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May 26, 2014

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FOR SALE - 3 Bedroom, 1 ½ b a t h h o u s e , appliances, attic fan, almost new roof, central heat/air unit and energy efficient windows, screened back porch. 6 Covered out buildings, fenced backyard, pool, fruit trees, extras, on 1.93 acres. Call 478-783-2699. FOR SALE- 125 gallon propane gas tank. Call 229-399-0001. FOR SALE-3 Bedroom/2 bath doublewide on one acre of land with fruit trees, deep well, & septic tank private & peaceful in Wilcox County near Ben Hill County line. Call 229457-8087. FOR SALE- Claw foot tub, complete with all of its parts Best Offer. Call 229313-6769.

WANTED-Pint canning jars. Call 229-365-2499 (No calls after 8pm please).

FOR SALE-4 Acres of land in Wilcox County. Includes old trailer (14’x50’) with will and septic tank. Steel Amish built shed. Call 229869-2986. FOR SALE- Desk table with drawer, $25; 2 Book shelves, $5 each. Call 229425-3643. FOR SALE-GE Dryer, $100; Kenmore 11.7 cu.ft. Upright freezer, $150. Proform Treadmill #425 pi, $225, Weider #8530 dual stack 3 station home gym, $200. Call 229-365-2129. FOR SALE-Panasonic DVD video camera w/case VDR-M53PP, purchased for $600 will sell for $250. 24x optical zoom. Never used. Call 229-425-5674.

F O R S A L E - 9 Horsepower tiller. Call 229-869-2986. FOR SALE-1.85 Acres with three bedroom house, deep well, appliances, some furniture, near Milan. Call 229-868-2725.

FOR SALE-Pineview, 4 Bedroom, 21/2 baths, with kitchen, den, dining room. Central H&A downstairs. Recently remodeled. REDUCEDNEED TO SELL-if interested call 478-2908960!

