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The BBQ Times “For The Folks That Want A Little Smoke In Their Life”

Volume 4• Number 3

January 2013

BNO is Team of the Year Times Three

Who says it can’t happen? Not the Facts...... Entered Competitions : 15 First Place Finishes: 16 Second Place Finishes: 7 Third Place Finishes: 8 Top 5 Finishes Total: 37

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5 Grand Championships 2 Total Sweeps 2012 MBN Team of the Year Hog • Shoulder • Ribs VISIT US @ WWW.BQTIMES.COM

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The BBQ Times

January 2013

Florida Barbeque Association Team of the Year Dana & Janet Hillis • Big Papa’s Country Kitchen

Photo by Don Miller Dana and Janet Hillis accept the TOTY Banner from President Tony Wolfe. As the year rolled on for Florida BarBY AUDREY EVANS When I think of Dana Hillis and his wife beque Association, the Team of the Year Janet, the only thing that really comes to race seemed pretty tight. Between Big Pamind is Family. Whether its BBQ family or pa’s, Swamp Boys and Git-R-Smoked some Kin-Folk Family, Dana and Janet help mold people questioned if they had a dog in the the definition of it or of what a lot of folks fight. I even heard talk of someone breaking Rub’s knees. Now that seems a little harsh want it to be.

to me but of course it was nothing more than a loving joking comradery between all these FBA teams. You would just have to know them to understand. A pleasure I’ve gotten to find this year. In the end, Dana closed out the totals being sixty points ahead for the Team of the Year spot. Should we really expect any different from the person who came in Reserve Grand during the World Food Championships in Las Vegas? Rob Bagby of team Swamp Boys, put up a tough fight as mentioned before. Even after winning Grand in Sebring, Florida with a first place in Ribs and second place in Brisket along with four other Grand Championships, he couldn’t hang on to second for the year. Terry McKay of team Git-R-Smoked, FBA Team of the Year for 2011 came in with the second place position. Terry took home Reserve Grand in Sebring, Florida which kept him in the second place position. Going into Sebring Rub and Terry were only 20 points away from each other. Florida Barbeque Association had over twenty five contest in contention for points, of those there were sixteen cook teams to

win a contest. Swamp Boys and Big Papa’s Country Kitchen tied with five Grand Championships a piece; Git-R-Smoked followed with four Grand Championships; Unknown BBQ and Budmeisters both had three; B & T Cook Team and Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia had two each. Other teams who one Grand in 2012 were: Blitzkrieg BBQ, Hot Wachula’s, Lang BBQ Smokers, Munchees Smokehouse, Jacks Old South, Suwannee River Smokers, Smokinwilly Squealers, United Pork Smokers and Killer B’s BBQ. 1. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen 584 2. Git-R-Smoked 523 3. Swamp Boys 503 4. Blitzkrieg BBQ 436 5. Hot Wachula’s 333 6. Unknown BBQ 332 7. Budmeisters 258 8. Forrest’s Fine Foods 251 9. Sweet Smoke Q 238 10. B & T BBQ Cook Team 233 10. Getta Grip BBQ 233

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January 2013

The BBQ Times

Great Contest of 2012 from the Readers... Mark your calendars for these great events in 2013! World Food Championship - Las Vegas, NV Smokin’ on the Suwannee - Live Oak, FL Memphis In May - Memphis, TN Pigs and Wings - Perry, GA South Carolina Festival of Discovery - Greenwood, SC Pigs and Peaches - Kennesaw, GA Smokin’ Aces - Tunica, MS Boss Hog Festival - Waynesboro, GA The National BBQ Cup - Cumming, GA Great Southern Tailgate - Amelia Island, FL Banjo - B - Que - Evans, GA Decatur River Fest - Decatur , AL Big Pig Jig - Vienna, GA Pork in the Park - Salisbury, MD Rome Smoke & Thunder - Rome, GA The Real Squeal - Lyons, GA FBA Triple Crown & Open - Perry, FL Don’t Be Cruel BBQ Duel - Tupelo, MS Lake City Pig Fest - Lake City, FL Fire Ant Festival - Ashburn, GA GA / FL Tailgate BBQ Bash - Jesup, GA Hawkinsville Harvest Fest - Hawkinsville, GA Blairsville Hog Jam - Blairsville, GA Hambone Jam - Fort Valley, GA King of the Smoker - La Quinta, CA

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January 2013

The BBQ Times

Drinking Jack D Planning Pigs and Wings

Audrey Evans

Editor & Publisher

I feel like I am always starting off my column, saying HOLY COW…It’s (insert month) Already! So I am not going to do that this time, or maybe I just did… oh well, I guess it’s like they say, Time Flys When you are having fun! That is one thing I have found for sure in the bbq circuit: great friends and great fun. As the 2013 Season is quickly getting under way, I get reminded daily how busy these few months are going to be for me. The BBQ Times, helps host and

organize Pigs and Wings BBQ Competition, which I am sure many of you have heard about by now. As the Event Organizer, and Editor of the paper, it is safe to say “my cup runneth over” in January and February but I wouldn’t change a thing. I love the fact that not only am I with these teams through the year working with the paper but that I actually get to put together an event of this magnitude for the teams and for the town of Perry, where I live. Perry, GA is a quiet small town

right in the smack dab middle of Georgia if you are not familiar, and this event is hosted by The Perry-Houston County Airport Authority, February 22-23, 2013 so everyone has plenty of time to make plans, plenty of room to roam and we have plenty of room to grow! This year we have opened our doors to vendors, and sponsors and have a Monetary Prize of over $12,000! $4,000 to the Overall Champion and $1500 Grand Champion! This is where I am calling out to all of

you big timers – Get out of the mentally that Georgia Barbecue Association is a backyard event, Come give it a shot and see what it is about! Georgia Barbecue Association is a great tool for the cities and citizens of the state of Georgia and we can truly get an edge on the world of BBQ! We are still accepting applications for cook-teams, vendors and sponsors! You don’t want to miss out on the 5th Annual Pigs and Wings BBQ Competition! In 2013 I am speaking out

to other event organizers, do you want your event on the map for BBQ? Contact me, lets get some ads going, lets get you some coverage for your event, your sanctioning body and your teams! Talk to me folks; let me know if you have an event you would like to be covered. I am getting my calendar together this month and I am looking for places to be Featured each month of 2013. Let’s get your town on the map in the world of

