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The BBQ Times “Smokin’ off the Press”

Volume 4 • Number 9


July 2013

Bubba Grills & Sauced Hogs Make a Splash in Newnan! INSIDE THIS EDITION:

Newnan, GA ................................................2 Dana Hillis...................................................4 Jeff Petkevicius.............................................5

Creekstone Farms Special..................................6 Ashburn I 75 Smoke Out .................................12 Classifieds........................................................15

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JULY 2013

Pig N’ Swig • Newnan, Georgia • July 11-12, 2013

Sauced Hogs Smoke Shack

Bubba Grills

Holy Smokers

Smokinʼ 42 BBQ

Blues Brothers BBQ

The Pit Crew

Photos by Audrey Evans

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JULY 2013





would greatly appreciate your support as they run for PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, & SECRETARY of The Georgia Barbecue Association 2013-2015 ELECTION YEAR.

DANNY MEADOWS has been involved in the growth of Georgia Barbecue Association since the First Annual Pigs and Wings Cook-off held in Perry, GA in 2008. He has since served on the Board of Directors while also being a GBA Representative, Judge, Contest Organizer and occasionally wearing the hat as Pitmaster on his cookteam. Before retiring Danny was involved in business and financially management. He now enjoys spending his time traveling and helping the GBA continue the growth it has seen in the past 5 years. ED VESELY has been retired for the Past 15 years and has been a member of the Georgia Barbecue Association for the last four years. In this time, Ed has completed training to become a Master Certified Judge, and Representative for GBA. Ed has helped develop multiple corporations throughout his career including being the Program Manager for the B1 & B2 Bombers, controlling a $500 Million Budget resulting in his extensive business, management and financial experience. Ed enjoys spending his time traveling, LOVES GBA and is willing to do anything to help GBA move forward in the coming years. AUDREY EVANS is the Editor & Publisher of The BBQ Times and completely devotes her life to the betterment of the BBQ world. With 8 years of business and financial management, Audrey is committed to helping GBA move upward in that department. With better knowledge of these departments, Audrey can bring sound advice to the BOD of the direction we are moving and help better obtain funding to forward on to our teams and members. Audrey has been the organizer of the largest GBA competition for two years in a row in number of teams and payout! With her extensive time spent in the office working on BBQ daily, GBA members will stay up to date on communications, changes and happenings within GBA.

DURING A TENURE OF OFFICE WITH GBA, WE PLEDGE TO THE MEMBERS: • to continue the growth and expansion of Georgia Barbecue Association. • to improve communications between all parts of the GBA membership group, including the Board of Directors, Cook Teams, Judges, and Organizers. • to try our best to bring in corporate sponsorship to help move GBA forward financially. • to propose developing a Yearly GBA Banquet to recognize teams, judges, officials and provide a chance for additional fellowship between these great folks we know as members.

Thank you for the consideration and nomination to do this job, - Danny. Ed & Audrey Please feel free to contact us with any of your questions or concerns. Danny Meadows - • Ed Vesely - Audrey Evans -



JULY 2013


Summer time heat always beats me in the BBQ game

Audrey Evans Publisher & Editor

Why is it no matter where you go in June & July it’s just gonna be hot? Well hello I guess the answer is it is summer time, but in the BBQ game I think it is even hotter. In the southeast you really don’t see a ton of BBQ cook-off’s during the summer months. It makes us all get in the itch I like to think. This month, I have already been up to Newnan, GA and it was so hot that some folks made a journey to the pool Friday night and then as you can see on the cover

this month Lonnie Smith and Clint Britton took a “belly flop” into the pool Saturday after awards. You see, Clint and Lonnie have been head to head most of the year in points for the Georgia Barbecue Association. In Acworth, Lonnie came home Reserve Champion after a tie breaker for the grand with Smokin’ 42 BBQ out of Tifton, GA. Wouldn’t you know that the same thing would happen in Newnan but between Lonnie and Clint? These guys actually took it to the 5th

Tie Breaker to establish who won Grand and Reserve. Clint Britton and his Sauced Hogs Smoke Shack crew took home Grand Champion and once again Lonnie took home Reserve. The best part about it, the Belly Flop Celebration in the pool. No doubt about it, when it comes to this heat, you have to beat it somehow. ••• The Georgia Barbecue Association is also holding its elections right now; you will find more information

later in the paper. If you are a member, please take the time to read over each candidate’s information and most importantly CAST YOUR VOTE! This is a outstanding organization and has some great folks running for office. I have actually had the privilege this go round of being nominated myself. The election process runs through August 5th. I think it is very vital for every organization to have a thorough election process with a selection of candidates so that the asso-

ciation can continue to grow and stand on its on throughout the years. If you never change anything or have officers to run / vote for, you always stay in the same spot. I hope that I at least stirred the pot a little by putting my nomination in if nothing else. I stand behind each and every candidate and will do anything I can to help them in the future. GBA is a great organization and I would be honored to be the Secretary / Treasurer for 2013-2015.

