9pm-close Business review in Magazine December 2003 - Issue 2 magazine #26, Dec. 2005

Money-Pennies ●9 See our ad on page 22 1742 - 10 Ave SW • (403) 263-7411 Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-close; Sat & Sun 10: 30am-close Business review in Magazine January 2004 - Issue 3 Internet Terminal Location* Pulse (Formerly Detour) /Arena ●5 See our ad on pages 2, 26, 29, 36, and 42 318 - 17 Ave SW • (403) 244-8537 Open Friday-Sunday 10pm-close Business review in Magazine November 2003 - Issue 1 Internet Terminal Location in the Loading Dock area* The Rekroom ●10 See our ad on pages 41 and 51 213a - 10 Ave SW • (403) 265-4749 Open 7 days a week, 4pm-close Business review in Magazine December 2003 - Issue 2

Texas Lounge ●6 See our ad on page 60 308 - 17 Ave SW • (403) 229-0911 Open 7 days a week, 11am-close Check the web site for updated event calendar information. Business review in Magazine November 2004 - Issue 13 Tuesdays - Karaoke Wednesdays - Hi-Ball Specials Saturdays - Karaoke Sundays - Beer Specials (selected brands) Ernestine Movie Matinee: December 4th - War of the Worlds (Original), December 11 - Mystic River, December 18 - Christmas Carol, December 25 - CLOSED, January 1 - Scooby Doo 2. The Twisted Element ●33 1006 11th Ave SW • (403) 802-0230 See our ad on page 5, 11, 15, 48 and 58 7 days a week 4:00pm to close Internet Terminal Location*

Community Groups and Organizations Aids Calgary ●2 200, 1509 Centre St South • (403) 508-2500 Non-Profit review in Magazine March 2004 - Issue 5 Alpine Frontrunners Club Calgary (403) 660-6125 The AFCC was formed in 1991 after individuals who participated in the Gay Games in Vancouver decided they wanted to form a club to promote health and fitness in the gay community. The club has a membership of approximately 20. These members are active in Team Calgary which supports athletes going to the Gay Games. The AFCC hosts a Pride Run as part of Gay Pride Week, every June (on Father’s Day). As well, we send teams to the Banff Mountain Ekiden race held the Saturday after Canadian Thanksgiving in October. AFCC Fun Runs: Tuesdays. Eau Claire YMCA. 200 Barklay Parade SW (4th street and 3rd ave SW) June thru October, at 6 pm. Outdoors. Saturdays. 9 am. Eau Claire YMCA. Brunch follows; location varies. Join our mailing list: calgaryfrontrunners@c Apollo Calgary Friends in Sports Non-Profit review in Magazine April 2004 - Issue 6 Badminton - at Western Canada High School (641 17th Ave. SW), Sunday afternoons in the MAIN GYM, 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Drop-in Fee: $8 for each 2.5 hour session for Apollo members or $10 for non-members. 26-week Annual membership are available Rainbow Riders Bowling League - Let’s 10 Pin Bowlerama, 2916 5 Avenue NE, Wednesday’s at 6:30pm. Season is from September to April. League fees are $15.00 per Night. Shoe rental is $2.00 Unity Bowling League - Let’s 10 Pin Bowlerama, 2916 5 Avenue NE, Sundays at 2:00 p.m. Season begins September 18, 2005. League fees are $15.00 per day. Shoe rental is $2.00 Apollo Curling League - 15th season of Apollo Curling will began in October 2005, with the same general format as last year. Games are at the North Hill Curling Club (1201 - 2 Street N.W.) with two draws on Saturdays: 2:20 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. and at the Inglewood Golf and Curling Club, Saturdays at 12:30 p.m

Inner-City Volleyball - YWCA, 320 - 5th Avenue SE, Sundays, 4:00 - 6:30PM. Cost: Apollo yearly membership: $15. 12 week league fee: $55. Drop-in Fee: $6 Apollo members. $8 Non-Apollo Members ARGRA – Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association See our ad on page 44 Hotline: (403) 541-8140 Non Profit Group review in Magazine June 2004 - Issue 8 ARGRA Christmas Dinner & Dance. December 10 , 2005 - 7:30 pm. Dance cost is $6 for members and $9 for non-members. Country music until 10pm and hot mixed music the rest of the evening Artists for the Quality of Life (403) 890-1261 Between Men and Between Men Online Sean (403) 234-8973 or Peer support, sexual health education for gay or bisexual men, as well as those who may be uncertain or questioning their sexuality. Discussions range from personal relationship or life issues, to sexual health and well-being. Mondays - Meetings at Money-Pennies from 7pm to 8:30pm CBCA offers counselling and educational services that help people consider their sexual and reproductive choices in informed and responsible ways. RU a lesbian, gay, bisexual, two-spirited or queer youth, ages 17-24? RU interested in helping make Calgary a safer place for people of diverse sexual orientation? If UR, we are looking for dynamic volunteers for our Anti-Homophobia Program. This program is intended to raise awareness and understanding among students about the experiences of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, two spirited, transgendered, queer and questioning youth. If you are interesting in sharing your experiences with other youth, and are available days, please call us at 283-5580 and ask for an Educator or contact Choices (403) 234-8973 or Choices provides tailored prevention and education to Choices is a partnership between GLCSA and AIDS Calgary. Choices employs a harm reduction philosophy to educate men and HIV/AIDS and STDs, so they are able to make the best decisions for themselves. Different Strokes Swim Club.

Calgary Humane Society See our ad on page 53 1323 - 36th Avenue NE (403) 250-7722

Non-Profit review in Magazine March 2005 - Issue 17

Animal Adoptions and for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Sunday - 6:00 to 7:00 PM YWCA (Fitness on Fifth), 320 - 5 Avenue S.E. not the Eau Claire YMCA $5.00

Calgary Gay Fathers (403) 777-9499 ext 2090 Peer support group for gay, bisexual and questioning fathers. Meeting twice a month Calgary Men’s Chorus (403) 262-6295 Every Tuesday 7:00pm to 9:30pm, Old Y Centre, 223 12th Avenue SW CBCA Sexual and Reproductive Wellness Centre 304, 301 14th Street NW (403) 283-5580

Wednesday - 7:00 to 8:00 PM at YWCA (Fitness on Fifth), 320 - 5 Avenue S.E. not the Eau Claire YMCA $5.00

Don’t Buy In Project This Calgary Police Service Initiative aims to encourage youth to working towards an inclusive environment in which diversity is embraced in their schools and community. Egale Canada #310, 396 Cooper Ottawa, ON K2P 2H7 1-888-204-7777 toll free Stephen Lock – Regional Co-Director (Male) Prairies/NWT/Nunavut (403) 708-5302 cell phone

lobby organization for gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, trans-identified people and our families. Membership fees are pay-what-youcan, although pre-authorized monthly donors are encouraged (and get a free Egale Canada t-shirt). Egale has several committees that meet by teleconference on a regular basis; membership on these is national with members from every region of Canada. Gay Prairie Alumni gayprairiealumni/ This group is for all gay/lesbian/transgendered alumni of Prairie Bible Institute and/or Prairie High School in Three Hills, Alberta. It’s purpose is twofold: First, social -- to renew old friendships and make new ones. Second -- to talk about our common experiences as gay people at a fundamentalist school. Any other questions, please feel free to ask. Girl Friends Girlsgo Productions (403) 510-2502 Event production and promotion in Alberta for women. Check online for fun things to do! GLASS, Gay & Lesbian Association of Students and Staff PF4255 in the Professional Faculties Building, University of Calgary (403) 220-6394 Non-Profit review in Magazine October 2004 - Issue 12 GLCSA - Gay And Lesbian Community Services Association ●1 206, 223 - 12 Ave SW, Old “Y” Centre (403) 234-8973 Non-Profit review in Magazine February 2004 - Issue 4 Heading Out Sean (403) 234-8973 or Peer group for men who are looking for an alternative social activity to the bar. Activities vary and are fun and entertaining. The group meets the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month from 7 pm to 9 pm. HIV Peer Support Group (403) 230-5832

Egale Canada is the national advocacy and magazine #26, Dec. 2005


Illusions Calgary #206, 223 - 12th Ave. S.W.• (403) 2348973 Social group for Calgary and area transgender community members (cross dressers, transvestites, drag kings and queens). Illusions provides a safe, discrete and welcoming atmosphere, in which transgendered people can meet others of like mind. Illusions offers discretion, acceptance, compassion and a safe place to express your gender. Cross-dressing is the purpose of the group, but is not mandatory. Inside Out 206, 223 - 12 Ave SW, Old “Y” Centre• (403) 234-8973 Peer-facilitated youth group for GLBTQ ages 15-25. The group aims to let youth know they are not alone, and to connect them with their peers. Every Monday, 7 pm to 9pm at GLCSA. It is a funky and safe environment with a variety of resources and activities. ISCCA – Imperial Sovereign Court of the Chinook Arch Non-Profit review in Magazine November 2003 - Issue 1 and December 2003 - Issue 2 Crowns for Kids Shooter Bars - December 1, 7, 15, 21 and 29 at Metro the Club “Sarchotic Saturdays” - Drag Show Saturday December 3, 10, and 17 at the Rekroom. Show starts at 10:00 PM ISCCA, SA show at Metro on Sunday, December 11th. Shows at 10:30 PM and 12:30 PM Integrity Calgary integrity.html


Worship – Every Second Sunday of the month at 7pm. Meet at St Stephen’s Anglican Church, 1121 - 14 Ave SW. Christian fellowship for gay, lesbians, bisexuals and our friend and family. New Directions (403) 234-8973 or Drop in peer/social support group to provide support and resources for individuals who identify as transgendered, transsexual or intersexed. Social support meetings 1st Friday of every month from 7 pm to 11 pm and peer support meetings 3rd Friday of every month from 7 pm to 9 pm at GLCSA. Kitty Group Phone: Nico (403) 605-6597 E-mail: A social group for womyn – Every First Saturday of the month at 7pm. At The Good Earth Café, 1504 - 11 Ave SW The L Zone Knox United Church 506 - 4th Street S.W. • (403) 269-8382 Knox United Church is an all-inclusive church located in downtown Calgary. A variety of facility rentals are also available for meetings, events and concerts. Worship Services Wednesdays - Communion Service 12:10 pm Sundays - 11:00 a.m. September to June Sundays - 10:30 a.m. in summer July and August. Pride Calgary (403) 262-3410 Non-Profit review in Magazine May 2004 - Issue 7 magazine #26, Dec. 2005

Pride Rainbow Project The Pride Rainbow Project was started in Fall 2003 by 4 youth of the Unitarian Church of Calgary. The Pride Rainbow Project is a project designed to show support for same-sex marriage in Canada and elsewhere. It is a fabric rainbow banner approximately 5 feet wide, and the goal is to make it 3.2km (2 miles) long, in order to break the world record (set by a group in Florida at 1.25 miles)! It contains the 6 colours of the pride flag: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple. The project is youth run, but anyone can help!.

Ave.S.W. Starts at 5:00PM. Dec. 14 – Free Pool at the Eagle Dec. 17 – Coffee Hour at Timothy’s 1610 – 10 St. S.W. Meet at 10:00 AM Dec. 18 - Eagle Annual Christmas Dinner Cost for this dinner is $15.00 which includes a fun gift exchange. Dinner at the usual time 6:00 PM Dec. 21 – Free Pool at the Eagle Dec. 25 – Christmas Potluck Brunch at Neil’s If you wish to attend please let Neil know. Dec. 28 – Free Pool at the Eagle Dec. 31 – Coffee Hour at Timothy’s 1610 – 10 St. S.W. Meet at 10:00 AM

Primetimers Calgary E-mail:

Rocky Mountain Bears Non-Profit review in Magazine January - Issue 3

Prime Timers Calgary is designed to foster social interaction for its members through a variety of social, educational and recreational activities. It is open to all gay and bisexual men over forty and respects whatever degree of anonymity that each member desires.

