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Revered Dr Pranav Pandya addressing the National Seminar on lndigenous Techniques in Psychotherapy


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Bhumi Pujan


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Meeting of Parijans of North-West lndia at Ludhiana on organizational aspects

Volume - 9


Issue - 3

Pandit Shrirqm Sharnn Aclrcryn Mntu Bhogwnti Dcui Shorna

May-June 2011 Date

of Publication:


15.5. 2011


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Dr. Pronao Panchln


Prona: The Lile- Force

A person's physical form remains the same even after he is clinically dead. Everyone who knew him will recognize his / her face, as before. Unless it is damaged due to some accident or so, the facial feafures of a dead-body look the same as they were when the person was alive. A person, who was alive moments before, is now dead; no change in the appearance of his body, but it is now his dead-body. Why? What has changed? You may say that his heart is no longer beating; his body is not moving, etc. But you see the biochemical activities inside continue in the dead-body as well! That is what accounts for its gradual decomposition. So instead of heartbeat and other normal reactions, some new activities start in the body. What was that which used to prevent this decomposition earlier? What was that because of which there was auto-regulation of the body-functions, including the heartbeats and the brain impulses? It is the energy of consciousness-force (Chetana) thatis no longer available to the body. It is this vltal Prana (the llfe force) because of which the body (and the person who was identified by the name given to the body) was alive. The physical components, material form, apPearance, and the name and identity of the body are the same but it is dead and cannot do anything, camot even prevent its decompositiory if there is no prana jnit. I hope, you have got an inkling of what I am trying to convey. It is the vibrant energy of the Prana, which makes all the difference. This principle applies everywhere

in the

world, in every aspect of 1ife. The more vibrant and refined the life-force in a person, the better the quality of his life. Poojya Gurudev Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya To be successful in life it is important to oe prepareo tor all kinds of adverse situations. Akhand Jyoti

May-June 2011


01. AmritChintan Prana: The Life


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02. Frorn Chief Editor's Desk: There is only one clamour from all directions - Change,


What to eat, when to eat and how to eat?


Do we understand the science and art of


Be yourown


Seience and SpiritualiU Intrinsic Source of Hormonal Secretions



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Odlssey of the enlightened-2O



08. YouthColamn

How can you refine yourpersonality?



Are you aware of supernormal benefits of Gayatri?-7 ________25

Attainments of Gayatri Sadhaks


Vnobaji's Thltru on the Gitq-2L The sovereign science of service to humanity; Yoga of surrender -3




Yoga Therap!-2l Curing urinary incontinence with yoga therapy

A 32

12. AmritVani I,etthe spiritof spring permeate and upliftyourlife


13. Sufferings and their causes


14. On Wotnen Empowerment-3 Exploitation of women in the guise of art and modernity must stop 15.




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The first lesson of spirituality is to ask: Who am I and what am l? Akhand Jyoti

uay-.tune 201l

Ftou the Chief Editor'sDesk

There is Only one Clamour From AII Directions -Change, Change! We are very fortunate These days, there is a stirring of a transformative process in the collective human consciousness. Only those who are blindfolded or whose eyes are blurred might not recognize the signs and signals of this impending revolutionary transformation. Those who are pessimists might say that nothing can be done and that the world will continue to be as it has been. But those who have been blessed with an infuitive vision will clearly notice that a series of global changes are going to commence from 2011. We will hear oniy one clamour from eve4rnrhere - Transformation, Change, Change! Nobody can stop it now. The process of era-transformation has begun and we will see its advent clearly in the coming ten years. And, India is destined to play a very pivotal role in ushering this revolutionary thought process.

An important prediction Sri Aurobindo and Swami Vivekananda had made a prediction at different times that is applicable

to the present times. Both of them had predicted that the process of transformation of the era had commenced with the birth of Thakur Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa (1S36) itself, and would reach its peak and become visible after 175 years. This duration is the period of transition. Before we sow the seeds in the field, there are series of actions like digging, ploughing, watering weeding, etc; and the crop is not harvested on the next day of sowing itself. It takes its own time. Let us take the example of climate. Scorching summer does not transform into cool winter before passing through the transition period of Navratris. Similarlp spring season puts an end to autumn and we see surnmer conunence after the Chaitra Navratris. The renowned poet Kalidasa has described India as the land of six seasons and has aesthetically described the beauty of each

of the seasons. Those who understand the seasons and their cycle will clearly understand that transformation is the fundamental trait in Nafure - whatever is present today will not remain the same for ever; it has to change. According to the predictions of both, Swami Vivekanand and Sri Aurobindo, we have crossed the 175 year period of transition and the labour-like pains associated with it and are at the doorsteps of the Golden era. The icing on the cake is that this golden age is coinciding with the centenary year of our beloved and revered Gurudev. 2011 marks the completion of 100 years of

Only the pure of heart can enioy the happiness of wealth. Akhand Jyoti

MayJune 2011


Param pujya Gurudev's embodiment in 1911 and the process of transformation is perceptible all around us. We can ourselves observe and analyze how the past century has been a witness to some amazing and seemingly impossible events. Let me mention them one by one and it will get clearer to you.

Aristocracy bites the dust A hundred years ago, India was suffering from slavery. It was not just India but many other (mostly African and Asian) countries were also living under foreign hegemony. We never thought that we could achieve independence. Then there came a strong storm with the first revolutionary movement in 1857. 60-70 years later, freedom fighters like Gokhale, Tilak, Gandhi, Subhash, Bhagat Singh sprang into action and got freedom for our country. It is a different thing that Dayanand Saraswati, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Ramana Maharshi and other seers

and saints played their part in the occult realms in creating the required atmosphere. There were kings and rulers all around - not just one but hundreds. The era of saamants, zamindars and sahukars came to an end in front of our eyes. The crowns gradually gathered dust. There was a social tradition of slaves and slavery. Revolution was triggered in America and other countries too. This tradition of buying and selling the slaves also ended. Where are those harems in which thousands of women were held captive as mistresses?

The series of revolutions It was covered with the veil of pseudo-religion. Then came a great personage Raja Ram Mohan Roy and widow remarriages became a reality. There was a time when the curse of untouchability was at its worst. Even a decade earlier, a dalit could not take a'niarriage procession in front of a higher caste locality or take water from a common well. There was a wave of revolution and we see

The tradition of 'Sati' was a blemish on the face of our society at one time.

equality reigning high. There are stray incidents here and there, but nobody can deny the legally guaranteed equal opportunity present today. A person from any community can stand for elections. Though the word 'reservation' has been abused, it has ensured equal opportunity to all. If a person is talented, nobody can really stop him in the name of community or religion. He will get every available opportunity to succeed. This was impossible to imagine 100 years ago.

Women Awakening How many of these transformations shall I recount? The empowerment that is vested in today's woman has been obtained after decades of struggle. It is also because of the subtle and invisible current of thought that is permeating in the entire world. In a place where woman was looked upon as second grade citizen is now being offered great responsibilities in high positions. Both wife and husband are working as equal partners. Both of them have equal opportunities for

An organized lifestyle and a purified heart are the foundations of spiritual seeking. Akhand Jyoti

May-June 2011

growth. There was a time when women were looked upon with a biased mind. Today, being born as a girl is looked upon as a symbol of prosperity. If the woman herself does not respect herseli it is a different thing altogether. However, world has reached a point where her progress is visible all around. Women are even pushing ahead of men in many fields like education, leadership, security services, medicine and many others. This transformation is no less than a great revolution.

Civil rights to common man Panchayat rule, cooperative movement etc have given authority to the common man. In India, Right to Education (RTE) and Right to Information (RTI) Acts have brought about nothing less

than a revolution. Because of RTI Act, no information can be kept secret. It has to be disclosed for the welfare of the public. Our legal system has emerged as a powerful monitor of democratic functioning. The door to the court is open to all. One can file Public Interest Litigation (PIL) along with the necessary proofs and prevent a culprit from moving around freely. It is a different thing that 64 yearc after getting Independence, we are still carrying the burden of British legal system. Hence, there are many gaps. But they will certainly be soon rectified for the better. The coming decade will witness these changes. Our judicial transparency stands as an example to the entire world.

Dictatorship no longer has its sway Several movements are influencing the world. Dictatorship reigned in 3/4ths of the world about 100 years back. Soviet Russia and China have come out of its clutches and more than half the

population of the world is able to breathe freety. The protests at Tiananmen Square transformed China and the fall of Berlin Wall in 1989, has changed the geographicat map of Europe and Russia. The recent freedom movements that have taken place in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan, Libya and other countries are all part of that ongoing process of great transformation. Nowhere in the world can anyone be kept oppressed now. They have to break free. This is the need of the present times and everyone has to accept it whether willingly or otherwise. This is becoming clearer by the day.

The revolution in communication The revolution that has taken place in the field of communication has turned the world into a global village. Internet, mobile phones, twitter and facebook have done what no single person could have! The entire world has been woven in the net of World Wide Web quickly over the past 25 years that one is left wondering at the pace of change. Today, internet has turned out to be the language of the mass of humanity. Anything can be webcasted. Nobody will remain oppressed by anyone. Truth will be known to all. Even a suppressive regime will not be able to

Noble qualities are acclaimed even by the enemies. Akhand Jyoti

May-June 2011


manipulate truth. In addition to this, the revolution in media has connected the people world over. We could not have imagined such a world with ipod ipad, mobile phones and TV even in the year 1980. These inventions of science have pass6 on information

into the hands of people at large.

Scientific spirituality will assume leadership Religion has not remained untouched by this consciousness revolution. Only progressive spirituality will gain acceptance now. Be it the voice of Pope or the voice of Indian Spiritual giants, it is transparent to public eye. There was a time when the heads of Mutts used to live life of luxury like the zamindars. But, in these days of transformation nobody can even think of hoarding wealth and living lavishly. They are being forced to use their resources and energies for public welfare. These transformations are happening at such a quick pace that it will keep us spellbound. Religion will develop a scientific outlook. Scientific spirituality will become the language of the masses. This is the reality.

Controlling corruption There are many aspects of change

- negative ones too. Along with globalization,

there has been

if someone thinks that black money will reign and that there will be no control on illegal hoarding of wealth, then it should be borne in mind that these will slowly come under the radar of control. The transformation that has taken place in more than 50 countries, including India in the past has clearly proved that the real power lies with the people. Nothing can be hidden from them, even the money hoarded in Swiss Banks. Spirituality is rapidly gaining ground. The negativities associated with the rapid progress of science will soon be overcome; possibilities of small and big wars will be wiped out; momentum will gather to implement schemes for public welfare. This will be Swarajin its true meaning.

increase in materialism, corruption and crime. But

It is my unwavering faith The centenary celebrations of the founding father of Gayatri Pariwar - our revered Gurudev have coincided with the era of a great transformation in the 21"t century. Transformation will proceed at a much greater pace from 2011 onwards, and it will be unstoppable. The controlling power of the subtle worlds is currently in the hands of Rishis in the Himalayas. They are the ones who are guiding and controlling these revolutionary changes. We just have to be their mediums and walk along with them. There is only one goal - Awakening divinity in man. The Golden era will come as a result of this. Nobody needs to have any doubts about this. Are you in any doubt about this? This is the time to change. Change now!

fq'ng\4t - Pranav Pandya Both falling deeper into darkness or uplifting the soulto angelic level is within the reach of a human beinq. The choice is his. Akhand Jyoti

May-June 2011

Whot,to EatrWhen to Eot,

&HownEgr;? Na mti tamanna iramannota tandranna vochArna m1i sunoteti somarh Yo me pynlidyo dadadyo nibodhadyo rnii sunvantamupa gobhirdyat. - Rigoeda 'O men! Only those food articles are fit for consumption that make the body energetic and contented, that provide glow and comfort, and that make the organs strong and fit for the performance of yajrta. Do not ever stock and conslrne those herbs / food materials that sap the body's strength and produce lethargy and intoxication.'

The effect of food on the body

is comprehensive. Be it physical health or mental well-being, both are intrinsically linked with food, and keeps taking up and down swings depending on changes in it. It is a matter of conunon experience. Bad and irregular dietary

habits make the body sick and the mind restless.

If we were to enumerate the ill-effects of rich, pungent, spicy and fried food, we will have to list practically all the diseases, because all of them have direct or indirect connection with


food. The fashionable fast foods, packed food or junk food of today also fall in the same category. This new style of eating, widely prevalent these days, has given many a bodyblow to the quality of human life.

Food is a basic necessity of life. Everybody knows this, but few have an idea of what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat. Let's first take the "what to eat?" aspect. The only proper and right answer to this question is that we should eat only what provides nourishment to the body. It is important to remember that we eat to live and do not live to eat. So, if the right kind of food is to be selected out of a long list of eatables, we will have to give preference to only those items that have

nutritional value and are beneficial for health. Such articles can very easily be identified. Everybody is aware, for example, of the value of fresh fruits, vegetables, pulses, cereals etc.

Once the seeker Agnivesh enquired from Acharya Charak, 'What is the cause of the numerous diseases found in the world?" The Acharya replied, 'The physical and mental ailments arise in direct proportion to the quantum of sins which a person accumulates. Not only personal ailments but also the collective punishments inflicted by nature are the result of man's collective degeneration."

The law ol cause and effect is guiding all the activities in the world. The whole Nature is bound by this rule. Those who are wise are aware of this eternal truth and accept the good or bad rewards of their actions with equanimity.

