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BearBash 2004 Weekend Guide September 24th to September 26th, 2004

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Cut-A-Thon & Wigged Out A hair-raising good time.

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Contributors Rob Diaz Marino, Mark Gabruch, Nina Tron, Stephen Lock, M. Zelda, Jason Clevett and the Gay and Lesbian Community of Calgary


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ARGRA Adventure and more Reviews, Future Issues and Coronation


Just ask Nina The Dish who dishes advice

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A hair-raising good time.

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BearBash 2004 Weekend Guide September 24th to September 26th, 2004


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ARGRA Adventure and more Letter from the Publisher By Steve Polyak & Rob Diaz-Marino

We were very proud to see July’s issue doing better then we had expected for pick-ups – most gay locations needed additional copies within a week of it coming out! From what we can tell, this has been our best distribution ever! We were very happy to hear that lots of people that were attending the ARGRA Rodeo received copies of the magazines from the hotels that they were staying in.

Speaking of which, the ARGRA Rodeo weekend was spectacular! My partner Rob and I had such a great time watching the events, and of course, checking out the hot cowboys!! Being there was probably the most positive experience we’ve ever had at a major gay event. One evening in the Symon’s Valley Lodge, a man walked up to us out of the blue and without even introducing himself he said“You’retheonesthatputoutGayCalgary.comMagazine aren’t you? You’re doing a great job, keep it up!” and then walked away before we could even thank him. But speaking of a job well done, kudos toARGRAfor putting together another awesome Rodeo, we are very proud to have been a sponsor this year, and already can’t wait for next year. Several business owners from out of town encouraged us to send them copies of our magazine for them to distribute at their establishments. Well, who are we to turn them down? While we continue to expand our distribution in Calgary, we will now also be distributed at select locations in Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg! We hope that this step will help encourage more people to come visit Calgary, and when they do, they’ll already have a guide! Plus this is a big bonus to our advertisers since there’s no cost increase for this extended distribution. You may notice that this issue is running an ad from outside of Calgary – specifically, we are sponsoring Aids Vancouver by running their campaign for free in our magazine. We’re also including them on our Terminals and TV ads. Any advertising that promotes Aids awareness is beneficial to everyone, especially when it points out some of the contradictory assumptions that HIV positive and negative people can have without even knowing it. Last but not least, the Rocky Mountain Bears group has BearBash 2004 coming up from September 24th to 26th,

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which we are happy to sponsor with free advertising. The Rocky Mountain Bears are looking for contestants for this event, contact Curtis at

Continued from page 3 Legal Council Courtney Sebree Aarbo, Barristers and Solicitors Printers North Hill News This Issue Cover Selma Body at Fiasco Gelato. See Selma Body perform every Sunday night at Detour/Arena for “God Save The Queens.” The opinions expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of, MFM Communications or the contributors of the magazine. People photographed or interviewed, writers, advertisers, contributors and anyone else involved with this publication are not necessarily gay, lesbian, bi, bi-curious or trans gendered. They can be straight people that are gay friendly. No part of the publication may be reprinted without the expressed permission of the editor-in-chief. Copyright 2004

Just Ask Nina! The Dish who dishes advice By Nina Tron Dear Over, Dearest Neener, So I read your article for the last issue, and I thought it appropriate to let you know my version of the story. Let me start of by saying since your last letter, Lost and Love and I did get back together. BUT that lasted a whole two weeks. You heard that it was about me having commitment issues. I’m sure you’d have commitment issues if your boyfriend was busy sucking face with ex-boyfriends, “good friends” and certain drag queens. The fact was I didn’t have a lot of time to spend with him because I have so much on the go at the moment. Instead of being understanding, he found other ways to occupy his time. So my question to you is: Who has the commitment issues? Me who is busy dealing with everything on my plate, or him who makes out with other guys when he knows how much it bothered me? And yes it happened more that once. You know how they say once, twice, three times a fool, well I guess I’m a f***ing idiot because it happened five times. I want to be friends, but this last week there’s been way too much animosity between the two of us, and I don’t need that, the low blows this last Saturday just reconfirmed my decision that we can’t be together anymore. It’s hard to go from being lovers to just friends. Is it worth being friends if we can’t even be civil to each other? Sincerely, Over Lost in Love

Surprise Surprise!! There are two sides to every story. This situation sounds like you all need to go to your respective corners and take a serious time out. Why would you get back in this situation? Live and learn I guess. Being friends with someone you were in a relationship with is a two-sided effort and will take a lot of work and time. You say that you wish to be friends; well seeing you may be stirring emotions with him and causing him to lash out. Revenge is a dish best served cold; from what you and your ex have shared with me, things here are most likely to get a whole lot colder. So put on your parkas ladies! My suggestion is for both of you!! Don’t waste time playing mindless games with one another and enjoy the time you have shared, put it in the past and move on. Life is a series of peaks and valleys, similar to a drag queen’s boob drawer. So don’t be boobs to one another get out there and experience all that life has for you. Love, Nina I am here for you, and I look forward to hearing from you all, I can be reached at: or Mailed to Ask Nina c/o Magazine, Suite 403, 215 14th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T2R 0M2. You can also watch Nina every Sunday night at Detour, 318 17th Avenue SW, during God Save the Queens. Other than the question, all personal information (i.e. name, address, E-mail) will remain confidential. does reserve the right to alter questions for brevity and content. Responses are for entertainment value only. magazine


Porn…What Porn? By Stephen Lock

Sex in advertising has a long history. We are familiar with the bikini-clad, large-breasted, longhaired and nubile Young Thing lounging across the hood of the latest vehicle, her back arched in a simulation of orgasm, her moist lips parted as if panting out her lover’s name. In more recent years, men’s bodies have been used to sell everything from vodka to underwear. Open the pages of any gay publication in Canada, the US, Australia, or Europe/UK and one will see chiseled, butch, well-hung studs smiling, glowering, and gazing out at you enticing you to attend this bar opening, buy that brand of lubricant, or promoting some event within the gay men’s community. Personally I like the ads, by and large…I have always enjoyed (on a completely esthetic level, you understand…) looking at vibrant, sexy, masculine, men who exude testosterone, even through the pages of a magazine or community paper. Is it ethical to promote human beings as little more than hunks of meat designed to sell a product? Is this turning the human body into a commodity? Certainly feminists have rallied against this when it comes to using women, or parts of women, in some ad campaigns, claiming it trivializes women and holds up an unattainable image of perfection, thereby adding to the body image concerns of 99.9% of North American womanhood. Setting aside these concerns for the moment – are such images in our magazines, specifically images using welltoned and “hot” men, pornographic? Certainly, they are erotic and are designed to be erotic. When such images are used in safer sex education ads, such as the recent Ask Yourself campaign wherein individual men and male couples in suggestive situations challenge assumptions about the HIV status of the man they are supposedly having sex with, can the images rightly be termed “pornographic” as claimed by various conservative groups? Images of naked or near naked males have always been controversial. Recently in Regina an art exhibit at the Dunlop Gallery, a public gallery, has elicited howls of protest and accusations of “pornography” because part of the exhibit shows naked Brazilian men with erect penises

