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14 Established originally in January 1992 as Men For Men BBS by MFM Communications. Named changed to in 1998. Stand alone company as of January 2004. First Issue of Magazine, November 2003. Publisher Steve Polyak & Rob Diaz-Marino Editor Rob Diaz Marino Original Graphic Design Deviant Designs Advertising Steve Polyak


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Stretch Marks?

Letter from the Publisher

Contributors Steve Polyak, Rob Diaz-Marino, Nina Tron, Stephen Lock, M. Zelda, Jason Clevett, and the Gay and Lesbian Community of Calgary

10 Inside Out

Photographer Steve Polyak and Rob Diaz-Marino


Videographer Steve Polyak and Rob Diaz-Marino Please forward all inquiries to: Magazine Suite 403, 215 14th Avenue S.W. Calgary, Alberta T2R 0M2 Phone (403) 543-6960 or toll free (888) 543-6960 Fax (403) 703-0685 E-mail

Supporting GLBTQ Youth


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This Issue Cover Erica Divine and Alexander DeKnight, photographed by Steve Polyak. The opinions expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of or the contributors of the magazine. People photographed or interviewed, writers, advertisers, contributors and anyone else involved with this publication are not necessarily gay, lesbian, bi, bi-curious or trans gendered. They can be straight people that are gay friendly. No part of the publication may be reprinted without the expressed permission of the editor-in-chief. Copyright 2005

Stretch Marks? Letter from the Publisher

By Rob Diaz-Marino & Steve Polyak

Well, you may be noticing that this month’s issue is a little thicker – 8 pages thicker to be exact. Yes, we broke the 48 page barrier! As they say, “It’s not the length but the girth that counts.” Ouch, hopefully that doesn’t leave stretch marks! That’s not the only expansion we’ve undergone this month. We’ve also secured a number of new distribution locations. A few months ago we sealed a deal with Xtra! West so that our magazines can be distributed on the lower tier of their racks in places we can’t get into with our regular distributor. This month we inked a similar deal with Fast Forward, and the next several months will be a transition as we update our distribution list to include even more locations that we couldn’t get into before. It’s indeed a very exciting prospect for us!

still had the magazine to work on while we were there, but at least we had a beautiful view of the mountains and some time for relaxation. Personally, I stuffed myself at the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet, as I simultaneously smacked Steve’s hand away from the more fattening foods. Yes, I can be such a bitch, but I was happy to see myself finally put on a couple of pounds. Steve appears not to have gained any, though I have yet to verify that on the scale. The results are in! Flip to page 28 to see the winners of the Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards for 2004! Thanks once again to all those who took the time to fill the survey out, and Congratulations to the winners! Bar Banter This is certainly the year of change, and we’re all learning to expect the unexpected. Indulge closed their doors on the 12th of last month due to their landlord forcing them out of their lease. If that wasn’t sad enough, the

Apollo Western Cup was a blast this year! They get more and more people coming out for their events every year, and they were happy to report that this was their best turnout ever. Once again we ran around to all the events and took pictures. Steve was a judge for the Apollo Idol Karaoke competition, and we were blown away by many of the finalists. Congratulations to all of this year’s winners, both in sporting and singing! We spent a night at Chateau Lake Louise for the Powder and Pride ski weekend that happened April 1st-3rd. Though we’re not skiers ourselves, as a sponsor of the event we wanted to be sure we were there to take photos and attended the dance. It truly was a treat for us to get away from Calgary – a much needed change of pace. We magazine

Verge has closed down much earlier than anyone had anticipated. Our jaws dropped when we heard the news at Solar Café, as a lesbian stand-up comedian made a disheartened reference to its absence. Where are the ladies to go now, you ask? Naturally, good old Money-Pennies is still going strong. Indulge is planning to reopen once they find a new location, so stay tuned for updates. And believe it or not, Metro Boyztown is no longer a private men’s club as they’ve started giving memberships to women! The year of change I tell you! Rumor Mill When we first started out, because of the amount of advertising Detour was doing with us, the popular rumor was that Detour owned part of the magazine. Naturally this was not true, and we quickly proved it wrong with our feature article on Metro Boyztown and the Rekroom in the very next issue. History repeats itself however, and it seems that because of Twisted Element’s extensive advertising, we are believed to be owned by them now. With the sudden influx of advertising from Metro Boyztown, we sure seem to be changing hands a lot! Seriously though, we have never received a bid from any outside company. As a community magazine, it’s important for us to remain as neutral as possible. To be owned by one of our advertisers would be a major conflict of magazine

interest, and we would never allow that to happen. We’re here to support the community as a whole, wherever our support is welcome. In the News Tuesday April 12th is the scheduled date for the vote on Stephen Harper’s amendment to the Equal Marriage Bill, demanding that it exclude same-sex couples. Even if you’re indifferent about the idea of gay marriage, losing this battle may lead to further roll-backs in gay rights. It’s particularly concerning when you hear about companies like Famous Players Theatres receiving death threats for running equal marriage advertisements – the very same ones that we’ve been running in our magazine and on our terminals for the last several months. There are organized people out there who would gladly take everything away from us again, and we can’t let their voices be stronger than ours! Visit for more information on what you can do to help. Highlights this Month Notice I didn’t say “It’s been a busy month” this time? I’ve decided to stop. It goes without saying, especially as we start ramping up to our usual summer festivities.

It’s Coronation Month once again! Cast your votes for Empress at the Backlot on Saturday April 9th, any time between noon and midnight. Candidates this year are Argintina Hailey-Would and Lady Ashley – good luck to both of you! Coronation will occur on April 16th. Our events calendar has more information about this event as well as the in-town and out-of-town shows. La Fleur is hosting their grand opening party, where they will have a silent auction to raise money for Beswick House. See their ad on page 43 for more details. Technically they’re already open so go check them out – they’re an amazing flower store! Now you’ll have no excuse this Mother’s day, May 8th. Sponsorship We’re proud to host Pride Calgary’s official Pride Guide for the second year in a row! Once again you’ll be able to find information about Pride events and the parade route in our May and June issues. June is now designated Pride Month, and will kick off with the Fairy Tales Film Festival, end with the ARGRA Rodeo, and have the official Pride events in the middle; Pride Dance, Parade, and Street Festival happen over the weekend of the 11th. Visit for more information. Questions or comments about the magazine or other things happening in the community, please E-mail us at magazine

Answers to this month’s Q-Puzzle located on page 27 magazine magazine

INSIde OuT Supporting GLBTQ Youth

By Jason Clevett

While the world has changed in the past few years and society in general is more accepting, it still isn’t easy to be a queer youth. It is hard enough dealing with puberty, school, friends and relationships without adding the whole “liking the same gender” aspect. While youth groups have been a vital part of the coming out process for several years, Calgary’s Inside Out has proven to have a successful formula. sat down with Facilitators Ed, Lucas, Jasmine and Ayanna as well as members Paul, Brad and Rachel about the group. 10 magazine

“Inside Out has always been a peer run program for youth 15 – 25 as a safe place for youth to express who they are [without having] to worry about being outed. [Anyone can] volunteer as a facilitator and organize the groups, it is all volunteer run. It goes in cycles as to how many people are involved, but it has been going strong even as the organization goes through its ups and downs,” said Lucas, who has been with the group for three years. Jasmine explained that the group offers a wide variety of things to appeal to today’s GLBTQ generation. “We do a lot of discussion and support activities, but also have a lot of fun like survivor night or a ‘boost your ego’ talent show. Sometimes we have educational components such as sexual health. It is a mix of everything.” “The discussions center around issues like coming out,

being transgendered, or bringing in people to do workshops on topics like AIDS, hate crimes and racism. We have movie nights, in the summer we play ultimate Frisbee,” added Ed. The group is very multicultural and has a higher percentage of female members, something that has lacked in past groups. “It is an advantage that the group is so diverse, it creates such an accepting, safe space regardless of your background, race, sex, sexuality or age. We have a very diverse group and it helps for people to feel more comfortable. We did make an effort to have the facilitator team include all aspects of the community,” said Ed. Lucas took some time to reflect on how coming out for youth has changed even in the few years he has been involved with Inside Out. “People are coming out younger and able to create a social group for themselves as young as Junior High, which baffles me. The group has become younger and younger as the years go on, which says something about how much more accepted homosexuality is. We hear a lot of positive stories about coming out, but the difficulties and experiences are the same as people have had in the past. Some aspects never change.” For members Paul, Brad and Rachel Inside Out has meant new friendships and support. “It’s meant a lot more communication among a younger crowd. There aren’t a lot of places to go when you are under 18. We have a lot more resources at our disposal – groups and websites kids can access without needing money from their parents,” Paul said. Rachel has her own unique outlook.