on the barbecue pro-competition circuit. We competed in 17 different pro-competition events across Georgia, Florida and Alabama and made hundreds of new friends. Most exciting, we got to spend time with some of our wonderful barbecue and facebook friends that we have made over the past several years. As I was thinking about my article for starting the New Year, I have been asked many times “Willy” what is your secret with your success in smoking a brisket. To be honest and as most professional cooks will tell you, it’s really not about all that “secret” talk you hear when you visit different cook sites. It is all about your product, technique, recipe, cooking

process and most important being consistent each time you cook a brisket. Not every brisket will cook the same as I have experienced over the years. Very seldom you will ever find two briskets that are the same or even cook the same. What I am providing here in this article is my knowledge, experience and skills in cooking a competition brisket. While I can’t guarantee that you will be an instant brisket professional, I will provide you with guidelines and information that will give you knowledge to compete with the best cooks on the procircuit. Some will say that the brisket is the most dreaded category to cook. For me, it’s my preferred category and I love the challenge. I

would be lying to you if I said there is a way to ensure excellent results 100% of the time. There is not! However, if you’re having difficulties in cooking a competition brisket and will follow the guidelines and information I have provided in this article, you will see improvements in your next competition brisket scores. As with all categories, remember; “It’s all about the taste”! With a brisket, you must “Maintain that “Beefy” taste. If you have a tender moist “Beefy” “POP and WOW” brisket you will be successful. Add 12 oz of Swanson’s beef broth (Purchase at WalMart or your local grocer). *Tip: Add 8 oz of “strained” AUJUS saved from previous cook (Total of 20 oz). If AUJUS is not available use 20 oz of beef broth. Bring to a boil, stir and then turn off. Do this about a week before going to the event to allow all the different flavors to marinade together. (Bottle and keep cool until time to inject). Prep and inject brisket with above mixture on Friday morning after the meat inspection (I prep at home on Wednesday prior to the event). Inject about 8 to 10 oz into the brisket. *The remainder will be used as a marinade. (If you have more than one brisket adjust ingredients accordingly). Put brisket in a stretch flex bag (Unscented). *Pour remaining injection mixture in the bag. *Tip: Remove all air from the bag and twist several times until it gets really tight. (The purpose of this is to create a vacuum inside the bag, which will help pull the marinade into the brisket). Tie bag and put on ice. Leave in bag until 2 hours before time to put in the smoker. (I put my brisket in the smoker at 1 a.m. on Saturday morning). Remove brisket from bag, wipe

off excess and rub remaining marinade evenly over the brisket. Apply to the top and sides a light coat of Lawry’s seasoned salt and Tone’s garlic powder (Both can be purchased from Sam’s). Let rest approximately 30 minutes and apply an equal coat of Draper’s BBQ Moo’d Enhancer and A.P. BBQ rub. After applying the rubs place brisket in a large aluminum pan fat cap down, cover and let sit out for 11/2 hours. Remove cover and pour in 32 oz of Swanson’s beef broth (Make sure not to get on top of the brisket). Insert temperature probe horizontally in the flat just above where you will be making your slices. Put in the smoker “uncovered” at 225 degrees for approximately 5 to 6 hours or until desired color is reached (Check after 3/4 hours and add additional beef broth if needed). Normally the internal temperature will be around 160/165 degrees. Sprinkle top lightly with table grind black pepper. Evenly sprinkle 1/2 tablespoon of Tone’s onion powder (Purchase at Sam’s) and 1/2 tablespoon of ground celery seed www.spicesetc. com into the AUJUS liquid. Stir, cover with foil and put back in the smoker.

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Cooking the perfect competition brisket

Carl Williams

“Que-Talk with Smokinwilly”

“Happy New Year” everyone! Another great year has begun and I’m sure ya’ll are as excited as I am. As I look back at 2012, we are so thankful and blessed with the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people out

NEED TO CONTACT US?..............

The BBQTimes

Audrey A. Evans Editor & Publisher

“For The Folks That Want A Little Smoke In Their Life”

Daniel F. Evans Associate Editor

The BBQ Times• P.O. Box 1710 • Perry, GA. 31069 • 478-218-2333 Published by Double A Evans, LLC DBA The BBQ Times. Mailed Standard Permit 2 Paid at Perry Ga. 31069

Smokinwilly Competition Brisket

1-Untrimmed USDA Choice brisket 15-17 pounds (Look for Certified Angus Beef (CAB)). The CAB choice brisket has given me several 1st and 2nd place walks. 2-Fuel: Combination Pecan and Cherry wood (2 to 1 pecan/cherry) Injection: (Keep it Simple) 2-Tablespoons of Minor’s beef base paste. 2-Tablespoons of Texas Pete Hot Sauce (Purchase at Wal-Mart or your local grocer) 8-oz Butcher’s beef brisket injection. www.butch-

See Brisket Page 6

January 2013

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The BBQ Times

Battle at BBQ Junction begins

Dana Hillis

Pitmaster Big Papa’s Country Kitchen Big Papa has started a new bbq series in hopes of bringing the public to a bbq and having a 1 on 1 bbq throw down between 2 teams at a time and letting everyone get up close and personal with the cook teams as they prepare a mystery dinner for some vip judges. At 2:30 0n Friday afternoon 2 teams face off under identical tents and have 1 hour and 45 minutes to prepare whatever is given to them in the mystery box. They both have identical cookers to cook on and are given identical ingredients to go along with a well stocked

pantry. They must fire up their cookers as needed and have quite a nice selection of cookers to cook on. We have a large green egg, a Fast Eddies pg500 pellet cooker, a Meadow Creek Charbroiler and a good ol fashioned dutch oven. Each team is required to cook an appetizer, side dish, main dish and a desert. At 6:00 2 more teams face off and the winner of each round meets for the final at 2:30 on Saturday just after brisket turn in and the winners are announced at awards at 5:00. The folks watching are allowed to ask questions and the cook teams don’t need much encouragement to make it a good time for everyone. We had the first battle in Naples and I never imagined the teams involved would have so much fun and be so entertaining. Round one saw Swinos do battle against Sweet Smoke Q and the food these guys turned in was phenomenal. The judges were awesome – we had a retired police officer, Scott from Gator Country and DR. BBQ Ray