chicken because Slick Willie and his wife are great cooks. I did find some good reading and I went thru all my chicken notes and found some top secret tips from Bill and the Dixie Chicks. I called a few of my good friends and tried to get some secrets on their recent successes in yard bird but I don’t think they were being truthful. One of them said to inject my chicken with clam juice and the other one said he was using Mcdonalds BBQ sauce. Hmmm..... I went to Publix, Winn Dixie, 4 local butcher shops, Walmart, Sweetbay, Save a Lot and Sams club and bought some wings, thighs, breasts and legs. I tried marinating some, Brining some, and cooking some right out of the refrigerator. I got on line and ordered some of the new rubs available and picked up a few chicken rubs off the local grocery store shelves. I Called some neighbors and friends and told them to stop by and try some chicken later. I cooked some on the Stumps (you know Stumps don’t build no junk!) and I put some on the Fast Eddy 100 for some fast and furious cooking action. I fired up the Orion Cooker for some turbo charged cooking – at

a fun cook I cooked chicken on the Orion and the FE 100 and took 1st place chicken and 2nd place chicken – I cooked some on the Weber rotisserie and cooked some on the Meadow Creek Charcoal flipper cooker – every person that cooks chicken should have one of these – I cooked some on the Jambo – the Jambo has a sweet spot for chicken – and I even fired up my old barrel smoker and cooked up a little chicken on there. I cooked my first contest ever on that old barrel smoker and the organizer came by and gave us a pan to turn in our beer can chicken. We did not know we had entered beer can chicken and did not have a clue what to do. They said they would be back in 2 hours so Janet ran to the store and got a chicken and I built a really hot fire and our first trophy in BBQ competition was 1st place beer can chicken! I had been thru some of my Dr. BBQ recipes from the Green Egg magazines so I cooked a little Green Egg chicken so basically I was cooking chicken on just about every cooker I own. I had created some new sauces and as always while wandering thru the stores I always meander thru the sauce aisle and pick up any

new brands that I have not tried. My son suggested we ask Siri (the computer voice on his I phone that has an answer for everything) for a top secret BBQ chicken recipe. Honest to God this was her answer – I am not perspicacious on the peregrinations of poultry! We will laugh about this long after we look up just what those words mean. We were trying hard to come up with that recipe that would put us over the top and we knew once everyone tasted all this chicken that there would be a clear cut winner. We just ran into one little problem. It was all pretty good and every person said it was the best chicken they had ever eaten – when I asked which one was the best they said all of them! So now we are more confused then when we started and now I am going to have to get a bigger trailer just to haul all my chicken cookers. We just had a backyard cooking class at the Country Kitchen and we cooked a whole bunch of chicken so I think we will be ready to cook some 1st place chicken at Smoke On The Suwannee cause I know the judges will say it’s the best they ever had!

We are doing a rib practice next and we have some babybacks, loinbacks, St. Louis cut, full spares, free range ribs, grass fed hawg ribs and even some kurabotas. The neighbors and friends said when they smell the smoke they will be here!


Dana Hillis Pitmaster

Big Papas Country Kitchen

June and July roll around and most of us competition teams in Florida take a little break in the action .It does get a little warm down here in tropical paradise and we

do need a few weekends to stay at home and catch up on honeydos,fix a few trailers and cookers and take a break from BBQing. Well after just a few days and realizing we had no contests BBQ withdrawals started setting in. We did have several caterings’ scheduled and we went to Cape Coral to sell BBQ for the 4th of July, but it is not the same as competing so it is definitely time for some practice. We figured we would start off with figuring out how to get back on top in chicken. I dug thru my BBQ Times magazines to look and see if Mr. Carl Williams had written any secrets in his columns about how he does

The BBQ Times “Smokin’ off the Press”

Editor & Publisher Audrey A. Evans Published by Double A Evans, LLC DBA The BBQ Times. Mailed Periodical Postage Permit Pending at Perry Ga. 31069 The BBQ Times• P.O. Box 1710 • Perry, GA. 31069 • 478-218-2333

See everyone in Live Oak – let the second half of the season start smoking! ••• Try this chicken recipe for some fast and furious chicken – it will be the best you ever had 1 bottle of Paula Deens sugar free BBQ sauce If you don’t have chicken leg stands get you some – they look good while you are cooking Each stand holds 12 legs so get 24 – If you don’t have stands just cook on the grill Trim excess fat and skin Marinate in Italian dressing and 1 cup spicy chicken rub Season legs generously and place in leg stands Heat grill to 350 Cook legs to 170 internal temperature spraying with apple juice to keep moist – glaze with Paula Deen BBQ sauce Get some paper towels and enjoy

