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The BBQ Times “For The Folks That Want A Little Smoke In Their Life”

Volume 4• Number 4

February 2013

Table of Jack’s Old South takes it home from Apopka registering first perfect score of year in FBA event Contents ............ By Audrey Evans

Apopka, FL ...................2 Audrey Evans................4

Carl Williams Update....4 Harry Faircloth.............5 Dana Hillis...................5 Tony Wolfe.....................5 SCBA..............................7 Calendar of Events ...... 8 Winter Haven, FL ......10 Head Country...............12 Classifieds...................14

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I don’t care who you are, the feeling you get hearing your name called last at a competition nearly tops them all. It stays the same if you are truly a competition bbq’er, especially someone like Myron Mixon. If you ever sit back and watch Myron or his son Michael at a big competition they are doing well, you can see the excitement in their eyes, nervousness too. Maybe most folks don’t see that side because they aren’t looking. You can see the bond that two men have grown to have when you see them together at a contest; they always share a special hug before thinking about walking to the stage. Saturday February 9, 2013 was no different. I enjoy watching expressions of folks in that moment be-

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Photo By Audrey Evans Myron Mixon, along with his son Michael and the Jack’s Old South cook team members are shown with Chief Administrative Officer, Richard Anderson (Top Far Right), Chuck Carnesale, Contest Organizer (Bottom Middle) and Jeff Tyre, Contest Official (Bottom Far Right) after Jack’s Old South wins Grand Champion in Apopka, FL at the Old Florida Outdoor Festival February 9, 2013.

Whiskey Bent BBQ Grands Winter Haven

Smoke on the

Citrus Center Boys and Girls Club’s Pitmaster Chad Ward

Water BBQ Competition See Page 10 Photo by Aaron Asbury

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The BBQ Times

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unexpected how they will react. Jack’s Old South had just scored a perfect score in Pork and were a mere 2 points off from a Perfect Score in Brisket, which they still took first. Jack’s Old South also took fourth in Ribs that day securing the Grand Champion title and the check for $3,000. Only five hundredths of a point behind Mixon, sat Team Unknown BBQ to take home Reserve Champion. Papa Clark, Jason Whitcomb, Dorsey Odell, Jared Kramer and Damien Daniels took the stage in normal fashion after clinching a second place in chicken, third place in ribs, and seventh place in brisket. Dana “Big Papa” Hillis, pitmaster of Big Papa’s Country Kitchen claimed first place in Ribs for the day and Jimmy Brod, Pit master of Everglades Seasoning BBQ Team took home first place in Chicken. Another big moment in

the event, was when one of FBA’s own kids stepped up to the plate in the Backyard Competition. Gavin Harden and Garrett Elser cooked under the name of Two G’s Next Generation BBQ Crew and took home the gold. Gavin Harden is the son of Tommy and Jennifer Harden, pit masters of Blitzkrieg BBQ. Blitzkrieg is one of FBA’s well-known teams and Gavin has grown up around competition cooking. It was a moment that everyone in the crowd was sure happy to witness first hand. Congratulations Boys! This event had a great turn out of teams, Pro and Backyard as well as featuring great music with Lonestar playing Friday night and Gary Allen performing on Saturday. A great time had to be had by all in attendance. Chuck Carnesale and his crew put on a spectacular competition so be sure you don’t miss out in the years to come. Photos By Audrey Evans

February 2013

Old Florida Outdoor Festival Two G’s Next

Q Crew

Generation BB

Two G’s Next Generation BBQ Crew Backyard Grand Champions

Everglades Seasoning - First Place Chicken

Big Papa’s Country Kitchen First Place Ribs

Team Unknown - Reserve Champion

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1-888-762-1227 •

February 2013

The BBQ Times

Apopka, Florida

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Smokin’ Good BBQ for the Ultimate Pitmaster. EATY G M IPS N I R T OFFE & TRINOWCK RIBS BA

February 8-9, 2013 s Hand-selected Black Angus cattle s Now offering USDA Prime briskets, meaty back ribs & tri-tips s Pulled fresh from the production line s We strive for briskets with the thickest, most even flats available and offer size options

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February 2013

The BBQ Times

Busting at the seams in 2013

Harry Faircloth

President GA BBQ Association Priorities: We all have them, we all try to achieve them, we all look at others, and we all deal with them in different ways. I was outside on a windy day trimming crape myrtles, that dreaded job those of us who have them must do. The wind was blowing pretty hard and it was an uncomfortable task when it hit me that I had not prepared a

column for Audrey for February yet. So, it sorta blew in my face and said Harry get inside out of this wind and do the job that needs doing now and the crapes can be trimmed later. The Georgia Barbecue Association has set many priorities for itself over the years, some we have achieved some we are still working on and some just plain didn’t work out. You might say which ones worked, which ones didn’t work and which ones are you still working on. I will leave many of these answers up to you for only you know the ones that have worked for you and the ones that didn’t. I can say this with certainty, your present elected officials and your Board of Directors are on the same page and that page is to “Make the Georgia Barbecue Association the very best barbecue association it can be”! While some of our meetings and

