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2014 Memphis In May Edition

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May 2014

Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ Wins Memphis with Shoulder With over 250 teams competing for the ultimate bragging rights in BBQ, it is no feat for the weary. It’s bragging rights for not only that year, but also it could be the claim to fame for many over the years. When you first enter the mile long contest, you really don’t even know where to start or what direction to walk. Team after team is lined up down the walkway featuring everything from the best of the best cookers to three story high venues for the weekend. The 2014 competition ended well for Chris Lilly of Big Bob Gibson’s Bar-B-Q out of Decatur, Alabama as he took home his fourth Grand Champion from Memphis in May. Chris won the 37th Annual event with his Compart Duroc Shoulders, making his team the first four-time Grand

Chris Lilly, Pitmaster of Big Bob Gibsonʼs BBQ on stage after being announced his Grand Champion win at Memphis in May 2014. Chris took home Grand with his first place Shoulder entries. By Audrey Evans to as the BBQ Mecca of the World in some instances. It is no doubt, Editor & Publisher If you’ve never been to Mem- one of the largest BBQ competiphis in May, it needs to be the top tions in the world; it is the World of your BBQ Bucket List. I am Championship International BBQ pretty sure I have heard it referred Festival.

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Big Bob Gibsonʼs Bar-B-Q Celebrate.

Auto Be Grillin’ Top in Ribs

Brad Huddleston and Patrick Banks with their team mates from Auto Be Grillinʼ win first place in Photos by Audrey Evans the ribs category for Memphis in May Saturday May 17, 2014.

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PAGE 2 THE BBQ TIMES Champion at Memphis in May. Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q has two restaurant locations in Alabama and one in North Carolina. Chris Lilly is the husband of Big Bob’s great-granddaughter, Amy. They have won Memphis in May Grand Champion in 2000,2003,2011 and now 2014. Second Place in Shoulder went to Red Hot Smokers, headed up by Wayne and Linda Booth out of Olive Branch, Mississippi. Third Place was up and comers The Boar House Smokers made up of a group of friends from Memphis and it’s closely surrounding areas: Landon Simmons, Lonnie Shumacher, Libba Simmons, Melissa Woods, Zack Shumacher, Chris Hendren, Freddy Hays, and Justin Rickert. The team just started out in 2008, however as shown this weekend they are a team quickly on the move in the BBQ World. The Whole Hog Category of Memphis in May went home to Melissa Cookston and her team Yazoo’s Delta Q out of Hernando, Mississippi. Their team is made up of MeMelissa Cookston, along with her husband, Pete, lissa and Pete Cookston, daughter Lauren daughter Lauren and her mother Beverly win Whole and Melissa’s mom Beverly. Melissa is a full Hog at Memphis in May 2014 WBCC on Saturday time BBQ woman as she also has restaurants May 17,2014 for team Yazooʼs Delta Q. Photos by Audrey Evans “Memphis BBQ Co” in Mississippi, North Carolina and a new location coming soon to Georgia. Second Place Whole Hog went to British Porkers out of Memphis, Tennessee. headed up by Brad Huddleston and is proof First Place in Ribs went to Auto Be Gril- of great BBQ camaraderie. Brad is an avid Bulldog BBQ who travels internationally to lin’ out of Memphis, Tennessee with their volunteer for Operation BBQ Relief and so compete from Farnham, Surrey. Third Place Whole Hog was Cotton Pickin Compart Duroc Backribs. Auto Be Grillin’ is is his “newest” good friend Patrick Banks.

Melissa Cookston Wins Whole Hog Again

MAY 2014 Under deployment for Operation BBQ Relief in Moore, Oklahoma, Patrick and Brad met and got to do great things together as part of the organization, leaving them none other than friends to say the least. At another deployment in Tupelo, Mississippi a mere three weeks before Memphis in May Brad reached out to newcomer to competition BBQ Patrick and asked him to come join his team Auto Be Grillin’ for Memphis in May. Of Course, Patrick would say yes when it lead to him having the ability to help on Ribs with his outstanding recipe he and his wife, Kathy use for their own cook team, BootyQue, that scored them a perfect 180 in the KCBS not to long ago. Did I mention this was the first time; Patrick had ever cooked an MBN style event? Congratulations Brad and Patrick, seems to me like you make one heck of a team. Second Place in Ribs went to Tuffy Stone, pitmaster of Cool Smoke out of Richmond, Virginia. Tuffy “The Professor” Stone is a featured judge on the Destination America TV Show, “ BBQ Pitmasters” and has won multiple awards in the past. Tuffy is also founder of Q Barbecue Restaurants located in Virginia. Third Place Ribs Division was pitmasters, Chris Newman and Dewayne Daniel along with their team making up The Rack Pack out of Jonesboro, Arkansas. The Patio Porkers Division was taken home by Shannon Terry and his team Moon-



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MAY 2014


Mark West of 10 Bones BBQ presents his Whole Hog Entry to the on-site judge at Memphis in May.

light Smokers out of Shaw, Mississippi. The Kingsford Tour of Champions Winner for 2014 was Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q out of Decatur, Alabama. The Grilling Green Award went to Mark


Landon Simmons of Boar House Smokers presents his Fireman Johnʼs BBQ presents his Whole Hog Entry to the on-site judge in Memphis. Shoulder Entry to the on-site judge in Memphis.

Lambert and his team Sweet Swine O’Mine in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

For A Full Listing Of Results See Page 8.

More Photos Located throughout the paper. Photos by Audrey Evans

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3 First Place Awards National BBQ Association - Awards of Excellence 2014

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MAY 2014

Another BBQ Trip to Memphis in the Books

Audrey Evans

Editor & Publisher There’s something about the fact of going to a BBQ competition when you are cooking that you absolutely want to eat BBQ. Think about it, when you go cook a competition, you never want to eat BBQ. You have spent all of your time prepping the meat, buying the meat, cooking the meat by the end of Saturday the last thing you want

is BBQ. I’ve found the common answer for Saturday is either Mexican or Pizza. However, when you go on a trip to a competition and you are not cooking; I think there is something about you that wants to eat BBQ. I mean pretty well crave BBQ. That happened to us on our trip to Memphis in May. My father joined me on the trip; or shall I say I joined him. We took his cook trailer up to stay in it because the closest hotel was about 20 minutes away from the competition. Upon arriving Wednesday night and the drive over, we had already decided we would be visiting a few local places to eat while we were in town. The journey started Thursday at lunch at Memphis BBQ Co. It is owned by Melissa Cookston located in Horn Lake, Mississippi. We started off with the Cheese Fritters appetizer and the Fresh Pork Rinds they make and sever to each table. Both of these are unique “favorites” of the restaurant and I will admit I was very pleased. The cheese fritters taste was complimented by a honey mustard sauce and the pork rinds had

the perfect spice mixed with the Spicy BBQ Sauce. Next on the board was the BBQ Sampler. We split that for lunch since we both wanted a taste of everything that was to offer. The food was very good. The rest of the sampler for us included brisket, pork and ribs with baked beans and cole slaw. The pork was just the fix I needed. I opted for the Spicy BBQ Sauce and it was some kind of wonderful. We ended our meal with the homemade bread pudding. It was finished in a wonderful bourbon sauce and was the perfect ending treat to compliment our experience. Friday at lunch we traveled downtown Memphis and checked out Central BBQ. Craig Blondis and Roger Sapp met on the BBQ circuit in the mid-80s and brought out the first Central BBQ Restaurant in 2002. Once again, I ventured for the sampler. (Who can try just one meat at a BBQ restaurant?) HOLY COW Ribs..... I will be the first to admit, these ribs had to be on my top five ribs of all time list. The smoke, the flavor, the moistness! These ribs were dead on...

and dry! I hadn’t even added sauce to them and they were melting away in my mouth. The rest of the sampler consisted of brisket, pork, and again baked beans and cole slaw. The baked beans had a slight “bite” or spice to them that was a very good compliment and were topped with some pulled pork also. Central BBQ had a variety of sauces to try with their meats as they all urged you to order them DRY. Saturday at lunch, what could we have had other than Memphis in May Competition Entry Whole Hog from Dixie Que out of Macon, Georgia. Rick Godfrey and his team welcomed us into their site and fed us until our hearts content. I must brag on what to me was one of the best pieces of Pork Loin I have ever put in my mouth came from Rick’s Whole Hog Entry. It was as moist as you can imagine and had the perfect tenderness to melt in your mouth. Unfortunately Rick and his team only came in sixth place overall for Whole Hog but in my book Rick, that whole hog was dead on!