Saturday, December 31, 2004 - Bar night AND New Years’ Eve at The Eagle!!! There’s never a cover charge at the Eagle on New Years’ Eve so come and ring in 2006 with the gang at the Eagle!!!

Dec. 3 – Coffee Hour at Timothy’s 1610 – 10 St. S.W. Meet at 10:00 AM Dec. 4 - Annual Toys for Tots by Richard Denney. Place : MoneyPennies. Time : 3:00PM – 7: 00PM . Get in the Christmas spirit. Bring an unwrapped toy for a boy or girl and make someone’s Christmas a little brighter. Dec. 7 – Free Pool at the Eagle Dec. 8 - University Theatre Production of “The Libertine” Curtain time is 7:30PM in the Reeve Theatre. Reserve tickets at 220-7202. ($10.00 seniors) Dec. 10 – PrimeTimers Annual Christmas Dinner . Potluck to be held at the Old Y 223 – 12th

Thursday, January 19, 2006 - General Meeting at Money Pennies. - 7:30. Events planning, etc. Saturday, January 28, 2006 - Bar night at The Eagle!!! Sharp Foundation Phone: (403) 272-2912 E-mail: SHEQ Soulful Healing Ego Quest (403) 234-8973 or A workshop for women that want to be themselves in a supportive, safe environment. It is a chance to grow and share their experiences related to women’s sexuality. Runs for a ten week period on Thursdays at 7pm. Call Trudy

or Krista at 585-7437. To participate, please call the exclusive SHEQ line at 585-7437 (you may leave a voice message for Trudy or Krista) or leave your name and a contact time/number with the Gay & Lesbian Community Services Association at 234-8973. Speak Sebastian Radio Show – Every first & third Wednesday from 9-10pm. Radio for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans gender and kink community. Listen on CJSW FM 90.9. Team Calgary Urban Sex Radio Show – Every second & forth Wednesday from 9-10pm. Focus on sexuality; gay bisexual lesbian trans gendered and straight issues here in Calgary and around the web. Listen on CJSW FM 90.9. Western Leather Federation Coffee Night – Wed, 8:30pm. At the Calgary Eagle. Womynspace (403) 234-8973 or Peer social/support group for women providing an evening of fun, bonding, discussion and activities. Meets every Friday 7pm to 9pm at GLCSA. Vigor Calgary (403) 255-7004 Violence in Gay Male Relationships (VIGOR) is a committee of professionals dedicated to increasing the awareness of gay men’s domestic violence and the services available to them. Youth 4 Youth 102, 1212 - 1 St. S.E. • (403) 283-8591 YouthSafe Alberta’s website for youth with sex-and-gender differences. lists the resources, information and services to help youth find safe and caring spaces in Alberta.

Restaurants Calgary Eagle Inc. ●4 See our ad on page 29 424a - 8 Ave SE • (403) 263-5847

Open Tues-Sun 4pm-close Restaurant review in Magazine December 2003 - Issue 2 Internet Terminal Location* Money-Pennies ●9 See our ad on page 22 1742 - 10 Ave SW • (403) 263-7411 Business review in Magazine April 2004 - Issue 6 Internet Terminal Location* Timothy’s Coffee ● 27 1610 10th St SW • (403) 244-7750 Restaurant review in Magazine September 2004 - Issue 11 Monday - Saturday: 7am to 11pm Sunday: 8am to 11pm The Twisted Element ●33 1006 11th Avenue SW • (403) 802-0230 See our ad on pages 5, 11, 15, 48 and 58 Restaurant review in Magazine January 2005 - Issue 15 Sunday 11:00am to close Monday to Saturday 4:00pm to close Internet Terminal Location* Victoria’s Restaurant ●18 306 - 17 Ave SW • (403) 244-9991 Mon Fri, 11am-close; Weekends 10am-close Restaurant review in Magazine January 2004 - Issue 3

Theatre and Art Alberta Ballet 2005 December 8 - 11, Edmonton Performance, The Nutcracker December 11 The Nutcracker Brunch December 14 - 18, Calgary Performance, The Nutcracker December 17 & 18 The Nutcracker Brunch 2006 January 27, Edmonton Edmonton Gala February 3, Calgary La Nuit Cartier February 10 - 11, Calgary February 17 - 18, Edmonton Performance, An Evening with Gershwin February 23 & 24 Adopt A Dancer Reception February 25 - 27, Edmonton March 16 - 19, Calgary

Great Chefs in Great Homes March 24 - 25, Calgary Performance, Alice in Wonderland Subscriber Receptions March 26, Calgary Mad Hatter Tea Party March 31 - April 1, Edmonton Performance, Alice in Wonderland Subscriber Receptions May TBA, Calgary School of Alberta Ballet Year End Show June 9 & 10, Calgary & Edmonton House & Garden Show ATP, Alberta Theatre Projects ●36 Phone: (403) 294-7402 November 26 – December 28, 2005, TREASURE ISLAND, Adapted by Michael O’Brien. Presented in association with Quest Theatre. Family Holiday Presentation January 24 – March 5, 2006, ENBRIDGE playRites FESTIVAL OF NEW CANADIAN PLAYS Fairytales International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Jubilations Dinner Theatre 1002 - 37th Street SW, at the Westbrook Mall • (403) 249-7799 The Pirates of the North Saskatchewan November 11 - February 5, 2006 E-yar! Welcome aboard “The Not-so-much”, one of the oldest, yet newly refurbished vessels to ever set sail on the prairie seas! Join us as the illustrious Captain Jack Partridge takes us down the North Saskatchewan River on a swashbuckling adventure of love, deceit, and revenge. Sit back and hear old Jack recall the tale of the maiden voyage of the ship, and how his struggle to claim his Father’s 2 million dollar inheritance, hidden somewhere on the ship, turns into pirate family battle. Then there’s the Dreaded Pirate Roberts who is only looking for a romantic evening on the ship with his bride to be, Belle Buttercup, until it is interrupted by Jack’s greedy pirate family in search of their plunder. Take heed! This be no average pirate tale: This is a tale of how the course of true love never did run smooth; how greed can disassemble a perfectly strong pirate family; A tale mixed with your favourite classic rock tunes. This is the tale of the Pirates of the North Saskatchewan!

New Gallery ●25 516D - 9 Ave SW • (403) 233-2399 Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 5pm One Yellow Rabbit ●35 Big Secret Theatre – EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts • (403) 299-8888 QUAB Gallery Inc. ●43 See our ad on page 11 212, 100th 7th Avenue SW • (403) 261-2855 Pumphouse Theatre ●37 2140 Pumphouse Avenue SW • (403) 2630079 December 7 - 17, 2005, Broad Minds Productions Presents Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet. In the Joyce Doolittle Theatre. This co-production with The Shakespeare Company focuses on Constance, a grad student and lecturer in Renaissance drama at Queen’s University who ghost-writes academic papers for the professor with whom she’s infatuated. She also deciphers a coded manuscript which she believes is a lost source for Shakespeare’s Othello and Romeo and Juliet, and literally falls into the worlds of these plays causing each of them to turn from tragedy to comedy! Skew Gallery ●44 1615 10th Avenue SW • (403) 244-4445 Stagewest 727 42 Avenue SE • (403) 243-6642 California Dreaming II, By Howard Pechet Nov. 17, 2005 - Feb. 12, 2006

Answers to this month’s Q-Puzzle on page 37 magazine #26, Dec. 2005


As the 60s progressed, the California sound became not only more refined, but more distinctive. On the Uptown Country side, there was Kenny Rogers and Glen Campbell while Rock N’ Roll reverberated with the sounds of Fleetwood Mac and Journey. By the turn of the century, Sheryl Crow and Jewel topped the charts and almost every major group in the USA resided in the Sunshine State. From Blues to Country to Funk, California is where it’s at. Stride Gallery ●47 1004 MacLeod Trail SE • (403) 262-8507

please call (403) 543-6960 or E-mail You can add your information to the directory on the website for free. endeavors to have the information here as accurate as possible. Events and listings can change at any time so it is recommended to check with the establishment before you head out. Non-Profit groups free listings. Business receive a listing once an ad has been placed. The business listing will last 1 year after the last ad is placed unless there is a service located at that location.

Theatre Junction Truck Gallery ●46 815 1st Street SW (Basement) • (403) 2617702 Vertigo Mystery Theatre ●34 161, 115 – 9 Ave SE • (403) 221-3708 If you would like to add your business or non-profit group to the list above,

22 magazine #26, Dec. 2005 magazine #26, Dec. 2005


24 magazine #26, Dec. 2005

Adult Film Reviews By Jerome Voltero Well, I guess there’s no theme this month. There aren’t too many Christmas-oriented pornos that we could find, though I’d gladly have some of these packages under my tree! Adult Depot “Semper Fi! The Few! The Proud!” by Commando Videos This film is done in a first-person format – amateur video with the camera man speaking as they film. I caught a glimpse of him in the mirror though, and I’m so glad he stays behind that camera. He’s filming two “straight [army] boys who are willing to take it off and get off,” as they watch a straight porno on television. A little sickeningly, the camera man talks to one of the guys about his girlfriend and pussy in general. They make it very convincing that the guys are straight, though with the disclaimer that these are fictional situations, I’m not quite sure what to think. Perhaps that’s what makes it that much more scintillating when the two guys are convinced to play with each other and try anal for the first time… OUCH, not even a one-sies, two-sies, three-sies! I definitely don’t blame him for saying “oh shit” over and over. All in all the guys throughout were fairly twinkish, though if you’re turned on by young straight guys you’ll undoubtedly get a kick from this porno. “Lick Daddy Suck Daddy” by Stud Mall Though the movie was released in 2005, the video and sound quality made me think it was filmed a while before that. They didn’t have music so much as a radio playing in another room of the house, making for some messy editing cuts. Personally I found the boys in this film to be a bit nauseating, but I guess they need to have their fun too. The daddies were undeniably more to my liking – beefy, furry, rough-talking and leather clad. “Mmmm, daddy, I love that hairy chest,” certainly summed up what I was thinking. But my gosh, the giant bruise “Uncle Jessie” left across the one boy’s butt was scary! Kid, explain

Review | Adult Male to the nice social worker that you WANTED that spanking. Adult Depot 1514B 14th Street SW – (403) 264-7399 140 – 58th Ave SW – (403) 258-2777 Source Adult Video “Lords II: Return to the Manor” by Jet Set Team Productions Ahh, I love the smell of plot line in the morning. After a very serious introductory segment, good looking guy #1 shows up at good looking guy #2’s door asking about “auditions”. Guy #2 offers to “show him around”…one would presume he meant the beautiful manor’s yard with a prime view of Hollywood hill. No more than 10 steps from the door however, they inexplicably start into love-making. Hmmm, is this the audition they were talking about? If they are strangers then why are they wearing the same outfit? A mystery that can only be solved by watching the video for yourself! The guys in this film are very attractive, and would probably appeal to a wide audience. They’re not bears, they’re not twinks; they’re not muscular and they’re not scrawny; they’re not clean shaven and they’re not scruffy. They’re just healthy looking 30-somethings with robust wankers – even I can’t complain! “The Fuk Club” by Jet Set Team Productions The title is definitely a play on the movie “Fight Club”, which begs the question: at the end, will the main character have a psychological awakening to realize he has been “fuk”ing himself all this time? Well…I doubt it, but maybe the guy with the freckly back will realize that it’s bad manners to belch while downing another guy’s cock. magazine #26, Dec. 2005


The film starts with two somewhat muscular guys, alone together in a gym. The instructor decides that today’s lesson will involve training his pupil how to fight with a “pole”. He offers the choice between using the large wooden bow he’s carrying, or the one between his legs. Package squeezing ensues, and the choice of pole-arm is obvious. The next scene involves the hunky Latino guy from the cover – muscular, tanned, tattooed, both nipples pierced, and drenched in sweat! Not the biggest “Pitote” on him, but the rest of him is such eye candy that it didn’t bother me much. Definitely yummy if you like athletic types. Adult Source 10210 MacLeod Trail SE – (403) 217-7848 1536 16th Ave NW – (403) 289-4203 2770 32nd Ave NE – (403) 250-8225 1127 17th Ave SW – (403) 244-6537 4310 17th Ave SE – (403) 273-2701 Happy Holidays everyone! And if you’re a top, you’ll agree that it’s better to give than to receive!

