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March 2014

Port Royal big hit again for SCBA Pitmaster Chris Fulmer; 2nd Place Smokin Stacks – Jeff Smith Pitmaster; 3rd place Backwoods BBQ – Gene Culberson Pitmaster. Ribs winners at Port Royal: 1st Palmetto Smoke House – Michael Harmon Pitmaster;

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............ NBBQA BBQ Bash ...............2 Audrey Evans.......................4

2nd Ultimate Tailgaters Chris Fulmer Pitmaster; 3rd Fire Tower BBQ Jay Thorn Pitmaster. Grand Champion for Port Royal was: Ultimate Tailgaters with Chris Fulmer and the Ultimate Tailgaters team.

Dana Hillis..........................4 Jeff Petkevicius....................5 Backyard BBQ Studs............5 Clermont, Fl........................9 Calendar ...........................10 Famous Dave.......................12 MBN Invitational.................13 Subscribe to Us!..................15 MBN QueBall......................16 Tifton, GA............................17 Classifieds..........................19 Official Publication of:

Grand Champion for Port Royal was Ultimate Tailgaters with Chris Fulmer and the Ultimate Tailgaters team.

By Mike Horne SCBA Representative FEBRUARY 22, 2014 - PORT ROYAL, SOUTH CAROLINA The South Carolina Barbeque Association began the 2014 season with a great event in Port Royal, SC. The Blues, Brews, and BBQ Festival held on Feb. 21 & 22, is in its 5th year supporting Friends of Carolina Hospice. This year the weather could not have been nicer. Thirty one cook teams participated in the competition. On Friday evening the teams cooked a Wings Throw Down with SCBA judges doing the tasting. Even t h o u g h the wings competition is not a sanctioned SCBA event the judges

certainly enjoyed the samples. All judges’ positions were filled well in advance of the Port Royal event so every table had a full compliment. Turn in for Butts began at 9:50 AM with Ribs following at 10:50 AM. The competition was very close with the points difference between first and tenth place for Butts was just over .5 points with the Ribs competition at .9 points between first and tenth. Awards were given out at 3:00 PM. Master SCBA Judges Barbara and Quinten Tedder were the event Marshals for Port Royal and as usual they did a great job. Not only do they work very hard making this and other costal events successful, Quentin, who is a master woodworker, made the three guitar shaped trophies for the Grand Champion, 1st place Buts and 1st place ribs winners. Butts winners at Port Royal: 1st Place Ultimate Tailgaters –


First Place Ribs Palmetto Smoke House Michael Harmon Pitmaster.

Barbara and Quinton Tedder SCBA Representatives



MARCH 2014

NBBQA BBQ Bash Cook Off • San Marcos, Texas 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22.

March 7-8, 2014

Grand Champion: Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ Reserve Champion: Killer Hogs Overall 1. Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ 2. Killer Hogs 3. Pitt’s & Spitt’s 4. Bigfish BBQ 5. Butcher BBQ 6. 2 Worthless Nuts 7. Mason Dixon Swine 8. Circle R Cookers 9. Colins Creek S&s Pit Crew 10. Los Primos BBQ 11. 3 C Cookers 12. Can’t Smoke This 13. Ponderosa BBQ 14. A. Willy’s 15. Juniors Up In Smoke 16. Blast Pit BBQ

695.9656 687.3944 683.3484 666.8572 658.1028 657.6684 655.9084 653.6912 653.1316 651.9196 651.3600 641.7372 641.0632 634.8228 625.0168 621.6916

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 1. 2. 3.

Dakota Brothers BBQ 615.9312 Git ‘R Dun 610.8000 Putz Butts 609.0516 Black Hog Down 593.6456 #smtx Blazers 572.5484 Lucille’s Links & Bar-b-q 461.2000 Chicken Colins Creek S&s Pit Crew 176.0000 2 Worthless Nuts 173.1200 Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ 173.1200 Can’t Smoke This 172.5944 3 C Cookers 170.2744 Pitt’s & Spitt’s 170.2628 Dakota Brothers BBQ 168.5484 Killer Hogs 167.4172 Los Primos BBQ 167.4056 Git ‘R Dun 165.1428 A. Willy’s 162.2972 Bigfish BBQ 162.2400 Mason Dixon Swine 159.9656 Circle R Cookers 155.9772 Butcher BBQ 153.0744 Juniors Up In Smoke 150.2744 Black Hog Down 149.1772 Ponderosa BBQ 147.9544 Lucille’s Links & Bar-b-q 147.4516 Blast Pit BBQ 145.7028 #smtx Blazers 141.6684 Putz Butts 140.5372 Pork Ribs Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ 180.0000 Butcher BBQ 177.7028 Los Primos BBQ 172.6172

4. Mason Dixon Swine 171.4172 5. Can’t Smoke This 169.1544 6. Circle R Cookers 168.0228 7. Pitt’s & Spitt’s 167.9656 8. Killer Hogs 166.8688 9. Dakota Brothers BBQ 165.1428 10. Bigfish BBQ 163.4400 11. A. Willy’s 162.8456 12. Juniors Up In Smoke 161.7256 13. Blast Pit BBQ 161.1660 14. Putz Butts 159.4400 15. Ponderosa BBQ 159.4060 16. 3 C Cookers 159.3944 17. 2 Worthless Nuts 151.3828 18. Lucille’s Links & Bar-b-q 148.5828 19.Colins Creek S&s Pit Crew 147.3944 20. .Black Hog Down 146.8344 21. Git ‘R Dun 143.9772 22. #smtx Blazers 136.0228 Pork 1. Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ 173.7028 2. Pitt’s & Spitt’s 173.1428 3. Killer Hogs 173.1084 4. Butcher BBQ 171.9656 5. 2 Worthless Nuts 167.4400 6. Circle R Cookers 167.4284 7. Bigfish BBQ 165.7372 8. 3 C Cookers 165.1656 9. Ponderosa BBQ 163.9656 10. Los Primos BBQ 159.3484 11. Mason Dixon Swine 155.9656 12. Colins Creek S&s Pit Crew 154.8800 13. #smtx Blazers 153.1084

14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22.