6 magazine

standing in front of a wall of female pin-ups. Comments in the guest book included such erudite commentary as “I wanted to puke – it would have been an improvement.” In February, this very magazine had to recall an entire run of magazines because the back page had an ad for a gay phonesex line, as it always does on the back page, with a suggestive photo showing one nude man on his knees with his face in the lap of the other. No genitalia could be seen. Various distributors refused to carry the issue, citing concerns about pornographic images. Was the image pornographic? Certainly it was erotic – very erotic, and highly suggestive. But pornographic? Right, wrong, or indifferent our gay and lesbian community is premised on the fact we have different sex than the dominant (i.e. heterosexual) culture that surrounds us.

Is there too much emphasis on sex in our gay culture? Probably. But then, an argument can be made that there is probably too much emphasis put on sex generally in western culture and it is unfair, and unproductive, to target only the emphasis within gay culture. Of course each of us in the community are more than simply whom we have sex with or how we have that sex. We are full human beings. However, it the type of sex we have (male-on-male and female-on-female) that sets us apart from the rest of the society in which we also live, work, and socialize. To me, that is not a bad thing whatsoever. In fact, I think it something to celebrate and honour. Others see it as something to criticize and condemn. It follows then, that our media would tap into the very thing that makes us unique and reflect that reality. Gay culture, specifically gay male culture, has long celebrated sex and sexuality. Part of that is that, as men, we have a tendency to separate sex from love - the physical from the emotional. Most men can easily do this. “Having sex” is quite different from “making love”. Again, to me that is not necessarily a bad thing. Is there too much emphasis on sex in our gay culture? Probably. But then, an argument can be made that there is probably too much emphasis put on sex generally in western culture and it is unfair, and unproductive, to target only the emphasis within gay culture. We do not, for all our uniqueness, stand in isolation from the rest of society or the cultural influences of that society.

When it comes to censorship and cries of illicit sexual imagery it is almost unfailingly directed at images of males and at gay publications and other media. This begs the question: What is really going on? How dreadful is it really to see an image of some buff guy in a suggestive pose on the pages of a – hello! – gay magazine? We aren’t being shown hardcore sexual imagery, which is how I define pornography; we are being shown erotically charged images. How is that bad? Actually, I think it is celebratory and glorifies the male body. Each time I have sex with a guy it is a celebration and glorification of him/us. I, for one, like male bodies and I like seeing them in our publications. They don’t necessarily “turn me on” or give me an erection, but they do make me feel good seeing them. Where is the harm in that? One of the rationales given regarding the image advertising the gay phonesex line mentioned earlier was apparently a concern about children seeing it and – gasp – asking questions. First off, most kids wouldn’t process what they are seeing in that regard anyway and, secondly, so what if they ask questions? That’s how kids learn: Talk about your “teaching moment”…. “Daddy, what is that man doing?” “Well, son, he’s showing how much he loves his boyfriend there” “Boys don’t have boyfriends, Daddy!” “Some do.” “Oh…okay”. Such imagery is for adult gay men and lesbians. As such it is focused to that demographic. Must we constantly be censoring ourselves because the dominant culture has “issues” with imagery that reflects us? I am not suggesting our magazines and other media use hardcore pornography in advertising. Such imagery has its place in our community; it just isn’t in the pages of a general GLBT publication. However, that is quite a different issue than concerns around utilizing erotic imagery in those same publications. Where is the harm showing two – or more – men being sensual with each other? Or two – or more – women doing likewise? It may not be to everyone’s taste, but that is no reason to start censoring expression that is not harmful. I am not particularly enamored seeing images of Britney Spears and her rather slutty persona plastered everywhere, but I do not advocate removing them or blacking them out.

Stephen Lock is the Regional Director for Egale Canada and the Calgary Representative for The Canadians For Equal Marriage

Coalition. He is also the producer and host of a semi-monthly glbt radio show, Speak Sebastian, airing at 9pm on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month on CJSW FM 90.9. We are still looking for contributions to the Goliath’s Defence Fund. Donations can be made by cheque or money order, payable to “Stephen Lock (trustee).” In the memo section write “to be held in trust for the Goliath’s Defence Fund” and mail to: The Goliath’s Defence Fund, c/o The Calgary Eagle, 424-a 8th Ave SE, Calgary AB T2G 0L7. All proceeds go to defray the legal costs of the man charged as a found-in. magazine


CUT-A-THON & WIGGED OUT A hair-raising good time.

By Jason Clevett

With the help of some Calgary salons, money is being raised for some worthwhile causes this September and November. Cut-A-Thon was started in the early 90’s and will occur again this year on September 6, 2004 at Tomkins Park on 17th Avenue. Also, the second annual “Wigged Out” hits the Arena the night of Friday November 12, 2004. 8 magazine

“It’s a way to involve local hairdressers and their talents in fundraising.”

September’s Cut-A-Thon was started by the late Mr. Donnie Peters as a way to raise funds for the “Positive Living Lunch Program” (provided by AIDS Calgary) to provision nutritious meals to adults and children living with HIV/AIDS. Presently, funding is only available to run the program every other Friday from September thru June, and the hope is to raise funds to make the program a weekly year round offering. The “Positive Living Lunch Program” was started by Minnie and George Coulson in 1988, and when Minnie retired due to health reasons in 1994, it was picked up by Patrick O’Neil and Doug Langille. Mr. Devon Mills provided more details on the family friendly Cut-A-Thon. “Thus far we have ten of the city’s top salons participating and offering Men’s, Women’s, Children’s and Pet haircuts at a reduced rate from regular salon prices. Each stylist is donating their time and talent to the event and all monies raised will go directly to the program. This family event will also have clowns, face painting, food and music and will remain in its original concept a family festival.” The event runs from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and prices are: Men & Women’s Cuts - $20. Kids - $10 and pets $20.

