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Glimpses of NationalYouth Consciousness Camp {See Shantlkunj News item no 3 on page 50)


bhurbhuvah svah tatsaviturvarenyarh bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo nah prachodayat ll (May Almighty illuminate our intellect and inspire us towards the righteous path) - Rigreda 3/62,/l 0; Samveda I 462,



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Issue - I

Pandit Sltiram ShLnsna Aclurya Mata Blnguati Daz:i Shnnna





Volume - 9 January-February

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of Publication: I.I.2011

Yajuweda3R5,2A9,3O/2, 36/3

L)r. Prorma Pnndya

Information Our program to be held on 20th February 2011 in Delhi has been ed due to unforseen circumstances.

Humon Progress is Dependent


on the Intensity of


Ambition is a trait commonly found in all the human beings. It is the ambition that makes a Person achieve high goals in the materialistic as well as spiritual fields. There are only two categories of people who have no ambition: first, the fools and second, the enlightened souls. Fools due to their ignorance and the enlightened ones due to their righteous wisdom remain unaffected by materialistic ambitions and are seen contented under all circumstances.

It is really a good sign if

a person aspires to achieve riches, name and fame or good health. In fact he should, as far as possible, endeavor to attain such objectives. I{owever, before pursuing such goals one should carefully analyse the motives behind them. Do they involve social welfare along with self-upliftment or are they motivated by demonstration of ego/ revenge or lust? in this regard" it is essential to act as an impartial and selfless judge. If these aspects are ignored, one will not be able to see one's faults. Partiality and selfishness infect the viewpoint in such a way that a person sees truth in falsehood and good in evil. Therefore one should remain vigilant about the motive of one's goal.

The level of aspiration is also important. Imbibing excellence in thought and deed for achieving higher goals is what is expected of the gem of all the creatures-a human being. The progress of an individual and the society will depend on the intensity of this very process.

- Pooiya Gurudev Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya The power that is used for service to others is the one that stavs for Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2orr

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AmritChintan Human progress is dependent on the intensity of



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From Chief Editor's Desk: Invitation to all to participate in the Birth Centenary Programs

ofPragyaPurush(ManifestationofAwakenedConsciousness)----- ---------------05


A special article b! Poojla Garudev Dawn of new era is certain and round the


Laughteris the bestmedicine


Science and SpiritualiU


--------- (D 13


Practices and effects associated with chanting of mantra


On women empowerment-I This short-sightedness will prove



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08. 09. 10.

Odtsset of the enlightened-L8 On the path of sadhana-Aradhana-2 YouthColamn The terrible storm of drug-addiction is leading to destruction




Supernormal benqfits of Galatri?-S The meaning of Gayatri Mantra -------



Yoga Therapt-L9

Yogictreatmentof kidney




AmritVani Infinitejoyof finding aGuruanddoing




HighWhts of birth centenary progrqm-4 Understand the nature of programs andprepare accordingly




Beware of the demon 'Jealousy'. lt has the potential to eat away your peace.


Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011



From the Chief Editols Desk


Invitation to oll to Parficipcr;e in the Binh Centenory Programs Of Pragya Purush (Mo nifestotio n of Awakened Consciousness) We are fast approaching the commencement of auspicious moment of the year-long Birth Centenary celebrations of Param Poojya Gurudev, Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya, whose teachings are valid for everyone - the followers of different religions, the intellectuals, the unlettered masses, the ritualistic worshippers as well as the agnostics and the atheists. He laid the foundation of scientific spiritualiiy for whole of humanity. His vision and work have left an indelible imprint on spiritual, ethical and moral aspirations of humanity. His thinking is a blend of spiritual insights of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Swami Vivekanada, Sadguru Kabir, Samarth Guru Ramdas and many other revolutionary visionaries and social reformers. He taught the art of imbibing noble ideals into our daily life. He established the concept of 'Art of Living' through the medium of Akhand Jyoti (a magazine subscribed to by millions of people around the world) in the decade of 1940 itself. He not only took Gayatri Mantra and science of Yagya to the common masses, but made it into a vibrant and revolutionary movement. He fought against blind beliefs and baneful social customs in the same way as Swami Dayanand Saraswati, who had hoisted the flag of revolt against evil practices prevalent in the society and had established the reformist socio-religious organization - Arya Samaj. There was a time when millions of youth were inspired from within and joined hands with Gandhiji in the freedom movement. After independence, lakhs of youth joined Acharyasri in his era-changing campaign of Yug Nirman Yojana and Global Gayatri Pariwar between the years 7960-7990 and they continue to do so. He was a healer of minds and hearts He gave solutions to countless problems ptaguing the present-day society. At times, I feel that he lived much ahead of his times. If we carefully correlate his writings and speeches, we realize that whatever is happening now or is likely to happen in future have all been dealt with by Gurudev in his writings - not just the problems but their solutions too. How a person leading the life of a householder could live like an ascetic was practically demonstrated by him. He showed, by example, to millions of householders the path of spiritual living, who had thought that spirituality was only for world-renouncing ascetics. He taught how we can bring purity and restraint in married life, how to empower the women through the process of self-reliance such that they could be leaders in all spheres of social activities. He was a unique person who healed people through soul-upliftment, a person who inspired the scientific generation to understand

Honesty is like a Banyan treen which grows slowly but stays forever. Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011


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the wealth of knowledge in the Vedas and Upanishads. We can learn how to become great by imbibing our culture and awaken the divinity within us by following his teachings and his life.

The present time is extraordinary The year 2011 is not ordinary - It is the year that could be a turning point towards transformation of the Era. While 2011 is the centenary year of our Gurusatta, 2072is the Diamond jubilee of Akhand Jyoti and the treasurehouse of knowledge it has been disseminating for the past 75 years. It is in these two years that we will see remarkable and seerningly impossible transformations taking place in the society. An entirely new generation will come forward, which will not only implement the humane-side of spirituality but will also spread the true Vedic culture, which will be in stark contrast to the prevailing religious fanaticism. This year will be significant to the entire humanity. We have to make full use of the 354 days (8ft Feb 2011 to 28th Jan 2012) and utilize each moment with enthusiasm. If all of us put in our best efforts in spreading the message of Acharyasri during this year, I firmly believe that we can all welcome the year 2072 in a grand manner.


We have to take his teachings to the people Let us put all-out efforts to stabilize and firmly establish the essence of his teachings in the minds of people during the next one year. But before we qualify to do so, we will ourselves have to imbibe them in our lives. Just as grass on the other side always appears green, everyone has an attraction for spiritual life, but what one lacks is the resolve to walk in that direction. Weak mind, weak willpower and other small weaknesses prevent us from moving in that direction.

In such a phase, the thoughts of great persons help us a lot. They not only increase our selfconfidence, but also create an aura of positivity within us because of which we are inspired to march ahead even in the face of great hurdles. Our weaknesses, jealousy, desires and ego lose their effectiveness when they come in contact with noble thoughts, just like fuel that loses its identity when it is put in fire. In the coming years, our focus should always be on how we can take the consciousness-transforming revolution to the suffering humanity throughout the world.

Twelve Ways of spreading thoughts There can be many methods for spreading the teachings of Pragya Purush. They are being listed below. Spend some time in thinking deeply about these methods and make plans to implement them and set the process in motion: -1..

The subtle flow of his teachings in the form of Akhand ]yoti magazine (in several languages), Yug Nirman Yojana, Yug Shakti Gayatri (in several languages) gets published every month.

They reach lakhs of people across the globe. In addition to this, 'Pragya Abhiyan', the fortnightly newsletter of the mission, gives news about Mission's activities to people who

The greatest virtue of the talented is politeness.


Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011

speak Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati and Oriya. An organized movement should be planned

to increase the number of subscribers / readers of these magazines. 2.

There is no copyright on the articles published in these magazines. These are the thoughts of Yugrishi which are for the welfare of everyone. They can be translated or taken as such and printed by anyone (after duly acknowledging the article, and issue of the relevant magazine).

Clippings of these articles may also be published in newspapers 5.



These teachings should also be transmitted through the medium of television. Sadaakyas (quotations), news about mission-related activities, discussions based on Gurudev's thoughts can be transmitted through radio and television channels.


The timeless thoughts of Gurudev are present in his l(ranti Dharmi Sahitya. There are about 3000 books / booklets, which have been published in Hindi, English and almost all Indian languages. One can distribute small pocket books, brochures, folders, etc to the interested people.


Street-plays, cultural programs, dramas based on Gurudev's teachings can be organized


several places. They can be performed in public places like fairs, workshops, events and other programs. 6.

writings on the walls, banners, hoardings are like indirect teachings which inspire people. They should be used wherever possible. These activities should be spread in an organized manner in the entire nation. Ennobling thoughts are naturally liked by everyone.


There are many forms


The thoughts of Yugrishi can be projected in theatres, PVRs, internet and through talks and discussions in different workshops. If there is any confusion related to the topics to be chosen, one can contact Shantikunj and collect information on various topics.


There is a network of libraries in the entire country. We should put forth efforts to place mission's literature in these libraries. The rest of the work will be accomplished by Gurudev's Enlightened Consciousness.

Sadwakya stickers,

(mobile library) - in the sling bag on the shoulder, on the cycle or rickshaw or Maruti van or even bigger vehicles - that can be arranged. These will provide further momentum to spread the seed thoughts of Gurudev amongst the masses. of. Gyanrath

Past has passed, and future is unknown! But the present is in our hands. Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011



Try to participate in them and present papers related to Gurudev's thoughts. This medium will help spread exponentially Gurudev's thoughts in the intellecfual community.

10. Innumerable workshops are conducted throughout the country.

fl *



Our target is the youth of India. We should fire their hearts and minds with noble ideals before they get caught in ignoble animalistic urges. Through the medium of cultural movements, DIYA, youth groups and their activities, one can gain entry into schools, colleges and universities.


like 'Bharatiya Sanskriti Gyan Pariksha'. If we can put our efforts, students appearing in this examination in various languages and those who had appeared in the past can be permanently linked to Gurudev's teachings and Mission.

12. We have a powerful medium

"My thoughts are the


of revolution. Even if you spread some of them, they will

Have faith in these words of Acharyasri and participate in the centenary year celebration of Thought Revolution with enthusiasm. create an explosion"



Wishing all parijans love, peace, health, happiness and ioy in the New Year - 2011

6Tl ; Lq\l



- Pranav Pandya An ordinarily dressed man with an apparently gifted personality was walking by. A boy

who was standing by the road-side hesitantly approached him to plead for some money. That distinguished citizen said, "Son! This is your age for studies. Why are you begging?" The boy said with a heavy heart, "My mother is ill. My younger brother is hungry. Since yesterday, none of us has even had a grain of food. My father expired ayear ago. I am in desperate condition and hence I am pleading with you". That gentleman gave him some money to take care of the medicines and food for about a week, noted the boy's address and said, "Let me arrange something". He went to the boy's house himself, personally saw and verified that everything the boy said was indeed true. He then tore a piece of paper, wrote something on it, gave it to the boy saying, "Wheneverthe doctor arrives, just give him this lettef'and then left. The boy brought home a doctor. When the doctor arrived and read the note, he had tears in his eyes. He said, "Sister! King George ll himself had come to your house. He has written that the best arrangements be made for your treatment and sufficient funds be arranged foryou." The mother uttered,'The people of a country that has such a kind king, can never have any difficulties!" King George ll used to frequently roam around in ordinary clothes. lt is said that not a single person in his kingdom was sad.

lf knowledge is not supported by action, however great it might be, it is useless. D8

Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011

NewEra is Cenain & Round the Corner Donrrn of o

IThis article is a translated and abridgeil oersion of the Hinili article written by Poojya Gurudeo and reprinted in Akhand lyoti (Hindi) Nooember,20L0 pp S-81

' medication, surgery needs to be carried out ' by expert surgeons. While police can handle ' ordinary thefts, the government needs to call ' in special paramilitary forces when riots occur. ' In the wake of excessive rise in devilry and immorality, God's assurance to take I incarnations and establish righteousness and inevitable. . eradicate injustice is very significant. History The will of God is the major reason for this I stands testimony to this assurance. Whenever change. Mother gives her children the freedom . the evil forces have seemed to go out of control, to play but at the same time pays attention that . the imbalance has seemed unmanageable and they do not become too frivolous in their . the human efforts to handle them have seemed games and land themselves in trouble. The . to fail, the storms of divine currents flow and moment she realizes that something may go . scatter away the rabble. This is the purpose of wrong, she intervenes and prevents things . divine incarnations. In other words, this is from going out of control. God has given a lot . called the Pratyaoartan (restoration) or Yug of freedom to man. All living beings are '. Pnrioartan (change of era). Whenever required, governed by a self-regulating process that . God has been making arrangements for it and yields good or bad results in accordance with . similar efforts are underway these days. No one should doubt the fact that dawn of a new era is round the corner. People with a subtle foresight should be able to see that resources are rapidly getting deployed for this cause. They should be able to understand that it is definitely destined to happen and is

good or bad actions. God remains a mute witness to this process and does not interfere. But when people lose direction, when a large


' Reasons are very clear. The human ' sensitivities have been on decadence in the population starts heading towards disaster and ' recent times. In ordinary times, devilry would when immaturity grows uncontrollable, then, ' only manifest in minor atrocities and to alter and improve the situation, He needs ' immoralities. Society could punish them and to descend upon this Earth. This indeed occurs ' bring them back on track. Situation today is every now and then. Reformists, angels and ' very strange. When the water in a well is incarnations have appeared from time to time contaminated with hemp, everyone who to serve this purpose. When an illness grows . drirrk, that water gets a high. Situation today beyond what can be handled with regular is similar. It is understandable when the Rise high, awaken the inner self, adopt whatever is good and move forward. Akhand Jyoti


Jan-Feb zo11


antisocial elements indulge in misconduct but when the security forces stoop down to that level, the hedge itself starts destroying the fields, then how could one guard against the unrighteous conduct? It is the responsibility of the learned to undertake idealistic activities

to keep the society under a moral check but when the shepherd himself starts killing the cattle, when the defender turns into an offender, when the learned themselves start indulging in misconduct, it sure is a harbinger of bad times.