The BBQTimes You Big Chicken....... �

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Editor & Publisher Audrey A. Evans

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Dana Hillis

Pitmaster Big Papas Country Kitchen Most professional BBQ contests start off with every ones favorite category- chicken! Most teams cook thighs because it is assumed to be the most forgiving part of the chicken and tends to be easy to build a box with. A lot of teams just go thru the motions and cook thighs because they don’t want to try riskier pieces although judges sometimes look for something different. I don’t think Publix has a clue how much chicken is bought from them just for contests Lets go over some options of what you have to choose from in the chicken - poultry yardbird category. Did you know you could choose from several types of chicken? Free range, prairie chickens, farm raised, organic, backyard chickens, urban chickens, and yes even the university of Florida’s own breed

(developed with the help of Swamp Boys own Rub Bagby) the Love Chicken! Chicken farmers choose from a multitude of breeds known for different breeding qualities including egg quantity, egg size (big eggs = big chickens) and overall chicken health. If you want chickens that come from large families find breeders that have Hyline Brown, Golden Comet, Indian River or even the Infamous Cherry Egger breed. Don’t forget the foghorn leghorns or the white face black Spanish or the Plymouth rocks or Rhode island reds or whites. These breeds can lay some eggs. If size matters go with one of these breeds that are known to lay big eggs. The Brown Sex Links, Cinnamon Queens and Golden Comets only lay extra large eggs. Jersey Giants, Plymouth Rocks, Australorps and Rhode Isand Reds are known for laying extremely large eggs. Leghorns are known to be feisty fast chickens, buckhorns, dorkings and cornish are known to have the best flavor with plymouth rocks known for having the most meat. So I am thinking if I go to my butcher at publix or if you are from anywhere close to Winter Haven you could check with Macs Meats butchers - these guys have something special going on with all their products- and see if they could buy chickens that are a cross breed between the cherry egger - they lay lots of eggs, the foghorn leghorn- they are big and fast, plymouth rocks- they have the most meat and the dorking - has the best

flavor. I think I am on to something here. I think this is sort of like what swamp boys and UF had in mind when breeding there love chicken but several got loose during breeding and the mess they made on windshields had them going back to the drawing board! If the leghorn chicken is known for being fast that might even make building the box a little faster! Some say that perfectly cooked legs will win every time and some say leg quarters make judges happy. Thighs are a favorite of most cook teams and most teams turn them in. I know of some cooking cornish hens and doing well. Chicken wings are a judges favorite but they better be tender. Cooking a whole chicken and cutting it up gives judges options the like. A full box of chicken will score you points cause these judges are hungry when the first category arrives. The secret to winning chicken is easy. Make sure you start with the right breed, cook it till its tender, sauce it just right and build a pretty box. I say, that’s all there is to it folks! It is heating up here in south Florida and the schedule slows a little bit so enjoy a few weekends off, practice cooking some chicken and see you at a contest soon.

MAY 2014



It was a rainy night in Georgia, and BBQ Time of course!

Danny Meadows President

Georgia BBQ Association It’s A Rainy Night In Georgia Well it was a rainy night with the Georgia Barbecue Association and at the Smokin Pork N Butts barbecue contest in Jackson, Butts County, Georgia. Six years ago the Jackson Exchange started a barbecue con-

test. I was the first organizer for the contest. The first year we held the contest it rained about four inches the week of the contest it was a little muddy. The second year it rained again just under four inches. The third year it rained seven inches the week of the contest. We had to have the teams unhook from their rigs on the street and with a large tractor we pulled the rigs onto their sites. The running joke became that if a farmer needed rain that we could hold a BBQ contest on their farm and they would get the rain they needed. Well it held true this year also. When the teams were finishing setting up on Friday here came the rain. It was messy but the teams braved the cold rain and cooked on. On Saturday morning it was just misting. By awards time the sun came out a little. In the preliminary round in loin the top three loins were Smokin 42’s, Sauced Hog Smoke Shack and in their first cook-off with the GBA it was Daniel Waters of Where There’s Smoke going to the finals. Rounding out the top 10 were 92 BBQ 4th, with

Fletchers Finest taking 5th place Squeal Team Six/ K&K Grills taking 6th, Just Smoke N Around took 7th. Finishing 8th thru 10th was Butt Rubbin’ BBQ, BCD: Boys Cooking Dangerously and Dixie Que. Next in Pulled Pork the three teams moving on to finals were Sauced Hog Smoke Shack, Rub Shakers Que and 92 BBQ. Fourth place went to Fletcher Finest and fifth place went to Dixie Que. Bubba grills got the 6th place call BCD: Boys cooking Dangerously getting the 7th place call. Butt Rubbin’ BBQ, Squeal Team Six/ K & K Grills and Smokin’ 42 BBQ finishing out 8th thru 10th Place. In Pork Ribs the top three teams to move into finals were Fletchers Finest, Rub Shakers Que and T C’s BBQ. Dixie Que took 4th with Where There’s Smoke finishing 5th. A local team Rufus Smokehouse took 6th place, 7th place was Bubba Grills. Rounding out the top 10, 8th thru 10th place were Smokin’ 42 BBQ, 92 BBQ and Sauced Hog Smoke Shack. After the finals round was over it was

God’s letter to you!

Jeff Petkevicius Pitmaster Give it To God

As BBQ season fires up.... Keep in mind what God has for you. If God were to write a personal letter to you, it would go something like this: Dear Jeff, You are accepted in My home forever, because YOU are My child. As a disciple, you are a friend of My Son, Jesus Christ. You have been justified and you are united with Me and are one with Me in Spirit. You, Jeff, have been bought with a price, therefore, YOU belong to Me. You are a Member of Christ’s body because you have been chosen by Me and adopted as My child. You have been redeemed and all you sins are forgiven. You are complete in Christ

Jesus and you have direct access to My throne of grace through Jesus Christ. Jeff, you are free from condemnation. You can be assured that I work for your good in any, and all, circumstances. You are free from any condemnation brought against you and you cannot be separated from My Love. You have been established, anointed and sealed by Me. You are hidden with Christ in Me. You can be confident that I will complete the good works I started in you. You are a citizen of heaven. You have not been given a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. You are born of Me and the evil one cannot touch you. You are a branch of Jesus Christ, the true vine and a channel of His life. You have been chosen and appointed to bear My fruit. You are My temple. You are a minister of reconciliation for Me. You are seated with Jesus in our heavenly throne. You are My workmanship. You may approach Me with freedom and confidence.... And YOU can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens YOU! I love YOU! God.