While the current membership and facilitators will eventually grow out of the youth group and into their adult lives, everyone hopes that their effort in maintaining the current group is picked up by future members and continues to be a safe haven for youth dealing with their sexuality. “We want it here for future youth because it is a needed resource in Calgary. I hope it continues to exist and provide support,” said Lucas. Ed concluded by telling GayCalgary about opportunities to be involved with Inside Out. “I think we are going through a process of change, we are seeking more facilitators, there is always a need for that, and the structure of the group is changing so that we have the peer support people who are 18 – 25. We are going to be adding a few adult facilitators as well who can add their experience and knowledge. We are looking for both types of people to be involved.” Inside Out Mondays from 7 – 9pm GLCSA 206, 223 12 Avenue SW “Old Y” Centre (403) 234-8973 If would like to have your business or non-profit group reviewed in an up coming issue of Magazine or have comment or suggestions of businesses to be reviewed, please contact us at (403) 543-6960 or E-mail us at

“There aren’t a lot of places you can go and just talk. My Dad is gay and the average person’s response is ‘Oh my god, your Dad is gay? Blaaah!’ I don’t get that here.” One of the things that can be difficult is balancing member’s lives with the group. As a social entity, members meet and date, and as with any high school relationship, it can often have its fair share of drama and heartbreak. Inside Out works hard to keep the group drama-free. “We ask that people be responsible. We ask them to respect the group, it is great that people date other people here and that they can be comfortable being themselves in the group but not in terms of being disrespectful,” said Jasmine. “The number one priority is to make it a safe space and that takes priority. As long as everyone is being respectful in this space during the time, things happen, people break up and it can be challenging to deal with conflict but we do the best we can and make decisions around what is best for the group,” said Ed. magazine


1 magazine

Just Ask Nina!

The Dish who dishes advice By Nina Tron Dear Nina, I am faced with a huge disaster. My family recently found out I was gay and kicked me out of the house! They have almost shut me out completely. My family has been my backbone and I was always afraid that if I told them this would happen. I guess I was right! My father will not say a word to me, and my mother looks at me with such disappointment. I was supposed to carry on the family name. How do I fix this? Home Wrecked

Dear Home Wrecked, And how long did you expect this little secret to stay a secret? Well you are out and now you have to deal with the fallout. This queen will tell you this is a very delicate matter. Your Mom just found out that there will be no wedding for her only son (at least not to a woman), nor will she be expecting any grandchildren, and let me tell you, to a mother that is her great reward for raising you!! Your mother has now been denied the right to see you suffer with child as she did with you. I would think to some degree that this must be a huge weight off your shoulders. In the mean time, be patient – you have already had the time to accept who you are as a gay man, and now they must do the same. It could be as early as tomorrow or it may take years. The old saying goes “give it time”, so give them the time, space, and respect they require. You also need to be available to enlighten them on your own acceptance. If they see you are happy, they will eventually get on board. Happiness is what every parent, no matter how horrible, wants for their child. This is the hard part for both you and your family, but show them who you really are and let them come to terms with their issues. Be prepared this isn’t going to be a walk in the park. I would say “buckle your seat belts its going to be a bumpy ride” but certainly one worth taking. Best of luck, Yours truly Nina I am here for you, and I look forward to hearing from you all, I can be reached at: or Mailed to Ask Nina c/o Magazine, Suite 403, 215 14th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T2R 0M2. You can also watch Nina every Sunday night and events through out the week at Twisted Element, 1006 11th Avenue SW. Other than the question, all personal information (i.e. name, address, E-mail) will remain confidential. does reserve the right to alter questions for brevity and content. Responses are for entertainment value only. magazine


1 magazine magazine


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Bathhouse and Sauna’s

A broad selection of spirits, wines & beer

Foxwood B&B 12 See our ad on page 20 1725 - 12 St SW • (403) 244-6693 Accommodation review in Magazine August 2004 - Issue 10

Goliath’s 6 See our ad on page 14 308 - 17 Ave SW • (403) 229-0911 Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day 7 Days a Week, Specials on Lockers and Single Rooms for Students. Valid student ID must be shown. Student Rates unavailable 8pm to 4am Weekends. First Monday of the Month - Membership Appreciation. All Day Drink Specials on Beer and Hi-balls in the Texas Lounge. Valid Membership must be produced. 10:00pm Draw for a voucher for Free room or $20 bar tab

A Woman’s Place Book Store 2030 34th Avenue SW • (403) 263-5256 Business review in Magazine March 2005 - Issue 17 Self help, spirituality, Gay/Lesbian, woman’s studies, parenting, children and health.

The Seville Park Place 40 See our ad on page 12 239 12th Avenue SW • (403) 265-6111 Renovated Bachelor Suites Starting at $525/month. Right in the heart of the Gay Community. Westways Guest House 13 216 - 25 Ave SW • (403) 229-1758 Accommodation review in Magazine June 2004 - Issue 8


Businesses 4th Street Liquor & Wine 22 1809 4th St SW •(403) 229-1919 magazine

Adult Depot See our ad on page 41 140, 58th Ave SW •(403) 258-2777 524A 6th Ave SE •(403) 264-7399 23 Sex toys, and Straight, Bi, Gay video rentals Adult Source See our ad on page 15 Business review in Magazine

October 2004 - Issue 12 10210 MacLeod Trail S • (403) 271-7848 1536 - 16 Ave NW • (403) 289-4203 2770 - 32 Ave NE • (403) 250-8225 1127 - 17 Ave SW • (403) 244-6537 20 4310 - 17 Ave SE • (403) 273-2701 Calgary’s largest selection of adult DVD, VHS, toys and magazines. B&D Emporium Inc. 14 See our ad on page 22 Business review in Magazine July 2004 - Issue 9 829 17th Ave SW • (403) 265-7789 Adult clothing store and accessories specializing in fetish, leather, latex, Gothic, punk, and corsets.

Bay, the 29 See our ad on page 9 200 - 8th Ave SW • (403) 262-0345

(403) 261-2100, Trial code 3418 or try 1-900451-3800 ($1.99/min) Phone chat room for 18+

Blubox 15 1322A - 17 Ave SW • (403) 244-9500 Business review in Magazine June 2004 - Issue 8

La Fleur 41 See our ad on page 43 #103 - 100 7th Avenue SW (403) 266-1707 Florist Shop

Clothing and home furnishings. Boot Boys Bath Shop (403) 819-2415 E-mail: Bath Products, Massage Oils available for sale at Priape, 1322 - 17 Ave SW 16. Brian Mahoney & John McNeill See our ad on page 19 #10, 6020 - 1A St SW • (403) 259-4141 Re/Max Reality Professionals Courtney Sebree Aarbo 24 See our ad on page 21 1138 Kensington Road NW • (403) 571-5120 Business review in Magazine August 2004 - Issue 10 Barristers & solicitors Cruiseline See our ad on page 56 (403) 777-9494 trial code 3500 Phone chat room & talking classifieds for 18+ Customers First Auto Care 221 41st Ave NE • (403) 276-8001 Brakes, tune-ups, general repair, insurance reports, drivability problems, computer diagnostics Deva Dave Salon 32 4th Floor, 1304 4th Street SW • (403) 290-1973 Edges Salon & Spa #7 - 400 Crowfoot Crescent NW Phone: (403) 375-0000 Our spa’s unique environment, independent of salon, is a tranquil sanctuary where stresses of everyday life melt away. Ho Ho Ho Inc. 38 2nd Floor, Scotia Centre Downtown• (403) 398-4685 The Christmas Store

Mark Buckley See our ad on page 23 (403) 990-7616 MaxWell Real Estate Agent Mary’s Electrolysis 39 110 815 8th Avenue SW • (403) 234-8704 Permanent Hair Removal MFM Communications See our ad on page 30 (403) 543-6970 Web site hosting and development. Computer Hardware and Software. More Better Buses (403) 651-1692 Providing unique, comfortable & affordable transportation. Charter us for: High School Graduations, Senior Groups, Pub Crawls and Sporting Events Play Market Mall •(403) 202-1774 2nd Level , TD Square •(403) 252-9672 31 Priape Calgary 16 1322 - 17 Ave SW • (403) 215-1800 Business review in Magazine May 2004 - Issue 7 Clothing and accessories. Adult toys, leather wear, movies and magazines. Gifts. Professional Relaxation Massage See our ad on page 18 (403) 510-7572 Male to Male massage by appointment only

Saturday April 9th - Straight to Diva Meet & Greet Saturday April 16th - Uniform Night Saturday April 30th - Harness night

RiTo Styling #5, 5308 17 Ave SW • (403) 686-8489 Unisex Haircuts, styling, massage, facials, waxing and hair products. Video Fantasy 104, 4202 - 17 Ave SE • (403) 248-8620 Adult movie rentals What’s In Store 1600 Edmonton Trail NE • (403) 276-3066 Business review in Magazine January 2005 - Issue 15 Used clothing and accessories. Also costumes and rentals.