If we analyze carefully, the leading talents in the areas of politics, religion, social welfare, finance, art and intellect have grossly deviated from their duties. Indulgence in mere talk has

no value. What leave lasting impact are the beliefs and actions. These can never be concealed. If these are undesirable and unbecoming, then, even if apparently there are no clear signs in the visible sense, their impact on the subtle world is substantial. Where talent has the influence on one hand to lead people towards excellence, its inferiority can

cause widespread anarchy. The falling standard of the conduct of general public is not as worrisome as the falling moral values of the talented ones. Today this is the epicenter of worldly disorder. If this continues, then fears of self-destruction will soon turn into reality. Significant progress has been made recently

in the areas of finance and education and there has been substantial increase in the available resources. Had these been utilized judiciously, the resourceful people could have lived a

heavenly life. But, what is happening today is

just the opposite. The increased wealth is becoming a cause for distress of the masses. Every walk of personal and social life is becoming so foul that it is life-threateningly suffocating. What looks beautiful externally is

disgustingly ugly inside; all the outward splendour hides the poverty within; what illumine with knowledge is enveloped in darkness within. What a sham!What a hoax! Never before in the history would things have reached this state. Human nobility in a way seems to be making an exit and the business of laying traps is flourishing in its place. It is rare to find people who can stand the test of integrity, honesty, humanity and morality. It seems the time has arrived to bid farewell to moral values. In such a situation, it is not surprising to see an unfortunate environment of rage, angst, dissatisfaction, indignation, unhappiness, poverty, illness, grief, suffering and discord everywhere. seems to

Progress in the area of science has been the

greatest achievement of recent times. It is unlikely that the power to control the natural sources of energy to this degree has ever been achieved by mankind before. But it is a doubleedged sword. On one hand, while this can lead to heavenly bliss and peace/ on the other it can also blow up this uniquely beautiful planet, the Earth. Human wickedness is heading in that direction. Mankind has collected the nuclear weapons only for mass destruction. In the wake of the abundance of foolishness today, it is not impossible that some insane ignites this heap of explosives and the world, which has been embellished and nurtured through

Whose every deed is devoted to God, i.e. ideals, is the greatest Yogi. tr10

Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011

. to benefit from physical progress only if the . needs of spiritual development are fulfilled. sad end of this beautiful planet is not ' Intellectuals today are thinking in this

divine impulses, gets shattered and only its ash circles in some nebula. The possibility of a such imaginary. In today's situation, ihe fear of this happening seems quite real. And, even if this

disaster doesn't happen, the philosophy adopted by intellectuals and leaders can only lead to more and more terrible sorrows. And then, even if they would be alive, the occupants

' ' ' ' ' '

will only survive to suffer through I their pitiable ptight and hellish exasperation . . day by day. of this earth

. to God at all. Kids .

This is not acceptable can neverbe allowed to play with fire. Mnhakaal (Lord Shiva) has lifted his trident to transform this disorderliness into orderliness. His Pratyaaartal4 process has begun. We should watch what happens next with bated breath. How the scene changes, how world turns turtle

and how the impossible begins to seem possible! Man will have to change - willingly or unwillingly. These methods and policies cannot continue. Arrival of the new era is an undeniable certainty. There is no other possibiliiy. One will not have to wait long. The cosmic disturbances will take a physical form in coming days and we will witness a great revolution with our own eyes that will lead to great and wonder-filled transformations.

Just as in physical form existence of a person is a reality, in subtle form Atma and Vishwatma are realities too. Mankind has to seriously contemplate on the direction that science and technology should take.

Undoubtedly, the answer has to


constructive and not destructive. It is possible

direction. The thought currents of everyone, who has even a little spark of divinity in his conscience, are undergoing a similar turmoil. Clouds are gathering, lightening has begun, and torrential rains are not far behind. When these transformed thoughts will be put into action and the constructive juices will flow, th"r, today's turmoil will transform itself into a charming, cool, green and serene environment. One will not have to wait long to see this transformation. The emotionally transformed man


about an all round transformation in the existing situation. Visually the bodies, houses, rivers and

mountains will remain the same but the spirit (Pran) inside these physical forms willbe entirely different. Then people will give more credence to neighbour's pains and pleasures than their own. There will be no place for selfishness in one's Ps)'che. Every man will think of how to contribute more and more to the development and improvement of the society that has contributed

to the formation and progress of his own personality. In this state of mind, every man wouldbe a symbolof affection and courteousness. Modesty and nobility will be his policy. While

competing to have less for self and more for others, people will not fight for their rights but would instead focus on performing their duties better than others. There will be no enmity, only friendliness amongst men. The tendency to suspect, fear and distrust others will disappear. Everyone will trust others and will in turn do everything to earn their confidence andprove the

Every day is good for good deeds and every day is bad for bad deeds. Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011



utility of this belief. There will be no need for incivility and hoarseness. The prominence of justice and prudence will put out of sight any immorality. There willbe no place for hypocrisy and sham. People will live a transparent and simple life filled with happiness and contentment.

Today three-fourth of man,s energy is employed in amassing resources for destruction.

Dissatisfaction and mistrust is inhibiting the drive to bring people together for a good cause. Fear and the concerns about protecting oneself force people to tread cautiously. Mankind in this fixisunable to deployits talents and the resources for constructive causes. When these difficulties would have been sidelined, then it will become possible to deploy science and technology towards

constructive activities and build an environment for collective happiness and well-being. There are ample nafural resources. If man learns to utilize these for the right pu{poses, there is no reason why every man, every livingbeing will not have

When all the resources, wealth, intelligence

and energies of innumerable men that are deployed for wars are withdrawn from selfdestructivepursuits and are instead employed for

promotion of happiness, there wilibe no scarcity and poverty to be seen anywhere. When the minds will be free from anxieties and commotions, they will rise to a level that will embellish the

human dignity. When 350 (now 650) crore inhabitants of this Earth live with mutual affection and cooperation and are employed in divine ruminations and perfonnance of moral duties, there willbe no reason why circumstances

better than mythical heaven will not manifest upon this earth. Looking at the pace at which the human and divine powers are becoming active to create such circumstances, one must believe that there is neither any reason to doubt the dawn of a new era nor a need to wait for too long.

enough to live huppy and contented life.


Kanva was eager t0 become a perfect man. He rose and reached over to the mountains. He was naive. He thought mountains were supreme and so he should worship the mountains. one day he met a saint who said, ,,Sonl Haven',t you see{i the ocean? lf you had seen the ocean you w0uld never have thought that mountains are supreme,,. out of curiosity, Kanva went to sea-shore. He was really impressed when he saw the large vglume 0f water and the mighty waves of the ocean. He started worshiping the ocean. A hermit arrived there and read Kanva,s mind. He said, "You will not get a sense of wholesome accomplishment by worshiping the mountains 0r the ocean. Go to a saint named Bain who lives 0n the Mandarachal peak. He will enlighten you." Kanva wandered over to the Mandarachal peak and expressed his desire. The saint replied, "For perfeclness, you don't need depths, nor heights nor is it sufficient to only worship. For that you need agility. G0 to Shudhaayatan who has focused all his energies on agility. He is superior to me". Kanva met shudhaayatan and then Devdaas and eventually reached the hermitage of Rishi Vashishth' His only goal was t0 be a perfect man. Rishi Vashishth was lecturing his pupil 0n importance of Samvedna (sympathizing with others) and serving others. Just then the villagers brought a person who had fainted to the ashram' He had tried to commit suicide by iumping into the river. Everyone in the ashram including Rishi Vashishth started nursing him. The man regained consciousness after some time. Vashishth's sympathetii woro filled him with desire to live again. Vashishth asked Kanva, "Why have you c0me here?" Kanva fought back his tears and



wandering around in search of perfectness. Today I have learntthrough a live example howto achieve i1,,


lqaves one in any situation. Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011

Laughter is the Best Medicine Smile is a sign of healthy life. Internal happiness bubbles up and presents itself through giggles and smiles.

The state of mind of an

overflows as a giggling laughter. The beauty of the

limited species have the ability to laugh. In man,

face is enhanced with

perhaps this ability is most

laughter, no matter what the colour of the skin is.

noticeable. It is like

individual is

expressed through his lips. Happiness and Laughter are deeply

interrelated. That



laughter is described by some thinkers as a morning sun of life, as a warm sun in winter, or a cool shade in summer. Laughter is an ornament of our face. It is a drizzle of cheer on the soul. Laughter has a

positive effect on us and it soothes the people around us.

Smile is the sanjioani buti (rejuvenating herb) for tension, sadness, depression and worries. When worry is present in the heart, dark shadows of gloom are cast over the face;

and when the stream of happiness is flowing inside the heart, it shines through the face as a smile. When the heart is full of happiness, it

Smile and tension do not get along together, only one of them can be present at a time. Mahatma Gandhi used laughter to dissipate tense moments. He used to say that nobody can be sane without knowing how to laugh. Once in the White House, residence

of the American president, Abraham Lincoln's wife heard somebody laughing very loudly. She wanted to find out what the commotion was all about so she started searching and found Mr. Lincoln sitting with White House workers telling jokes.

He used to say that if someone can't laugh out aloud

then he becomes a subject of laughter himself. Laughter is a divine gift of


thermometer which tells the state of the mind of a person. The person who can utilize this gift to his benefit stays healthy, Iives a long life and keeps stress at bay.

In a new born child laughter acts like an immune boosting medicine. According to doctors, the development of a child's brain occurs at a tremendous rate in the first twelve months. The level of beta-endorphin in brain stem is the highest at this time. This bio-chemical is the reason

why children smile a lot during infancy. As the age progresses this level comes down and the innocent smiles start receding from the child's face. Scientists observed that young children laugh several times more in a day than an adult.

God. In nature only a few

An idealthat is not imbibed into action is of no use. A*ftand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011


People who smile appear more attractive to others. Studies have found that such people have higher levels of antibody immunoglobulin'A'. This antibody is very effective

in fighting infections and increasing the immunity of our body. This is another great reason for us to keep smiling.

benefit so many organs at the same time. That is why it is

also known as internal jogging. Laughter also tones up the facial muscles and improves our ability of expression. It improves our mental and emotional abilities. People who are forgetful might benefit from laughter, as it is observed to improve the memory.

Laughter also functions as

a painkiller. In


studies it was observed that the act of laughing releases endorphin which is a natural stress buster. It relaxes the tightened muscles, relieves headache due to stress. Laughter affects the blood flow as well, making oxygen rich blood to reach the far corners of the body and helping in removing lethargy. Laughter activates the brain cells which balance epinephrine, norepinephrine, dopamine and other neurochemicals. This in turn hclps other bodily functions to ease the symptoms of allergy, arthritis, depression, among other conditions.

A study was conducted in Australia on a group of women aged 20 to 64 years old over a period of 5 years. These women had to write in their health reports how many times they laughed everyday. A surprising finding was that women who laughed 4-6 times a day had lower rates of blood pressure and heart ailments.


research conducted in South California's Loma Linda University was to study the effect of laughter. Researchers split 20 high-risk

diabetic patients, all with hypertension and hyperlipidemia,which is a risk

factor for cardiovascular Laughter exercises the

disease, into two groups. Both

lungs, heart, stomach muscles and waist. Very few exercises

groups were given standard diabetes medication. First

group viewed 30 minutes of humor everyday, while second group did not. This went on for a year of treatment.

After two months into the study, the patients in the

laughter group had lower

levels of the

hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine, both considered to be measures of stress. After 12 months, first group's HDL (good cholesterol) levels were up 26

percent whereas the second group's increase was just 3 percent.

Study leader Dr. Lee S. Berk of Loma Linda University said, "The best clinicians understand that there is an intrinsic physiological intervention brought about by positive emotions such as mirthful laughter, optimism and hope"

Berk and his colleagues were the first to establish that laughter helps optimize the hormones in the endocrine system, including decreasing the levels of cortisol and epinephrine, which lead to stress reduction. They have also shown that laughter has a

An action that is hot inspired by some ideal is dangerous.


Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011

positive effect on modulating components of the immune system, including increased production of antibodies and

who were not exposed to it. Where can you get such a

activation of the body's

that repetitious "mirthful

Anecdotal and empirical evidence supports the beneficial effects of laughter such as reduction of stress and pain and increased coping capabilities. Laughter is linked with improved immunologic

laughter," which they call

functioning, elevated mood and

Laughercise@, causes the body to respond in a way similar to moderate physical exercise. LaugherciseO enhances your mood, decreases stress hormones, enhances immune activity, lowers bad cholesterol and systolic blood pressure, and raises good cholesterol

better sleep.

protective cells, including Tcells and natural killer cell's killing activity of tumor cells. Their studies have shown

(HDL). As Berk explains, "We are {inally starting to realize that our everyday behaviors and emotions are modulating our bodies in many ways." His latest research expands the role of laughter even further.

A study published in the Journal of Holistic Nursing, makes mention of postoperative patients who were told jokes before pain medication was given to them.

and purity of heart


accomplish that.

fantastic deal? Laughter shouldbe made a

Laughter is a positive thought, a creative activity which promotes cheerfulness and hope. Laughter is good as

long as we are not laughing at somebody weak, traumatized, or in an inappropriate setting.

Laughter is a sign of true happiness. A person who is mentally and emotionally

friend for life. Ideally, we should laugh for at least 20 minutes a day, if that is not possible then at least once a day. This is the best and free rnedicine. If we want to stay healthy, huppy and keep progressing in life then we should make laughter an inseparable part of our life.

What if you could

choose not to let troubles get to you? What if you could work your way through them while remaining positive and joyful?

will not need to fake happiness. Such person's

The way you feel is the way you choose to feel. Choose to feel powerful, choose to feel in control, choose to feel

laughter charges


purposeful, abundant

environment around him and infuses cheerfulness in the

and joyful because at the


The living spirit in you is

healthywill truly give from his heart and

. Even in the toughest days of . the battle of Mahabharata, ' smile never deserted Lord ' Krishna's lips. He was never ' struck by grief. Only a

Patients exposed to laughter perceived less pain than those '. Karmayogi of his contentment

heart of you, you are.

stronger than any trouble you'll ever encounter. Remember that, feel its truth, and live your joy no matter what.