Mr. Donnie Peters Wigged Out is sponsored by Detour, and Solar Café. Nina Tron, who is a big part of the event, told us what it’s all about. “It’s a way to involve local hairdressers and their talents in fundraising. It’s a competition between stylists to come up with the most creative and wacky style. They must incorporate extensions, wigs, acrylic hair, foam or some other kind of out of the norm artistry.” This year funds raised from the door as well as the $50 entry fee per salon will go the emergency services fund for The Sharp Foundation, which runs Beswick house. Last year 15 salons entered, and Nina hopes that this year will be the same. “I can also tell you that it will be hosted by Chae Rachon, with guests Mona Stat and myself.” Two different events - Cut-A-Thon and Wigged Out – both provide entertainment and fun while giving back to the community. Both Mr. Devon Mills and Nina Tron are looking forward to their respective events and invite everyone, gay or straight, to come out and take part.

Wigged Out 2003, Pictured above and opposing page

If would like to have your group reviewed in an up coming issue of Magazine or have comment or suggestions of groups to be reviewed, please contact us at (403) 543-6970 or E-mail us at magazine



The world of law is one that has become glamorized through the world of entertainment. From Will Truman’s fun loving lawyer in “Will & Grace” to the intense drama of “The Practice” and “The Firm” some people view law as an exciting, thrill-a-minute edge-of-your-seat profession. “That is hardly the case” laughed Darryl Aarbo, who along with Sandra Sebree and Gary Courtney runs Courtney Sebree Aarbo, a law practice in Kensington. “Law doesn’t mirror the TV world, other than Law & Order, which does reflect criminal law. Practicing law is a profession; you are regulated and have certain ethical standards. However you are also running a small business – and anyone who does that knows there isn’t a lot

10 magazine

of glamour to that. It’s a lot of hours, constant problems from staffing and rent. Things go wrong like a computer breaking down while you are supposed to be dealing with clients. Trying to balance money, work and life is hard work. The amount of time I spend, as a litigator in court is a very small amount. For every day you spend in court you spend 15 days preparing for it. Most of my time is spent doing paperwork; law is essentially paperwork.” The firm, which will celebrate its 10-year anniversary this December, was formed when Gary Courtney and Sandra Sebree met at a party. From there, Courtney left his firm, and they rented the space they still presently occupy. In 1998, Aarbo joined as an associate, buying into the partnership on January 1, 2003. All three partners are gay, and together bring a variety of experience that they can offer a great deal to their clients, gay and straight.

“Courtney does some minor criminal, nothing intense like rape, murder, treason or the like. He does a lot of criminal offences in the gay community, such as representing people in the Goliath’s raid or when the police sweep the parks. He also does a lot of corporate work, solicitor’s work and some litigation. We do a lot of real estate, wills and estates. We all have different backgrounds and come from different parts of the community,” said Aarbo. “I worked for a large multinational firm in Toronto

“I can’t speak to the original purpose of the firm, but I would imagine that was one of their goals because there was no firm that catered to the gay community. A lot of people feel more comfortable with a gay lawyer. For example, in business if your partner is also your life partner, some are more comfortable about talking to a gay lawyer about structuring their business and personal affairs.”

“There aren’t a lot of lawyers who are familiar with the law involving same sex partnerships, and it has changed quite drastically recently. There are certain aspects to a gay separation that a lot of lawyers don’t deal with.”

“We provide a service just like anybody else. We provide good quality legal services to the gay and lesbian community, although we aren’t exclusively gay and lesbian. More than half of my clients are straight, but we certainly provide the service for someone who wants a good gay or lesbian lawyer. We also provide an educational role; about once a year we do a seminar in the community. We generally don’t refuse any gay or lesbian clients if we can do the work. If anybody calls up, we generally do the best we can to accommodate them. For example, if they were on legal aid, we would likely take a GLBT client, where we may not take another legal aid case. We are amenable to discussing fee issues and such in order to help out.”

for many years, and do mostly litigation, employment and human rights. Gary worked for a mid-sized local firm; Sandra worked in social services and now does family law and dependent adult work. The people of Calgary should realize that we have a lot to offer. Some people have an image of a small firm that can’t provide a certain level of service. That isn’t the case with this firm, we have a lot of experience, and are here because we want to work for the community, and we choose the lifestyle of a small firm. We all get along very well, and work hard regardless of the size of the case.”

Aarbo feels the firm is needed in Calgary and likes the role they play in the community.

The only work the firm doesn’t handle is immigration, high-end tax law, securities, copyright and patent laws, as those are all very specialized parts of the law. However if

In addition, they specialize in same-sex separation, having taken the time to study that little known aspect of the law. “There aren’t a lot of lawyers who are familiar with the law involving same sex partnerships, and it has changed quite drastically recently. There are certain aspects to a gay separation that a lot of lawyers don’t deal with.” Another important aspect is the workplace human rights program they offer to companies to help them learn how to prevent Human Rights violations. “We started it up three years ago. It is directed at Employers to pro actively avoid human rights complaints and problems, so they can get the education, policies and procedures in place before it becomes an issue. We also deal with companies if there is a problem, to provide counsel. We are not an employer directed firm; most of our clients are on the employee side. The goal is to help educate employers. We don’t defend human rights violators in this firm.” Although not 100 percent of the business arena, Courtney Sebree Aarbo is the legal representation for a number of gay businesses as well as private members of the community. Aarbo feels that is important that gays and lesbians can feel comfortable with their lawyers, and that is one of the priorities of the company. magazine


they can’t help you, they will gladly refer you to someone who is both well qualified for your needs, as well as gayfriendly. “The community should however feel free to call us and get a gay-friendly reference. We know who in the city is gay, lesbian, or friendly. That way you don’t call an antigay lawyer on a same-sex immigration case. If you have a legal problem in Calgary, if we can’t help you we will find a qualified gay friendly lawyer who will.” From a legal standpoint, the firm has seen a great deal of change for the better, in Alberta and Canada. “There have been huge changes. It didn’t start with the Vriend case; you can’t pinpoint where this starts because it is always based on precedence, but most of the cases since then have flowed from the floodgates from that decision. Since then we have seen a lot of practical changes,” Aarbo said. “The most recent is marriage, although the status of gay marriage in the province of Alberta is still in doubt. Still, marriage is available in Canada. In Alberta, on April 1, 2003 the government passed a comprehensive common-law legislation that covers both same and opposite sex common-law couples. There are still holes and work to be done, but there was a great deal of change. Of course, this being the province of Alberta and Ralph Klein, it just wasn’t advertised. It was generally in response to the Vriend decision, and follow-up decisions, where the province was forced to give more rights to Gay Couples. And the Government did follow through in an almost secretive way. It is hard to get that message out even to the GLBT community because even the gay press didn’t know about this legislation.” The big hot button presently is gay marriage, and Aarbo gave his thoughts on what the future holds for this contentious issue. “With the minority Government it is really hard to predict where it will go. I support the Liberals, but they are very good at stalling and putting things on the backbench. Over the next four years, I think they will put off the decision until they can get a majority in Parliament – until