Lampe. Both teams put on a great cooking display and the score was within 1 point with Swinos coming out on top. Round 2 had 2 cool teams facing off. Lang BBQ Smokers all the way down from South Carolina did battle against Bones Brothers BBQ out of Ft. Myers. Bones Brothers turned in some serious artwork but was edged out by some cowboy cooking and the finals between Lang and Swinos was on. Steak and lobster was on the menu for the final and both teams cooked up some awesome steaks but Langs lobster stuffed mushrooms edged out Swinos lobster bisque and Brad and Cody won a trip for 2 on Carnival Cruise lines to the Bahamas. All 4 cook teams were so impressive I wondered how the next teams would do in Ft. Pierce. These guys set the bar high on showmanship and great food so we were looking forward to setting up for the next battle in Ft. Pierce. Cowboys cookoff in

Ft. Pierce was the setting for the 2nd Battle at BBQ junction and we again had a great lineup of cook teams. The Cooking Cowboy and reigning dutch oven super hero Forrest Fine Foods faced off against the multi talented and well known Team Unknown. These guys were serious and had some serious fun. You are entitled to one life line called phone a friend and Papa Clark from Team Unknown used his. He called Forrest! Forrest gave him a few tips on cooking pork chops and it must have helped because Team Unknown squeaked out a 1 point victory over their hero. Round 2 was another talented battle. Whiskey Bent BBQ went up against the high profile bbqing attorney Divine Swine. This was another blast to watch and there was no let down on quality of food. It was another close score but Thomas and his Divine Swine team got the nod on another one point close score. So the final battle was set with Divine Swine fac-

ing Team Unknown. The final cooler included raw oysters, salmon and shrimp and the oysters seemed to throw Thomas a curve ball. The Unknown boys were as smooth a team as I have ever seen work together and had things on cruise control. Team Unknown lost the coin toss and turned in first. The judges were extremely impressed and the score was high and the compliments from the judges made it look like Thomas was going to have a hard time. When the Divine Swine team did their presentation the judges were impressed and the final score saw Divine Swine take home the championship. Thomas’ winning edge came on a scalloped potatoe casserole that put his entry over the top. I cant thank all these teams enough for being a part of this new series. Everyone watching had a great time. The teams involved enjoyed the challenge and proved not only are these guys great bbq cooks they are top notch chefs. A special thanks from Big Papas

goes out to Big Green Egg for coming on board as a cooker sponsor and also to Meadow Creek for their efforts on helping us get started and sponsoring us with 2 awesome cookers. Forrest Fine Foods is our Dutch oven sponsor and has hooked us up with tables and ovens. A Big Thank You to all the folks behind the scenes that have helped us get rolling. Any one that is interested in cooking or hosting a “Battle At BBQ Junction just send me an email to and we will get you all the details. We are scheduled for events at Clermont, Ft. Myers, Venice and Lakeland and are looking for a couple more teams. Congratulations to Damon Wooley and the BBQ Mafia for a well deserved win in Naples and to my favorite cowboy who is not scared to wear pink for his big win in Ft. Pierce. See yall at a contest soon and bless our troops. I miss you Pop.

barbecue events. We have already scheduled our first event for 2014, a new contest guess where? We are going back to Jeykll Island, you folks have been asking for it and “Howdy” here it is. A lot of our officers and BOD’s have been working on our schedule and its paying off and yes it is paying $$$$$$ off. Next month we start back up for the 2013 year with Pigs and Wings in Perry, GA. This event is a fifth year contest and last year housed 59 teams. We are excited to see what Audrey comes up with this year. There are new events in Statesboro Ga and Swains-

boro Ga and are putting up some very nice prize packages that are top dollar and with some new twist. Let’s don’t forget about Plains Ga in early March. They are planning some new twist also. Last year this cookoff was in June and was so hot, they decided to move up to March this year. More specific news about Jackson and Hazlehurst will be forth coming shortly but put them on your calendar also for April & May. Smoke on the Lake at Acworth Ga is a new and exciting event with some very nice $$$$. This year all of you will be excited to know that Bre-

anau Barbecue Championship will be a joint GBA/ MBN contest. Everybody loves this event and it supports a very fine charity to enable young people to be able to attend college who otherwise might not be able . As you all know Mr Jim Barco always does a great job with his contest. Back to the beach at Fernandina Beach and this year Jay Robertson says no hurricane so it should be a “fine-time-at-the-beach”. From the beach back to the mountains The Lodge At Copperhead that is. Michelle and Jerry and their team promises to put one another super event, if you

missed it last fall you don’t want to miss this one. We also have a new signup system for our judges that seems to be working well, just another new system to help the organizers and the Lead Reps. Don’t forget to check out the web-site for all the news and thanks to Mr Jim Sewell for all his efforts at bbqga. com, he is doing a fantastic job. Let’s not forget Mr Carl Williams in our prayers and Miss Mary.

We all want to wish him a speedy recovery.

News from the Georgia Barbecue Association

Harry Faircloth President GA BBQ Association

All I can say is WOW. December and so far this January my phone and email has been going crazy, with folks wanting to have

Until next time: It’s All About The Taste”!

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The BBQ Times Dredge each slice, shake off good and place in the box. Make sure you put the correct number of slices in the box (More is better). (This is a very flavorful Place correct number of smokin’ sauce that I use for burnt ends in the box with both my brisket burnt ends the bark up (More is better). and dredging sauce). Your choice; where you put Build your box. If you’re them. top, bottom or on the not using garnish, chop up sides either works well. some of the tender point After you have your slices meat to build up bottom and burnt ends in the box, of the box approximately brush over top with a very 1-11/2 inches. Add 2 table- light coat of hot burnt end spoons Draper’s A.P. BBQ sauce. *Tip: Sprinkle the top rub and 1/4 cup of the burnt lightly with Smokin’ Guns end sauce. Mix well and BBQ “Gun Powder” www. evenly distribute meat across this the bottom of box. Cut one will give you that “POP” the slice (Across the grain) ap- judges love. As I’ve written proximately 3/8 inch and in past articles, competition check for tenderness. If the barbecue is a “ONE BITE” slice is to tender you need to contest. “Works for me”! widen the cut. If not tender Take a picture of your box enough narrow the cut to and make any needed adjustachieve desired tenderness. ments before turning it in. Cut several slices (Across *Tip: Mist over top lightthe grain) and place them in ly with warm water for an the “HOT” dredging sauce. awesome sheen and will Dredging sauce: 2 cups also smooth out any brush saved AUJUS and 1/2 cup marks. A good presentation of Draper’s BBQ Smokin’ is very important. sauce. (Bring to a boil and Turn in box. Good Luck! pour in a small pan).