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Wilcox County Schools - End Of Year Recap By: Steve J. Smith, Superintendent Thank you for your support of Wilcox County Schools, and we hope you will join us for graduation on Saturday, May 31 at 9am at the Wilcox County High School gymnasium. We have many new initiatives and changes coming, and I hope this article will shed light on those. We had a delayed start this school year for our elementary school due to some mold issues. Fortunately we were able to determine the cause of the problem after removing the mold. Hopefully, this summer will not be as wet and humid as last summer, but we certainly do not want drought conditions. Technology We purchased and deployed 508 Google Chromebooks in our elementary and middle school reading, writing and language arts classes and our middle school math classes. These laptop computers do not have hard drives, but access the instructional materials through the Internet using our upgraded wireless capabilities. We feel our student access to technology within our schools rivals even some of the more wealthy schools in the state. We have used a combination of federal funds, grants, and local SPLOST dollars to get to this point, and we are seeing great results where the technology is being used effectively. We strive to increase our effectiveness daily. Grants Our school improvement grant (SIG-1003g) for Wilcox County High School ends this school year. We have seen improvement in access to technology, smaller classes, and great strides in instructional focus through this grant. Our WAVE classrooms were staffed and equipped using this grant, and that building will be removed over the summer. Fortunately, the technology and supplies purchased with the grant will remain at the high school. This grant allowed us to start an honors track, which will continue even after the grant ends. st Our PASS (Patriot Academy for Student Success) program is funded by a 21 Century Community Learning Center Grant. The grant ended last year, but was given a one year extension, enabling us to continue the program this school year. We must have twelve contact hours with students each week under the grant provisions, so we run our program for nine hours on Mondays and one hour after school Tuesday through Thursday. Although not official, we have received notification of a five-year renewal of the grant beginning next year. Wiregrass Georgia Technical College Our relationship with Wiregrass Georgia Technical College (formerly East Central Technical College and Valdosta Technical College) continues to strengthen. This year we began to offer Accel courses to our juniors and seniors, allowing them to earn college credits that may be used at any University System college or technical college in Georgia. Most students in the program earned nine college credits over the school year while also earning high school credit. One of the best features of this program is that students taking Accel courses do not use any of their lifetime HOPE credits. Many college and university students and parents are shocked when those lifetime credits are exhausted, typically during a student's senior year of college. We have also entered into an agreement to use the Wiregrass Wilcox site for the Wilcox Alternative Learning Center next year. We currently run our alternative school Monday through Thursday evenings from 5 pm to 9 pm, with classes being held in the WAVE building. When that building is removed this summer, we will move the classroom contents to the Wiregrass site. New School Our plans to construct one school building to serve all of our students continue to move forward. We conducted two community forums in October to discuss the project, and the Georgia State Board of Education has approved our five-year local facilities plan that calls for building a K-12 school. Just last month we closed on the purchase of approximately 60 acres adjoining 90 acres originally purchased for a new high school. There are about 60 acres of cultivatable farmland on this combined 150-acre tract, meaning the site preparation work for building a K-12 school should be very cost effective. We will most likely be asking voters to extend the current SPLOST that was originally passed to fund a new high school in order to fund the new K12 school. This would not be a new tax, but merely a five-year extension of the current one-cent sales tax already in place. The best news about this K-12 school is that local taxpayers will pay less than half for the new K-12 school than originally projected to pay for just a high school. The new school can be completely paid for with the SPLOST extension and funds already in the SPLOST account. By comparison, the plan to build just a high school was going to require five SPLOST renewals of five years each and bonding the project over that 25-year period. We are putting together a Building Committee to be made up of administrators, Board members, staff members, and community members. If you would be interested in serving, please contact me at the number or email address at the bottom of this article. We plan to visit schools, work with our architect, and meet with contractors to formalize a plan and design for the new school. This Committee will begin work in June. New Tests Recently, the Georgia Department of Education announced that this would be the final year of the CRCT (given in grades 3-8) and the EOCT (given in grades 9-12). The CRCT (Criterion Referenced Competency Test) is administered in reading, language arts, math, science, and social studies, with a writing test administered in grades 5 and 8. The EOCT (End of Course Test) is administered in specific subjects, with two each in English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math. The new test will be called GMAP (Georgia Measures of Achievement and Performance), with reading, writing and language arts combined into one test for grades 3-8, and the other tests covering the same subjects as the CRCT and EOCT. The new tests will not only contain multiple choice questions, but will also contain constructed response (short answer) questions, all with much more difficulty than the current tests. These new tests will be administered next school year. The good news regarding testing in Georgia: passing a test or part of a test will not determine if someone will graduate, but will help determine the final grade in that specific class. The Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT) will no longer be administered except for a few re-tests for those who haven't passed all parts. The GMAP will count 20% of a student's grade in high school courses, and we suspect the GMAP will carry the same weight as the CRCT in determining retention and placement decisions (whether or not someone gets to advance to the next grade). There may be one exception to this informationthe Georgia High School Writing Test may remain in place and may continue to be a graduation requirement. New Calendar I mentioned to the Board at the May Board work session and meeting that the number of tests we are required to administer will continue to rise. Any teacher who teaches courses not covered by a GMAP will have to administer a SLO (Student Learning Objectives) test. A pre-test at the beginning of the course and a post-test at course-end will help determine how much each student learns in the class. While we are required to administer SLOs for every teacher not covered by GMAP next year, the following year every COURSE will have either a SLO test or a GMAP test. As a result of this increase in testing, we just do not feel we can continue the four-day school week after next school year. What we have found is that a day lost to testing in a class cannot be recovered, and our students need as many instruction days as possible. Frankly, we need those extra 24 instruction days (156 under the four-day vs 180 under the five-day) to reduce the impact of days lost to testing, so we will propose a five-day calendar for the 2015-2016 school year. No New Money Despite what the media and politicians might say, the cuts to education funding have not been completely restored. We appreciate the additional $300 million earmarked for K-12 public education austerity reduction for next school year, but the fact remains that the state will continue to cut public schools by nearly $747 million next year. In Wilcox County, funding for our students will be cut $614,000 next year. We will remove furlough days from our schedule next year, but we will be forced to use reserves to help cover the continued cuts. Since 2003, the state has cut funding for Wilcox County Schools approximately $8.4 million, with $6.7 million of those cuts coming over the past five years added to next year's cuts. We trust that the Governor and Legislature will continue to restore funding to public education as the economy improves. Just as I reported last year, despite rising costs, I am pleased to report that your school system is on sound financial footing. We anticipate using some reserves next school year, but there are no plans to raise property taxes in 2014 or 2015! We appreciate your support of Wilcox County Schools, and I sincerely hope you will not hesitate to call me if you have a need or a suggestion on how we can better serve our students, community and taxpayers. We covet your prayers and look forward to a great 2014-2015 school year! Contact: Steve J. Smith, Superintendent, , 229-467-2141 Ext. 25

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FOR SALE-Steel Heavy Duty F O R S A L E - L a r g e FOR SALE-Toddler bed with drill press stand, $30. Call trampoline with safety net, mattress and baby seat, $30. Call 229-365-5641. $100. Call 229-365-5641. 229-425-5674.