Smokin’ 42 BBQ getting the 1st call, Sauced Hog Smoke Shack 2nd and Where There’s Smoke finishing 3rd in Pork Loin. In Pulled Pork it was Sauced Hog Smoke Shack getting the 1st place call, 92 BBQ getting 2nd place and Rub Shakers Que 3rd. In the Rib finals it was Fletcher’s Finest getting the 1st place call, Rub Shakers Que placing 2nd and the 3rd place call went to T C’s BBQ. The Reserve Grand Champion was won by a local team with their Rib entry Fletcher’s Finest. The Grand Champion for the 4th time of the 2013-2014 cooking season was Smokin’ 42 BBQ. There is only one more contest remaining for the 2013-2014 season The Paulding Co. Stars & Stripes Festival & Bar-B-Que Cook-off in Dallas, you better be there. The GBA extends gratitude to the Jackson Exchange Club for a job well done and especially Connie and Wayne Rosser for the all the hard work that they did in getting the contest together.

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MAY 2014

Celebrating National BBQ Month of May

“Famous Dave” Anderson Columnist Founder, Famous Dave’s of America

Not only is May our annual celebration of all things BARBECUE, but this year also marks the 20th Anniversary of The Original Famous Dave’s on the shores of beautiful Round Lake in the North Woods of Hayward, Wisconsin! When the doors of my first Famous Dave’s opened, I never had any idea what was being unleashed as today there are nearly 200 Famous Dave’s that stretch from Washington DC to California and way up to the state of Washington down to Texas selling over 10 Million pounds of ribs a year! I can remember 20 years ago this month, my kitchen crew with all our straining necks lined up and down our kitchen door looking like a totem pole watching the first couple to eat one of our now famous ribs. I’ll never forget it was an older couple probably retired living on the lake that took the first bite off one of our slow smoked ribs slathered with my home made sauce. To our delight, it was the gentleman that broke out into a big smile as he held up the rib to his wife and exclaimed “MMmmm...this is really good!” This was the beginning of Famous Daves. By the end of that summer, we were serving up to 5000 people a week in a town of only 1800 people! This is really a great country where everyone loves a good barbecue. I’ve

always said... “There’s something about chewing smokey charred meat off a bone that brings out everyone’s inner caveman!” Ever since I was little kid, barbecue has been a way of life for my family. My dad a Choctaw Indian from Idabel, OK loved his Southern home cooking and his barbecue. In fact, when my dad married my mom who was from northern Wisconsin, my dad (this is no joke!) would drive my mom down South almost every other weekend until she learned how to cook Southern! Living in Chicago, my dad knew where every store front BBQ joints was on the south side of Chicago. I never realized it until later when I was a lot older, my dad never took us to the more well known barbecue restaurants like Gale St. Inn or Twin Anchors because my dad said they baked their ribs and that was “citified ribs.” He was very serious when he told me that if there was no wood the barbecue wasn’t any good! My dad brought me up right knowing how important it was for real BBQ to be slow-smoked over smoldering hardwoods and slathered with a homemade sauce. No namby pamby grocery store baked ribs were ever found our home! I always knew our family was different growing up because when other kids were going out for burgers and pizza... my dad was loading us up in the family station wagon and we were headed down to the south side of Chicago to get some good old fashioned real pit barbecue. We were also the first ones on our block to get a charcoal grill. My dad loved cooking out. Any food that was grilled, smoked, or fire-licked was preferred in our family. Ever since I was 8 years old and old enough to play with matches, I have been all about smokey charred meats. I think at age 15 is when I seriously began my quest to create The World’s Best BBQ Ribs & Sauce so now at age 60 barbecue has been

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my life for 45 years! Today, I sincerely believe that our great country was built on the camaraderie of good people getting together to celebrate while they ate steaks, chicken, or ribs grilled or smoked over live smoldering fires. There isn’t anything better than a good old fashioned barbecue whether it be a street dance,

picnic, backyard barbecue, or a big roaring campfire. It’s all about butt rockin’ music, cold beer, and great tasting barbecue that brings family and friends together. Barbecue is what makes America a great country and I have been blessed to make my living as a Barbecue Pitmaster!

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MAY 2014


Sometimes it’s OK to get Sauced!

Brandt Haney Backyard BBQ Studs Columnist I admit it, every once and while I enjoyed getting a little sauced. I can’t help it. I try to keep it under control but whether I am at a BBQ restaurant, competition, festival, or just in the back yard enjoying a good smoke I find myself give way to the power of the sauce. Oh sure I tried for years to hide it. I claimed to be a purist. Someone would want me to get sauced in public and I would scoff and say “oh no, I don’t do that”. I would even argue with folks that would say it was the only way to relax and enjoy good BBQ, it’s all in the sauce. All the while

when I was at home when no one but my family could see me I would give in and tip the bottle. I have even gone so far as to brew my own so folks just didn’t know. Deep down I always knew I had a problem. I just love BBQ sauce. Vinegar based, ketchup based, mustard based, it doesn’t matter. Yellow, brown, red, clear, all of it. I get a real kick out of trying to pair the perfect sauce with the different meats. I like seeing how other people match a sauce with the rubs they slather onto chicken, pork and ribs. I like going to a BBQ restaurant that leaves several options on the table and seeing how people pick and choose or mix their choices. Yeah, my name is Brandt Haney and I am a sauce-a-holic. There I said it. My problem started back in my youth when I would visit my papaw in Lexington NC. We would all drive down to the famous Lexington BBQ restaurant and dive into a small plate. The plate served with a vinegar based sauce on the side. The cold red coleslaw that had the same wonderful tang nestled up next to the warm pork. I would take that bottle and just go to town adding that delicious flavor. Those are still some of my favorite memories and that was actually the only BBQ I remember having while growing up. I have questioned my mother about this because we spent a few years in Memphis and have yet to receive and acceptable answer as to why I

was deprived of that regions delights. Yes, I would say other than ketchup that was where I first got sauced. Now I am sure that you have your favorites too. The sassy tangy sauce from your local purveyor of smoked pork? How about the sweet smoke flavor of that molasses based sauce you put on your ribs that pull right off the bone with lightest of tugs? Or maybe that perfect hint of mustard sauce that goes perfectly on your 16 hour smoked brisket, and I am not talking about Arby’s. What about your smoked chicken? Have you found that must have addition to the lightly brined and perfectly salted thigh or breast? An Alabama white sauce perhaps? I spent years searching in vein for the perfect way to flavor meat without sauce. I so badly wanted to kick the habit so I could come out of the shadow and hang with the true BBQ purist. I have accepted what I am and today I am fine with that. I have come to enjoy trying make new and flavorful sauces. I have some general go to sauces I like on most of my BBQ no mater what meat it is. I have some specialty sauces I have catered to work with specific meats. Facing my problem allowed me to grow beyond the small pots and sample sizes of sauce I would hide in the back of the refrigerator, out of sight from friends and neighbors. I now proudly use the large pots and fill those half-gallon left over jugs to pass around and share with


friends. I pass along recipes, talk with others about what they are doing. The knowledge I gain from sharing has been wonderful and opened my eyes to different flavor profiles I would have otherwise missed. Oh yes, I am a sauce-a-holic and proud of it. If you have been hiding in the shadows or stuck only on your go to favorite, I encourage your to step out and admit your problem as I did. If you are worried what the purists will say, don’t be. You will find there are far more of us than them. This is one of my favorites for pulled pork. It is in the same style that I grew up eating at Lexington BBQ. It is a winner and very good with red style slaw.

Lexington Clone (never as good as the original)

1 1⁄2 Cups apple cider vinegar 1⁄2 Cup ketchup (Cats up by Papaw terminology) 1 Tbsp salt 1⁄2 tsp ground red pepper 1/8 tsp red pepper flake 1⁄2 tsp black ground black pepper 1⁄2 tsp garlic powder 1 Tbsp sugar 1⁄2 Cup water Combine all ingredient in sauce pan. Bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes. Let cool and refrigerate overnight. The longer it sits the better it becomes.