discussions have run like clock-work a few have become passionately heated with the best interest of the GBA always in mind. That is the way it should be in any well-run organization, passion is a virtue and sometimes you just have to take a stand. You might not always get the results you preached for but at least you had your say, again that is the way it should be. Rest assured your Georgia Barbecue Association organization IS and will continue to work for the betterment of our organization, today and tomorrow. If at any time you have an idea, thought or observation that you think will help us please bring it to any official that you feel comfortable talking to as we are all in this together. We are all pleased to hear of Mr. Carl Williams progress, although he took a step back there for a while

class also signed up for the second class. A few of my old friends want to come to class every Sunday! We have had success with the Battle at BBQ Junction and the next event is going to be big. Clermont is going all out with television coverage and the crowds will be involved and every thing about Clermont is always huge. We are also scheduled for Fort Myers and Venice and you have got to come see these guys throw down and the fun they have. We started off in Naples where Wooley Bully won the First contest of the year, then we traveled to Fort Pierce where the cooking cowboy Forrest Fine Foods won for the second time in 3 years, then it was on to Winter Haven and cooking for the kids. Whiskey Bent was back in the Grand Champion seat ( barely edging out team Big Papa) with a well deserved win. Apopka burst onto the bbq scene with their first contest and let me tell you they are the real deal. They spoiled

everyone rotten with free adult beverages, free ice, a fantastic payout and a venue with a beautiful sunrise and 30 by 50 spaces? Can you say bbq heaven? They even had a chili contest on Sunday and Wooley Bully, Big Papa, Pops Que and 19 other teams did chili wars until late in the day. Janet said we will never stay thru Sunday ever again but Damon and I decided if they were having a midnite hot dog roasting competition on Sunday night we would have stayed for that too. The old pro himself Myron Mixon – or maybe it was Michael – took home the big paychecks. They had a perfect score in pork and a real high score in brisket to barely beat the Unknown bunch for the Grand Champion. Big Papas has landed a new charcoal sponsorship with Marco Taylor and his Forest Lumps charcoal. This stuff works cause we nearly had a perfect score in Brisket in Winter Haven. I wish I knew who the one judge was that gave out the

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it looks like he might be on the road to reentering championship barbecue competition before too long. We are all looking forward to seeing Mr. Carl and Miss Mary back as soon as feels like it. Just goes to prove, you can’t keep a good man down! Folks, yall don’t have a clue how excited I am about our spring and early summer season. I have been on the telephone and on the road many hours lately and with your help we are in store for one bodacious barbecue finale for our 2012-2013 season. There are still happenings that probably will happen and I can’t discuss them in print because final contracts haven’t been signed. All I can say is “hold onto your hats and britches” cause folks we are bustin’ at the seams. Organizers are stepping up to the plate with seven (7) figure guarantee payouts, that is like $$,$$$.00.

I always heard money talks, well that’s big money in anybody’s pocketbook, unless of course you’re Ted Turner, but what the heck does he know about barbecuing (pork that is). There are more opportunities coming to the table to travel representing The Georgia Barbecue Association. There are opportunities coming to the table to do some “More” (just can’t tell it right now) Georgia Barbecue Association public relations events on a national level. And speaking about a national level, let’s all tip our hats to Gary and Dion for their efforts and contributions up in Adairsville, Georgia cooking for a community devastated by tornadoes. I hope all of you can feel the excitement that is in the air within The Georgia Barbecue Association. Golly I feel it, maybe because there is just so much I can’t share

with you right now but I am not kidding we are in for a RIDE! If you are not a member, you should be, if you are and haven’t participated much lately ( that includes you cooks and judges), you better get on the “train” cause it is pulling out of the station now and you don’t want to be left standing there saying “I meant to go to that contest”. You cookers and judges from other associations, we don’t bite, give us a try you might like the money, the comraderie and the “whole-damn-bunch” of us. In fact, at every judges and cooks briefing we emphasize that we want you to make at least one new friend at every event. For now, remember “ It’s All About The Taste” at the Georgia Barbecue Association.

By Tony Wolfe President FLA BBQ Association The 2013 season has begun with a BANG! Two successful contests are already under our belt. January 4 & 5th in beautiful Naples, Florida twenty-three pro teams and six backyard teams participated in the Ziggy Dick’s BBQ Cook-off. Damon Wooley of Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia took Grand with a first place chicken and brisket entry. Swamp Boys secured the Reserve Grand spot with a first place pork entry. Big Papa’s Battle at Barbecue Junction was a huge success and did not stop him from turning in a first place ribs entry. Doc BBQ was a guest judge for the Battle as well as other celebrity judges from the Naples area. Four teams battled it out in three heats with Brad Kay of Lang BBQ Smokers coming out on top!