FOR SALE- 14 Ft. Cattle trailer, 2 axle, $500. 14 Ft. Peerless drying trailer. Good, $500. 8 Ft. 1 axle cow feeder, $400. Call 229-365-2655 or 229365-7500.

FOR SALE-14 Ft. Two axle cattle trailer, $400. Monoser 4 row air planters, 7 different plates, $3500. Call 229365-2655 or 229-3657500.

FOR SALE- Coachman Marata motor home, 30’ self contained. 45-46K miles. Very Nice! Call 229-365-7237.

Thank You The family of Buddy Brown will be forever grateful to all our family, friends, & colleagues for your compassion, understanding and support during our time of sorrow. Thank you for the phone calls, visits, flowers, words of comfort, and for providing us with heartwarming meals. You all have such a kind heart, and we cannot thank you enough for all you did to help us get through a difficult and sad time. Most Sincerely, The Family of Thomas F. (Buddy) Brown Sis Brown Larry & Janice Brown Brandy, Judd, Rylan & Jacey Conner

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Emerson Pow'r Lift Recliner

$649 FOR SALE-Small motor sport cycle (BAJA)Motor sport. purchased from tractor store. Almost new. purchased 2-14. $500. Call 229-365-7148. FOR SALE-19 Ft. Sportscraft, works great, will sell motor separate. Call 229423-3071 or 229457-3184. FOR SALE-A/C compressor for Ford 78 fullsize, brand new, never used. Still in box. Call 229-423-3071 or 229-457-3184.

FOR SALE-2001 Lincoln Town Car, excellent condition, 6 CD player, green color, air suspension, high miles. $4500 Firm. Call 1-229385-5921.

FOR SALE-1991 GMC Seirra 1500. Good motor and tires. Runs very good. Has camper shell on back. High mileage, good on gas. $3500. Call 229-406-0338.

Snipes Finer Foods

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Fruit Baskets Made To Order

First Avenue Rochelle

We Accept Food Stamps EBT Cards & Vendor Coupons

Sunday 8am-4pm

Monday-Saturday 7am-8pm


“MEAT” The LOWEST Prices In Town! 1 Lb. Sunnyland

Bundle Pack


Ground Beef $ 99

Sirloin Tip Roast $ 49

Prices Good Tuesday, May 27th through Monday, June 2nd

We Reserve The Right For Price Changes & Misprint In Ad

12-16 Oz. Duncan Hines

$ 69

1 19 $ $ 29 Oreo Cookies 3 $ 00 3 1 3 Juicy Juice 3 2/ 6 $ 00 Clorox Bleach 2/ 4 ¢ Sunnyland Pork Tuna 89 Bacon $ 69 Chops Salmon 2 2/ 7 3 $ 69 00 $ Spam 2 Mama Rosa Andy’s Cubed Lunch BBQ Sauce 4/ 5 Pork Pork Meat $ 39 $ 00 Pizza Chops Sausage Worchestire Sauce 1 Hormel Complete 2/ 5 2 3 3 2 3 00 $ $ 99 Mustard 2/ 3 Bacon Bits 1 $ 00 Corn Flake Cereal 2/ 7 $ 00 McKenzie Edward’s Bright Cheese Vidalia Spaghetti Sauce 2/ 5 Corn Onions & Early Slices Corn $ 09 Pies Grits 1 3/ 1 99 89 2 1 2/ 1 ¢ ¢ Spaghetti Noodles 69 Muffin Mix 99 Garlic Hash Bread ¢ Grapes Browns $ 00 Cake Mix Pepsi Products 5/ 5 1 99 1 1 Assorted 64 Oz.