Two BBQ Powerhouses Announce Pairing Up KCBS to Donate 100,000 Meals LOUISVILLE, KY. -- MARCH 20, 2014 -- The National BBQ Barbecue Association (NBBQA, ) announced today an official partnership with Operation BBQ Relief, a 501(c)3 notfor-profit corporation founded to provide much-needed relief to victims of natural disasters. “We’ve had a working relationship with Operation BBQ Relief for some time now, and we are pleased to make it official,” said Roy Slicker, president of the National BBQ Association. “We look forward to helping to raise the profile of this important organization that so well represents the camaraderie and emphasis on community that is inherent in the BBQ industry.” Operation BBQ relief was established in 2011 in the wake of a devastating tornado in Joplin, Mo. Competition barbecue teams from eight states answered the call to help feed displaced families and emergency personnel. The group served more than 120,000 barbecue meals in less than two weeks with help from businesses who contributed food and supplies and people from across the country who donated funds. As a result of efforts in Joplin, Operation BBQ Relief was born and has since served nearly 500,000 barbecue meals to victims of natural disas-

ters in the United States. “We are excited to partner with the National Barbecue Association! It is a perfect fit for us, and we have benefited greatly from our relationship with the group already,” said Stan Hays,executive director and cofounder of Operation BBQ Relief. With this NBBQA partnership comes financial support along with awareness opportunities to help Operation BBQ Relief gain volunteers and secure donations from industry leaders and barbecue enthusiasts. For more information about Operation Barbecue Relief efforts, visit www. About the NBBQA - Founded in 1991, the National Barbecue Association (NBBQA) is dedicated to supporting the unique food culture of barbecue and the people who love it. The NBBQA’S goals are to promote the recognition and image of the industry, facilitate effective networking of industry resources, foster new business opportunities for its members, and educate and inform the public about the art and enjoyment of barbecue. For more information, visit For more information about the NBBQ/OBR partnership or to schedule an interview, contact Ann Ewing ( or 615-419-3753).

KANSAS CITY, MO. – To kickoff National BBQ month, the Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) is coordinating a national BBQ donation effort to cook and distribute more than 100,000 meals throughout America over the next year. With almost 20,000 members and more than 425 sanctioned BBQ events in its network, KCBS is the largest organization of BBQ enthusiasts in the world. By using its volunteers, judges, cook teams and event organizers, the nonprofit society will be providing fully cooked, world-class pork butts and other nonperishable food items to food banks and other charitable entities coast to coast, border to border. “By the very nature of our size and collection of food enthusiasts, we have an obvious opportunity to make a difference in America’s hunger crisis,” said Carolyn Wells, executive director of KCBS. “There are more than 7,000 teams who compete at our events, and for years, they all have demonstrated a giving, charitable mentality. We simply believed it was time to organize a major effort that is a natural extension of our overall mission.” According to recent hunger and poverty statistics, nearly 15 percent of all U.S. households, or 49 million people, struggle to put food on their table. More than 1 in 5

children in the U.S. live below the poverty line. The 100KCBS Meals Mission aims to help in this effort and give back to the community. By April 30, 2015, KCBS will have donated more than 3,200 pork butts – the equivalent of 25,000 pounds of cooked pork, or, 100,000 meals to this effort. In addition to cooking the provided pork butts at participating events, all teams, judges and BBQ enthusiasts are encouraged to participate in this mission by bringing non-perishable items to KCBS sanctioned events. For more information or to view participating events, visit About Kansas City Barbeque Society The Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and enjoying barbeque, is the world’s largest organization of barbeque and grilling enthusiasts with over 17,000 members worldwide. KCBS sanctions over 400 barbeque contests throughout the United States and spanning the globe. From volunteering to actual event production, our members also offer assistance to civic and charitable organizations who organize events. For more information, visit:


MAY 2014


2014 Memphis In May Edition GRAND CHAMPION (Prize Purse - $13,500)

Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q Decatur, Alabama


1st ($4,500)– Auto Be Grillin’ Memphis, TN 2nd ($2,000)– Cool Smoke Richmond, VA 3rd ($1,500)– The Rack Pack Jonesboro, AR 4th ($1,000)—Fat Side Up Collierville, TN 5th ($750) – LVOB West Memphis, AR 6th ($600) – Too Sauced to Pork Germantown, TN 7th ($500) – Pork O Saurus Memphis, TN 8th ($400) – Knob Creek Smokers Arlington, TN 9th ($350) – Meat Makers Memphis, TN 10th ($300) – Natural Born Grillers Southaven, MS


1st ($4,500)– Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q Decatur, AL 2nd ($2,000)– Red Hot Smokers Olive Branch, MS 3rd ($1,500)– Boarhouse Smokers Bartlett, TN 4th ($1,000)—ASAP St. Louis, MO 5th ($750) – Boardello’s Cordova, TN 6th ($600) – Lillie’s Q Chicago, IL 7th ($500) – Bare Bones BBQ Fairlee, VT 8th ($400) – Rebel Roaster Revue (R3Que) Oxford, MS 9th ($350) – 901Q Arlington, TN 10th ($300) – Pig Stars Arlington, TN


1st ($4,500)– Yazoo’s Delta Q Hernando, MS 2nd ($2,000)– British Bulldog BBQ Farnham, Surrey

3rd ($1,500)– Cotton Pickin Porkers Memphis, TN 4th ($1,000)—10 Bones BBQ Hernando, MS 5th ($750) – The Shed BBQ Joint Ocean Springs, MS 6th ($600) – Dixie Que Macon, GA 7th ($500) – Will-Be-Que BBQ Team Cordova, TN 8th ($400) – Victory Lane BBQ LLC Memphis, TN 9th ($350) – Jacks Old South Unadilla, GA 10th ($300) – Whole Hog Café Little Rock, AR


1st ($2,000)– Moonlight Smokers Shaw, MS 2nd ($1,000)– The More You Drink the Better It Taste – Indianola, MS 3rd ($750)– The Bastey Boys Plymouth, MA 4th ($500)—Dirty Hogs Southaven, MS 5th – Hog Heaven Cincinnati, OH 6th – Here For The Beer Little Rock, AR 7th – Uncle Murle’s BBQ Memphis, TN 8th – B-QUEB’D Atlanta, GA 9th – Boars R Us BBQ Team Cordova, TN 10th – Prairie Porkers Carlisle, AR


1st – Iowa Barn Stormers BBQ 2nd – Pork Que 3rd – Don’t Burn the Pig 4th – Wild Boar Smokers


1st – Full Moon Smokers 2nd – Will-Be-Que BBQ Team 3rd – Camo Cookers 4th – Boars Night Out


1st – Team Canada BBQ 2nd – Pork O’Saurus 3rd – Smokin’ on the River 4th – Pigs ‘O’ War

MUSTARD SAUCE 1st – Ribdiculous Bar-B-Krewe 2nd – The Bastey Boys 3rd – Whole Hog Café 4th – The Norwegian National Barbecue Team


1st – Too Sauced to Pork 2nd – Meat Mitch 3rd – Swine & Dine 4th – Boars Night Out


1st – The Pit and the Pilgulum II 2nd – Mid-South Mayham 3rd – The Count Bastie Porkestra 4th – Iowa Barn Stormers BBQ


May 16, 2014 Ancillary Awards Results For The Following Contests At The 37th Annual World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest Are As Follows:

1st – Chi-Town Cookers 2nd – The Swinos 3rd – Swine and Dine 4th – Too Sauced to Pork

ANYTHING BUT BEEF 1st – Extreme Cookers 2nd – Bare Bones BBQ 3rd – Sysco’s Cajun Cookers Too! 4th – Smokin’ with an Attitude

1st – The Moody Ques 2nd – All Star Ten Pin Porkers 3rd – Swine & Dine 4th – Love Meat Tender