A guilty person always feels restless even with the greatest of comforts and wealth. Akhand Jyoti

May-.tune zo11


Many cooking ingredients like pungent spices, appetizers, pickles etc. lack any nutritive value and are manifestly harmful to health; and so are the processes of frying, stewing etc. These render even healthy food useless and deleterious. Materials inimical to health are found not only in the kitchen but also outside; e. g. liquor and intoxicants of various kinds, betel, tobacco, zarda, gutkn and so many other such things have acquired the status of food supplements and are used in a routine way. The situation has become so alarming that even the food habits of the elite of society make one

the next question "how to eat"? The answer is that food should be taken in a quiet and restful

with humble remembrance of God as prasada (grace). If food is seen as God's

manner, IHis

the simple 'chapati' (unleavened bread) proves nourishing. On the contrary, sweetmeats, multi-course dishes and dry fruits, if taken hurriedly and in fretful mood, impair health and produce ailments. The right food taken in the right manner is the key to sound prasada, even

health. The Ayuraeda (ancient healing therapy) has an

informed persons have lost their sense of wise discrimination. There are some exceptions, of course, in this class but their number is negligible.

interesting and instructive story. Once it occurred to Maharishi Charaka, the great pioneer of Ayuraeda, thal he should test whether his pupils understood correctly his teachings. FIe metamorphosed into a pigeon and sat on a tree, under which many aaidyas

Now, "when to eat"? Again, the answer is

(healers) were passing

wonder why these educated and well-


The pigeon called out: "Ko rLIk, ko ruk, ko ruk"? (Who is healthy, who is healthy, who is healthy?) . The aaidyas paia no heed to pigeon's words. The Maharishi thought that either they did not comprehend what the tiny bird was saying, or they were

only one viz. twice a day at the most, and that ' too, when the appetite has built up sufficiently. ' Eating randomly, or taking frequent snacks . and breakfast, in addition to regular meals, is . going to do no good. Dietary habits, these . days, have so much deteriorated that biologists . ignoring him. He flew from there and chose and psychologists have made this matter a . another tree. Incidentally, the great scholar subject of their research. They classify hunger . Vagbhatta was passing that way. He heard in different types, for example, (i) strong . the query of Maharishi and replied repeatedly craving to eat at the sight of others' eating (ii) . thrice: "Hitbhuk, hitbhuk, hitbhuk" , i.e. healthy is frequent urge to eat during moments of tension . one who eats the right type of food. Charaka(iii) fixedtime-appetite in accordance with the . turned-pigeon asked again, "Ko ruk, Ko ruk, Ko '. ruk"? Vagbhatta answered: "Mitbhuk, mitbhuk, biological clock, etc. The experts consider the '. mitbhuk" i.e. the one who eats in moderation. former two types wrong and only the third . The'bird'repeated the question a third time. type right. . Vagbhatta's response this time was: "Ritbhuk, '. ritbhuk, ritbhuk" i.e. one who eats according to Now having known that one should eat only ' season; and what he has earned through when there is real appetite for it, there follows


lf you plant a seed and dig it up daily to see if it is growing, it will never take roots. Akhand Jyoti

May-June 2011

righteous means. The bird flew away satisfied, as his question had been answered correctly.

Three words or stipulations may be laid down

about diet- hit, mit and rit. Hitbhojl is one who consumes only those materials that are useful and beneficial for health. Such a person eats for health, not taste. Mitbhoji is that who eats in moderation. Cluttons cannot do any kind of sadhana. They remain pre-occupied with finding digestive powders and tablets after meals.

are the feelings of the person preparing the food? Whether or not the eaters are dutiful and conscientious? Rlf food can be prepared only by one who is full of loving kindness, who is suffused with motherly affection. And then the means by which we earn our livelihood must also be righteous and honest. Remember, the more we extend our goodwill to others, the more our inner strength increases. If the food that goes into our stomach is sullied with others' feelings of deep hurt, it will corrupt our feelings too.

The third and most important stipulation about

food is rif . It implies piety and purity of thought and what is suitable in a particular season. The

meaning of rif inheres in the inner attitude


which the food is prepared and taken. What

The nature of our consciousness is refined or perverted depending upon the nature of the food we conslrne. This very refinement or perversion is reflected in our style of living too.

A king once lost his way and in course of his wanderings reached a village. lnspite of his being unknown and unrecognized, the villagers welcomed him warmly and attended

to his comfofts. Their innate goodness deeply impressed the king and he wanted to reciprocate their gesture by providing them with some needed amenity, which the king identified as the medical facility. So a well-equipped hospital was established in the village with a competent doctor as in-charge of the facility. One year passed. The doctor came to the king's court and said: "l remain without work

there. ln the last one year, no patient has turned up. Allthe medicines, too, are lying unutilized'. The curious king himself went to the village and enquired of the villagers the reason for their apathy to avail of the medical facilities. The villagers replied: "We observe dietary discipline and do hard labor. Our food items are nature-products and pure. Our daily routine is also well regulated with hard physical exertion as its main constituent. All this wards off diseases, and if, per chance, an illness occurs, it soon gets expelled from the system through the mechanism of sweating". The king realized

the great importance of food and hard work. The doctor was shifted from there to a more appropriate place.

God chooses those who choose Him. Akhand Jyoti

llay-.tune 2011



Do We Understsnd the Science & Art of Relmianships? Emotion is the basis of human

emotions are closely linked to

life. Healthy and refined

one another. Emotions get expressed through the rnedium of thoughts. However, there are other forms of expression like gestures, countenance and body language. If thoughts are the sum total of true feelings, then those thoughts are capable of pulling the heart strings. But if the thoughts are craftilY presented by means of false feelings, then theY remain entangled in the various

emotions lead to develoPment

of personality. If the right emotions are not present, it not only hinders Progress but also leads to many kinds of depressions and distortions in life. The relationshiPs that thrive among human beings exist on this emotional Plane. If emotions are healthY and stable, it leads to strong relationships; otherwise relationships can become short-lived and unstable. Feelings and emotions nurture relationshiPs and enhance them. But the ironY of the present day situation is

themselves to others. Such people are typically scared, dubious, jealous, and are full of anger, hatred, ego and other negative emotions. Such

people cannot get on well with other people. Life of such people is full of conflicts and struggles. They are alwaYs

surrounded by an aura of negativity.

A person with mediocre or

arguments and logical analYsis


of the brain.

. Personality development is that these emotions are . dependent on the emotions of rejected or ignored in . a Person. If feelings are . impure, unrestrained, then a relationships. . person becomes two-faceted ' Since emotions are the basis or multi-faceted. Such a for relationships, it is . Person does not have an extremely important to . integrated personality and is understand them in depth. ' comprised of several layers' Our thinking process takes ' Such people neither shape in accordance with our understand themselves nor emotions. Thoughts and ' give a clear picture about but


flow easilv into the

normal emotions undergoes changes in personalitY because of the changes in his emolions. But such a Person manages to balance himself. He might falter but will not fall. He possesses an ordinarY personality. He sometimes tastes success and sometimes failure. If a person has refined emotions, then he grows into

a great personality.

Such people typically know how to deal with others. They know how to talk, how much to talk

and how to

behave appropriately with others. They do not hurt others bY

of humilitv. Akhand Jyoti

trlay-June 2011

their demeanor because these

accomplishing all this is not an

people understand the science

easy task. One has to adopt spiritual thinking in order to

of relationships and the science of retribution or

learn this.


companies are doing their best

The art of maintaining good

relationships is


in order to impart training in behavioral excellence and relationship maintenance to their employees. But this training is incomplete without

very important in personal life, familv life, professional and social life. If relationships are well-maintained at all levels,

Such people learn about how to

then one

behave with others to

experiences happiness, satisfaction and peace, A person might be talented and good at his job, but he should also know how to interact with his colleagues and maintain amicable relationship with them. If this is not established, then progress is lopsided and incomplete.

In the present days,

a spiritual outlook.


relationships effectively, but will find their inner life hollow and devoid of energy.

If you want to remove this sense of hollowness and lack

of energy, you will have to establish a relationship with God - wherein you will only give Him and not seek from Him. We can think on these

astray. If we want to achieve something meaningful in life,

we have to understand the science and art of relationships and establish one such relationship with the Almighty.

A religious function Ashvamedha Yagya


emperor Pushyamilra was happily completed. Next night, at the farewell party, a dance program was arranged. Patanjali, the head priest ol that

'Yagya' also attended that party. The presence of Patanjali

pinched his disciple Chaitra, but he did not say anything then. One day when Patanjali was teaching 'Yoga Darshan', Chaitra asked in a tone of vengeance: "Gurudev! Do the taste and interest in dance and songs help in controlling the senses?" Patanjali understood the motive of the disciple. He replied, "lt is

relationships in family and work place are of utmost importance. If a person can maintain good relationships on both these fronts, then he will progress and will be looked upto by others. He

God has given us this body, life energy and mind, what can we give to Him? We should consider this creation, this Earth as a manifestation of God and do whatever we can for its good. How much

respect is called 'control.' lt is not fair to give up enjoyment for fear of perversion. Can a farmer afford to abstain from farming

will grow in his own eyes

can we remove

for fear of its being grazed away

only when he interacts with others with love and honesty; thinks about the good of



ervonei takes right

decisions in all situations. But




These negativities and imperfections are the main reason for the barriers that exist between us and God. They make us go

in the nature of the soul to enjoy. But that enjoyment should not be perverse; it must be pure. The carefulness in that

by the animals? lt is not then


it is


Restraint without joy in life is like water without fluidity, or lire

without heat. So don't be deluded".

Sin is what separates man from God. Al$and Jyoti

tvtay-.tune 2011


Be your own"'iudge Once upon a time there was a

painter who had


completed his course. He took

3 days and painted beautiful scenery. He wanted people's opinion about his caliber and painting skills. He put his

creation at a busy streetcrossing. And wrote down below a board which tead -"I have painted this piece. Since

I'm new to this profession I might have committed some mistakes in my strokes etc. Please put a cross wherever you see a mistake."

becoming a painter. People have rejected me completely. I feel like dying. " Master smiled and suggested "My Son, I will prove that you are a great artist and have learnt flawless painting. Do as I say

without questioning it. It WILL work."Young artist reluctantly agreed and two days later early morning he presented a replica of his earlier painting to his master.

Master took that gracefully and smiled. "Come with me." master said.

When he came back in the evening to collect his painting he was completely shattered to see that whole canvass was filled with Xs (crosses) and some people had even written their comments on the painting. Disheartened and broken completely he ran to his master's place and burst into tears.

This young artist


breathing heavily and master heard him saying "I'm useless and if this is what I have learnt

to paint; I'm +ot worth tr14

They reached the same streetsquare early morning and displayed the same painting exactly at the same place. Now master took out another

board which

read "Gentlemen, I have painted this piece. Since I'm new to this profession I might have committed some mistakes in my stroke set. I have put a box with colors and brushes just below. Please do a favor. If you see a mistake, kindly pick up the brush and correct

it." Master and


visited the place same evening..,Igr^g painter was surprised. see that actually "to there. was not a single :t iji'

corection done so far. Next day again they visited and found painting, fgmained untouched. they say.tbe painting was kept there fo1, a month but no correction came in!

Moralgl the story: It is easier to criticize, but TO IMPROVE! So don'! get carried away or j"dgq yourself by someone else's criticism and feel DTFFTC-IJI-T


(Received through email)

Anyone can become angry


That is easy. But to be

angry with the right person


to the right degree, at the

right time, for the right purpose and in the right way


This is not easy.

- Aristotle (The Nicomachean Ethics)

walked back home. They both

Put material things in their proper place, realizing that they are there f6i use,'b'Ut relinquishing them when they are not useful. Akhand Jyoti May-June



cience an d spiiltu ', !:t



Intrinsic Source of Hormonol Secretions



Adept investigations' of brain-functions and control of (electrb) physiological and

stimulating or suppressing the disorderly functions of the endocrine glands have also proved to be futile. If one tries to block a naturally flowing stream at some point then it would burst out with extreme force from some other point. A somewhat similar uncontrollability is observed in case of

biochemical activiti6s at micro-subtle level have

brought the existence'of endocrine system in focus of scientific iesearch. grrer since their discovery, the six i,rinbipal and other glands of this system and:'their hormonal secretion activities have posbii challenging research problems in biomedicdi and allied sciences.

. malfunctioning


Recent research findings show that the micro-

Although, the chemiUtf of different hormones secreted by these tiny glands has been deciphered to a great eitent, no peculiarity of stereo-chemical structures or binding reactions etc has been confirmed. The origin and mechanism of the marvelous regulatory functions triggered by small amounts of these hormones is yet to be unveiled in detail. Surprisingly, if the same hormones are injected into the blood externally, they lack the natural effects. Moreover, the partial supports (if any) provided by them are only temporary. As stated earlier, the effective success of transplantation of endocrine glands is far from sight at present. The general principles of health, theories of biomedical sciences fail to explain why sometimes, despite no aberration at the anatomical (organ-level), physiological or biochemical levels, the harmonious balance of hormonal secretions in the body is perturbed

and results

in a variety of disorders in

level hormonal secretions

generate electrochemical currents in the cells and thereby give rise to specific activities. This joint activity of the hormones and the cellsurface proteins is micro-subtle and creative

in terms of effects like the reaction of commingling of the sperm and ovum.