A. Willy’s 152.5600 Blast Pit BBQ 152.5256 Black Hog Down 152.5140 Putz Butts 151.3828 Juniors Up In Smoke 151.3484 Git ‘R Dun 147.9656 Can’t Smoke This 146.3084 Dakota Brothers BBQ 128.5372 Lucille’s Links & Bar-b-q 20.0000 Brisket Killer Hogs 180.0000 Bigfish BBQ 175.4400 Colins Creek S&s Pit Crew 174.8572 Pitt’s & Spitt’s 171.9772 Ponderosa BBQ 169.7372 Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ 169.1428 Mason Dixon Swine 168.5600 2 Worthless Nuts 165.7256 Blast Pit BBQ 162.2972 Circle R Cookers 162.2628 Juniors Up In Smoke 161.6684 Putz Butts 157.6916 A. Willy’s 157.1200 3 C Cookers 156.5256 Butcher BBQ 155.3600 Git ‘R Dun 153.7144 Dakota Brothers BBQ 153.7028 Can’t Smoke This 153.6800 Los Primos BBQ 152.5484 Lucille’s Links & Bar-b-q 145.1656 Black Hog Down 145.1200 #smtx Blazers 141.7488



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MARCH 2014



Everglades First Grand of the Season at Haines City . . . By Audrey Evans Editor & Publisher

Having placed Reserve twice at Haines City - once as Smokin’ Cracker - Jimmy Brod’s Everglades Seasoning BBQ Team won its first Grand of the year at Haines City, Florida with a pair of Third Places and a pair of Fifth Places. Matt Barber with Hot Wachula’s took home Reserve Grand Champion. Both teams are once again showing that consistent cookOVERALL: 1. Everglades Seasoning BBQ 778.66666 2. Hot Wachula’s 771.86664 3. Blitzkrieg BBQ 771.79998 4. Good Buddies BBQ 762.66664 5. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen 762.44998 6. Git R Smoked BBQ 762.14999 7. Sweet Smoke Q 761.78330 8. Hickory Prime 757.46667 9. Beachneck BBQ 757.21665 10. Lang BBQ Smokers 756.71666 11. Mike’s Roadside BBQ 755.01669 12. Smokin J’s Florida 754.89999 13. Newman’s BBQ 753.85001 14. Back Country BBQ 748.98331 15. Shanty Town 745.91667

ing wins contests. Tommy Harden with Blitzkrieg BBQ took home third place overall followed by Joel Vann of Good Buddies and Dana Hillis of Big Papa’s Country Kitchen taking home fifth overall. In the Backyard division, Hot Ashes was Grand with a score of 763 overall, good enough to have placed 4th in the Pro division.

PORK: 1. Lang BBQ Smokers 2. Sweet Smoke Q 3. Everglades Seasoning BBQ 4. Accutech BBQ 5. Hot Wachula’s 6. Blitzkrieg BBQ 7. Hog Jim’s 8. Two Crackers Cooking 9. Hickory Prime 10. The Woodhouse Grill

195.03333 194.36665 194.33333 193.15000 192.91667 192.68333 190.75001 190.53333 190.25001 190.04999

Lang BBQ Smokers Brad Kay, Pitmaster

Git R Smoked BBQ Terry McKay, Pitmaster

Hot Ashes Backyard Grand Champion

Everglades Seasoning BBQ Team Jimmy Brod, Pitmaster

CHICKEN: 1 . Git R Smoked BBQ 195.78332 2 . Good Buddies BBQ 195.76665 3 . Everglades Seasoning BBQ 195.73334 4 . Big Papa’s Country Kitchen 195.71665 5 . Lang BBQ Smokers 195.04999 6 . Hot Wachula’s 194.56665 7 . Newman’s BBQ 191.96667 8 . Blitzkrieg BBQ 191.93333 9 . Smokin J’s Florida 191.46666 10. Mike’s Roadside BBQ 190.76667 RIBS: 1. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen 195.73334 2. Smokin J’s Florida 194.99999 3. Divine Swine BBQ Team 193.84999 4. Big Daddy Q 193.61666 5. Everglades Seasoning BBQ 193.34999 6. Blitzkrieg BBQ 191.48333 7. Accutech BBQ 191.25001 8. Sweet Smoke Q 190.08333 9. Beachneck BBQ 189.56667 10. [TIE]Hot Wachula’s 188.88333 10. [TIE]Florida Skin-n-Bones 188.88333

Big Papaʼs Country Kitchen Dana Hillis, Pitmaster

Hot Wachulaʼs Matt Barber, Pitmaster BRISKET: 1. Git R Smoked BBQ 2. Blitzkrieg BBQ 3. Good Buddies BBQ 4. Hot Wachula’s 5. Everglades Seasoning BBQ 6. Back Country BBQ 7. Hickory Prime 8. Shanty Town 9. Mike’s Roadside BBQ 10. Beachneck BBQ BACKYARD: 1. Hot Ashes 2. Second Hand Smoke 3. Burning Bush BBQ 4. Krazy Train 5. J.A.M.S BBQ 6. Swine Dynasty 7. Drunken Brothers BBQ 8. Smokers Wild 9. Full of Bull BBQ 10.Evans Ranch BBQ

196.91666 195.69999 195.50000 195.49999 195.25000 192.16666 191.96666 191.51666 190.90001 190.81666



MARCH 2014

Cooking could be your stress relief?

Audrey Evans

Publisher & Editor What is it about cooking that always seems to be such a stress relief? No, I’m not talking about the clean up or the most dreaded pack up after a contest. I am very familiar that is all a great pain in the rear. What I am talking about is the actual art of cooking. I’m not sure how many folks out there are wired like me (I’m pretty sure there’s only a few if they exist) but to me it doesn’t really matter what I am cooking, how I am cooking, or in the BBQ world...what I am cooking on. If you can’t tell by most of my columns being food related, I just flat out love to cook. I post a ton of food on Facebook. It’s usually hard to come up with a column each month but when I think about food, it comes naturally. The fact is, something about food is just stress relief to me. I have always loved to eat good food and then I swole up like a balloon; I was eating too much good BBQ when I started this career. I had always loved to cook so I have learned to just funnel the love for food into the same pot as my love for cooking food, I just can’t eat as much. The funny thing about that is the fact that when you cook you eat less. I am sure there are many folks out there who are know think-

Editor & Publisher Audrey A. Evans Published by Double A Evans, LLC DBA The BBQ Times. Standard Mail Permit #2 Evans Newspapers, Inc. at Perry GA. 31069 The BBQ Times• P.O. Box 1710 Perry, GA. 31069 • 478-218-2333

ing, that’s a fact. When you are at a competition, you cook all night long and all day and the last thing you think about is eating. Until after awards that is, and everyone rushes to find the nearest pizza place or Mexican joint....together. I had the opportunity to go cook with Jim Elser from Sweet Smoke Q in Daphne, Alabama a few weeks ago. I suddenly realized once again, how much I enjoy competing in BBQ and actually doing the cooking. Jim trusted in what I had capabilities to do and we worked very well together each doing our own little things along the way. Our cook, well it didn’t fare quite as well as we expected but it’s hard to complain when you

are in the top 10. This competition you could only move on if you were in the top six, and we were seventh. We had a fifth place brisket and fifth place chicken, thirteenth in pork and a whopping twenty-second in ribs, which bombed us! Oh well, we had a great time, and what we thought was a descent cook with a few sides of bad luck along the way. Oddly enough, once again what do we call that bad luck along the way, just another part of our stress relief and the love of cooking competition BBQ. Until next month, here’s another recipe from my secret cabinet... keep rubbin those butts! I’ll see you on the trail!