Detour/Arena 5 318 - 17 Ave SW • (403) 244-8537 Open Thursday-Sunday 10pm-close Business review in Magazine November 2003 - Issue 1 Internet Terminal Location in the Loading Dock area* Indulge Closed. Watch for new location coming soon! Loading Dock 7 318 - 17 Ave SW, side entrance • (403) 244-8537 Open 7 days a week, 3-9:30pm Business review in Magazine November 2003 - Issue 1 Internet Terminal Location*

Clubs and Bars BackLot 3 See our ad on page 20 209 - 10 Ave SW • (403) 265-5211 Open 7 days a week, 4pm-close Business review in Magazine March 2004 - Issue 13 Internet Terminal Location*

Metro Boyztown 8 See our ad on page 55 and 17 213 - 10 Ave SW • (403) 265-2028 Open 7 days a week, 9pm-close Business review in Magazine December 2003 - Issue 2

Calgary Eagle Inc. 4 See our ad on page 19 424a - 8 Ave SE • (403) 263-5847 Open Wed-Sun 4pm-close Business review in Magazine February 2004 - Issue 4 Internet Terminal Location* Sunday - Beer Bust 4-8pm. Two Big Beef bones $5.95. $2.00 Draft (12oz) Canadian. Wednesday - Free Pool Thursday - Get Boned. Two Big Beef bones $5.95. and Wing Night. 20 cents per wing Friday - Dark Night - “Feel your way around and come in the Dark” Toonie Sundays (First and last Sunday of every month) - $2 Pizza Slices and $2 Draft

Money-Pennies 9 1742 - 10 Ave SW • (403) 263-7411 Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-close; Sat & Sun 10: 30am-close Business review in Magazine January 2004 - Issue 3 Internet Terminal Location* Tuesdays - 2 steak sandwiches $9.99 Wednesdays - 15cent Wing Night Sundays - Happy Hour All Day Friday’s - Karaoke at 9pm

Rainbow Destinations (403) 283-0294 E-mail: Travel agent to gay destinations and just about anywhere in the world. RBC Investments - Bob Sokoloski (403) 969-8588

Interactive Male See our ad on page 54 magazine


Monday’s - Open mike on with Chuck 8 to 10 pm Saturday - Karaoke, Name that Tune, or Dancing Sunday - Happy hour all day Check the web site for updated event calendar information. The Rekroom 10 213a - 10 Ave SW • (403) 265-4749 Open 7 days a week, 4pm-close Business review in Magazine December 2003 - Issue 2 Solar Cafe 26 See our ad on page 13 #100, 1011 1st St. SW • (403) 232-6355 Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 11pm Friday to Saturday: 10am to 2am Internet Terminal Location* Texas Lounge 6 See our ad on page 6 308 - 17 Ave SW • (403) 229-0911 Open 7 days a week, 11am-close Internet Terminal Location* Check the web site for updated event calendar information.

Business review in Magazine November 2004 - Issue 13 First Monday of the Month - Membership Appreciation. All Day Drink Specials on Beer and Hi-balls in the Texas Lounge. Valid Membership must be produced. 10:00pm Draw for a voucher for Free room or $20 bar tab Tuesdays - Karaoke Wednesdays - Hi-Ball Specials Sundays - Beer Specials (selected brands) Ernestine Movie Matinee: April 10th - The Incredibles, April 17th - Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom, April 24th - Troy, May 1st - Finding Nemo. The Twisted Element 33 1006 11th Ave SW • (403) 802-0230 See our ads on pages 5, 8, 11 and 54 7 days a week 4:00pm to close Internet Terminal Location* The Verge Closed

Community Groups and Organizations Aids Calgary 2 200, 1509 Centre St South • (403) 508-2500

Non-Profit review in Magazine March 2004 - Issue 5 These workshops are offered free to all interested individuals. Alpine Frontrunners Club Calgary (403) 660-6125 The AFCC was formed in 1991 after individuals who participated in the Gay Games in Vancouver decided they wanted to form a club to promote health and fitness in the gay community. The club has a membership of approximately 20. These members are active in Team Calgary which supports athletes going to the Gay Games. The AFCC hosts a Pride Run as part of Gay Pride Week, every June (on Father’s Day). As well, we send teams to the Banff Mountain Ekiden race held the Saturday after Canadian Thanksgiving in October. AFCC Fun Runs: Tuesdays. Eau Claire YMCA. 200 Barklay Parade SW (4th street and 3rd ave SW) June thru October, at 6 pm. Outdoors. Saturdays. 9 am. Eau Claire YMCA. Brunch follows; location varies. Join our mailing list: calgaryfrontrunners@c Apollo Calgary Friends in Sports See our ad on page 45 Non-Profit review in Magazine April 2004 - Issue 6 Schedule and events are changing, please check website for Fall/Winter activities. Sundays - League Sun Bowling, Regular League at Let’s 10 Pin Bowlerama, 2916 5 Avenue NE. Starting 2:00pm Wednesdays - Rainbow Riders Bowling League at Let’s 10 Pin Bowlerama, 2916 5 Avenue NE. Starting at 6:30pm. League fees are $15.00 per

1 magazine

Night. Shoe rental is $1.25 Saturday - Badminton. 1:30pm - 3:30pm. Hillhurst Community Center, 1320 5th Avenue NW Saturday - League Curling. Details North Hill Curling Club (1201 - 2 Street N.W.) 2:20 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. games Round Robin 1 Sundays - Inner-city Volleyball, Starts on September 12, 2004. Drop in: YWCA, 320 - 5th Avenue SE. From 4:00 - 6:30PM ARGRA – Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association See our ad on page 24 Hotline: (403) 541-8140 Non Profit Group review in Magazine June 2004 - Issue 8 April 16, 2005 - Easter Eggstravaganza Dance starting at 7:30 pm. Dance cost is $6 for members and $9 for non-members. Country music until 10pm and hot mixed music the rest of the evening. May 28, 2005 - Spring Fling Dance starting at 7:30 pm. Dance cost is $6 for members and $9 for non-members. Country music until 10pm and hot mixed music the rest of the evening July 1-3, 2005 - CRIR Rodeo Between Men and Between Men Online Sean (403) 234-8973 or Peer support, sexual health education for gay or bisexual men, as well as those who may be uncertain or questioning their sexuality. Discussions range from personal relationship or life issues, to sexual health and well-being. Mondays - Meetings at Money-Pennies from 7pm to 8:30pm Calgary Gay Fathers (403) 777-9499 ext 2090 Peer support group for gay, bisexual and

questioning fathers. Meeting twice a month Calgary Men’s Chorus (403) 262-6295 Tuesdays - Rehearsals, 7:00pm to 9:30pm at Rosedale United Church, 1317 1 Street NW June 11 2005 “Ten Squared” Roza Centre, U of C. Commemoration the tenth anniversary of the CMC and the 100th anniversary of the province of Alberta Camp 181 Non Profit Group review in Magazine January 2005 - Issue 15 Canadians for Equal Marriage See our ad on page 8 We have chapters in Calgary, Edmonton, Medicine Hat and Red Deer. If you would like to volunteer contact us at CBCA Sexual and Reproductive Wellness Centre 304, 301 14th Street NW (403) 283-5580 CBCA offers counselling and educational services that help people consider their sexual and reproductive choices in informed and responsible ways. RU a lesbian, gay, bisexual, two-spirited or queer youth, ages 17-24? RU interested in helping make Calgary a safer place for people of diverse sexual orientation? If UR, we are looking for dynamic volunteers for our Anti-Homophobia Program. This program is intended to raise awareness and understanding among students about the experiences of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, two

spirited, transgendered, queer and questioning youth. If you are interesting in sharing your experiences with other youth, and are available days, please call us at 283-5580 and ask for an Educator or contact Choices (403) 234-8973 or Choices provides tailored prevention and education to Choices is a partnership between GLCSA and AIDS Calgary. Choices employs a harm reduction philosophy to educate men and HIV/AIDS and STDs, so they are able to make the best decisions for themselves. Different Strokes Swim Club. Non-Profit review in Magazine March 2005 - Issue 17 Wednesday - 7:00 to 8:00 PM at YWCA (Fitness on Fifth), 320 - 5 Avenue S.E. not the Eau Claire YMCA $5.00 Sunday - 6:00 to 7:00 PM YWCA (Fitness on Fifth), 320 - 5 Avenue S.E. not the Eau Claire YMCA $5.00 Don’t Buy In Project This Calgary Police Service Initiative aims to encourage youth to working towards an inclusive environment in which diversity is embraced in their schools and community.

people at a fundamentalist school. Any other questions, please feel free to ask.

Event production and promotion in Alberta for women. Check online for fun things to do!

GLASS, Gay & Lesbian Association of Students and Staff See our ad on page 7 PF4255 in the Professional Faculties Building, University of Calgary (403) 220-6394 Non-Profit review in Magazine October 2004 - Issue 12 April 9 - Gender Bender GLCSA - Gay And Lesbian Community Services Association 1 206, 223 - 12 Ave SW, Old “Y” Centre (403) 234-8973 Non-Profit review in Magazine February 2004 - Issue 4 See our ad on page 41 Girl Friends Girlsgo Productions (403) 510-2502

Tuesday, May 3, 2005 - Alix Olson performing LIVE in Calgary! at Liberty Lounge, Mount Royal College. Tickets Advance: $10, Door: $12.50 available for sale at: Woman’s Place Bookstore (cash only accepted) NEW Location!! 2030 - 34th Avenue SW (in Marda Loop) Saturday, May 7th, 2005 (doors open at 8pm) - HERLAND Film Festival Queer Celebration at Inglewood Community Hall, 1740 - 24th Avenue SE. Tickets: Members: $5 (must give membership # with order), Non-Members Advance: $10, Non-Members Door: $15 Heading Out Sean (403) 234-8973 or Peer group for men who are looking for an alternative social activity to the bar. Activities vary and are fun and entertaining. The group meets the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month from 7 pm to 9 pm. Illusions Calgary #206, 223 - 12th Ave. S.W.• (403) 234-

Gay Prairie Alumni gayprairiealumni/ This group is for all gay/lesbian/transgendered alumni of Prairie Bible Institute and/or Prairie High School in Three Hills, Alberta. It’s purpose is twofold: First, social -- to renew old friendships and make new ones. Second -- to talk about our common experiences as gay magazine