26 magazine #26, Dec. 2005

Q Scopes “Ask for assistance, Gemini!” Lifestyle | Astrology

By Magazine Staff

Just before leaving Scorpio, Mercury is sextile Venus in Capricorn, offering a few days of shrewd, calculated charm (think Dorothy Parker and the Algonquin Round Table.) Then when Merc blows into Sagittarius, he shifts from sharp wit to boisterous cheeriness.

ARIES (March 20 - April 19): our now-sharpened tongue can get you into any bed and/or up a few steps on the ladder of success. Scope out your opportunities and make your commitments quickly. Subtlety only lasts so long; soon your maneuverings will be clear to all.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Don’t be shy or too set in your ways. The one you love - or someone sweet on you - wants to offer you something new and different. At least be open to discussing the possibilities. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Work will lighten up soon. In the meantime, asking for assistance can help build stronger cooperative relationships. Flirtation at work is generally a bad idea, but right now some innocent, playful banter would be fine.

CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Opening up and telling your partner (or any prospective partner) things you want, but have never admitted to, will create delightful opportunities. You may not get exactly what you asked for, but the discussion will lead somewhere really good!

LEO (July 23 - August 22): It’s a great time to fix up your home, even if your impulses run to recreating historic bordellos. You could also get involved in any kind of community work to bring latent skills to the surface and make some great new friends.

just go where you can let loose!

LIBRA (September 23 - October 22): This is a lovely time to air domestic issues, perhaps even to resolve them. At least you can count on saying and hearing important concerns in a constructive manner. A mature, practical approach to money problems will also bring progress.

SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21): Your cool reserve is breaking down, making you more accessible and bringing out your seductive charm. Enjoy it while you may! It’s harder now to keep your secrets private. Keeping your privates secret is up to you!

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 20): Party monster though you are, you’re better advised now to stick to quiet, intimate gatherings. Meaningful talks with close and trusted friends will offer great insight on all sides, and prove you a helpful, dedicated friend.

CAPRICORN (December 21 - January 19): Get into helping to plan all those holiday parties coming up. The networking and the chance to show your effectiveness will prove you to be a valuable social asset and provide you with terrific opportunities.

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18): Showing trust in the boss (or as the boss) will help to inspire confidence, but there are different kinds of trust. Secrets will get out, and all will be better for that! It’s also a good time to reorganize for efficiency.

PISCES (February 19 - March 19): Discuss new ideas freely, open-endedly, and without committing to a particular perspective. You can learn a lot from friends who adopt a stronger position. Your questions and feedback can help them learn, too!

VIRGO (August 23 - September 22): Shy, reticent Virgo? Not now! You have a sharp wit and know how to use it. You may want to be gentle or not quite as naughty as your impulses would lead you. Or magazine #26, Dec. 2005


Free Speech Is A Bitch By Stephen Lock

The French philosopher Voltaire once wrote, “I disagree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” And death for criticizing the State, or the society of the day was a real possibility in the heady (or, rather, headless) days of the French Revolution. In a democracy, certain freedoms are non-negotiable; a free press, freedom of association, freedom of conscience, freedom of thought and belief, and the freedom to express all of those; in other words, freedom of speech. It’s easy to support the freedom of speech of those we agree with, or on issues that don’t directly affect us. But the true test of freedom of speech is to support the expression of ideas and ideologies we find personally disgusting, upsetting, and odious. A perfect example is self-avowed “pastor”, Stephen Boissoin, formerly of Red Deer, Alberta, former Executive Director of the Concerned Christians Coalition (now Concerned Christians Canada Inc.), who is currently a youth worker with street-involved and at risk youth in Calgary. In 2002, Boissoin wrote a letter to the editor of the Red Deer Advocate newspaper, not only criticizing but condemning a project by the PFLAG Faith Society of Edmonton to create safe environments in the schools for GLBTQ students and to institute anti-homophobia initiatives in school curricula. The letter reads as a vicious and savage diatribe against homosexual activists, homosexuality in general, and those who support them.

Like many self-avowed Right Wing Christians, Boissoin claims to not “hate homosexuals.” Oh no, he loves us; it’s our ‘disease’ and ‘perversions’ he hates. He prefaces his letter with this declaration of love, stating his words are not intended for those “suffering from an unwanted sexual identity crisis.” For those, the unfortunates so conflicted about their sexuality they believe the powers of faith and prayer will make them heterosexual, he has “understanding, care, compassion and tolerance.” He reserves his acid-laced vitriol for the activists, and our supporters, who “are not morally upright citizens, concerned about the best interests of our society. [Such people] are perverse, self-centred and morally deprived individuals…spreading their psychological disease into every area of our (i.e. heterosexuals’) lives….Homosexual activists, and those that defend them, are just as immoral as the pedophiles, drug dealers and pimps that plague our communities.” He goes on to claim, “…it is only a matter of time before some of these morally bankrupt individuals such as those involved with NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association, will achieve their goal to have sexual relations with children and assert it is a matter of free choice and claim [those who oppose them] are intolerant bigots not to accept it.” Nice stuff, huh? The words are upsetting, hurtful, perhaps even harmful. How can anyone be allowed to publicly air such putrid ideas? There oughta be a law…. Well, freedom of speech is not absolute in Canada. The Alberta Human Rights Commission draws the line at actions and words/imagery that denigrate certain identifiable groups if those actions and words/imagery place members of the group at risk for harm or public contempt. The Criminal Code, on the other hand, draws the line at “hate.” It is a criminal offence to advocate or promote genocide, or the willful public incitement of hatred. Following the amendments outlined in C-250, ‘sexual orientation’ is now included as one of the characteristics, along with colour, race, religion, and ethnic origin, protected under the hate propaganda provisions of the Criminal Code. Darren Lund, then a teacher at a Red Deer secondary school and now an education professor at the University of Calgary, believed that if Boissoin’s comments did not constitute hate according to Criminal Code definitions,

28 magazine #26, Dec. 2005

then certainly contravened the Alberta Human Rights Act, and so filed a complaint. The Commission originally dismissed Lund’s complaint. He successfully appealed that decision, and the case against Boissoin and Concerned Christians Canada Inc. is to be heard sometime in the new year by the Alberta Human Rights Commission. Predictably, Boissoin and, now Craig Chandler, the CEO of Concerned Christians Canada Inc., are garnering considerable media attention by playing the victim, playing the “free speech” card, and complaining about a homosexual conspiracy to silence them. Boissoin even launched a law suit against professor Lund, citing defamation of character because Lund dared to file the complaint against him. Who is silencing whom? In a recent Calgary Herald editorial, right wing commentator Nigel Hannaford stated, “[i]t is ironic that homosexual activists have made good use of their right to free speech in pursuit of their aims but, having largely achieved them, now wish to shut down further discussion.” He goes on to claim, “[r]adical homosexual activists claim to be in favour of free speech, but feel their Charter right to equality is violated by what they deem to be offensive comments.” The real irony is that Egale Canada, the national GLBTQ equality-seeking and lobbying group, has publicly stated as it did in the case of Roman Catholic Bishop Fred Henry’s January 2005 Pastoral Letter, that it supports Boissoin’s right to free speech, while clearly and unequivocally calling what he wrote “misguided” , “intolerant”, “hurtful”, and “inflammatory.” Egale wants to see such crap out in the public marketplace of ideas, where Canadians can scrutinize and argue against the odious views the letter expresses. Egale believes that “sunshine is the best disinfectant.” On the one hand we have conservative and right wing commentators like Hannaford inaccurately claiming that homosexual activists are attempting to silence opposition through the courts and various human rights tribunals. On the other hand, Egale is facing criticism for appearing to support Stephen Boissoin and not be supporting the complainant, Darren Lund. Egale absolutely supports professor Lund and the body of work he has accomplished on behalf of GLBTQ youth and others. Professor Lund’s commitment to equality and human rights is not in question, at least not at Egale. Where Egale and professor Lund differ is how to address poison like that written by Stephen Boissoin. We disagree, as we did in the Bishop Henry situation, with having such writing and opinion silenced in any way. We want it out in the open, exposed to public view. We want it to be debated, dissected, analyzed, and the ideas demolished by sound argument. Let me be clear – I find the beliefs, attitudes, and words of Boissoin to be disgusting, evil, harmful, and a pile of magazine #26, Dec. 2005


unmitigated stinking garbage, as does Egale, except the organization frames it more diplomatically. Is what he wrote “hate”? Likely not. It would appear Boissoin carefully crafted his words to come up to the line, but not cross it. What he wrote does not appear to meet the Criminal Code definition of “hate” or “incitement to hatred.” This is not a Criminal Code case; it is a human rights complaint. C-250, and sections 318 and 319 which the Bill amended to include ‘sexual orientation,’ are not at issue here…although Craig Chandler of Concerned Christians Canada Inc. keeps claiming this is a “C-250 case.” It is not. When I dared point that fact out to him at a reception, following a recent screening of a documentary in which he is featured, he lost his composure and screamed that I was a “fucking bigot.” He also wasn’t too pleased with my assertion that neither he, nor other Right Wingers appeared to have any issue with Sections 318 and 319, since all they covered were racial, ethnic and religious minorities. But once ‘sexual orientation’ was added, suddenly the sections are “dangerous” and an affront to freedom of speech and religious rights. He did later apologize when I calmly stated I had been respectful in pointing out to him what I saw as errors in his reasoning, and that I expected no less in return. Especially from someone who repeatedly claims that “radical homosexual activists” employ name-calling and shout him down to win their points.

30 magazine #26, Dec. 2005

Despite the criticisms from some quarters, I believe Egale is correct in standing up in defense of free speech. Egale, as a Charter-supporting equality-seeking organization, must stand up in defense of such freedoms. To do otherwise invites our freedom of speech, and other freedoms, to be again compromised should the social and political climate of this nation change. As Nigel Hannaford wrote in his otherwise erroneous column, “It is therefore entirely possible to be in the saddle today and under the horse’s heels tomorrow.” Indeed. Our community knows about being under the heel, and it can be argued that we have only recently managed to start climbing up into the saddle. We need to be forever aware of how the lack of freedoms have so long affected our community, and ensure we never employ the same tactics on those with whom we may vehemently disagree. Rather than silence our opponents, we need to drag them into the public eye, expose their odious beliefs, and scrub public discourse clean with reasoned argument. Silencing them only sends the perpetuators of lies and half-truths scurrying out of sight and out of reach.)