Long term dedicated research conducted by Dr. Julian Mc Guillen of Cornell University has shown how the deformation and disorder at the level of cellular functions results in a variety of diseases. Uptill past two decades, viral attack, infections, injury alteration in mode of living etc were attributed to the manifestation of sickness. However, the instances of severe maladies in the absence of such gross level causes provoked the scientific search for the possible causes at cellular and molecular levels.


was found that imbalance in the inter-

cellular processing or intercellular biochemical

transmissions sometimes leads to serious abnormalities like malignancy.

otherwise heaithy individuals. Experiments of

It is important that our thoughts

could Akhand Jyoti

May-June 2011



ln a situation. 15tr

Effects of hormones were significantly noticed first in the case of extraordinary physique,

growth and appearances etc. The example of Maxis, a weight lifter of Germany adds to the series of many instances adduced earlier in this context. The wrestler's body-weight was 147 pounds. He had exceptional power of weight lifting. During a show, he had lifted a 182 pounds man on one hand. He moved this man up and down about 16 times continuouslywhile holding a glass full of water in his other hand. Surprisingly, not a single drop of water fell down during this show. The unshaken level of water demonstrated his extraordinary stability and balance in weight lifting. The examples of supernatural effects of sex hormones also correspond to the manifestation of hormonal activities at the level of physical body. More remarkable are the subtle effects at the mental and emotional level. The neurohormones secreted from the galaxies of neurons in the brain play a principal role in generating these effects. The neurotransmitters -- hormones secreted at the synaptic connections between the neurons, as the name suggests, make possible the communication between the neurons and the information processing between the brain and the nervous system. The type and mode of secretion of these hormones is found to affect one's mental potential and feelings too. The discovery of encephalin, a hormone of endorphin group, had opened up a new dimension of brain-research. This hormone is naturally generated in the brain as and when required to neutralize the bio-electrical flows

triggered by excessive emotional excitations or mental stress. When some scientists were working on the chemical reactions by which heroin and other intoxicating substances suppress the feelings of pain, they found the presence of some chemicals in the central core of the brain. The structure of these chemicals was so compatible to combine and react with the molecules of the intoxicating substances as if these were generated for this purpose only. This raised a natural question why nature had arranged for such reactions? Investigations motivated by this quest led the scientists' duo - Iohn Hughes and Trascoster Lyx of Scotland

discover encephalin the hormone whose chemical structure is quite similar to that of the narcotic'heroin' molecules. Dr. Solomen Sneeder of John Hopkins Medical School says that research on encephalin has been a milestone in the progress on treatment of many diseases which occur due to psychological disorders or mental pressure and

strain. According to him, encephalin plays important role in relaxing the mind and maintaining mental strength. Those who make harmonious use of the internal secretions of

the neurohormones by maintaining mental balance enjoy peace and happiness. The encephalin and other endorphin hormones are found in those regions of the brain and the

core of spinal column, which are connected with the centers that transmit the neuronal signals associated with the feelings of pain, sorrow and happiness; these centers are identified as emotional centers. Scientific views

suggest that the ancient technique of

bigger houses but smaller ilies; more conveniences but less tlme, more degrees but less commonsense; more medicines but less wellness.

tr16 E::-


acupuncture (originated in China), the mechanism of yoganidrd, the methods of hypnosis, etc aim at activating specific centers in the brain to arouse the secretion of specific neurotransmitters like encephalin. The modern

techniques of mental stimulation by transducers and psychotherapies by biofeedback etc are also devised on this idea. The unconscious activities of the human body

are supposed to be regulated from the hypothalamus in the central core of the brain. Emotional currents, sentimental variations, etc, affect the functioning of this center and hence affect the regulatory activities of the unconscious mind, which are essential for the healthy survival

of the body. Modern scientists have made remarkable progress in identifying the key roles of hormones in regulating the physiological and psychological functions. However, they have not

been able to infer much about the origin of hormonal secreting abilities of the ductless glands and neuronal connections.

Ancient Indian scientists had described the astral and subtle bodies as the basic source of all micro and macro level functions in the gross body. The hormonal secretions, under this

consideration, correspond to


manifestations of the intrinsic activities of one,s

For instance, the master endocrine glands would emit excess of the hormones, which stimulate

concupiscence in the individuals who have unchaste character and who enjoy erogenous thoughts and carnal pleasure. Such people remain sensuous even in old age. The inherited erotic tendencies of these people, if assimilated in the inner core of the mind, would be carried over through the subtle and astral bodies to the next birth too; it would then be reflected in an untimely (early) conunencement of puberty. On the contrary, in an ordinary persorL the source of pleasures, arnorous sentiments and joy might be blocked completely because of sudden stoppage in associated hormonal supply due to the shocking blow caused by a tragedy, betrayal assault, insult or emotional blackmailing, etc. Maharishi Uddalak, when he did not succeed in

attaining the state ot Nirvikalpa Samadhi, remorsefully thought - "Why lead an unfulfilled life? I should die fasting." He gave up food with a

view to die by starvation. A senile parrot named Veeruddh used to reside in the hollow of the same banyan tree under which Uddalak had undertaken fast unto death. He felt sad for the saint and said with wet eyes you can condone my garrulousness, may I -"lf ask something?" Uddalak opened his eyes and replied - "Say what you want to say?,'Veeruddh said;'The body is mortal; what is great in bringing about its dissolution by fasting? lnstead, a firm

consciousness. Hormones are the carriers of the potentials bestowed by the subtle source of chetand on the brain and the gross body.

commitment should be made to utilize its mortality for attaining immortality through the same resolute effort,"

If the veil of evil tendencies covers up the pudty of the souf the associated wretched thoughts and emotions would trigger the corresponding unhealthy effects on neurohormonal secretions.

wisdom. The voice of the parrot kept on prodding

Uddalak kept on contemplating on the parrot's

his soul. He stopped fasting and undertook intensive Sadhana for attaining immortality. After a short while, he did attain the state of Niruikatpa Samadhi.

We have learnt to rush Out lower morals; more efforts but less success. Akhand Jyoti May-June 201'l


Call From the Himaloyos I


It was the first lunar month of Chaitrn of Samaat 1985 (AD 1928). On the occasion of Chaitra Naaratri, Shakti puja

not clear. He certainly felt as though he had to start out on the next phase of the life's journey.

and Ram Charit Manas parayan

had started in the entire

He completed the requisite

village. Shriram's sadhana was being performed as usual. He had not done anything special

jap for Mahapurashcharan. After

for the chaitra

naaaratri. Whatever process of sadhana he was following was in itself wonderful and uplifting in nature. He had decided to

circumambulation, a voice arose from within. He felt as though the voice emanated from the same divine guide who had directed him to

completely abstain from taking solid food on all the

travel to Himalayas two years before on the day of Vasant

nine days. He was taking only

Panchami. The room was

water and milk. Probably it was panchami (fifth day of the lunar month). Shriram got up

with the same divine fragrance and his

around 3 A. M. and got ready to start his regular anushthan. At the time of as usual at

waking up and taking bath, his mind was bubbling with joy. In reality, from the previous evening several

he had offered his jap to the

Lord and sat down after


filled with the same joy as he had experienced during the consciousness was

previous V asant P anchami. The guide did not visibly manifest in front of him. The voice was also not such that others could hear. The voice reverberated

ideas were crossing his mind. He felt as though something

in his inner being. It

new had to be started. What is it that had to be started was

visit, that he would call Shriram to Himalavas at

was indicated during the previous

appropriate time for giving him direct guidance. That time had come. The voice asked

him to immediately travel towards the Himalayas and that they would meet there. On the fifth day of Naaaratri, he was being reminded of the same instruction as given on the previous Vasant Psnchami "Now, the roads of Uttarkhand are covered with snow. The gates of Badri and Kedar are also closed and will be opened within a month. That much time wili definitely be required to prepare for the travel and to reach the indicated point." The instructions were coming from within him. He felt as though someone was sitting inside him and speaking. Once the inspiration from within was concretely felt, there was no scope for second thought. He instantly resolved to get

ready for the pilgrimage. After completing his sandhya, he told his mother that he had

When we pray we stop trying to control life and remember that we belongtolife. tr18 IE.]::':]=:i:

Akhand Jyoti

May-June 2011

received an order from Gurudev.

The instruction that came

be traveling to, it would be freezing cold in all seasons. Take enough woolen clothes to protect you from the cold.,,

her from Shriram or make him

She continued

a mendicant. There was no clear reason for her to have

from within "What order has come?" asked

to be away?"

speaking without a break, "Well, what will you do? Let me pack all the things myself. Also, why don't you talk to Pandit Dharmadeenji because he frequently goes to HaridwarRishikesh. He has even gone as far as Gangotri. He can advise you correctly regarding the routes, etc."

"I don't know about it. But it looks like Gurudev will keep

Shriram did not discuss much about his Himalayan Guru or

me with him for three

about his detailed instructions. He had

Taiji. "I have to


sometime in his proximity"Shriram replied. Taiji had no doubts about her son anymore - whether he would leave her and go to the Himalayas and not return or whether he would become asadhu-sanyasi. She just asked, "For how long have you



days. Count 10 days for traveling to and fro", said Shriram.

mentioned to her at a couple of occasions that he lived in

the Himalayas and that he On hearing this, Taiji's face reflected approval and she said, "Ok then, it will take

around two weeks.


prepared for this duration. The climate has changed here.

But at the places you would

could come and go anywhere. He could also disappear and appear anywhere. When he said that he had an invitation from Gurudev, it did not take

long for Taiji to understand that Shriram was talking

about the same Gurudev. She had unflinching faith in him

that he would not separate

faith in his Gurudev and Shriram did not want to understand it too. When she had given her permission to travel, Pandit Dharmadeen, who was like an uncle to Shriram, said, "Bhabhiji, how come you are letting him travel alone? The sadhus and sanyasis there will feed him a pill of renunciation."

Taiji merely laughed at his comment. She just asked him to give advice that might help Shriram to travel easily. She

confidently told him that Shriram would return the same way that he was going

there. There were several others who advised against sending Shriram alone or even going to the Himalayas. But she turned a deaf ear to

all of them.

Bhikshu Kashyap started showing miracles of 'yoga'in Sravasti. This spread his fame far and wide' Now he remained surrounded by a crowd day and night and could find no time for self-purificalory sadhana. Lord Buddha was very sad to hear this and he sent a message "lf you had used the powers of yoga in service of the needy rather than misused them for getting fame or praise, many would have benefited, including you.',


lf we say something we really are not, we dont and are soon known as counterfeits. Akhand Jyoti

May-.tune 2011

true 19tr

She felt that even in the month


Vaishakh, the weather near

Badri-Kedar would be biting cold. She had never been to those regions but had heard frorn sadhus and others who went to Badri-Kedar on

pilgrimage. Hence


continued to feed Shriram the diet suited for cold season. Typically she used to stoP this diet by Chaitra Naoaratri. The

food items were not


special. Taiji gave him things like honey, ginger, sesame

seeds and others which generate heat.

For her, travel to HimalaYas meant only uPto Badrinath and Kedarnath or farthest upto Gangotri and Yamunotri. Even this was rare. When Shriram said that he had to go to Hirnalayas, she assumed

that it was upto Kedarnath. Neither did she ask further nor did Shriram saY anYthing more. He himself did not know how far he had to go or where he had to go as Per the call of his Guru.

Taiji enquired with PeoPle and got several things readY

for the journey, included cotton


clothes, woolen clothes, shoes with

rubber-soles, blanket, stick, candle, torch etc. She Packed all the things into two bags made of cloth. SomebodY advised that it would be better to pack them in a trunk. It would then not get wet in rain. But Taiji rePlied, "The tmnk would be too heavY for my son to carry around. When it comes to the Problem of rain, wherever he takes shelter during rain, the bags can also be taken there." Before Shriram's travel, Taiii remembered that he should also carry an umbrella. She searched the whole house and

got one for him'


Shriram was readY for his journey to the HimalaYas. Travel LiEht Taiji had packed all the things with love and care. The luggage was not more than 20

kilograms. On reaching Rishikesh, he felt that it was a

little too rnuch. Shriram reached Rishikesh on 23'd April. He was seated on the banks of the Ganga and meditating. It was a pleasant evening. By the end of APril, the climate of Rishikesh becomes pleasant. The cold would have receded and summer would not have set

in. The pilgrims begin to flock

the place. But now, travelers are present in all seasons. All kinds of resources needed to protect oneself from cold or heat are available inRishikesh.

But this was not the


during 1927-28.In those daYs, being able to carry woolen clothes was looked uPon as a

syrnbol of sound financial position. Even middle class and upper middle class PeoPle

used to protect themselves from cold by basking in the sun or lighting a small fire. When both these two oPtions

were not available,

theY would wear several laYers of clothing, one on the other.

While seated on the banks of the Ganga, Shriram's eYes fell on some sanyasis. TheY were coming out of the river after bath. They sat on the stairs of ttre ghat and removed ashes from their bag and rubbed it on their bodies. Shriram had seen many sanyasis with ashes on their bodies, but it never occurred to him that it was a means of protecting oneself from cold. He saw the grouP of sanyasis leave after finishing their evening routine. Shriram . got up from his seat and . approached a senior sanYnsi

a blessing for the futuren concentrate on in the eternal now. Akhand .Iyoti May-.tune 2011


who raised his hands in blessing. Shriram asked, "Mahataj, where are you

"Forgive me, sir, I have made

without clothes, and then

a mistake and wasted your time."

what was the point in carrying so much luggage and clothes?

"Child, don't worry. I know what you want to ask" said the sanyasi. Shriram did not

The group of sanyasis was going to Badrinath. Shriram maintained some distance from them and began walking in the same direction. He had

fraveling to?" Sanyasi replied, "We are going

to Badrinath. If you want to come along, you can join. Looks like you are alone. The

travel wili be easier in


group. We can talk about sorne

spiritual topics during the journey."

reply and continued to look at him. The sanyasi continued, "Have faith on the person in

reply to whose call you have come upto here. He will take you wherever he wants. It is better to travel alone than in

Shriram felt that this person was a little talkative. His

sorneone's company."

intention was not

Towards Badrinath


accompany their group but to

What did sanyasi rnean by his

find out some details about preparing for the travel. Shriram replied, "No, No, I

urords? Shriram

do not want to go

The message that



"Where do you have to go then? Have you run away from home? Do you want to become an ascetic? What are you doing here? To which place do you belong?" The sadhu who looked like a Mandaleswar (head of a sect) asked several questions in one

breath. Shriram was left astonished with the burst of questions. He began to repent

for having spoken to him in

the first place. He


did not understand anything and he did not try to decipher it also. the conversation gave him was not to worry about cold or the travel. The Hirnalayan guru who has invited him will also take care of him during the journey. Thinking in this manner, Shriram left some of his things at Rishikesh. They included an umbrella, some clothes and a blanket. When he put the blanket in the bag, he remernbered that his Guru was naked when he appeared to him the first time. He felt that it might be possible to protect oneself from cold

not decided to go

to Badrinath. In fact, he had not decided about any place. He just followed his inner intuition and walked. One had to reach Badrinath via Devaprayag, Rudrap r ay ag, Karnaprayag, Nandaprayag and Vishnuprayag. Even in those days, there were ordinary means of transport and walkways. But the s anyasis chose a different route. If one was to travel on the familiar

route/ Badrinath was about 300 kms from Rishikesh. The route that the ascetics chose was less then 60 kms long.

Traveling through

some unknown mountain terrains, they reached loshi Matha by the next evening itself.