8973 Social group for Calgary and area transgender community members (cross dressers, transvestites, drag kings and queens). Illusions provides a safe, discrete and welcoming atmosphere, in which transgendered people can meet others of like mind. Illusions offers discretion, acceptance, compassion and a safe place to express your gender. Cross-dressing is the purpose of the group, but is not mandatory. Inside Out 206, 223 - 12 Ave SW, Old “Y” Centre• (403) 234-8973 Peer-facilitated youth group for GLBTQ ages 15-25. The group aims to let youth know they are not alone, and to connect them with their peers. Every Monday, 7 pm to 9pm at GLCSA. It is a funky and safe environment with a variety of resources and activities. ISCCA – Imperial Sovereign Court of the Chinook Arch See our ad on page 37

Non-Profit review in Magazine November 2003 - Issue 1 and December 2003 - Issue 2 Crowns for Kids Coronation Week Monday April 11, 2005 - Last Bowling PartyMountain View Bowl, #11 3919 Richmond Rd SW. 7:00pm $12.00/person Tuesday April 12th, 2005 - Imperial State Dinner & Roast-Money Pennies, 1742 10 Ave SW. 7:00pm $10.00 Wednesday April 13th, 2005 - Entertainer of the Year Kimmy Awards at The Calgary Eagle, 424A 8 Ave SW. 9:00pm $3.00 Thursday April 14th, 2005 - In Town Show at Twisted Element, 1006, 11 Ave SW. 10:00pm $5.00 Friday April 15th, 2005 - Hospitality & Protocol at the Days Inn , Edworthy Suite 3828 Macleod Trail S. 3:00pm to 6:00pm. All music for Out of Town show must be handed in here. Preferences is given to Reigning Monarch’s and ICP’s. Friday April 15th, 2005 - Out of Town Show at the Days Inn, 3828 Macleod Trail S. 9:00pm $10.00 Saturday April 16th, 2005 - Hospitality & Protocol at the Days Inn, 3828 Macleod Trail

S. 11:00am to 3:00pm. All protocol must be neatly printed or typed on 3X5 cards. Only one walk, please use highest title and only one last name. NO LATE PROTOCOL WILL BE ACCEPTED Saturday April 16th, 2005 - Coronation 2005 From Broadway to the Big Screen: A Night of Celebration of Theatre and Song. $25.00 in Advance $30.00 at the Door. Doors open at 5: 00pm. Coronation at 6:00pm Sharp! Sunday April 17th, 2005 - Victory Brunch at the Days Inn. 11:00am $20.00 Sunday April 17th, 2005 - Texas Twister at Money Pennies, 1742 10 Ave SW. 4:00pm Sunday April 17th, 2005 - Tough Drag at Metro Boyztown, 213 10 Ave SW. 10:30pm $3.00 Integrity Calgary Worship – Every Second Sunday of the month at 7pm. Meet at St Stephen’s Anglican Church, 1121 - 14 Ave SW. Christian fellowship for gay, lesbians, bisexuals and our friend and family. New Directions (403) 234-8973 or Drop in peer/social support group to provide support and resources for individuals who identify as transgendered, transsexual or intersexed. Social support meetings 1st Friday of every month from 7 pm to 11 pm and peer support meetings 3rd Friday of every month from 7 pm to 9 pm at GLCSA. Kitty Group Phone: Nico (403) 605-6597 E-mail: A social group for womyn – Every First Saturday of the month at 7pm. At The Good Earth Café, 1504 - 11 Ave SW Pride Calgary See our ad on page 2 (403) 262-3410 Non-Profit review in Magazine

0 magazine

May 2004 - Issue 7 June 2005 is Pride Month in Calgary Pride Dance Friday, June 11th 2005 - at Hall D, Roundup Centre, Stampede Park. Starts at 8:00 PM Pride Parade - Saturday, June 12th 2005 Along 17th Avenue SW. Starts at 12:00 Noon. Come out and “march to the beat of a diverse drum”. The Pride Parade is a great opportunity to see all the faces of our community and all of our supporters. Whether you want to be a part of the Parade or simply watch it go by, 17th Avenue SW is the place to be... get a great seat as they will go fast! Street Festival - Saturday, June 12th 2005, Tomkins Park Until 5:00 PM. Right after the fabulous Pride Parade travels down 17th Avenue, the Pride Street Festival will kick into high gear at Tomkins Park! Many businesses and organizations market their wares and promote themselves to the thousands of people in attendance. This is a great place to make face-to-face contact with members and supporters of the community. There will be lots of entertainment and great music, a fabulous way to spend a June afternoon in the Park! More information will be added to this page very soon. Sponsorship Package is now available call 2623410 to receive your copy. Primetimers Calgary Phone: (403) 612-2430 E-mail: Prime Timers Calgary is designed to foster social interaction for its members through a variety of social, educational and recreational activities. It is open to all gay and bisexual men over forty and respects whatever degree of anonymity that each member desires.

April 3 – General Meeting at the Old “Y” with dinner to follow at the Solar Café. April 5 - Card Night at Harvey and Tony’s. If you wish to attend please let them know at 547–9129. We will meet at MoneyPennies at 6:00PM for dinner for their Tuesday night special before cards. April 6 - Free Pool at the Eagle April 9 – Coffee Hour at Timothy’s 1610 – 10 St. S.W. Meet at 10:00 AM - Straight To Diva a fundraiser for Calgary’s HIV Peer Support Group at The Eagle Tickets $5.00 in advance $7.00 at the door. April 12 - Pumphouse Theatre production of “Present Laughter” Curtain time 7:30. For tickets call their box office at 263 – 0079 . We will meet at MoneyPennies at 6:00PM for dinner for their Tuesday night special before the performance. April 13 - Free Pool at the Eagle April 15 - Pub Crawl . Meet at The Backlot around 6:00 PM to start out the evening. Establishment for dinner to be determined. April 17 – Dinner at the Eagle. Please call Neil if you wish to attend. April 19 – Theatre production of “A Chorus Line” at the Engineered Air Theatre in the Centre for the Performing Arts. Curtain time 7:30PM. Tickets available through Ticketmaster. Tickets $12.99 for seniors $15.00 for adults .Meet for dinner at MoneyPennies at around 6:00PM for their Tuesday Evening special before the performance. April 20 - Free Pool at the Eagle April 23 - Coffee Hour at Timothy’s 1610 – 10 St. S.W. Meet at 10:00 AM April 26 - Bridge Night at Neil’s . Please call Neil if you wish to attend. April 27 - Free Pool at the Eagle April 30 - Movie Night at Don’s . Please call Don at 281–2430 if you wish to attend Rocky Mountain Bears Non-Profit review in Magazine January - Issue 3 Thursday, April 21st - Rocky Mountain Bears AGM at 7:30pm. Location: Park Place Condo Building, main floor party room (323 - 13th Avenue S.W.) For details call Lafe & John at 261-4640 Thursday, April 28th - Parade Float Meeting. Location TBA Saturday, April 30th - Bar Night at the Calgary Eagle - 10pm Monday, May 2nd - Coffee Night is back! Timothy’s - 1610 - 10th St. S.W. @ 8:00 p.m. Saturday, May 14th - Day at the Zoo. Meet at

the mastodon in the lower LRT station at Noon Sharp Foundation Phone: (403) 272-2912 E-mail: SHEQ Soulful Healing Ego Quest (403) 234-8973 or A workshop for women that want to be themselves in a supportive, safe environment. It is a chance to grow and share their experiences related to women’s sexuality. Runs for a ten week period on Thursdays at 7pm. Call Trudy or Krista at 585-7437. To participate, please call the exclusive SHEQ line at 585-7437 (you may leave a voice message for Trudy or Krista) or leave your name and a contact time/number with the Gay & Lesbian Community Services Association at 234-8973. Small Change...Big Changes Speak Sebastian Radio Show – Every first & third Wednesday from 9-10pm. Radio for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans gender and kink community. Listen on CJSW FM 90.9.

Alberta’s website for youth with sex-and-gender differences. lists the resources, information and services to help youth find safe and caring spaces in Alberta.

Restaurants Calgary Eagle Inc. 4 See our ad on page 19 424a - 8 Ave SE • (403) 263-5847 Open Tues-Sun 4pm-close Restaurant review in Magazine December 2003 - Issue 2 Internet Terminal Location* Money-Pennies 9 1742 - 10 Ave SW • (403) 263-7411 Business review in Magazine April 2004 - Issue 6 Internet Terminal Location* Solar Cafe 26 See our ad on page 13 #100, 1011 1st St. SW • (403) 232-6355 Restaurant review in Magazine June 2004 - Issue 8 Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 11pm

Friday to Saturday: 10am to 2am Internet Terminal Location* Timothy’s Coffee  27 1610 10th St SW • (403) 244-7750 Restaurant review in Magazine September 2004 - Issue 11 Monday - Saturday: 7am to 11pm Sunday: 8am to 11pm The Twisted Element 33 1006 11th Avenue SW • (403) 802-0230 See our ad on page 5, and 8 Restaurant review in Magazine January 2005 - Issue 15 Sunday 11:00am to close Monday to Saturday 4:00pm to close Internet Terminal Location* Victoria’s Restaurant 18 306 - 17 Ave SW • (403) 244-9991 Mon Fri, 11am-close; Weekends 10am-close Restaurant review in Magazine January 2004 - Issue 3 The Wicked Wedge 19 618 - 17 Ave SW • (403) 228-1024 Restaurant review in Magazine