Stephen Lock is a long-time glbtq activist, Vice-President and Regional Co-Director for Egale Canada and also the producer and host of a semi-monthly glbtq radio show, Speak Sebastian, airing at 9pm on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month on CJSW FM 90.9 (

Fundraising Photos

IGBO Casino Night

Photos by Steve Polyak of Magazine magazine #26, Dec. 2005


IGBO Black and White Dance

32 magazine #26, Dec. 2005

ISCCA Drag Shows in the Rekroom magazine #26, Dec. 2005


TIMOTHY’S WORLD OF COFFEE New ownership, same Gay Coffee Shop By Jason Clevett

For ten years the little coffee shop tucked away off 17th avenue and 10th street has been the gay locale for people to meet over coffee and chat. Whether it’s a group of friends sitting around the outdoor patio, popping in for a coffee on the go or curling up on the couch on a date, the gay community and the coffee shop have long gone hand in hand. Originally Grabba Java and now Timothy’s World of Coffee, the store was purchased by new owner Ywun (pronounced “Ivan”) eight months ago. Since then he has been working to improve the store and continue to make it a comfortable space for the GLBT community to gather. “There was no specific reason for purchasing this location, I came to look at it and felt at home when I walked in here,” he told “Before I took over the store I didn’t have any experience with gay business and

34 magazine #26, Dec. 2005

didn’t realize how important the gay customer is. The gay community is my biggest customer and very important. This coffee shop should be open to gay people and we have a great relationship with many members of the community.” Ywun was caught off guard by how great the gay community has been. Not being gay himself, he has learned a great deal on the job. “There is a lot of kindness and loyalty to this store. Since I am not that familiar with gay culture I’ve hired a gay manager for the store who will be joining on soon. The former owner of the store was gay and this was a very popular shop among the community. My goal is to return this store to the gay community. The community needs a place to hang out with their friends and socialize in a comfortable environment and my objective is to offer that.” Ywun hasn’t found that his customers have felt unwel-

come because he is straight. “It hasn’t been an issue, there isn’t a difference between straight and gay people in my mind or my store. The gay community is more friendly and generous and really supportive. If other customers don’t like being [in] a gay friendly environment, then they don’t need to come here. My major customers do come from the gay community and this store has been here for ten years as a primarily gay coffee shop. I know the community has been watching what we are doing and this coffee shop is about them.” With that in mind, changes have been afoot at Timothy’s. “We are making improvements to serve the community better. We also offer superior food and drink. Our quality and pricing is very good. All of our baked goods are fresh, which leads to a slightly higher price but it is very good quality. We have improvements like the new panini machine to make Italian sandwiches and we offer both breakfast and lunch options for panini. We have a new waffle maker and will be offering Belgian waffles.” In addition, the store has undergone a number of cosmetic changes. “The comfort level is very important. We just put in new comfortable seating along the wall as opposed to harder chairs. We have the couches and chairs, and we’ve painted to make it a warmer environment. We have several local artists displaying their work on our walls to support them and make it homier. The shop isn’t very big so we are making it feel like home, instead of an industrial feel. The idea of coming here is like meeting people in your own living room and socializing.” The most important aspect of the current and future success of Timothy’s is in customer service, a topic that was brought up several times in the interview.

“We recognize what our purpose and goal is. While obviously we need to make money to survive, our purpose is to serve and take care of people. We give great service and look at what we can do to reach our goals. We started by improving our service. All of the people that I have right now are excellent workers who treat each customer with honesty and respect. For example, people think dark coffee is very strong but many blends are not, and we will patiently work with the customer to help them find coffee that works for them. We have a very good quality of coffee. When you build a good relationship with your customers then you will have a successful business.” While the store faces many challenges, the history and support of the GLBTQ community will ensure that many more people, young and old, will find it as a place to meet and make friends, build relationships, and be comfortable with themselves. “The way I do business and the way I live my life is to treat people well and honestly. My regular customers know me well and what I am doing here, and things have improved. I believe the future is bright for this location. “ Timothy’s World of Coffee 1610 10th St SW (403) 244-7750 If would like to have your business or non-profit group reviewed in an up coming issue of Magazine or have comment or suggestions of businesses to be reviewed, please contact us at (403) 543-6960 or E-mail us at magazine #26, Dec. 2005


Letters to the Publisher Dear Magazine, The Federal Conservatives have consistently attacked GLBT equality and the Charter of Rights. Calgary has a strong and vibrant community, yet we cannot seem to break the Tory stronghold that has gripped our city since 1972. It is time to start taking action against a party that would like nothing more than to roll back the clock on our equality rights. I encourage everyone to vote on Jan 23. Our community must have a strong uniďŹ ed voice in this election. If not, we will continue to be pushed further into the closet by a party whose theocratic agenda will threaten us all. We must ďŹ re the Conservatives! Sincerely Ken Erickson Calgary

36 magazine #26, Dec. 2005

Q Puzzle “Beam Me Out, Scotty,” Fun | Crosswords

By Magazine Staff

CLUE: A crossword about the recent coming-out of a Star Trek actor. Across 1 Sucker or suckee? 5 Is capable, like a horse in Guys and Dolls 10 Put in stitches, like Margaret Cho 14 In the year, to Nero 15 It arouses you in bed 16 Work under Tammy Baldwin 17 Michael Thomas Ford’s It’s Not ___ If It’s True 18 Type of salami you can put in your hero 19 Lying on 20 With 46- and 55-Across, what it feels like to come out, hyperbolically? 23 A dentist may stick it in your mouth 24 It’ll spice up your meat 25 With 29-Across, Star Trek actor who came out recently 29 See 25-Across 33 Position at sea 36 Gravel-voiced actor Arthur 37 Barber composition 38 ___ Feet Under 39 The real “L word” 41 Dress up, with out

42 Kevin of American Beauty 44 Heavenly body 45 Janet or niece Hunter 46 See 20-Across 47 Character played by 29Across 49 Make-or-break date 51 “Otherwise ...” 55 See 20-Across 59 Tough guy penetrator 61 Loads 62 Coward’s confession? 63 Lead-in for sex? 64 Cash drawers 65 Regarding 66 Direction from Stephen Pyles 67 Makes less difficult to bear 68 Not even once, to Whitman Down 1 Disney deer 2 “There’s a single runner” to Billy Bean 3 With “fours,” doggy-style 4 Being tied down by a lover 5 Tight-lipped (var.) 6 “Break ___!” 7 It comes before second

8 Nod out 9 Marlon Brando’s hometown 10 Gutsy Greek 11 A little behind 12 “Fourscore and seven years ___ ...” 13 Affirmative for Gomer 21 Sleep (with), to Shakespeare 22 Eulogizer of Diana in song 26 Heed a master 27 Second pitches for SaintSaens 28 Eva of Gigi 30 Clinton of comedy 31 Alfred Douglas’ school 32 Otello villain 33 The A of ILGA 34 Suction head 35 Doctors make you strip for it 37 The Jungle Book star (1942) 39 Gives for a while

40 Org. that questioned taxexempt status of gay groups 43 Six Feet Under character 45 Orton’s The ___ on the Stair 47 Problem for a looker? 48 Hwy. to the Hamptons 50 Material for nice stones 52 Lief’s tongue 53 Mount the soapbox 54 Opera guy 55 System for a Johnny Mathis song 56 Zips 57 Legally Blonde character 58 Porgy’s lady 59 Sound of an inflated doll with a leak 60 Head cover Answer key is on page 21 magazine #26, Dec. 2005


Global Groove Mixed by DJ Kimberly S Review | Music

By Rob Diaz-Marino

Finally a lesbian DJ! DJ Kimberly S. delivers a high-octane blend of progressive house, soaring vocals and hip shaking beats as she marks her debut with Centaur Music. Why do they call it “groove” anyway? Well, groove is a genre of music that uses repetition in one aspect of a song to emphasize variation in other aspects. In this case, the repetitive beats set a backdrop for melody and vocals – it gets you into a predictable rhythm while providing enough variety to please the ears. My first impression of the CD was the world premiere of Celebration by The Sweet Inspirations. Personally I found the song to be a little discordant and melodically barren – and yet this is the song that I couldn’t get out of my head! I guess that was just the initial shock of getting my feet wet in this genre. Many of the songs on this CD tease you with female vocals, however when the melodic instruments join in they really sweep you off your feet! I was sucked in by Why Did You Call Me, Movin’ On, and When the Broken Hearted Love Again, all of which had particularly great rhythm, moving lyrics and catchy melodies. Love Will Take Over has the only male voices on the entire CD, while the aptly named track Freshness gives you a break, being purely instrumental. Lastly, the album winds down with the touching You Shine On Me. “This new collection really reflects today’s west coast sound,” explained Kimberly. “It combines popular and upbeat disco house grooves with some edgier tribal beats to really represent the power that lyrics, rhythm and

melody can have together. It’s definitely a set of ‘prime time’ music.” There was one little boo-boo on the track listing on my preliminary release copy, but I’m fairly sure this was corrected in the final release. Just in case I’ll mention that When the Broken Hearted Love Again is actually track 8, Love Will Take Over is 9, and Cling Onto Me is 10. Centaur Music Global Groove is available in Priape stores across Canada, and online at, where visitors can listen to samples of every track on the album.

38 magazine #26, Dec. 2005

The Nutcracker Alberta Ballet By Nico Hofferd

After a year’s hiatus, The Nutcracker is back to enchant Calgary audiences at the new and improved Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium! For the fifth year in a row, Alberta Ballet has combined their talent with that of Ballet British Columbia to produce a total of twenty-three performances of The Nutcracker in Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, Spokane and Vancouver. This will be the 20th year of production for The Nutcracker in Calgary. Alberta Ballet’s Artistic Director, Jean Grand-Maitre provides the leadership for this production, and has joined with Boston Ballet’s Artistic Director, Mikko Nissinen, known for his stunning choreography. Roger Lavoie’s rich touch is responsible for the magnificent set designs and designer Paul Daigle has created the exquisite costumes that outfit many of the beloved characters, including the Nutcracker Prince, Clara, the Snow Queen and King, Uncle Drosselmeyer and of course – the Sugarplum Fairy! The combination of this wide and varied talent brings this charmed ballet to life in splendid and luminous detail. The Nutcracker is originally based on the book, “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” by German author E.T.A. Hoffman and was originally a dark and morbid story. In 1891, Tchaikovsky was commissioned to write the music for the ballet by legendary choreographer Marius Petipa. The music was successful far before the ballet even premiered after being released in March of 1892. The Nutcracker ballet was first performed in Russia later in 1892 at the Mariinsky Theatre of Russia and was surprisingly met by unfavorable review. It was revived across

Preview | Theatre Europe in the 1930’s and was not performed in North American until 1940 by the San Francisco Ballet, choreographed by W. Christensen. Today, over 400 productions of The Nutcracker are produced around the world every December, making it the most popular holiday production. The magic of the holidays comes alive in this performance and this is a marked reason as to why Calgarians of all ages have made it a tradition year after year. Adding to the grandeur of the performance, 50 local children are hand-picked to participate in The Nutcracker each year. The opulence and magnificence of the sets and costumes make the performance larger than life – over $250,000 is spent on costumes alone – well over 16,000 hours of labour with 2,000 yards of wool, silk, taffeta and tutu netting imported from England. A typical Nutcracker production spends more money on the staging of the performance than most dancers make in a lifetime, causing it to be one of the most expensive performances to ever grace the stage! The Nutcracker is entertainment for all ages and will delight the child in all of us. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster and vary in price between $32 - $81.25. Calgary hosts The Nutcracker December 14-18 at 7:30pm and on December 17 and 18th at 2:00pm at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. Alberta Ballet and Ballet British Columbia invite you to begin your own holiday tradition, and experience the enchantment that is The Nutcracker. Alberta Ballet Presents The Nutcracker At the Jubilee Auditorium Dec. 14th-18th at 7:30pm Dec. 17th and 18th at 2:00pm magazine #26, Dec. 2005