Carl Williams Continued from Page 4 Begin probing brisket at 195 degrees to check for tenderness. (If you’re using a “Prime or Wagu” brisket begin probing at 185 degrees). I use an ice pick, which allows me to feel the breaking point much better. Remove brisket from smoker when you can push the ice pick into the brisket with ease, no pressure. (This is a critical step so make sure you keep checking the “break point” at 3/4-degree intervals). Once the break point is reached, remove brisket from smoker. “Open top and vent for a minimum of 10 minutes to stop the cooking process”. (Very important. Do Not miss this step or your brisket will be to tender). Pour excess AUJUS in a large gravy separator and save leaving about 1 cup in the pan. *Tip: Save all excess AUJUS you don’t use for adding to your injection mix at your next contest as

noted above. Wrap in blankets and put in an ice chest. This is what I do. However, some cooks use a Cambro. Let rest at least 2 hours before you prepare your turn in box. This allows time for the remaining “Beefy flavor” AUJUS to be absorbed back into the brisket making it moist and flavorful. (Longer is ok as long as you have stopped the cooking process before wrapping). For your burnt ends remove meat from bottom side of the point where it separates from the flat. Remove any excess fat. Cut several 1 to 11/8 inch squares. Put in a small aluminum pan and pour over top with burnt end sauce. Sprinkle with Draper’s Moo’d Enhancer. Put in the smoker “uncovered” for 1 hour. Burnt end sauce: 1 cup of saved AUJUS and 1/2 cup of Draper’s BBQ Smokin’ sauce

Recommendations: (1). Perform a “test cook and box building” at home before you go to your next contest. If you have any questions regarding prepping, technique, recipe, or cooking process, please contact me and I’ll be glad to help you. (2). Make a “Timeline Schedule” of the sequence of events above so enough time will be allowed for you to meet your turn in schedule. Note: “Timeline Schedule” is a must have for all your cooking categories. If you have any specific topics you would like for me to address in future articles or provide feedback, please email me at carlwms5943@ .If you are a new team getting started in procompetition, backyard or just cooking for your family and need help, please email me and I will be happy to work with you. I enjoy reading your feedback comments and really happy to know that you are achieving great results from reading my articles. “Thank You”! Remember! For all your

January 2013 barbecue news and contest information sign up for your copy of “The BBQ Times”. Also, if you’re looking to advertise a product or have an item you want to sell there is no better place than with the best barbecue newspaper in South Georgia. Contact Audrey Evans at aevans@bqtimes. com or aevans@sunmulti. com and she will be happy to work with you! Cue’~Tip: Trim the brisket flat to fit the box before it goes on the smoker: The slices you’re turning in should fit the box. You don’t want them hanging over the edges or curled up. I’ve seen some boxes where the slices have been trimmed after the brisket is cooked and it looks better to have bark completely around the slice instead of having chopped off ends. This can give the judge the impression that something is wrong and will also make a much better looking box. Stay safe, Have fun and Happy Cue’ing!!

smoker wood available in various flavors: Baxter’s Original Premium BBQ Supply You’ve put a lot of hard work into your BBQ sauce. Give it the attention it deserves – a beautiful package. We carry a complete line of glass and plastic bottles, jars, jugs and closures in a wide selection of shapes, styles and sizes. Big or small orders, All American has it all. For more information contact Lee Tobin at 813-248-2023 or 4917 Oak Fair Blvd • Tampa, Florida USA • FAX: 813-248-1059

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apple cherry hickory maple oak • peach pecan

January 2013


The BBQ Times Chili and to start there I will ask you to grab a glass from the cupboard and pour it half full of Jack Daniels – straight – no water, ice or 2 TBLS. Vegetable oil mix – we can begin! 1 large onion, diced The first step in this pro1-2 cloves garlic, finely cess is very crucial and it chopped must take place before you ½ cup red wine, beer, do anything at all. You must beef stock or water prepare your work area – ¼ cup chili powder taste a little Jack and make 1 tsp. cumin sure it’s at the perfect tem1 TBSP. black pepper perature then sit your glass 1 tsp. oregano within reach on the counter 1 can diced tomatoes (just make sure it’s not close 1 can chili or pinto to an open flame) Now you beans may begin to pull all of your ½ TBSP. hot sauce pots and pans, knives, mea½ TBSP. Worcestershire suring cups and utensils out sauce of the cupboard and draw¼ cup ketchup ers. I have to repeat step one ¼ cup mustard here because when it comes 1 small can diced chilies to gathering the ingredi or jalapenos ents, I can become slightly 1 green pepper, diced overwhelmed. Gather your ¼ cup brown sugar ingredients. Repeat Step Cane Patch Syrup ONE! 1 large bottle Jack At this point, we can be Daniels gin to prepare the meat. Now, since you’ve no- Brown your ground beef, cut ticed the final item on the up your onions and garlic; list of ingredients I will ex- drain your meat and add 2 plain this is a Jack Daniels TBSP. Vegetable Oil to your

Audrey Evans Continued from Page 4 BBQ, if you don’t have a competition and think you might be interested in hosting one, I’ll set you up with the right folks for your area! Now, on to the good stuff. I had several request for this to run again after seeing my chili on Facebook. Maybe now you’ll understand why there was a problem when I ran out of Jack…Good thing I got hooked up with some Apple Pie New Years….. that is if you know what I’m talking about. I am going to start off by saying that yes, this is truly how I make chili but; this is also something I found typed up one day and got a kick out of it. After all, this paper is about having fun and this is me to a “T” some would say. This isn’t you’re normal chili. Anyone who makes chili can tell you that there is a perfect science to chili and that is

just a known fact in the bbq world. No matter what you do you will not be able to duplicate the same batch of chili, even when you write it down! This is a special chili that I learned to make a few years back and there’s just something about it that makes it perfect. You will only be able to use this as a guideline, but I can assure you it will be some of the best you’ve ever tasted. If you know me well enough, you are sure to figure out my catch, but I only learn from the best! I am going to have to write this in a slightly different recipe form than usual, so please forgive me if I loose track.