1st – Moonlight Smokers 2nd – Extreme Cookers 3rd – Sugarfire Smokehouse BBQ Team 4th – Boars Night Out



1st – Pork O Saurus 2nd – Victory Lane BBQ LLC 3rd – Bryce Boar Blazers 4th – Pure Pleasure Porkers

MAY 2014


British Bulldog BBQ Second Place Whole Hog

Cotton Pickin Porkers Third Place Whole Hog

The Shed BBQ Joint Fifth Place Whole Hog

Victory Lane BBQ Eighth Place Whole Hog

Dixie Que Sixth Place Whole Hog

Boar House Smokers Third Place Shoulder


Jackʼs Old South Ninth Place Whole Hog

10 Bones BBQ Fourth Place Whole Hog

Moonlight Smokers Patio Porkers Grand Champion

901Q Ninth Place Shoulder

Will Be Que Seventh Place Whole Hog

Red Hot Smokers Second Place Shoulder

Nolen Custom Smokers “Smokin the Competition”


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Smokin’ 42 Dominates at Smoke on the Lake

making finals in Pork Loin & Pulled Pork and took home the Reserve Championship. ACWORTH, GA • MAY 10,2014 The Sauced Hogs Smoke Shack holds a slim 21 “Black Train” made the long trip from Tif- point lead in the Team of the Year standton to Acworth worthwhile by dominating ings with only one contest remaining in the the field at Smoke on the Lake at Cauble 2013-2014 season. Smokin’ 42 BBQ’s final round score of Park on Lake Acworth. The team turned the 599.1 topped the Pork Loin category. Sauced GBA “hat trick” by making finals in all three Hogs Smoke Shack took the 2nd spot Trey categories. They capped off the strong run Barnes of Butt Rubbin’ BBQ finished third. in the preliminary rounds with a perfect 600 Bubba Grills took 4th place with 92 BBQ score in Ribs. It was, however, their Pork in 5th. Sixth thru 10th places went to Wild Loin entry that had the highest score in the Smoke, Just Smoke N Around, Smoke Ring finals rounds for the Grand Championship Afi cionados, Plum Superior BBQ and Natuwin. ral Born Smokers. Sauced Hogs Smoke Shack, who is tryThe win in Pulled Pork went to Sauced ing to hold off the hard charging Smokin’ Hogs Smoke Shack with Bubba Grills tak42 BBQ team in the GBA Team of the Year ing 2nd place. Smokin 42 BBQ grabbed standings, also had a successful weekend by third place and Plum Superior BBQ grabbed 4th place. 92 BBQ edged out Butt Rubbin BBQ for 5th place by 0.3 of a point. Smokin’ J’s finished in 7th with Smokin’ HOTlanta in 8th place. Rounding out the top 10 was Just Smoke N Around BBQ and Smoke Ring Aficionados. Smokin’ 42 BBQ followed Sauced Hog Smoke Shack: Mandy & Clint Britton up the prefect score in the Ribs Reserve Champion preliminary round with the top

By Jim Sewell Contributing Writer

Sweet Smoke Q

MAY 2014

score in the Ribs finals round. 92 BBQ was the runner up. Third place went to Plum Superior BBQ and 4th place went to Smokin’ J’s. Natural Born Smokers completed the top 5. Sixth place went to Bubba Grills with Sauced Hogs Smoke Shack just Smokinʼ 42 BBQ 0.6 of a point back Chad Brooks, Chris OʼNeal and Justin Marchant in 7th place. Just Grand Champion Smoke N Around, Smokin’ HOTlanta & Butt Rubbin; BBQ Coast BBQ, Big Blue BBQ and Nice Rack BBQ. The winner in the Ribs category was finished 8th thru 10th place respectively The North Cobb Rotary Club also spon- Smokin’ Jackets. CJ BBQ grabbed 2nd place sored a GBA Cooking for Fun Division that and Swineholio grabbed third. East Coast drew 21 teams. Swineholio won the Grand BBQ and Grills Gone Wild completed the Champion award and East Coast BBQ was top five. The North Cobb Rotary Club did an named the Reserve Champion. Swineholio won the Chicken competi- outstanding job in spite of rain off and on tion with How Bout Them Hawks in second throughout the weekend. Even with the place. Holy Smokers NS took 3rd place with rain washing out the Friday night concert Smokin’ Z BBQ in 4th and Smokin’ Snow- and fireworks, the Acworth community still balls in 5th place. Smokin’ Z BBQ finished turned out to support the event & the Peoon top in Pulled Pork. Swineholio was the ple’s Choice contests generated over $5,000 runner up. Third thru 5th places went to East for charity.

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MAY 2014



The Pit Crew Wins Barnesville Blues & BBQ Courtesy FBA

BARNESVILLE, GA - April 26, 2014 With a 1st Place in Chicken and 5th in the rest of the meat categories, Tina & Bobby Cannon of The Pit Crew out of Peachtree City, GA ripped a win away from Bill and Teresa Tanner of B & T BBQ Cook Team out of Thomasville, GA in Barnesville, GA.

Despite 1st Place in both Pork and Brisket, B & T couldn’t put together the points in Chicken and Ribs to hold the lead. This was The Pit Crew’s first FBA Grand and only their second FBA contest this season. 35 teams cooked this, the 10th annual Barnesville BBQ & Blues Festival, one of the oldest events in the FBA circuit.

OVERALL: 1. The Pit Crew 771.08333 11. Boog-a-lou Smoke 747.61665 2. B & T BBQ Cook Team 763.98329 12. E.T.’S BBQ 742.78332 3. Wink’s Barbecue 763.13330 13. Swinging Swine Bar-B-Que737.98334 4. Smokey Butts 762.43331 14. Team Camo 735.36668 5. Hick Town BBQ 761.26664 15. Bubba Grills 734.86666 6. The Grateful Pig 754.40000 16. Buzzard Mountain BBQ 729.93333 7. Smoke Rising BBQ Team 753.69998 17. Barnesville Blues Brothers 728.78336 8. Smokin’ Suwanne Sweetmeats752.73334 18. Biteback BBQ 725.88332 9. 92 BBQ Cook Team 752.08336 19. Blazin 7’s 724.56668 10. Forrest’s Fine Foods 747.96666 20. Burnt Offerings BBQ 723.75002 CHICKEN: RIBS: 1. The Pit Crew 194.80000 1. Smoke Rising BBQ Team 192.19999 2. The Grateful Pig 192.68332 2. Hick Town BBQ 191.96666 3. Boog-a-lou Smoke 190.78333 3. Flint River Cooking Team 190.34999 4. 92 BBQ Cook Team 190.26668 4. Smokey Butts 190.30000 5. Wink’s Barbecue 188.69999 5. The Pit Crew 189.85001 6. Smokin’ Suwanne Sweet 188.15001 6. The Grateful Pig 187.66666 7. Smoke Rising BBQ Team 187.26666 7. Boog-a-lou Smoke 187.50000 8. Forrest’s Fine Foods 186.96666 8. RTC Smokin’ 187.00000 9. Swinging Swine Bar-B-Que 185.80001 9. Team Camo 186.91668 10. Barnesville Blues Brothers 184.90001 10. B & T BBQ Cook Team 185.09999