St. Louis Ribs

Jumbo Franks $ 09


5 Oz. Star Kist


64 Oz. Assorted



Cake Frosting

12 Oz Assorted.

Center Cut

14.75 Oz. Pink Beauty

$ 00

$ 29

12 Oz. Assorted


28 Oz. Box Assorted

2 Pack

1 Lb. Assorted Land Of Frost

Family Pack

18 Oz. HyTop

First Cut

10 Oz. Assorted

10 Oz. French’s

$ 59

$ 99

$ 99

$ 99

$ 49



12 Oz. French’s Bold & Spicy

3 Oz. Hormel

24 Oz. Kellogg

24 Oz. Assorted HyTop

White or Yellow



8 Oz. HyTop Macaroni or

59 Oz. Assorted


8 Oz. Better Value

20 Oz. Chub Assorted

2 Count Assorted

2 Lb. Jim Dandy Regular or Quick




$ 00





7 Oz. Assorted Martha White

8 Oz. Cole’s

Red Seedless

16.5 Oz. Duncan Hines


8 Oz. Crystal Farms



Assorted 2 Liter

$ 99



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Week of May 27-31, 2014

Chicken Fingers Fries & Tea $ 49



$ 49

FOR SALE-1999 Mercury Mountaineer, runs good, looks good. AC, Cruise, PW, PL, Power seats. $2500. Call 229-365-1873 or 404-226-1762.

FOR SALE-Electric stove $175; gas/electric combo $250. Small pool table $200. Piano $500, make offer. Treadmill $800 make offer. Call 229-3657477 or 229-313-1374.

FOR SALE-Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, Santa Rosa, New, Polarized 580 glass lens, Turquoise, blue lens, $195. These glasses sale for $249. Call 229-365-3367.

FOR SALE- Scuba gear: Lady's wet suit, fins, boots, and bag, excellent condition, $100. Call 229365-3367.

Chair Caning (All Types) Furniture Refinishing 1102 Perry Hwy Hawkinsville

478-867-3832 or 478-308-6097

NEED three members for dodge county hunting club. Deer and turkeys. Call 229 425-8186.

FOR RENT- 3 Bedroom, 2 bath house in Rochelle, newly remodeled, with side walk, double carport, large front porch, large back porch, central heat a n d a i r. r e f e r e n c e , application, lease, and deposit required. call 229365-3342 or 229 365 7317. FOR SALE-Triplewide mobile home, 3 bedroom, 2 bath. Located in Pitts, must be moved. Call 229313-5342.

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FOR SALE- 2005 Ford F150 FX4 has 137,000 miles and in good shape. New motor with a little over 30,000 miles on it.if interested call 424-3917.

FOR SALE- 250 gallon LP tank. No leaks. Good condition. $350.00 OBO. Loaded on trailer. Will deliver within 25 mile radius of Rochelle. Call Joe 229322-9751.

FOR SALE- 16x80 Mobile home, 3 bedroom, 2 bath. Must be moved. Serious inquiries only. Call 229-3131311 or 229-457-2347. WANTED- One disk tiller with land wheel, fair to good condition, reasonable price with 3 point hitch, suitable for use with 20 HP tractor. Call 229-313-2995. FOR SALE-Mid-mount 3 b l a d e f i n i s h m o w e r, International Harvester (IH) 6 ft. Wide v-belt driven, fits IH model 184 similar tractors. $600 OBO. Call 229-313-2995. FOR SALE-1979 33’ Camper. Hunter’s special. Can be seen in Abbeville. $800. Call 229-326-7895.

FOR RENT-2 Bedroom, 1 bath mobile home single family residence, not in mobile home park, newly remodeled, Wilcox County, North Rochelle, Christian Hill Road area. One year agreement, $400 per month, $500 security deposit, plus first and last months’ rent in advance. Application including acceptable credit report and verifiable favorable references required. Convenient to Cochran, Warner Robins, Fort Valley, Albany, etc. Ralph Wood 229-3132995.

FOR SALE-2003 Coachmen LTS 29 foot Bumper Pull Camper real nice, fully self contained, awning ready to go 4500.00 Call 229-365-7601 if no answer please leave message.

FOR SALE-2005 Honda CRF 50, garage kept, new condition. $500 OBO. Call or text 229425-9697. FOR SALE-Electric Lift chair, good condition. $300. Call 425-1077.

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UPRIGHT BUILDERS Porches Decks Carports Repairs Remodeling Vinyl Siding Screen Rooms Glass Rooms New Construction Storage Buildings (229) 365-2527 Home Jerry Stephens (229) 938-5069 Mobile FOR SALE- Club Car electric golf cart has new batteries. Call 4243917. FOR SALE-Bulldog puppies. For more information call or text 229-947-1141.