Big D’s Chili with A’s Twist

Ingredients 2 lbs. lean ground beef 1 tsp. of salt

Cooking Pot (NOT FRYING PAN) on medium heat. Add your onions and garlic to the Cooking Pot to gently cook until soft but not browned. Add Wine, beef, beer stock or water (I use Jack) to the meat mixture and stir well. Let this simmer for 5 – 10 minutes and Repeat Step ONE as you wait. We are making some good chili now! Add the chili powder, cumin, black pepper, brown sugar, oregano and diced green peppers into your Cooking pot and simmer on medium heat for 1 – 2 minutes. Stir in tomatoes, beans, green chilies, ketchup, mustard, hot sauce and Worcestershire. Add more wine, beer, beef stock or water at this point if it is too thick. Make two pot swirls to add your Cane Patch Syrup, or if you are as lucky as me use Carl Williams Cane Syrup. Cover and let simmer for 5-10 minutes before doing a taste test on chili but repeat step ONE to pass the time. This next step is always a

Page 7

favorite of mine – QUALITY CONTROL CHECK. Use a clean spoon, taste test and adjust any seasonings or liquids as you see fit. Remember salt increases as the chili reduces and cooks so you don’t want to add too much. Repeat Step ONE and QUALITY CONTROL CHECK every 20-30 minutes for approximately 2 hours as it simmers. Finally, Pour another ½ glass of Jack Daniels (there is no way your original glass is not long gone by now.) You have two options with this glass depending on when you are going to serve the chili. If you are going to serve it immediately, add the Jack to the pot and stir well, simmer for 20 minutes and enjoy! If you are going to store the chili and not eat it immediately: remove the pot from the heat, stir in the Jack, cover and let sit until you refrigerate or freeze. You catch my drift now? It’s the recipe for a good nights sleep….Yall keep rubbing those butts!

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The BBQ Times

Calendar of Events

January 2013

You can now view our calendar online at You can even link them to your calendar on your computer with Google + If you would like your event added or updated, please send your information to

Kansas City Barbeque Society

South Carolina Barbeque Association

January 25-26,2013 5th Annual Lake Havasu Music Brews & BBQ Championship Lake Havasu City, AZ STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Contact: Skip & Cheryl Ramsden Phone: 928-208-2375.

Feburary 22-23, 2013 Bands, Brews & BBQ Port Royal, SC Contact: Janie Lackman 843-525-6257 janie(at)

January 25-26. 2013 Lakeland Pig Festival Lakeland, FL STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Contact: Cece Christian Phone: 863-450-3322.

March 15-16, 2013 Second Annual Benefit BBQ for Boy Scouts Sumter County Fair Grounds Sumter, SC Contact: Emil Wodicka (803) 512-0921 ewodicka(at) or Bill Robinson (803) 840-3367 billbodar(at)

February 8-9-2013 Georgia BBQ Championship Throwdown Young Harris, GA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Contact: Bobby Brumley Phone: 706-379-4612. February 22-23,2013 Polar Bear Challenge Columbia, MO STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Contact: Jamey Johnson Aimee Harrison Phone: 573881-4074. March 1-2, 2013 Smokin in the Square Pensacola, FL Contact: Ivan Delabruere Phone: 850-995-0060. Fax: 850-995-0040. smokininthesquare@yahoo. com March 1-2, 2013 Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour Baton Rouge, LA Contact: KCBS OFFICE Phone: 800-963-5227. Marcb 8-9, 2013 BBQ Championship & Hog Wild Festival Mobile, AL Contact: Glenn Harger Phone: 251-479-4900.

Georgia Barbeque Association February 22-23, 2013 Pigs & Wings Perry, GA Contact: Audrey Evans 478-224-5499 March 1-2. 2013 Plains Pig Pickin’ Plains, GA Ruth Sanders 229-824-5373 or 229-938-3835 March 8-9, 2013 Statesboro Music Festival Kiwanis Fairgrounds Statesboro, GA Jonathan Judy 229-347-5453 April 5-6, 2013 Grande Creek Pig Jam Georgia Sports Arena Swainsboro, GA Jeremy Faircloth 478-455-0868

April 12-13, 2013 Smokin Pork N Butts Fairgrounds St Jackson, GA 30233 Scott Thurston 678-209-7593

Florida Barbeque Association February 1-2, 2013 9th Annual Citrus Center Boys & Girls Clubs “Smoke on the Water” BBQ Winter Haven, FL Frank Csomos 1615 High Point Court SW Winter Haven, FL 33880 (863)-287-3075 or (863)-2945400 February 8-10, 2013 The Old Florida Outdoor Festival Apopka, FL City of Apopka, Florida - 175 East 5th Street - Apopka, FL 32703 Chuck Carnesale: (407)-7031756 February 15-17, 2013 Southeast Regional Pigfest Tallahassee, FL Diane Haggerty - 309 Office Plaza Drive - Tallahassee, FL 32301 (850)-222-2043 February 22-23, 2013 2013 Ribs On The Ridge Haines City, FL City of Haines City - Parks & Recreation Department - 555 Ledwith Avenue - Haines City, FL 33844 Holly Carter: (863)-421-996 March 2, 2013 Smokin’ in the Mangroves Santini Marina Plaza/Fish Tale Marina - Fort Myers Beach, FL Bonnie Roberts: (239)-443-8810


March 8-9, 2013 Swamp Boys Super Q School Winter Haven, FL Visit Rub Bagby’s website for details. March 15-17, 2013 Viking Fest Bar-B-Que Cookoff Fort Myers, FL Donny Overholser: 5598 Sunrise Drive - Fort Myers, FL 33902 (239)-872-7787 March 22-23, 2013 Fire Ant Festival BBQ Bash Ashburn, GA Gail Wells - Fire Ant Festival P.O. Box 2864 Ashburn, GA 31714 (229)-567-3436

Memphis Barbecue Network March 22- 23, 2013 When Pigs Fly 701 Northside Drive Newton, MS Contact: Kay Crenshaw Phone: 601-479-7943 Email: April 5-6, 2013 Atoka Springfest BBQ Contest Nancy Lane Park 118 Atoka Park Ave Atoka, TN Contact: Brian Peel Phone: 901-837-5306 or 785-213-1907 Email: bpeel@townofatoka. com Apr 26 - 27, 2013 Southaven Springfest Snowden Grove Southaven, MS State Championship Contact: Kristi Faulkner Phone: 662-393-6939 or 901-461-1791 Email: kfaulkner@southaven. org

January 2013

The BBQ Times

Page 9

'RANDE#REEK0IG*AM April 5-6, 2013

ead at the This event h rts Arena Georgia Spo

WWWPIGJAMBBQCOM Minimum Payout Guaranteed This location features in front of 228 Full Service Pull Through RV Spaces available for Cook Teams. All spaces equipped with water and 30 or 50 amp electrical service.