He took rest in front of Nrusimha temple. After completing his morning puja,

Shriram went inside the temple. The idol made of

Shaligram stone


we are not to try to reforfi! t!'re world but to inform it through example. Akhand Jyoti


May-.iune 2011



anyone to go to Badrinath. In

his representative.


such a case, the puja af 'Badri

tradition of Puja-Aarnti of


Vishal' will take place in It is also the belief that such an incident will mark the end of Kali Yug

Badrinath during winter was started by Shankaracharya. Evidences also say that Badrinath temple was

or the creation will

destroyed by

wonderful. One arrn of the idol was very thin. On seeing it for the first time, one would feel as though it would break ' by mere touch. But this fear was baseless. The idoi had . been like that for centuries. But it is the belief of people ihat the day this arm gets

Bhavishya Badri.


separated, then


mountains, Nar and Narayan, will meet. Both the mountains

are a little away from loshi matha. There is a road in between them that goes all the way to Badrinath. People believe that once both the mountains come together, it will become impossible for

: '.






dissolved in waters of pralay. Shriram heard such discussions in the surroundings of the temple itself, but did not pay too much attention to them. He went to loshi matha soon after having the darshan of Lord Nrusimha. The matha was

established by Adi Shankaracharya. He had appointed Trotakacharya




invaders who came through the passes of the Himalayas. The idol there was also broken and thrown into the river. It was Adi Shankaracharya who re-installed Badrinath. The same great Acharya

established loshi


Everybody knows that four such mathas were established in four corners of the country by him.

was early morning in the month of [Vlay, 1958. Vinoba was in Pandharpur. AGerman woman arrived in a saffron robe. She said, "l had been hearing a lot about you but you wear white robes. I have been observing your thoughts and behavior for the past one week. I have been listening to your discourses too. Don't you think it is necessary to realize God? I have adopted Hinduism onlyforthis and this isthe onlything I am striving for but I have lost my way after listening to your talks about serving others and about Bhudaan. Please guide me and show me the right path." Vinoba explained what the It

need of the hour was and what everyone's duty was at that time. God wants his creation to prosper and remain engaged in the religion of serving others. The woman understood the depth of what Vinoba had told her. She got up from there and realized that she had spent 20 years of her life in renunciation but she never understood the need of serving

others. The soul searchinE that she was engaged in, would in fact be accomplished only by serving mankind. She shred the saffron robe and spent her life in the difty streets of Mumbai, trying to uplift the downtrodden. Her name was Lucean. She had left her country behind to serue the people in lndia. She was later called Hema Behan and she became a close associate of Vinoba.

lsn't the real test of our spirituality - to love the unlovely?


Akhand Jyoti

May-June 2011

Youth Column

How â‚Źara Hou Refne Your

Personal@ The present-day young generation is being increasingly attracted towards personality grooming programs. Scores of young men and women, and even teenagers, are joining

If we want to make a mark in the world, we will have to cultivate some specific attributes in our personalities.

grooming institutes and spending hefty amounts with a view to improve and smarten


first of these is effectiae witnessing: That is,

objectively witnessing with deep understanding what occurs or exists before and around. Only those who have this penetrating understanding are able to utilize their strengths

their personalities. Many such places charge as much as ten to twenty thousand rupees for S-7 day courses. Nevertheless, the youth are not getting the desired benefits. In spite of all the

effectively. Witnessing requires a very keen and perceptive vision; a vision, which is free from the defects of prejudice and ego-sense and whose essence is what the scriptures call 'ntr-kitr-vivek, that is, the subtle discriminative power. We should be able to assess, in the very first meeting, the general temperament, firmness of character, grasp of the subject matter and foresight of the person whom we are meeting. It is this discerning ability, which will tell us how we can deal with the concerned person in the best possible way. If we are able to do this, every encounter will become an educative experience. This method is particular$ effective in times of interviews, etc.

labor and expense, their personalities fail to develop the magnetic pull which they so cherish, or the character traits which could ensure their success in life. The famous maxim "All that glitters is not gold" is proving right in regard to these institutes. There is, however, a positive aspect to this phenomenon. It signifies an increasingly strong desire in the youth to refine and reshape their personalities, their awakened awareness about

themselves and their growing sense of

responsibility towards life. This pleasant trend gives a sense of hope. Lucky indeed is the nation whose youth are alert about their overall personality development. They appear to have '. The second attribute required in this connection is realized that now-a-days labor by itself is not '. has been a much talked-about far-sightedness.It sufficient for opening the doors to success. The ' quality for ages but very few actually know psychological impact cast by the personality, ' the art of its effective application. Those who too, is important. ' do are able to ensure a bright future



themselves as well as for their co-workers.

Now is inexhaustible. lt uniolds, u and unfolds after wondrous but rt is still now. Akhand Jyoti


uay-..rune 2011



\Alhat is required is to pick up clues and trends

from the present and make a projection on this basis about what could possibly happen in the future. Chess players, successful businessmen and good administrators possess this quality of penetrating foresight. The third characteristic feature of a magnetic personality is pragmatism. This quality is always

beneficial, whether it be a matter of examination or carrier advancement. What is our correct position and sifuation vis-ir-vis the circumstances? What are our strengths and weaknesses? We must have an objective and realistic assessment of all these factors. fourth attribute is thirst for knowledge. People acquire some degrees and think that the task The

is over and now the only thing they have to do is to earn a livelihood, sornehow. This thinking is retrogressive. Personality acquires power of attraction only when it has a neversatisfying eagerness to acquire wider and deeper understanding and knowledge of itself and the world. In modern parlance it is called

updating. All experts of career counseling advise that one should keep acquiring more and more knowledge, and learning newer and newer things in one's field of work. They even

recolnmend that, apart from inculcating a reading habit, one should try to develop the capacity for effective writing, too" These are some of the satrient guidelines for bringing about refinement of the personality' The questions like "Where are we?" "What are

we doing?" etc have their importance but of the greatest importance is the lustre of personality. That is why Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya at Gayatri Teerth, Hardwar has compulsorily incorporated 'The art of personality improvement and living' in all its programs. It is another matter that at this unique center of sacred and mundane learning, one has to repay for his or her education not in terms of money but altruist service; because selfless service of society through the talents and expertise is the only genuine certificate of

success of any worthwhile personality grooming program.

Tired of the struggles of life and the tempests at the ocean, a sailor alighted from the ship and came to an island. He felt at ease when he saw an imperturbable and unswerving rock on that island. He stood on that clean and beautiful rock and started looking around. He saw that this rock that was on one side of the island, was continuously being jolted by the strong waves of the ocean but it was neither enraged nor was it filled witl"r a sense of rancor. lt was neither bored nor agitated. lt never felt the desire to give up its life either. The sailor's heart was filled with reverence. He asked the rock, "You are being jolted from all sides but stillyou are not perturbed' What is the secret behind your tolerance? ln such a situation don't you feel dejected?" The soul of the rock spoke gently, "Friend! lf we had lost heart, we would have been deprived of this rare opportunity to welcome and offer rest to guests like you. We enjoy struggling against these adversities." Sailor was inspired and said to himself, "Whatever be the adversities in my life, I too will live like this rock." At least the morals that inspire humanity and our future generations must thus be protected.

A critic is always surrounded by the obiecte of hie crit:cism"


Akhand Jyoti

tvtay-.lune 2011


Gryatrf The ancient history, Purans,

a saint named Harihar had obtained siddhi by Gayatri Sadhana. The cottage of the saint could be approached after crossing about fourteen miles of dense jungle which was inhabited by lions and tigers. Those who wanted to meet the saint had to face

reveal that rishis and maharshis

used to do yog Sadhana and tapascharya on the basis of Gayatri. The life stories of rishis like Vashishtha, Yagyav alky a, Atri, Vishwamitra, Vyas, Shukdev, Dadhichi, Valmiki,

Chyavan, Shankh, Lomash, Maitreya, Jabali, Uddalak, Vaishampayar., Durvasa, Parashuram, Pulastya, Dattatreya, Agastya, Sanat Kumar, Kanva, Shounak etc.


Vishwanath Goswami in spent most of his time in Gnyatri Sqdhana. By his blessings a poor Veedavat family of Sikar became rich

Visnudasji of

: :

Gayatri Sadhana. The rulers of Jaipur and Jodhpur and other

dignitaries visited his cottage to pay their respects. The

Maharana of Udaipur took him to his capital after ardent persuasions and got final


and prosperous"


descendants of this family


of puruscharan performed in the royal palace. Several miraculous stories are

celebrate mundan ceremony of

famous about Visnudasji

their children on the samadhi of Pandit Goswami.

Brahmachari. Pandit Bhudarmal, a learned brahrnin of Ratangarh

In a village named Jaun in the erstwhile jaipur State lived Pandit Har Rai who was an ardent Gayatri worshipper. He

Rajasthan was an ardent worshipper of Gayatri. He


The capacity to love,


in one May-June 2011

while chanting Gayatri Mantra.

of devout austerity in a cottage in Pushkar and



Akhand Jyoti

discourse and breathed his last

the devotees saying "We are going to see Harihar Baba."

There was a great Gayatri

their spiritual enlightenment through the grace of Gayatri. Their personal deities, ideals and principles might have been different but all had firm faith in Vedmata. They owed their greatness, to a large extent, to

Ramtekri near Nagrai (U.P.),

time of his death. He called all his disciples and members of the family, delivered a religious

attained great Siddhis by

There have been several saints in the recent past also who got

In the dense forest of

knew beforehand about the

track and disappear merelyby

animals used to leave the

Laxmangarh, Rajsthan, who

their devotion to


village Budhadeval near Jaipur, observed the vow of Brahmacharya throughout his life" He lived an ascetic's life

these ferocious animals. These

make it abundantly clear that the key to their occult and spiritual attainments was Gayatri Sadhana.


shifted to Kashi in the Vikram Samvat 1966 and remained

feel, irnagine, enjoy exercise.

till his death. He knew the moment of his death, there

arranged a huge religious function and cast off his body during worship. Several ordinary persons who were recipients of his blessings became millionnaires. Some of them are still alive. .

A person born in an ordinary family in a small village in Alwar State renounced the world, came to Mathura and started doing Gayatri Sadhana on a hillock. He performed one crore lap of Gayatri, and became a siddha. He was known as booti-siddha. He always observed silence. That hillock is known as Gayatriteela. There is a small temple on this hill, with a beautiful idol of Gayatri installed in it. Several persons were benefitted by the blessings of

this saint. The rulers


Dholpur and Alwar had great faith in him.

called the boy close to him and poured water from his knmandal on his tongue and blessed him saying that he would become a scholar. In due course, this boy grew up to be an extraordinarilY

learned man and became famous in erstwhile Indore state by the name of Onkar Joshi. The ruler of Indore was

so deeply impressed by this man that he used to pick him up from his house when he went for his morning walk.

education was hardly upto first or second standard in Gujarati, he could understand and speak all the languages of the world. Foreigners used to visii him and talk to him for hours in their own languages. He was master of RajYog, Astrology, Ayuraed, Tantra

become a great saint. The lives

on account of several miracles

of several persons were saved by him. Many poor people

displayed by him.

became rich by his blessings and


many others could ward off calamities through his occult powers. His predictions were always correct. A person who belittled and ridiculed the saint

Shri Mukatramji Maharaj of

His family

devout worshipper of Gayatri. He had attained great Siddhis. He used to perform Gayatri lap

time of his death. A boy, who was intellectually very dull, sought his blessings. The saint

correct. Although, his formal

disciplines. Several scholars used to come to him to get their difficulties solved. People had great faith in him


members were present at the

found to be cent percent

Kundalini power of one Shri Udhadji joshi, Yogeshwar of Chandel, was awakened by Gayatri Sadhana and he had

Gayatri lap in a cave behind Mandhata Temple at


he was seeing these happen with his own eyes. All his clairvoyant visions were

and various spiritual

became leper.

A saint used to

in distant foreign lands as if

Manjusar, Baroda was


for about eight hours daily. He could narrate happenings

Borsad Gujrat, a saint remained without food for seven years and performed Gayatri pur ascharan Whatever he uttered turned out to be

true. In Kashi,


Shivprasad Gupta got the foundation-stone af BharatMata temple laid by Babu Bhagwandas. On that occasion a big Mahayagyn of

two hundred days was performed in which twenty lakh of Gayatri lap were performed. On the day of

He who lives by Grace is gracious, graceful and grateful.


Akhand Jyoti

May-.tune 2011

purnahuti of the Yngya . devout austerity and have . they may or may not have withered leaves of the . attained significant spiritual . gained materially but surrounding trees turned . progress.. : everyone has been green and a tree fructified ' and got loaded with out-of- ' I have myself performed ' judged wisely these season fruits' On this ' Gayatri Sqdhana ever since the ' advantages are so great that occasion, Pandit ' tender age of eight and it has ' mere material gains paie into

Madanmohan Malviya, Raja Motichand, High Court Judge I


and Shri Kanhaiyalal were among the many eminent

' become the foundation of my ' insignificance when weighed ' life. Credit goes to Gayatri : against these divine boons of Sadhanafor what little

success noble character.

