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Gaya Ceramic and Design has been shaped with great patience and deliberation, in the harmonic atmosphere of Bali. Founders and directors, Michela and Marcello, have paired their long experience together in Italy with the skills and enthusiasm, passion and diversity, of a group of equally passionate people to establish a place where intuition and inspiration combine. Gaya artists work with the client to create and develop exquisite designs and artworks to fit their specific needs – whether that be in an exclusive setting, in a home, or in a public place. Each product is carefully made by hand: Ceramic modular wallpapers, glowing porcelain illuminations, enigmatic sculptures, unique outdoor decorations, art installations and magnificent tableware. Gaya utilizes porcelain, stoneware, raku clay, and other ceramic materials to fit the specific demands of the client, to harmonise every element from the overall design concept down to the individual glaze colours.

Through constant experimentation and thanks to the extraordinary capabilities and commitment of the production team – Balinese craftsmen are among the best in the world – Gaya designers search for the ideal expressions to translate the stimuli around them, large and small, into objects that reveal original and fascinating shapes, colours and moods.

Our every-day is a fusion of sure and unsure circumstances, predictions and uncertain situations… an infinite world of technical precision then mistakes, solutions and delusions, hard work simplicity and happiness. For us, nothing is more lovely. Michela and Marcello

Gaya Ceramic and Design aspires to manifest the tangibility of mood. By translating the elusive breath of an artistic inspiration into a functioning, tangible object, they work to make real a concept - even a dream. Daily work at Gaya consists of an alchemical blend of the solidity of clay, with the mystery of fire – the certainty of dexterous hands, with the serendipity of opening the kiln – the gradual accumulation of years of experience, with the ever- spontaneous burst of creativity.


A great flame follows a little spark. Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy

Gaya Ceramic and Design strives to design and produce handmade objects that are a combination of the highest quality of sourcing and production control, with constant aesthetic exploration. The Italian refinement of taste and sensitive creativity, together with the astonishing artistic tradition of the Balinese, permeates all Gaya’s creations - even when the subjects are inspired by stimuli from beyond these cultural boundaries. Gaya creates its own collection of designs and products, as well as individual and exclusive product lines for some of the most demanding international customers in the world. AMAN RESORTS ARMANI CASA BULGARI HOTELS AND RESORTS COMO SHAMBALA RESORTS RITZ CARLTON HOTELS URBAN ZEN


Gaya Ceramic and Design has a vast accumulation of knowledge and skills on every Interior Design element and rules (both to be respected and to be broken) and also offers Interior Design consultancy for any decorative elements. Gaya designers follow every project through a complete development: starting from aesthetic research of concept, through mood boards, to detailed documentation, even3D-rendering, and technical drawings for selected suppliers. For producing textiles, glass, rattan, wood, silver and many other possible requested materials needed for a design project, Gaya has strong established relationships with the highest quality local manufacturers. Every stage of the process is carefully controlled until the final products are individually perfected, in harmony with the concept as a whole.


I don’t believe in total freedom for the artist. Left on his own free to do anything he likes, the artist ends up doing nothing at all. If there’s one thing that’s dangerous for an artist, it’s precisely this question of total freedom, waiting for inspiration and all the rest of it. Federico Fellini

Maintaining the impalpable magic of artistic inspiration, Gaya Ceramic and Design approaches each project with a clearly structured process. Clients are an active part of the work team and are encouraged to share their ideas, in order that the resultant product will remain in harmony with each client’s viewpoint. In the initial phase, Gaya defines moods and guidelines, preparing source images and relevant text to communicate background and atmosphere surrounding the project. Later, ideas are translated into sketches and 3D renderings, leading up to the selection of items to be created in prototype, analysis and revision, until the design is defined, and ready for production. However, it is of utmost importance that, at the end of the design process, Gaya Ceramic and Design creates the ceramics itself, ensuring that each piece has the integrity of a handmade piece of art, of which to be proud.


If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all. Michelangelo Buonarroti

Through study, experimentation and a constant development of skills, Gaya artists and technicians dedicate great energy to exploring new materials and processes, pushing research on shape, colour and surface to its limit. With incredible aesthetic flexibility, from organic to minimalist, Gaya can design any possible hand made shape, giving just the right texture and form to be able to match the particular mood of the design project. Gaya creative office is an archive of wonders… thousands of unique ceramics prototypes are sitting on shelves waiting to offer inspiration and to be transformed into new exciting collections. Gaya understands that colour and surface feelings must match the client’s aesthetic vision precisely. To this end, through careful research in the glaze laboratory, Gaya creates exclusive blends of glaze options to find the perfect tonality and texture.