The Georgia Sports Arena is an 82,000 sq. ft venue hosting arena for Equestrian Events, Races, Rodeos, Concerts, Tractor Pulls and other Community Events. Located at 1093 GA Hwy 56 South, Swainsboro, GA 30401 •

ASSASSIN SMOKERS Slowly Smokin The Competition

Fully Insulated Smoker Standard Features Included:

• 5� Casters • Steel Water Pan • Handles on back for Transport. • 4 D-Ring Tie-Downs • Front Panel Grease Guard • 1 1/2� Ball Valve on Side. • Slam Latches for Ease of Use. • Right or Left Hinged Doors Optional. • High Gloss Acrylic Enamel Automotive Paint (Gun Barrel Gray is standard color) • BBQ Guru and Temperature Control Adapter 1 YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY

ONLY $2500 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

• Cook Racks are 23 1/2� x 23 1/2� Supported by C-Channel Runners for safety. • Interior Cook Chamber: 24� x 24� x 30 1/2� Tall • Total Cooker Size: 52 1/2� plus 6� Stack. • Thermometer is 1/2� NPT, 3� Dial, 6� Stem, Recalibrateable • Approximate Weight: 435 lbs.

478-262-4215 • 478-785-9161 WWW.ASSASSIN-SMOKERS.COM

Page 10

The BBQ Times

y Edition a M In is ph 2012 Mem

s e m i T Q The BB ! h RowT JGFw






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og Third Ye H le o h W s in W n ooksto DPN XCRUJNFT






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Jack s New So Ft




uth Wins Fir XXXC










st Grand

s e m i T The BBQ The Q BB Times

Are You Getting






ts ble of Conten

 .#/(#" +BDLTPO ("    #2'FTU 43FTVMUT )B[MFIVSTU#  ,$# Jac   XM pe kĘźs NewFTWJ #2#MVFT UT H#P MMF# &WFO So JM1J SPG uth rfect #BSO $IBSCSP set the $BMFOEB score   cro Jim of 600   '#"  wd my  BUF  wild aft  Ca SJ4U 'FTU rte TJmFET on the BO "-5 1BJOUO1PSL  $MBTr, Michael Mi ir ďŹ nal ribs. er winning the  %PUI     xon (Pi Pic T *O.BZ tmaster, tured abov ir ďŹ rst Gran $BSM8JMMJBN d Ch e are  .FNQIJT JackĘźs  New So Lef t to Rig ampionship    FJS-JGFw ht: at the uth), Mr MMJT   B)J 

%BO Plains s. Rosal Harry Fairc   LF*O5I Pig Pic loth ynn Ca     UUMF4NP rter, an (GBA Presid kinĘź event     IBU8BOU"-J June d Andy en "QSJM  T5  Speig t), Jim Sewe 30, 2012 in PML   1)050 F' ht. ll (GBA Plains $BMFOEB #:"6    i'PS5I , Georg Repre %3&:&7" SPG&WFO sentat /4 UT ive), Ky ia after record #MPPNJO  le Bro  ##2,$ oks, Pre ing a  )B FTDPN SSZ'BJSDM sident #4 UJN $B CR e PUI  SM8JMMJBN   XXX rs who wer  T (BSZ-BO cue Smoke by less than   Res   UPO  3FDJQ %BOB)J Bully separated McKay, head   MMJT FT Wooley home also  ry k  1MB  Ter ies.  

too   nt. d JO1JH1    categor ďŹ a also took  #F  , a poi of Git-R-Smokerall.  JDLJO    "#VEE   $P BBQ Ma score in Newnan cook  y Evans  place ove Z/PU#V  DPB7JMMJB By Audre r   2010. a perfect home ďŹ fth MUTBOE1IPUPT4FF MMZ  #V HF'#" Edito few min- Georgia back inmore, head  CCB(SJMM  'PS3FTV 1BHF  Dil  ds T$PPLJO    takes a und DaForrest ’s Fine Foo It only H4DIPPM    $MBTTJmFE being aro ize he is cook of Forrest    utes of T e Reto real racter.  hom  k oley

  too mon Wo of great cha 7PMV 

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Table of C



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PMFZ T1 Table of 8P Con......te...n...ts NCFS


U'FT PQT'JSF"O 5 SF DP 4 DU F pio You can the things he - ďŹ fth place ďŹ n, at most ofn he gets to talk ws in chicken but whe he really kno n ish rth place fou th ing BBQ, It’s not very ofte per- ribs, eigh k his stuff. k-team has a por y place that a coo in any categor second re and fect sco it to Damon of and e brisket. e plac One ce. OEBS but leav it twi$BMF was rest  do   24, at the For he can of the March $BSM8JMMJBNT shut outChamwhich was on  nd  Festival. by Fire Ant ty nine teams - Gra Ma pionship Q T.F 1SFTJ With thir Bul a EFOU ly BB oley F than away TTBH less  when site, Wo to walk ket, d 3FDJQ nt age poi bris man FT in ng ďŹ a ,  d place  erythi with a thirplace in chickena e v said and and was ,   seventh e4$#" in ribs  in  e. re  plac don sco h tâ€? ng tent e “perfec Comi 200-point ing him ďŹ rst placmThird and Pork mak the Grand Cha - in rth conin pork and event. This 200es Fou u t i v e l y c pion of there in Pork mak to s e e Budpoint scoonly cook team t wer sters and mei him the goal in two mea reach that

Inside This Issue 24 Pages





y ht: Dorse left to Rig Clark Pictured te and and Bridget Odell, Pointer, mb, Lee Whitco itcomb. F Wh 1BH on 4FF Jas

(BMBY 7"















The BBQ Times

for all the latest BBQ competition news?