." Ihurr"achieved inpurification Persons who were witness to ' and refinement of my body, . I would, therefore, strongly these miracles of Gayatri Mata. . mind and intellect. Atl the . i*pruss upon my readers, . qualities of nobility of . with alr the emphasis at my Kathia Baba of vrindaban, . character, high ideals, loving . command, that they should Udia Baba, Pragyachakshu . kindness, compassion, self . start worshipping Gayatri Swami Gangeshvarananda . control , service, erudition, . and see for themselves the did iheir SndhanawithGayatrl ' penance etc. which are ' resultant miracles. A lap' Ali the Acharyas of . effortlessly manifesting ' spontaneous urge towards Vaishnaasamprndayalaidstress ' through this individuality are ' righteousness (satogun), on Gayatri Sadhana' the boons bestowed by ' wisdom (aiaek) and noble vedmata Gayatri.she has saved . acts is aroused in those who Pandit Balbhadraji me several times from . take refuge in Vedmata. This Brahmachari of Nawabganj, ' hardshipsandlightedmypath self-awakening leads to allSwami Devdarshan of I in darkness. Gifts of her grace i ,ound ub.rndur.", spiritual Saharanpur district, Mahatma I are too numerous to narrate as well as material. :

YoganandjiandSwami.h","'FormeHerpresenceis Brahmarshidasji udaseen of ' more concrete than any . [Reproduced from Chapter Bulandshahr district, . physical phenomenon. '. 7 ,super science of "r

. Purron, who have started . Gayatri, (Engtish abridged YogacharyaPanditJagannath. worshippingVedmataGayatri,. veision ,Gayatri shastri, Mahatma Hari om . after deriving inspiration . Mahavigyan'"f(in Hindi) by Tatsat of Rajgarh and several . from my life, have noticed . pt Siriram Sharma other saints were deeply . increase in their dedication . Acharya), Revised edition, engaged in Gayatri Sndhana. . to righteousness, alertness, '. 2004, published by yug Several house-holders, too, . self-purification, disgust for . Nirman yoiana, Gayatri who are engaged in this great . vice, self restraint, piety and . Tapobhoomi, Mathural sadhana, are leading lives of ' fervent faith in the Divine. Mahatma Anasaktaji of Bihar,

lngratitude is a virulent disease of the soul. Akhand Jyoti

May-June 2011


Telks an tfue Gita :21

$sverefgm Sefemâ‚Źe of$esvfee fo Huratsmftry: Ysgs ofsc,lrnes?den - 3


Chatuari shringa ttiyo asya padah, dwe

Dedicate all the activities It is not that only some particular actions are to be dedicated to the Lord. All our actions are to be dedicated to Him. Lord Rama gladly accepted the fruits offered by Shabari [L]' One

sfuirshe saPta hastaso asYa

Tridha baddho vrishbho tataiti, maho deva mattYa aa aioesh Meaning: The bull which has four horns, three 1egs, two heads and seven hands and is tied to three posts is roaring. The Great God has pervaded all the rnankind in every way'

need not retire to a cave to worship the Lord'

Whatever you do, where-ever you do it, just dedicate that to Him' When a mother takes care of her child, she is as it were taking care

That greatly effuigent bull, radiating vigour and energy, imrnanent in all the rnortal beings in the universe is roaring. It is the sanne bull which the farmer worships inwardly while

of Him. Giving the child a bath is like perfnrming abhishek over the Lord' She should regard the child as His gift and bring it up with reverence" Sages and saints like Shuka, Valmiki and Tulsidas consid"er themselves blessed while portraying how tenderly Kausalya cared for Rama and Yashoda for Krishna. They

taking care of his bullock. Commentators have interpreted this verse in different ways" This bull is indeed strange. The buil that roars in the sky and causes rainfail is also present in the farmer's bullock which litters the field with

it with fond admiration' Such service by a mother is indeed noble. The child is an describe

image of God. What gleater fortune could one have than having an opportunity to serve the

Lord in the form of a child? Imagine the ffansformation that wili take place in our actions if we were to serve each other with this attitude! Let each one of us consider the work that has fallen to his lot as seruice of the Lord. A farmer looks after his bullock. Is that bullock to be despised? No. The bull that sage Varnadeva describes in the Veda as pervading the entire universe in the forrn of energy is

present in the farmer's bullock too.

. . .

dung and urine and fertilizes it to yield abundant crop. If the bullock is looked upon with this feeling, then the ordinary work of taking care of the bullock would become the worship of the Lord.

The lady of the house keeps the kitchen spotlessly clean and cooks pure and wholesome food for the family. Her earnest desire is to

give nourishment and contentment to all the farnily mernbers. Atrl that work of hers is a form of yajna. The fire in the kitchen stove is verily the yajna fire. Imagine how pure and

A thanktu! heart encourages life to enter it"



Akhand JYoti

May-June 2011

holy the food will be if it is cooked for the Lord! If the lady has such noble feeling in her mind, she would verily join the august band of the wives of the sages described in the Bhagavata. Many such women must have redeemed themselves through such service, surpassing self-centered scholars.

The whole life can be infused with God Our daily life may appear commonplace, but it is not really so. It has deep significanee" The whole life is like a great yajna. Your sleep is also a kind of Samadhi - an experience of oneness with the divine consciousness. If we surrender all that we did and all that we experienced to the Lord before going to sleep, will not that sleep be a kind of samadhi? There

is a custom of reciting the Purushasukta, a Vedic hymn, while taking bath. What is the connection between the bath and the Purushasukta? You will discern it if you wish to. What connection does the great, allpervading Purusha (the Cosmic Person) having thousand hands and thousand eyes have with your bath? The connection is that, there are thousands of drops in the water you pour over your head. They wash your head and clean it, ridding it of your sins. It is the Lord's blessing

showering on you. The Lord Himself is washing off your sins through those thousands of water drops. Let your bath be infused with such an exalted sentiment, and then it wili be an altogether different thing. It will then have boundless power.

yourseLf. just look upon a guest as the Lord }-{imself and then see the difference it rnakes. When some distlnguished guest is experience


expected in our house, we clean the house thoroughly and prepare speciai dishes. Imagine the difference it wiltr rnake if we look upon the guest as the Lord Himself! Saint Kabir was a weaver" While weaving, tre would lose himself in spiritual bliss and sing ecstatically. Ftre was as if weaving the sheets to drape the Lord. The sage in Rigveda says,' V astr eaa bhadra sukrits

aasaayuh'(I am draping the Lord with my hyrnns). It is for the Lord that a poet should compose hyrnns, and it is for Him that a weaver should weave cloth. Ftrow stirring the idea is! FIow purifying and moving the thought is! How pure our life would become if this

feeling inforrns

it! A flash of lightening

removes darkness in an instant. Is the removal

of darkness gradual? The transformation is instantaneous and total. Like-wise, life is instantly charged with wonderful energy when every action is linked to the Lord. Every action will then become pure; Life will be full of zest. Today our life is devoid of any zest or purpose. There is no joy, no happiness in it. We are alive only because we are yet to die. But just think of linking your actions to the Lord, and then your life will be full of charm;

it will

tre worthy of veneration.

There is no doubt fhat the Lord's l{ame brings


about instantaneous transformation. Never doubt the efficacy of FIis Name. Give it a try and see what happens. Suppose a farmer is coming horne in the evening and he meets a

commonplace/ assumes sanctity if performed in the spirit that it is God's work. You can

stranger in the way. Let him say to the strangr:r, Chal dhars ubha rahen narynna (0 Brotherl C

A^y work, howsoever ordinary

A problem avoided is a hlessing deterred" Akhand Jyoti

tvtay-.tune 2011


asked, "Why has your axe stopped?" Yalya replied, "Because you are so calm." Narada

Lord! Soon it will be night. So please come and spend the night in my house). These words will transform the stranger. Even if he is a robber, he would undergo a change and become pure. It is the attitude that makes the difference. It is the attitude that is everything. Onewelcomes a young man and gives him one's daughter in marriage and bows before the bridegroom much younger in age. Why? The

brought about transformation in Valya. Was that transformation true or false? After all, who is to decide whether somebody is realiy bad or not? Even if you come across a wicked man, look upon him as the Lord. That will transform him into a saint. Do not ask, "Why should we make unreal suppositions?" Who can be certain that the man is really wicked? It is said that'good men, being good, find goodness everywhere, but that is not true'. Should it then be accepted that, only what you see is true? Are we then to suppose that only bad men have the means to know the true nature of the creation? Why not say that there

act of giving away the daughter is so sacred that the young bridegroom is regarded as the Lord Himself. This very sentiment has to be further developed and elevated.

Some may object, "Why make such false assumptions?" But one should not brand anything true or false beforehand. One should first give lt a try, see what happens, and only then one would know what is true and what is false. Do not just address the bridegroom as the Lord as a matter of ritual; regard him so in your heart of hearts, and see the difference.

is nothing wrong with the world, but it appears bad to you as you yourself are bad?

Look, the creation is but a mirror. You will see in it your true image. It is the eye of the beholder that determines the nature of the

That sentiment will bring about a total transformation. Even if the man concerned is not worthy, he will become so. Even if he is

world. Therefore, look upon the world

good and sacred. Let this attitude inform even your ordinary actions. Then you will witness a miraculous change. This is what the Lord

evil-minded, he will become good. Did not this happen in the case of Valya Koli [2]? He had never before come across a man chanting the Lord's Name while playing aeena [3], and remaining not only calm and unruffled when he (Valya) was about to attack, but also continuing to look at him with love. He had till then seen only two types of people. They

would either run away or make counter-attack. But Narada did neither and remained as calm and serene as ever. He was not the least disturbed or perturbed and continued to sing. That made Valya's axe stop in the air. Narada


intends to convey:

len khasi homsi desi jen jen ancharisi tapa, jen kanhin karisi ten Karin maja arpan (Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever

you offer as sacrifice or gift, whatever austerity you perform, dedicate all that to Me.)


. . .

When I was a child, my mother used to tell me a story. It is an amusing story, but it contains a profound truth. There was a lady who had resolved to dedicate everything she did to

Unfinished work is a robber of mental and emotional energy. tr30

Akhand Jyoti

May-June 2011

Lord Krishna. After meals, she would clean the floor with dung and throw the lump of

2.Yalya Koli, a dacoit, was transformed by Narada. He then undertook penance and

dung out of the house saying, "Krishnarpan." (I dedicate it to Lord Krishna.) The lump would then reach the idol in the temple and stick to it. The priest got tired of cleaning up the idol again and again. At last he discovered that it was all due to that lady; as long as she was

realized God. He came to be known as sage Valmiki, who later wrote Ramayana.

alive, it was impossible to keep the idol clean. One day she fell sick. Death seemed round the corner. She dedicated death also to the Lord.

3. A stringed musical instrument. 4. This is a common practice, particularly in the villages. People take meals sitting on the floor. The floor has then to be cleaned. Dung is used for the purpose.

At that very moment, the idol of the Lord cracked and fell to pieces. A uiman (heavenly chariot) came to take her to the heaven. She dedicated even that to the Lord. The aiman dashed against the temple and was smashed up. The moral of the story is that heaven is of no value before the love for the Lord. The import of all this is that, unusual power is generated when whatever good or bad that we do is dedicated to the Lord.

lTo be continuedl


with kind permission


Paramdham Publicatiory Pavnar from Chapter

9 of 'Talks on The Gita' by Sant Vinoba Bhave, 16n edition (jan 2005)l Notes: L. Shabari, an old tribal woman and a devotee of Rama, invited him to her place. As she

had nothing to offer to Him, she picked jujube fruits from the forest. She tasted them

by biting them to find out whether they were sweet, and therefore worthy of being offered to the Lord. Rama gladly accepted those wild fruits, that too bitten by her.

Gandhiji used to insist on the inmates of his PhoenixAshram of South Africa to observe Aswad Vrat (a vow in which neither sugar nor salt is consumed) for many days. Some

inmates used to make high-sounding commitments, butwith the passage of time their resolutions weakened. Once Devdas Gandhi, the youngest son A swad Vrat for eight days but was ternpted to break it by taking curry containing salt. Gandhijitried to dissuade him, but he started weeping instead. Gandhiji recollected that earlier even he had been tempted to break his resolution. He thought "What is the fault of the son? The fault is mine. I should be punished." Thus he started slapping himself of Mahatma Gandhi, undertook



"Devdas! This



consequence of my relapse that you are fickle-minded. land notyou should bearthe punishment."

This behaviour of Gandhiji left such an impression on Devdas that he became resolute to stick to the Aswad vrat.

Giving makes you a part of the activity of good. Akhand Jyoti

naay-.tune 2011



ffiwr,fmg Urfs?c ry Inc;omtimer?€e

With Yogs Therapy -

This article discusses causes of urinary incontinence, its symptoms and its treatment through Yoga therapy.

widens and urine gets passed. I'hysical stress like coughing and sneezing also causes it.

When a person

Urinary incontinence


Reflex incontineho€ - No

then urine gets

described as that condition when urine flows out from the bladder involuntarily and it becomes difficult to controtr this outflow.In this condition, any act like laughing or coughing that applies some pressure on the abdornen, or any form of stress causes a small quantity of urine to automatically flow out. In the west about 13 million people are affected by this disease. Both men and women get affected, though by ratio, in women it is two times more commoR than men.

specific cause for this disease is known. When body is exposed to cold or on touching water urine begins

automatically. Those who walk less or do little activity and suppress the urge to

Types of this disease Stress Incontinence - This disease normally affects women during pregnancy, after child birth or after menopause. Whenever nerves or muscles of urinary bladder

or urethra come under some stress, the opening of urethra

to drop from the bladder. Sometimes this disease is founcl to occur due to the diseases of the nervous system

like Alzheimer's

disease, brain tumour/ surgery, stroke, traurna etc.

Overflow lncontinence


Women are rarely affected by this disease. Due to closure of bladder or due to weakness of bladder mrlscles, bladder gets excessively stressed and

urine begins to flow on its own in large quantity. This happens also due to diabetes,

tumour, stones

Functional incontinence


perturbed, for example, if one is scolded or if one is fearful passed

urinate also get affected by this disease.

Transient incontinence

This can occur due


to consumption of medicines, not doing much physical activity/walking, or due to some disorder in urge to urinate/pass stools etc.

Causes of the disease: This disease has many causes. The important ones are: damage to nerves, dementia, trauma in spinal cord, stroke or multiple sclerosis. Physical

and enlargement of prostrate.

changes like pregnancy, growth of prostrate gland,

ft/lixed ineontineilG€ * This disease is a combined form of stress and reflex incontinence.

tumours etc also cause this disease. The following also are important factors excessive usage of allopathic medicines, infection in urinary

The highest and the lofiiest trees have the rnost reason to dread the thunder.


Akhand Jyoti

May-June 2011

tract, urethral sphincter, weakening of pelvic floor

medicines have strong side effects. Patients are prescribed antimuscarinic drugs like probanthine. Among cholinergic drugs duvoid, myotonachol, urecholine are prescribed. Women are prescribed drugs

muscle etc.

Risk factors


obesity and

ageing increase the risk of this

disease. Extended hours of work also can increase the

possibility of the disease.

like phenylpropanolamine and prernarin etc. All these

Enlargement of prostrate,

physical problems

and neurological diseases also increase the risk factor.

medicines have strong side effects. So, unless essential, these drugs must be avoided.

When no medicines work


Symptoms of the disease In this disease urine flows involuntarily rvhich results in irritation. The urge to urinate keeps recurring frequently.

reproductive systenn and related areas that arise from obstructed flow of prdpic energy. Diseases arise when PrdTtic flow is reduced and yogic processes help reestablish and regulate this flow. So a complete treatment is possible for these diseases by yogic practice. Following are the yogic processes for curing diseases of urinary system


surgery becomes necessary.


suggestions -

at sunrise. Snrya Namaskdr


is a combination of

must abstain from coffee, alcohol, sweets and normal

Suggestions for sugar. This helps in tneatment - This disease prevention of microbial creates many kinds of infection in bladder tissue. catheters, urethral plug, diapers, absorbent pads etc. so

that urine gets absorbed and does not wet the clothes.

