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Gayathri F e a t u r i n g

The UAE Philharmonic Orchestra

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WHAT IS Movement is a creative collaboration bringing

together over 100 musicians and artists


nder the bustle of the corporate world, a palpable creative energy is burgeoning owing to the contemporary music and art scene in the UAE. This region has been a gracious host to some of the finest musical voices from around the world, with thousands flocking to cheer and cherish their favourite artists in the flesh. But all the “big-time” mayhem muffles the unique voice of the local artists and their expression. ‘Movement’ a show conceptualized by prominent Dubaibased musician Gayathri, intends to give the stage, front and centre, to those creators musical and artistic - who form the backbone of the creative movements in the UAE. ‘Movement’ will see a marriage of contemporary and classical music like never

before, with rich orchestral arrangements, combined with unique sound design. Primarily a showcase for the original music of Gayathri, talented Dubai-based singer-songwriter, ‘Movement’ is a dynamic 90-minute performance by the artist supported by the prestigious UAE Philharmonic Orchestra led by celebrated conductor Philipp Maier. Further supported by a menagerie of musicians who form the core band comprising guitarists, harpist, live electronic percussion as well as an unconventional choir that comprising 8 unique voices from the UAE. Another unique element of the show - some of the most prominent Arabic musicians will feature on various segments of the show in a first-of-itskind musical collaboration in the region.

from the UAE.







t heart, a musical concert, Movement will showcase the innovative and original music composed and written by Gayathri, rearranged by the artist herself along with renowned Producer/ Songwriter Reiner Erlings to incorporate a 60+ piece orchestra, live electronic percussion, a band and choir. Besides providing choral support, the DIY Choir will also contribute to live percussion by creating rhythmic tones using unconventional materials like hand-bound books, spoons, wires, music boxes, thermocol, wind-up toys, etc.

Traversing a myriad of genres within a 90 minute set, the show will also see an array of Arabic musicians who will feature on different tracks throughout the concert. Sennheiser, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional audio equipment have signed on to be the official audio partners for the event in collaboration with Delta Sound. Sennheiser will also be doing a live audio recording of the concert to detail the significance of the event, further enhanced by a live video recording to preserve the posterity of the evening.

Sound Design 7

Art Directon

& Visual


esides the creation of a dazzling set from scratch, the intention of the art direction of the show is to construct a visual world for the music to bloom within. With an interplay between a vibrant set, shadow theatre and live video jockeying and stunning backdrops, the visual aspect will echo the grandeur of its musical counterpart.

Led by renowned artist and Art Director Diya Ajit, the visual department of the show comprises a brilliant team of young, talented, UAE-based & Emarati artists, photographers and filmmakers who will breathe life into the visual aesthetics of the show. As the concert journeys through the songs, the visuals will mirror their moods, themes and soul.

Aesthetics 9

Creative Principals

Gayathri Krishnan

Reiner Erlings

Philipp Maier

Creator of ‘Movement’, Musical Director & Main Performing Artist

Co-Musical Director, Composer & Arranger for UAE Philharmonic Orchestra & Pre-Production

Conductor, Pianist & Scorer of Musical arrangements for UAEPO & Core band

UAE Philharmonic Orchestra (UAEPO) An Ensemble of 60 UAE-based classical musicians

Diya Ajit Art Director, Head of Visual Department & Set Design


Gayathri Krishnan Singer / Songwriter / Composer

Role: Creative Head of ‘Movement’ / Main Performing Artist


he Middle East isn’t lacking in raw musical talent - the region has no end of glittering pop divas and stage-diving rock bands. But what it does lack are unique voices; musicians who can see beyond regurgitated riffs and processed beats to fashion new, exciting ways to listen. Enter Gayathri, whose youth and beauty belie her ambition, talent and inimitable musical voice. Raised in Dubai, a nexus of cultures, ideas and sounds, Gayathri draws on the Indian Classical music of her childhood, popular music from the nation’s radios and the world of Western alternative music. With these raw elements and her own shining creative spirit, she bends notes and form and blurs boundaries to create new sounds that are at once strikingly modern and utterly timeless. From airy strings and earthy percussion to experimental hip-hop beats and electronica, Gayathri’s music effortlessly melds cultures, underpinning them all with her rich, soulful vocals and heartfelt lyricism. Gayathri creates