JULY 2013



Looking forward into the newest BBQ Season

Harry Faircloth President Georgia BBQ Association Hello to all of our Barbecue friends far and near: Summer is upon us and we are relegated to cooking at home for family and friends right now. Trying out new recipes, new injection concoctions and maybe a different rub or two is our

experimental season. The judges are talking about new contest to judge and which events they attended last year and this one was ohhh so good and that one had a really great venue and so forth. Some of you have been on vacation others are planning trips and still others are waiting for school to start. ••• I would like for every one to plan on attending the Hambone Jam in Ft Valley to start our next cook season, 2013-2014. Cook teams get double points to start the year. We will crown our Team Of The Year for the 2012-2013 cook year on Friday night then crown The Georgia State Champion on Saturday afternoon. ••• I would like to wish the next group of officers of The Georgia Barbecue As-

sociation much success. If every one of us gets on the same boat then we can accomplish a great deal as an organization however if we have stragglers that want to just complain then it will be harder for our leadership to get the job done. Let me urge everyone to offer constructive comments when you feel it necessary. Don’t hesitate to attend Board meetings, but remember unless you have an advance clearance to speak you will be there as an observer only. ••• I would like to thank all of our present Board of Directors for their support these past years. Each and every one of the GBA Reps have been a tremendous part in making our year a success. ••• What can I say about all of our GBA cooks---fellas

and ladies I want you all to know that I would put any one of you up against any other cooker in other associations and I know you can cook with the best of them. I have seen some of you blossom and grow into real competitors and I just know that some of you are gonna be competing for the GBA Championship next year, Good Luck to all of you. Georgia Barbecue Association judges, you folks are the best. You are able to handle “comparative judging” to grant winners to

All of the following “treats” are from me, and they are recipes that I like and since this is my last installment then I decided to share “treats I enjoy and I hope you do also. YUMMY CHEESE BARS 1 box Betty Crocker butter recipe yellow cake mix 1⁄2 cup butter, melted 1 box powered sugar 3 eggs 1 cup chopped pecans 1 8oz package cream cheese Mix cake mix, 1 egg, melted butter, and nuts. Spread mixture into a greased 9 X 13-inch pan. Dough will be stiff. Mix together cream cheese, sugar, and 2 eggs. Spread over dough mixture. Bake in preheated 325 degrees oven for 45 minutes. Let cool at least 2 hours in pan. Cut into small bars. PEACH DELIGHT

First layer 1 cup flour 1 tablespoon sugar 1 stick butter, softened 1⁄2 cup pecans chopped fine Mix flour, sugar, butter, and nuts. Press in the bottom of an ungreased 9 X 13-inch baking pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes, cool. Second layer 1 8 oz pkg cream cheese, softened 1 cup confectioner sugar 1 cup extra creamy Cool Whip Blend cheese and sugar, fold in Cool Whip, Spread over crust. Third layer 1 cup sugar 3 tablespoons peach gelatin 4 tablespoons cornstarch 1 cup water 8-10 fresh peaches Mix sugar, gelatin, cornstarch, and water. Cook over medium heat stirring constantly until thick, cool. While mix is cooling, peel and slice peach-

es. Combine cooled filling with peaches. Spread over second layer in dish. Cover with Cool Whip. Store in refrigerator until serving time. Will serve 10 to 12. HEAVENLY HASH 1 pint whipping cream 250 small marshmallows 25 maraschino cherries, chopped 1 small can crushed pineapple 1 cup chopped pecans Whip cream. Add other ingredients. Mix and chill several hours before serving. Yes I do like pecans.

endeavor. It will be nice to attend events as just a judge or observer. I can tell you I have enjoyed the experience but it will be a relief for someone else to be taking all of the phone calls day, night and week-ends. I do love talking “Q” but someone else can now do all of the talking. ••• I will soon have a “Change-of-Address” and it will read: Harry Faircloth % Honeysuckle Hill.

Feeding the body for fuel to carry on life

GBA Sweet Treats By Harry Faircloth

those who should be winners. You ladies and gentlemen do a great job and Thank You also. ••• I must thank Laurie Faircloth for allowing me the opportunity and support to do the job I’ve tried to perform for the last years. She has listened to more bbq talk than I care to remember. She has supported me in all of my efforts to work some very long hours in support of the GBA. Only she knows how many hours and miles that has gone into this

Jeff Petkevicius Pitmaster Give it To God How much do I love BBQ? Let me count the ways... lol Actually, I do love Professional BBQ more than I could have anticipated. From the practice to planning to Game week to the contest and even, YES even cleaning my trailer afterwards, I find joy in every part of this great Sport. For me, it’s a time to be alone with God, even though there are hundreds of people around, I still have my time to worship and thank God for all He has done for me in my life. It is also a time to perfect the “Art” of cooking competition BBQ. It’s about producing the best food in the BBQ format as judged by trained individuals as dedicated to their craft of “judging” as we are to cooking. Food, satisfying hunger, feeding the body for

fuel to carry on Life, Jesus knew how powerful this process is. Jesus puts it into perspective in a powerful way when addressing Peter after His resurrection when He was on the beach “feeding” the disciples once again. There is so much power in this passage. Jesus pushed Peter to confess, out loud, his love for Jesus 3 times. Why 3? I find it powerful that Jesus made Peter say it three times because Peter denied Jesus 3 times. It was how Jesus showed perfect forgiveness; complete cleansing of Peter’s sin... ALL is forgiven! And then, right after each confession of love for Jesus, His response.... Feed my sheep, Tend my sheep, and feed my sheep. Go and satisfy the hunger pains of people out there for spiritual nutrition. Feed their bellies and feed their souls.... Feeding all of what they need fed... [15] So when they had eaten breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon, [son] of Jonah, do you love Me more than these?” He said to Him, “Yes, Lord; You know that I love You.” He said to him, “Feed My lambs.” [16] He said to him again a second time, “Simon, [son] of Jonah, do you love Me?” He said to Him, “Yes, Lord; You know that I love You.” He said to him, “Tend My sheep.” [17] He