All glazes are foodsafe and lead-free. Colour palettes have high mechanical strength and surface characteristics necessary for hard-wearing in operational use. To strengthen the creative ability and technical skill of designers and staff, to promote craftsmanship, and to implement the understanding of the handmade process of ceramics, GAYA CERAMIC ARTS CENTER was conceived. This educational arm of Gaya Ceramic and Design is two-fold in concept: offering international workshops and private classes, as well as a competitive Resident Artist Program, it provides not only a place of inspiration and learning for visiting participants - the newly-initiated in clay, and the seasoned professional; but also for the entire Gaya team. The close proximity to the production studio results in a unique intersection where inspiration and influence travel in both directions, and stimulation is high.


A team of masterful potters in a setting of unsurpassed tropical beauty: Gaya CAC is a place to expand horizons, to share inspiration and technique, to experiment, to grow and to dream. Directed by American wood-firing ceramic artist and painter, Hillary Kane, the Ceramic Arts Centre offers a stimulating program of international workshops, courses and artist residencies. Why come half way around the world to learn throwing skills, or to fire a kiln? In our view, setting is everything. The custom designed immersions and our “menu� of workshops reflects this: approaching clay not only from the standpoint of a skill-building experience, but also as a creative exploration tapping stimuli from landscape, culture, cuisine and architecture that cannot be found anywhere but here. Gaya CAC takes care of every detail, so that participants can focus on the experience at hand. And that experience is indelible: Bali offers fecundity in every dimension, the creative interpretations are endless.


A two-month opportunity for concentration, growth and experiment for mature ceramic artists, the Resident Artist program is centred upon a system of “exchange”. It is a unique occasion for a professional ceramicist to work unhindered in Gaya CAC’s open-air studio, as well as an important moment in which an abundance of technical knowledge, conceptual maturity and contagious passion for clay is brought to both students and production studio alike. Thanks to very interesting personalities from all over the world, including Steve Davies, Dave Handley, Brian Kakas, Ryan Labar, Catherine Lane, Jason Lim, and Bradley Ponack, it has already proven an amazing success.


Michela Foppiani and Marcello Massoni are a couple in life and in work. They met thanks to their shared passion for clay, ceramics and design. Prior to starting Gaya Ceramic and Design, they were living in a small country farm, making unique ceramic decorations, stylish tableware, and charming sculptures. Serendipitously, they were invited to Bali… While still residing in Italy, Marcello and Michela, participated in many international exhibitions under their ceramic brand “Color Bruno.” During the 2002 “Salone del Mobile” exhibit in Milan, they met Stefano Grandi, a visionary entrepreneur from Bologna, who simply and generously invited them to join his multi-faceted Gaya Fusion group in Bali. Marcello and Michela then visited Bali, and met Stefano’s partner and friend, Nyoman Birit, Gaya Fusion’s director.

After this visit, not only a business vision, but also a strong friendship was born. Stefano, Nyoman and the whole Gaya Fusion group supported the ceramic project from its inception, allowing Marcello and Michela to begin a dream: the possibility to be creative without limits, competitive with the whole design world, and productive beyond their wildest dream. All this in the gorgeous tropical environment of Bali. With the support of Gaya Fusion, Michela and Marcello established Gaya Ceramic and Design in 2003 and they began producing Gaya Ceramic and Design collections and projects in 2004. Today Marcello is the company’s CEO, and Michela is the Creative Director; their kids, Martino, Metello and Mario are the company’s “good luck charms”.


Located in Ubud, Bali (Indonesia), all of Gaya Ceramic and Design’s products come into being with creative passion, a concern to preserve and promote craftsmanship, and a desire to impart an understanding and an appreciation of ceramic handmade processes. The company has grown to about 60 employees: 70% of them heralding from the company’s residential village, Sayan. 80% of Gaya’s employees are younger than twenty-five, and the majority of them were initiated in ceramics with the company’s internal training programs.