Living the BBQ Life

Dana Hillis

Pitmaster Big Papas Country Kitchen We have been involved in the BBQ world for 8 or 9 years now and we are still having fun. I think one of my favorite things lately is watching new teams catch the cooking bug and getting involved like we did a long time ago. Competition BBQ has grown so much since we got started it gives so many choices to new teams on which way to go. My first bit of advice is for a new team is sign up for a subscription to the BBQ TIMES because it is loaded with great information, stories and a great classified column with a good place to shop for trailers and cookers. I also recommend they join the FBA because this is a great organization to be involved with and it is definitely the people that make the BBQ world what it is. The contest schedule has been fun to watch and new contests keep popping up all over the state and we even have and a contest coming up in New Mexico! A lot of new teams try a backyard event or two but I always tell them dive right in and

make your name as a professional cook team! The pro teams out there are so helpful to new teams because we all remember when we got started and we all love to pay it forward and give out some help like we got. This is also a way to keep this great sport growing. I keep hearing that this is a sport so one day I am going to write a story about our “athletes” and I really think BBQ could become an Olympic event! I recently met Steve and Sandy Smith and they are a new team that has the bug bad. They volunteered to come help us at the Clermont Pig on the Pond event which is a huge vending event and if new teams can survive this BBQ enduro they are hooked for life. Sandy joined the big papa “A” team front line and along with Sherri Kress from BGE Pit Crew, the old pros Wendy, Stacy and Janet hustled out some BBQ. This year the Clermont event carried thru to Sunday and it was amazing how the crowds supported this contest. It takes a large team to make this event a success and we could not do it without our team. Bob Youngblood runs cookers and this marine is known as our favorite Uncle Bob. Uncle Rich had a new knee and was dancing around like a young fella. David and Stacy are BBQ addicts and have not missed a vending event with Big Papas in 5 or 6 years. Dana and Sherri Kress along with Fry Guy Ted from the BGE Pit Crew got a look at vending BBQ from the inside. My son Cadin was the workhorse and worked his tail off and I could not have pulled it all off without him. Congratulations to Budmeisters for winning Grand and we were very proud to take Reserve Grand at this busy contest.

Red Wine Vinegar Pasta Salad

8 oz. Rotini Pasta 1 Red Onion 1 Bell or 2 or 3 Sweet Pepper (or both) 1 cucumber 2 roma or cherry tomatoes 2 TBSP. Italian Dressing 2 TBSP. Red WIne Vinegar 1 TBSP Oil Salt and Pepper to taste Top with shredded parmasean cheese Cook pasta and drain. Mix in with vegetables and above ingredients. If you have extra stuff you like to add, go ahead. Makes the perfect side dish with nearly any meal.

The BBQ family is unbelievably big and strong and growing every day. I was lucky to come along when I did and got to meet some of the founders of our great organization. I met the first president of the FBA Mr. Joby Stanaland and enjoyed getting to know him. Joby was the head cook for the infamous Dixie Boys and this man truly paid it forward. Swamp Boys got started with Joby and so did many other teams. Joby had a dog named Dixie and everyone knew and loved Dixie. I used to take my dog Vegas to all the contests and she is one of them dogs that only likes her owner. She was always wary of other people but the day she met Joby she fell in love with him. Every contest Joby would come by to see Vegas or would ask me to bring her by to see him. It was unique to see my dog and him together it was like she knew he was a dog guy. We lost Joby a few days ago and I am convinced there is some serious BBQ going on in heaven. We have lost so many members of our BBQ family and I miss them. Jim Bennett passed away a short time ago and Cindy Bennett could not live without him and she passed away a couple days ago. We lost Noel Davis a short time ago and I can’t cook a contest or travel without missing The Mad Dog and my good friend Mike Byrd. I would be traveling to a contest and my phone would ring and it would be Mike telling me to travel safe and good luck. Mike cooked with me several times and we won all of them. He was my mojo and I miss him. Enjoy every day and kick the tires and light the fires every chance you get. Every time I head out to a contest I look forward to seeing all the teams I have not seen in a while. Start cooking and we will see you soon.

MARCH 2014



Getting the Call, and Making the Walk.....

Jeff Petkevicius Pitmaster Give it To God

Well hello again my BBQ Family, how the heck are ya? Started off the year already hitting Lakeland FL, and Huntsville, TX so far and God has been all over the trips. The Thank You Fairy story is just an incredible Tool that God has dropped into my heart to share with as many people as I can. For those of you who don’t know’s the short version....

Seven years ago, I got the phone call no parent wants. My daughter, 19 years old, in college in California, was training for her first half-marathon. She was standing at an elevator and a blood clot broke loose from her lungs, got between her heart and lungs and she died, sudden, unexpected and tragic. That’s the sad part. The cool part is that two weeks before she died, she was standing around with friends and they were talking about what would be their “dream” job, regardless of money. Brooke’s answer was.... “ I would be the Thank You Fairy, and I would go around and thank Everybody who needs to be thanked, but hasn’t been”. Her friends told me that at her funeral and when I heard it, I said, “Brooke, you got your job, you’re in heaven and I’m gonna work for YOU”! I know that each of you reading this, need to be thanked for something, so, since I work for the Thank You Fairy, on behalf of the Thank You have just been Thanked! If we ever run into each other on the BBQ trail, hit me up and I have a card for you to remember this by.

Backyard Chinese BBQ Ribs

Brandt Haney Backyard BBQ Studs Columnist

One weekday evening my wife and I were talking about what to do for dinner. It had been a while since we had gone to our local Chinese take-out joint and we both agreed that it would be a nice family treat. During our normal dinner conversations, while nibbling on my personal favorite of sesame chicken, my mind started to drift to the weekend and with the weather warming up what I could do with my smoker. It would be a great time to get back into our regular smoking routine, and I could keep and eye on it while getting some much needed yard work done. As the following weekend drew near I

decided to get some family input on what to smoke the upcoming weekend and the vote decidedly came down to ribs. It was something that was long past due on our menu and I personally love the challenge that ribs bring to the table. Very touchy and can go from not quite done to holy cow what happened in a short amount of time. I headed into the pantry to look for the ingredients to make my normal rib sauce. As I began my hunt I ran across some rice wine vinegar. I moved it aside and then found some sesame oil, and then noticed a bottle of soy sauce. I took a step back and began to wonder if the Chinese BBQ gods were trying to tell me something. It was at this point I jumped on the computer and began my search for how to make sesame sauce. Most recipes looked to have common ingredients and we happened to have all of them on hand. I began to think about that Chinese take-out menu and they had pork and chicken so I thought why not give it a shot. I see where it calls for the traditional Chinese flavors of soy sauce, a touch of sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, and oddly enough ketchup. Looking everything over I thought that it seemed okay but it needed something else, something distinctly backyard BBQ. As I began to mix all the ingredients I reduced the amount of soy sauce, substituted