said to him the third time, “Simon, [son] of Jonah, do you love Me?” Peter was grieved because He said to him the third time, “Do you love Me?” And he said to Him, “Lord, You know all things; You know that I love You.” Jesus said to him, “Feed My sheep. (Jhn 21:15-17 NKJV) Every day, you and I have the opportunity to “feed” people. We go to great lengths to perfect the “art” of BBQ and produce the absolute best food we can, in hopes of getting that treasured “Call”. Every day, I question and challenge myself to put the same effort into feeding the souls of those I encounter in my daily living. Jesus went to great lengths and sacrifice to make a way for us to enter heaven, and stay there. He used food as a constant teaching tool to demonstrate the power of spiritual salvation. You and I will do all we can to get the highest score possible from 6 people we don’t know, who don’t know us, who are just evaluating what ends up in the box in front of them. God knows us, sees all that we do, and His evaluation, His approval, is the only thing that matters. If you haven’t completely surrendered your life to Jesus Christ.....what are YOU waiting for?



JULY 2013

Creekstone Farms offers varieties of market fresh meats Creekstone Farms Premium Beef LLC celebrated a significant milestone in May when we marked our 10 year anniversary. Located in Arkansas City, Kansas, Creekstone has grown over the past ten years into a niche producer of premium Black Angus beef known around the world for the quality of our products. Creekstone started with a simple question: How can we produce and deliver the world’s finest Black Angus beef? In answering that question and seeking its brand of excellence, Creekstone


has strategically managed its assets to where it now employs over 700 individuals; achieved net sales of $614 million in 2012; and supports a customer base that extends across the United States with product exported to over 70 countries. Creekstone products are used by top chefs across the U.S. and internationally and can be found at retailers and restaurants across the world. Our program is unique to the beef industry because it combines superior Black Angus genetics, exceptional cattle management practices, carefully controlled high-quality feeding and stateof-the-art processing of only Black Angus cattle. Everything we do, from fo-

cusing on genetics to closely monitoring processing and production, is all in the name of quality. From the cattle we procure all the way through to our state of the art processing, we are committed to producing the highest quality beef in America through our Creekstone Farms Premium Black Angus Beef programs! • USDA Certification • True Black Angus Genetics • Humane Animal Treatment • High Quality Corn-Based Feed • State Of The Art Processing

In the spring of 2011, Creekstone Farms launched our new online ordering section of We had received numerous requests over the years from individuals wanting to order Creekstone Farms products and have them shipped directly to their house. The largest number of requests came from competition BBQ enthusiasts who were looking to find one of our coveted USDA

P r i m e briskets for upcoming competitions. In response to the large demand, we went live with our online busness

Cowboy Steak

and things have not slowed down since. Briskets remain our num-ber one item online and continue to grow along with our other product offerings as well. All our USDA Prime briskets are pulled fresh off the production line and geared towards competition BBQ specifications. We offer three different briskets sizes and strive to pull briskets with the thickest, most even flats available. What Creekstone offers to all BBQ chefs and backyard enthusiasts is our dedication to quality

and consistency in all our products. Some of our most popular BBQ favorites include the brisket, tri-tips and meaty back ribs. We have also found a large market online for our delicious favorites like Ribeyes, Filets, Strip Steaks, T-Bones, Sirloins as well as hamburger patties and ground beef. Our intense focus on quality and consistency helps us get our customers the product they are after for all their beef cooking needs.

ASSASSIN SMOKERS Slowly Smokin The Competition

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JULY 2013

bubba grills



A Southern Cooking Creation

Located right in the Heart of Central Georgia in Haddock, GA. MOST CUSTOM UNITS ARE BUILT IN LESS THAN 20 DAYS!


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15” Tires • 3500 lbs. Axle • Cast Iron Fire Starter in the Smoke Box • Safety Door Catch on Lift Doors • Stainless Flex Regulators • 2 Full Length Sliding/Removable Racks • Protected Lights & Wires

The Bubba Grills Cooking Experience

Ask about joining Team Bubba Grills at an upcoming competition and get the full hands on BBQ Competition experience of a lifetime.


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Newnan Pig N’ Swig Continued from Page 2

JULY 2013

Whether you’re competing, catering or entertaining in the backyard, Use the product that is a proven winner... One Taste Will Hook You! Head Country BBQ Sauce, seasoning and marinade has been used by competition teams to win National and International Competitions including numerous Jack Daniels Championships, American Royal Invitational and Open Championships, Houston Livestock and Rodeo, United Kingdom BBQ Series and the most recent BBQ Pitmaster Show.

1-888-762-1227 •

JULY 2013



13th Annual I-75 Smoke Out BBQ & Music Festival • Ashburn, Georgia • June 22, 2013

Grand Champion - Budmeisters BBQ - Josh Henry

Reserve Champion - Smokinʼ Swine BBQ Crew

Q The BB Times �

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JULY 2013


GBA : It’s Election Time, Get to know your candidates.