Team Calgary Urban Sex Radio Show – Every second & forth Wednesday from 9-10pm. Focus on sexuality; gay bisexual lesbian trans gendered and straight issues here in Calgary and around the web. Listen on CJSW FM 90.9. Western Leather Federation Coffee Night – Wed, 8:30pm. At the Calgary Eagle. Womynspace (403) 234-8973 or Peer social/support group for women providing an evening of fun, bonding, discussion and activities. Meets every Friday 7pm to 9pm at GLCSA. Youth 4 Youth 102, 1212 - 1 St. S.E. • (403) 283-8591 YouthSafe magazine


November 2004 - Issue 13

Theatre and Art Alberta Ballet Great Chefs in Great Homes - An Alberta Ballet Fundraising Event. Sumptuous Food, Unforgettable Wines. Beautiful Surroundings. $250 per person. Tickets 245-4222 ext 32 Friday March 4th, Rouge Friday March 6th, the Bears Den Thursday March 10th, Crazy Weed and River Cafe Saturday March 12th, La Tavola ATP, Alberta Theatre Projects 36 Phone: (403) 294-7402 Marion Bridge March 29 – April 16, 2005 Black sheep of the family Agnes returns from Toronto to her hometown of Sydney, Nova Scotia to help nurse her terminally ill mother. But family can bring out the worst in a person – despite their best efforts to behave like a grownup! Much to her sisters’ discomfort, her presence

loosens the lid on some closely guarded secrets. Agnes’ return reawakens yearnings and feelings she and her sisters have spent a lifetime trying to forget. Three women blunder comically and clumsily through forgiveness and understanding towards a true acceptance of each other. 2Pianos 4Hands May 3 – 21, 2005 A lifetime obsession. An everlasting gift. 2 Pianos, 4 Hands is a musical extravaganza about the pleasures and torments of a passion for music. The story interweaves music by artists from Mozart to Tom Waits with warm, comic memories of a youth spent over the keys of a piano. In their quest for perfection, two young prodigies encounter the eccentricities of oddball teachers, the love-hate relationship with practicing and the pressure of piano exams before finally facing the terror of the limits of their own ambition and talent. Part virtuoso piano recital, part warmhearted comedy, 2 Pianos, 4 Hands will strike a chord with anyone who’s ever tinkled the keys of a piano or dreamed of performing on stage. Fairytales International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival magazine See our ad on page 5 May 27th - June 2nd, 2005. Check website for more details New Gallery 25 516D - 9 Ave SW • (403) 233-2399 Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 5pm One Yellow Rabbit 35 Big Secret Theatre – EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts • (403) 299-8888 April 5 to 23, 2005 - In Klezskavania. Directed by: Blake Brooker. Written by: Ty Semaka and Blake Brooker. Performed by: The Plaid Tounged Devils, The OYR Ensemble and special guests. Tickets: Available in advance through the OYR office. (403) 264-3224 or Ticketmaster (403) 2998888 | Web: Ticketmaster. Opening Night: Thursday, April 7, 2005 Pumphouse Theatre 37 2140 Pumphouse Avenue SW • (403) 2630079 April 1 – 9, 2005 - Iolanthe presented by Morpheus Theatre. In the Victor Mitchell Theatre. Tickets $14.00 Adults, $12.00 Students/ Seniors. Wednesday to Saturday @ 7:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday matinees@ 2:00pm For Tickets Call 263-0079. Strephon, an Arcadian Shepard, wants to marry Phyllis, a ward of the Court of Chancery. Phyllis does not know that Strephon is half fairy – down to the waist. When Phyllis sees Strephon kissing an apparently young woman, she assumes the worst. But he “rival” turns out to be none other than Stephon’s own mother, Iolanthe, a fairy – fairies never grow old. But Phyllis’ guardian, the Lord Chancellor of England, and half the peers in the House of Lords are sighing after her. Soon

the peers and the fairies are virtually at war, and long friendships are nearly torn asunder. As in Trial by Jury, the Legal Mind comes up with a clever solution to the problem. And, as you may well guess, thereby hangs by a tale. April 7 - 16, 2005 - Present Laughter presented by Gas & Light Productions. In the Joyce Doolittle Theatre. Tickets $16.00 Adults, $14.00 Students/Seniors. Tuesday to Saturday @ 7: 30 pm, Sunday matinee @2:30. For Tickets Call 808-3818. Garry Essendine, a popular and pampered actor, is busy making preparations for an extended tour. Daphne, a beautiful, but stage-struck young lady, has apparently spent the night in his studio after having ‘lost’ her latchkey! When his estranged wife, his partners and other admirers arrive, Garry is hard pressed to escape an embarrassing and easily misinterpreted situation. More complications ensue due to Joanna, his partner’s wife, not to mention the attentions of Roland, a young, and not very good, aspiring playwright. Garry eventually escapes from the chaos by adopting a totally unsuspected solution April 15 – May 7, 2005 - Seussical the Musical In the Victor Mitchell Theatre presented by Story Book Theatre. Tickets Range $7-15 Wednesday to Friday @ 7:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday @ 12:00pm & 3:30pm. For Tickets Call 2160808. A highlight in the season and a storybook coup! Just released from production in its North American Tour, this will be a Calgary premier! All of Dr. Seuss’ favorite stories and characters, including the Cat in the Hat, and Horton the Elephant, have been cleverly combined into a delightful musical romp. April 20 - 30, 2005 - The Mercy Seat presented by Ground Zero Theatre In the Joyce Doolittle Theatre. Tickets $18.00 Adults. $15.00 Students/Seniors plus $1.75 service charge Tuesday to Sunday @ 8:00 pm. For Tickets

Call 263-0079. On September 12, 2001, Ben Harcourt finds himself in the downtown apartment of his mistress, Abby Prescott, toying with the idea of claiming death in the fallen buildings of 9/11. His endlessly ringing cell phone haunts their conversation at the two explore the choices now available to them in an existence different from the one they knew just the day before. Will Ben let his family know he’s alive or will he and Abby take this chance to create a new life for themselves? LaBute continues his unflinching fascination with the war between the sexes and explores whether one can be truly opportunistic in a time of universal selflessness. May 3 - 14, 2005 - Jenny Presented by Broad Minds, In the Joyce Doolittle Theatre, Tickets $15.00 Adults. $12.00 Students/Seniors. plus $1.75 service charge Tuesday to Saturday @ 8:00 pm. Sunday matinee @ 2:00pm. For Tickets Call 263-0079. Inspired by the sculptures, diaries, and short-but-rich life of artist Jenny Read, this poignant play chronicles the journey of Jenny’s mother, Dorothy, as she struggles with her unresolved grief associated with Jenny’s violent death. Jenny incorporates

art, poetry, psychotherapy , and the power of forgiveness to tell this emotional story. This intricately woven and ultimately hopeful story also received Honorable Mention in the 1997 Jane Chambers Playwriting Contest. Stagewest 727 42 Avenue SE • (403) 243-8642 The Odd Couple Feb. 17 – April 24, 2005 This renowned comedy inspired the production of the hit TV series starring Jack Klugman and the late Tony Randall in the 70’s and the Award Winning motion picture starring Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon. It begins with a group of the boys assembled for card games in the apartment of a divorced fellow, and if the mess is any indication, it’s no wonder that his wife left him. Late to arrive is another fellow who they learn has just separated from his wife. Since he is very meticulous and tense, they fear he might commit suicide and so go about locking all the windows.... As life would have it, the slob bachelor and the meticulous fellow decided to bunk together - with hilarious results.

California Dreaming April 28 – July 3, 2005 The British may have dominated the airwaves in 1964, but by the late 60’s the new “ California sound “ was all the rage. From the snow-covered Prairies to the concrete jungles of New York and Toronto, teens dreamed of surfboards and souped up 56 Chevy’s. California was the land of bleached blondes, blue skies, bikinis and the Beach Boys! From the Beach Boys to CCR, Fleetwood Mac to the Mamas and Papas, the hits had made music history in North America and had us all doing a little “ California Dreaming “ endeavors to have the information here as accurate as possible. Events and listings can change at any time so it is recommended to check with the establishment before you head out. Non-Profit groups free listings. Business receive a listing once an ad has been placed. The business listing will last 3 months after the last ad is placed unless there is a service located at that location.

Theatre Junction Vertigo Mystery Theatre 34 161, 115 – 9 Ave SE • (403) 221-3708 If you would like to add your business or non-profit group to the list above, please call (403) 543-6960 or E-mail You can add your information to the directory on the website for free. magazine magazine

Q Scopes

“Don’t nag, Libra!” Lifestyle | Astrology

By Magazine Staff

Sun in Aries is trine to Pluto in Sagittarius, boosting energy and focus - or obsession. Be careful to avoid the latter. Mars conjunct Neptune in Aquarius blurs our energies and tempts us to get ahead of ourselves. Meditation will help you focus.

ceptible to infections, inflammations, and sprains.

LIBRA (September 23 - October 22): You may be expecting a little too much of others and coming off a bit strong. Take more initiative, and be careful not to nag! “Loosen up and enjoy” is good advice - up to a point. Too loose isn’t fun; it’s just sloppy.

ARIES (March 20 - April 19): Energetic, impulsive, headstrong, and assertive - that’s what you are at any time, but now all the more so! You’re up for interesting adventures or furious arguments. Try to avoid the latter, as they’re usually pointless and, especially now, could damage friendships.

SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21): It’s an optimal time to clean up financial matters - anything from balancing your checkbook on up. Even cleaning house and having a tag sale can prove lucrative, if you know what your castoffs are really worth.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Everybody has a secret. What’s yours? Don’t tell. Just thinking about your deepest, darkest secret will make you irresistibly sexy. Do not try this at work! A scandal is brewing there, and you or your boss will likely be involved.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 20): Your playful side is getting so emphatic that your invitations for fun may sound coercive. Be gentle and ready to backpedal a little. Communications in general are likely to be muddled, so be extra careful to be clear.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Your social and political skills are very sharp now, if only you can keep your mouth shut. Go to a poetry slam or call someone for phone sex to get the blabber out of your system - but when it counts, keep those lips tight!

CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Your hard work speaks for itself, but don’t be too modest. Take due pride and accept due credit. Though you may earn yourself a special night out, be careful of overindulgence. Getting too high, especially now, leads to danger.

LEO (July 23 - August 22): There are fireworks waiting to happen, but someone could get seriously burned. Just what is your understanding of “fidelity”? Make sure you and your partner - and any playmates (and their partners!) - are on the same page.

CAPRICORN (December 21 - January 19): Hide out at home and do whatever needs doing. Clean up archives; get rid of junk. If your house is already in perfect order, make yourself helpful to others in your community. Avoid financial dealings (even unnecessary shopping!) this week.

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18): You are especially persuasive now. The only problem is that you’re lacking your usual certainty and focus. Meditate on the ideals you want to promote, thinking carefully about them before you speak up.

PISCES (February 19 - March 19): Stay focused on what you’re worth to yourself and what you consider most important. If you can keep your own priorities clear, you’ll make great strides toward your goals. Exercise and mediation will help keep you sharp.

VIRGO (August 23 - September 22): Your sexual impulsiveness, contrary to your reputation, is our little secret - until now, at least. Have your fun, but remember to be careful. You’re particularly sus- magazine magazine

Q Puzzle

“Out of the Drag Queen’s Closet” Fun | Crosswords

By Magazine Staff

A crossword featuring possible items of clothing worn by drag queens. Across 1 Guitar motifs from Etheridge 6 Clumsy come-on 10 Charles of Threesome 14 Gay porn director Francis 15 Uncommon, to Caligula 16 Photographer Catherine 17 What Vampires suck 18 Alternative to “Go straight” 19 Part of Caesar’s boast 20 What a drag queen wears to go fishing? 23 Outing in Africa 26 Educational level of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales 27 Get hard 28 Coming attractions? 30 Filmmaker Kenneth’s family 32 One with a sharp butt 33 Many, many moons 36 Stats from A League of Their Own 37 What a drag queen wears to the gym? 40 Billy Elliot portrayer Jamie 42 Jeffrey won one 43 Chicken hawk’s pad? 47 Feel rancor about 49 Senator with a bear? 51 Cause of Venus envy? 52 Aida solo 55 Throw out of a bar 56 What a drag queen wears to stuff a turkey? 59 Sometime Capote associate Chaplin 60 Supporter of Julia Morgan? 61 “Do-Re-Mi” subject 65 Cut glass 66 Ziegfeld Follies costume designer 67 First name in talk 68 “A Boy Named Sue” writer Silverstein 69 A Brit soldier may shoot it off 70 Terminal Bar playwright Paul Down 1 Gone with the Wind extra 2 Will descriptor 3 Alice waitress 4 “Criminal” singer 5 Commemorations at Beth Chayim Chadashim 6 They’re performing, in Fame 7 Like Beard’s cuisine 8 Swashbuckling Flynn 9 Man of La ___ _ 10 Rock’s Bon ___ 11 Where to go with your first mate 12 Boy George and the Indigo Girls 13 A dick investigates them 21 Nile Rodgers’ “Good ___”

22 23 24 25 29 31 34 35 38 39 40 41 44 45 46 47 48 50 53 54 57 58 62 63 64

Ralph of Glenn Burke’s sport Spill one’s seed Constellation over Rio 3-pointers to Kopay Gay nightlife district of London Arthur, to Tabitha Result of excessive circumcision Swallow alternative Bones below elbows Bannon’s Brinker Make arrangements for a gay wedding, e.g. Linda Villarosa’s magazine, once One to Ulrichs Premature ejaculation meas. Poet who inspired _Cats_, initially Changes a decorator’s work “Two ___” (Frankie Goes to Hollywood hit) Uses a divining rod Not potent A marble player may shoot it off Comedian from Siberry’s homeland They were under Hoover “I Could Have Danced ___ Night” Non-Judy garland C. Marlowe’s tongue“

answer key is on page 8 magazine Reader’s Choice Awards and Results from 2004

Survey | 2004

By Rob Diaz-Marino

At long last, the much awaited results from the reader’s choice survey we conducted this January. As we mentioned in the Publisher’s Column last month, we had a phenomenal turnout. The majority of the surveys came in through our ballot boxes, which left us the long and arduous task of data entry. As of this issue, we’re starting to act on some of the results and comments we received. By popular demand, we’re now including Astrology, Comics, Crossword puzzles, and Male Porn Reviews. Due to the substantial number of female readers, we’re going to be pushing to have a little more lesbian content – don’t worry guys, there will still be plenty for you! We had a couple of good chuckles at people who did a creative job filling out the survey. One woman nominated herself as the sexiest clientele at the Verge. A few others weren’t shy to admit that they accessed the Internet by “stealing” their building’s wireless signal. As for lesbian porn reviews…no offense, but I’m certainly not doing it!! Baby steps ladies, let’s get an established lesbian writer first. As for going glossy – it’s a novel but expensive idea that we’re not quite ready for. Plaques will be awarded to the establishments, organizations, and people that our readers chose as their favorites during 2004. Congratulations to the winners and runners up! So without further adieu, here are some of our results:

Gender: Male Female Trans-Identified

68.5% 30% 1.5%

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual 9.5% Openly Gay Semi-Closeted Gay Straight

75% 11.5% 4%

Relationship: Single Casual Monogamous Open Widowed


48% 16% 30% 5.5%

Reader Choice Awards for the year of 2004: Which Club/Bar would you say has the friendliest staff? Backlot Twisted Element Verge

15.9% 14.4% 13.4%

- First Place - Second Place - Third Place

Which Club/Bar would you say was the best place to go for Happy Hour? Backlot Verge Twisted Element

23.4% 11.9% 8.5%

- First Place - Second Place - Third Place

Best place to watch a Drag Show? Submission Methods: Ballot Boxes The Verge Twisted Element The Backlot Indulge Texas Lounge Detour Solar Café Calgary Eagle Money-Pennies Metro Boyztown 1.5% The Rekroom Online Mail 1%

68% 19.5% 8% 7% 7% 6.5% 6% 4.5% 4% 3.5% 0.5% 31% magazine

Detour Metro Boyztown Twisted Element

38.8% 17.9% 12.4%

- First Place - Second Place - Third Place

Best place to go for Karaoke? Verge 16.9% - First Place Money-Pennies 15.4% - Second Place TIE Rekroom 15.4% - Second Place TIE Texas Lounge 10% - Third Place Sexiest Clientele? Twisted Element Detour Indulge

27.9% 12.4% 11.4%

- First Place - Second Place - Third Place

Sexiest Staff? Twisted Element Verge Detour Indulge

22.4% 11.4% 11.4% 10.4%


First Place Second Place TIE Second Place TIE Third Place

16.9% 14.4% 13.9%

- First Place - Second Place - Third Place

29.4% 11.9% 10.9%

- First Place - Second Place - Third Place

14.4% 7.5% 6.5%

- First Place - Second Place - Third Place

DJ Krazay Steve, Twisted 33.8% DJ Ward, Detour 16.4% DJ Stare, Metro Boyztown 12.9%

- First Place - Second Place - Third Place

Best place to shoot pool? The Rekroom Calgary Eagle Metro Boyztown Best Over All Club/Bar? Twisted Element Metro Boyztown Detour Favorite Bartender? Rhea, Verge Daphne, Indulge Allan, Texas Lounge Favorite DJ?

Favorite House Queen? Izora Jackson Jones, Metro Selma Body, Detour/Arena 20.9% Nina Tron, Twisted Element

21.9% - First Place - Second Place 19.4% - Third Place

All-Time Favorite Calgary Drag Queen/Female Persona? Carly York Jones Selma Body Bianca La Bouche 8.5%

12.4% - First Place 9% - Second Place - Third Place

All-Time Favorite Calgary Drag King/Male Persona? Bruce Lee Marty Mojo Stevens Dion Boink

27.9% 10.9% 7%

- First Place - Second Place - Third Place

Non Bar/Club event of 2004 in the Calgary Gay Community? ARGRA CRIR Rodeo Pride Calgary Pride Week Calgary Cares Fairy Tales Film Festival Apollo Western Cup

20.4% 20.4% 10% 10% 8%


First Place TIE First Place TIE Second Place TIE Second Place TIE Third Place

Please note that the Gay Community in Calgary has changed over the past 6 months, so information listed from 2004 may not apply to this year. magazine