See Chinese Ribs on Page 12

So, there’s the story, and God uses it in so many ways. I tell it to as many people I can and it is a joy to see the reaction they have through this short, sharing of God’s love. I know personally, that as I work to get closer to God, His love for me gets bigger and better all the time. It’s a snow-ball effect of falling more and more in Love with God and the blessings continue to pour in. Serving God is serious business and many times, you will have to “buck” society and what the world tells you about behaving on a daily basis. The book of Ephesians calls out what we are to do in chapter 4:17-5:8. Here’s our checklist of what God is calling us to do: CHRISTIANS: We are called to obedience We are called to pursue righteousness We are called to flee youthful passions We are called to be truth tellers, and not to lie or deceive We are called to labor and not to steal We are called to speak in a way that

builds others up and not let any perverted, wicked, or polluted talk come out of our mouth We are called to let go of bitterness, anger, and slander We are called to be kind, tender hearted, and forgiving We are called to be imitators of God, living a life of love and sacrifice We are called to turn from sexual immorality, impurity, covetousness, filthy talk, and crude joking We are called to live a life of thanksgiving We are called to have no part in the unfruitful works of darkness All of us know the thrill of getting a “call” at the awards ceremony and making that walk... The truth is, being called to serve God with your life, is the Ultimate Grand Championship, it’s the only “Walk” that matters. God bless ya’ll and if you haven’t surrendered your complete life to Jesus Christ as your Lord....What the heck are you waiting for?

Florida Barbecue Association President’s Message November 2013

Tony Wolfe, FBA President

Well, it looks like another great year for the FBA. We have had some great contests already and many more to come. Frank Csomos put on another great contest for the Boys and Girls Club and we hope he raised a lot of money for the kids. Wow, what a contest in Apopka! Chuck put on a contest for the books. He had 116 Pro and Backyard teams and two great concerts. If you missed this contest, I would not miss it next year. Haines City also put on a big event. The FBA is still getting more and more contests. We also are looking at contests all across the county. Congratulations to Damon Wooley Wooley Bully Mafia - Winner at Winter

Haven, Terry McKay - Git-R-Smoked - Winner at Apopka, Jimmy Brod - Everglades Seasoning - at Haines City. All will get the golden ticket to the World Food Championship. The Fun Cook and the FBA end of the year party is coming together and the forms will be on-line soon. If you would like to help Wendy just give her an e-mail. This one should be the biggest and best one yet. If you look at the contest page, we are now signing up events for three years. This way organizers can lock their date for three years. This looks like it is going to work out great. I hope to see everybody on the road.





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MARCH 2014

BootyQue Wins Daphne Daphne, Alabama • February 28-March 1, 2014 • KCBS

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

BootyQue Fire Dancer BBQ Wink’s Barbeque The Blue Bloods Hot Wachula’s Cajun Blaze Sweet Smoke Q Florida Que’n Stew’n & Brew’n Sho Nuff Smokin Lotta Bull BBQ

OVERALL: 685.6912 11 Red Eyed Smokers 681.6452 12 Wild Bunch Butt Burners 681.0744 13 Hotty Totty BBQ Crew 680.5256 14 Midnight Burn 678.7884 15 The Pig Lebowski 673.6456 16 Swiggin Pig 671.9084 17 Swine & Shine BBQ 671.3484 18 Deep South BBQ 666.1368 19 Poverty Hill Smokers 665.6116 20 Old Plantation BBQ

662.7884 662.1944 661.0744 659.2684 658.7540 657.0176 655.2796 654.1372 653.5764 653.5540

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BootyQue - Grand Championa

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Hotty Totty BBQ Crew First Place Chicken

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Lotta Bull First Place Pork

Winkʼs Barbeque First Place Brisket

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MARCH 2014

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The Guinea Pig (Competitor’s Series) Indio, California • February 21-22, 2014

Grand Champion: Burnin And Lootin • Reserve Champion: Got Smoke Bar-B-Que CHICKEN: 6. Got Smoke Bar-b-que 168.5600 1. H&d BBQ 175.4172 7. Grills Gone Wild Iowa 168.5600 2. Dry 2 Da Bone 174.8800 8. Left Coast Q 168.0000 3. Bowling Over Pigs 173.7028 9. Burnin And Lootin 167.9884 4. Rub Your Meat BBQ 173.1772 10. Knock Ur Sox Off BBQ 167.9772 5. Smoqued California BBQ173.1200 6. Left Coast Q 172.5828 BRISKET: 7. Master Of Disaster 170.2628 1. Burnin And Lootin 173.7372 8. When Pigs Fly 169.6684 2. Pete’s Firehouse BBQ 172.5600 9. Simply Marvelous BBQ 167.9656 3. Lucky 13 Barbeque 170.2628 10. Pete’s Firehouse BBQ 167.4400 4. Loot N’ Booty 169.6684 5. Master Of Disaster 169.1544 6. My Smokin Grillfriend 168.5944 PORK RIBS: 7. Porketeers 168.0000 1. Simply Marvelous BBQ 174.8800 8. Got Smoke Bar-b-que 167.9656 2. Got Smoke Bar-b-que 171.4400 9. Grills Gone Wild Iowa 166.2400 3. H&d BBQ 170.9028 10. Simply Marvelous BBQ 165.1544 4. Ridge Route Boys BBQ 170.2628 5. Smokin Mo’s BBQ168.0688 6. Temecula Rub 163.4400 7. Lady Of Q 163.4400 8. Smokin’ Hart’s 162.9032 9. Rooftop BBQ 162.8228 10. Burnin And Loot 162.2744 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

MARCH 2014


PORK: When Pigs Fly 174.2744 Qued Up 173.1544 T & J Backyard 172.0000 The Pit Crew 170.2628 Smokin’ Hart’s 170.2512


Fair and

Youth Shows




February 24th

Registration Opens for all teams

March 21st

Registration Closes

April 4th 7:00 p.m. Meat Inspection

April 5th 8:00 a.m.

Captain’s Meeting 12:00 p.m. Chicken Turn In 1:00 p.m. Rib Turn In 2:00 p.m. Off the Hoof Beef Turn In (Cook’s Choice) 4:00 p.m. Cash Prizes and Trophies Awarded

For more information and registration forms visit our website at:

w w w. f l a g l e r c o u n t y f a i r. c o m Email: 386-931-6597 The Flagler County Fair and Youth Show is a non-profit organization that funds and promotes Florida Agriculture through our 4H and FFA programs.

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11361 N. Hwy 83 North Platte, NE 69101 (308) 530-5139


MARCH 2014



Pig On The Pond “For The Kids” • Clermont, Florida By Audrey Evans Editor & Publisher

March 7-8, 2014 CLERMONT, FLORIDA At the end of the day it was only a point which sat between reserve and grand Champions. Thomas Henry of Budmeisters BBQ took the lead with first in ribs and second in pork. Dana Hillis stayed right on him with First in Chicken and Brisket but Thomas had the remaining point to put him over the top to become Grand Champion. For the twenty pro teams that cooked Pig on the Pond, it was an opportunity to cook one of the

oldest barbecue contest in the state of Florida. The contest couldn’t have had better weather, larger crowds or a nicer location for the contest. Everyone who attended had a ball. Tommy Harden and Blitzkrieg BBQ took home third place overall followed by Terry McKay with Git-R-Smoked. Jim Elser with Sweet Smoke Q came in fifth overall followed by Team Unknown in sixth and Matt Daddy’s in seventh. Eighth place overall went to Matt Barber with Hot Wachulas, Kenny Nadeau and Uncle Kenny’s came in ninth place overall and Smoke on the Lakes rounded out the top ten overall.