Ralph Marston

Encouraging laziness is a great sin. Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011


Science and Spirituality

Proctices ond Effects Asocidted With Chonting of Morntra Engrossment of mind in the meaning, implication, or the divine feeling associated with a mantra - is essential for adept practicing of any kind

of iapa (mental or loud rhythmic enunciation or trains the mind for sharp concentration and deeper meditation, but also helps its purification via removal of

chanting). This not only

the assimilated kusamskdras pertaining to the evil instincts

of jealousy, lust, anger, arrogance and insidious addictions etc. Once the mind

is cleansed the intrinsic afflatus and effects begin to mark their impressions on it. This subsequently results in the cultivation of virtuous mental abilities and creative talents together with distinct

moral elevation. Iapa is described in almost all religions as the best exercise for the preliminary training and enlightenment of mind.




continuous movements/ even


a rope, used for drawing


water from a well, can leave its mark on the stones around the wall of the well. Domestic animals, even if let free, return to their masters' homes just because of habit. The animals of the circus companies become master performers by rigorous training and






' ' ' '

repeated practice. Be .







. .

' '


' ' '



wrestler, a good student or a dedicated scientist, each one gains success only after a scrupulous effort and sincere Continuous practice. drops can small collection of fill the whole tank. These and similar well-known examples signify the necessity as well as the efficacy of regular practice for achievement of mastery in any training. The same holds true for the conditioning and refinement of mind by the s ddhand of j ap a. The disciplined endeavor of japa is therefore

also termed as a


Meditation (dhyana) and japa are mutually complementary and essentially coexisting in every kind of mantra- sddhand . The Significance ol Sabda Jadnana


is regarded as a

prominent spiritual endeavor towards the realization of the subtle power of Sabda. Tlne ancient scriptures indicate this fact as


Vageva Viivd Bhuvandni Jajfie

VAca, ItsarvamamEatarh Yacca Martyarn


S ab d e;v ev apiffi S aktirisw dsy dsy a

Nibqndhanau I


As Sabda is attributed to be the eternal source, the root cause, of the creation of the cosmos, any attempt for the realization of the subiiminal dimensions'beyond' the

universe would be futile without making a perfect use

Life's every moment comes with a promise of achieving a bright future. tr16

Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011

of the omnipotent power of Sabda. Accomplishing the

liberation of mind from

iabda-sadhand or the japa-yoga

attachments, and helps further evolution of the vant as the voice of the "self

is said to take the sddhaka's mind to a state beyond the periphery of 'time and space', in the higher dimensions of Sabda. The scriptures on the science of this iabda-sddhand (mantra- sddhand) have described four kinds of Vans [1], namely, Baikharr, Madhyama, Paiyanti and ParA.


beyond the gross being". This is the state of realization and

expression of paiyanti and eventually of the para. The parA vq(tl (or vak) is the absolute expression of Sabda in the cosmic consciousness.

our usual voice (used in conversation, oration etc); the other three are its successive

subtler forms. Madhyamd is identified as the silent voice of thoughts and intuition and is a medium for gradually traversing from the level of the baikhart to paiyanti by dedicated iabda sddhand. The paiyanti vanl is the 'voice' of inner sentiments, inspirations

and intrinsic messages. The yogis describe the functional domain of madhyama as expanding from the sahasrara cakra to the hyadaya cakra [2]. Realization and perfection over the use of madhyama evolves the individual self from the state of animal instincts to the state of divine intutions. It leads to the


simultaneous increase in the trenchancy of mind, piety of thoughts and sentiments that are manifested in the virtues




illustriousness, farsightedness, fairness, peace, love etc.

In the higher

Sabda Brahmdni Nil;rydtah

stages of sadhana, the effects of japa generate spiritual power in the sadhaka (devotee). The Sutras of ancient scripture Patanjal yoga dariana (c.f .


sections 4 I 1, 7 I 74, 7 I 28-29 for

The Shastra.s cite

The baikhart vant refers to


accompanied by


instance) state that Meaning: Knowledge of



'The disciplined and

the Sabda Brahix is indeed the

devoted japa sadhana can take

realization of the parabrahrh


the sadhaka into a state of deep


trance. It eliminates the obstacles from the path of spiritual elevation of the sddhakq and illuminates his

the omnipresent,

supreme consciousness.

(Noting that the japa sadhana is an integral

part of

the iabda-sadhana, its importance becomes all the more significant.)

A regular and


practice of japa results in gradual decrease in the mental instability, illusions, mental infirmities and ill tendencies including erotic thinking, jealousy, fear, ego, avarice, etc. The positive

effects of iop, are also

inner self by the divine radiance. The sddhaka

eventually enjoys


beatified bliss that can never be attained even by the mightiest, wealthiest and the happiest (in worldly sense) person in the world'. The noted saint, exceptionally brilliant scholar and social reformer, Swami Ramtirtha, upon reaching this stage, used to describe it as - "This has made me a Ram Badshah (i.e.

one who practices goodness in the world is like a glittering diamond. Alfiand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011


improvement in

the happy and mighty'king' of the world)".


personality, and enhancement

The spiritual practice of iapa can be attempted by

subtle nuclei of praqa

effects can be used for success

individual self into higher spiritual realms endowed with divine virtues. It is said

in terms of worldly

faith (without any fear or selfish interest) and the

as well. It is the willpower and the vision, aroused by the japa that 'transform' the difficult circumstances and obstacles



Some Scientific Points: The subtle (mental) body,like the gross (physical) body of every human being,


consists of a complex network

interconnected of extrasensory'nerves'. The vibrations produced during

similar to that offered by some of the exercises of pranayam. It reduces the breathing rate to half its

japa are not so significant in the

normal average. That means, on an average, one hour's disciplined practice of the japa yoga would augment the life of the sddhaka by about five hundred breaths atleast! lapa

therefore could also be advised as an important health-exercise.

result in




miraculous manner.

experiments have confirmed that the japa regulates the reciter's respiration in a way

As mentioned earlier, the effects of japa awaken one's inherent virtues that naturally


into minor ones in




gradual and controlled arousal of the

of his physical and mental potentials. These positive

anybody, an)'where. Patience,

sincerity and purity of mind are the only preconditions. In fact, the level of these qualities also begins to improve if the japa sadhana is being performed under adept


gross body as in the subtle body. Its 'latent nerves' vibrate in complete harmony with the sonic pattern of the msntra. These subtle vibrations stimulate the specific nodes of the extrasensory operations. The activation of these nodes (sublime centers of inner consciousness) is indeed responsible for emergence of astonishing inner strength and supernatural faculties of the sadhaka.

elevates the



that the people of the Vedic Age in India were ardent ascetic sadhakas of such noble caliber that each one of them was a living expression of divine powers - whence the mention of 33 crores manifestations of Cod in the Shastrika Literature.

Essential Disciplines for Japa Sadhand: The aforesaid supernormal

benefits of japa are attainable only if the japa is performed as a spiritual sddhand - with absolute faith, sincerity and piety (of thoughts, sentiments

and conduct) under strict observance of prescribed disciplines. Some common disciplines essential for every kind of japa

- the cleanliness of the body and mind of the sadhaka and that of the place and its surroundings where the japa is performed. The calm and stable state of the sadhakq's mind is a natural sadhana are

Dharma is not a subiect to be preached, but the one to be imbibed. tr18

Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011

requirement for meditation during japa. The following

entitled " Tantra

, the

purity and engrossment of the mind and continence over the body-functions - is a must for a sincere practice of japa.

guidelines are usually prescribed to meet these pre-

requisites. lapa should be performed in a neat and tidy condition of the body, after having bath, wearing clean clothes etc. The clothing should also be such that the

The KulanavaTantra adds that the sadhaka should eat self-

earned austere vegetarian (sanika) food.

body would be free and relaxed while sitting in the posture of sukhqsana [4],

The speed of japa should be normal and set at one's natural frequency of speech. It should not be too slow so as to cause dullness, neither too fast that wouid affect the clarity of pronunciation. The Sastuas also mention that

which is supposed to be the most soothing sitting posture for japa. Wearing shoes or use

of leather is prohibited during all


iapa sadhanas. The sddhaka

should sit on a clean cloth

grasping control over the bodily actions, vital energy

sheet or kuidsana spread over

and mental agility

the floor in a silent corner of the house or any suitable place

outside, which is neat and

and strengthening the Sraddha and vifvasa in the presence of Siva


and Sakti [5] is necessary for the

attainment of ultimate success (siddhil in a japa-sadhana.

While performing japa, the sddhaka should let his mind be


free from every kind of Picture or idol of the Deity negative thinking, anger, in whorn the sadhaka has the morning, North at noon and the West in the evening and should feel the presence of the divine glow (akin to

that of rising Sun) in the corresponding direction. According to the scripture

Alfiand Jyoti

. .




' .


important. In order to maintain the sacred ambience, only the people of high moral character and piety of mind should be allowed to visit the place of sddhand -

According to the Ling Purana (85 I 106-8) the japa performed in the house gives average benefit and that performed on the bank of a river is of manifold effectiveness. This positive impact is further enhanced if the japa is performed at a spiritually energized temple or dirama of a saint or over the hills of the holy Himalayas or

in a cow-shed; or in front of the divine Dhruva Tara (the

affectionate faith, or a poster / photograph of some saint or even great personality often provide inspiring company at such a place. Performance of

sadhaka's own inner



the sadhaka also becomes more

pole star), rising Sun, fire of a havan ku4fla, or a dtpaka (a lamp of refined ghee). The effect of japa is maximized if it is performed with an awakened feeling of thou-presence in the


jealousy, excitement, etc. The sddhaka should face the East in

beauty of this atmosphere. With gradual progress in the sadhana, the refinement of the sublime domains of consciousness in and around

some rituals



presence of fresh flowers and

plants in the surroundings add to the purity and serene

self. All

the disciplines essential for japa are nicely explained by sage

a a

of yore in the following


Don't listen to what people say. Just see that whatever was fit was done or not? Jan-Feb 2011


scripture named Patanjal Yoga Darshan (1 I 18), describes that a j apa pefiormed with immense


Brahmd Agni main Homai

faith and deep

Kaya, Ta kain

concentration effectuates the experience of trance and endows the sadhaka with beatifiedbliss.

colurnn) that are hidden respectively in the upper

Ndrna Ht Japa Snnya Mana Dltarai, Panco Indriya Vaia



Pakharain Paya I



As mentioned earlier, japa

is incomplete without meditation. The sddhaka

cakras, along the endocrine



of the mantra which is being enunciated; the intensity of this mental engrossment should increase to the extent of 'feeling of unification with the divine




sukhdsana one is supposed to be sitting comfortably with legs cross



radiance and the power hidden

brain and the heart. Prdna: The vital spiritual energy.

should meditate upon the meaning, implications and the


centers (among the sal


The word meaning of Vaqtt

folded and erect spinal

is voice. It

is a manifestation of the .s.


physical power of Sabda and is used for vocal

absolute source and eternal


consciousness subliminaliy

The sahqsrara cakra and the

present in Nature and in

hydaya cakra

are the

Siva and Saktircpresent the

impulse of


the sadhaka.

in the (soul) of the msntra.The

The king asked his counsel - "Can God be realized while raising a family?" The counsel said, "Yes! Oh King! lt is possible but only Mahatmaji can give you a definite answer. He stays nearby, by the bank of the river Godawari. The forest there is dense and we will have to follow his rules." The king asked, "What are the rules?" Counsel replied, "Oh King! Mahatmaji has stipulated that whoever comes to meet him should remember that not an insect should get crushed under his feet. lf it does then Mahatmajiwould lay a curse upon the person who does it". The king understood the conditions and painstakingly covered the distance at a very slow pace. ft/ahatmaji welcomed the king, seated him and asked, "Oh King! You have just arrived. What did you see along your way?" The king said, "Mahatmaji! | have somehow managed to reach here after avoiding allthe insects. I didn't see anything else." Mahatmaji said,'This is the response to your question. lf one treads the path of life, avoiding all misdeeds and nunuring a fear of Karmic retribution, God can surely be realized." The king had found the answer to his query. To honestly work on the assigned responsibilities is the noblest deed.


Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011

Ihis Sholt-slghtedness Wiil Prove Cmoxrophic The

uotld is entertng

the decade of celebrating platinum jubitee of the women lib reaolution, Houteaer the dream of emancipation of women is still ar f from sight in most parts of the gtobe, Recent law against crimes onzt)omen,passeilby the Government of rniliais an eaiilence of thisbitterreality. No law, no plan wouldbe completely successful unless the impeiliment rooteil iteeply in our social

system nnd mentality is eliminated anil the far-sighteit benefits of zaomen empoweftnent are understooil of the society as a whole. Collectiae rethinking anit efforts arc essential from eaery quafter. This reoiew is an initiate in this regard.

Any individual or group, which faces disrespect, neglect, or avoidance, simply gets degraded and gradually vanishes. Such a short sighted trend prevailing in many social groups in India is that daughters are given secondary or no status in their own families. Only thing they

are taught is to cook, wash clothes, and clean the house. They are often married at an early age and are almost thrown out of their parental homes. The prevailing social custom that a daughter has to spend most of her lifetime in her husband's home, etc, make the parents biased in favour of male children. Only boys would earn and look after the parents, so only

ihey should be given good education and opportunities to grow! Daughters are treated like a burden. Why spend on taking care of the girl child, who will go to others anyway? Why take trouble on

their upkeep and development? parents would have to spend on their marriages, so why spend on their education? Not much care is taken of their health and even their death appears to be a boon - no need for expenditure on their food, education or training, marriage etc, nor any other botherafion like protecting them. It is this shortsightedness, which perpetuates neglect and disrespect for women. The little girls normally face such neglects and scorns right since their birth. In manylndian families,birth of amale child is an occasion for celebration. It is time for throwing feasts and making noise to express pleasure. In many families, the birth of a girl child meets a death_ like silence as if it is abig loss, insult or misfortune.

Even the mother of a girl child faces scolding and

taunts. Both have to face tremendous neglect. \A/hen the children grow up, distinction is made in everything in favour of the male child.

Those who Iook towards others for every work can't achieve true success. Alfiand Jyoti Jan-Feb 2011 21tr

This distinction is clearly visible in respect of food, clothing, education, entertainment etc. Even

the children come to know of this favouritism. Especially the girl child facing discrimination and neglectbegins to feel the anguish deep

within. Inferiority complex takes roots within her and she feels like being cursed to live an unfortunate and downtrodden life. This concept persists in her life-time and she has no courage to sharpen her skills and take any bold step on any important matter. Her potentials remain dormant and fade away over time. She does not grow up into a person of worthwhile utility for her family or society as she could have, if she had received

equal attention, treatment and affection in childhood.