1. What do you think is the most important issue facing GBA over the next year? 1. Budget, we need to be able to create a way to raise money so that we can become a financially stable organization. 2. Awards Banquet, I would like for us to hold an annual banquet to recognize our teams, judges and representatives of this organization.3. Communication, I would like to create a program to improve on the communication between teams, judges and the leadership of the organization. 2. What do you think your biggest asset is to GBA for the position that you are seeking

office? I have been working with GBA since 2008 during its growing years. I have been the lead rep. for many contests. I have worked with new contest with the organization of their contest. 3. Do you have prior experience in the BBQ world? If so, please explain. I am on the Board of Directors of GBA. I have taught BBQ judging classes. I have organized and helped others organize BBQ contest. I am on a competition cook team and cook two or three contest a year. I have payed entry fee, bought cookers, cook rigs, purchased meat and all the supplies that it takes to be a compation cook team. 4. What are a few things about yourself that you think are important values for this position? I feel that I am an open person and that I take time to talk to teams, judges and organizers. I worked for the Department of Defense for 30 years and was a supervisor and a budget manager. Served in the Armed Forces for 32 years. I served as the First Sergeant of the Georgia Army National Guard state Headquarters. I am the Past Master

of Panthersville Lodge 543 F&AM. I have been the Committee Chairman for the Department of Agriculture Farm Services Agency for 6 Counties. I am the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Tawalogi Soil and Water Foundation. 5. Why do you want to be in this elected position?I want to continue building this organization, and am a leader that anyone can come to and voice their opinion or concerns. 6. Any additional thoughts or comments you would like to address to the members of GBA? I am retired and I am able to go out at anytime to be an ambassador for the Georgia Barbecue Association. JIMMY NELMS

1. What do you think is the most important issue facing GBA over the next year? One of the most important issues facing the GBA over the next year is to continue to move the GBA forward in the BBQ Competition circuit. We have come a long way from the beginning and we are consistently implementing new ideas to keep going forward. These new ideas include team and judge retention as well as recruitment, keeping members informed of all updates and event happenings in the GBA, and adding a variety of quality events to our schedule that will have something for everyone. 2. What do you think your biggest asset is to GBA for the position that you are seeking office? I am a people person who appreciates the ideas of other people. I am a listener. I dislike making split second, uneducated, irrational decisions until I am well informed of the possible outcomes and how it will affect not only an individual but the organization as a whole. 3. Do you have prior experience in the BBQ world? If

so, please explain. My prior experience in the BBQ world dates back to way before the GBA was envisioned. I was an assistant pit master on a family run team for 12 years. We followed the MIM circuit at that time. When our team disbanded, my wife and I decided to continue our venture in the BBQ world as judges, we are certified judges for MBM and GBA. We were among the first judges for the GBA when it was founded. Since then, we have worked hard and dedicated lots of time, effort, and of course cooking and judging critique to the GBA that has helped new judges learn more about how to express their opinions about BBQ so that this info can be relayed back to the teams in a positive, receptive manner. I have also had the honor of cooking among friends and co workers in several local charity cook offs over the years. BBQ is and has been a family hobby for many years. 4. What are a few things about yourself that you think are important values for this position? As I said before, I am a people person. I am honest and authentic; I can be trusted, what

you see is what you get. I am a positive person; I look for the good in everyone and every situation. I have an ability to delegate, I know this is not a one man show and the GBA wouldnʼt be the GBA without its growing members who all possess different qualities that can be used. I am committed to fairness. I have a vision for the GBA to continue to grow and prosper. And last but not least...I have humor! We all need to sit back and laugh a bit, laugh at our mistakes and learn and grow from them. 5. Why do you want to be in this elected position? I want to see the GBA continue to grow and strive. I want t to be a part of its history and be able to do my part to help lead the GBA to even more success. 6. Any additional thoughts or comments you would like to address to the members of GBA? I am but one person, but one person cannot do it alone. It takes an Army of dedicated individuals to keep an organization going and growing. Every organization needs a leader and a leader that is motivated to continue to grow. I

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ED VESELY 1. What do you think is the most important issue facing GBA over the next year? I believe that improving the communications between the board and the teams/ judges of the GBA is very important. This can be accomplished while growing the GBA to be the best it can be. 2. What do you think your biggest a 0sset is to GBA for the position that you are seeking office? I have many years of experience in both finance and management. These assets will help me

grow the GBA in the future while improving the communications within. 3. Do you have prior experience in the BBQ world? If so, please explain. I have over four years of experience as a judge for the MBN and the GBA. I am also a representative for the GBA and have been the lead representative at three contests. 4. What are a few things about yourself that you think are important values for this position? I have a MSEE and a MBA and have taught evening college courses for twenty years. I have been a program manager for many years. My most exciting program was the defensive avionics system for the B1 bomber. For this program I had profit and loss responsibility for a budget of over $400 million. I have formed two companies over the past years and they were very successful. I believe these experiences will allow me to help grow the GBA in the future and improve its overall function. 5. Why do you want to be in this elected position? I have had the pleasure of being asked by several people over the past two years to run for the office of president. I would love to have the opportunity of being president.