Citrus fruits rich in Vitamin C, lemon etc. must be taken in good quantities because they

turn urine acidic and prevent growth of microbes. Foods rich in magnesium and calcium must be taken as they

Drug therapy- Antibiotics are normally prescribed when there is any associated infection or sexual disease. Reflex patients are prescribed anticholinergics like tofranil, ditropan, cystospaz etc. But it

must be known that these

- Start with one cycle and gradually increase to 12 cycles daily SErya Namaskqr



problems. It causes stress and humiliation. Patients must use



positions, each of which is related to 12 zodiac signs. There is a mantra attached to each of the 12 positions

of the full cycle of Snrya Namaskdr. Position 1 -

Namaskdr (or prayer) pose

and mantra is Om Mitray Namah. Position 2 - Hasta Uftandnsan and mantra is Om Raaaye Namah. position

3 - Pada Hastdsan and

help in improving control over sphincter. Food rich in zinc boosts the immune

Sanchaldsan and mantra is


Om Bhanaae Namah.

mantra is Om Surydy Namah"

Position 4 Position 5

Yogic therapy - The aim of yogic therapy is to cure all

diseases of




Paraatasan and

mantra is Om Khagave Namah. Position 6 Ashtdnga Namaskdr and


A thorouglnly to those who do not wish to hear it. Akhand Jyoti rvray-.lune 2011


mantra is Om Pushnne Namah. Position 7 -

padma halasan,

Bhujangasan and mantra is

ma tsye nd rasa

Om Hiranyagarbhay Namah.

Position 8 - Parvatqsan and mantra is Om Marlchiye Namah. Position 9 - Ashwa Sanchalasan, mantra - Om Adityay Namah. Position 10

Pad hastasan, mantra Om Sarsite Namah. Position


77 Hast Uttunasan, mantra


Om Arkaya Namah. Position 12


Prayer Pose, mantra


Om Bhdskardy Namah.

These positions help in curing

n. valayanasa n. dvipad kandharasan, and

Kriyd - Perform Nefr and Kunjal Kriyds. Before initiating yogic practice, Pnrnq perform

siddha yoni asan.


sarvangdsan, halasan, ardh


All these asans must be practiced regularly but only after learning them from a proficient and able yoga therapist. These asans have a beneficial effect on urinary and reproductive system. They heip in removal of disorders and poisonous elements from these systems and reinstate good health.

4. Shat



Yoga Kendra or in the environs of some ashram. Then weekly practice Laghu shankhaprakshalan.

These practices help in removal of phlegm and other toxic elements from the body. This restricts the growth of bacteria, microbes and resulting infection, and diseases get cured.

all different kinds

of diseases. The diseases of urinary system can be completely cured from the very roots. 2.

3. Prdltdydm - Perforrn Nadi Shodhan and Bhastrika

5. Shithtlikaralt -Perform YogNidrat daily afternoon or

w ith kumbh ak and

before sleeping. This helps in complete physical and mental relaxation. So any

P r d 1t dy d m

At antah kumbhak apply Mnl Bandh and


All shaktibandh dsans

Jalandhar Bandh, and at

- ryaghrdsan, ushtrasan, shashank bhujangasan.

Bahya kumbhak apply

bhuj angci san,








chakrdsan, ardh padma

Uddiydn Bandh. Practice 10


Sarya Bhedan

diseases arising out of physical or mental causes get cured and person becomes healthy.

rrqpctyam aIso.

paschimottAnAsan. Kabir says - Marte Ko Kya Roiye? Jo apne ghar jai (Why should one cry upon a dead body? That soul is

homeward bound.) Does anyone cry while returning home? Man should weep for those who are being sold in the world nnarket, for those that are being sold by Maya. Just like animals are sold in the market, similarly Mayais trading humans. A man, who is surrounded by Maya, suffers from terrible personality deficiencies. There is one clear difference between a man who worships God and a man who worships wealth. One who worships wealth is mere animal. By living like animals, he gets sold like animals. One who worships God is illumined by his personality. The worshiper of God is illumined like the lonely sun. He only relies on God. Pomp and show



The only way to enioy life is to work. Work is much more a fun than fun. tr34

Akhand Jyoti

May-June 2011

Other suggestions and -

tobacco etc should be


l. Drink Z to 4 litres

avoided. Instead take one cup of barley water or any herbal tea thrice in a day.


water daily. 5.





easily digestible and sattwick food only. Minimize the quantity of proteins and stimulating spices in food. Consume fibrous food that prevents constipation.

Eating refined and fried food items is prohibited.


All stimulating drinks like tea, coffee, alcohol and


Practice fasting once a week. In dinner that day take only fruits instead of food.

8. Do not make

major in daily routines like sleeping during the day and working in the night etc. changes

In this way by regulating lifestyle and performing yoga practices daily it is possible to get completely

Do not suppress the urge to pass urine or stools.

cured of the diseases of urine

This causes stress on the system, weakens the

incontinence and become

system like


healthy again. The next issue

risk of infection.

shall focus on the yogic therapy of the problems

Perform yogic practices at

specific to urinary system of women.

muscles and increases the

a fixed time daily.

A peasant, who was greatly inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, went to have his darshan when the Mahatma was traveling by train which was to halt for a short while at a station

nearby his village. He was visualizing about Gandhiji on the way. He

presumed Gandhiji to be a person of grand splendour.

He bought a ticket and got into the train. There was a big crowd in a bogie. A genleman was reclining on a berth. He seemed to be quite exhausted. The farmer entered the bogie and approached him, herd his hand, made him get up and said -,,Get up and sit up' You are reclining as if it were your own train." The genfleman got up. Sitting down in

the vacated place the peasant started saying - "Gandhiji is great, he is the one who alleviates the afflictions of the distressed." All the people in the bogie were smiling. When the train finally reached the destination, people rushed to receive Gandhiji. The peasant was astonished and also anguished when he came to know that the person whom he admonished to sit up was none otherthan Gandhiji.

simplicity and even-mindedness are attributes of greatness. A gentleman is one who can disagree without being disagreeable. Akhand Jyoti

May-.tune 2011


Arnrit Vani

flet the Sprrit of Spring Permredte & UpltfrVour LW (Translation of excerpts frorn the discourse on Vasant Panchami day February L981: "Vasanti HEka, (Jmang, Aur Ullas Yadi A Jaye Jtvan Me') Let us begin with the collective chanting of the Gayatri Mantra: "Om Bhur Buvall Swall, TatsaviturvareTyat'l Bhargo Devasya Dhtmahi, Dhiyo Yonall

Prachodayat I



Sisters and Brothers, . "Vasant Pancharni" (auspicious fifth day of the month "lll4agha" of the Indian lunar calendar) marks the emergence of Spring. It is the day ,,

of enthusiasm, inspiration, inner illumination. . The advent of spring sparks an awakening and exultation in Nature, in all iiving beings. Such a spring had brought about a sea-change in the (the noble Guru . life of Samarth Guru Ramdas . of Chhatrapati Shivaji) in his early youth "can't I make a better use of my life?" was what ,.he was pondering over at that time... There, :.his family was busy in preparations of his n. marriage, and here in some corner of the house .,he began to see the consequences -wife, then children, then children of the children, their ^. marriages and so on. His awakened soul instantly warned * Is this what you are born for? Look at the dignity of your life; there could be another path, the path worthy of greatness! With this he began to realize the majestic value, the purpose of his life. This was

the moment of great transformation, quanfum leap, in his life. Such was the force of this exaltation that he did not look back, continued to rise higher and higher in his life. Nothing could stop him; he cast away the bridegroom's costumes from his body and ran away in search of the path of ultimate light. So, what did this emotional splash of spring do? It transformed an ordinary boy, a teenager, into a great spirifual master, a saint, an immortal Guru. Spring induces some kind of umang (inspiring

enthusiasm and enchanting, enlightening emotional thrust) in every heart. Its nature and extent depends upon what we deserve. Adi Shankaracharya's awakening umang was also born around Vasant Panchami. His mother had lots of expectations from this bright child, such //fts would be big 3s a officer, a prosperous, successful man; he will get married and bring a nice daughter-in-law for me, I will enjoy the

company of my grandchildren". Sensing Shankar's inclination towards ascetic life, she even used to warn him that he will have to suffer the pangs of hell for the sin of not obeying his mother. The umang awakened in this child gave him the courage to face all hurdles; he was prepared to go to any hell

All of the aninnals except man know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it. 1tr


Akhand Jyoti

tvtay-.tune 2011

i I


during or beyond this life if it were a must for pursuing the goal of ultimate realization. One day he entered the deep waters in the village-river and screamed for his mother,s /I am about to help. He told her be drowned and die this very moment, but I am seeing God standing to save me only under one condition. HE (God) is asking you to offer my life to Hirn (for His work) then HE would save and protect me forever". Now his mother had no choice. She agreed and said ',Okay! I am ready to make

this sacrifice for saving your life,,. Shankar jumped out of the swirling waters that very

. of the disciple and gives a shock_like treatment. . No, this is not faktipata. it does not work at the . level of the gross body. It is in fact a sublirne . process of awakening, empowering and ' the inner consciousness-force of the exaltirrg deserving ' disciple by the spiritual will of the Guru. The ' elevated power of consciousness is reflected in ' the enlightenment, sublime transrnutation of the ' intrinsic tendencies, thoughts, convictions and ; inner sentiments; and not as any current of light . experienced in the body. . ttre force of evolved

consciousness is that which induces immense courage and foresight moment and touched her feet on the banks of of adopting and firmly standing for higher the river. He said to his mother-,,look God values and ideals. A tiny fish traverses the great has saved me, but now I am His,,. depths and lengths of the oceans against the direction of the flow of water. Similar is the You will find many such examples of the Ltmang case of awakened consciousness. No resistance, of Vasant in the history. Fifty-five years ago no obstacle, howsoever mighty/ can ever (in Feb. 1926), the day of Vasant panchami had hinder or deflect its chosen path. In ordinary blessed me with enormous bliss and fortune. case/ one can't even imagine how difficult it is It divine Guru to me. The angelic to follow an ideal against the worldly trends light of his aura appeared before me; it induced of selfish pursuits. One has to face uncountable the divine impulse of self-realization and obstructions, challenges, dangers and stiff enlightenment in me. It was on this auspicious resistance from multiple directions __ the day that I had met my eternal guide and was pressures and attractions of attachment with blessed by hi" Saktipata upon me. Today we are family, friends, the fears of society, and what gathered here on this sacred day of Vasant not; above all one,s own weaknesses/ ingrained Panchmi. I wish that it could bring the same habits and intrinsic tendencies make it almost good fortune for you all, bless you with the impossible for one to proceed along the path same inspiration.... of noble ideals. One who can do that is indeed spiritually empowered in my view. This is the What did my divine mentor do? What is spiritual force that my angelic master had Saktipata? Often people have misconceptions bequeathed to me by his Saktipata. . about Saktipata; that some electrical current like : brilliance is transmitted from the eyes or hands : The Saktipata gave me the courage to come out of the spiritual master which enters the body . of the house against all odds and work for the :

The world turns aside to ret a man pass who knows where he is Akhand Jyoti May-,rune 2011

goi; 37tr

it the light of the spirit and soul-courage to pursue what

freedom movement under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi at the young age of barely twenty years. I even had to go to jail and face tortures at the hands of the British government; but the inner power enabled me to continue my march on the path of self-unfoldment, along with honest performance of all the duties including familial and social responsibilities assigned by *y Guru. There never was a looking back, no agony for the sufferings that came on the way. This is what is called the marvelous power of determination inspired by

Meerabai's mind and gave


Mahamandaleshwaras, the Shankaracharyas, the so-called religious leaders of our iimes. I have collided against heavy golden shields and broken them (routed all the adversities and

eventually madb her a true saint, an immortal example of supreme devotion. I keep recalling these lines of Goswami Tulsidas. They generate an inexplicable joy and power in me. The power of spirit awakened by such Saktipatas

is indeed immense. I have experienced it myself. It is with this enlightened force that I have stood successfully for the divine ideals and principles against even the great

What happened in Meerabai's life is another example of Saktipdta. This ardent devotee of Lord Krishna was under tremendous pressure from the in-laws family; they were against her going out of the palace or calling satsang inside the palace; even her saintly life-style and engrossment in her devotion of Krishna was unbearable to many of them. Helpless Meera

avarice that tried hindering my ethical, altruistic path). Be that social reformation, revival of our Rishi Culture in scientific light, upliftment of women, mass awareness against blind 'religious' traditions, I have marched alone on every front; my inner courage, the light of my awakened soul have enabled me to surmount all obstacles. This is how I could launch the grand missi.ons of Vichar Kranti and Yug Nirman Yojna, to destroy the smog of evils and ignorance prevailing in the minds of people and lay the foundation of an era of bright future for all. It looks as if every pore of my being is filled by immense vigor, valor and courage like that of Rishi Parshuram. If people see any sign of a social reformer or a great personality in me it is all an expression of the Saktipata beatified by *y Guru on that Vasant Panchami day in 1926.

wrote to her contemporary saintly Poet Goswami Tulasidas to advise her about what she should do; what should be her dufy in those circumstances? Tulasidas explained to her tha| such was the law of the world; circumstances don't change according to one's ideals or resolutions. One has to change one's attitude, mental conditioning for the desired results. In fact, he sent her a couplet of poetry that said -Jake Priya Na Rama Vaidehi, Tajiye Tahi Koti Bairi Sama Yadyapi Param Sanehr I

(Word Meaning: You should leave those who do not love Lord Ram and Sita (Father-Mother God) even if they happen to be your nearest ones). These words worked like a Saktipata on

. .

The awakening of kundalinl is said to bestow siddhis and riddhis (spiritual attainment of

He grieves more than is necessary who grieves before it is necessary.