Being a product of the male dominated society, her life-partner too, in most cases, regards her inferior to himself and ruthlessly dominates her. Has the self-obsessed man realized how much he has lost by keeping his better-half in a state of ignorance, subjugation and physical and mental weakness?

Declining Birth Rate of Females: Ironically, in spite of several laws protecting women's rights in India, the

trained in conducting deliveries were expert even in this heinous crime, and had no hesitation in strangulating a female infant on insistence from the family, as they would be rewarded for the same. For such a killing many different methods were adopted in different parts of the country. Even administration of opium with milk would achieve the same result without any publicity and without it becoming a matter of discussion. In medieval times, while in the families of emperors and royal soldiers often fighting on the battlefront, there was always a threat of young daughters and sisters being captured by the enemy, the lower strata of society had this fear from the rich and the mighty in their own neighbourhood. The middle class was burdened with arrangernents for dowry if their daughters and sisters were to marry in welloff and respectful family. Thus, due to various reasons the trend of killing female infants spread across all communities. In the times of British rule it was quite common to kill the female infants; the customs of polygamy, and sati - burning the widows along with their

husbands'co{pse - too had social approval. Social reformists tried to stop this and the Government

cooperated. This restdted in the ,,prevention of

situation continues to be pathetic on the front of women's empowerment. In the era of feudal societies there was always a possibility of

Infanticide Act" but the tradition persisted stealthily and still persists.

abduction of a girl child and for the same reason/ of raids by robbers. If this did not happen, a lot of money, beyond capacity, would have to be spent on marriage. It was much simpler and easier to kiil the female infant on birth to escape all this. The mid-wives

What could be worse? Even in today,s advanced and educated society, female foeticide is not insignificant. Sophisticated fertility centers and hospitals are also accomplices to such heinous crimes. pressure of dowry, and the insane traditions and blind-

The meaning of believing in God is to believe on oneself and one's abilities.


Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011

faith like


"Father's soul would not rest in peace unless the rites are performed by his son", or "Father's and his family's name

1980s in Mumbai revealed that there was only one male

would continue only through the future

According to another set of data from 1978 to 1985 in India alone over 78000 female foetuses were terminated. This is a new curse. Family planning, of course, is one thing; but it is quite different to selectively terminate female

generation of his son and grandson, slg', are the key reasons behind such inhuman practices in today's Indian society.

A survey conducted in early


in the 7000 foetuses terminated.

Making things worse, a new danger has cropped up in the recent years for women. There has been development of devices in


Medical Science to determine the gender of the foetus in womb during pregnancy. By this 'Amniocentesis' it can be determined at the early pregnancy stage itself whether the foetus is a girl or a boy. The conviction prevaiting in the medieval period still persists in the minds of people in general that birth of a male child is fortunate while that of a female child is a misfortune.

short-sightedness of not bothering at all about the future consequences has resulted in the

Considering immediate benefits and the

imbalance of male-female ratio in society. If this point of view is not modified, many other worse methods will be evolved in place of direct killing of girls. Neglected girl child will not be able to get the facilities of proper food

and medical attention. This will result in their untimely death due to illness from malnutrition.

Everybody wants to get rid of a misfortune. Hardly would any parents desire birth of a

girl child and bear the burden with no benefits. Another protection against this misfortune has now come up in the form of legal legitimacy of abortion. Unwanted foetus can be removed by abortion. A number of medical institutions work for this. Available information reveals that most of the parents going in for medical abortion terminate the female foetus. It is believed that the expenditure involved in tests and medical termination of pregnancy is much less compared to the troubles involved in birth of a girl child and her food, upkeep, education, marriage etc. In these days, it has thus become quite simple on this basis to get rid of the girl child in foetus stage itself.

Child marriage, with a view to get rid of girl child is also in no way less detrimental for the life of a woman. Such women get drained off of all energy in their adolescent stage itself. They meet untimely death while giving birth to their children. While the father gets rid of his problem by marrying off his daughter, the in-laws also are found to press and torfure her on dowry commitments. All these prevailing traditions have tragic impact on the women in general.

Risk of Social Disorder: The question is: "Who achieved what

with this continued practi." oi r.rppressing and killing females?" We get brides in our homes

future can be attained Oy prop.rty using Alfiand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011

and families and they shoulder the important responsibility of managing households. They become life-partners of the husbands, take up the roles of managing the house, the family, the social relations, and raise and develop the future generations. How will the men get such efficient and capable house-managers if most parents choose to kill or neglect to take care of their female babies?

their homes. It is possible that, like in gulf countries, the boys in India may have to make payments to the tune of what they presently demand from the girls' side with a lot of pomp and show and coercion. Those boys who will not be able to make large payments or who will fall short in personality or earning capacity, etc may be left with no alternative but to remain unmarried. Many of them, unless having moral strength, might get

Ratio of women versus men is rapidly decreasing, which is obvious from the population data of the recent past. In the year 1901 there were 972 girls against every thousand boys. In the census of 1911 the ratio fell and there were only 964 girls. In 1.927 they were only 955. Further data of girls for every thousand boys are 950 in 193L,945 in1941.,946 in 1951, 941, in 7967,930 in 1,97'1,, and 931 in 1981. This disparity in northern India is much more. In Punjab there are 1000 girls against every 1170 boys. In Tamil Nadu 70-80 girls per thousand are less compared to boys. In spite of

perverted towards indulging with

globalisation of economy and progress on several other fronts the scenario has not changed on this

imbalance of male-female ratio;

it has even

worsened in some states. Social statistics on other

fronts too show no significant improvements in women's stahrs in general.

With increase in demand and decrease in production, prices rise and this promotes struggle amongst aspirants. The day is not far when, as a result of continuous decrease of the female children, the section owning boys will have to bow and beg for girls to take care of

prostitutes, sexual crimes against women, harassment of women at workplace, or on streets, etc. Then what kind of society we would be heading for?

Ecological Risk for Human Species: In the arrangement of Nature more females than males are produced in all species, as females have to spend a large amount of vital energy in reproduction as compared to males. This results in larger number of deaths of females and lesser span of life. To handle this risk it becomes necessary to arrange that more females be produced as compared to males and the parity be maintained. But in the human species this arrangement is gradually getting reversed.

This ecological imbalance poses no lesser risk than that of deforestation, and risk of extinction of 'endangered species of animals'. If this warning is not heeded well on time, we would be in danger of fast decline on evolutionary scale. (To be continued in the next issue)

World is as you see it. Change your vision and it would be a much better place.


Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011

On the pcr;h of

Sodhano-frrsdhandArrival of his companion in Sadhana Shriram completed sixteen years in September 1927.His

mother's maternal relations proposed the name of Pandit Roopram Sharma's daughter at

by the in-law's family by treating her as an outsider".

Pandit Roopram and


Taiji overmled his objection

by saying, "For that matter, any time anything can happen with a

anybody. What will you do

couple of other relatives visited

then? Starting from Malaviyaji

Aanwalkheda. They saw

and Gandhiji, everybody is participating in the Independence movement. People holding high positions in

brother to see her prospective

Shriram. Ancestral property was so much that nobody needed to worqr about finâ‚Źmces. He liked Shriram's interest in devotional activities. Roopram

daughter-in-law. The first

loved the


of pride to all of us." Roopram

question she asked when she saw Saraswati Devi in Barsoli was, "Daughter, can you serve Gomata (cowX" The girl did

in Shriram's Puja room. He said, "My daughter also loves these religious

was convinced after hearing Taiji's reply.

activities. She worships Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati daily. She started this when she was barely 5 years old." After

The ritual of confirming the

Barsoli (Aligarh). Her name

was Saraswati Devi. Taiji immediately went with her

not reply. She kept her eyes lowered in shyness. Roopram replied, "You have asked very


Agra and Mathura are alsopart of the movement. It is a matter

matrimonial match was completed. The date of

well, sister. She does not enjoy anything other than serving the

paused. He did not like Shriram

cows." Taiji did not ask

wedding was also decided. On the full moon day of the month of Kartik, twelve people from

participating in the Bal


activities or

Aanwalkheda went as the

anything about her capabilities

the independence movement. He raised objection and said, "It is slightly risky to move with Congress people and to run a revolutionary movement. Anything can happen tomorrow. What will my

marriage party. The marriage was conducted in a simple manner that is prescribed in the scriptures as 'Braahma Viaah'. Two cows and two pairs of clothes were given in the form of dowry. The guests enjoyed

good hospitality from the

daughter do then?"

bride's family. But there was no

in managing a house-hold or about her nature. Taiji believed - "The girls can be molded

into any set-up. They are not bad by nature and they are also devoid of any undesirable tendencies. The daughter-in-law is spoiled

saying this, Pt. Roopram


from the personality, of the external attire. Atrtand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011

pomp and show. No feast was arranged. There were twenty twenty-five families of the

bath, meals, etc. On the fourth completed, he felt relieved. The

well. I might even not be able lo pay much attention to you. Prepare your mind to face such

same community in their village. They were invited for the reception. Roopram was very well-off. He was capable of throwing a feast to several

wife came and bowed at his


villages. He would not have left

him. But she did not get

any stone unturned in

chance to touch his feetbecause

celebrating his daughter's

Shriram confined himself to the puja room all these days. The

wedding in pomp. But when the wedding was decided, Taiji had spoken in clear words that there

should be no squandering of money on this auspicious occasion and that the wedding should be conducted in an

day, when the lap


feet. He looked at her. Right from the day she had entered the house as his wife; she had been offering her respects to

Saraswati Devi replied, "These things should have been

decided before the wedding. Why now?" On hearing these words, Shriram felt a tone of accusation in her voice, but it


was not so. She continued, "It was the will of the Lord that my

himfrom a distance and offer her respects. Finally, on the fourth

newbrideused to


father married me and sent me here. Lord Bholenath has

commanded that I fulfill my duties with you. I do not know what happiness or difficulties I will face in the future. I will just

day, she got a chance to touch his feet.

Taiji was busy in some

austere manner.

Japa even after the marriage

After returning

to Aanwalkheda, Shriram's routine continued in its usual manner. It took four days for the various wedding rituals to be completed. During this tirne, he could not compleie the required lnp.He could sit only for about three to three-and-a half hours on all these four davs. For completin g the p ending I ap,

Shriram did not do anything else for the next three days. He just sat for/ap" He did not come

out of the puja room for anything other than taking

be happy in discharging my

inner room. Shriram asked his wife to sit. When she turned to



the floor to sit, Shriram Shriram asked, "What is your dharma?" The reply came, "Being your wife, rny dharma is to serve you. It is my great fortune that you are a great tapaszti and a devotee of the Lord. It is as though I have found my chosen deity Shiva in your form." After having understood his wife's mind and

immediately said, "Please do not sit on the floor" and offered her a seat. She sat there hesitatingly. He began to ask questions like, "Are you feeling alright here? Is there any inconvenience? You have been

married and have come here. Destiny had decided our wedding and so it happened. But going forward, you might have to face many difficulties. God has given me such responsibilities to fulfill that I might not be able to manage the household activities very

reassurance, he felt relieved. He

had felt that she will have a tough time in dealing with a husband like him. But that was not the case at all. .

Win over anger by peace, bad by good, wickedness by bravery and falsehood by truth. tr26

Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011



On seeing Taiji coming towards the room, the new bride got up from her seat and went inside to do her work. Taiji said, "Her parental family is coming to take her home. It is only natural that the daughter goes to her home for a while." Shriram did not reply. He simply got up and went out. He began searching for his Bal Sens members. They were scattered because contact could not be

maintained with them for a few

other the information of the

days" No new program had been conducted. They were just

happenings during the past few

pasting the stickers that were

happened in the past eight days.

already made in nearby

Shriram suddenly remembered

villages. Byword of mouth, he

Hubba uncle who was a Patwari

was able to send a message to

(registrar of village land


records). In those days this post

Anyone who is ill deserves help

was hereditary. The father would make his son a Patwari and quit his work. Hubbalal had become a Patwari in that

Everybody gathered on the next day. Theyshared with one

days. Nothing special had

manner. But there was nobody

This incident dates back 150 years. A famous Buddhist monk of Japan, with the intention of propagating the teachings of the Lord Buddha, translated them into Japanese. Publishing them was a challenge as that needed capital investment. lt was forbidden to ask for help as per the rules of the organization. Arrangements could be made only through whatever was earned as alms. His disciples responded to his appeal to contribute one part of their earnings for the cause. ln five years, enough collections were made to enable the publication. At that time, one region of Japan was affected badly by drought. The monk was moved when he saw the situation. He used the collected funds to help the people affected by the drought. Funds were used to arrange food for the hungry and clothes for the poor. All the money was used up in this effort. Luckily the rains arrived and that cleared the drought situation. Collections were started again. ln next 10 years, more people started contributing for the publication. This time around there was a flood like situation in Japan. The monk used allthe money this time in helping those affected by the floods. Everyone who had contributed the money drifted away from him. The monk had lost all the funds in donations not once but twice. But, he continued to collect more. By God's grace the book was published eventually. On the preface it was written - 3'dEdition. lt raised people's curiosity and they enquired where the earlier two editions were? The monk said, 'Those editions will be visible only to those who have the eyes to appreciate love and service." This publication became extremely popular and succeeded in establishing the foundations for Buddhism in Japan. Adopt the virtues of those whom you praise, and become Aldtand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2oi1


. person who does not have . anyone to tend him. Even if . someone is ill_tempered in the When Hubbalal was in family,thefamilylk"r.ur"of . Power/ he had made villagers, . him when he falls sick.,, He did life difficult. Each atom of his . not try to convince the villagers being was filled with greed ur,d I but presented this argument to oppression. There was no one to : hi, u.rr,y of youngsters. after

Shriram said,,,Don,t worry


stophimand henceinhis greed he had not left any villager in peace. He used to send


to people every other day. To instill fear in others, he showed

uncle. Everything


no one to look after the house and hence it was in a very bad state. His body was covered with dirt. Flies were swarming

There was a meeting of the

around him. Because of

;Let us first go and see him. we will Bal said,

paralysis, he could not even lift his han{to shoo away the flies.