BY AUDREY ties for a cook-off. Frida EVANS night, cook y and his -teams and EDITOR guest up team son Josh, who make at the conte st enjoyed On July hear- a cook Budmeister, made it 27, ing one of their -off to reme 2012 eighty own, Dorsey mber addthree Odell of ing his Unknown of the top BBQ pions third Grand Chamcook Competiti hip of the on teams in the seaso South take the stage Cook Team takin g home $3,15 n and east headed as opening 0 in cash act for national Live Oak, Flori to recording artist money. Team Budm eister da Jamie Davis. ďŹ nished the to compete cook-off with in the As ďŹ a rst Satur place pork Smokin’on turn-in, the Su- rolled aroun day morning place ribs and ninth ďŹ fth d, the smok wannee cook e had chick -off. ďŹ lled the air. place en. This cook-off Team is ed for over $13,0 s competBill and Teres sanctioned 00 in prizes a Tanner, by the in the categ head cooks ories of Brisk Florida Barb of B & T Cook ecue Pork, Ribs et, Team, out of Thom and Association asville, and only one could Chicken but Georgia held at the took home take home Reserve Spirit the grand Champion prize and top of the Suwa with their brag- place nnee ging right third brisket, seven s of the year. music park, which couldn’t th place It pork and have been is ďŹ lled tenth place an easy at chicken with feat with the competitio the teams on wonderful n. ameni- roster but this 4FF4NPLJOPO Thomas Henr y UIF 4VXB





Fill out the form below and mail to: The BBQ Times P.O. Box 1710 Perry, GA 31069 478-218-2333









/4 Top Photo Above: Thom as Henr y and his son,Josh of team Budmeiste took home r Grand Champion . Bottom Phot & T Cook o Above: B Teresa Tann Team, Bill & er took hom Mike Payn Reserve e e and Grand Cham pion. - bragging right Stu Wintrode with Hog    s on the Sauc July 14, 2012 s as Grand Champion e walked awa

  of SmokinĘź . See Page 13 y with top    Up A Storm for more on   in Norman, this event. OK on    1)0504#:


January 2013


Now you can subscribe online: We accept checks and all major credit cards.

Name: __________________________________________________________________ Cookteam Name: _________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________ City: _______________________ State: ________ Zip Code:


Email: _____________________________________ Phone: _____________________ Total Amount $_________._____ Check # ______________ Please indicate card type:

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Card#: ________________________________________ Exp Date: ________________

IkXiYh_X[ Dem\ehEdbo '+7O[Wh (12 Issues)

CVC # ______________ Billing Zip Code:_______________ Card Owner’s Name & Signature: __________________________________________


January 2013

Page 11

The BBQ Times

January 4-5, 2013 • Ziggy Dick’s BBQ Cookoff & Festival • Naples, FL 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

OVERALL: 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia Swamp Boys Hot Wachula’s Big Papa’s Country Kitchen Git-R-Smoked Sweet Smoke Q The Q Lang BBQ Smokers McFrankenboo BBQ Blitzkrieg BBQ CHICKEN: Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia E.T.’s BBQ Hot Wachula’s Big Papa’s Country Kitchen Fully Involved Swamp Boys Git-R-Smoked McFrankenboo BBQ Lang BBQ Smokers Blitzkrieg BBQ

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

RIBS : Big Papa’s Country Kitchen Swamp Boys Hot Wachula’s Sweet Smoke Q The Q Git-R-Smoked Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia Accutech BBQ Swinos Great Lakes BBQ Feed Company

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Accutech BBQ Fully Involved Swinos Florida Skin-n-Bones Wire Nut BBQ Great Lakes BBQ Feed Company E.T.’s BBQ All Fired Up & Kicking Ash Pig In or Pig Out Cooking Team Master Baster’s PORK: Swamp Boys Lang BBQ Smokers Sweet Smoke Q McFrankenboo BBQ Accutech BBQ Hot Wachula’s Big Papa’s Country Kitchen Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia Florida Skin-n-Bones Great Lakes BBQ Feed Company

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

BRISKET: Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia Git-R-Smoked Fully Involved Hot Wachula’s Sweet Smoke Q The Q Swamp Boys Master Baster’s Big Papa’s Country Kitchen Lang BBQ Smokers

Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia Grand Champion

Big Papa’s Country Kitchen

Swamp Boys Reserve Grand Champion

FBA Judging Table

Georgia Barbecue Association ings W & Pigs mpetition o es In Priz BBQ C

2,000 , 2013 1 $ r e Ov 22- 23 y r a u r Feb GA Perry, 333 8-2 478-21

We got some HUGE events coming in 2013 You don’t want to miss this one!

Statesboro Music Festival March 8-9, 2013 MBN/GBA Statesboro, GA 229-347-5453

Grande Creek Pig Jam April 5-6, 2013 Swainsboro, GA 229-455-0868

P Pig lains Ma rch Pick Pl 1-3 in’

, 229 ains, 2013 -82 GA 4-5 373

Smo kin’ P N’ Bu ork MBN tts

Jack /GBA s 678- on, GA 2097593

Visit us online at

Cowboys Pig Out Ft. Pierce, Florida January 11-12, 2013

Page 12

January 2013

The BBQ Times

Rob Bagby - Swamp Boys - Reserve Grand Champion

Team Unknown - First Place Ribs and Brisket

Beachneck BBQ - First Place Chicken

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Forrest Dilmore - Forrest Fine Foods OVERALL: Forrest’s Fine Foods 11. Swamp Boys 12. Unknown BBQ 13. Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia 14. Cedar Creek BBQ 15. Sweet Smoke Q 16. Blitzkrieg BBQ 17. Hot Wachula’s 18. Lang BBQ Smokers 19. Great Lakes BBQ & Feed Co 20. CHICKEN: Beachneck BBQ 1. Fully Involved 2. Git-R-Smoked 3. Lang BBQ Smokers 4. Forrest’s Fine Foods 5. Hot Wachula’s 6. Swamp Boys 7. Great Lakes BBQ & Feed Co 8. Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia 9. Sweet Smoke Q 10.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

RIBS: Unknown BBQ Sweet Smoke Q Cedar Creek BBQ Great Lakes BBQ & Feed Co Forrest’s Fine Foods Swamp Boys Big Papa’s Country Kitchen Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia Blitzkrieg BBQ Whiskey Bent BBQ

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Grand Champion Git-R-Smoked Big Bad Wolf BBQ Big Papa’s Country Kitchen Fully Involved Southern Flatwoods BBQ Newman’s BBQ Whiskey Bent BBQ Confederate Smoke Southern Style J&J’s BBQ PORK: Forrest’s Fine Foods Swamp Boys Sweet Smoke Q Divine Swine BBQ Team Unknown BBQ Florida Skin-n-Bones Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia Lang BBQ Smokers Southern Style Cedar Creek BBQ BRISKET: Unknown BBQ Hot Wachula’s Cedar Creek BBQ Forrest’s Fine Foods Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia Swamp Boys Whiskey Bent BBQ Blitzkrieg BBQ Smokin’ Blue Q Big Bad Wolf BBQ

January 2013

The BBQ Times

First Annual Dutch Oven Cookoff December 31, 2012 Lake City, Fl

Forrest Fine Foods Grand Champion

Team Unknown Reserve Grand Champion

Kiley Whitcomb enjoys making smores with the kids. Larry Johns prepares a Low Country Boil.