Poor is the pupil who does not surpass his master Leonardo Da Vinci

The Gaya Ceramic team is predominantly Balinese Hindu, but there are also Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists, from Bali and other islands of the Indonesian archipelago… a multicultural coexistence. In Bali, Hindu ceremonies schedule life and work; consequently, Gaya has an internal “Agama team” responsible for planning the many religious activities throughout the year.

Gaya exports 90% of its production internationally, and is expanding its capacity every year. Gaya, annually, creates about 50.000 pieces, about 1.000 new designs and about 50 new ceramic collections. Gaya’s many hands manage, mix, wedge, throw, pinch and pat about 40.000 Kgs of clay every year. Gaya’s archival records (with technical details and physical prototypes) include about 8.000 different ceramic models. The greater part of the archive is Gaya’s “master sample” collection, and the rest is the company’s selection of prototypes - a real treasure trove of inspiring opportunities for buyers and designers.


We achieve EXCELLENCE with incomparable creativity, technical proficiency and research, attention to detail, accuracy, meticulous quality control, extra-care in serving clients, and fluid internal organization. We value the DIFFERENCE: individual abilities and contributions are recognized and are the lifeblood of our creativity and consequently of our company strength. We value KNOWLEDGE encouraging continuous learning to help empower all employees to reach their full potential. We strive for good TEAM WORK and TEAM HAPPINESS: employees are our most important resource, we value each team member and we remain united in our successes and failures. Camaraderie, enjoyment, professional and personal growth are the spirit of our organization. We firmly believe in HONESTY, integrity, morality and ethical values.

We RESPECT individuals, cultures and the environment. We encourage WARMTH, courtesy and kindness in our communication or interaction. The SATISFACTION of our customers is our satisfaction. We make all possible EFFORTS in solving problems or satisfying needs of our clients: we meet complaints first by taking the trouble to listen and then with appropriate action. We take RESPONSIBILITY for our actions and promises and we uphold commitments to the very best of our abilities. We SEEK suppliers and customers that share the same or similar core values. We create the company’s PROSPERITY, STRENGTH, SOLIDITY, STABILITY and SECURITY through organization, profit, and growth.


Gaya Ceramic and Design is part of the Gaya Fusion Group. Like the archipelago in which it stands, Gaya is an organic fusion of different islands of art and culture. An Art Space to appreciate the latest trends in contemporary art, a Restaurant and Lounge to enjoy a real mix of culinary experiences, a string of elegant Villas to offer relaxation in a beautiful setting, an authentic Gelateria to experience the great tradition of Italian ice cream, and Ceramic and Design to manifest the pinnacle of craftsmanship in clay‌ Each remains true unto itself, but together they create synergies and hidden connections. They re-integrate art with life, and bring together interesting individuals from around the world; they re-invest profits into dreams that become projects that become events that change lives‌


Gaya Fusion’s logo is a simple bowl, humble in its suggestion, but deeply connected to the essence of its use. A bowl holds. Gaya Fusion holds ideas, creativity, passion, emotion, enthusiasm, individuals, craftwork, fine art, hospitality, flavour, aroma and sweetness. It is the symbol of the space in which our entire contents are held.

Love is simply an immense empty space able to contain the gifts of the world, capable of welcoming emotions that otherwise slip away… The greatest richness is this emptiness able to contain everything. Matteo Marchesi – logo designer


What interests me the most is expressing what’s in nature, in the invisible world, that is. Giorgio Morandi

Bali is magical: spirituality permeates every moment of every day, and leads to harmony and calm. An acclaimed destination since the thirties, Bali has still been able to evolve according to its indigenous nature and has impressively preserved the complex system of its own traditions-- the highest expression of which can be witnessed in religious ceremonies. The Balinese are a generous people. Gentle and proud, they are deeply rooted in a culture that honours harmony between nature, humankind, and the spirit world in an exceptionally artistic manner: art is expressed in everyday life. In fact, the word “artist” doesn’t even exist in the Balinese language: there is no need to designate a characteristic so widespread. Their technical skills and aesthetic sensibility are astonishing: from sculpture to painting, dance to orchestra, woodworking to weaving... the list of cultural talents is long and impressive. Even the terraced rice paddies exhibit a skill and beauty that staggers and amazes all but the Balinese.

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