Above: Bobby and Tina Cannon, and their dog Gigi-Marie accept the awards for Grand Champion at the 10th Annual Barnesville BBQ & Blues Festival. Right Top: Bill & Teresa Tanner, B&T BBQ Cook Team win Reserve Champion. Bottom Right: Team Smoke Rising featuring Matt Lee, Robby Royal, Sandy & Jack Fallin, and Pete Driggers take home first place Ribs. PORK: BRISKET: 1. B & T BBQ Cook Team 197.18332 1. B & T BBQ Cook Team 197.18332 2. Wink’s Barbecue 195.03333 2. Hick Town BBQ 196.93332 3. Smokey Butts 194.81665 3. Wink’s Barbecue 195.51665 4. The Grateful Pig 193.81668 4. Smokin’ Suwanne Sweetme 194.33334 5. The Pit Crew 192.91666 5. The Pit Crew 193.51666 6. 92 BBQ Cook Team 192.65000 6. Smokey Butts 193.38332 7. E.T.’S BBQ 189.81666 7. Forrest’s Fine Foods 192.24999 8. Forrest’s Fine Foods 189.38333 8. Boog-a-lou Smoke 189.39999 9. Smoke Rising BBQ Team 189.34999 9. Bubba Grills 188.23333 10. Biteback BBQ 189.33332 10. E.T.’S BBQ 187.41667

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MAY 2014

Victory Lane BBQ wins Grand at Ham Jam Arts Festival Philadelphia, Ms • April 12, 2014 MBN Pro Division Grand Champion - Victory Lane BBQ Whole Hog

1st Place – Victory Lane BBQ 2nd Place – Diamond D Cooking Team


1st Place – Victory Lane BBQ (Won Grand W/this Entry) 2nd Place – Natural Born Grillers 3rd Place – Burned At The Steak


1st Place – Red Hot Smokers 2nd Place – Natural Born Grillers 3rd Place – Slapjo Mama BBQ 4th Place – Diamond D Cooking Team

MBN Challenger Division

Grand Champions – Moonlight Smokers (Ribs) 1st Place Pulled Pork – “Dang She’s Swine Bar-b-que!”



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MAY 2014



Georgia Barbecue Association Photos from May


MAY 2014


Bethel Smokers Wins In Hazelhurst GBA A strong field of GBA Pitmasters headed to Jeff Davis County on May 2-3 to compete in the 3 Rivers BBQ Fest. The contest was sponsored by the Hazlehurst-Jeff Davis Co. Board of Tourism. Eight of the top ten teams in the association’s 2013-2014 Team of the Year points race were on hand to compete. The contest was held in conjunction with the 3 Rivers Cultural Arts Festival at the Towns Bluff Park & Heritage Center just north of Hazlehurst on the banks of the mighty Altamaha River. When the smoke settled, Douglas, GA’s Bethel Smokers’ Pulled Pork entry had the top score of the finals rounds to capture the Grand Championship. It was a very close race for the Reserve Championship. Bubba Grills of Haddock, GA, with a total of 1765.5 points in the three preliminary rounds, was just 0.2 of a point ahead of Tifton, GA’s Smokin’ 42 BBQ. Bethel Smokers’ score of 597.7 (out of a possible 600) topped the Pulled Pork category. Mojo Smokehouse of Willacoochee, GA took second place. In third place, cooking in their first GBA contest, was Straw Boss BBQ. Sauced Hogs Smoke Shack finished in fourth place with Just Smoke N Around in fifth place. Sixth place went to Smokin’ 42 BBQ and 7th place went to Drive By Smokers. H & J Cook Team, Bubba Grills and 92 BBQ finished 8th, 9th & 10th respectively.

Bubba Grills won the Ribs category with Smokin’ 42 BBQ as runner-up. TC’s BBQ of Swainsboro, captured third and 92 BBQ captured fourth place. Rounding out the top 5 was Sauced Hogs Smoke Shack. Sixth place was taken by Mojo Smokehouse. Seventh thru 10th places went to Smokin’ AJ’s, Bethel Smokers, Just Smoke N Around and Doc & Dicies. 92 BBQ, Brad Sweet with his son Williams as special assistant pitmaster, conquered the Pork Loin category. Bubba Grills took second place. Mojo Smokehouse grabbed the third spot. Sauced Hogs Smoke Shack had their second 4th place finish and Just Smoke N Around got their second 5th place award. Smokin’ AJ’s took 6th place with Doc & Dicies taking 7th place. Eighth went to Smokin’ 42 BBQ and 9th place went to Straw Boss BBQ. Bethel Smokers completed the top 10 in the category. The GBA would like to thank the Hazlehurst-Jeff Davis Co. Board of Tourism and the staff of Towns Bluff Park & Heritage Center for hosting a great contest at a beautiful venue. The Georgia Barbecue Association heads north to Acworth. GA for Smoke on the Lake next week (May 9-10) then winds up the 2013-2014 season in Dallas GA at the Paulding Co. Stars & Stripes BBQ Cook-off & Festival on June 20-21.

Bethel Smokers - Grand Champion

Bubba Grills - Grand Champion

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South Carolina Barbecue Association The Horsin & Hoggin BBQ Cookoff

Old Friends BBQ Cookoff The Old Friends Barbeque Cookoff was

The Horsin & Hoggin BBQ Cookoff was held on March 28 & 29 in downtown Aiken with seventeen teams cooking butts, ribs, and brisket and the winners were:

held in Bamburg SC on March 14 & 15. Twenty four teams competed in the butts and ribs competition. The winners were: 1st place butts – No Pig Left Behind Doug Quinn, Pitmaster 2nd place butts – Buckwheat’s BBQ Dewayne Jones, Pitmaster 3rd place butts – Can’t Quit Smokin George King, Pitmaster 1st place ribs – Smokin’ Stacks Jeff Smith, Pitmaster 2nd place ribs – No Pig Left Behind Doug Quinn, Pitmaster 3rd place ribs – JT’s BBQ Tim Handy, Pitmaster


Grand Champion – JT’s BBQ Tim Handy, Pitmaster Reserve Champion – Big Dick’s BBQ Richard Moore, Pitmaster

No Pig Left Behind

1st place butts – All Smoked Up Gary Taylor, Pitmaster 2nd place butts – Blowin’ Smoke Robert Morris, Pitmaster 3rd place butts – Big Dick’s BBQ Richard Moore, Pitmaster 1st place ribs – JT’s BBQ Tim Handy, Pitmaster 2nd place ribs – Waylon’s Wickedly Good Q Waylon Walker, Pitmaster 3rd place ribs – All Smoked Up Gary Taylor, Pitmaster 1st place brisket – Firetower BBQ Jay Thom, Pitmaster 2nd place brisket – Up In Smoke Brian Teigue, Pitmaster 3rd place brisket – DoKo Smoke Tony Crout, Pitmaster

Smokinʼ Stacks

The Third Annual Benefit BBQ for Boy Scouts The Third Annual Benefit BBQ for Boy Scouts was held in Sumter SC on March 21 & 22. Thirteen teams cooked butts and eight cooked ribs and the winners are: 1st place butts – All Smoked Up Gary Taylor, Pitmaster 2nd place butts – DoKo Smoke Tony Crout, Pitmaster 3rd place butts – Papa Cecil’s Pit Masters 1st place ribs – Bold Branch Bar-B-Que Boys Joe Hilliard, Pitmaster 2nd place ribs All Smoked Up Gary Taylor, Pitmaster 3rd place ribs – Monkey Bottom BBQ Timmonsville, SC


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sweet smoke Q wins 4th Grand in 2014


MAY 2014


Courtesy FBA

TAVARES, FL - APRIL 12,2014 Sweet Smoke Q seems to be unstoppable. Winning their 4th Grand of the season at Tavares, FL, as well as a 1st in Brisket, Jim Elser’s team is cooking a year to remember. With only nine possible contests left for them to cook this season, it may be that Sweet Smoke Q

has nailed the Team of the Year. Thomas and Josh Henry, Budmeisters, is also having a great season Budmeisters took Reserve Champion out of 28 teams at the 7th Annual Planes, Trains and Barbeque, and moved back into the top 10 in the TOTY race.