music that appeals to discerning musical aficionados and enthusiastic mainsteam audiences alike, with well-received performances at Dubai Sound City and The Chill Out Fest 2010, Dubomedy Festival, Pecha Kucha and numerous TV performances in the UAE such as 20Something on Dubai One and the breakfast show on MBC. With two European tours seeing her play packed clubs in London, Berlin and Paris, her popularity has grown outside the UAE as well. Featured as one of the important artists of the independent music scene in Dubai in a documentary by Nokia Inside Music, Gayathri is a recognized name and personality in local music circuits. Her first EP, Disengage, was released in March 2009 and received rave reviews from listeners and the media from all over the region. She also contributed to the background score of feature film City of Life, the first film to be entirely produced within the UAE, and is working on various creative side projects.


Reiner Erlings Producer / Songwriter Role: Musical Director & Co-Composer of Orchestral Score


ne of the most sought after Producers/ Songwriters in the UAE, Reiner Erlings’ dossier of work showcases some of the most creative musicians from the region and a number of internationally acclaimed artists, from Flo Rida, Snoop Dogg, Lumidee to Sean Kingston & Karl Wolfe delving in genres innumerable and diverse. Originally from Holland, his experience and understanding of being a performing artist as well as the creative dynamics in a band, fuel his creative ability as a producer. Constantly finding a home in music, after graduating from university in Montreal, Reiner moved to London, where he, along with another Producer from Sweden, set up a studio - Bright Light Productions. He focused mainly on Pop productions, where he recorded songs with many up and coming artists and bands from the UK as well as several from other European countries. But being a producer is only one string in his curious bow. Reiner is also a talented songwriter, and was first acknowledged for the same in 2006 when

two of the songs he co-wrote (‘Wasted’ & ‘Fading Away’) placed first and second at the Songfactor Songwriting awards, which was judged by Tony Macaulay and Sir Tim Rice. In June of 2007, Reiner moved to Dubai, where he currently resides. His initiative and commitment to music, has made a tremendous contribution to the independent music scene, be it through producing some of its best talent and supporting their subsequent work, or writing songs for artists he sees potential in. After a successful stint with Creative Kingdom Studios where he produced artists from the region like Gayathri, Jonas Desai, Juliana Down, Jennifer Gove and many others, Reiner now works independently from his own studio. In this concert, as the Co-Musical Director, he will be working closely with Gayathri in creating the arrangements of the songs including the orchestral arrangements that will be performed by the UAE Philharmonic Orchestra and the core band and choir and also define the overall phonic aesthetics of the show.


Diya Ajit

Visual Artist / Art Director Role: Head of Visual Department & Set Design


ne of Ralph Lauren’s Art Stars and Emirates Woman of the Year 2010 Nominee, Diya Ajit is an award-winning visual artist juggling work in commercial advertising, fine arts and urban underground spheres. Dividing her time between Art Direction, Producing, mural painting, animation filmmaking, photography, illustration, film direction and styling, Diya has exhibited her art at local galleries, live art shows, and conceives and produces commissioned murals. She also directs and produces independent shorts. In her capacity as an Art Director Diya has worked on brands such as M&Ms, Pepsi/Aquafina, Range Rover, Samsung and Virgin Atlantic. She has won several industry awards for her advertising and television

promo work including a Promax & BDA Gold (Singapore), a Dubai Lynx Bronze, and a GEMAS Grand Prix. Featuring regularly on the covers of arts magazines like Pose and being interviewed by various sections of the media, Diya is the face of the urban art movement in the region. In ‘Movement’ Diya will head the entire visual department not only by creating the set design, directing and programming video footage created and collected for various songs in the concert, she will also be designing the shadow puppets and lead the entire visual team, made up of local & Emarati artists, filmmakers and students, all through rehearsals till the day of the show, overseeing everything from the actual creation of set and visuals to cueing of lights and video footage.