Budmeisters Grand Champion

Big Papaʼs Reserve Grand

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Calendar of Events

March 28th & 29th, 2014: Windcreek Pro & Backyard BBQ Competition Atmore, AL Contact: or 251-359-0076 April 5, 2014 Hippyʼs Big Butt BBQ Bash - Monroeville, AL Call Cindy Kennedy: 251-564-1437 email: April 12, 2014 2014 Spring Jubliee - Jackson, AL Contact: Terry Pezent: 256-246-3000 or email: CENTRAL TEXAS BARBECUE ASSOCIATION WWW.CTBABBQ.COM March 21-22, 2014 Cameron PD 1st Annual BBQ Shootout Cameron, TX March 21-22, 2014 South 40 Outdoor Expo - Waco, TX 254-224-8273 April 25-26, 2014 Sandyʼs Que for Kids Jarrod Young : 254-449-2022 GEORGIA BBQ ASSOCIATION WWW.BBQGA.ORG March 21-22, 2014 Durhamtown Moonshine & BBQ Festival Union Point, GA 30669 Mike McCommons 706-486-4603 Cell: 706-318-1770 Fax: 706-486-4688 email:

March 28-29, 2014 Kissimmee Valley Rib Rodeo - Kissimmee, FL Brianne Stefek: (407)-846-4643 April 4-5, 2014 7th Annual Smoke on the Water BBQ Festival Thomaston, GA - Bobby Bickley - (706)-741-9317

Mar 21 - Mar 22, 2014 Central MS Residential Center (CMRC) Newton, MS Cookinʼ for Mental Health Contact: Kay Crenshaw: 6014794943 Email:

April 4-5, 2014 Paint n Pork Fest - Marianna, FL Jonathan Fuqua or Richard Kunde (850)-573-0100 or (850)-209-2959

April 4-5, 2014 Atoka BBQ Fest - Atoka, TN Brian Peel - 901-837-5306 or 785-213-1907

KANSAS CITY BBQ SOCIETY WWW.KCBS.US March 21-22, 2014 Hammond BBQ Hammond, LA Contact: Eric Phares 985-969-8172 March 21-22, 2014 3rd Annual Santa Anita Winnersʼ Circle BBQ Championship - Arcadia, CA Contact: Ben Lobenstein 415-683-0784 March 27-29, 2014 BBQ Throw Down 2014 @ Windcreek Atmore, AL Jay Norris 251-446-4387 March 28-29, 2014 Firelake BBQ Cook-off - Shawnee, OK Jason Boyce 405-878-4850 x2110

March 28-29, 2014 Grills Gone Wild BBQ Festival London, KY Travis Moody Phone: 615-476-6397

April 18-19, 2014 Smokinʼ Pork N Butts - Jackson, GA Wayne Rosser 770-775-6367 cell 404-227-6215 email:

April 4-5, 2014 Smokinʼ on the River - Summerville, GA Roxie Weesner 706-506-9514

March 21-22, 2014 Battle at the Big “O” - Okeechobee, FL Noel Stephen: (863)-634-0650

April 11-12, 2014 Ham Jam Arts Festival - Philadephia, MS Madonna Green May - 601-562-5441 SOUTH CAROLINA BBQ ASSOCIATION WWW.SCBARBEQUE.COM March 21 - 22, 2014 Third Annual Benefit BBQ for Boy Scouts Sumter County Fair Grounds - Sumter, SC Contact: Emil Wodicka (803) 512-0921 ewodicka(at) or Bill Robinson (803) 840-3367 billbodar(at)

March 21-22, 2014 Smoke in the ʻBoro Coastal Electric Co-Op 2269 N. Jefferies Hwy. Walterboro, SC 29488 Contact: Wayne Keith: 800-328-9425 March 28-29, 2014 Horsin & Hoggin BBQ Cookoff Downtown Aiken on Newberry St. Aiken SC 29801 Dewayne Jones (803) 599-8303 harveydjones(at) April 4-5, 2014 Big Brothers & Big Sisters BBQ Festival - Florence, SC Contact: Bobby Floyd, 843-667-9512, Cell: 843-678-6215 - email: April 11-12, 2014 Teal Chicken-Pig Pickinʼ - Conway, S.C. Contact;Jess Dannelly 843-333-6401 TENNESSEE BBQ ASSOCIATION WWW.TBABBQ.COM No Currently Annouced Contest for 2014.



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March 28-29, 2014 Fire Ant Festival BBQ Bash -Ashburn, GA Gail Walls Phone: 229-567-3436

March 28-29, 2014 Douglas Bikes, Blues & BBQ Cook-off Douglas Municipal Airport - Douglas GA Georgia Henderson - 912-383-0277


MARCH 2014


April 4-5, 2014 2nd Annual Parkinsonʼs Smoke Out - Evansville, IN Robert Morphew : 812-893-1216 MEMPHIS BBQ NETWORK WWW.MBNBBQ.COM


Direct Contact: or (218)-263-8741

MARCH 2014



Cattlemen’s Caribbean BBQ Competition San Juan, Puerto Rico • February 21-23, 2014

Grand Champion: R2-BQ • Reserve: Shiggin & Grinnin

CHICKEN: 1. Los Barbicueros Grill Team 172.5600 2. Playing With Fire 172.0000 3. Escuela Hotelera De San Juan171.9656 4. The Original Backyard Grill 171.4400 5. Qubitas BBQ 171.4172 6. Smoke Em All 170.8572 7. Barbiku Riders 170.2972 8. Slowly Smoked BBQ Team 169.6800 9. Cocineros Del Este 169.2000 10.R2-bq 169.1544

6. Slowly Smoked BBQ Team 167.4056 7. Shiggin & Grinnin 166.8456 8. Kilted Kilby BBQ 166.2744 9. Playing With Fire 166.2284 10.Los Barbicueros Grill Team 164.5944 BRISKET: 1. Shiggin & Grinnin 178.2972 2. The Original Backyard Grill 174.3200 3. R2-bq 173.1084 4. BBQ Freaks 169.7028 5. Spartans Team 169.6684 6. Sabor A Lena 165.1428 7. Los Rompe Q BBQ Team 164.6288 8. Slowly Smoked BBQ Team 164.5256 9. Kilted Kilby BBQ 162.8000 10.Escuela Hotelera De San Juan162.7884

PORK RIBS: 1. Shiggin & Grinnin 176.0116 2. R2-bq 173.7028 3. BBQ Freaks 172.0000 4. Smokin Drums 170.8572 5. Qubitas BBQ 170.8572 6. Kilted Kilby BBQ 169.7028 Come eat with us today, or contact us for your catering needs. 7. Slowly Smoked 168.0000 8. A La Bar-ba Koa 168.0000 9. Two Smoking 167.4056 10.Los Duros Del 166.8800 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

PORK: Sabor A Lena Smoking Grillers R2-bq Smoke Em All Spartans Team

177.1428 172.0000 170.8800 170.8112 169.1200

610-588-3831 • 1004 Washington Blvd. - Bangor, Pa 18013

3947 HOUSTON AVE MACON, GA 478-788-1900

891 GRAY HWY MACON, GA 478-743-5866

519 N. DAVIS DR. WARNER ROBINS, GA 478-922-3034

EST. 1935



MARCH 2014


Great Balls Of Fire! Meatballs, that is.