The Pirates of the North Saskatchewan By Benjamin Hawkcliffe

Review | Theatre

The 2005 season has been a stellar one at Jubilations Dinner Theatre with 4 very strong shows. They cap it off in spectacular fashion for the holidays by taking us aboard the “NotSo-Much” for a journey with the Pirates of the North Saskatchewan! The story is unique in that it blends The Princess Bride with Pirates of the Caribbean, along with the addition of some original characters. Before the show we are all guests at the Fantini Museum for their new pirate exhibit. Once the lights go down, we go back in time to the maiden voyage of the “Not-So-Much”. Engaged couple The Dreaded Pirate Roberts (Alvaro Gonzalo) and Princess Belle Buttercup (Alison Harbridge) are aboard traveling up the North Saskatchewan River when the evil Pirate King Barbados (Jeremy Coulter) and son Jacques (Jon Manning) hijack the ship. Soon after, Barbados’ witch sister Black Betty (Darah Burdett) and her daughter Rhiannon (sister Ashley Burdett) show up, as does third sibling Captain Jack Partridge (Murray Farnell). Amidst some killer classic rock songs comes a high-seas adventure that everyone will enjoy. The first thing that will jump out about the show is the diversity of talent. Gonzalo is a phenomenal singer – his duet of Open Arms with angelic Harbridge will give you goose bumps. The Burdett sisters have their own brand of magic on stage, Manning is hysterically funny and purely entertaining to watch, while Coulter makes Pirate talk seem easy, not to mention his killer rocker voice. What most people will focus on however is the incredible performance by Farnell, whose interpretation of Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow character is dead on! “I don’t remember how many times I watched (Pirates of the Caribbean), probably 10 or 15 times,” Farnell told “It wasn’t memorizing a lot of things, once you get the air that Johnny Depp is trying to put on, which is very flowy and constantly in motion, it wasn’t studying anything specific it was just the general character. The hardest thing was getting the voice down. Jeremy and I used to live together and I had the mirror set up next to the TV and was doing the make up in the mirror, and it would be paused on one of Depp’s facial expressions. I was practicing in the mirror and Jeremy walked in, looked at me and just shook his head and said ‘What the hell is wrong with you?’”

40 magazine #26, Dec. 2005

Coulter as well had quite the challenge in tackling the confusing and often backwards pirate language of Barbados. “Writer Cory Wojick and I had discussed it, and he wanted Barbados to be the stereotypical pirate mixed with a bit of the sea captain from The Simpsons. It was a case of going it over and over again. There are so many words in there that are just twisted – they make no sense to me and I’ve been saying it for seven months,” he said before Farnell added “I remember when we got the script and were reading through, and there is an opening bit with Roberts, and Jeremy stopped three quarters of the way through the line and said ‘Holy shit… I’ve got to do an entire show like this?’” Another difference in this particular Jubilations show is the blend of established characters and original ones, something both actors felt added tremendously to the production. “This is my ninth show and I have done so many of them where everyone in the show has to emulate some well-known characters. To be able to mix three established characters with four original characters that we can do what we want with gives us a lot of freedom,” Coulter said. While the show is going to receive rave reviews, it’s important to also comment on the food. Jubilation’s kitchen

team has put together a great dining experience. The amusingly named “Heave-Ho! Fish Below!” teriyaki apricot salmon was moist and delicious, while one of the other members of our group went with the delicious vegetarian “Saskatchewan Sushi.” For desert both the “Yaar! Me White Gold” truffle and the “Crow’s Nest” raspberry chocolate cake were a great way to cap off the meal. The other thing that is great about Jubilations is that it is interactive dinner theatre, with a talented Additional Cast helping us along the journey, and audience members being dragged up on stage. We discovered this first-hand as poor Rob from was hauled onstage to be a somewhat uncoordinated dancing zombie. Needless to say, he won’t live that one down anytime soon. The Pirates of the North Saskatchewan is an absolute treat – a must see. The cast is quick to comment on how special this show has been. “It has been an incredibly positive show to be part of. The dynamic of the cast is great and the crowds have responded really well,” Farnell said. “Also, the people who work at the theatres such as the adcast and technicians, everyone who has had anything to do with the show has nothing but good things to say about it. I am very happy to be part of it.” Coulter summed up his feelings that will be reflected by many. Having seen the show, I know I can’t help but agree. “This is the best show I have been involved with at Jubilations and the most phenomenal show the company has ever put on. Everything from the cast, script and the people who work at the theatres has been amazing. There have been shows with better singers or a better story, but the overall package with the sets, script, music and cast, this is the most spectacular show I have been a part of and that people have seen here. It’s been the most positive experience of my life.”. Jubilations Dinner Theatre Presents The Pirates of the North Saskatchewan November 11, 2005 – February 5, 2006 1002 - 37th Street SW (Westbrook Mall) Phone: (403) 249-7799 magazine #26, Dec. 2005


Press Releases Local News New Pride Calgary Board Elected November 21, 2005 After Pride Calgary’s heated AGM, the new directors of the Pride Board were elected as follows: Tamrin Hildebrandt - Co-Chair John Skorka - Co-Chair Scott Middleton - Treasurer Cherisse Dye - Secretary Kaitlyn S.C. Hatch - Member Eric Jackson - Member Tyler Cranston - Member Greg Spiess - Member Richard Kerton - Member Linda Craig - Member Male Co-Chair John Skorka commented “Gay Pride is very much a part of who we are as a community. It’s about Unity and Love, Family and Friends, Diversity, Culture and History of where it started with Stonewall. I’m very happy and proud to be part of Pride Calgary and consider it an honor to represent the Gay Community. It’s wonderful to see lots of new faces on the Board with positive energy and fresh ideas. I look forward to an exciting and challenging year as Co-Chair.”

42 magazine #26, Dec. 2005

Community | Spotlight National News Harper wants to Re-Open marriage debate; 2/3 of Canadians say the issue is settled Ottawa, November 29, 2005 Received from Egale Canada On this first day of the election campaign, Stephen Harper told reporters that he intends to re-open the issue of equal marriage for same-sex couples. He said that if elected Prime Minister he will introduce legislation to exclude same-sex couples from civil marriage. He added he will put it to a free vote and will not annul the marriages of the thousands of same-sex couples who’ve gotten legally married in the last 2 1/2 years.

“Canadians debated equal marriage for 2 1/2 years and they don’t want to re-open the debate,” said Gilles Marchildon, Executive Director of Egale. “Canadians have moved on. They want a leader who will unite our country, not divide it. Why does Mr. Harper refuse to let this go?”

World Community Grid launches FightAIDS@Home

An Environics poll released yesterday by CBC stated that 66 per cent of Canadians say the issue of same-sex marriage is settled and should not be addressed again.

AIDS is perhaps the most devastating epidemic of our time. Approximately 42 million people around the world are living with HIV or AIDS, and just under 14,000 new cases of HIV infections occur every single day. About 95 percent of all AIDS cases occur in the world’s poorest countries; its growing impact on the developing nations of the world is both tragic and destabilizing.

“Canadians want Parliament to deal with pressing issues like health care, education and the environment,” added Mr. Marchildon. “They don’t want Parliament to spend time debating something that’s already been settled, both by the courts and by Parliament itself.”

Currently, there is no cure in sight, only treatment with a variety of drugs. The development of effective, inexpensive and robust therapies against HIV, the causative agent of AIDS, has the potential to reverse the downward health and economic impacts of this epidemic.

“Mr. Harper was unhappy with what the courts said, so he criticized them and said only Parliament could decide,” said Laurie Arron, Director of Advocacy of Egale. “Parliament has decided yet he wants another kick at the can. When is he going to let this issue rest?”

In an effort to discover therapies that will treat AIDS, World Community Grid announced on November 21st that it would run FightAIDS@Home, as the second project to take advantage of the computer power of World Community Grid.

“Making this statement on the first day of the campaign suggests that not only does Mr. Harper want to re-open this debate, but he wants to make it his top priority,” added Mr. Arron.

FightAIDS@Home is sponsored by The Scripps Research Institute, which is studying computational ways to design new anti-HIV drugs based on molecular structure. It has been demonstrated repeatedly that the function of a molecule — a substance made up of many atoms — is related to its three-dimensional shape. Scripps’ target is HIV pro-

Friday, November 30, Dr. Ralph Reed, a leader of the family values movement in the United States, addressed a group in Toronto at a conference organized by the Institute for Canadian Values. As noted by that group, “Dr. Reed helped George Bush win the Presidency.” The Institute for Canadian Values was set up earlier this year to try and reverse the equal marriage law. This conference is intended to politically mobilize those most opposed to equal marriage. A November 11 e-mail from Joseph Ben-Ami, Executive Director of the Institute, stated “We are all frustrated with the corruption of the Canadian government and its extremist agenda of redefining marriage... The Embrace Democracy Conference will train and equip you to have the competitive edge in the coming election.” Egale Canada advances equality and justice for LGBT people, and their families, across Canada. Founded in 1986, Egale has over 4,000 members including people in each and every province and territory of Canada. Its work includes political action, legal interventions and public education and awareness. For more information: Gilles Marchildon, (613) 230-1043 (w), (613) 864-1133 (c) Laurie Arron, (416) 839-7178 (c) magazine #26, Dec. 2005


tease (“pro-tee-ace”), a key molecular machine of the virus that when blocked stops the virus from maturing. These blockers, known as “protease inhibitors,” are thus a way of avoiding the onset of AIDS and prolonging life. Scripps is using computational methods to identify new candidate drugs that have the right shape and chemical characteristics to block HIV protease. This general approach is called “Structure-Based Drug Design,” and according to the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of General Medical Sciences, it has already had a dramatic effect on the lives of people living with AIDS. Even more challenging, HIV is a “sloppy copier,” so it is constantly evolving new variants, some of which are resistant to current drugs. It is therefore vital that scientists continue their search for new and better drugs to combat this moving target. While scientists are able to determine by experiment the shapes of a protein and of a drug separately, they are not always able to do so for the two together. If scientists knew how a drug molecule fit inside the active site of its target protein, chemists could see how they could design even better drugs that would be more potent than existing drugs. “The computational challenges in approaching this problem are the vast number of possible mutations that

may occur, and the huge number of possible chemical compounds that might be tested against them,” said Dr. Arthur J. Olson, Anderson Research Chair Professor, Department of Molecular Biology at the Scripps Research Institute. “The new World Community Grid project will run millions upon millions of docking computations to evaluate potential interactions between compounds and mutant viral proteins.” World Community Grid’s FightAIDS@Home project runs a software program called AutoDock, which was developed in Dr. Olson’s laboratory. AutoDock is a suite of tools that predicts how small molecules, such as drug candidates, might bind or “dock” to a receptor of known 3D structure. AutoDock is used on World Community Grid to dock large numbers of different small molecules to HIV protease, so the best molecules can be found computationally, selected and tested in the laboratory for efficacy against the virus, HIV. “There is ... an important need to improve existing drugs and develop new therapies that have fewer side effects, are less vulnerable to mutation, longer lasting and have a higher efficacy against HIV,” said Dr Sibusiso Sibisi, President and CEO of South Africa’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). “The goals of the World Community Grid project on FightAIDS@Home are therefore widely acclaimed. For South Africa, which has a high number of HIV-infected persons, the potential outcomes of the project are very relevant and necessary.” For more information to join this project goto, http://www

44 magazine #26, Dec. 2005 magazine #26, Dec. 2005


An Introduction to Childhood and Adolescent Transsexuality By Kevin Alderson, Ph.D., C. Psych.