Above: Jim Elser, Sweet Smoke Q wins his 4th Grand Championshp of the year for FBA leaving him in first place for the TOY race 2014. Right: Josh and Thomas Henry win Reserve Champion in Tavares. Top: Bottom Glenn Bobʼs BBQ CHICKEN: 1. Glenn Bob’s BBQ 197.63332 2. Sweet Smoke Q 191.71666 3. Matt Daddy’s BBQ 191.70000 4. Budmeisters 191.46667 5. Swamp Boys 190.58333 6. Smokelife BBQ 190.08333 7. Blitzkrieg BBQ 188.18333 8. Pork Avenue Barbeque-Tav 188.16666 9. Hot Wachula’s 187.74999 10. M & E BBQ 187.48333

Git- R- Smoked RIBS: 1. Git-R-Smoked 190.56666 2. Bull Rush BBQ Team 188.83333 3. Florida Boys 188.76667 4. Budmeisters 187.45000 5. Blitzkrieg BBQ 185.83334 6. Hot Wachula’s 185.55000 7. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen185.35000 8. BGE Pit Crew 185.30001 9. Staggering Swine & Bovine185.11666 10. Ring of Fire 183.93333

sweet smoke Q

Competition BBQ Cook School

Learn the secrets for one of the HOTTEST cook teams in the country!

August 2nd and 3rd • Winter Haven, Florida

Revealing the techniques and flavor profiles used in competition today, cooking chicken, ribs, pork, and brisket in a competition time line.

We will have discussions over the top subjects of cooking competition BBQ including:

Meat Selection • Trimming • Injections• Marinades • Rubs Sauces • Cooking Temperatures • Meat Temperatures FBA And KCBS Box Building This class will feature cooking on Drum Smokers, Pellet Smokers, And Stick Burners.

All Participants will receive:

A goodie bag full of BBQ products from us & our gracious sponsors, Snacks & Refreshments (including the almost famous “PINK Drink”), Saturday evening dinner, and Sunday breakfast.

One lucky participant will win a new sweet smoke Q Juice Can Smoker with auto temperature controller.

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Right: Bryan Mroczka and his parents accept awards for first place pork in Tavares, Fl April 12, 2014. PORK: 1. Bull Rush BBQ Team 2. Hot Wachula’s 3. Blitzkrieg BBQ 4. Divine Swine BBQ Team 5. Git-R-Smoked 6. Sweet Smoke Q 7. Swamp Boys 8. Wolfe Brothers BBQ 9. Glenn Bob’s BBQ 10. Florida Boys

194.34999 193.83333 193.13334 192.41666 191.96667 191.95000 190.99999 190.80000 190.11666 189.83333

BRISKET: 1. Sweet Smoke Q 2. Budmeisters 3. Hot Wachula’s 4. Swamp Boys 5. Matt Daddy’s BBQ 6. Blitzkrieg BBQ 7. Glenn Bob’s BBQ 8. Bull Rush BBQ Team 9. Bear Lake Boys BBQ 10. Git-R-Smoked

199.29998 194.31667 191.96666 190.31666 189.81666 189.33334 188.60000 188.13333 187.48333 187.10000

MAY 2014


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Smokin On Big Creek Benefiting Operation BBQ Relief

Drew McNatt, Pitmaster of Hog Tide Bar-B-Que and his team took home Grand Champion at the Smokinʼ on the Big Creek KCBS event in Pleasant Hill, MO April 5, 2014. CHICKEN: PORK: 1. Team Smokerbuilder 177.7372 1. Tippycanoe BBQ Crew 2. Hog Tide Bar-b-que 177.1428 2. Hog Tide Bar-b-que 3. Here Piggy Piggy BBQ 176.0344 3. Smoke On Wheels 4. Gettin’ Sauced 175.4400 4. Nickle Boys BBQ 5. Gettin’ Basted 175.4172 5. Smokin Bad Habit 6. Pigskin BBQ 174.8916 6. Shake ‘N Bake BBQ 7. Snail Slow Smokin’ 174.8572 7. Dirt Road BBQ 8. Lucky’s Q 174.2628 8. Gothic Town Grillers 9. A Boy & His BBQ 174.2628 9. Brickhead BBQ 10. Go Pig....or Go Home 172.6172 10. Pitmasteriq BBQ PORK RIBS: BRISKET: 1. Uncle Bub’s BBQ, Llc 178.2972 1. Lucky’s Q 2. A Boy & His BBQ 177.1544 2. Team Price Chopper 3. Hog Tide Bar-b-que 176.0000 3. Pig Newton 4. Woodward Barbeque 173.7144 4. Hog Tide Bar-b-que 5. Brickhead BBQ 173.1428 5. Woodward Barbeque 6. All Forked Up For Q 172.0000 6. Dirt Road BBQ 7. B & C Smokers 172.0000 7. Caveman Cuisine 8. Matildaq BBQ 171.9772 8. A Boy & His BBQ 9. Lucky’s Q 171.9772 9. Four Men And A Pig 10. Squeal Like A Pig BBQ 171.9772 10. Gothic Town Grillers

180.0000 176.0000 175.4172 172.5600 171.9656 171.9656 171.4056 170.8572 170.8572 170.8344 174.8456 174.2972 173.7372 173.7028 172.5484 171.9884 171.9772 171.9656 171.4172 171.4056

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MAY 2014


Smok’n in the Park • St. Louis, Mo • April 26, 2014 Number of Teams: 37 Grand Champion: PitmasterIQ BBQ High Score: 880.8820

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.


PitmasterIQ BBQ Rippel-Que Smokin Bullets BBQ 2 Greasy Sicilians Smokin’ Hicks BBQ TR’s Up in Smoke FBI BBQ

880.8820 868.5290 867.9415 864.4125 864.4110 863.5300 859.7050

1. PitmasterIQ BBQ 3. Smokin’ Hicks BBQ 2. Rippel-Que 4. 2 Greasy Sicilians 6. #BBQ Vortex 5. FBI BBQ 7. TR’s Up in Smoke 8. I-QUE BB 9. Smokin Bullets BBQ 10. Piggy-Q

221.1765 221.1765 221.1765 220.2950 220.0000 220.0000 218.8240 218.5300 218.2355 217.9410

1. 2. 3. 4. 6. 5. 7. 8. 9.

224.4120 223.2355 222.6470 222.0595 221.7645 221.7645 221.1765 220.0005 219.4120


857.0590 854.1170 848.5285 846.4700 844.9995 843.5295 842.9420 217.3525

1. FBI BBQ 2. Fireside Smokers 3. PitmasterIQ BBQ 4. Bald B Q 5. The Pig Easy 7. Code 3 Spices 6. Hogs N Such 8. Mr. BBQ Catering 9. Creative Grillers 10. Lock, Stock and Two

222.6475 221.4715 221.1765 220.0000 215.0005 215.0000 215.0000 213.5290 212.9415 212.9410

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 8. 7.