“Famous Dave” Anderson Columnist

the NCAA Basketball tournament. I have most of my bracket selected, but more importantly I have my appetizers picked for the parties. I always get requests for my party meatballs at tournament time, so I thought I’d share them with you this month. These “Great Balls of Fire” are so flavorful they’ll set your soul on fire and just spicy enough to make your tongue do the twist! When you taste these spicy nuggets of pure deliciousness... you’ll never buy pre-made meatballs again. These flavor-packing meatballs also make incredible little burgers for the ultimate mini-sliders. It’s time to FIRE UP your meatballs! EAT, LAUGH, and BE Sauce-some my friends!

It was great to see so many of my barbecue friends this past week at the National Barbecue Association’s Conference in San Marcos, TX. We had several great days of sessions of barbecue business education, a steak cook-off and several tasty bus tours of the best BBQ in Texas! I look forward to seeing everyone next year in Nashville, TN! Now that I’m back in town for a few days, I am looking forward to watching

Famous Meatballs

Apricot Jalapeño BBQ Sauce

]20 oz. Famous Dave’s Rich & Sassy BBQ Sauce 12 oz. Smucker’s Apricot Preserves 1/2 cup onion, finely diced 1/4 cup brined hot jalapeño peppers, finely diced Combine sauce ingredients in a saucepan and heat over medium heat until vegetables are tender. Pour over meatballs and serve. This recipe and more can be found in Famous Dave’s Barbecue Party Cookbook ©2013.

Serves a party of 8-10 3 lb. ground chuck 3 eggs, beaten 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream 2 cups Ritz cracker crumbs 1/2 cup sweet onion, finely diced 1/2 cup green bell pepper, finely diced 1/2 cup carrot, finely grated 1 tsp. salt 4 tsp. Dave’s Special Blend Steak Seasoning


molasses to replace the amount of soy sauce I took out. I decided to add just a little more vinegar to give it more bite, and then heat it up with pepper flakes. Tasting the recipe it just looked like it was going to be flat and that is when it hit me. The ketchup was just not enough. My homemade BBQ sauce

1 Tbsp. Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce NEW Thick Style 1 tsp. fresh ground black pepper 2 tsp. chili powder 1 Tbsp. prepared French’s yellow mustard 2 Tbsp. Famous Dave’s Rich & Sassy BBQ Sauce Combine all ingredients for meatballs in a bowl. Mix thoroughly. Use a small ice cream scoop to form meatballs. Dip the scoop in ice water as needed to keep the meatballs from sticking. Place meatballs on a sheet pan lined with baking parchment paper or aluminum foil. Bake at 350 degrees for 40 to 45 minutes. Makes about 48 - 1 1/2 ounce meatballs.

From Page 5

is tomato based and is sweet and tangy and would be perfect for adding just a hint of backyard BBQ to this recipe. So out goes the ketchup and in comes the bbq sauce. Add a splash of fresh lime to brighten the sauce, mix it all together in a bowl and to my happy delight I have what I believe is a winner. With my sauce in hand I turn my attention to my ribs. I take them out of the wrapping, flip them over and begin to remove the silver skin. I lightly coat the ribs with the new sauce recipe. I don’t really want to over do it because I want the ribs to really pick up the smoke but a small layer will help with the moisture. The smoker comes up to 250 degrees. The ribs go on. Now all I can do is wait. About once an hour I pop the lid and give a little basting with my sauce. Once the ribs have pulled back and the bone is slightly exposed I wrap the ribs in foil and cook the ribs one more hour and the meat has pulled back to expose about half an inch of bone. At this point I pull the ribs off and crank up the heat between 350 and 400 degrees. I pull out the ribs and heavily coat them in the sauce. The ribs go directly on the cooking grate and I grill the ribs, turning them frequently and continuously baste them until the sauce cara-

melizes and is really sticky. My smoker is not an offset so I can do this with no problem. If you have an offset smoker or can’t cook directly over your heat source you can finish the ribs off in the oven on a cookie sheet. The ribs are done when you hold one end of the ribs with tongs and they just start to pull apart in the middle where they are bending.

Backyard Chinese BBQ Ribs Sauce

3/4 Cup Soy Sauce 1 tsp Sesame Oil 1/2 Cup Honey 1 tsp Minced Garlic

1/2 Cup Backyard BBQ Sauce 1 tsp Onion powder 1/4 Cup Unsulphered molasses 1/8 tsp Red pepper flake 1/4 Cup Brown sugar 1/2 Lime, freshly squeezed 2/3 Cup Rice Wine Vinegar 1/2 Tbsp Corn starch Mix ingredients. Coat ribs, put on smoker and baste once an hour. Makes enough for about two slabs. The more you use to baste the stickier and yummier the ribs will be. My family loved these and it is something that is different from our regular BBQ fair. If you ever wondered what backyard Chinese food tastes like, give these a try.

MARCH 2014



Boars Night Out wins MBN Invitational

The Boars Night Out Competition BBQ Team share a moment of sweet victory after winning the Memphis BBQ Network Invitiational 2014. Photo by Candace Stephens Boars Night Out is from Mississippi and has been a hot team on the move for MBN the last few years with their numerous “sweeps” in competitions! This team shows the true definition of Team Work! The entries were judged on TN and Pork Illustrated do with football. 29 Pro and 21 Chal- Memphis in May, or win “The Jack” By Vernee Green-Myers taste, tenderness, and origi- from Collierville, TN both Daniels BBQ World Championship. lenger teams had come to Tiger Lane “The Southern Girls nality. Camo Cookers won doubled in both categories. This year the competition added a to compete in the MBN Invitational BBQ Roadshow” with a perfect score. Their The Grand Champion went new Friday night ancillary. The catfor their share of the $25,450 in prize FEBRUARY 28, 2014 - MEMentrée, as described by team to Pork Illustrated. money. To qualify for the MBN Inviegory was called “Mystery Meat.” PHIS, TENNESSEE – On Friday, members Joel and Lisa, Boars Night Out “tripled tational each team had to win a MBN Each team received a whole chicken February 28, 2014, it looked as if a was “Bang Bang chicken finals” and then went on contest, be a MBN team that finaled in with a bag of sweet potatoes and kilarge tailgate party was going on at Libwith white meat. Chicken to win the Grand Champierty Bowl Memorial Stadium. How- one of the pork categories at an MBN wis. The entry could be any recipe as wontons with dark meat. onship in the pro division. contest, final in all three categories at long as it included all three ingredients. ever, this competition had nothing to Kiwi and mayo puree. This was only one week afSeared sweet potatoes then ter going to the MBN ‘Que poached them in butter n Ball and winning MBN brown sugar.” Team fo the Year 2013 as The Challenger series well as Rib Team of the was a very close race. Two Year, Shoulder Team of the teams “doubled” in finals Year, and Whole Hog Team which for the Challenger of the Year. Not too bad series means they finaled for a team that started out in both categories – Pulled in 2006 as a group of sinPork and Ribs. Dang She’s gle guys recently divorced Swine out of Oakland, looking for a hobby!