“A child who finds himself rejected and attacked on all sides is not likely to develop dignity and poise as his outstanding traits. On the contrary, he develops defenses. Like a dwarf in a world of menacing giants he cannot fight on equal terms. He is forced to listen to their derision and laughter and submit to their abuse” [1] I recall wanting to have a doll when I was a prepubescent boy. My parents were concerned that this was not a good sign because, as we all know, dolls are “girl’s toys.” My parents eventually buckled under my persistent requests, and so I received my first doll. It was a girl doll, and although I remember I really wanted a boy, I enjoyed my doll as my sisters had earlier enjoyed theirs. Later as a young teenager, I received a GI Joe doll for Christmas one year, and that toy brought smiles to my face for many playful hours. I always wished it had been anatomically correct, but alas, I needed to wait many more years until I one day discovered a Billy doll – but that is another story. I am not a transsexual, but I did eventually arrive at defining as gay. As it turns out, this is not an unusual outcome for boys who have cross-gender interests (also know that most gay men do not present as feminine in either appearance or behaviour). Before I review findings in this area, let me provide you some important history and terminology. The term transsexual entered the professional and public lingo in the 1950s. Transsexualism became a diagnosis in the American manual of mental disorders (DSM), third-edition, in 1980, and this term was later changed in DSM-IV (1994) to gender identity disorder (GID). [2] Most children diagnosed with GID go on to become homosexual adults. In one sample of feminine boys with GID, 75-80% of them were either bisexual or homosexual at follow-up versus 0-4% of the boys in the control group. From six other studies, follow-up reports (13 to 26 years later) of 55 boys with GID, 21 were homosexual, 5 were transsexual, 1 was a transvestite, 15 were heterosexual, and 13 could not be rated for unspecified reasons. [3] Only a small percentage of children with GID progress to developing transsexualism, which is defined primarily by a persistent desire to be the opposite sex. [4] Part of the reason that explains this finding is that the criteria for

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Queer Quest diagnosing childhood GID is somewhat different than for diagnosing it in an adolescent or adult. Children receive the diagnosis of GID if they behaviorally present a persistent affinity toward cross-gender interests (e.g., cross-gender play and dress) whereas adolescents or adults need to persistently express a desire to get rid of their biological sex characteristics or to persistently believe that they were born the wrong sex. Nonetheless, it is also true that most boys and girls who also want to change their sex and gender will outgrow this desire. [5] Interestingly, while homosexuality was being removed from the DSM system (this officially occurred in 1973), gender identity disorder was added. Some researchers have argued that this occurred in response to the removal of homosexuality – in other words, it was a way that clinicians could still give gender-inappropriate children a label and begin treating them as disordered. [6] It is impossible to know if there was indeed conspiracy around this. Regardless, these same researchers suggested DSM should be revised to use the term Atypical Identity Organization instead of GID because of (a) its focus on identity instead of gender-atypical behaviour and (b) because it does not result in a pathological diagnosis. [7] Far more boys than girls receive a GID diagnosis, ranging from a ratio of 5:1 to 6:1. [8] The cause of this condition is unknown, and researchers – as is typical when they don’t know the cause of something – have suggested it is likely caused by a combination of biological, psychological, and social factors. [9] We also do not know the prevalence of this condition in children, although DSM-IV suggests that the proportion of adult transsexuals might be around 1 in 30,000 males and 1 in 100,000 females. Children with GID often have behavioral problems, difficulties in relationships with peers and parents, and they frequently also suffer from separation anxiety disorder (i.e., a disorder where children become very anxious when not in the presence of their primary caregiver). [10]

Transgendered individuals are not seen as having a mental disorder worldwide. Even in present day Hawaii, the Mahu population reportedly accepts men and women who express the opposite gender identity. Another example includes the Hijras of India, where transgendered individuals are revered by some but tolerated with derision by others. [11] Children and adolescents experiencing GID are frequently misunderstood by family members, peers, and professionals alike. There are only three specialized child and adolescent gender identity clinics worldwide: one in Amsterdam (recently relocated from Utrecht); one in London, England; and one in Toronto. [12] The rareness of the condition means finding a competent mental health therapist or physician is sometimes difficult. Practitioners and transsexual individuals are well advised to read and study the International Standards of Care. [13] A great deal of caution is expressed in the published literature about proceeding therapeutically with adolescent transsexuals, despite the deep psychological pain that most experience. Most published articles recommend a four-step process for adolescent transsexuals: (a) a very thorough assessment, possibly followed by psychotherapy if this is indicated; (b) first level of hormone therapy, which is reversible; (c) second level of hormone therapy (many of the changes are not reversible) along with living as the desired gender for a year or more; and (d) sex reassignment surgery (SRS). The international standard is not to embark on SRS until the individual is at least 18 years of age. [14] However, these standards also allow for the first level of hormone therapy to occur as soon as puberty changes begin. The second level of hormone therapy can commence as early as age 16, and those embarking on it should be aware that the maximum physical effect from these hormones may take up to two years of regular administration. [15] Many transsexual individuals decide not to embark on the full array of surgeries available to them. Some maleto-female transsexuals (MFTs) do not have their genitalia removed, for example, while some female-to-male transsexuals (FMTs) elect not to have male genitalia construct-

ed. In a follow-up study after breast removal in FMTs, 40% were satisfied with the results, 50% were moderately satisfied, and 10% were dissatisfied. The disappointment experienced by some was due to the visibility of scars. Of the MFTs who had vaginoplasty, 60% expressed satisfaction with the look and function of their vaginas. [16] Dutch researchers followed-up 33 transsexual adolescents, only 22 of whom went on to receive SRS after successfully going through the necessary steps. Twelve of the 22 had started hormone treatment between 16 and 18 years of age. One to five years after surgery, all 22 were functioning well psychologically and socially, and none of them expressed regret in their decision to undergo SRS. [17] These same researchers also argue that unfavorable postoperative outcomes seem mostly related to a late rather than an early start of the SRS procedure. Furthermore, they cite research suggesting that even after years of intensive psychotherapy aimed at altering GID, “permanent gender identity change is, even in the ‘milder’ cases, not always achieved.” [18] One of the world experts and his colleagues have indicated that a youngster’s struggle with gender identity often increases as homoerotic feelings emerge (most transsexuals are primarily attracted to members of their biological sex). They suggest that internalized homophobia and familial homophobic feelings may increase the desire to change one’s sex. Consequently, they suggest that therapists may assist some GID adolescents by helping them “consider homosexuality as a viable lifestyle,” and that this “may result in the lessening of the desire to change sex.” [19] Research is clearly needed to ascertain whether this makes one iota of difference. In the meantime, children and adolescents who experience GID continue to be misunderstood and poorly accepted by their peers and often by their families alike. While the gay and lesbian movement has accomplished tremendous advances in the past 35 years or so, the transsexual community – probably because of their small numbers – has not garnered much political clout. Many transsexuals, particularly those in rural regions, end up feeling very isolated and alone. We must all remember that regardless of etiology, transsexual individuals do not chose to feel the way they do. They deserve our deepest care, concern, and respect. I cannot think of anything more difficult than perpetually feeling that your body betrays how you feel inside. For those of you out there who relate to these words, you have my greatest admiration. It takes great courage to act and to be who you really are. Dr. Alderson is an assistant professor of counselling psychology at the University of Calgary who specializes in gay and lesbian studies. He also maintains a private practice. He can be contacted by confidential email at, or by confidential voice mail at 605-5234. magazine #26, Dec. 2005


1 Allport, 1954, as cited in Wilson, I., Griffin, C., & Wren, B. (2002). The validity of the diagnosis of gender identity disorder (child and adolescent criteria). Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 7, 335 351 (quote on 343-343). 2 Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association. (2001). Standards of care for gender identity disorders (6th ed.). Retrieved November 25, 2005 from http: // 3 Zucker, K. J. (2005). Gender identity disorder in children and adolescents. Annual Review of Clinical Psychology, 1, 467 492. 4

Wilson, Griffin, & Wren (2002).

5 Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association (2001). 6 Wilson, Griffin, & Wren (2002). 7 Ibid 8 Di Ceglie, D., Freedman, D., McPherson, S., & Richardson, P. (2002). Children and adolescents referred to a specialist gender identity development service: Clinical features and demographic characteristics. International Journal of Transgenderism, 6, 1 17. 9 Ibid 10 Ibid 11 Wilson, Griffin, & Wren (2002). 12 Zucker (2005). 13 Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association (2001). 14 Ibid 15 Ibid 16 Cohen Ketteinis, P. T., & Van Goozen, S. H. M. (1997). Sex reassignment of adolescent transsexuals: A follow up study. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 36, 263 271. 17


18 Ibid 19 Zucker, K. J., Owen, A., Bradley, S. J., & Ameeriar, L. (2002). Gender dysphoric children and adolescents: A comparative analysis of demographic characteristics and behavioral problems. Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 7, 398 411.

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Crowns for Kids Christmas event reaches 9th year By Jason Clevett

Change is afoot for Mz. Rhonda’s annual “Crowns for Kids” event. This year’s toy drive, kicks off December 4th at The Texas Lounge and runs until December 18th. It features exciting new fundraisers and a new location, but at its heart remains the same humble program championed by one of Calgary’s top drag performers. “It gets bigger and bigger every year. Last year we did food hampers for two families within our community. The total raised last year was over $800,” Mz. Rhonda told “Last year I was on Global news, Gil Tucker did a piece on me, so the awareness is getting out in the community. I was giving consideration to canceling the event this year for private reasons, and the amount of phone calls and e-mails I got were amazing. People did not want the drive cancelled, which meant a great deal to me.” This year features a new aspect to the drive, called “Stars for Christmas.” People can buy stars for $1 and enter to win a two-night stay in San Francisco. “All of the money from the stars program will be going to help the youth of Calgary. I always get enough toys for kids but the youth age 13 – 16 get less. This year the star program is all going to that age group,” she explained, but insisted credit for the idea go where it is due. “The star concept is entirely Scott Ellsworth’s idea. It was another way to raise funds because a lot of times I only have the one kickoff show and some shooter funds or cash donations. This is another way to ensure that there would be money to go towards the youth. It was something special to add on in our ninth year and will be a permanent fixture in the toy drive.”