12 magazine

they can pass the marriage laws and force provinces to adopt it. If that doesn’t happen and it comes to a head before then (which may happen with Stephen Harper) then you may see some sort of Civil Union instead of marriage laws, and do away with state sanctioned marriage and go with Civil Unions; nobody can get married unless in a church. I don’t think it will be an issue because I don’t think Stephen Harper wants it to be. He wants to prove he is moderate and as soon as marriage comes on the plate, the party will be shown to not be [moderate], so everyone is quite content to let it sit on the backburner for the next few years.” As the firm looks forward to the future, Aarbo paused to reflect on the past decade. Although they have been an asset to the gay and lesbian community, the fact remains that without the community’s support, the firm may not have seen the 10-year mark. “The gay community in this city has been very good to this firm, and we’ve tried to repay that with outstanding hard work. It is amazing how loyal the gay community is. A gay and lesbian firm with gay and lesbian lawyers has been supported by the community, and that says something good about them – they support their own. So thank you to everyone who has supported us, and we look forward to many more years.” Courtney Sebree Aarbo Barristers & Solicitors 1138 Kensington Road NW Phone: (403) 571-5133 Fax: (403) 571-5134 If would like to have your business reviewed in an up coming issue of Magazine or have comment or suggestions of businesses to be reviewed, please contact us at (403) 543-6970 or E-mail us at magazine


Events Listing Find out what’s happening around Calgary


Bathhouse and Sauna’s

Foxwood B&B ●12 See our ad on page 11 1725 - 12 St SW • (403) 244-6693 Accommodation review in this issue of Magazine

Goliath’s ●6 308 - 17 Ave SW • (403) 229-0911 Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day Internet Terminal Location*

Westways Guest House ●13 See our ad on page 4 216 - 25 Ave SW • (403) 229-1758 Accommodation review in Magazine June 2004 - Issue 8



4th Street Liquor & Wine ●22 1809 4th St SW •(403) 229-1919 A broad selection of spirits, wines & beer A Woman’s Place Book Store ●28 See our ad on page 4 1404 Centre Street South • (403) 263-5256 Self help, spirituality, Gay/Lesbian, woman’s studies, parenting, children and health. magazine

Adult Depot See our ad on page 2 626 58th Ave SE •(403) 258-2777 524A 6th Ave SE •(403) 264-7399 ●23 Sex toys, and Straight, Bi, Gay video rentals Adult Source See our ad on page 19 10210 MacLeod Trail S • (403) 271-7848 1536 - 16 Ave NW • (403) 289-4203 2770 - 32 Ave NE • (403) 250-8225 1127 - 17 Ave SW • (403) 244-6537 ●20 3 4310 - 17 Ave SE • (403) 273-2701 Calgary’s largest selection of adult DVD, VHS, toys and magazines. B&D Emporium Inc. ●14 See our ad on page 22

Business review in Magazine July 2004 - Issue 9 829 17th Ave SW • (403) 265-7789 Mon-Sat 10:30am-6pm; Sun 12- 5pm Adult clothing store and accessories specializing in fetish, leather, latex, Gothic, punk, and corsets. We have MOVED to our new address. Bay, the ●29 200 - 8th Ave SW • (403) 262-0345 Mon-Wed 9:30am-6:00pm; Thurs-Fri 9: 30am-8:00pm; Sat 9:30pm-6:00pm; Sun 11: 00- 6:00pm Blubox ●15 1322A - 17 Ave SW • (403) 244-9500 Business review in Magazine

BearBash 2004 Weekend Guide September 24th to September 26th, 2004 Additional information will be available in the September issue of Magazine and you can also check out the Rocky Mountain Bears website for details.

Factory, 222 3rd street SW. RSVP Required.

Friday, September 24th, 2004

Teddy Bear Picnic Lunch - 1:00 to 3:00 PM. at Edworthy Park 5050 Spruce Dr. SW (Bow Trail

Kickoff Dinner - 7:00 PM, at the Old Spaghetti June 2004 - Issue 8 Clothing and home furnishings. Boot Boys Bath Shop (403) 819-2415 E-mail: Bath Products, Massage Oils available for sale at Pride Resource Centre, 1229 - 16 Ave SW ●17 and Priape, 1322 - 17 Ave SW ●16. Brian Mahoney & John McNeill See our ad on page 18 #10, 6020 - 1A St SW • (403) 259-4141 Re/Max Reality Professionals Courtney Sebree Aarbo ●24 See our ad on page 13 1138 Kensington Road NW • (403) 571-5120 Accommodation review in this issue of Magazine Barristers & solicitors Cruiseline See our ad on page 32 (403) 777-9494 trial code 3500 Phone chat room & talking classifieds for 18+ Customers First Auto Care See our ad on page 30 221 41st Ave NE • (403) 276-8001 Brakes, tune-ups, general repair, insurance reports, drivability problems, computer diagnostics Eden’s Bluff Eight Great Dates See our ad on page 7

Meet and Greet Party - 9:00 PM at The Calgary Eagle, 424a 8th Avenue SE Saturday, September 25th, 2004

Elaments Marda Loop • (403) 242-0104 Salon and Day Spa. Interactive Male See our ad on page 30 (403) 261-2100, Trial code 3418 or try 1-900451-3800 ($1.99/min) Phone chat room for 18+ Mark Buckley See our ad on page 26 (403) 990-7616 MaxWell Real Estate Agent MFM Communications (403) 543-6970 Web site hosting and development. Computer Hardware and Software. More Better Buses (403) 651-1692 Providing unique, comfortable & affordable transportation. Charter us for: High School Graduations, Senior Groups, Pub Crawls and Sporting Events Priape Calgary ●16 See our ad on page 31 1322 - 17 Ave SW • (403) 215-1800 Business review in Magazine May 2004 - Issue 7 Mon-Fri 12-9pm; Sat 10am-9pm; Sun 12-6pm Clothing and accessories. Adult toys, leather wear, movies and magazines. Gifts. Professional Relaxation Massage See our ad on page 30 (403) 510-7572 Male to Male massage by appointment only

& Spruce Dr. SW). Additional details and RSVP info coming soon. Dance and Mr. Bear Contest - 8:00PM. Montgomery Community Hall 5003 16 Avenue NW (Home Road & 16 Ave.). Tickets $12.00 at the door. More advance ticket details later. Don’t miss all the fun and a chance to win a flight for

two to San Francisco! Sunday, September 26th, 2004 Survivors Brunch - 11:00 AM at The Calgary Eagle 424a 8th Ave. SE.