221.1765 220.5880 217.3525 217.0595 214.1170 213.2360 212.3525 212.3525



Last Place BBQ Rippel-Que 2 Greasy Sicilians Bald B Q Smokin’ Hicks BBQ TR’s Up in Smoke PitmasterIQ BBQ Bluegrass BBQ Bringing The Heat

8. Bald B Q 9. The Pig Easy 10. Bluegrass BBQ 11. Steam Boat BBQ 12. Fireside Smokers 13. Lock, Stock and Two S 14. Not Too Slabby 10. Code 3 Spices


Smokin Bullets BBQ The Pig Easy PitmasterIQ BBQ Maple Leaf BBQ Rippel-Que Hot Mess BBQ 4 Smokin’ Butts Beaucop Basters BBQ

Grand Champion: PitmasterIQ

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The BBQTimes �




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MAY 2014




MAY 2014


South Carolina Barbecue Association Spartanburg Hub City Hog Fest Walterboro Smoke in the ‘Boro

On March 21 & 22 the Walterboro Smoke in the ‘Boro Cook-off was held. Sixteen teams cooked in the butts competition. The winners were: 1st place Palmetto Smokehouse – Michael Harmon, Pitmaster 2nd place Carolina BBQ Co. Varnville, SC 3rd place Smokin’ Stacks Jeff Smith, Pitmaster 4th place Buckwheat’s BBQ Dewayne Jones, Pitmaster

The Spartanburg Hub City Hog Fest to benefit Mobile Meals was held on March 28 and 29. Fifty teams cooked butts and ribs. The winners were: 1st place butts – County Line Que Tim Cooke, Pitmaster 2nd place butts – Elite BBQ Smokers Jason Hardee, Pitmaster 3rd place butts – FATSO’s Competition BBQ Team Rodger Jennings , Pitmaster 1st place ribs - Men at Work BBQ David Helvy , Pitmaster 2nd place ribs – Tex-A-Lina Cookers Marco Brito, Pitmaster 3rd place ribs – Palmetto Pitmasters Chris Brown, Pitmaster Grand Champions – Tex-A-Lina Cookers, Marco Brito, Pitmaster

Palmetto Smokehouse

Carolina BBQ Co.

Smokinʼ Stacks

Buckwheatʼs BBQ Grand Champions – Tex-A-Lina Cookers

County Line Que

Men At Work BBQ

Elite BBQ Smokers

Tex A Lina Cookers

FATSOʼs Competition BBQ Team

Palmetto Pitmasters

Smoker Wood Available in Various Flavors:

apple • cherry • hickory • maple oak • peach • pecan

baxter’s original premium bbq supply

Wood Chips and Chunks • Sauces and Rubs Ceramic and Insulated Smokers and Grills In Stock

Check out our weekly specials on our Website & Facebook!

Shop Online: (229) 425-6583 or (770) 846-4537

115 Ten Mile Road • Fitzgerald, GA 31750

MAY 2014



More from Memphis in May 2014 ASAP Fourth Place Shoulder

Rebel Rooster Revue (R3Que) Eighth Place Shoulder

Boardello始s Fifth Place Shoulder

Natural Born Grillers Tenth Place Ribs

Lillie始s Q Sixth Place Shoulder

Meat Makers Ninth Place Ribs

Bare Bones BBQ Seventh Place Shoulder

Knob Creek Smokers Eighth Place Ribs


MAY 2014


More from Memphis in May 2014 Cool Smoke Second Place Ribs

Too Sauced Too Pork Sixth Place Ribs

Pork O Saurus Seventh Place Ribs


10% Off eatbbq

3947 HOUSTON AVE MACON, GA 478-788-1900

aste aT

of Southern Style Prep

Catering and Dining for any event.

for orders using the discount code:

g rin

Fat Side Up Fourth Place Ribs

The Rack Pack Third Place Ribs

891 GRAY HWY MACON, GA 478-743-5866

ar e


ls ea

“Providing all things BBQ for the competition and backyard enthusiast.”

LVOB Fifth Place Ribs

On-site Cooking Available.

Visit us at: 3185 S Highland Dr • Las Vegas, NV 89109 Phone: (702) 836-3621

519 N. DAVIS DR. WARNER ROBINS, GA 478-922-3034

EST. 1935


MAY 2014




built in water pan, locking casters, guru adapter... $1600! EMAIL:

petition Barbecue Grill Like New $4750 Obo. Located In Middleburg Florida 32068. Call Tom At 904 728 0875

to sell my j3 jambo pit, has or the boiler door and is load- call 618 444 9492 ed with options. Has had a hand full of cooks on it. Always stored indoors , lo-



BIRMINGHAM - Catering / Competition trailer ready for your smoker or grill. 20’, 3 bay sink, hot water heater, 3 burner cooker w/ propane bottle, refrigerator, ss counter tops, lots of storage, 3 48” lights, elec plugs, 100’ water hose and reel, solid rubber floor, elec tongue jack, tongue storage box, 4 stabilizer jacks, .050 aluminum sides, elec breaks, barn door tailgate. $15,000 Call 205-365- 2465.

NORTH LITTLE ROCK - PRICE REDUCED Selling my 48 x 24 dual rack stick burner smoker, 20 x 26 fire box, 6 inch diameter exhaust stack, tuning plates installed for even heat distribution across cook chamber, brass clean out valve, weather proof dry storage box, cool touch handles on cook chamber & firebox , LP gas fish cooker, 13 inch tires & spare, grease fittings on wheel bearings, 1 7/8 trailer ball included, cooks & trailers very well, asking $1800.00, Contact:: Tony @ 501-681-6706 or panthermountainbbq@gmail. com

HUNTSVILLE - Backwoods “Fatboy”, 4 racks,



MERRITT ISLAND Custom Built Trailer, walkin, 110v electric, Generator , as well as 10x10 pop-up, and 10x20 enclosure as posted $ 5,000 with generator and enclosures Call Don 321-266-5400

ORLANDO -2004 34ft Forest River Work and Play, 14ft garage, good shape, $10,200 obo, email: CLERMONT - Stumps Gf223 For Sale: Works Great Just Looking To Upgrade. Located In $1,800 Obo. Contact Matt: 321947-7943.

GEORGIA JACKSON – Bubba Grill $2700 Excellent Condition 404-456-8525 DALTON - Got My R&o Cube With Cart For Sale. Paid $2300 will sell for $1800, never had a fire lit in it. Similar to Backwoods Fatboy but built a whole lot better, it’s a vertical water smoker that is 100% welded and insulated with mineral wool insulation. This smoker comes standard with refrigerator latches, thermometer, 3 removable 20x20 cooking racks, stainless steel water pan, removable charcoal grate, ash pan, and heat deflector. Contact: Mitchell 706-980-7001

CONROE - custom pit for sale in the Conroe, Tx. area, $20,000 OBO, serious inquires only please, contact Eddie at 936-443-9842

ILLINOIS BELLEVILLE -Rotisserie smoker/grill, stored indoors and has had limited use. Includes a smoke GARLAND - 600 gallon and warmer box, with an extra storage box. $3300. tank cooking surface 8 foot If you have any ques- long 33 inch wide Ray 469 tions, please email Doug at 585 0390 $1800


WHITTIER - Looking


Moultrie, GA

We offer some of the best ����� �� � � �� �� Sauces and ��� Order Rubs you’ve Place Your y! ever tasted! nline Toda

Gunpowder Seasoning, Gunshot Sauce & 38’ Special Sauces It’s Time to Get Grilling!

Check us out to order all your new spring seasonings and sauces.


cated in western North Carolina please no tire kickers. Call me if you are interested Roger 828-736-1402



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David Bouska 336562 E Commercial St Chandler, OK 74834


Tines are 304 stainless FDA USDA approved. Polypro non-slip grip Dish Washer safe. Pull Pork, Shred Chicken and even Steak if you want! Follow us on

visit for ordering informa�on


MAY 2014



The NEW Forest River Cook and Play 30WLA

...has been custom engineered with cooking teams in mind. Available in six colors, with or without decals, this unit is ready to dress up to suit your team’s unique identity! Features Include: • 5,500 watt Onan gas generator with 30-gallon fuel tank (optional) • Dual 4’ fluorescent lights on back deck • Dual Fan-tastic vent/exhaust fans on back deck • Removable rear railing for loading cooking gear or even a golf cart • 110V and water hookups on back deck • 4,600+ lb. cargo capacity • Diamond plate flooring on back deck • Power awning • Power tongue jack • Sliding glass door • Stainless steel countertop

Starting at $

29,900 For a limited time only!

Georgia’s Largest RV Dealer! I-75 Exit 149 131 Peachtree Parkway, Byron, GA

(800) 226-3654 •

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