Community | Spotlight through, as they really wanted the event to take place. It means a lot as it can be hard to get space for a Saturday night.” If you can’t make it to the kickoff event, you can drop off your unwrapped toys at The Texas Lounge, Priape, and The Calgary Eagle until December 18th. Mz. Rhonda wishes to thank the community that has supported the campaign for the last nine years and encourages people to contact her with questions. She is also on the lookout for someone to donate a truck and their time on December 19th to deliver toys, or to suggest a family that is looking to adopt. “Everything stays within the Calgary community. We make donations to The Children’s Hospital, The Salvation Army Children’s Village, The Women’s Shelter, CUPS, Avenue 15 and The Back Door programs – they all benefit from the drive. Last year we put goodie bags together for The Back Door to hand out on Christmas Eve, as they deal with the street kids who won’t come inside off the streets even on Christmas. …It’s a great organization and I have always donated to them. I am hoping the Stars for Christmas program will help them even more.” Mz. Rhonda’s 9th Annual “Crowns for Kids” December 4th – 18th, 2005 (403) 283-8815

Ellsworth will also be managing the silent auction at The Texas Lounge. ”The auction will run from 7:30 to around 10:30. There will be items such as a $250 marks work warehouse jacket, floral arrangements, a Christmas cake, stuffed animals, and much more. We are selling stars that night in addition to the silent auction, and on Saturday nights The Texas Lounge has karaoke. There is going to be karaoke and performers in between. The Texas Lounge invited us to be there when our original location for the kickoff fell magazine #26, Dec. 2005


Z-Group’s Voice over IP Talking over the Internet By Steve Polyak and Rob Diaz-Marino

With technology advancing so quickly, new products come out practically every week. In this case, it is great to see that there are some that don’t try to make your life more complicated - taking something as common as using the phone and finding new ways to make it cheaper and simpler than it’s ever been before…and forget the long wait for the phone company’s workers to drive out and do the installation. Z-Group has a great product that uses the new Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology, which allows the use of a regular telephone to talk over an internet connection, effectively replacing the need for a dedicated phone line. You connect up a small device called a Linksys PAP2 to your internet connection, and then your standard telephone plugs right into it. You can actually have two phone lines using a single VoIP device! In fact, having VoIP breaks through a lot of limitations that are inherent in standard telephone service. Over the past several months Telus had an employee strike causing major delays on phone line installations everywhere. Most people were waiting up to 3 months to have their phone services installed or transferred. Setting up a VoIP device is so easy that you can do it yourself – all it takes is plugging the device into your existing internet connection and off you go. One particularly unique feature is that your phone number becomes “portable”. As long as you have access to a high speed internet connection, you can move your VoIP anywhere you go, and your number is automatically routed to that location. You can just disconnect the VoIP box and take it with you to work, or to your next place of residence. When you plug it back into the internet, your phone is back up and running. You no longer need to pay service charges for scheduling installs, moves, or even call forwarding in some cases! This is a perfect solution for people who frequently travel, or for those who just need affordable and flexible service for their home phone. There are two costs to the VoIP service: the first is the one-time cost of buying the VoIP device (the Linksys PAP2

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Review | Technology unit runs for about $99.00 CAN). After that, you have the monthly service fee. Shaw offers a VoIP plan that provides unlimited long-distance across Canada and United States for $55 per month when you have Shaw high-speed internet services, or $65.00 per month without their service. Telus’s pricing starts at $23.86 per month, but you have to pay for all the additional services like Voice mail, Call Display, Call Forwarding and of course long distance. Z-group offers the same package with all the bells and whistles for just $28.99 per month – an awesome deal! If you don’t need the long distance, you only pay $16.99 per month, with the option to advance purchase long distance minutes for 2.9¢ per minute. What’s more, the plans are all monthly, so you don’t have to worry about getting locked into a long-term contract. As an additional bonus, you can link your cell phone’s long-distance plan into your Z-group package. You can choose to pay by credit card or you may have your chequing account auto-debited for the service. Additional services are included in both Z-Group packages: Caller ID – Allows you to see the phone number and name of the person calling. If the people you call subscribe to the same service, they can see the same information for you every time you call them. Call Forwarding – Forwards your calls to another phone automatically. This is great if you have a cell phone and want to make sure people can still reach you when you are not at home. Do Not Disturb – You can force all calls to go directly to

voice mail instead of having your phone ring. This is ideal for those people who party late or work graveyard shifts, so that those early morning phone calls are no longer an annoyance. 3 Way Calling – Allows you to talk to 2 people at the same time without needing an additional phone line. No doubt this would help the “tell-a-fag” network spread the latest gossip even faster. Music on Hold – Press your phone’s FLASH button to put your caller on hold. They’ll be listening to hold music instead of total silence. Call Return – Dials the last phone number that called you. Voice Mail – Lets callers leave you voice messages if you are not available. If you have an email address, the voice messages are forwarded to you as audio attachments. International Calling – Allowing you to make calls anywhere outside of Canada and the United States. You can check out the Z-Group website for rates to each country. Emailed Statements – Every month you can have your statements emailed to you rather than waiting for them to come via snail-mail. Online Account Management – You can log into the Z-Group website and view your call history, purchase calling cards, modify your profile and view transactions. If you already have a phone number with another provider, you can have it transferred for $35.00, providing that the number is portable. If it is not, you can always select a new number that’s as close to your old one as possible. Currently numbers are only available with the 403 (Southern Alberta) and 250 (BC interior) area codes, but other areas are coming soon. Theoretically, degradation may occur during periods of heavy internet usage, however Magazine tested the product for the past several months, and found no noticeable degradation in sound quality. When you compare what else is out there for phone services, this is a particularly attractive alternative. If you are seeing your phone bills exceeding $30.00 per month with your current telephone company, we would highly recommend that you to look into this product. This Christmas, cut to the front of the queue and get VoIP service from Z-Group! Z-Group (403) 770-1940 magazine #26, Dec. 2005


California Dreaming 2 The Beat Goes On at Stage West By Jason Clevett

Review | Theatre

It seems that 90% of the time, sequels suck. In the case of Stage West’s California Dreaming 2: The Beat Goes On, not only does this show match the stellar California Dreaming from earlier this year, but depending on your musical taste, you might argue that the sequel actually surpasses the original! Featuring over seventy songs with “The California Sound” from the late 60’s through to present day, California Dreaming 2 is more of a “theatrical concert” than traditional theatre. Many of the same cast members from the first show have returned, and the vocal talent of the 14 guys and girls on stage is second to none. “It is really exciting to be back. The first show was so much fun with great material to sing and the chance to let the audience reminisce, it made me look forward to coming back,” Michael Torontow, who starred in both shows, told “It was like Christmas, getting to find out what songs we were going to sing. It’s not like a regular musical where you go ’Ok, I am playing Joseph.’ In a lot of ways it’s a better gig.” Torontow sat down with us along with Michael Lomenda, also an alumni from the original show, and Syreeta Molsberry, who is making her Stage West debut. For Molsberry, any concerns about coming into an already established cast were quickly erased. “These are some of the greatest people I have ever had the chance to work with. There is great energy and a lot of support and fun. Going into rehearsals we had no idea what we would be doing and it was a new experience. It is very collaborative and everyone helps each other out and makes it grow. It is such an ensemble, a team where everyone is giving their all.

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You feel like you are on a sports team, everyone wants to do their best to nail it every game,” she said. “I didn’t realize how many of the cast were together in the first show but there was no sense of being left out. It has been cool coming to work for Stage West as well, I haven’t been able to take the opportunity before.” Lomenda talked about the rehearsal process. The cast had literally two weeks to learn the songs and choreography and be ready for previews. All in all, a stressful but fun time for the cast members. “It was more intense than the first show because we came in to new songs. This show changes on a regular basis, numbers get cut or the order gets changed, there are costuming changes and adding choreography. When you build a show from scratch it is more intense than restaging a show like California Dreaming. What is cool about this process is we all want this show to be good. At times there are cuts for the greater good of the show, its not because of the way you sing it but the pacing of the show. Everyone has a great showcase in the show, individually and collectively.” “During the rehearsal process they put together CD’s of songs. They had other songs that they had considered, which didn’t make the cut. So you would say ‘I wish that was in the show,’” added Torontow. “As it is we have over 70 songs in the show. If we did as many songs as we

wanted we’d be doing a 24 hour show.” There is no way to single out any one performer, the cast and show is that strong. However there are some definite highlight performances, including a goosebumpinducing Carpenters set where you swear Karen Carpenter is on stage. Then there’s a fun “cowboy set,” and a hilarious rendition of Dr. Hook’s Cover of the Rolling Stone. The second set is even better, kicking off with the entire cast doing an energetic version of Starship’s We Built This City and continuing with songs by Journey, Heart, Hall and Oats, and the Bangles. Don’t Stop Believing and Kristen Peace’s cover of Crazy on You were killer! The girls get the chance to shine in a stunning set featuring Bonnie Raitt, Kim Carnes, Jewel, Sheryl Crow, an outstanding Tina Turner, Janet Jackson and En Vogue. The Michael Jackson tribute is an absolute show stopper as well. Keith White performs Jackson, but Lomenda got the thrill of a lifetime as a dancer for Thriller. “I grew up with Micheal Jackson’s Thriller album. When I was five years old I was dancing around in my living room with the gloves and the hat wishing I could one day do that number. Now I am dancing in it, which is so cool!” The buffet dinner before the show was excellent as expected, with the red curry calamari salad, beef au poivre, and the moist and delicious chicken teriyaki as highlights. For Christmas they also have turkey and honey-dijon ham. Naturally you can just skip all of that and head to the dessert table, with assorted cakes and pies, and the warm dessert – chocolate ravioli – which was certainly an interesting taste and texture. California Dreaming 2 is a great show for all ages. The cast draws energy from the crowd, so clap and sing along and enjoy the songs we all grew up on. Whether you’re 20 or 50, there’s music that will bring back fond memories, or make you remember why you loved a song. It’s a perfect show for the holidays. “A relaxed rock revue show like this is great for the holidays, the audience knows the tunes and it is like being at a concert. This show has a bit more audience interaction. You break that ’fourth wall‘ and really involve them in the show,” said Lomenda. “I think the older crowd still appreciates the more current songs, but it is smart to do newer songs so that Stage West can attract a younger crowd that maybe doesn’t come out to this kind of theatre, while remaining true to our core audience. I think they are very successful at it.” Stage West Dinner Theatre Presents California Dreaming 2: The Beat Goes On November 17, 2005 – February 12, 2006 727 - 42 Avenue S.E. Phone: (403) 243-6642 magazine #26, Dec. 2005


Broad Minds Productions A Company for Women, and Men who love Women! By Nico Hofferd

Broad Minds is a non-profit production company dedicated to creating challenging and interesting roles for women in theatre while raising consciousness of women’s issues and celebrating women’s distinction and strength. With a mandate like that, you can imagine my excitement when my wife produced season’s tickets to Broad Minds’ new season. Sweeping into a role perhaps left behind when many women/feminist groups closed up shop in the early 90’s, Broad Minds is committed to providing support and empowerment for women in theatre. Their first production this season was a John Murrell play, Waiting for the Parade, which I saw back in September. The small cast of five women did an outstanding job of portraying the roles of those women left at home in Calgary while the men in their lives were off to serve during World War II. The play focused on a common purpose in the lives of these women: Surviving on their own, in a world where pain and adversity weren’t only suffered on the front lines. Their next production, presented dually with The Shakespeare Company, is Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet, written by acclaimed Canadian writer, actor and playwright, Ann-Marie MacDonald. It is the next in a triad of plays put on by the company this year. Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet has previously won the Governor General’s Award for Drama, and the Chalmers Best Canadian Play award. The play centres around the character of Constance, a student and lecturer on Renaissance Drama at Queen’s University who also happens to be in love with the professor whom she ghost writes academic papers for. She sets upon deciphering a coded manuscript which seems to be a lost source for both Othello and Romeo and Juliet. Constance finds herself literally thrust into the worlds of both of these plays – ricocheting between tragedy and comedy. Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet plays December 6-17 at 8:00pm. The December 6th show is following the lead of most major cities who believe in extending the arts to those not in economic fortitude by being a “Pay What You Can” event. All Broad Minds Productions are held at the Pumphouse Theatres. Tickets are otherwise $20 for adults, $13 for students