. . discuss other things later.,, They wrong records on land and . saw Hubbalal lying on would complain to the . staring at the doorthe cot with Tahsildar and write a report distress, . hoping that someone that favored him and brought . would co-" urrd about police into the scene. Many . his "rrquire wellbeing. When he villagers had to let go of their ' remembered his evil deeds, the property owing to his . hope that somebody would machinations. There were come to help him would many rich people who were : dirupp"ur into thin air. Even brought onto the road because I then, he somehow nurtured the of him. When Hubbalal fell iil, : hope that someone would come people said, ,,God is punishing . to ,u" him. The door was open. him for his evil deeds,,. . Stri.amandhisfriendsdidnot Hubbaral had been struck by . havetoknockatthedoor.Itwas paralysis' For a few days, . asthoughHubbalalwaswaiting nobody even knew about his . 1er6,"_.Hiseyesshonebrightly

The boys searched for a bucket

and fiiled it with water from a nearby well. They gave bath to

Hubbalal and cleaned his clothes, cot and house. Someone

from Agra had sent some beds

' .

rheleader,shriramwasor, ffi'r1"o1"t;#ffi,'"rffi: - "It is the duty of ' harmed andhowmanyfamilies the villagers to take care of any . I have disrupted?,, grief-stricken or diseased the opinion

Th" gr""t"

approached those people and

fetched clothes for Hubbalal. They took care of him as long as he


deteriorated, one of the members of Shriram,s group continuously stayed with him.



and clothes for the handicapped. Shriram




lived. When his condition

Hubbalal did not live for long. But

it' all of them washed their . rastedforsometimeandthenthe handsoff,cursinghimtosuffer . eyes were filled with tears. He ^ forhispastevildoings. UeSl to say, ,,f am getting ,



. .



lived, he kept learning from the service and love of the boys that nobody should ever harm others for selfish reasons. They should try as he

their best to serve others. Before dFn& Hubbalal was overcome

with remorse. He .

be fine.,,

immediately busied themselves in taking care of him. There was




They convinced him and


Shriram to his side and said,,,,lf

in his Akhand Jyoti



at ali I have a next birth, I may be born as an animal. I would

like to serve others even if God makesme a donkey." Shriram said, "No Diwanji.


Why do you say like that? You willbeborn as a humanbeing. In that life, you will atone for all your mistakes and work for God." Hubbalal's eyes were filled with tears and his throat was choked with emotion. He haltingly said, "I have not done any good deeds so as tohave the punya to bless you. If I have gained sorl:re punya by a stray deed, I pray to God that you get its reward. I ask God that he makes your fame immortal." After saying this, he lost his

frightened. All those families whose boys were part of the movement were worried.

Worried about the young swaraiis One day, all the parents met and discussed the matter

amongst themselves. They reached the conclusion that their boys were not doing anything on their own. It was on listening to Shriram that they participated in processions

and strikes; pasted posters and did other revolutionary activities.

Itwas decided thatif theycould control Shriram, the other boys will disperse on their own. On reaching this decision unanimously, four-five people

control your Shriram a little, then other children will also be safe. Otherwise who knows when the British soldiers may attack our village?"

Taiji got worried.


promised to keep an eye on Shriram's activities. The villagers went back with some '

consolation. After that,' whenever Shriram went out of

the house, Taiji would ask,"Where are you going? When will you be back?" If he did not ' come back at the promised i time, she would enquire why it happened and ask for i clarification. She would further warn him that he should never I get late in future. Shriram was " ' not affected by Taiji's increased j surveillance because whatever reply he gave her, she was'


approached Taiji. After exchanging the initial

by Lokamanya Tilak was reverberating from village to village. Wherever ten-fifteen enthusiastic people met, they discussed nothing other than this. The youth group was

pleasantries, they came right to



from other villages that nothing

Aanwalkheda. Both kinds of news - related to the national movement gaining momentum and increasing oppression of

is known about the people after

that he had gone to attend a' demonstration, even then Taiji: did not scold him. Even if hei said that he had gone to servesomeone, Taiji did not say' anything to him. It was as^ though a reply from him was'

they are captured."


This frightening description

Once, Shriram told his

the British - reached the village.

was not meant to scare Taiji. People were expressing their fears honestly and said, "If you

mother that he wanted to go to;

The call for Swaraj given


When they heard news about oppression, many peopie were

the point and said, "Taiji, the horses of the British troops are galloping eve4rwhere and are capturing anyone working for the movement and putting them inthe jail. We have gotthenews

satisfied with it. Even if he said'


the Congress office in Agra.


mother refused. He kept on"

Be assured that you will find companions on both good and bad Daths: the choice is vours. Akhand Jyota

Jan-Feb 2011


thinking as to whether he . of taking a direct route, he should disobeyher? His inner- . reached Agra hiding from self suggested an answer that if . people. He enquired and found his mother was preventing him because of her attachment, then

he should not shy away from

doing his duty towards the country. Hence it would be justified even if he disobeyed his mother in such a case. After

having decided thus, he waited for an opportune time. One day, he woke up at two in the night.

He took a mug of water and told the gatekeeper that he was

going out. The gatekeeper thought that Shriram must have felt like going out of the house for

relieving himself and opened the gate. After coming out, Shriram

proceeded towards Agra. He walked the entire night. Instead

. out that swayam seaaks . (volunteers) were being ' enrolled in the Congress office ' and they would be trained to ' work for the movement. The ' training camp was also to begin ' immediately. Shriram went ' and joined the training. Among ' the participants in the camp ' were revolutionaries like Jagan ' Prasad, Ganga Singh, Daddu, ' Uddham Singh etc. These ' people took part in the ' movement in a big way. pandit . Natthilal Sharma, Ram . Narayan Shivhare and . Vasudev Gupta were also in . that camp.

In that camp, experienced revolutionaries taught the xnay am seoak on how to reach

to people; how to

out prepare

pamphlets and posters; how to conduct meetings and how to create an aftnosphere


campaign. leamt all these

during the seven-day haining.

Meanwhile he had sent


message to his mother that he

was safe and that he would be back after the training. He had sent this message with the help

of an organizer as soon as he enrolled into the training camp. In Aanwalkheda Taiji had stopped taking food and water and was worrying about the well-being of her son. After she received his message, she felt relieved.

Samarth Guru Flamdas would daily visit 2-3 houses for alms. Whatever was received in alms would be used to arrange the necessities for the day. once he stood in front of a house and said, ,,Bhikshaamdehl,.The lady of the house was busy creaning the kitchen and she was very angry. she just had a fight with her husband who had already left for the shop. The angry tady threw the cleaning cloth at Ramdas's face. Samarlh Guru Ramdas neither lost his temper nor did he feel bad about it. He simply smiled, took the cleaning cloth and walked away. At the river, he took bath and also washed the cleaning cloth. He then used it to prepare the lamp to be lit at the evening prayers. He prayed to the God, "Oh God! Just like this cloth is lighting up the world, let the lady's heart also be lit. Let there be peace and happiness in her life.,,This is the greatness of true saints. Mind is like a fertile land; you can grow in it whatever thoughts you want to. 830 Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011

Youth Column

The Terrible Storm of Drug Addiction is Leading to Destruction (7) Costly vehicles and, of course, more and more

There is a sizable group of

youth in India whose outlook, culture,life-style and means of

money in order to procure

entertainment are entirely

all the above. These are

different from the Indian ethos.

the things that are turning

Many things have become a part of life of the so-called

the minds of youth away from creative and innovative thinking.

modern youth which have led them astray. Fashion and drugs have become a part of their life. They are not concerned about their family or society or the nation. These youngsters are being adversely affected by the hollow lifestyles of the West. Today's youth are primarily

A recent survey showed that young people surf the internet not for information and gaining knowledge, but for

such things that lead them to

moral downfall

influenced by the following

and degradation. There are portals and websites related to sex that


attract these people. The survey

revealed that students from IITs, medical schools and IIMs situated in educational hubs of the country like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kharagpur, Ahmedabad and other big cities, revealed that sex has become an ordinary thing to them. They seem to

(1)Internet (2) Pornographic


(3) Pub culture (4) Drugs

(5) Fashion


special pejorative adjectives.

The aim of studying in premier institutes of higher leaming by spending enorrnous amount of money seems to have

boiled down to putting their character and morals at stake. These youth, who are known as the very hope of the nation, on whose shoulders rest the responsibility of the nation in the near future, have crossed all the limits of morality. When, neither their hearts beat correctly nor their legs support their wobbling bodies, how can they ever bear the weight of running the affairs of the

nation prudently? Drugaddiction is running their lives. Many begin to take drugs evenbefore the age of 16

in order to create their


identity. The status symbol for the educated youth in the

information and experience

cities is to increase their

about married life even before

capacity of taking the newest

their marriage. 5-7% of the

forms of drugs. The most

have all the

(6) Sending SMS and MMS from expensive mobiles

youth who do not like this kind of life-style are nicknamed with

True spirituality is one based on good ctraracter and behavior, self control, and service to humanity. Akhand Jyoti


Jan-Feb 2011



famous drugs are known by the names of party drugs, designer drugs, metro drugs etc. There is a huge demand in Asia for synthetic chemicals and amphetamines that affect the mind. Our country is a huge marketplace for these

Suresh Kumar, the Vicepresident of National Center for Drug Use Prevention says

85% of the people addicted

to drugs are from the educated

section. 61,% of the addicted people are from South India, 61.Vo are from employed sector, 54% of the people are youth who combine drugs with sex.

that along with pain killers, sedatives, anxiolytics, hypnotic

medicines, there has been a rapid increase in the use of


synthetic drugs made of opium.

In this context, a survey has been conducted by RSRA

A boy by name Mangesh who was searching the drug database in ORG net, on being asked said that he was looking drugs. He wants to specialize in

creating the Indian version of LSD drug and create a career in that field. This young man does not realize that he is going to create an easy alternative to

peopie seeking de-addiction treatment.

person receives ajolt or a shock. He might even die. Ice which is

known as cranl glass or crystal is a drug that creates extreme

intoxication and makes


Drug-addiction is a habit

are moving away from ganja,

bhang and opium and getting used to synthetic drugs.

else. In India ,767o of people


cannabis, 70% use heroin, 7 6% .




effect of this drug wears off, a

that is tough to get out of. Each person does not have similar

another might like something

in number of people consuming synthetic drugs. hasbeen an increase

taken to increase lust. When the

taste. One might like something


Among those addicted, there

sleeping drug is 10-20 times more powerful than valium. Many a times these drugs are

person cruel. The youth of today



the name 'detrape'. This

with 9465 people within the age group of 21-30 years residing in the South Asian countries. 43Vo of 5800 respondents from India have indicated that they use drug cocktail. More than 63Vo of the people have responded that they inject medicines into their body through painful means.

drug traffickers. It has been

years. Even more steeper is

consciousness and is known by

(Rapid Situation and Response Assessment)

for a formula for preparing

known through a survey that more than 32000 addicted people come to the National Drug Dependence Treatment Center every year. More than 21000 people are collectively treated. From these statistics we get to know that the production of opium has increased from 22Vo to 42% within the last 10

Ketamine is one such synthetic drug that makes a person lose


like buprenorphine and


use propoxyphine. The preference for these drugs is different in different parts of the country. Delhi

ranks topmost with respect to the huge wave of drugs. 34% of women use drugs in the form of pills. Ice is liked in Mumbai.


Dr. Prathima Murthy, . Ciri"f of Drug De-addiction . Center of VIMHANS at . Bangalore says that there has . beenincreased use of drugs and . more so in the cities. Many . young people get into the habit . of drugs dueto several reasons . like - pressure from colleagues, . tiresome life, stress and earning . exorbitant salary, etc. The '

sample survey from RSRA has

Don't allow your mind to wander idly. This paves the path towards Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011

indicated that


of drug



of students started

addicted people are among the

using these drugs under

well-employed section. Those who getused to drugs areinthe age group of 20-40 years/ among whom even women are included. Experts say that while

pressure of their classmates around the age of 15.

the age in which yor:ngsters used

to start using drugs was 20 years

in the year


it has come

downto 17now. The menace of drugs is so

widespread that even school children are getting used to

several kinds of them. A voluntary organization by name'Youth Enlightening the

Society' along with Indira

Gandhi Medical College conducted a survey of 200 school-children in Shimla. The

study revealed that more than 55% oftheboys and 24Vo ofthe girls regularly use dmgs. 29% of the children use ganja, cough syrup and opium. A survey done in 5 professional colleges in Berhampur, Orissa has revealed that the age of 15 is the mostprobable age to start using

The nature of parties today

has totally got

today. Youth symbolizes energy and power. They should not be allowed to misuse this as per their whims

and fancies. This should be channelized for creative

changed. Intoxicating lights, smoke, dry ice fog and people dancing away to ear-bursting techno music are not in a dance party

purposes, for serving the ailing

but in a modern rev party. There is no alcohol that is distributed in such parties;

brothers stand as mute and

instead drugs of various kinds are passed on. These drugs are

being used more than cocaine and opium. These days, the old-fashioned hukkah has come back in totally new form. In addition to big shopping malls, there are several restaurants are providing place for reveling in smoke. Even girls are increasingly becoming addicted to this. Youth is a power-house of energy. This energy should not be wasted in drugs, lust and socalled open culture prevalent

humanity, in fighting poverty,

crime, terrorism and other social ills. Sisters are being raped in public today while the

cowardly spectators - because they neither have the courage nor the energy to resist. The youth of today are themselves entangled in evil habits and are working as puppets in the hands of antisocial elements. If

the youth have to uplift themselves and the nation to greater heights, they have to identify their inner strengths

and yoke these in nation building activities. This great mantra given by Swami Vivekananda has to be borne in mind continually - 'Arise, Awake and stop not till the goal is reached.'