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MARCH 2014


MBN Invitational Photos by Vernee Green Myers - “Southern Girls BBQ Roadshow”

Victory Lane BBQ First Place Shoulder - Pro Division

Pork illustrated Grand Champion - Challenger Division First Place Ribs- Challenger Division


Dang Sheʼs Swine First Place Shoulder Challenger Division

1. Boars Night Out 2. Will-B-Que 3. Grillers Gone Wild 4. 10 Bones BBQ 5. Fireman John’s BBQ


1. Victory Lane BBQ 2. Boars Night Out 3. Pork Me Baby 4. Sweet Swine O’Mine 5. 10 Bones BBQ

Red Hot Smokers Second Place Rib- Pro Division

Pork Me Baby Third Place Shoulder - Pro Division


1. Boars Night Out 2. Red Hot Smokers 3. All In Que 4. Rebel Roaster Revue 5. Gwatney Championship BBQ

Sweet Swine OʼMine Fourth Place Shoulder - Pro Division

Will - Be-Que Second Place Hog - Pro Division

All In Que Third Plaec Ribs - Pro Division

Sweet Smoke Q Injections and Sauces

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MARCH 2014



The Treasure Coast BBQ Championship • Ft. Pierce, FL February 21, 2014 • Florida BBQ Association • Hot Wachula’s - Grand Champion

Hot Wachulaʼs Grand Champion 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

CHICKEN: Git R Smoked 195.04999 Southern Flatwoods BBQ 194.29999 Smoky Dog 193.38333 Palm Beach Porkers 192.36666 Smokin’ Flames 191.50000 Jacks Old South 190.53334 Mullis Meat Makin’ 190.51667 Bubba’s Scrub Oak BBQ 190.33332 Hot Wachulas 189.84999 Two Crackers Cookin 188.90000

RIBS: 1 . Pharter Starter’s BBQ Team194.28334 2 . Bleitzkrieg 194.08333 3 . Smokin’ Flames 192.64999

Smokinʼ Flames Reserve Champion 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Smoky Dog 191.26666 Git R Smoked 190.98334 Sweet Smoke Q 190.56667 Hot Wachulas 190.50000 Big Papa’s Country Kitchen189.84999 Cedar Creek BBQ 189.33332 Tarheel Cookers 188.64999

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

PORK: Bar-B-Que This 197.18332 Hot Wachulas 196.91665 Sweet Smoke Q 193.11665 Big Papa’s Country Kitchen192.70000 Git R Smoked 192.23334 Jacks Old South 191.51666 Smokin’ Flames 190.54999

Git-R-Smoked First Place Chicken 8 . Palm Beach Porkers 9 . Bleitzkrieg 10. Mullis Meat Makin’

190.03333 189.35000 189.26667

BRISKET: 1 . Hot Wachulas 2 . Bleitzkrieg 3 . Cowboy’s BBQ 4 [TIE]Southern Style 4 [TIE]Smokin’ Flames 6 . Smoky Dog 7 . Bar-B-Que This 8 . Cedar Creek BBQ 9 . Sweet Smoke Q 10. Git R Smoked

195.28332 193.13333 192.91668 192.18333 192.18333 190.98334 190.98333 188.85000 187.48333 186.99999

Bar-B-Que This First Place Pork

Pharter Starterʼs BBQ Team First Plce Ribs


MARCH 2014


Boars Night Out Repeats as Top Team

Memphis Barbecue Network Team of the Year 2013

Boars Night Out Competition BBQ Team accepts awards as the Memphis Barbecue the Year and tied with Victory Lane BBQ for Whole Hog Team of the Year. tons of great BBQ gear. Great food, a DJ, By Audrey Evans BBQ friends and of course annoucements Editor & Publisher for Team of the Year. Boars Night Out (BNO) was officially recFEBRUARY 22, 2014 - MEMPHIS, TENNESEE - The Memphis Barbecue ognized as the MBN PRO TEAM OF THE Network (MBN) hosted this years, Q-Ball YEAR-2013, their second year in a row as February 22, 2014 at the Al Chymia Shri- the MBN TOY. In addition BNO won the RIB Team and Shoulder Team of the year ner’s in Memphis Tennessee. A fun night of silent auctions, live auc- awards. Victory Lane and BNO tied for the tions all including contest entry fees, a Whole Hog Team of the year award. In the Challenger division, Rib- Ka- Teers whole hog,shoulders, gift baskets, certificates for golf, restuarants, a duck hunt and was declared TOY-2013.

Network Team of the Year for 2013. The also won Rib and Shoulder Team of Photo Provided by Candace Stephens

PRO division TOY-2013: 1.) BNO 2.) Victory Lane 3.) 10 Bones 4.) Diamond D Cooking Team 5.) Sweet Swine O’Mine 6.) Red Hot Smokers 7.) Bubba Grills 8.) Party Q 9.) Dixie Q 10.) Chimneyville Smokehouse

Victory Lane BBQ tied for Whole Hog Team of the Year with Boars Night Out and came out Photo by Larry Ohrberg second overall for the year.

Candace Stephens & Brad Orrison Photos Provided by Candace Stephens

Bob Denton & Jeff Toney celebrate thier win for BNO at the QueBall.

Challenger division TOY-2013 : 1.) Rib-Ka-Teers 2.) Moonlight Smokers 3.) Pork Illustrated 4.) FN’A BBQ 5.) Dang, She’s Swine BBQ 6.) Camo Cookers 7.) Uncle Pookie and the Riblets 8.) Piggin Aint Easy 9.) UPIGS/ Chancho Q,,,,,tie 10.) Bluff City Puddle Pirates

Rib-Ka-Teers won MBN Team of the Year 2013 for the Challenger Photo by Larry Ohrberg Division.

Candace Stephens, Brooke Orrison Lewis & Ashley Blackard Justice enjoy the QueBall.

Brad Orrison Congratulations Eric Dodson on their win.