Akhand Jyoti

May-June 2011

supernormal taients and angelic potentials). With the help of these, an accomplished sadhaka or siddha yogi can miraculously help others


all your problems yourself and also have the potential to help others getting rid of their problems. Then you will not have to come to me and bug "Guruji! Kindly save me; remove my sufferings, etc". Your life should be such that I, the Guru himself will come to you and ask for assistance, your active collaboration in his altruistic world-uplifting efforts. Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa himself used to go to Narendra (Vivekananda), seeking his help in dissemination of devotion and knowledge, in transforming the society. A tongue cannot work like a mike and a mike alone is of no use without a tongue (voice), combination of both

and also reach higher realms in his own spiritual

ascent. My Curu came, activated my inner consciousness and awakened my kundalinl. This

resulted in the flow of viveka (spiritualy illumined wisdom) and karufa (saintly love and compassion) within me and eventualiy beatified me with enduring contentment, peace and bliss. This is what we are blessed with as we dedicate all that we have in the performance

of our duties as per the enlightened guidance of viveka and saintly impulse of karuta. People come here full of varied sufferings and tensions of worldly life; with tears in their eyes

serves the purpose. The voice (message) of the

they come to me for help. My heart pulsates to absorb all their pains. I experience limitless inner peace and blissful repose in allaying their agonies, resolving their problems, eradicating the adversities of their lives. I cannot describe

Guru is spread through the mike (efforts) of the disciples. My Guru is the voice and I arn his mike. I want you also to be able to do the same in turn. I would like you to be worthy of spreading the divine message. If you could cultivate this ability, there would be no delay in the working of His grace in your lives. God

in words the dreaded physical and mental ailments that I have seen people suffering from.

t" t

Many come here to get rid of their beastly tendencies, the sinful life they have been living so far. How to tell you, how contented (glad) I feel by helping them out, by liberating and uplifting their lives, by giving them happiness. You see! All this is the astonishing power of

keeps the boons of Saktipata and kun{alinri ready

in His hands to bestow them upon deserving souls. You could also receive them provided you have the desired level of Sraddha (inner faith and dedication) and patrata (worthiness).

awakened ku4dalinri.

We have taken up the mission of revival of the vedic knowledge and rishi traditions of Yagya along with Gayatri Vidya. We have

On the Vasant Panchami day every year I keep thinking that all of you present here should also share in my precious fortune and lead your

livestogloriousheights;mayyournobledeeds and names become immortal on the golden pages of the annals of humanity. your life

should.rise above its present states of suffering and perversion. You should be able to resolve

now introduced the medium of ,,Gyan


Rathas" to spread this knowledge through mission's publications. You may devote two valuable hours per day (or equivalent time per week) for this noble task. This would

To no man life is given freehold. All are tenants. Akhand Jyoti

May-June 20l1


indeed be more virtuous tlean singing devotional songs or worshiping divine idols for the same time. My Guru had asked for my tirne and efforts. I dedicated every moment of niy life for His work. Well, in return, he bestowed on me so many boons, endowed me with gifts that could not have been attainable by tapa and upasana for several lives. This is what tr arn entreating you to do. Irlease give me a fraction of your time and effort to dissenninate the knowledge and ideals of spirituality. If you expect to gain sontething, you wili also have to give something. Higher attainments demand greater sacrifices.

The Shastric Scriptures describe of "Ekada vsfgvling to the conversation Naimi;6ra4ys/'


of rishis Shaunak and Soota that focuses on the sagacious discussions of the saints, the thinkers, the Brahmins of that time in the lush forestfields of Naimisharanya. I had also wanted to develop a Naimisharanya for the present Age, where people would live for pure selfless love, enlightenment and high ideals; where they would spontaneously share each others' joys

and sorrows; where they would happily sacrifice their selfish desires and comforts for the welfare of the world. This is what I expect

to happen in Shantikunj and its newer expansion, Gayatri Nagar. I inaugurate the Gayatri Nagar with this expectation and with full confidence in my Guru's assurance that all rny aims devoted to attainment of divine goals would be accomplished gloriously. (To be concluded in next issue)

Shrutayudh got a powerfurl nnace as a boon from Lord Shiva. The Lord was pleased with his

austeritres and had given the gift of mace with a condition that it must not be misused; otherwise it would return and kill Shrutayudh himself


$hrutayudh was fighting with Arjun in war of Mahabharat. The war was in f ull swing and both the armles fought with their respective valour and skill.

Krishna while acting as charioteer, laughed at the ugliness of Shrutayudh. This mockery struck Shrutayudh like an arrow. He becarne excited and threw the sacred mace on Krishna. He forgot the condition rrnder which the mace was Eiven to him.

The mace did not reach Krishna; it returned from midway to Shrutayudh and fell on him, and he fell dead on the ground.

Sanjaya, who was watchinE the war with his divine vision, told Dhratrashtra, "Your Honour! The power is bestowed upon man for its good use; whoever misuses them, is hit by his own power and falls like Shruiayudh."

See that your faee always wears a smile. tr4CI

Akhand Jyoti

May-June 2011


& Therr Csuses All kinds of sufferings


. forced banishment to rishi . physical actions) leave behind ' . Valmiki's ashram. . their'footprints,/traces on the " ' 'surface' of his unconscious ' It would not be proper to . mind. These sublime but deep ' assume that misfortunes are ' impressions are known as respectivelv to the mental ' punishment '. given by an sanskdras in spiritual parlance. . (including emotional) '. 'angry' God to chastise an ' Evil feelings, dernonic agonies, phr-sical sufferings, ' erring person. The epic ' thoughts or vicious actions r and torments due to natural ' Ramayana says that each ' generate highly distressful calamities. The scriptures say ' individual is himself - and negative sanskaras, which that the root cause of all - responsible for his happiness ' in due course of time sprout, agonies and sufferings is, . and miseries (,'Kahu na kowil : as sufferings, like self_ directiv or indirectly, self_ .. dukhq-sukhq data, Ni ni karma . growing thorny bushes. generated Oy the soul). . bhoga saba bhran I 1,, - All . beings reap the fruits of their Happiness and peace are the Sudden happenings of good . own doings). They benefit natural states of mind. Man (a fortune and misfortune are . and rejoice or wail, weep and human being) is intrinsically part of Iife and there is no . suffer because of their own inclined in his inner core self escape from them. Saint_poet . past actions. With each living to act for welfare of self and Soordas has rightly stated . being, God has provided an others, which naturally results that the effects of actions . absolutely perfect and in peace and joy. But he does (karmas) and agonies are classified in the ancient lndian texts into three categories: Dairik, Daihik, Bhautik Dukha. These pertain



cannot be avoided

intelligent mechanism that continuously records the consequences of one,s ongoing karmas and also determines the fruits of the

even with the best of guidance

from an enlightened and experienced person. In spite of having an agelic rishi like Vashishtha as his Guru Sri

or emotionally

knrmas that have ripened at the

Ram had to face the agonies

present time. Like a fish swimming in the water, or a

of exile, tragic death of his father, abduction of his wife Sita and subsequently her

not know what the best way is to do this; so his mind wanders here and there. His mind therefore gets disturbed


snake crawling on sand, one,s karmas (emotional, mental or




many times and thus results in feelings of suffering. As suffering or unhappiness is against the will of the inner

self, one dreads




turbulence, sorrow and grief. But one keeps facing and experiencing them in some form or the other. Let us look



psyche. These kinds of mental

misfortunes influence



sins do not provide any

at the causes that generate


such circumstances, occasions

Physical ailment or pains, and

or situations of unhappiness.

Suffering caused by natural disasters. In Indian texts on spirituality these are referred respectively as "Daiaik",

As the medical science has two independent streams, one for promotion of health and

another f or treatment of diseases, there are two branches of spiritual effects one for promoting happiness

and the other for allaying or eliminating unhappiness. Righieous living is essential for inner peace and happiness just as nutritional food is for physical health. For effectiveness of a therapy it is necessary to first have a correct diagnosis and then look for suitable treatment. There is yet another way to remain healthy and that is 'prevention of the disease'.

The same holds true for 'treatment' of unhappiness.


By discarding the karmas that would generate bad sanskaras, we can prevent the resultant suffering and pain.

Let us now discuss in detail the types of sufferings and the karmas

that cause them. As

by creating three types of adverse reactions: Mental (or

" D nihik"


and " Bhnutik" - Dukhns.


physical gratification; they may only temporarily satisfy the doer's arrogance or selfish cravings. Like a smoke-filled room/ the environment created by pollutants of mind suffocates the soul.

like theft, robbery, Sins

burglary, adultery,

Suff erings (Daivik-Dukhasl= All types of sorrows, mental suffering, are results of

kidnapping, violence, etc are apparently committed physically. However, as these are triggered and guided

'Mental Sins'. Worry, anxiety,

intentionally by the mind, such acts also fall in the

irritation, humiliation, animosity, anguish of separation from a beloved one, fear, grief, etc. are signs of divine justice for mental sins. Mental sins are those willful karmas (deliberate acts) of mind, which are carried out intentionally in a state of mental awareness. These are generally triggered by egocentric strong negative emotional stimuli.

category of mental sins. The soul, being a spark of the

omnipresent divinity, is intrinsically pure. It does not permit accumulation of sinful thoughts around itself and is always eager to eliminate those 'internal' pollutants in someway or the other, in the same manner, as the body expels the harmful food.

We may call mental sins as . The soul is meticulously corrupt functions of mind like . careful about its purity. The jealousy, perfidy, deception, . moment it finds any mental scandalous planning, . sins adulterating its sublime feels revengeful annoyance, . ambience, it and cruelty, etc, which pollute the . uncomfortable ' though environment around the inner immediately,

Always look at the bright side of things.


Akhand Jyoti

May-.tune 2011

transcendentally, reacts

to . theagonizedpersonthusgets . Physical Sufferings discard the 'pollutants'. . motivated to refrain from (Daihik . Dukhas): Although our extrovert . committing sinful deeds in ' The cause of conge'nital conscious mind is hardly future and to follow '. a deficiencies and genetic aware/ the inner, subtle . righteous path in life. . diseasesismisutilisationof

. always . seeking the opportunity to ' while attending funerals, throw off this burden (of ' people are reminded of the mental or emotional vices). uncertainties and short span : sometime, somehow, from I of life and thus made to somewhete, it puts the realize the importance and . concerned individual in ,rgun"y of living a purposeful . (unconscious) mind is



the organs in some

previous lives. After death, the soul leaves the physical ooay but carries forward the subtle body (sukimq sarlra) to the next

il". ;" the succeeding

birth, the new body is shaped

of ' 1i6u. when suffering from . by this ,mental-vital-energy, circumstances that neutralize . financial loss, one seeks God's . uoay. The subtle body carries some of the sanskqrasl . hetp. on being defeated or . with it in the chitta created by mental or ' facing failure, one's vanity is . (unconscious mind), the nuclei emotional sins. For example, . deflated. It is like a . (seeds) of sqnskaras such circumstances could ' drunkard beginning to talk ' assimilated from earlier lives. make one face scornful ' sense when the intoxication ' It thus contains ,blue prints, . humiliation, . of ones physical body failure, is over. and demotion, disrepute, etc. . mental potentials and : ' The above examples'lustrate ' tendencies that are going to Death of a beloved person or that the only purpose of be manifested (via the genetic separation from him/her,loss I mental distress is to awaken r ;"*";li ,n" next birth. in business and property, I the mind, to cleanse the public- defamation, poverty, : garbage of mental pollutants . th" sanskaras subliminally etc also cause acute mental ' tit" jealousy, ingratitude, . ,rror"a'l' tie subtle body, agonies' such experiences ' cruelty, selfishness , apathy, . include ti" i*pri.rts of the bringouttheinnerpainrothe . cunningness, hypocrisy, false . *;;;;.ior.,r.o--itted by "r"rrr" surface; the aggrieved person . pride and arrogance. Through . the organs. The lr-eeps/ wails' cries from the such ' sufferings, the divine . correspo^ding components of depths of his heart' Helshe ' mechanism indwelling the . *re pnysi.ul Jrgurrr, which are feels a 'oid in life and is . soul also alerts the mind . ,i.,rrily or otherwise wrongly reminded (b,v the inner self) . against accumulation of . used in the previous life, lose of the transience of worldly . untoward sanskarasl that . their vitaliiy in the subtle possessions and futility of . generate and nurture such . body and manifest as selfish obsessions, . negative tendencies and . impaired or malfunctioning in attachments, and false pride. . mental vices. . the physical body of the next lf you wish to be happy make others happy. Akhand Jyoti

May-.tune 2011


birth. For example, it is . Theory)' The compulsory rest ' the astral body for being ,imposed, by Nature in the . worked out in the next life. possible for a sexually . indulgent person to be born . present life rejuvenates that ' ' Due to Natural with congenital impotence or orgur, of the body and also Sufferings (BhaUtik ' with imperfections in sexual relieves the burden of . CalamitieS ' DUkhaS): ' organs in the next life (Note correspon ding sanskara from ' Of late, science has begun to . that Roman Catholic Church the subtle body through ' : the damaging defines indulgence as "a repentance. When a mental appreciate human partial remission of the i sin is intermixed with a ' impact of lop-sided ' activities on global life: temporal punishment that is physical sin and has not been of nature' still due for sin after . neutralized in the present life ' sustaining elements . Indiscriminate use of chloroabsolution,,). This way,by I by pur,ishment by the state, it ' flouro carbons by some giving cautionary punishment . society or by atonement, is (through physical deformity . is also carried over to the ' developing countries . damaging the global or infirmity) for over- . next life. ' biosphere for entire indulgence in sensual is . humankind by producing the pleasure,thedivinejusticealso . However, if the sin ' little ' greenhouse effect' Reckless provides the soul an excellent basically physical with ' parts opportunity for self- ' or no input of the mind deforestation in certain ' (deiiberate attempt or . of the world is creating upliftment. ' ecological , : intention), the biological ' worldwide : imbalances' Such examples The temporary period of non- system immediately takes ' I man illustrate that basic elements functioning or malfunctioning .ur" of it. For instance, intoxicated and ' of Nature are globally of the affected faculty serves : t",t ' interdependent and local : the purpose of caution as well deranged on taking drugs, d'ietary ' changes in them have as rejuvenation for the next ' full, sick because of universal implications' The l,ife. That is to say, whichever . irregularities or dies o^ . grgan of the body is . consuming the poison. This ' following observations bring for out this eternal truth' recklessly misused for sensual ' i, a physical punishment gratification is deemed to be I a physical sin. The body "Prdnq"- the universai life engaged in a physical sin. In . cleans itself of the minor " the vital thenextlifethatorganiseither . physical sins speedily and . force, is one of Nature, which is ^ found missing or appears as a . these are neutralized in this . elements of of all congenital defect. Thus . very life. On the other hand, . an integral constituent physical . as mentioned earlier, serious . animate beings. The entire congenital human race is inter-connected deformities or diseases are for . physical vices, which are also . remissionofsinsk.f..associatedwithmental.withthisall-pervasive .