Rainbow Destinations (403) 283-0294 E-mail: Travel agent to gay destinations and just about anywhere in the world.

424a - 8 Ave SE • (403) 263-5847 Open Wed-Sun 4pm-close Business review in Magazine February 2004 - Issue 4 Internet Terminal Location*

Rainbow Pride Resource Centre ●17 1229 - 16 Ave SW • (403) 266-5685 Mon-Sat 11am-10pm; Sun & Holiday’s 126pm Adult rentals, toys, movies and magazines. Gifts. Inventory Clearance Sale on right now!

Sunday - Beer Bust 4-8pm. Two Big Beef bones $5.95. $2.00 Draft (12oz) Canadian. Wednesday - Free Pool Thursday - Get Boned. Two Big Beef bones $5.95. and Wing Night. 20 cents per wing Friday - Dark Night - “Feel your way around and come in the Dark” Toonie Sundays (First and last Sunday of every month) - $2 Pizza Slices and $2 Draft Saturday August 7th - Kilt Night Saturday August 14th - Uniform Night Saturday August 21st - Harness Night Sunday August 22nd - Momma’s B.B.Q Big beefy burgers and salads. $7.50 Saturday August 28th - Leather Night

RiTo Styling #5, 5308 17 Ave SW • (403) 686-8489 Unisex Haircuts, styling, massage, facials, waxing and hair products. Royal Flush ●21 2115 4 St SW • (403) 228-2934 Towels, robes and bathroom accessories. Video Fantasy 104, 4202 - 17 Ave SE • (403) 248-8620 Adult movie rentals What’s In Store 1600 Edmonton Trail NE • (403) 276-3066 Used clothing and accessories. Also costumes and rentals.

Clubs and Bars BackLot ●3 See our ad on page 23 209 - 10 Ave SW • (403) 265-5211 Open 7 days a week, 4pm-close Business review in Magazine March 2004 - Issue 13 Internet Terminal Location* Calgary Eagle Inc. ●4 See our ad on page 7

Detour/Arena ●5 See our ad on page 13 318 - 17 Ave SW • (403) 244-8537 Open Thursday-Sunday 10pm-close Business review in Magazine November 2003 - Issue 1 Internet Terminal Location in the Loading Dock area* God Save the Queens – Every Sun. two different sets, one at 11pm and then at 12:30am. Also Sunday Night Dance party with DJ Jared K For a Gay Time, Take a Detour – Every Saturday, 2 DJs and 2 Dance floors. Girlz Night – Every First Friday night on the Arena side. Includes “Best Breast Contest”. Kink Night - Every last Friday of the month magazine


Indulge See our ad on page 24 Coming September 3rd, 2004

Business review in Magazine April 2004 - Issue 6

Hotline: (403) 541-8140

Loading Dock ●7 318 - 17 Ave SW, side entrance • (403) 244-8537 Open 7 days a week, 3-9:30pm Business review in Magazine November 2003 - Issue 1 Internet Terminal Location*

Community Groups and Organizations

Non Profit Group review in Magazine June 2004 - Issue 8

Metro Boyztown ●8 213 - 10 Ave SW • (403) 265-2028 Open 7 days a week, 9pm-close Business review in Magazine December 2003 - Issue 2 Money-Pennies ●9 1742 - 10 Ave SW • (403) 263-7411 Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-close; Sat & Sun 10: 30am-close Business review in Magazine January 2004 - Issue 3 Internet Terminal Location* Saturday and Sunday - Brunches 11 to 3 Tuesdays - 2 Step Tuesdays. Come on down for 2 for 9.99 Steak Sandwiches and two step to the latest Country music. (Watch for Dance Lessons ...starting soon) Wednesdays - 15cent Wing Night Sundays - Happy Hour All Day Friday’s - Karaoke Thursday’s - L Word at 7pm to 9pm Monday’s - Queer as Folk Check the web site for updated event calendar information. The Rekroom ●10 213a - 10 Ave SW • (403) 265-4749 Open 7 days a week, 4pm-close Business review in Magazine December 2003 - Issue 2 Texas Lounge ●6 308 - 17 Ave SW • (403) 229-0911 Open 7 days a week, 11am-close Internet Terminal Location* Check the web site for updated event calendar information. Sundays - $3.00 beer on selected brands Tuesdays - Karaoke Wednesdays - $3.00 Hiball specials The Verge ●11 4A, 2500 - 4 St SW • (403) 245-3344 Open Tues-Sun 4pm-close


Aids Calgary ●2 200, 1509 Centre St South • (403) 508-2500 Non-Profit review in Magazine March 2004 - Issue 5 These workshops are offered free to all interested individuals. Volunteers must complete the Core Training Workshops before actively volunteering with AIDS Calgary. Advance registration is required as space is limited. Upcoming training dates are: Tuesday, September 7, 2004 - Volunteer Orientation and Introduction to AIDS Calgary. 6: 00pm - 9:00pm Thursday, September 9, 2004 - Challenging Stereotypes. 6:00pm - 9:00pm Tuesday, September 14, 2004 - Safer Sex & HIV/AIDS. 6:00pm - 9:00pm Thursday, September 16, 2004 - Living with HIV/AIDS. 6:00pm - 9:00pm For more information or to register for any of these workshops, please contact AIDS Calgary at 508-2500 or If you register and need to cancel, please contact us and let us know in advance. Monday, Sept 6, 2004 - “Artists for Quality of Life” Cut-A-Thon. 10am to 5pm. Tomkins Park Calgary’s top hair stylists will be cutting hair for the entire family, with all proceeds going to our Positive Living Lunch Program. Sept 15, 2004 - Annual General Meeting Sept 19, 2004 - Calgary AIDS Walk Apollo Calgary Friends in Sports Non-Profit review in Magazine April 2004 - Issue 6 Schedule and events are changing, please check website for summer activities. Wednesdays - League Golf. Glen Golf Course. Tee Time start 5:30. Confirm your booking with payments by phone or email every Sunday. Contact or by phone 228-1952 August 28th - IGBO 2005 Fundraising BBQ - 7pm to 9:00pm $10.00 hamburgers/salads. Victoria Park Community Centre August 28th Membership Appreciation Dance, 9:00pm to 1:00am, Victoria Park Community Centre, Members: Free, Non-Members: $10.00 ARGRA – Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association See our ad on page 26 magazine