THE BBQ TIMES 1. What do you think is However, I feel that I need more experience in the BBQ world, and that the most important issue facing I could gain that experience while GBA over the next year? The GBA performing the duties of vice presi- has grown tremendously over the dent. After doing the duties of vice past few years. With growth comes president I would be more qualified “growing pains”. I believe our leadto take on the added responsibilities ership over the past few years has of president, if the teams/judges of done a tremendous job handling the the GBA feel that is something they growth by addressing any problems quickly and fairly. One area that would like for me to do. 6. Any additional we can improve upon is communithoughts or comments you would cation between leadership and the like to address to the members membership. I would like to see the of GBA? I want to continue and agenda of all board or committee expand my relationships with the meetings posted on the GBA webteams/judges while contributing site in advance and minutes of the to the growth of the GBA. I feel meetings posted as soon as possible that functioning as vice president afterwards. 2. What do you think your bigwill help me accomplish this. Also, I would like to point out that as a gest asset is to GBA for the posiretired person I will have the ability tion that you are seeking office? to adjust my schedule to the needs I have held leadership positions on many boards and associations of the GBA including president of Rotary club, president of booster club, chairman of county recreation board, chairman of church administrative council and chairman of county tourism board. I would be able to apply the leadership skills developed by serving these other groups to assist the President and Board of Directors as we continue to grow and improve the GBA. 3. Do you have prior experiJIM SEWELL

ence in the BBQ world? If so, please explain. I grew up around BBQ. My father owned a restaurant and barbecued for all the civic groups in our area. I grew up watching him cook shoulders & hams in pit made from concrete blocks, chicken wire & sheets of tin. I got involved with competition BBQ in 2009 when I decided to organize a BBQ contest. I joined the GBA in 2010. Since joining, I have become a contest organizer, a master judge, a contest representative and the GBA webmaster. 4. What are a few things about yourself that you think are important values for this position? I learned a lot more than BBQ from my father. He instilled in me several values that I hold dear: treat everyone with respect; hard work wonʼt harm you; be honest; and never compromise your integrity. 5. Why do you want to be in this elected position? I have worked very closely with our officers the past two years as webmaster for the GBA. They have guided the GBA through tremendous growth. I would like to help continue to move the GBA forward. 6. Any additional thoughts or comments you would like to address to the members of GBA? I

PAGE 11 encourage each and every member to vote for the candidates for their choice. We have some great people who have offered themselves as candidates for office. So, no matter who wins or who loses this election, the GBA will be the winner. I love the GBA. I have made many new friends since becoming a part of this great association. I am not affiliated with any other BBQ organization. I am 100% dedicated to the GBA. I would appreciate your vote and support as Vice President for Competitions. Thank you. SECRETARY TREASURER AUDREY EVANS

1.. What do you think is the most important issue facing GBA over the next year? I think the Georgia Barbecue Association is facing issues over the


JULY 2013 am that leader. Pick me a your Next GBA President, you will always have a friendly smile, a warm handshake, a listening ear and will always be a part of my BBQ family.




August 16-17, 2013 Downtown Athens, GA

Professional BBQ Contest • Backyard BBQ Contest People’s Choice Award • Classic Car Show Bluegrass • Tailgate Tradeshow Kids Zone & More!

Free & Family Friendly! ���������� ������������������������ ������������� ������������� ����������������

��������� �����

����������� �������������������




300 North Thomas Street • Athens, GA 30601 • 706-357-4445

PAGE 12 next few years that not everyone is aware of. Communication is a huge ingredient that will need to be updated and worked on as well as getting finances in order so that the members can receive something back from what they put into GBA. 2.. What do you think your biggest asset is to GBA for the position that you are seeking office? With 8 years experience in business and financial management, I believe I can help GBA in the financial department to gain a reserve money supply to be able to better facilitate the growth the association is seeing. I have extensive knowledge of both QuickBooks and FileMaker Pro, which would greatly simplify the needs of GBA and help to better organize the associationʼs records. I also believe this background can help improve and open the communication lines between all parts of membership so they will be more effective and up to date. (BOD, cook teams, judges, organizers, and GBA officials.) 3. .Do you have prior experience in the BBQ world? If so, please explain. As the Editor & Publisher of The BBQ Times for the last four years, I have gained much knowledge in the BBQ world. I have cooked with several different cook

teams at GBA events and also other sanctioned events. I have organized the largest GBA contest to date (Pigs and Wings 2012 & 2013) two years in a row with the largest team turnout and also the highest payout. I am also a Certified GBA judge. All of these things have given me a insight into what it takes to work as an organization with your members, have an open line of communication with them and learn what people want out of their BBQ experience of Competition Cooking. 4. .What are a few things about yourself that you think are important values for this position? My biggest value for this position would be the knowledge, understanding and communication skills I have gained from working with various types of people in my previous years of business management. I have learned that you must always hold high your integrity and strength as well as keeping self-discipline in order to succeed. Those are the lessons I hold close to my heart. I am a honest, sincere, loyal and trustworthy person who chooses to hold myself to the highest standards because of my faith. “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou 5. .Why do you want to be