MARCH 2014



Home Sweet Home for Smokin 42 BBQ By Jim Sewell GBA Vice President

It’s Home Sweet Home for Smokin 42 BBQ Smokin 42 BBQ didn’t have far to travel since the Rhythm & Ribs Festival was held in Fulwood Park right in their hometown of Tifton, Ga. The “Black Train” parlayed the home field advantage into the last call of the day and the Grand Championship. The team won the championship with their Loin entry in the finals round. Pitbuilder & Pitmaster Lonnie Smith of Bubba Grills made finals in both Loin

& Ribs along with 4th place in Pork to record the highest cumulative score across the the GBA categories in the preliminary rounds and win the Reserve Grand Championship. Smokin’ 42 BBQ took first place honors in Loin. Bubba Grills took second place with H & J Cooking Team taking third place. Fouth place went to Rub Shakers Que. Sauced Hogs Smoke Shack rounded out the top five. Sixth thru tenth in the category went Hungry Hog BBQ, Durt Road Smokerz, Smokin J’s, 92 BBQ and Swine Time Grilling Team.

Sauced Hogs Smoke Shack topped the field in Pulled Pork. 92 BBQ claimed the runner up spot. H & J Cooking Team once again took third place. Bubba Grills claimed fourth place with Captain Jack’s BBQ Crew in fifth place. Rub Shakers Que, Munchee’s Smokehouse, Mojo Smokin’, Butts N Brews BBQ & R Kae BBQ finished sixth thru tenth respectively. Rick Godfrey and Dixie Que scored a perfect 600 in the Ribs preliminary round. They followed up with the top score in the Ribs finals round to take first place in the category. Bethel

Do you have a passion for writing or photography like you do BBQ? Maybe you just would like to see your teams or friends more often in The BBQ Times? The BBQ Times is looking for folks to submit photos and stories from competitions you attend when we aren’t able to. We want to give you the best coverage in the US for competition BBQ. Contact Audrey Evans if you have something you would like to submit. Our lines are always open! • 478-218-2333 WWW.BQTIMES.COM

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Tifton GBA

Smokers finished second with Bubba Grills taking third place. Smokin J’s and Sauced Hogs Smoke Shack tied for fourth place. It went to the fourth tiebreaker before Smokin J’s claimed the spot. Sixth thru tenth places were 92 BBQ, Captain Jack’s BBQ Crew, Swine Time Grilling Team, Rib Ranch and Smokin’ 42 BBQ. In the non-sanctioned Fun Cook, young pitmaster Kason Gray of Wicked Lickin BBQ swept first place honors in all categories & captured the Grand Championship. Kason is the son of Amy & Lamar Weeks and grandson of Jimmy and Pam Nelms. The Georgia Barbecue Association expresses gratitude to the City of Tifton and the Tifton-Tift County Tourism Association for their hospitality and coordinating a great contest and event.

THE BBQ TIMES Left: Sauced Hogs Smoke Shack - First Place Pork Right: Wicked Lickin BBQ - Backyard Grand

Above: Bubba Grills Grand Champion Right: Georgia Barbecue Association Representatives handle meat turn in stations. Left: Dixie Que - First Place Ribs Below: Candid Fun Shots from the Ribs, Rhythm and Blues Festival in Tifton, Georgia.


MARCH 2014

MARCH 2014




Need to sale this smoker. Asking $2795.00 or best offer. Make an honest offer. 250gl propain tank only a few years old. Needs a good home .all four shelves pull out. I had over 16 10lb Turkey on it last year. CALL JOHN: (928) 205-9791


tio smoker, #16 of 16, added rope gaskets on all doors and lids, burns 6-8 hours on one basket of charcoal, top 10’s in all 4 categories with this smoker! Huntsville, AL. Email terrywsanford@gmail. com for more info and pics

LULA - . I’m trying to sale my custom smoker and grill mounted on 6ft by 12ft trailer. Asking $1200 CALL IKE: 404-597-6396

“Chris Lilly” Edition pa-


2011 Ole

Hickory CTO Smoker $4000 would be great in restaurant. Price is nego. Call Ed: Cell # Very large capacity. Please text or call Lester for any 770-317-6460 details 770-655-3792 First $5800.00 gets it.

$5750 for the trailer two tool boxes and a sink. Please call or text me at 4043798169. Or you can email me at

lower it and put the front casters back on. $4500 I live 10 minutes north of Tulsa, Ok. Email if you have any questions.



PERRY, GA - Stump’s SAVANNAH - BackStretch . Great shape Appox. woods Fatboy on custom 2 years old. $3500 Text 478cart for sale in Savannah, 808-2708 GA. $2500 OBO. 2 years old, always kept under shelter. Includes 5 shelves (1 never used), maze insert for charcoal pan, heat diverter, basting deflector, backwoods cover,180 degree doors. Will deliver within 3 hours of Savannah. Email cwarnerbls (at)

BROKEN ARROW Fast Eddy FE-100 (used) for sale in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (outside Tulsa, OK) $2,500 and an American Pit boss rotisserie smoker (used) for sale asking $2,400 both in great shape. Randa 918 406 3000

CARTERSVILLE, GA Deep South double chamber. Cook at two different temps. An awesome smoker only 1 year old and in excellent condition. This unit is huge needs a trailer mount or

TULSA - Stumps Monster Used less than 10 times, garage kept, practically new.. Cart has been modified so the stack can be lowered to fit in a garage and pulled around by the handle or you

GRIFFIN, GA - Stumps Monster for sale. This smoker is a little over a year and a half old. I’m sailing it for $4000 for smoker and a cart for the smoker. Sailing it for

HOUSTON - For Sale 16 ‘ enclosed concession bbq trailer. Come with lights ,plugs, sink, water tank and elec. brakes. Freshly painted inside and fairly new tires. All you need is a pit and you are ready to go or anything else you would want to use it for. Asking $3500.00 obo. ( NEW PRICE $2995.00 ) Call or email EDDIE: at 281-960-6951 or

Moultrie, GA

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Patented Design. STRONG & STURDY. David Bouska 336562 E Commercial St Chandler, OK 74834


Tines are 304 stainless FDA USDA approved. Polypro non-slip grip Dish Washer safe. Pull Pork, Shred Chicken and even Steak if you want! Follow us on

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MARCH 2014



The NEW Forest River Cook and Play 30WLA

...has been custom engineered with cooking teams in mind. Available in six colors, with or without decals, this unit is ready to dress up to suit your team’s unique identity! Features Include: • 5,500 watt Onan gas generator with 30-gallon fuel tank (optional) • Dual 4’ fluorescent lights on back deck • Dual Fan-tastic vent/exhaust fans on back deck • Removable rear railing for loading cooking gear or even a golf cart • 110V and water hookups on back deck • 4,600+ lb. cargo capacity • Diamond plate flooring on back deck • Power awning • Power tongue jack • Sliding glass door • Stainless steel countertop

Starting at $

29,900 For a limited time only!

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