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Review | Theatre and seniors, plus facility fees. Group pricing is also available. To order tickets, please call 263-0079. More information about Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet, or Broad Minds Productions can be found at their website Pumphouse Theatres presents Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet 2140 Pumphouse Ave. SW. To order tickets, please call 263-0079

Treasure Island Family Classic Comes to Life at ATP By Jason Clevett

Review | Theatre

This holiday season pirates, will be take the stage at Alberta Theatre Projects for Michael O’Brien’s adaptation of Treasure Island. A dozen of Calgary’s best actors will bring the story of Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins to life. “What makes this interesting is it is the story of a boy entering the world of adulthood and learning that good and evil are not as clear cut as convention says they are. He finds himself in a very treacherous world that he has to negotiate through. His guide through this vast gray area is Long John Silver, who is one of the greatest characters in literature, ever,” O’Brien, a Toronto resident, told This is the third time his adaptation has been performed. “It was developed at Young People’s Theatre in Toronto six years ago. We’ve done a fair amount of adaptations of classics, and were looking for something to do. I was hesitant at first because it is such a famous title and has been done before. I agreed to it because I wanted to give the piece more grit, realism and clarity than I had seen in prior stage productions. I wanted to focus on the scenes, stories and the characters.” The show is a co-production with Quest Theatre, who have been doing youth productions at schools in Western Canada for more than two decades. Quest artistic director Duval Lang spoke about how this production came about. ”I was impressed that ATP has been doing family programs during the holidays for the last few years and approached [ATP artistic director] Bob White about doing a project together. I discovered a very nice adaptation of Treasure Island by Michael O’Brien and it developed from there.” It can be a challenge to create something that entertains children and adults, but both the writer and director state the piece has done just that. “I maintain that a good show for young audiences transcends all ages. Our work doesn’t talk down to young people. This one is written very well with great storytelling, which everyone is a sucker for,” Lang said. O’Brien agreed. “The way to deal with it is not to worry about it and focus on the integrity of the story. When I write for children it’s not so much about what I don’t do than remembering

who I am talking to and what they are going to take away from it; keeping a young point of view.” Another challenge is telling a classic story. The Robert Louis Stevenson tale is a cherished story for all ages and it is important that the piece is done right. Lang spoke about the challenge of bringing the words to life on stage. “It is always a challenge to do a classic like Treasure Island, especially in this case as it has a number of different locations. There is the physical challenge of representing that on stage, and a challenge of doing the story and being faithful to Robert Louis Stevenson in terms of the events of the novel. The production serves to layer in the descriptive elements that are so rich in the novel. The other important thing is casting, we had to find people that have the ability to play. We were best at being pirates in our early days and some of us continue to play in the vein. Those are the people I like to work with. We haven’t lost that sense of play, it is like a second skin to people who are good with young audiences. I’ve found a bunch of kindred spirits that I have worked with in the past and assembled a wonderful team good at storytelling, playing and slipping comfortably into large roles. I am particularly proud of the fact that all of the participants in the show – actors, designers and technicians - are all from Calgary.” For O’Brien, he is glad to get to sit back and watch his piece come to life, taking young and old alike to a world of magazine #26, Dec. 2005


buried treasure, peg legged pirates and a different way of life. “This piece taps into a world that is part of the collective imagination, so I don’t feel like I need to explain to a great degree what it is about. People grow up knowing this world already so I felt confident letting the performers just fly with it. The language is a lot of fun, when I read the book again after many years I resisted the language because there is something absurd and cliché about the pirate world. But all of the clichés and imagery we take for granted were coined for the first time in Treasure Island so I embraced the language and hope the production does too. Ultimately I see the play as an affirmation of life and this world as a place of adventure and growth.” Alberta Theatre Projects in association with Quest Theatre Treasure Island November 26th – Dec 28th, 2005 215 – 8 Avenue SE Phone: (403) 294-7402

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Think outside the box this Christmas! Interior Decorating

By Alykhan Velji

Each year, most of us dig up the same Christmas décor that we have been using for ages; storing the same garlands, ornaments, and other chachka lachkas year after year. Yes, the Holiday Season is a sentimental time, and it’s great to keep some old keepsakes, but if you still have that popcorn garland you made in grade 3 then it’s definitely time for a change!! Think outside of the box and try something totally different. Did you know they make upside down trees? Yeah, I you are probably thinking…that’s insane and completely non-traditional, which is exactly the point! An upside down tree looks fabulous, and it’s amazingly convenient if you’re tight on room - it doesn’t take up as much floor space as a normal standing tree. I have seen it used in window displays and in some clients’ homes, and it unquestionably becomes the focal point of the room! Another great benefit to this idea is that it works well for displaying your ornaments, and is just the thing for those of you who are proud to show off your ornament collection. Alright, so if the upside down tree is not floating your boat, how about a tree in a color other than green? There are great color alternatives available, such as a white, silver, blue, and yes even black. These styles once again break tradition and have a modern feel. Another great idea for the modern home is going with a monochromatic color scheme. Take white for example - a white tree with white ornaments would look divine! Additions of glass and other shiny/glossy surfaces will add drama to the otherwise flat color scheme. Additions of red, gold, and silver are also a nice touch when used in small amounts. For instance, berries and greens are an painless way to add a little color. Now, when it comes to Christmas arrangements, always use fresh flowers and foliage. Sometimes

it’s easier to go with fake boughs and such for interiors because of the maintenance involved with real ones, but think style before comfort. You wouldn’t get dressed to go out half-heartedly - think of your home in the same way! Your Christmas decorations only last for a few weeks out of the entire year. Keep it real, you won’t have to worry about primping the fake stuff and you’ll also get a lovely scent throughout your home. The fun part is that when guests notice the aroma, you can tell them “Oh, it must be the fresh flowers!” Try staying away from Poinsettias and try something with a little more impact: Calla Lilies, Hydrangeas, Orchids or even something exotic such as Birds of Paradise. The main thing you need to remember when decorating this Christmas is again, think outside of the box. Stay away from traditional colors and introduce lesser used but tasteful ones such as oranges, whites, fuchsias, and even pinks. Re-invent your Christmas décor by adding pieces that have a dramatic effect and remember, always use fresh flowers. Take these ideas to heart, and feel free to reinterpret them to suit your own home décor - you’re sure to be a Holiday Hit!. Photos courtesy of Ellipses Design magazine #26, Dec. 2005


60 magazine #26, Dec. 2005

QUAB Yvon Goulet Turns some Heads Review | Art

By Alykhan Velji

Artwork has a tendency to push the boundaries and be controversial. QUAB Gallery’s latest exhibition of works by Montreal Artist Yvon Goulet is no exception, and will be running from December 1st-21st. If you love art that makes a statement and has hidden meanings, this exhibition is a must see. Having featured some of his work before to great success, QUAB has decided to feature more. In the past they have mainly displayed his works done on old political campaign signs, but now they will be incorporating his works on canvas as well. Being a Montreal resident, Goulet takes a lot from his festive and cultural experiences in the Village and channels them through to his works. He explores the world of fetishes, stereotypes, and male archetypes in his art and makes it visible to those who are not commonly faced with such

things. He pushes the envelope in his work, using unique imagery such as urinals to bring a certain distinctiveness to the table. His works are especially popular in the gay community because we can relate to them. Goulet is very popular in the Montreal scene and has showcased his works throughout Canada and the world; from Japan to Berlin. It is hard not too love his work, no matter how avantgarde it is. It makes a statement and, in my opinion, that makes for the best kind of art - something you can talk about and that conjures up different emotions. I find some of his work almost a little erotic as well, featuring perfectly defined men with stunning features, dressed in business suits or nothing at all, some even blindfolded. You will definitely have to check out the exhibition to view the rest of his work, I am sure you won’t be disappointed! If you would like to meet the artist, make sure to attend the opening reception being held at QUAB Gallery (Art Central) on December 1, 2005 from 5-8pm. QUAB Gallery In the Art Central Building 212, 100 7th Ave SW (403) 261-2855 magazine #26, Dec. 2005


Queer Eye - for the Calgary guy (or gal) Events that happened around Calgary Photos by Steve Polyak of Magazine

Pride Calgary AGM - New Board

62 magazine #26, Dec. 2005

Pulse Drag Shows and Kink Night

Calgary Eagle Hot Ash Contest

Calgary Taboo Sex Show magazine #26, Dec. 2005


Twisted Element - Madonna CD Release Party

64 magazine #26, Dec. 2005

Arena - Lads and Lashes

Metro the Club - Kinky?

Twisted Element - Diva-Licious Drag shows magazine #26, Dec. 2005


Money - Pennies 10 year Anniversary Party

66 magazine #26, Dec. 2005

Twisted Element 1st Year Anniversary Party magazine #26, Dec. 2005


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Private housekeeper, 24 years old. Nice Looking. Will clean nude. Boyish looks. Justin (403) 471-5036

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I’m a compassionate counsellor who understand our community. Individuals, Couples & Families. Emotional, Physical & Spiritual Wellness. Extended medical insurance coverage. Bryan Campbell 265-8462

Legal Services 619 CANADIAN & U.S. IMMIGRATION SOLUTIONS Same-Sex, Conjugal, Common-Law, Spouse, Children, Parents Sponsorship; Refugee Claims; Immigration Appeals; Citizenship; Visitor, Student, Work Visa / Extensions, Uncontested Divorces, Agreements, Wills, Translations / Interpretations 50+ Languages, 590-3818 Anwar Rehman, Member Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants CSIC ID M041099, Gay Friendly, CIBS, 200, 2705 Centre Street North. Visit us online at email:



Montreal Village B&B Room only $49/night, TV, Cable, Telephone, Air, Wi-Fi, Video XXX, 1-888-334-0348.



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Single GWM, early 40’s, general non-scene. Fit, good shape. Looking for like-minded normal fun, down to earth, honest, kind, professional, mature male for long-term relationship. Hoping to find someone to be both a life-long partner and best friend. Is that you? Reply to box or mail to Box 1001

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Northern Lights B&B EDMONTON Swimming pool and Antique rooms TV/VCR (780) 483-1572

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Model/Escort magazine #26, Dec. 2005

Bodybuilder: 5’-6” 210lbs very solid, muscular, dark brown hair shaved head goatee. 34 y.o. Easy going masculine for an unforgettable moment. by apt only.

Personals 913 Discreet Photographer Photographer for clothed or naked photos for either private or Internet use. Very discreet. Singles, Couples or Groups. Either your place, or mine or where ever they need to be taken. All photos are taken with a Hi-Res digital camera. All photos are burnt to CD for you to take, in both Hi-res and Web resolution. Also able to do VIDEO too! Please men only and from the ages of 18 to 50. E-mail or reply to box#1000. I get sometimes extremely busy so don’t freak if I don’t get back to you right away. magazine #26, Dec. 2005


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GayCalgary Magazine - December 2005  

In this edition. Toys for Tots, Holigay Gift Ideas, Just Ask Nina, A Couple of Guys, Bitter Girl, Adult Film Reviews, Q Scopes, Free Speech...

GayCalgary Magazine - December 2005  

In this edition. Toys for Tots, Holigay Gift Ideas, Just Ask Nina, A Couple of Guys, Bitter Girl, Adult Film Reviews, Q Scopes, Free Speech...