September 12th, 2004 - Annual General Meeting. 2pm. Old `Y’ Common Room (223 12th Ave SW), Calgary AB. ARGRA memberships may be renewed, or purchased, at the AGM. You must be an ARGRA member to vote for the 2004/2005 ARGRA Board of Directors. Nominations and elections of the 2004/2005 Board of Directors will also take place at the Annual General Meeting. September 18 - ARGRA Dance @ 7:30 pm. Dance cost is $6 for members and $9 for nonmembers. Country music until 10pm and hot mixed music the rest of the evening Between Men and Between Men Online Sean (403) 234-8973 or Peer support, sexual health education for gay or bisexual men, as well as those who may be uncertain or questioning their sexuality. Discussions range from personal relationship or life issues, to sexual health and well-being. Mondays - Meetings at Money-Pennies from 7pm to 8:30pm Calgary Gay Fathers (403) 777-9499 ext 2090 Peer support group for gay, bisexual and questioning fathers. Meeting twice a month Calgary Men’s Chorus (403) 262-6295 Rehearsal – Sun at 6:45pm. At the Old Y Centre, 213 - 12 Ave SW, main floor common room. Calgary Women’s Chorus Rehearsals – Tues 7-9pm. At the Old Y Centre, 223 - 12 Ave SW Camp 181 Check website for upcoming events. Canadians for Equal Marriage We have chapters in Calgary, Edmonton, Medicine Hat and Red Deer. If you would like to volunteer contact us at

Choices (403) 234-8973 or Choices provides tailored prevention and education to Choices is a partnership between GLCSA and AIDS Calgary. Choices employs a harm reduction philosophy to educate men and HIV/AIDS and STDs, so they are able to make the best decisions for themselves. Different Strokes Swim Club Wednesday evenings 7:00 to 8:00 PM, YWCA (Fitness on Fifth), 320 - 5 Avenue S.E. Not the Eau Claire YMCA $5.00. Sunday afternoons for the remainder of the season (through to August, 2004. 5:30 to 6: 30 PM Mount Royal College (in the south west corner of the college), 4825 Richard Road S.W. Don’t Buy In Project This Calgary Police Service Initiative aims to encourage youth to working towards an inclusive environment in which diversity is embraced in their schools and community. Dykes on Mykes Radio Show – Mon 8:30-9pm. Listen on CJSW FM 90.9. GLCSA - Gay And Lesbian Community Services Association ●1 206, 223 - 12 Ave SW, Old “Y” Centre (403) 234-8973 Non-Profit review in Magazine February 2004 - Issue 4 Girl Friends Girlsgo Productions (403) 510-2502 Event production and promotion in Alberta for women. Check online for fun things to do! Wednesday, August 25th, 2004 - The Wyrd Sisters. Boris Roubakine Recital Hall, University of Calgary Fine Arts Centre LIVE MUSIC! ‘To Be Wyrd is to Be Wonderful!’ Cost: $20 - general seating. Call 403.510.2502 to pay by phone. Tickets also available for sale at: Woman’s Place Bookstore (cash only accepted) and Money Pennies. Friday, August 27 to Sunday, August 29 -

Higher Ground - A Weekend Escape For Women Time to escape the hustle and bustle of the city to come and camp with other women. This is a ‘bare bones’ event and we are just offering a place to camp on this particular weekend and a chance to meet other women. The only organized part of this will be registration for camping, registration for the hike and registration for the bike ride. All camping gear and food will be your own responsibility to bring. Only 30 campsites available... REGISTER NOW! At Paddy’s Flat Group Campground in The Elbow Valley (Bragg Creek area) Great Alberta Campout Fri Sept 3 to Mon Sept 6, 2004. Check website for complete details. Heading Out Sean (403) 234-8973 or Peer group for men who are looking for an alternative social activity to the bar. Activities vary and are fun and entertaining. The group meets bi-weekly on Fridays from 7 pm to 9pm. Illusions Calgary #206, 223 - 12th Ave. S.W.• (403) 2348973 Social club for Calgary and area transgender community members. Meetings held the third Thursday of every month, from 7pm to 9pm, with occasional Saturday night socials, from 7 pm to 10 pm. Illusions provides a safe, discrete and welcoming atmosphere, in which transgendered people can meet others of like mind. Illusions offers discretion, acceptance, compassion and a safe place to express your gender. Crossdressing is the purpose of the club, but is not mandatory. Inside Out 206, 223 - 12 Ave SW, Old “Y” Centre• (403) 234-8973 Peer-facilitated youth group for GLBTQ ages 15-25. The group aims to let youth know they are not alone, and to connect them with their peers. Every Monday, 7 pm to 9pm at GLCSA. It is a funky and safe environment with a variety of resources and activities. ISCCA – Imperial Sovereign Court of the Chinook Arch Non-Profit review in Magazine November 2003 - Issue 1 and December 2003

- Issue 2 For Crown for Kids Sunday August 1st - Karaoke @ Rekroom 6:00 PM-10:00 PM Wednesday August 4th - Karaoke @ Rekroom 6:00 PM-10:00 PM Thursday August 5th - Shooter Bar @ Boyztown 11:00 PM-2:00AM Sunday August 8th - BBQ’s @ Backlot 4:00 PM- 8:00 PM Sunday August 8th - Karaoke @ Rekroom 6: 00 PM-10:00 PM Wednesday August 11th - Karaoke @ Rekroom 6:00 PM-10:00 PM Thursday August 12th - Shooter Bar @ Boyztown 11:00 PM-2:00AM Friday August 13th - BBQ’s @ Backlot 5:00 PM-9:00 PM Sunday August 15th - Karaoke @ Rekroom 6: 00 PM-10:00 PM Sunday August 15th - Krystal’s & Vicki’s High School Reunion a Salute to the 80’s @ Boyztown 10:30 PM Wednesday August 18th - Karaoke @ Rekroom 6:00 PM-10:00 PM Thursday August 19th - Shooter Bar @ Boyztown 11:00 PM-2:00AM Friday August 20th - BBQ @ Money Pennies 5:00 PM Sunday August 22nd - BBQ’s @ Backlot 4:00 PM- 8:00 PM Sunday August 22nd - Karaoke @ Rekroom 6: 00 PM-10:00 PM Wednesday August 25th - Wing Night @ Money Pennies 4:00 PM-8:00 PM Wednesday August 25th - Karaoke @ Rekroom 6:00 PM-10:00 PM Thursday August 26th - Shooter Bar @ Boyztown 11:00 PM-2:00AM Friday August 27th - BBQ’s @ Backlot 5:00 PM-9:00 PM Sunday August 29th - Gay Bingo @ Money Pennies 3:00 PM-7:00 PM Sunday August 29th - Karaoke @ Rekroom 6: 00 PM-10:00 PM Sunday August 29th - Tales from the Crib a Bedroom Show @ Boyztown 10:30 PM Integrity Calgary Worship – Every Second Sunday of the month at 7pm. Meet at St Stephen’s Anglican Church, 1121 - 14 Ave SW. Christian fellowship for gay, lesbians, bisexuals and our friend and family. New Directions (403) 234-8973 or Drop in peer group to provide support and resources for individuals who identify as

at Deerfoot Mall at 9:00 a.m. to carpool Saturday, August 28th - Bar Night - Calgary Eagle @ 10pm.