THE BBQ TIMES in this elected position? I have members. With my extensive time listened to the members of GBA, spent in the office working on BBQ attended Board meetings and daily, GBA members will stay up to evaluated the situation of the GBA. date on communications, changes I firmly believe I can bring good and happenings within GBA. I things to the table for GBA and help will be available to meet with any us move forward to bigger and bet- members, officials, board members ter things in the future. I believe the etc. at any given time. Thank you members deserve to have a choice in for the nomination and support and what happens, and how things are good luck to all candidates. handled; I want them to be able to make that choice. PAM NELMS 6. .Any additional thoughts or comments you would like to address to the members of GBA? I highly encourage all of the members of GBA to stand up and take a vote for what you think is best for GBA in the future. We have had a phenomenal staff of elected officials in the past but sometimes in order to move forward, change is needed. As editor & publisher of The BBQ Times, my life is completely devoted to the world of 1. What do you think is the competition BBQ and its growth and most important issue facing GBA betterment. With 8 years of business over the next year? Communicaand financial management, I am tion between the leadership and committed to helping GBA move up- the members is an important issue. ward in that department. With better When new rules are made, post it on knowledge of these departments, I the website so that all of the memcan bring sound advice to the BOD of bers will know about it & not find which direction we are moving and out about it at a contest. Without help better obtain funding. As we out teams, we wouldnʼt need judges can grow that funding GBA is able to & without the judges, we wouldnʼt put more into the teams, judges and need teams.

2. What do you think your biggest asset is to GBA for the position that you are seeking office? I am a people person. I love meeting new people and getting to know them as well as their family. To be a good Secretary/Treasurer it helps to know who all of your members are. In the past 4 years that I have been Secretary/Treasurer I have come to know the GBA Members and I try to speak to each and every one of them at the competitions. This position is very important as you must know how to keep up with records of all kinds as well as communicate well with others. 3. Do you have prior experience in the BBQ world? If so, please explain. I grew up around BBQ. My father loved to BBQ anytime he got the chance. I loved to help him anytime I could. One of the things that he taught me was to make his “Special BBQ Sauce” and to this day Iʼm the only one that can make it like he did. We cooked for family gatherings as well as family reunions. When I got older my brother started a BBQ Competition Team and we cooked as a family team for 12 years. When the team came to a mutual agreement to not compete any more, my husband & I took a judging class. I have been


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8:42:46 AM

JULY 2012 judging BBQ for 23 years. When the GBA was formed in 2007, I felt honored when asked to help get this new organization started and to be one of the first members. Since joining the GBA I have become a Master Judge, a Representative, Judging Instructor, and Secretary/Treasurer. I was asked 4 years ago to take the job as Secretary/Treasurer and boy it was quite an eye opener. I wasnʼt prepared for exactly what was involved in the position. Finally after months of trial and error, I got a new roster started after the memory stick that I was given wouldnʼt work. I was close to tears, I was told that everything to do with the GBA was on that memory stick. I was determined to do my best for the GBA and I didnʼt give up. 4. What are a few things about yourself that you think are important values for this position? As a child my parents instilled in me that hard work never hurt anyone and that honesty is the best trait that you can have. As long as you are honest with yourself and God you will never have to compromise your integrity. I believe in fairness and integrity. When I am given a job to do, I do the best that I can. I donʼt ever give up.


JULY 2013



Pair-Wise Comparison in the SCBA

Morrey Thomas Executive Director

South Carolina BBQ Association

In general terms, pairwise comparison means being able to judge, taste, or evaluate two or more unique products in a heads-up comparison. This method of comparison judging gives us the most direct evaluation since we have the availability of testing items simultaneously. Our focus is pair-wise comparison judging of barbeque, but we can pair-wise

compare virtually anything imaginable. I recently test drove two similar vehicles from the same car dealer. I drove the first vehicle, felt the acceleration, smoothness of ride, overall comfort, etc. I drove vehicle number two and was able to make direct category to category comparisons since both vehicles were fresh on my mind and right in front of me. I could have, in fact, gotten back into either vehicle to make sure I had things right. This comparison method made my selection simpler since both vehicles were side by side in a pair-wise comparison test. Back to BBQ...let’s say I go to a new barbeque buffet restaurant and try their “Que”. In many restaurants I will have one selection of barbeque to sample from, so when I “judge” this BBQ, I only have my memory of other restaurants to draw from for any other compari-

sons. As keen as some of our memories are, it is very difficult to recall in specific detail all of the nuisances of our past experiences. The only real way, in my opinion, is to have two different samples directly in front of me at the same time. When we judge BBQ at competitions, pair-wise comparison is available in a way that is seldom available otherwise. Where else can we find an array of multiple samples to pit against each other all at the same time? As judges, we can be appreciative for these unique opportunities that very few others have available while sampling BBQ. When I teach novice tables, I always emphasize the importance of treating each scoring area as its own separate contest. On the SCBA’s score sheet, we evaluate appearance, aroma, texture, taste and overall impression. I explain that each

category on our score sheet should be treated as its own micro-contest without letting one category influence another, with the exception being overall impression. If I sample a BBQ that is a little tough on texture, I score accordingly, but then keep an open mind about all the other categories. It may be a situation that the taste is the best on the table but the tenderness did not hit the

mark quite as well. Since I let each category become its own mini-contest, I have not prejudiced one category against another. When the scores are tallied, the numbers do the talking. Sometimes the totals surprise me, but heck, that’s what good judging is all about. I hope we all take time to consider how lucky we are to have a great array of premium BBQ in front of

us at festivals to make possible our pair-wise comparison judging technique. The more we judge, the better we get, so I encourage you all to be as active as possible and sign-up soon. If you’d like to become an SCBA member, log on to www. and follow the “join us” links. Happy judging!