Clark Whitcomb uncovers his Chicken and Dumplings.

The honorary judges gathered for a photo after eating all of that great food.

Looking for a superior gravity feed charcoal smoker?

Joby Stanaland

(678) 807-9564

Superior Smokers builds the finest, most affordable, hand-crafted barbeque smokers available! Only the highest quality materials are used by our skilled, state-of-the-art, manufacturing team.

461&3*0326"-*5:r461&3*037"-6&r461&3*038"33"/5:r461&3*033&46-54 WWW.SUPERIORSMOKERS.COM

Page 13

Page 14


16 ft. Gator Tail Trailer insulated with A/C, Indoor / Outdoor Carpet, Electric outlets inside and out, MUCH better than being under a pop-up. ONLY $4500. Call Larry Johns @ 386-867-1624 or E-mail

2004 Cargo Express Toy Hauler Set Up For Competition BBQ! 14 Ft. Living Quarters has 2 Beds , Bathroom with Full Shower, Stove, Microwave, Plenty Of Storage A/C And Heat 12 Ft. Cargo Area built into a prep kitchen with large stainless sink with drain board with hot water, 2 Stainless Prep Tables, Storage Cabinets, Framed insulated wall with door in back to close you off from outside, Stereo With Speakers Inside And Out, Outside Led Lighting Heavy Duty Ramp For Cooker, A/C in back area as well. ONLY $8500! Call Larry Johns @ 386-867-1624 or Email ljsmokin@gmail. com

GEORGIA Stumps Classic. Just removed from enclosed trailer that was sold. As is: $2800.00 Freshly painted $3250.00 Call Danny Evans 478808-2708

The BBQ Times

January 2013


Cook Trailer For Sale:We are asking $8500 Firm........2002 Campmaster by Roadmaster Toy Hauler Fully contained. Electric furnace, refrigerator, and microwave. Set up as GREAT cook trailer. 12’ living with jackknife sofa and table that co nverts to a bed also, 6’ prep section’ and 6’ storage with diamond plate rear door..... we cook on rear gate as pics show. New Awning.1year old....Checkerboard. 4 New tires in last 4 months. We have outside hot water hook up for secondary sink. 2nd A/C put in middle 6 foot prep section...this trailer will freeze you!!!!! Specially made Cabinets for middle 6 ‘section with countertops, one side has three large drawers for storage and is tall for food prep and blind box building. We also have a removable homemade awning to cover cooker on rear gate if it’s raining. Takes 3 minutes to install or remove. Contact Robby Royal: 229222-1070

2011 - 14’ x 7’ Worldwide MFG. Concession Trailer!!! Used for selling gourmet sausage, burgers, desserts, beverages, etc. It’s like new and ready to go. Check out the details for complete equipment list & features. $17,600. Duluth, Georgia.



less than 1,000 miles on them. More info available, see the details. $24,200. Clanton, Alabama. Call Melissa at 601-273-3141

2012 - 8.5 x 26’ Enclosed Cargo / Concession Mobile Arcade Trailer - New, Never Used!!! Xtra Tuff Trailer with air conditioning. Outfitted for Mobile Arcade Business. Equipped and loaded with arcade game units. Just add your company logo and you are in business!!! This unit is new, never used. $13,750. for trailer only; $16,500 for truck only; $13,750 for games and generator. Birmingham, Alabama Call Melissa at 601-273-3141


Call Melissa at 601-2733141


1996 - Chevy P30 Food Truck!!! Use for selling burgers, fried foods, breakfast items, drinks, etc. Gas engine and automatic transmission are newly installed and have

1990 - 28’ BBQ Catering Trailer!!! This is a 28’ BBQ trailer that can be used for catering

or concession with BBQ. It’s in very good condition. $13,200. Silsbee, Texas. Call Gini at 601-2733142

Pirate 50 Custom Artwork Custom Trophies Team Logo Signs Logo Lazy Susan’s

Any Fish You Wish!


Dale Wilson pirate50@ Murphy, NC / Pirate50Artwork

Richard Horne



January 2013

The BBQ Times

Bubba Grills

Page 15

A Southern Cooking Creation

Located right in the Heart of Central Georgia in Haddock, GA.


The Bubba Grills Cooking Experience Coming Soon!

Sign up today and Come cook with Team Bubba Grills at Memphis in May in 2013!

7bbKd_jiDem9ec[IjWdZWhZM_j^$$$ 15” Tires • 3500 lbs. Axel Cast Iron Fire Starter in the Smoke Box Safety Door Catch on Lift Doors • Stainless Flex Regulators 2 Full Length Sliding/Removable Racks • Protected Lights & Wires WE KEEP SOME MODELS IN STOCK & CUSTOM UNITS ARE BUILT IN LESS THAN 20 DAYS!

We are Family Owned, Come Join our Bubba Grills family!

478-288-1433 • Email or Call Today for a Custom Quote (Please include your name & phone number in email.)

Page 16

The BBQ Times

January 2013

2013 Pigs and Wings BBQ Competition FEBRUARY 22-23, 2013 OVER $12,000 PURSE $4000 Overall Champion $1500 Grand Champion YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS OUT ON THIS EVENT, GET YOUR APPLICATIONS IN TODAY! Only the first 60 Applicants are Guaranteed Entry.

Featured Categories: Brisket • Chicken • Pulled Pork • Ribs • Pork Loin Dessert • Brunswick Stew • Bloody Mary • Margarita

Live Music • Airplane Fly In • Childrenʼs Activities • Food • Arts & Crafts Hosted By:


Registration Online Now for Cook-Teams and Vendors Presented by:

Find The BBQ Times to keep up with all the most current updates on this competition. Twitter: @BBQTimes

Currently Accepting Cook-Teams, Vendors, Judges and Sponsors

BBQ Times January 2013  

BBQ Times January 2013