0 magazine

Adult Film Reviews Review | Adult Male

By Benjamin Hawkcliff

It’s been a lot of begging and pleading, but I’ve finally been given the chance to write for magazine. What’s my assignment? Well, it’s reviewing the hottest releases in adult film from some of Calgary’s best places to procure such materials. It’s a hard job but somebody’s got to do it. That’s the last bad joke, I promise. This is a classy magazine after all. Some of the best movies come out of Europe, especially Russian porn. I don’t know what they put in the water over there, but if Kristian Bjorn’s Hangar, available at Adult Depot, is any indication, perhaps I need to plan a trip. Amidst a plot about criminals trying to crack bank codes to steal money, police officers “infiltrate” their ranks to bust them in some of the hottest action I have seen in a long time – my DVD player and I both needed a smoke afterward. It clocks in at 150 minutes, which is a long time by porn standards, but the scenes are amazing. Apparently in Russia, people don’t have sex in any less than three’s… another reason to book a flight. Yes, you will have to read to get the plot developments, but at least the scenes make sense as opposed to “Ding-dong, here’s your pizza, oh where did our clothes go?” You definitely want to head down to Adult Depot and pick up this flick – hot guys, a story, and did I mention hot guys? For something a little different, check out’s other April selections – Marc’s Orgy Afternoon from for those who like their porn stars young (and Canadian! It’s filmed in Toronto). And then there’s Squirt from Sweatshop Video – while sex in front of a Christmas tree may seem wrong, this is an interesting dynamic featuring guys under 5’8” coming out on top of the 6’+ boys. Vivid Video is the feature company from the Adult Source selections for April. Pure is the story of young lust, as three guys reminisce about some of their early sexual experiences. This reminiscing of course gets them excited, and each performer gives us a sneak peak with a solo performance before letting the camera’s see what got them so hot and bothered. All together it is six scenes with some good looking guys getting it on, including an especially interesting scene in a gym – somehow watching sex while wearing big red boxing gloves, to me, is

comparable to wearing clown shoes. Maybe that is a new fetish I need to figure out…or not. Regardless, Pure is simply sex weaved together with a thin plot – but in some cases (ok most) you don’t care about plot. This month’s other Adult Source selections are Dax – a steamy story on hustling for rent, food, or just because you’re horny – and Insert Name Hear something a little wilder and edgy than the standard x-rated fare. I am exhausted… and you can probably imagine why! It’s off to rest and let you guys check these films out on your own. Don’t worry, I wiped them off before returning them! Oh, and if you’re still not sure, you can see teasers for these pornos on select TV ads and terminals, intertwined with all those photos and community events. Adult Depot 140, 58th Ave SW - (403) 258-2777 524A 6th Ave SE – (403) 264-7399 Adult Source 10210 Macleod Trail S – (403) 271-7848 1536 16th Ave NW – (403) 289-4203 2770 32nd Ave NE – (403) 250-8225 1127 17th Ave SW – (403) 244-6537 4310 17th Ave SE – (403) 273-2701 magazine


Treasure, Apartheid and Genius ATP Launches 2004/2005 Season By Jason Clevett

Live theatre is about performance, and what better way to announce the upcoming season than with a cloud of fog and the tremendously talented Christopher Hunt MCing “The Martha Awards?” This was the case as ATP recently invited subscribers, donors, sponsors, volunteers and community supporters to a tongue-in-cheek “awards gala.” The constant nomination of “Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats” for the gold cat statues was an ongoing joke during the cleverly disguised announcement of an a-list series of plays, book-ended by two tales of artistic genius. From September 20th – October 8th the season will kick off with Amadeus, the story of fiendishly talented Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in eighteenth century Austria, and ends with Vincent in Brixton, the story of Vincent Van Gogh, from May 2nd – 20th. From October 18 to November 5, one talented actress takes patrons through 23 characters and draws you into an extraordinary world. From her perch in the fragrant Syringa Tree, Lizzie Grace bears a child’s clear-eyed witness to the beauty and brutality of South Africa during apartheid in “The Syringia Tree.” From there, ATP continues on the success of this season’s Pinocchio by teaming with Quest Theatre for an adaptation of Treasure Island, showing from November 26 to December 28. The 20th annual Enbridge playRites Festival of New Plays promises to once again highlight some of Canada’s best upcoming playwrights. Already scheduled are Hippies and Bolsheviks by Amiel Gladstone, Picking up Chekhov by Mansel Robinson and The Blue Light by Mieko Ouchi . More shows will be announced in the future Finally, Sarah Rhul’s The Clean House runs March 28 – April 15th. “A place for everything and everything in its place” is what Lane expects from her well-ordered life in her clean house. But for her housekeeper, Mathilde, life is anything but neat as grief over her parents’ deaths overwhelms her daily routine. Order is temporarily restored when Lane’s sister Virginia strikes a deal with Mathilde to keep herself busy with the housework. From chaos springs unexpected feelings, friendships and a strange sort of magic that transforms their sterile environment into a world of passion and enchantment. magazine

Preview | Theatre While there is a great deal of excitement about next season, ATP still has two stellar pieces left in this season. Marion Bridge runs until April 16th and is the story of Black sheep of the family, Agnes, who returns from Toronto to her hometown of Sydney, Nova Scotia to help nurse her terminally ill mother. But family can bring out the worst in people – despite their best efforts to behave like grown-ups! Much to her sisters’ discomfort, her presence loosens the lid on some closely guarded secrets. Agnes’ return reawakens yearnings and feelings she and her sisters have spent a lifetime trying to forget. Three women blunder comically and clumsily through forgiveness and understanding towards a true acceptance of each other. The 2003/2004 season will conclude with 2 Pianos, 4 Hands from May 3rd to 21st. The show is a musical extravaganza about the pleasures and torments of a passion for music. The story interweaves music by artists from Mozart to Tom Waits with warm, comic memories of a youth spent over the keys of a piano. In their quest for perfection, two young prodigies encounter the eccentricities of oddball teachers, the love-hate relationship at practice, and the pressure of piano exams, before finally facing the terror of the limits of their own ambition and talent. Part virtuoso piano recital, part warmhearted comedy, 2 Pianos, 4 Hands will strike a chord with anyone who’s ever tinkled the keys of a piano or dreamed of performing on stage. 2003/2004 was a stellar season for one of Calgary’s best theatre companies, blending comedy, drama, entertainment and music. From next year’s stacked line-up, it looks like more great moments are to come. Season’s tickets for next year as well as tickets to this season’s final two performances are available at the box office. Alberta Theatre Projects Epcor Centre for Performing Arts 215 8 Avenue SE (403) 294-7402 magazine

Kim Fontaine Morning Pages

Review | Music

By Rob Diaz-Marino

Last month we had the pleasure of going to see singer/song writer Kim Fontaine perform some of the songs from her latest CD, “Morning Pages”, live at the Verge. Kim has such a rich and soothing voice that her music is easy on the ears, while her lyrics are simple, sincere, and touching. She plays guitar lead for her songs, with accompanying instruments and percussion by Dave Taylor, Lou Fontaine, and many others. According to the website (, “Morning Pages” was inspired by a daily writing exercise devised by Julia Cameron, author of “The Artist’s Way”. “The purpose behind [it] is to perform a daily writing ritual with anything that comes to mind. It’s a way of making us shut down our internal editors to allow the first thing that pops into our heads be committed to paper …it’s simply about releasing those thoughts that secretly dance around in our hearts. … It gives us an opportunity to get to know ourselves - our fears, our frustrations, our desires and our dreams.” It’s difficult not to get caught up in the earnestness and beauty of her songs. Indeed Kim opens up her heart and lays out her bare emotions; her self-confidence in “This Night”, her depression and sorrow in “Forgive Me”, her need for affection in “Tenderness”, her anger and bitterness in “Don’t Feel Sorry for Me”, her process of healing in “Feel Good Today”, and even a glimpse into hear naughty side in the catchy “Naked”. The latter was a particular favorite of mine – I had only heard it once when she had played it live, but I instantly remembered it and could practically sing along when I heard it on the CD for the first time nearly a month later. In fact, I’d say most if not all of the tracks have a high “sing-along-ability” value – at least, they’ve certainly got me going! magazine

Kim Fontaine You can pick up a copy of “Morning Pages” at the following locations in Calgary: Megatunes 932 17th Ave SW Tel: (403) 229-3022 Ironwood Grill 1429 9 Ave. S.E. Tel: (403) 269-3031

Coronation 29

Emperor and Empress step down after successful year By Jason Clevett

This year’s Coronation, happening on April 15th at the Days Inn on Macleod Trail, marks the end of one of the most successful years of fundraising in recent court history. Under the Guidance of Emperor XXVIII Alexander Star DeKnight and Empress XXVIII Erica Devine, the court put in a lot of hard work – and it sure paid off! “It was in part due to combining with Mz. Rhonda’s toy drive, which was her most successful year as well. That helped, in addition to shooter bars, the shows at Solar Café, Metro Boyztown and Twisted Element, BBQ’s at the Backlot and Money Pennies, dinners and pool tournaments at the Eagle – it was a combination of getting the community out and different ways of fundraising. It made for quite the year,” Devine told “It was a lot of hard work and commitment. You can’t raise a lot of money without a lot of events. It was a pretty steady paced year, not a lot of time to relax if we weren’t away, we were doing events a couple of times a week every week for the entire year. Court events tend to happen more on the weekend. We run full throttle from coronation to step down,” added DeKnight. It takes a great deal of effort and sacrifice when elected to the role. DeKnight described it as taking on a second job while Devine talked about what it takes, clearing up some misconceptions. “We do have a handbook of things we take care of and do in the community, for example we must host a minimum of six functions each and travel four times as goodwill ambassadors. I did eight, Alexander did four himself. It is also [about] being there, listening and interacting with the community. It is hard to get activities going in every bar. Some have the misconception that the money raised is used for wigs, makeup and hair but nothing could be further from the truth. I have paid for my travel myself, and put a lot of money into it myself. The money [we raise] is going to charity.”