Transgendered (cross dressers, transvestites, drag kings and queens) or Inter-sexed. Every third Thursday of every month, 7pm to 9pm at GLCSA.

Sharp Foundation Phone: (403) 272-2912 E-mail:

Kitty Group Phone: Nico (403) 605-6597 E-mail: Monthly Social – Every First Saturday of the month at 7pm. At The Good Earth Café, 1504 - 11 Ave SW Pride Calgary Non-Profit review in Magazine May 2004 - Issue 7 Primetimers Calgary Phone: (403) 612-2430 E-mail: Prime Timers Calgary is designed to foster social interaction for its members through a variety of social, educational and recreational activities. It is open to all gay and bisexual men over forty and respects whatever degree of anonymity that each member desires. August 01/04 - General meeting at Old Y Centre at 4PM. Those attending will be asked at the beginning of the meeting whether they wish to adjourn to MoneyPennies for dinner. August 03/04 - Card night – card games at Don B’s. Call Don to let him know you are planning to attend. August 04/04 - Free pool at the Calgary Eagle. August 11/04 - Free pool at the Calgary Eagle. August 18/04 - Mid-summer picnic at Bragg Creek – a potluck affair. See sign-up sheet at the general meeting. August 18/04 - Free pool at the Calgary Eagle. August 25/04 - Free pool at the Calgary Eagle. August 28/04 - Coffee hour at the Bad Ass Coffee Co. at 10 AM August 28 & 29/04 - Camp-out and Pig Roast at Red Willow Campground – see notes in newsletter. August 31/04: Bridge Night at Neil’s. Please let Neil know that you are attending. Rocky Mountain Bears Non-Profit review in Magazine January - Issue 3 Monday, August 9th - Bear Coffee Night at Bad Ass Coffee Company, 1103 - 17th Avenue S.W. at 8pm. Saturday, August 14th - Day at Sylvan Lake Waterslide Park. Meet at Northwest parking lot

SHEQ Soulful Healing Ego Quest (403) 234-8973 or A workshop for women that want to be themselves in a supportive, safe environment. It is a chance to grow and share their experiences related to women’s sexuality. Runs for a ten week period on Thursdays at 7pm. Call Trudy or Krista at 585-7437. To participate, please call the exclusive SHEQ line at 585-7437 (you may leave a voice message for Trudy or Krista) or leave your name and a contact time/number with the Gay & Lesbian Community Services Association at 234-8973. Small Change...Big Changes Speak Sebastian Radio Show – Every first & third Wednesday from 9-10pm. Radio for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans gender and kink community. Listen on CJSW FM 90.9. Team Calgary Urban Sex Radio Show – Every second & forth Wednesday from 9-10pm. Focus on sexuality; gay bisexual lesbian trans gendered and straight issues here in Calgary and around the web. Listen on CJSW FM 90.9. Western Leather Federation Coffee Night – Wed, 8:30pm. At the Calgary Eagle. Womynspace (403) 234-8973 or Peer social/support group for women providing an evening of fun, bonding, discussion and activities. Meets every Friday 7pm to 9pm at GLCSA. Youth 4 Youth 102, 1212 - 1 St. S.E. • (403) 283-8591 magazine



November 2003 - Issue 1

Alberta’s website for youth with sex-and-gender differences. lists the resources, information and services to help youth find safe and caring spaces in Alberta.

Victoria’s Restaurant ●18 See our ad on page 30 306 - 17 Ave SW • (403) 244-9991 Mon Fri, 11am-close; Weekends 10am-close Restaurant review in Magazine January 2004 - Issue 3


The Wicked Wedge ●19 618 - 17 Ave SW • (403) 228-1024

Calgary Eagle Inc. ●4 424a - 8 Ave SE • (403) 263-5847 Open Tues-Sun 4pm-close Restaurant review in Magazine December 2003 - Issue 2 Internet Terminal Location* Money-Pennies ●9 1742 - 10 Ave SW • (403) 263-7411 Open Mon-Fri 8am-close Sat & Sun 10:30am-close Business review in Magazine April 2004 - Issue 6 Internet Terminal Location* Solar Cafe ●26 See our ad on page 5 #100, 1011 1st St. SW • (403) 232-6355 Restaurant review in Magazine June 2004 - Issue 8 Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 11pm Friday to Saturday: 10am to 4am Internet Terminal Location* Timothy’s Coffee ● 27 See our ad on page 12 1610 10th St SW • (403) 244-7750 Monday - Saturday: 7am to 11pm Sunday: 8am to 11pm The Verge ●11 4A, 2500 - 4 St SW • (403) 245-3344 Open Tues-Sun, 4pm-close Restaurant review in Magazine


Theatre and Art ATP, Alberta Theatre Projects Fairytales International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival June 3-5, 2004. Check website for more details New Gallery ●25 516D - 9 Ave SW • (403) 233-2399 Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 5pm Theatre Junction If you would like to add your business or non-profit group to the list above, please call (403) 543-6960 or E-mail You can add your information to the directory on the website for free. endeavors to have the information here as accurate as possible. Events and listings can change at any time so it is recommended to check with the establishment before you head out. Non-Profit groups free listings. Business receive a listing once an ad has been placed. The business listing will last 3 months after the last ad is placed unless there is a service located at that location. magazine magazine


Queer Eye - for the Calgary guy (or gal) Events that happened around Calgary Photos by Steve Polyak of Magazine