Get up and set your shoulder to the wheel - how long is the life for you? As you have come in this world, leave some mark behind. Othenruise where is the difference between you and the trees and stone? They too come into existence, decay and die. - SwamiVivekanand

Mental slavery is worse than physical slavery. Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011


The Meoning of Goyatri lvlantra Rishis have selected the words

of various

Mantras and arranged them in such a way that they not only convey some meaning but their chanting also creates specific energies. Gayatri

' .


destroyer of sufferings


embodiment of happiness



is a mantra which inspires righteous wisdom. ', sqvituh It means that the Almight,v God may illuminate

bright, luminous like the Sun

our intellect, which may lead us on the

best, most exalted

varenyath bhargo

righteous path. This is the most important prayer. All the problems of a person are solved devasva if he is endowed with righteous wisdom. Having far-sighted wisdom, a man is neither '. dhtmqhl entangled in avoidable calamity nor does he . dhiyo tread a wrong path. A wise man intuitively finds solutions to his problems. Those who lack this clear-sightedness find always facing problems and ever living from crisis to crisis. The worship of Gayatri mnntra bestows the boon of righteous wisdom. The teachings

of and the powers incorporated in Gayatri mantra fulfill this purpose. Righteous r.r,isdom starts emerging as soon as Jap of this mantra is taken up as a Sadhana. The mantrn and the meaning of its words are as follows:

Oth bhnrbhuvqh svah tatsaviturvareryyarh bkargo devasya dhtmahi dhiyo yo nab pracodaydt

Oth bhub

Brahma or

Almighty God

embodiment of vital spiritual energy (pran)

Progress is not and

.yo ' nah

destroyer of sins

divine may imbibe intellect

who our

. pracodayat may inspire In short, it is a prayer to the Almighty Supreme God, the Creator of entire cosmos, the essence of our existence, who removes all our pains and sufferings and grants happiness beseeching His divine grace to imbibe within us His Divinity and Brilliance, which may puify us and gurde on the righteous path.

A man gets imbued with divine qualities by contemplating and meditating on this meaning of Gayatri. One should contemplate on these feelings daily and regularly. Three prayer-filled meditations are given here which should be silentiy recited and projected on the mental screen through imagination.

by wealth, but by-irtues rified intellect. Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2oj1

1. "The

Almighty God, who is known aspranaa pervades all the three Lokas, viz, Bhooh-lok,


and Swah-lok. He

an imaginary picture of that word should be drawn in the mind.


Omnipresent. The cosmos is physical manifestation of God who pervades its each and every particle. I am seeing Him everywhere. I would always refrain from evil thoughts and evil deeds and perform true worship of God by extending cooperation in promoting happiness, peace

and beauty in this universe which is His creation". 2. "This (tat) God is extremely bright (saaitur),

most exalted (aarenyam), devoid of sin (bhargo) and divine (der:asya).I visualize this

Divinity within me, in my soul. By such contemplation, I am becoming illumined; virtues are growing in all the layers of my being. I am being saturated with these virtues, these characteristics, of God." 3. "That God may inspire (prachodayaf) our (naha) intellect, wisdom (dhiyo) and lead us on righteous path. May our intellect, the intellects of our family members and of all of us, be purified and may He lead us on the righteous path. On getting righteous wisdom, which is the greatest achievement and is the source of all the happiness in this world, rrray we be able to enjoy celestial bliss in this life and make our human life purposeful." We should contemplate and meditate on these three prayer-filled meditations slowly and pausing for a moment on each word and

While contemplating upon the first meditation, it should be imagined that God pervades ail the three Lokas, the earth, the heaven and nether world. God should be visualized pervading these Lokas in the form of light, heat and electricity, life force (pran) etc. This vast universe is the living physical image of God. The Sadhak should try to visualize in his imagination a glimpse of the All-pervading Omni-present God just as was revealed to Arjun by Lord Krishna. He should imagine that God is all around him and he (devotee) is sitting in God's lap. It should be pondered how evil thoughts and evil actions could remain lodged in his mind and body in the presence of the Omni-potent Divinity. He should imagine that each and every manifestation of this universal Godhead is adorable and that wellbeing lies in selfless service of this universe, this vast humanity and in beautifying God's creation. While reflecting on the second meditation, one should imagine the extremely bright and luminous, supremely exalted God adorned with all divine qualities, seated on the throne of Sadhak's heart. God can be also visualized in the form olVirat Purush, Ram, Krishna,Vishnu, Gayatri, Sarsvati etc. and in the flame of a lamp. Cod can be meditated upon in male or in mother's form according to one's own inclination. God is female as well as male. Gayatri Sadhaks prefer to meditate on the Almighty God in the form of Mother Gnyntri. Brilliance, supreme excellence, utmost piety,

Manure of virtues and water of lness lead to the development of a plant of personality. Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011


purity and divine righteousness should be visualized in the beautiful image of Mother Gayatri.It should be imagined that such a

By such contemplation, the meaning of Gayatri

has caughtthe intellectandfeelings of ourhead and

Mantra is fully assimilated in the heart of the Sadhak. The result is that in a short time his mind gets diverted from evil thoughts and evil deeds and he starts taking enthusiastic joy in righteous thinking and good actions. Howsoever little this tendency may be in the beginning, it is almost certain that if the practice persists, the inner-self of the Sadhakbecomes more and more awakened and the ultimate aim of life draws closer and

heart and is guiding them on the path of


beautiful and virtuous divine power permanently dwells in the sadhak's heart and permeates all the pores of his body. While thinking on the third meditation, it should be felt that the divine power of Gayatri

righteousness. We are pure, concentrated and

(Tobe continued)

enthusiastic and are moving in the direction of righteousness with the grace of Mother Gay atri. These three kinds of prayer-filled meditations

embodied in

G ay

atr i Mantr a arc syrnb olic of Gy an -

yog, Bhakti -yog and Karma-yog.



contemplation of the meaning of Gayatri arnounts to immersion in the Triaeni of these three kinds

IReproduced from Chapter 11 of 'Super Science

of Gayatri' (English abridged version of 'Gayatri Mahavigyan'(in Hindi) by Pt Shriram Sharma Acharya), Revised edition, 2004, Published by Yug Nirman Yojana, Gayatri Tapobhoomi, Mathural

of yog. A wealthy man grew old. He was plagued by diseases. He had heard that King Parikshit had

attained salvation by hearing the narration of the story of Bhagvat Puran by Veetraag Shukdevji. He too developed faith on the Bhagwat and started thinking of making arrangements to listen the narration of the Bhagwat by some Brahmin. He found a profound Pandit. On seeing that the man was wealthy,

the Pandit decided to trick him. He said, 'This is Kaliyug (dark age). You will achieve salvation only if you hear the story five times." Pandit took the money in advance and it was settled upon to have five weeks of Bhagwat reading. The wealthy man participated in all ol them. He took interest in the first one. He somehow survived through the remaining four. Nothing happened. His mind was even more

restless. He then met a saint. He quizzed the saint on why he did not benefit from the five Bhagwat sessions? The saint said, "Parikshit was listening to the Bhagwat with a very detached mind. He had no desires left. The storywas being narrated bya liberated soul like Veetraag Shukdev. Yoursessions

had neither of the two qualities."

These days we have so many of such Katha sessions but is anyone gaining anything from these? People who are involved in these sessions are neithertrue seekers northe speakers free from temptations.

Great men belong to the entire world and not just to a particular sect or eountry.


Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011

Yoga Therapv -


Yogic Treatment


Kidney Stones In the next few articles in this series, yogic treatment of diseases related to urinary and

reproductive system is planned to

be discussed. Though urinary and reproductive

systems are two completely independent systems, some activities of both are carried out through one organ. So the diseases of this one organ affect both the systems. Tantric science associates these systems with the water element. At Pranic level these are associated with apan adyu. At the extrasensory level, it is believed that their control is associated with the swadhishthan chakra. According to yoga the swadhishthan chakra is located at the last tip of

the vertebral column (coccyx or tail bone), exactly behind anal opening and slightly upwards. Whenever there is some disorder in water element or apan aAyu or sznadhishthan chakra these systems contract diseases.

Usually these stones keep lying inside the kidneys quietly without any symptoms. But sometimes they descend down with urine into the urinary tubes and get stuck. They bruise the soft skins of these tubes which results in the symptoms of unbearable pain, inflammation and blood in the urine. Types of stones There are two main types of 1. Oxalate stones



these types of stones are

formed when urine is continuously thick in consistency or if there is excess of foods in the diet that are rich in oxalates. These foods include tomatoes, spinach or other green leafy vegetables.

2. Calcium

or Phosphate stones


These stones

are in the form of larger crystals. When urine

In the context of urinary system, yogic treatment of kidney stones will be discussed in the present article. The problem of kidney stones arises when very minute particles in urine slowly begin to accumulate within the kidneys. Normally, these minute particles are routinely expelled with the urine in dissolved state. However, due to some disturbance in body metabolism, or due to unbalanced diet or due to excessive stress, these particles begin to accumulate in the forrn of small or big stones.

is aikaline in nature or the


metabolism is disturbed then these stones

begin to grow quickiy. The calcium metabolism can get upset due to some dysfunction of parathyroid gland, or also, due to excess consumption of food items in diet that are rich in calcium, Iike milk. This situation can also arise when some one remains lying on bed for a long time, or in old age when due to dissolution of bones, the amount of calcium increases in blood.

We shouldn't do such deeds that make us to burn in the fire of remorse. Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011


This calcium gets deposited in kidneys in the form of stones and begins to create problems.

Reasons for stones

There are many reasons for stone formations. It can happen also due to other

. breaking deep inside, and sharp pain in the . stomach. Sometimes there is so much pain in . the renal colic that patient begins to vomit. ' Passing of blood in urine is also an indication ' of this disease. If the patient also contracts ' some infection in the urinary bladder, then ' fever and shivering also can occur.

diseases. Primarily there are two main reasons


the first is disturbance in body metabolism which excessively increases salt percentage in urine. The stones begin to grow when the urine remains thick continuously or with disturbed chemical combinations in it. The second main reason is excesses in diet; excessive consumption of food items which are rich in protein and increase acidity like meat, and other items that cause acidity like maida (very finely ground wheat flour), refined sugar, excess tea, coffee, chemically preserved food, strong and sour spices etc. When someone consumes too much salt and drinks less water then the urine becomes thick

and stones can get formed. In addition, in diseases like rheumatism, hyper-caiciuria, hyper-thyroidism or renal calculi the possibility of stone formation is higher. Chronic diseases like high blood pressure, hypertension and diabetes are also some of the reasons. Some medicines like diuretics, calcium related drugs and antacids etc. also promote this disease.

Symptoms of stones Some diseases of stones lie dormant within the kidneys and no symptom of the disease is noticed. But normally the patients complain of excessive pain behind the waist, pain like that

of a pulled muscle, sounds like something is

. When a slightly bigger stone begins to ' descend from the kidneys into the urethra (the . thin urinary tube), gets stuck and then inches . slowly forward, it leads to severe pain. This is . called as uretheric colic. This pain begins at . the waist and spreads all the way to the . reproductive organs. The pain is felt again and . again for several hours or days. The pain ' begins suddenly and the patient begins to ' writhe by bending legs up and down and ' rolling over. Most of the times, along with the ' pain, other combined symptoms like vomiting, ' perspiration and intense urge to urinate can ' also be observed. Despite the urge, very less ' quantity of urine gets passed and it could be ' mixed with blood too. All these symptoms . point to presence of stones and blockages in . the urirrary tract. This condition needs proper . medical lreatment.


Diagnosis ttre ideniification and diagnosis of stones

. . is a complex process. For diagnosis ultrasound . and hetical CT scans are used. Intravenous . pyelogram is also used. Modern treatment of stones

In this disease a lot of water must be drunk, so that due to the pressure of urine stone descends into the tube on its own quickly. If

The happiness associated with hffi sible in this life itself. Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011

the stone is about 4 mm thick there are B0 Vo chances that it would go through the tube. If it is Smm thick then the chances are 20 %.If it is 9-10 mm thick then treatment is necessary. The treatment is called lithotripsy, in which the bigger stones are broken into small pieces and flushed through the tube. If the disease is still not cured then the stone is removed by surgery, but this process is not without danger. It can

Hansdsan, Mayardsan,


Daipadshirsdsan etc. These Asans must be chosen under an expert

advice and must be performed as per capacity.




This disease can also be cured

by Prapayam. Nadi shodhan and Bhastrika Prapayam should be carried out with bandhs. Prapayam cures the disease in an indirect

have side effects and the stones can get formed

again. So it is good to adopt yogic treatment.

manner and should be done in combination

Yogic treatment of stones In the severe pain due to big stones,

with other groups of


medicines have to be taken and the stones have


to be removed by surgery. But to prevent formation of stones again and again and to remove small old stones or their tiny particles, yogic exercises can be a very effective and worthy process.

practice of pashtnt_ mudr d, Y o g-mudr d, V aj r oli-mu dr d and. S ahj tztt_ mudra help cure this disease. Mnl-bandh and Uddiyan bandh sholld also be practiced.


Shatkriya - Agnisar kriya and Naulr _ to be done every day. They stop the formation


Sarya Namaskdr - perform one or two rounds as per capacity.


Mudra and Bandh


of stones in the kidneys. Laghu_ sh

ankhp r aks h al an and p nr yt a -Shankhp r aksh al an

to be done once a week. Asans


Asans are a very effective



for prevention of formation of stones. Using Asansblocked Pragtic flow can be reactivated in the kidneys and by applying a definite pressure there, the flow can be maintained. Assns that prevent formation of stones and are most effective are - Trikopasan, Vajrdsan group of dsans (Vajrasan, Mdrjdrlasan,






disease does not grow.

. '.



Dhyan - Meditation is also very essential for prevention of the disease. Ajapa_jap and Nad-yog are beneficial.



Vyaghrasan, Supt-Vajrasan, lJshtrasan,'. Shashank-bhuj angasan), Taddsan, Tiryak_ T ad asan, Kati-Chakr asan, II dar dkarp anas an,'.