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Sweet and Spicy Grilled Salmon


Submitted by David Schakett • Grillin’ Magic BBQ 3 canned chipotle chiles in adobo 1 clove garlic, crushed 1/2 Cup tamarind concentrate 1/2 Cup packed dark brown sugar Kosher salt, plus more as needed 2 Tablespoons sherry vinegar 1 Tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil, plus more for grilling 4 six-ounce center-cut boneless salmon filets

Instructions : 1. Chop chipotles and garlic in a food processor. Add tamarind, brown sugar, and salt and puree. Add vinegar, 2 tablespoons water, and oil, and puree until smooth. Pour about 1/4 cup of glaze into a small bowl. Reserve remaining glaze for serving. 2. Preheat a grill to medium. 3. Brush salmon filets with oil and season with 1 tablespoon salt, to taste. Place fillets, top-side (rounded side) down, on grill. Cook until distinct grill marks appear, about 4 minutes. Turn fish over, lightly brush with glaze, and cook, brushing occasionally with more glaze, until firm but slightly pink, about 6 to 8 minutes. Transfer to a cutting board and brush with more glaze. Serve warm or at room temperature, and pass additional glaze, if desired.

GBA ELECTION From page 12

5.. Why do you want to be in this elected position? I have worked very closely with several Presidents, Vice Presidents and Contest Organizers since I have been in the GBA and watched it grow. I would like to continue to work with the GBA Officers to help the association move forward. 6.. Any additional thoughts or comments you would like to address to the members of GBA? I encourage all of the GBA members to vote for the candidates of their choice. I have made a lot of new friends since becoming a part of this GREAT Association and will always have a friendly smile for each and every one of you. I am 100% dedicated to the GBA. I would appreciate your vote for Secretary/Treasurer of the GBA.

JULY 2013

Whiting 4th of July BBQ Cookoff Whiting, Iowa • July 3-4, 2013 Grand Champion: QUAU • Reserve Champion: SPITFIRE

1 2 3 4 5

Quau Spitfire Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ Big T’z Q Cru Pork Patrol BBQ

CHICKEN 1 Spitfire 2 Quau 3 Woodward Barbeque 4 Porky Butts BBQ 5 Kev’s Chew Chew BBQ 6 Big T’z Q Cru 7 Oversize Load BBQ 8 Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ 9 Freddies Firebox 10 Tattoo Bob’s PORK RIBS 1 Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ 2 Big T’z Q Cru 3 Quau 4 Subtle Smoke 5 Spitfire 6 Pork Patrol BBQ 7 Iowa Outlaws BBQ 8 Freddies Firebox 9 Lonestar Smoke Rangers 10 Comin Undone BBQ


681.1424 677.7144 676.5710 675.4288 674.2858

6 Woodward Barbeque 7 Lonestar Smoke Rangers 8 Tattoo Bob’s 9 Kev’s Chew Chew BBQ 10 Freddies Firebox

668.5708 661.1424 660.0002 658.2854 657.1428

173.7142 171.9998 170.8570 170.2858 170.2856 169.1428 168.0000 167.9998 167.4286 167.4286

PORK 1 Pork Patrol BBQ 2 Woodward Barbeque 3 Quau 4 Kev’s Chew Chew BBQ 5 Spitfire 6 Smokin Turtle 7 Tattoo Bob’s 8 Oversize Load BBQ 9 Red Bandana 10 Pb&j’s Smok’in Old Men

176.0000 172.0000 170.2856 169.1428 168.5716 167.4286 165.1430 164.5714 164.5714 164.0000

172.5714 172.0000 170.8570 167.4286 167.4286 166.2858 165.7142 163.4286 162.2858 161.7142

BRISKET 1 Big T’z Q Cru 2 Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ 3 Lonestar Smoke Rangers 4 Iowa Outlaws BBQ 5 Woodward Barbeque 6 Pb&j’s Smok’in Old Men 7 Tattoo Bob’s 8 Quau 9 Spitfire 10 Pork Patrol BBQ

178.2858 176.0000 171.4288 170.8572 170.8570 170.2856 169.1430 168.0000 168.0000 166.2858

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Grand Park at Market Common

M Y RT L E B EACH, S .C. MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. A u g . 330-Sept. 0 - S e p t . 11,, 22013 013 Aug.


JULY 2013

Barbeque Competition ompetition arbeque C B presented by Omar Shrine Temple


$ $ OVER

in Cash Prizes to be awarded! The Smoke on the Beach barbecue competition is only part of the Beach, Boogie & BBQ Festival! Don’t miss out on the other family-friendly entertainment events!

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