FOR SALE-2 Covington high speed planters, good condition, $500 Call 478-290-6383. FOR SALE-2 John Deere 71 planters on a two row cultivator frame $800 Call 229-385-5210.

HOUSE FOR SALE: 4 Bedroom 1 and 1/2 bath home in Ashburn within city limits. Additional sun room, small storage shed and green house out back. Asking price $70,000 call owner Jennifer (229)3660902.

A BIG THANK YOU! At the recent road block, you aided the Abbeville Lions Club in giving $600 to the Lions Lighthouse which provides free vision services to those who cannot afford them. We thank you for your support and generosity. FOR SALE-1984 K a w a s a k i 11 0 0 LT D motorcycle. New tires, fresh service, Shaft drive. 21,000 miles Very good condition $2,500. Call Joe 229-457-7533.

FOR SALE-2005 Dodge 1500 6 Cylinder 3.7 Liter Magnum. Runs great! Well taken care of. Asking $8000 OBO. Call or text anytime 229-425-6438.

Call the Professionals at

The Cannon Law Firm, LLC We have assisted thousands in obtaining their Social Security Disability Benefits

Call Toll Free 877-250-1699 Locations in Eastman and McRae FOR SALE- 1996 Grand Manor Custom built home on 3 acres of land with: Custom built shop & shelters, Utility House & Shelters, Small barn with shelters, deep well & pump house all fenced in, very quite & peaceful. Has lifetime roof! Price is negotiable. Asking $85,000. Call 229-457-8996.

Located in Abbeville at 216 Neapolis Street W

May 19, 2014, The Wilcox Marketer, Page 11 WILCOX COUNTY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ANNOUNCES STUDENTS OF THE MONTH Wilcox County Elementary School is proud to announce the students chosen as Student of the Month for each class during the month of April. Students were chosen for excellence in academics, behavior, and attitude. Kindergarten Timmy Zimmerman, Rylee Zipperer, ZyQuan Tarthe, Mary Beth Ussery, and Lola McBryant; First Grade Emily McVeigh, Zavion Jenkins, Noah McKinney, Tyler Jordyn Stephens, and Jayden Clack ; Second Grade Tripp Smith, Nigeria Williams, Kelsey Land, Ethan Tyler Stephens; Third Grade Lana Shoemaker, Will Martin, Cole Blackwell, Thomas Williams, and Dylan Tejeda; Fourth Grade Mackenzie White, Ja Mya McKinney, Tamaya Patterson, and Mayson Smith; Fifth Grade Markeila Howard, Dakota Lashley, Wesley Poole, and Branson Owens. We congratulate these students for achieving this outstanding accomplishment. The students are pictured wearing their Middle Georgia EMC Touchstone Energy “Student of the Month” t-shirts.

Wilcox Library Summer Reading Program

Corner of Hwy 280 & Hwy 129 • Abbeville

Tuesday, June 3: Artist Michael White Monday, June 9: Curious Moon Puppets Thursday, June 19: Ranger Jodi Tuesday, June 24 Middle GA State College Science Fun The program will run from 2:00pm-4:00pm on the scheduled days

Cuts • Styles Colors

Call for appointments or Walk-Ins Welcome


Located Just Past Parks Welding Shop on Hwy 280 outside Rochelle

FOR SALE-16 ft. Grumman boat, 50 hp Johnson, 55 lb trolling motor, GPS, electric anchors, galvanized trailer. $4000 firm. Call 229-425-1444 or 229425-3599.

FOR SALE-9 Acres of land in Dodge county. Fenced woods/pasture land. On paved road, near Ocmulgee river landing. Also, 2005 Mercury Montego. Loaded, excellent condition. Call 229318-9299.

FOR SALE-320 Acre farm near Abbeville. 70 Acres of planted pines, 115 acres of open land, large pond. Call 229425-0400. FOR SALE-2000 Saturn, good condition, 168,000 miles. $2500. Call 229-457-1143.

FOR SALE-Utility trailer. 5’x10’ used only four times, like new, wood floor, 13” wheels. Asking $750. Call 229322-1302. FOR SALE- 5' X 8' Utility Trailer $600. Call 229-399 -0060.

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