Community | Spotlight Francisco trip was a big highlight because it was the 40th anniversary of the whole court system. That was quite the extravaganza and party.” The Coronation is a chance to celebrate those whose efforts have paid off. In addition to the Emperor and Empress, stepping down with them will be Prince Papa Johnwolf and Princess Dyna Mite, Duke Sir Wayne and Duchess BB Edwards and entertainer of the year Kim Wood. “It is a celebration of our year. Dinner is included and we have a number of production numbers and events from businesses, as well as every court in Canada will be in attendance, [with] guests from the US. That night we will crown a new Emperor and Empress. This year’s theme is “From Broadway to the Big Screen: A celebration of theatre and song.” We are encouraging people to do Broadway or Soundtrack numbers and have fun with it,” she said. Both monarchs wanted to extend their thanks to all of those that helped make 2004/2005 a great year. “We would like to thank all the different bars and businesses and the community support, and hope they will come out and celebrate.” Coronation XXIX Days Inn Macleod Trail Tickets $25 in advance $30 at the Door Available The Backlot, Boyztown and Solar Café

The travel, while out of pocket, is one of the highlights. “I did a lot more traveling this year, on 8 trips to places like Alaska, Portland, Montana, San Francisco, Vancouver, Surrey, Edmonton, and Winnipeg. Alexander went to Halifax, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Regina. The San magazine

Mixed Media Motion Bringing the Party to Calgary By Jason Clevett

While Saskatoon, Saskatchewan may not strike many as a “party town”, the small prairie city was where the recently relocated Mixed Media Motion first came into existence. When founder Robbie Picard recently moved to Calgary, he saw new opportunities to bring unique events to our city. “I originally worked for the bar DIVAS in Saskatoon and then joined a group called Plastic Puppet Motive (PPM) [which] would throw raves. You couldn’t throw a circuit party because the gay scene wasn’t big enough, so we would throw these raves. We won awards for the events we put on and had the top headliners in the world come and play for us. The main people involved in PPM left and I started Mixed Media Motion, and started doing various events at clubs in Saskatoon.” After leaving the promotion business and managing a straight bar in the city, Picard moved to Calgary a few months ago and immediately jumped back into promoting. “I’ve started MMM up again with a focus on gay circuit events. I have been very fortunate to be involved with the people at Metro Boyztown and we have started a student’s night in association with GLASS, which is doing very well. That has started taking care of itself so now I am focusing on a circuit event called ’Babylon,’ which will run May 7th at Metro Boyztown. We are bringing in DJ Dekoze who is Canada’s top gay circuit pride DJ, he headlined pride in Toronto and was one of the founders of PPM. We are going to encompass various elements to make it a party like Calgary has never seen.” To many people, the rave scene is believed to be filled with drugs and violence. This is something that Picard feels is in the past, and he also highlighted the differences between a rave and a circuit party. “A circuit event is better than a rave because you have older gay men. Gay men aren’t violent and are more responsible than many kids that attend raves. Raves were phenomenal, you would have different types and classes of people, and it was the only place other than a gay bar that I have seen so many different aspects of society. I think drug dealers saw that and took advantage of the young people. It was too good to be true because you magazine

Community | Spotlight

could be free without consequences and that killed the scene. I liked raves but I like circuit parties more. I am excited to be in a city that will support what I want to do.” Metro Boyztown has also made a number of changes recently, including its “Fever” events and will soon be offering memberships to women. He feels that Calgary’s gay scene is lacking something and hopes to help light a spark. “We have changed a lot of the policies at Metro Boyztown. I am for gays and lesbians and diversity, whatever happened in the past I have no control over so I am going to do the best I can. When I first came to Calgary I was really disappointed with what I found here, there wasn’t an energy level. The scene in Saskatoon, if we had more of a population would be better. There is more energy, less politics, and the community was closer. In Toronto, it is so big that you can do anything you want and have a crowd. Calgary is in between those two cities; people are still trying to find their niche. My goal is to take everybody from every scene, old or young, and provide a great party for them to enjoy and experience. It is less about ‘I’m a leather’ or ‘I’m a twink’ and instead about just bringing people together.” Picard is focusing on the upcoming “Babylon” event and promises that it will be something new and exciting. “Babylon is going to be a party the likes of which Calgary has never seen before. Stay tuned, because it will blow you away.” Mixed Media Motion is looking for performers, artists, and go-go dancers. For more information on MMM events call 697-1067. Mixed Media Motion (403) 697-1067 magazine

Fundraisers in Calgary Calgary Eagle - Straight to Diva Photos by Steve Polyak of Magazine

ISCCA - Wild Court Wednesday’s at Twisted magazine

ISCCA Saturday at the Solar Cafe magazine

Fairy Tales Fundraiser at Detour/Arena

0 magazine magazine

1 magazine magazine

european inspiration sets the style for the new season Springfield Presents its Spring-Summer 05 Collection

Review | Fashion

By Fred Amen

Madrid, November 23, 2004 - Springfield presents its collection for the upcoming spring-summer. In it you can notice the importance of color, graphics and a youthful attitude, all surrounded by a very European air. There are two lines in the collection: a CASUAL one in which the taste for being free-and-easy and relaxed is emphasized, and a SPORT one in which the taste for the cool and dynamic is dominant. Within this last one a minicollection of garments and accessories inspired by Beach and Surf has been created, with strong colors, along with a small group in soft shades. Color All of the collection is very colorful. For the Casual line,

a softer palette has been chosen; in it is the denim and the soft shades of blue, with shades of tanned and stone color as a base for yellow, orange, green and earth colors. For the Sport line, the shades are much more vibrant, and an intense red is added to obtain that atmosphere. We may emphasize the novelty of the very colorful madras shirts. And more into the summer, combinations of intense colors and white are suggested, which creates a very peculiar effect. Graphics In most of the garments you can find graphic motifs that adorn, decorate and characterize the whole collection. The graphics have different and distinct inspirations: Collage, Roud and Beach, but always with a very European touch. Attitude Casual or Sport, relaxed or dynamic, the clothing always reflects the young and “careless” character, using washed and “scarcely ironed” garments. Especially noteworthy is the fashion of “wearing layers” with different garments on top of each other, and “rolled up”; thus better showing the superimposing of the layers, and creating an impressive color effect. Springfield is the chain with greatest expansion of Grupo Cortefiel, that in just a few years has positioned itself as an international fashion brand directed to the ur- magazine

ban young man, with over 482 stores in over 35 countries. All of this makes an entire lifestyle out of a brand, the garments, and the stores. Brand Springfield’s designers work to create contemporary, urban and comfortable garments. To win its own personality, the “Springfield style�, the company has a complete range of products to satisfy all the necessities in dressing without leaving the young and fun style that marks all of its collections. Every product reflects a new lifestyle. Springfield makes two big seasons every year: Spring/ Summer and Autumn/Winter, with several different lines every season. All of it is under strict quality criteria, one of the most solid commitments acquired by Springfield; Quality in the finishing, as each article is examined in detail, and quality in the fabrics, as the team of designers travel all over the world in search of the best raw materials. The result is a line of garments that, in consonance with the latest fashion trends, offer the possibility to any youth to find their own style at an affordable price. The Bay Downtown 200 8th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta (403) 262-0345 See ad on page 21 magazine

Queer eye - for the Calgary guy (or gal) Events that happened around Calgary Photos by Steve Polyak of Magazine

Indulge’s Last Night

GLCSA Volunteer Appreciation

Solar Spring Equinox magazine

Different Strokes Mardi Gras Dance magazine

Apollo Western Cup - Apollo Idol Contest magazine

Apollo Western Cup - Registration

Apollo Western Cup Volley Ball

Apollo Western Cup Curling magazine

Apollo Western Cup - Bowling

Apollo Western Cup Dance

Apollo Western Cup Badminton

Apollo Western Cup Awards Ceremony 0 magazine

Detour Drag Shows

Twisted Drag Shows

ARGRA March Dance

Twisted Sexy Shorts $1000 Give away magazine


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Looking for single female, or female couple interested in a surrogate dad for sperm donation. I am 6’3, blonde, blue eyed, in fantastic health of Irish - Italian descent. Respond to Canadian Premier Charters, at box 75056, Cambrian RPO, Calgary, Alberta, T2K 6J8

Same-Sex, Conjugal, Common-Law, Spouse, Children, Parents Sponsorship; Refugee Claims; Immigration Appeals; Citizenship; Visitor, Student, Work Visa / Extensions, Uncontested Divorces, Agreements, Wills, Translations / Interpretations 50+ Languages, 590-3818 Anwar Rehman, Member Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants CSIC ID M041099, Gay Friendly, CIBS, 200, 2705 Centre Street North. Visit us online at email:




Bodybuilder: 5’-6” 210lbs very solid, muscular, dark brown hair shaved head goatee. 34 y.o. Easy going masculine for an unforgettable moment. by apt only.

24 yr male private housekeeper. $10.00 per hour. Will do light to heavy cleaning. Must have own cleaning supplies. Kevin 606-1437 magazine magazine magazine magazine

GayCalgary Magazine - April 2005  

In this edition: Inside Out Youth Group, Just Ask Nina, Bitter Girl, Q Scopes, Q Puzzle, Reader’s Choice “Awards and Results...

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