Shalabhasan, Chakr asan, Ar dh-mntsy en dr dsan,

Naukasan, Ardhapadma-paschimottanasan,

Ardhnpadma-Halasan, Merudandasan,

Shithihkaran- Kidney stones lead to stress and stress leads to acidity. Acidity causes stone formation from food. To prevent this, practice Yog-nidra and Shaassan so that the



- Taking full, well-balanced and fresh natural food is more beneficial in attaining good health. Fruits, fruit juices and light

Contentment is the basis of happiness. Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2o1i


boiled pithy vegetables make urine alkaline. Stone formations are more when the urine is acidic in nature and its alkaline nature

2. At least once or twice a week exercise till

stops stone formation. So


3. In four glasses of water put one yaonal

consumption of acidic foods and consume more alkaline foods. Other acid producingitems like maida, cake, chowmein, Maggi noodles, junk foods, packed

(Sorghum vulgare pers) and lemon-grass. Their dissolved juices when consumed daily are beneficial in all kinds of stones. Take half to one gram of Shilajit twice a day; it strengthens kidneys and is beneficial

foods etc. shouldbe avoided. Stop consuming


tomatoes and spinach immediately. These increase the quantity of oxalic acid in the body and that increases the rate of stone formation. Excess of salt makes the urine more viscous, so avoid salt. Drink a lot of water. In summers consume at least 20 glasses a day.




Fasts are the perfect remedies for

all diseases. On the day of fast drink a lot of water. This reinvigorates the slowed down urinary system and gets drained and





Skin of horse-gram should be soaked overnight in water, and the water should be consumed in the morning. Powder of the roots of horse radish should

be soaked in water overnight. In the morning filter out the powder and drink the water. Similarly, munakkn (large raisins)

could be soaked overnight and its water could be taken in the morning.


Other important suggestions


In the next issue yogic treatment of another disease of this system shall be discussed.

Walk everyday, especially after meals in ihe evening.

About 1800 years ago a devastating earthquake hit the city of Pompeii in Rome. That single assault converted the whole city into ruins. When the Archeologists surveyed these ruins, a beautiful city emerged. Some memoirs of the survivors of that earthquake were also found. They lived till there was water and then they too died. One of these memoirs is very touching indeed. Everyone ran helter-skelter. Everyone told the sentry at the gate of the palace - "You too must run". He said, "l am on duty here. I can't budge from here." He kept standing there, fully dressed. The debris fell on him and he died on the spot. When the archeologists dug nearthe palace gate, theyfound that sentry in an attention position, absolutely erect. His skeleton, chest piece and the sword were found in the same condition. ln Rome, that skeleton was given a royalwelcome. The whole nation paid him a rich tribute. Even after centuries have passed by, that duty bound sentry is still delivering a message to everyone - "Human dignity lies in not staying away from one's duties."

The welfare of one depends on the welfare of the society. -4

+ 40


Akhand Jyoti



Infinite |oy of Finding o Guru & Doing UpdsanE (Translation of a series of discourses by Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya on the topic " Sddhana Mein Prtirya A Jaye to Kamala Ho Jaye,,l Let us begin with the collective chanting of the Gayatri Manfra: "Om Bltilr Buvalt Swah, Tatsaviturvarenyarit Bhargo Devasya Dhtmahi, Dhiyo Yonah Pracodaydt I l" Sisters and Brothers,

I have found God in the form of my Guru. He is an omnipotent source ready to shower guidance and support in all my endeavors for the past fifty-five years. \Alho helps anyone (in altruistic efforts) these days? I am indeed beatified! From where could I get the supramental intelligence to translate the entire Vedic Text in lucid Hindi with explanatory remarks? Up iill now only four people on this earth could attempt translation of the four Vedas. One of them was Ravana. Other two names were Mahidhar and Ubbat. Most recent name cited in the history of Ancient Scriptural research is that of Acharya Sayana. Nobody else could do it.

It is a Herculean task for ordinary beings. But how could I complete it only in one year? It was by the divine grace of my Guru. At the

same time, I could also translate, with illustrative commentaries in the prefaces, the eighteen Puranas, six Darshanas and hundred-

and-eight Upanishads? It was my Guru's power that had got it done through me. I have surrendered my being to him. I consider myself as a puppet that moves as per the instructions

of the master. (This is what a true disciple, a devotee is supposed to do. Without surrendering your ego and self-centered attitude you cannot experience the Infinite Self, cannot grasp the Supreme Light).

Now see, how that Omnipotent can make one accomplish majestic intellectual tasks?

Path-breaking Research in Scientific Spirituality: Have you seen the Brahmvarchas Shodha Sansthan located about half a kilometer from

here (Shantikunj)? It is the research wing of our mission. It is established as a torchbearer, a model of original research in the Science of Spirituality. The research here is aimed at providing viable and comprehensive modes for complete well-being. These will include preventive and therapeutic modes for the fitness of the body, mind and the inner self.

Don't mis-spend even a single penny. Alfiand Jyota

Jan-Feb 2011

41 tr

Not only for elimination of the diseases,

in a bakery /factory and you only roast

complications and infirmities, the research here will also focus on further strengthening of the

toasts. The heater or toaster does not produce

normal mind-body system and


bread, it only heats it. The Brahmvarcha: Shodh Sansthan is like a heater. Bread ir already prepared (as per the Almighty'r project), this heater will make toasts, butter will also be applied here to serve hot, tastr toasts to you all, and to the world. Do yol think bread also would have been preParec


psychological, intellectual and spiritual evolution of mankind. Who has given this idea? Who has envisaged and formulated the direction of research? My Guru has inspired and guided me on all fronts.

here? No, this is not so easy. Ask the scientists

the researchers of world repute, even the mos

Who will carry out research in this centre? Well that way there are well-educated persons here who have voluntarily joined this distinct project which will incorporate integration of

Vedic and Modern Science in the light of spirituality. Some of them are post-graduates and some with doctorates in Science, Psychology, or Philosophy. There also are experts from modern medical sciences including those holding brilliant profiles up till and after M.D., M.S., M.B.B.S., and bachelors and masters of the ancient Indian medical science of Ayurveda. Will they initiate this research? No dear! The plan of this grand project is already chalked out. These people will only have to follow it, implement it, and present its model to give directions to the world. It is like this: a recipe is ready; these people will just try out its sample preparation and distribute practicable tips to many others. These days many people eat bread-butter in breakfast. Have you seen a milk-bread? How

is it? It is baked and cut into slices. At home you simply roast the slices on a heating pan or in a toaster to prepare crispy toasts; then apply butter on the toasts and eat. The bread is not prepared in your house. lt is already prepared

talented ones spent whole life in working on:

single topic, mostly emanated from


established area of research. Then just thinl of the grandeur of the research, which ii unprecedented; which has not beer

' ' ' '

investigated or even thought of by any one ir any form. That tight of knowledge (scientifir spirituality), which is still hidden since tht creation of universe, is going to be brought or the horizons of pure intellect. This will improvt the welfare of mankind, carve a new histon

of the creation of the world, usher into

' I . .


illumined future for all. Who is the originator the principal investigator of this research? It ij mv 'boss' , my divine Guru; I am only ar instrument, a medium to transmit the messagt of the Almighty.

I feel infinitely blessed by dedicatini myself to my Guru. He also has expresser immense contentment and bliss having fount a disciple who has dedicated his very existena to the Guru. Whenever I have had th,

opportunity to meet him I have seel immeasurable love in his eyes. Infiniti blessings are showered upon me in thost moments.

Only the money earned by hard work and honesty is beneficial.


Akhand Jyoti



Do Not Make a Mockery Tradition:


. that too in such pathetic conditions? Certainly, . every guru can,t be of the caliber of . Vishwamitra and disciples like Harishchandra


Most iisyas (disciples) of today are anything but Sisyas. They are sort of thugs, bluff-masters,

' are not born in every era. Nevertheless, the ' tradition of guru-Sisya has been and should ' continue to be as dignified as in the times of ' yore. This is the foundation of spiritual ' development.

clever and greedy chaps, who want to grab everything; get fulfilled all kinds of their good or bad demands, worldly wishes, everything through their guru. They think the guru is a magician who will produce things from the air, or he is some duliard who will do whatever they beg for if they touch his feet, offer him

People have made a mockery of this great

tradition these days. The way its goes with

some sweets and clothes etc. For,ryas these

them is like an entertaining game in which one

days the title guru (spirituat master) seems to be conferred upon someone who can serve as an agent between God and them. They pray before the gurus to bless them with promotion in their jobs, profit in their business, resolution

plays like a guru and others like his chelas (disciples). Ironically, their mouths may talk of god, religion and spirituality, but their conducts are just the contrary. The gurus are fakes and the chelas are greedy. Both cheat each

of pending disputes in their favor, those not other and try to grab as much materialistic having children pray for having at least one favor from each other as possible with all sorts issue; those having them pray of good jobs for of ostentations. You better keep away from their son, good groom for their daughter, the such charltons. Don,t utter the word diseased ones want good health, the greedy spirituality if you are a part of such delusive ones want riches and what not...., the list is practices of guru-iisya. .



Fine! You may think that

if a true guru is capable of bestowing divine bliss and


enlightenment, then why he can,t give the tiny toys of worldly giftsl But do you know what



means to be a disciple of a true guru? Do you know what kind of examinations one has to pass to fit into the criteria set for a true disciple? If I ask you to face even the minimal of such a test, most of you will collapse. Have



you heard of King Harish Chandra and his guru Maharshi Vishwamitra? Do you know the hardships the king had faced sacrificing his kingdom, wealth power, family, his identity,

If you don't understand why sadhana and sacrifice are essential on the part of guru as well as the iisya, iet me explain it in more worldly terms. Human life and even Nature,s system survives on the principle of ,,give and take". You cannot expect to get anything without paying for it appropriately _ be that in terms of money, labor, favor or any other thing. Give and Take: You know it well that you can purchase only



small things by paying small amounts. High quality products, precious things cost very

A polite and sweet speaking person converts enemies too into friends. Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011


high. What do you use in worshiping a deity in a shrine? Some water, rice, kumkum (saffron or vermilion), flowers and may be some sugar balls or sweets. You may also light a tiny lamp and burn an agarb attt (incense stick). How much does all that cost? Only a few coins or rupees! What can you expect in return? As a fair deal, you can only get a small thing worth the price of few rupees. Who would give you gold or diamond in its exchange? And you want to acquire invaluable attainments of spirituality? Does is make any sense? How is that possible? Your success will also be as negligible as your efforts are. Okay, god or guru is magnanimous so he may give you a thing worth ten rupees for the two rupees you paid. What more can you expect? If you want a precious jewel of 'million dollars' then pay at least a noticeable fraction of that. This should be as clear as that. Just because someone longs for it, screams and cries, will you give an important thing costing several thousand rupees to someone who wants to buy it in five or ten rupees? No, you won't, in normal state of mind. Then, how can you, having head on your shoulders, insist for it, or expect it from somebody?

If you want to have supernormal qualities, paranormal attainments (siddhis), you will have to 'pay' for it - whether you call it a fee or a price - through sddhana, sacrifice, surrender and service worth the level of the siddhis you aspire for.

kind of sddhand? So far your attempts of superficial. You either do it half-heartedly like a compulsion imposed upon you, or do it causally like a child's play. Now you have to be serious and put forth a zealous and thorough effort. You have to induce prapa3 in your endeavors. You are alive and active because of your prdna. It is prdrya that energizes your body; pulsates your heart, activates your mental functions, inspires desire; it is the source of courage, strength, enthusiasm and fearlessness. Greater the level of prdyta, more dynamic, creative and productive would be your life. I have explained you the real meaning and importance of prdrlaprati;lhaa. Let it take place in your sadhana too. Induce prdqa in your updsana (sadhand). Let 1t be vibrant. sddhand-upasana|,z have been

In some wedding ceremony they were playing a filmy song. In a mood of dancing the

- " mere pairon me ghungharn bandhd phira de to meri cdla dekha \e... (Tie the ghungharii singer utters


anklets with many ringing bells


on my feet,

then see how I walk!!)". \Alhat does he mean? He is saying that the real thrill of his dance will occur when he wears ghungharv. That is it! Your dance is duli because there is no music, no ringing bell of ghungharil to boost up the rhythm of your dance-steps. The enchantment of dancing comes through the musical support

of the rhythmic tingling of the tiny bells of in the background. It tunes up the


steps of dance and also boosts up the dancer's


Should Be Vivacious:

You are interested in obtaining siddhis but you don't know that siddhis can be definitely attained only by dedicated sddhand. But, what

mood and energy. That is why the hero of that film was singing that "... let me wear the ghunghart then you see how my movements will vibrate with the flow of their music ...".

One who follows the wrong path can't escape from self-scolding.


Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011

You should also wear the,ghungharfr, of prana to let it set the background, and trigger the

flow to drive your dancing movements (efforts), then see how lively and thrilling your dance (updsand) would be! A nafural question now arises -why do you need it? The answer is simple: prana, because,

without the inner energy your efforts of updsand are dull,life-less. (To be concluded in next issue)

Khusro, the son of a rich man of Turkey, got so obsessed with the desire to search for the ultimate truth that he left all the luxuries and became a mystic. He was in search of a great man who would be able to give him spiritual guidance. By

chance, he met Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya. Both were very happy to meet each other. Auliya felt that he had found a

good disciple but it was necessary to ascertain this through test and evaluation. Auliya said, "You are a scholar. you know

Arabic, persian, Sanskrit and many other lndian languages. You should be in the king's

so many languages Notes: 1_



Sadhana: Devout spiritual endeavor aimed at inner illumination and elevation; it begins

court." Khusro said, "l have left everything behind and have come to your court. I

with dedicated efforts of self-transformation through control over mind and other senses.

within and around him. The word

don't feel the need to be at the king,s court." Happy with the answer, Auliya accepted him as a disciple. Khusro's spiritual upliftment continued under the guidance of the guru. Looking at the prevalent conditions in lndia at that time,

meaning of " upasana" is 'to sit near,. In simple terms, it is a devotional practice of sitting near

Hazral Nizamuddin Auliya said to Khusro, "l want to sacrifice you for the good of the

God, i.e., having an emotionalproximitywith

nation. You should eradicate hatred and


Worship or devotional practice to

enable the devotee recall and experience God,s


divinity that induces awakening of the divine qualities hidden in the devotee. Prdrya: Life-force,

vital spiritual energy.