-* .'- -

none have the right to expect' A


Akhand JYoti

MaY-June 2011

the individual animate being, which is known as "Jiydtma" in spiritual parlance, is part of

souls of the parents and other

suffer the dire consequences.

family members too have to suffer partially for this

Such collective sins of inactivity

the omnipresence of THAT Omnipresent Life Force.

dereliction of duty, which the divine jurisprudence considers as a sin. \Alhen the neighbour's

The science of spirituality (c.f.

the Upanishads) maintains that, because of their existence




consciousness force, the karmas

and sanskdras

of all living

beings are

mutually interactive. In social milieu these reactions are quite prominent. A criminal brings shame to his parents and family as weli. The latter suffer disgrace because of disregarding their responsibilities or not

performing their duties adequately to make that person a good citizen, or to prevent his criminal activiiies, or to inform the police, other concerned authorities, or reformative counselors, etc. The responsibility for spiritual

development of the child (a virfuous karma) rests on the parents and other adults of the family. Hence, though in the material world only the offender receives the punishment from the law enforcers and the society, the

house is on fire, you cannot remain a silent spectator, since soon you may also become a

victim. If in spite of being capable of preventing, one looks on at acts of theft, burglary, rape, murder, etc indifferently, the society would look down upon such a person contemptuously and the law would also not spare him. The laws of divine justice follow

stricter norms in foolproof manner.

Divine law expects man to abide by time-tested moral codes ofconduct and, as a social

responsibility, also exerts sincere efforts to prevent others

from violating them. If some country or corrununity or race does not make an attempt to dissuade any of its citizens or members from committing wrong deeds, or to prevent expansion of evil or debouching tendencies, in spite of being in a position to do so;

or does not promote morality and ethics despite having the means to do so, it too has to

or indifference invite combined punishment from divine justice.

Earthquakes, deluge, drought, famine, world wars are consequences of collective sins of humanity - in which karmas for vested interests were given priority and welfare of the rest of the

humanity, of


generations, or other beings,

was ignored. Examples of such collective sins are


blind pursuit of luxurious lifestyle at the cost of squeezing out natural resources/ environmental pollution, drug abuse and alcoholism, spread of sensual indiscipline and consequent diseases and disorders like AIDS, disintegration of families, juvenile delinquency, terrorism, etc. The developed

countries are suffering consequences of their smug, indifference towards the






elsewhere. Notes: '1". Sanskaras

: Sublime

impressions, inscriptions

or assimilations in the unconscious



Truth is simple. The complications in the universe are of man's own making. Akhand JyOti

tr,tay-.tune 2011


On Women Emaowerment-3

Exploitation of Women in the Guise of Art &Modernrty Mus't Stop The importance of mutual complementary currents of pra(ta (vital spiritual energy) and sublime elements of creation and emotions

progeny too. This also affects the strength and progress of the society as a whole. The

dwelling in a man and

conservative many has caused an communities all-enveloping adversity and has thrown them in a dark well of total destruction. What could be worse while women are being abusively exploited even in the name of att, fashion and career development?


woman is not ordinary, but quite deep. The great possibilities of creation and initiation, development and pleasure are aplenty in them. Procreation is a very basic and

petty result of congruence.


It is necessary to

properly evaluate the cuitural and .development enhancement of this dual entity, which is the origin of basic cause and life-source of God's creation. Proper utilisation of these interactions between a man and a woman can be very

effective in


development of the human society. Imbalance or

misutilisation of these relations results in deterioration of physical and mental health of either or both of them and hence of their

physical and emotional exploitation of women in

dance, literature etc have projected her as an article to fulfil the sexual needs of men. All minds kept getting moulded accordingly and it became quite common for

women to get dressed willingly with the aim of arousing men.

It was the

conspiracy of male dominated

culture of those days, which now manifests itself in the distasteful adoption of fashion

for women


today. Basicaliy it is an insult of womanhood that women

In the medieval times, when kingdoms reigned supreme/ woman was painted in a very sad and unfortunate state. From the status of heavenly goddess, she was dragged

vie with each other to look sexy or to get decorated to

down and 'branded'

ornamentation and then it will become a practice for men and women to get dressed in similar ways. When men do not indulge in getting decorated and dressed with a view to seduce women, why should women get provocatively dressed and


prostitute of hellish level. She was reduced to an article of gratification and pleasure. In the name of art, she was portrayed only as an object of pervert desires. All forms of art including poetry, songs, paintings, sculpture, theatre,

attract and please men. A daywill come whenwomen will revolt against sensual

lf our job seems to be drudgery, we can be sure it is our attitude and not the iob that is at fault. tr46

Akhand Jyoti

May-.lune 2011

Portrav their inferiority? why shor:-ld a woman not consider it an insult to her personality

. Artists Must Desist from . wisdom and courage got . Portraying and lnciting . sacrificed on the altar of . sensuarity: . perverse tendencies.


a man? soon either men will of every part of a woman's appreciate such feelings or ' body so much that a common awakened women will break man impulsively

' All those so called wise and ' learned people, who have

o. misutilised the fields of art trappings : compulsively takes it as life's . with full licence to incite developed in recent past as ' biggest achievement to get I animal t"'ra"r,.i", under the ' mental conspiracies in the ' t',ota of such a beauty ior . grtr" ;f findings of through all

name of art which directly

or '

r.rtritti,-,g his sexual desires. . iry.norog-tr,r--iti"'?""r, beauty has been tagged . ,r,orra blar the blame of insultingly as articles of desire . as a sex symbol und, one liruy . tarnishing the image of human and pleasure, and treat them . or the other she is portrayed . civilization. Intellectuals owe as mean/ worthless, and in erogenous manner by . this responsibility to make the disdainful if they were not . modern fields of art. when . common people aware that able to please men' . popular creations of poetry, . mental indulgence in sex is

indirectly brand women H".

,llii;#f':.H;:.::"Tl ;,#:i,':i,fll::Lfl'J';j

women must be restored to , , their natural status of being devote themselves to place : psychology that excess of complementary to men in woman's voluptuousness ""a and such tendencies results only in societv' It is the sick mentality : sexuality on the highest altar, ' tremendous loss of physical of treating the existence of I the beastly tendencies of most . health and mental strength. rl-omen as only objects of I men get aroused. As sensual serual indulgences by men. tendencies exploded, I \o such pervert tendencies : cordiality between men and Restrictions on women that urr"r, them inside , ;, rt iil develop between men I .to^u., vanished. There the periphery of the house and women if the latter are ' occurred a spate of sexual pre-suppose that men and lreated respectfully as sisters, dir"ur"r; bodies and minds . *o,,."r, iurf ,o one another daughters' and mothers and ' got devastated. People . only *itn uroii. intentions in are regarded as dependable became incapable of . mind and nothing else. such friends and partners in every ' concentrating on many . restrictions prevalent in many walk of life' The distorted importantissuesastheirmind . parts of o* society are atmosphere pre'ailing in the was engrossed in issues . undesirable and need to be society is all due to the sick . related to sexual activities. Ail relaxed

mentality of undesirable elements

in the


. and then totally removed . so that men and brilliance, dash, . women voluntarily accept the

great capabilities of


. like ' personarity, competence,

importance of mutual cordial

Happines Akhand Jyoti"

onditions 47 E'

feelings and live in mutual cooperation and friendship. This would help men and become women to one complementary

attain higher


Self determined ennobling and through that will beauty in artistic creations, fashion designs, etc will still concentrate more and more bring out marvellous aspects the deeper layers of human of art and creativity which consciousness and aim of will attract applause. Why do human life. artists not create tasteful pictures? Why do sculptors An Humble Appeal: Efforts have to be made to not carve sculptures thatbring request people, who have out inner conflicts in human indulged in inciting ill : beings? What hope can one tendencies towards women, garner from the common to hold back their poisoned ' citizen of a nation, where the arrows. Film-makers have ' artists and intellectuals do not already gone too far it . appreciate and fulfil their own exploiting women. It is easy ' responsibilities? If the artists to push human beings into ' continue with their unbridled

A reputed psychologist in London has firmly challenged

the Freudian principle ihat sexual desire is a basic need. David Wright, Professor of Psychology in Leicester University, has studied in detail the lives of those men and women who had been jointly working in the fields of social, communal and national activities involving prison camps, defence sports, institutes, mountaineering, etc. He concluded that most of them indulged only with their spouses under normal

attention to


psychology and thus will not indulge in erogenous mental or physical activities and

waste away their strength. Instead, by accumulating and constructively utilizing their energies, they will be able to

love, compassion, valour, selfless service and sacrifice.



animal-like behaviour,


erogeneity, sexual excitement


and distorted desires but difficult to evolve means to

spirituality believe that in . future people will stop paying

to portray them as paragons of



'Visionary scientists of

indulgences. Instead they need

goals including spiritual progress/ which in fact dignifies human life. The future generations will concentrate in gathering strengths through abstinence

prevent mental and emotional perversion and distortion of health as a result of such ill-

licentious wangs as they have done so far, the hopes of the

whole world from India '

leading in creation of a new era would be shattered


forever. Let the elites in


creative arts wake up to their

. tendencies. It will turn true responsibility towards . anybody sad on having a close refining and cleaning the . look at the ill-effect of present hearts and minds of the . day cinema and television on masses so that India becomes . young boys and girls. The the way-shower towards . leaders in various other fields advent of an era of peace, . of art need to be earnestly harmony, understanding and . required not to portray women mutual caring and sharing for . as mere objects of sex the whole of humanity. .









@yuntilthereisarearrangementofourouterconditions brings only one thing


- the state of waiting to be happy.

Akhand Jyoti

May.June 2011

Shantikuni News L'

3-Day Seminar at DSVV on 'Indigenous Techniques in psychotherapy Applications,:


Concepts and

Swami Dayananda Saraswati, a well-known spiritualist from South India as well as the Chairman of Aarsha Vidya Gurukulam of Coimbatore, was the chief guest of honour at inaugural ceremony

of the three-day (March 25-27,20i1) national seminar on "Indigenous Techniques in

Psychotherapy--Concepts and Applications" organized at DSW. In his inaugural address, he stressed the need to master the technique of conquering fear and anger. The Chancellor of


rV, Dr Pranav Pandya chaired the inaugural session and advised the august gathering of psychology professors from several universities, experts as well as researchers from several institutions across India to investigate psychotherapy techniques that suit India,s

culture and way of life. Dr Pandya eiaborated on Acharya Shriram Sharma's precept of ,,healthy body, illumined mind and civilized society" and emphasized the need for pratydhdra, Dhydna and Dhdrnd to achieve them.


MoU was signed between DSW and ICCS, USA

Dr' Chinmay Pandya, Director - School of Yoga and Health, DSw and Shyam parande Head ICCS, Westchester, U.S.A, signed an MoU for mutual cooperation in cultural studies. Shyam Parande said 'This agreement would give an opportunity for 500 foreigners to train themselves in Yoga and Indian Culture,. As a joint venfure, an international conference "Balancing the Universe,, has been planned and would be held at DSW in March 2012. Shri Shyam Parande said that an elite group of over 400 participants from diverse areas like Business, Acaclernia, and Medicine would participate in this conference.


Pt shriram sharma Acharya Birth centenary Rath yatra Begins

Revered Dr Pranav Pandya and shail Jiji flagged off the First Rath of Birth Centenary Rath yatra from Shantikuni on May 2, 2011. This lirst Rath will be in Rajasthan for whole month of May before going to Gujarat. At its first stop at pilani (Rajasthan), a warm welcome was given to the

Rath' on May 3, 2011, a grand procession of Rath was taken out that was accompanied by camels, horses, band, hundreds of men and women on foot as well as in scores of vehicles.

There is only one uray to fail, and that is not to try again. Akhand Jyoti

rvray-.tune 2011

49tr l



At the end of the rally, Shantikunj representative Sri Vishnu Pandya and the Chief Guest, Swami Raghavacharya, a well-known saint of Shekhawati region in Rajasthan, addressed the gathering. The chief guest honored, among others, respected Sri Shambhudassji, Editor of this magazine, for his dedicated work for the Mission. The program was planned and organized by Dr R P Khare, Sri Govind Soni and Sri Rajesh Dhariwal, with the help of Gayatri Pariwar parijans of Pilani.

PURIFICATION OF HEART After the Mahabharat war was over, Dharmaraj Yudishthir decided to go on a pilgrimage.

With him were his four brothers Arjun, Bheem, Nakul and Sahdev, and wife Draupadi. Before starting he went to Lord Krishna and entreated Him to accompany them. At that time Krishna was engaged on some important work, hence he could not comply with the request but wished that their pilgrimage be purifying. He handed over his Kamandal (pot made out of dry bottle gourd and used by sadhus) and said "Whenever you bathe in a river or lake during your journey dip this pot also therein ". Dharmaraj took the pot and started. After a long time, he returned and handed back the pot to Krishna stating that he had carried out his instructions regarding the dipping of the Kamandalwherever he bathed.

"This is what I wanted", so saying Krishna broke the pot into pieces on the ground and distributed them as a boon to those present on the spot. The face of everyone who took it had afoultaste in the mouth. Seeing them spitting out and showing wryfaces, Krishna inquired from Dharmaraj, "What is the matter? Even aftertraversing round so many holy places and bathing in so many holy waters has the pot not lost its bitter taste?" Dharmaraj replied, "How is it that you talk in such a strange manner? How can the bitter taste of the pot be removed by mere washing?" Krishna rejoined, "How can then sins be removed by merely visiting places of pilgrimage and bathing in different rivers? I understand thus: One should accept unreservedly the

mistakes he had committed, sincerely repent for them and resolve noi to repeat the same in future. Then onlythe heart becomes pure and one gets rid of sins. This alone is the ideal pilgrimage. Nothing is achieved by merely cleaning the body. The mind should also be purified and the heart made pious." Dharmaraj had nothing left to refute this observation but to accept the truth.

A conscience that is not geared to living in the present moment is out of gear.


Akhand Jyoti vay-lune


Revered Shail Jiji and Dr. Pandya performing Puja of Shakti Kalash and Centenary Rath

centenary Raths ready for the voyage across the 14 states of lndia.

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Akhand Jyoti  

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