Philipp Maier Conductor / Producer / Composer Role: Conductor/Pianist / Scoring


hilipp is the founder and director of the United Arab Emirates Philharmonic Orchestra. Besides immersing himself in Classical music, Philipp has been combining the worlds of classical with those of Rock and Pop for more than 30 years. Having grown up in a family who greatly classical music, Philipp performed his first solo piano concerto at the age of 14. In 1983 he received a scholarship of the German Richard-Wagner association. He graduated as a concert pianist and conductor from the Leopold Mozart – Conservatory in Augsburg. In 1999 Philipp took over the artistic direction of the oldest orchestra in South Africa, the Durban City Orchestra. He founded his own recording and production studio in Durban – the Sound Factory – and recorded numerous South African artists. Since 2005 Philipp has dedicated his time to building and developing the first resident orchestra in the United Arab Emirates. As artistic director and resident conductor of the UAE Philharmonic Orchestra, Philipp

participates significantly in building a new cultural center in the Middle East. Today the UAE Philharmonic consists of more than 70 musicians and performs regularly throughout the country. Internationally Philipp is widely considered to be a leading specialist for orchestral cross-over projects, especially in Symphonic Rock. Philipp’s orchestral arrangements of some of the most famous rock songs ever and his work as a conductor, combining bands and orchestras, is very highly regarded by many musicians all over the world. With ‘Movement,’ Philipp will bring his passion and technical genius to the soulful music of Gayathri. Exploring the realms of alternative music, Philipp along with the UAEPO will create a grand soundscape coupled with dynamic electronic percussion and other live instrumentation, creating an experience that is the first of its kind, marking a new milestone in the collaborative and creative culture of the UAE.


The UAE Philharmonic Orchestra The National Orchestra


he UAE Philharmonic Orchestra (UAEPO) is the only full orchestra in the UAE and represents a major step towards orchestral culture and musical education within the UAE. The UAEPO consists of musicians resident in the UAE who perform regularly at private events, public concerts and corporate functions. Most recently the UAE Philharmonic Orchestra received wide recognition from the government in Abu Dhabi through its participation in the 8th Al Ain Music festival where the orchestra was featured alongside famous orchestras such as the Staatskapelle Dresden or the La Scala opera.

The UAE Philharmonic Orchestra does not only perform classical music but an innovative blend of European and Arabic music especially composed and arranged to reflect the modern and diverse culture of the UAE. And, apart from being a premier destination-marketing tool, the establishment of the UAEPO also has a vital social and educational role to play – encouraging musical development within the UAE. In ‘Movement’ the UAEPO will be the backbone of the auditory experience and will be seen, for the first time, playing an alternative orchestral score specially composed for the concert.


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WHO? 23

WHEN? Keeping in mind the magnitude of such an audio-visual extravaganza, two performances are scheduled to be held at the prestigious Emirates Palace Theatre, Abu Dhabi and at the equally renowned Palladium in Dubai.

To be held on May 27th, 2011 Movement will serve as a cultural and arts milestone in the region bringing together over 100 UAE-Based musicians and artists on one stage together for the very first time.

Where? 25


Witnessing the Movement: With an extremely creative and innovative marketing campaign, ‘Movement,’ a ticketed event, will be witnessed by a vast national audience, along with bringing in an eclectic cross-section of people of the discerning diaspora and the supportive presence of the local populace.

Emirates Palace Theatre Capacity: 1100 Palladium Capacity: 3000

Spreading the Movement: With the show melding various facets of performance arts, audio and visual, the marketing campaign will reflect the same creative spirit and see guerilla marketing in all its glory. Supporting the Movement: The show will be supported by Radio, TV, Print & Viral media and campaigns. With ‘The National’ , already having run a piece in the main supplement of the newspaper about the show, the awareness of the Movement will be created in the region through print, viral and creative outdoor marketing forums.


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Contact: Gayathri Krishnan 050 297 6394

Movement UAE  

Movement is a massive creative collaboration bringing together over 100 musicians and artists, all from the UAE in a 90-minute audio-visual...

Movement UAE  

Movement is a massive creative collaboration bringing together over 100 musicians and artists, all from the UAE in a 90-minute audio-visual...