Prd4a-prati;tha: Sacrament and spiritual experiment of invocation and enshrinement of transcendent divine power of God (in an idol, for example, which is worshiped in a shrine).

spread the rnessage of harmony

amongst Hindus and Muslims. Tour the entire country. Create an environment

where the whole country will remain bound together." Following his Guru's order, Khusro went to each nook and corner of lndia. He sang his songs regarding cultures and beliefs. Khusro played a vital role in binding our country together. Even today, not just lndia but the whole world needs many people like Ameer Khusro.

one can escape from court and police, but not from God. Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011


Highlights of Birth Centenary Celebrations Understand the nature of programs and prepare accordingly Tuto National-leael programs (one from 6th to 10th November 20LL) and tuto regional-Ieoel progrnffis (an Vasant Paraa and Ramnaaami) and the other to be announce later.

lntroduction The love and affection of yugrishl towards yugshilpis is not limited by time. It has been nurtured for the past many lives. That is why yugshilpis have this natural tendency to do sometlring for the yugrishi. An overwhelming enthusiasm is flowing out of their hearts on the occasion of the centenary celebrations.

In addition to this fact, we have to bear in mind the specific expectations of the yugrishi from us - the yugshilpis. ln the limited time available, many impossible looking targets have to be achieved. We have in front of us, the challenges for creating favorable and emphatic atmosphere for the ushering in of the new era. We cannot close our eyes to these challenges. It is important that we maintain our identity in accordance to our stafus of working that existed in our previous lives and execute our moral responsibilities.

It is good that we decide our roles and responsibilities intelligently and invest a considerable amount of our time, influence, knowledge, focused efforts and money in a transparent way. We should exhibit our sense of responsibility by working in mutual cooperation and face with courage all the hurdles and challenges that come in the way. With characteristics of commonsense, honesty,

responsibility and courage (Four Varchas) we have to take our objective to its destined goal. It is for completing these phases of work that we have started to publish a countdown for the centenary celebrations in all the magazines.

It is very heartening thal parijans from almost all the regions have prepared their definite goals for the year 2070-2011which is the year of prayaj. Some of them are still in the process

of setting goals while others are finalizing them. We believe that announcing the dates of the programs will help them get a clear picture and hence enable them to prepare their goals and achieve them with greater enthusiasm.

The four programs that have been decided upon The period from Vasant Parva 2011 to Vasant parva of 2012 has been firmed up as the time for celebrating Pujya Gurudev's centenary year. Four programs have been decided to be taken up during this period of one year. Among them, two are to be performed at the central level while the other two will be taken up at regional level in an organized manner.


of the central programs, to


announced later, will be held in a huge stadium in New Delhi. This program will be on the lines

The true wealth of man is thoughts and not money.


Akhand Jyoti

.tan-reo zott


of Srijan Samkalpa Vibhuti Mahayagya held in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi in the

disciplined manner. The main intention of having this program in a decentralized way is that devotees and disciples from all

Year 2000. The second program will be conducted in Haridwar from 6th to 10 regions will be conveniently able to November 2011. This program will be on the participate in this. lines of Yugsandhi Mahapurashcharan Purnahuti conducted in the year 2000. .4. Prabhat Pheris: On Sunday, the d,h February, Prabhat pheris or Shobha yatras or The dates for the above programs have Kalash yatras will be organized. Prabhat pheris been decided. The details of the programs and can be organized in several localities of the the roles and responsibilities to be discharged city during the morning. After mid-day, by the regional parijans and the extent of their shobhay atr a-kalashy atr a can be arranged along participation will be decided and with tableau and other paraphernalia. communicated at a later stage. The responsibility of organizing specific tasks b. Akhand lapa: Akhand japu will be related to the programs will be given to conducted from 6AM on 7th February till regional groups, like the previous programs. 6AM of B'h February. This can be conducted in several units or groups present all over Regional programs have been shaped in the city or town. A Deamancft along with tune with the expectations of yugrishi and have Kslnsh,lamp, Mnshal, Rishiyugm should be been made sadhana-centric. Gurudev was arranged. A banner of "Yugrishi's Centenary perfornring his S oo kshmeekar an sadhnnn during Celebrations" should be placed at the his Diamond Anniversary. Vandaniya Mataji entrance. The deamsncft should have a published a book with the details of the banner saying "Noble intellect for everyone program on the occasion of this Diamond - Bright future for everyone". In addition anniversary as per the instructions of Param to Cayntri parijans, other people who are Pujya Gurudev. It was an appeal to parijans to interested can also be invited for Akhand become more active in sadhanas. lnpa.It will be best if they can chant Gayatri mantra; else they can chant the mantra of The outline of the two regional programs is as their choice along with the thought-forms given below; written on the banner. There should be a L. Centenary celebration: Pujya Gurudev has de{inite set of people assigned to do japa in always considered Vasant Panchami to be his birthday. Hence, the inaugural program of the centenary celebrations will be on Vasant Parva on Bth February 2011. In general terms, this will continue for 3 days. This program will also be organized by all small and big units of our pariaar in a

batches of fixed duration so that there is a

continuous flow of people. Additional people can come and go as they wish.


Lamps to welcome and usher the New Age:

On the evening of

7,h February, arrange lighting of 5 lamps symbolizing the welcome

Following strict daily routine promises good health. Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 20i1


of the new era. Ensure that you inspire and encourage people for this beforehand.

completed by 6AM on 8'h February. The program of Yagyn-Shraddhanjali should begin at 7 AM on 8th. Based on the number of participants, you can have any number of yagya kunds from 1 to 9.

should be informed about the VisionaryYugrishi aspect of Param Pujya Gurudev. Dignitaries from other organizations should also be given a chance to speak about their progressive thoughts. They should be given the translations of yug nirmnn satsanknlpas in their language and they should be asked to share their thoughts on the sanknlpas.

After Deapujan andbefore Agnisthapan, offer

At the end, you should appeal to the

individual and collective shraddhanjali to

audience to imbibe the principles of yug nirman in their personal lives. With this seed thought, deepa yagya should be performed symbolically. Programs and initiatives that

d. Yagya and Shraddhanjaliz lapa


After yug sangeet is completed, the attendees


Gurusatta. As part of collective shraddhanjali,

read out the objectives achieved during the prayaj year of 201,0-201.7. hach parijan should report the details of their upasana, sadhana and aradhana that they have done and that they will do in the anuyaj year. All these

have been decided to be taken up in conjunction with other organizations should

be announced. After Vote of Thanks and aarati, the program should be brought to conclusion.

should be noted beforehand. A copy of these details should be kept in one's own puja room as a reminder, and another copy should be offered as shraddhanjali.

.3. Purnahuti of

ii. After

lhis, agnisthapana should be done and yagya performed. Based on the number of sadhaks, you can have more than one round of ahutis. After this, the yngya can be completed along with aarati and pushpanjali.


Take care to arrange for amrutashan in the form of Prasad as per the wishes of yugrishi.





Mahapurascharan Two years before the centenary celebrations of the Yugrishi, parijans had resolved to perform srujan sadhnna. The rules regarding japa and arata of this sadhnna are as given belowf apa: To participate

in collective japa, for

awakening the creative collective consciousness, in any one slot among 6.00 to

2. Yugnirman

Sammelan - Deepa yagna Yugnirman meeting or Deepa yagya should


be organized on the evening of the same

Vrata: A regular sadhak should resolve to imbibe the principles of yug nirman yojana in order to refine his personality. A sadhak who has accepted tl.e arata should also consider the commandments in the letter

day between 5-7 PM or 6-8PM in the town or

shaktipeeth. Eminent people from different like-minded organizations, devotees, scholars should be invited to this meeting.

AM or

1.30 to 2.00 PM or 6.00 to 6.30 PM.

Hard dedicated work can convert failure into success, tr48

Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011


'Apne ang auyaoon se' also as guiding light in

his life, in addition to yugnirman satsanknlp. Sadhnks belonging to both categories should ascend the steps of self-refinement, and selfdevelopment through self-introspection.

For achieving the above objectives, two pocket books are being recommended "Deekshit naishtik parijan chadayein ek saarthak

shrnddhanjali" (The initiated and devoted parijans should offer a befitting token of their skraddha) and "Yugrishi eaam unki yojanaon ko

Devoted parijans have organized this in groups in many places. Alt the participants of this sadhnna will do the purnahuti along with the purnahuti of Chaitra Narsaratris on Ramnavami Day (12,h April, 2011). This purnahuti will also be conducted in all units of Gayatri pariaar regionally from 6 to 10 AM. sadhana


(Understandyugrishi and his plans, make others understand and benefit from them).

Two small and expansive programs 1. Gayatri mantra is the bestower of noble intellect. Everyone can imbibe it. Let Gayatri mantra be installed in the place of

Enliven lhe Prayaj Sadhaks of Srujan sadhana

worship at each home and the meaning of Gayatri mantra in the main room of the house. The letter of inspiration in this regard has been published in the editorial page of 1.6th June, 2010 issue of pragya abhiyan. They have also been distributed to parijans on the occasion of Gayatri layanti and Guru Poornima.

purascharan who will particip ate in naaratri sadhana will naturally take part in the purnahuti. But those who for some reason cannot take part in the naaratri sadhana can participate in japa for 30 mins during the designated time during all the days of naaratri and participate in the purnahuti.

On the occasion of centenary year, all should put their best foot forward in taking the sankalpns tor the year of prayaj. Everyone should put in their maximum efforts and derive inspiration for reaching their objectives by remembering those principles that will energize him. The main principles are as given below: Whatever Yugrishi has asked, let us work for that with an open heart. He has asked for: o Two crores of pragya parijans . At least, 2lakhs of pragya putras r Propagate yugrishi's thoughts amongst the masses. Yug nirman is for everyone. Let there be participation from all creative and progressive organizations and groups.

samajhayein, Isabh uthayein,,


Yugnirman satsankalps that lead us to

bright future and explanation of the symbol of Mashaal are two works of yugrishi and none a

can deny their omnipotence. Start


movement to install these in homes, offices, schools, public places etc Appeals are being made time and again to parijans so that they strengthen the group by which the seven revolutions can gather pace, take the ideals of the mission to newer horizons,

and ennoble the people through training programs. All these objectives have to be achieved on the occasion of centenary celebrations. This is

our expectation from you all.

People who truly need to be respected - saint, reformer and martyr. Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011


Shantikuni News (in brief) 1. Indian Culture and Yoga attracts Indonesian Talent A lS-member group of academicians, led by Mr Sumaria Imade from the University of Indonesian Hindu Institute has arrived at Dev Sanskriti Vishwa Vidyalaya (DSVV) to receive training (from 1 December 2010 to 16 January 2011) in Yoga Science,

be developed here which will conduct experiments on the rays of Sun and the Moon as mentioned in Vedic literature. 'a


in Bhopal A grand youth camp was organized by

Ayurveda and Sanskrit. Their main

parijans of Gayatri Pariwar at Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh from October 29-37,2010. Dr Pranav Pandya inspired the gathering of 6000 youth volunteers, from different parts of the country, through his discourses like 'Youth - You are the peak of Himaiaya - Vision 2070', 'The campaign

objective of visiting Haridwar is to observe

the activities of DSVV in the fields of education, spirituality and culture and to work out the strategies for mutual cooperation between the two Institutes. After getting trained in Yoga, Ayurr.eda and Sanskrit, they wish to acquaint the Indonesian people with the powerful elements of Indian Culture. 2. Gayatri Consciousness Center to be established in Mumbai - the industrial capital of India A bhumi-pujan (sanctifying rites of land) of Gayatri Consciousness Center to be developed at Sanpada, Navi Mumbai was performed in the august presence of Dr Pranav Pandya, Head of AWGP and also Chief Editor of this magazine and other dignitaries on November 21, 2070. 77 invited guests, 108 yajmans, and about 2000 people including architects, engineers,

industrialists and active volunteers participated in this program. The center will house a grand temple of Goddess Gayatri and a mediiation center based on the style of a pyramid. A laboratory is planned to

Rashtriya Yuoq Chetana Shioir (National Youth Consciousness Camp ), conducted

of new creation of

Shatabdi Purush Contribution of Youth','How will the youth be when spiritual values are established in India?', 'Attention! The era is changing', etc. The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Sri

Shivraj Singh along r.t'ith several of his cabinet colleagues participated in this Program.


Psycho- spiritual Therapy

in DSW

The Department of Psychology in DSW,

Haridwar is working in the direction of integrating Yoga and Ayurveda with Psychotherapy. It has developed a psychospiritual model to cure all type of neurotic and psychotic disorders. In this approach the patient is given psychological treatment along with Yognidra, Reiki, Pranic healing, Acupressure, etc for his fast recovery.

Proper utilization of time assures success. tr50

Akhand Jyoti

Jan-Feb 2011

Glimpses of Bhumi-Pujan (sanctifying rites of land) of Gayatri Gonsciousness Genter to be established in Mumbai (See Shantikunj News item no 2 on page 50)

r'r riili












%# 1.

Birth Centenary Ceflebrations commence globally with 3-day Vasant Parva programs {Feb 6-8, 2011) in all the units of All World Gayaki Pariwar {AWGP), with mainprogram at the Headquarters, Shantikunj, Haridwar, India.


Festival of Lights: To be ceiebraied on the evening of Feb 7, 2011, by the iightingof minirnurn 5 iamps, at as many homes as possible, syrnbolizing the welcomeofthenewela"


Frograrn for the Awakening of Global Consciousness: To be organized in NewDelhi. The dates rarill bs announced later. The program is mainly for the national capital region and the srrrounding states. Entry by invitation on1y.


Mantra-Lekhsw Sadha*ao: Writing of Gayatri Mantra on speciai copies from Shivratri to Ramnavami Farva {i.e" f,rsm March 2 to April 2, 20 1 1) by as rnany X





Purnahwti af Srujan Sadhana il{ahapurc:,cfuarc;,; All the participants of this sadhnnawill do t}repurnclzuti alangwith ttle purnciruti af Chaitra Navaratris on Ram-navami Day (April 1Z,2Al 1). This program w ill be ccnducted locally in



Special Celebra*ioas on Guru Furaima Farva: 3-day pr$â‚Źp'axx;s iJuly 15-17, 201 1) to be organized ai a11the units ofAS/GP.


Srujan Snnlrulpa fuIahotsav snd 1551-Kundiyn Gajtutri Mahnyagta: This is the main cenkal evsat to be orguized fiom Nov 6-lA, 2011 in the heartland of Ganga, at Haridwar, India. About one crore panjans from across the globe are expected to participate in this program.

Parijans should avail of fhis unique opportunity of seeking the trlessings of our Gurusatta tly coatributing tbeir time, effort and resources to make these

,. ,i:, ,


events successful. ,,:.:,

4r,'o l,l,r


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