Wet Jockey Contest at the Calgary Eagle

ISCCA BBQ at the Backlot

Devon Mills and Eartha Quake at Merlot

20 magazine

Drag Shows at Detour/Arena

ARGRA Weekend Photos Photos by Steve Polyak of Magazine magazine


22 magazine

Foxwood Bed & Breakfast By Rob Diaz-Marino

Review | Accommodations

Just off 17th Avenue in the prestigious Mount Royal area lies an attractive Bed and Breakfast called the Foxwood, where owners Brent and Devon have offered their warm hospitality since 1996. The house that many consider their home-away-from-home has been around since 1910 and has quite a history, starting out as a family home and later functioning as a Women’s Shelter, Health Office, and even a Fraternity before arriving at its current ownership. It’s shameful to think this property might have become parking lot had the owners not snatched it up and nursed it back to the stunning Edwardian home it is today! The Foxwood gets its name from the hosts’ two fox terriers Winston and Chelsea. Both are very gentle and well behaved dogs, knowing never to visit the upper floor of the house, despite the fact that two of the guest rooms are named after them. Devon and Brent have been married for nine years now, and do everything in their power to make their straight guests feel comfortable and welcome alongside their gay clientele. Generally the house is intended to lodge adults, so regrettably children and pets cannot be accommodated. Four guest rooms in total are available on the upper floor of the house. Two of the rooms are classified as Basic, while the other two are Moderate and Deluxe. The Basic rooms have a shared washroom, the Moderate room has an ensuite ½ bath and balcony as well as a shared shower, and the Deluxe room has a full ensuite bathroom, balcony, sitting area and bar fridge. Each room comes with down pillows and duvets, a cable TV and VCR, a large selection of complimentary videos, antique furnishings, and even wireless internet! In addition, each room is topped off with its own teddy bear on the bed! All three sizes slightly vary in price depending on the time of year, whether it’s high or low season, but regardless they remain quite affordable. If you’ve ever showered with your partner, you know how much of a hassle it is to constantly trade places to get under the water nozzle – but the dual shower bath-

room, available to every guest, lets two people shower together with control over their own water spout! Some guests prefer to relax in their rooms, however the Foxwood has several cozy common areas where they can read or socialize with other guests. The spacious living and dining rooms are ideal for this, but as if this weren’t enough, there’s a den, indoor spa, and backyard deck! The den is very cozy and has its own fireplace, making it an excellent place to curl up and read a book during the winter. The spa has two showers and a clothing-optional hot tub where you can unwind at the end of your day. Finally, the backyard deck is like a little “secret garden” with plants growing alongside couches and reclining deck chairs – definitely the popular place to be during the summer. Beside the flower garden, there’s even a little sum- magazine


merhouse furnished with couches and a stereo system! Despite the phenomenal job the hosts have done to date, they continue to ďŹ nd ways to improve the Foxwood. They have several projects in the works, such as the Japanese garden they plan to construct in an unused section of their yard. In conclusion, hosts Brent and Devon personally invite you to come see why their patrons can’t stop talking about the Foxwood! Visit for more information, photos, and room prices. Foxwood B&B 1725 - 12 Street SW (403) 244-6693

If would like to have your establishment reviewed in an up coming issue of Magazine or have comment or suggestions of places to be reviewed, please contact us at (403) 543-6970 or E-mail us at

24 magazine

We All Scream…. Visiting some of Calgary’s “coolest” spots. Review | Food

By Jason Clevett

Canadian singer/songwriter Sarah McLachlan once sang “Your love is better than Ice Cream.” Considering the variety of flavours that this treat comes in, it must be incredible love because not much compares, especially on a sunny summer day. While many still head out of town to popular Ice Cream spots, some of the best choices can be found right here in Calgary. We started off with a visit to Fiasco Gelato on 17th Avenue. A former bakery, the site now hosts an assortment of dairy & non-dairy Italian style desserts that are made on site. The Sorbetto (milk-free) includes a variety of fruit flavours such as Green Apple, Strawberry, Pear, Raspberry, and Forest berry, as well as their most popular flavour Mango. Made from real pureed fruit, the Sorbetto bursts with flavour, much like biting into fruit fresh off the tree. They also have a milk-free chocolate Sorbetto to satisfy that craving.

A small taste of the election from Fiasco Gelato The Gelato comes in more traditional ice cream flavours, but with 75% less fat. Made with milk instead of cream, it also contains no egg product, producing a stronger flavour. Using ingredients like fine Belgian Chocolate and espresso, you can choose from a variety of tastes ranging from Snickers, M&M’s, tiramisu and Oreo to traditional flavours like white chocolate, chocolate raspberry, vanilla, amaretto or hazelnut. We tried the pistachio, Mocha, Coffee, Vanilla Bean, Coconut, Strawberry and White Chocolate flavours, all of which were delicious and melted in our mouths. Fiasco also sells take-home containers, Panini sandwiches, Milkshakes and other fare. A second location can also be found at 1st Street and 8th Ave SW, by Stephen Avenue Mall. From there we headed to Bridgeland to check out The Milky Way on 1st Avenue and 10th Street NE, which along with North East Grocery, was recently purchased by Lynda Howell. Offering more standard Foothills Ice Cream, we couldn’t choose among the 40 flavours that the shop has at one time, so we elected to try as many as our stomachs and heads could handle (Brain Freezes are an occupational hazard!).

Delightful employee from Milky Way, serving up “Wet Paint” and Pistachio Ice Cream

Whether your taste is in the rich flavours like Belgian Hazelnut, Banana Chocolate Fudge, Panda Claws, or magazine


Nanaimo Brownie, or you prefer fruitier fare like The Wet Paint, Rainbow Sherbet or Rainbow Paradise, there will be something to satisfy your desire. If you miss Stampede already, relive it with the Cotton Candy flavour, just as tasty without the sticky floss on your fingers. Summer will soon be coming to an end, so take advantage of the time now to grab some ice creamy goodness and wander around beautiful Bridgeland or trendy 17th Avenue with a sugar cone, it’s the ultimate way to cool off on a hot summer day. Fiasco Gelato 807 17th Avenue SW (403) 229-2503 Milky Way Ice Cream 1104 1st Avenue NE (403) 269-2381 If would like to have your restaurant reviewed in an up coming issue of Magazine or have comment or suggestions of places to be reviewed, please contact us at (403) 543-6970 or E-mail us at

26 magazine magazine


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Person to work part time on weekends in a house keeping / reception for a Calgary Gay B. & B. will train tel. 403 228-6265.

Personals 900 Discreet Photographer Photographer for clothed or naked photos for either private or internet use. Very discrete. Singles or couples. Either your place or mine for the photo shoot. All photos taken with Hi-Res digital camera. All picture are burnt to CD for you to take. E-mail or Reply #1000

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Legal Services 619 CANADIAN & U.S. IMMIGRATION SOLUTIONS Same-Sex, Conjugal, Common-Law, spouse, Children, Parents Sponsorship; refugee Claims; Immigration Appeals; Citizenship; Visitor, Student, Work Visa / Extensions, Uncontested Divorces, Agreements, Wills, Transactions / Interpretation 50+ Languages, 590-3818 Anwar Rehman, member Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants CSIC ID M041099, Gay Friendly, CIBS, 200, 2705 Centre Street North. Visit online email: magazine


30 magazine magazine


32 magazine

GayCalgary Magazine - August 2004  

In this edition: Just ask Nina, Porn…What Porn, Cut-A-Thon & Wigged Out, Courtney Sebree Aarbo, ARGRA Weekend Photos, Foxwood Bed & Breakfas...

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