January 11 & 12 found us in Ft. Pierce, Florida for the Cowboys Pig Out hosted by Jim McCoin. This is always an enjoyable contest and this year we had the added bonus on holding the Celebrate Last Year Party at the event catered by Dan Buchanan and Jimmy Brod. The steaks were absolutely wonderful and if you left hungry it was your own fault! There 41 teams competing in the event with Forrest’s Fine Food securing Grand Champion for the second time in 3 years! Once again, Swamp Boys was in the Reserve Grand Champion spot. Once again 4 teams battled it out in another round of the Battle at BBQ Junction with Thomas Sadaka of Divine Swine pulling out the victory! February will be a busy month of contests. If you plan on attending a contest, please let the organizer know. Many will accept deposits to secure your po-

sitions and will work with you. We owe it to our organizers to communicate with them. It makes a contest very stressful when an organizer doesn’t know how many teams are coming and thus how many judges to confirm. We are looking for volunteers to help with some committees this year. If you would like to help plan the Fun Cook or the Celebrate Last Year party just let Gail Cushing know. If you have a passion for the FBA and would like to help us grow and secure sponsors – we need you. Again, contact Gail Cushing. Unfortunately, we lost one of our own. John Terrel Madden (aka Maddog – The chicken man) passed away on January 18th. He will be greatly missed. Let’s keep his memory alive by swapping stories at the next event. He lead the way and touched many lives.

Stop by a contest soon and see my buddy Marco and pick up a sample of his all natural hand packed lump

charcoal that burns as clean and hot and long as any charcoal I have used.

A Good Year To Que FBA President’s Message- February 2013

Dana Hillis

Pitmaster Big Papa’s Country Kitchen Here in the Big Papa camp something is always cooking. We recently had our 1st 2013 cooking school and it was an absolute blast. We studied bbq and how to win and definitely ate good. We have also been having backyard bbq classes and study purchasing cleaning seasoning cooking and eating some of the best backyard home cooking ever. We cook on all different types of grills and judging by the fact that most of the guys that took the first

9.5 – all the rest of the scores were perfect 10’s. I was almost in the perfect score club with some of my hero’s.

See Papa Que.... Page 13

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The BBQ Times

February 2013

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February 2013

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The BBQ Times

Changes coming to MBA scoring

Upcoming Events Feb. 22-23

Various cookers who regularly participate in the events the SCBA sanctions have, of late, offered a number of suggestions as to how they think the MBA scoring might be improved. For quite some time, the board members have discussed these suggestions among themselves and have talked with a number of cookers individually about the present scoring system.

Bands, Brews & BBQ in Port Royal

March 15-16

The SCBA board met on Thursday last and after a long discussion some changes have been voted on and will be put into place for the 2013 barbeque year. Interesting enough, as one cooker noted on the message board, “Maybe you had it right the first time,” in recalling how the MBA was first scored. Originally, the SCBA used the actual score each team received rather than a point system, and only a certain number of scores were counted rather than all of them. That way is exactly what the board has voted to institute for 2013. In other words, we have, for all practical purposes, reverted to the original system. In 2013 rather than the 20-18-16-14-12 and so on point system that we have used in the past several years, each team’s final score total will be made up of the actual score they receive in each cook-off. If the winning score is, say, 15.3 for the first place winner in an event than that will be the score used in determining the final total score rather than 20 points. This system of scoring is exactly as it was in the first several MBA scoring awards. And just like the original system a team will have only a limited number of scores used for the final tally in determining the South Carolina State Championship just as it was in the first few years of the MBA. The only difference now is the number that will be used to make the final determination.

Facebook: South Carolina Barbeque Association Online: Email:

State Barbeque Champion named

Second Annual Benefit BBQ for Boy Scouts in Sumter

March 22-23 Hub City Hog Fest in Spartanburg

March  29-30

Horsin & Hoggin BBQ Cookoff in Aiken

April 5-6

Pickens Pig Pickin’ in Easley

Lake High President and Co-Founder

Originally, when the MBA was first established, the SCBA was judging about 15 events each year. The number of scores that was set was seven, which was about half of the events that were available. If a team cooked in, say, 10 events, then the bottom three scores were dropped and only the top seven were counted. If a team cooked in 12 events, then the bottom five scores would be dropped and so on. Now the SCBA will probably judge 35 events in 2013, but the number of scores counted in the total will number only 12 rather than nearly half of the events as we originally did when the MBA was started. Under this new system if a team cooks in 15 events then only 12 scores will be counted, and the bottom three scores will be dropped in figuring the team’s total score at the end of the year. If a team cooks in, say, 20 events then the bottom eight scores will be dropped.

George King, Pitmaster of Can’t Quit Smokin,’ along with Assistant Pitmaster Gary Freeman, captured the 2012 South Carolina State Barbeque Championship for an unprecedented second straight year. King and Freeman, both of Winnsboro, said that dedication and consistency have been key in their championship BBQ. Pictured from left are second runner up, Pitmaster Jeff Smith (and his mom) of Smokin’ Stacks BBQ of Aiken, State Champions George King and Gary Freeman of Can’t Quit Smokin,’ and first runner up Sherry Teigue and Pitmaster Brian Teigue of Up In Smoke of Rock Hill. Congratulations to the top Pitmasters of the 2012 South Carolina Barbeque Association!

Likewise, if a team cooks in only 10 events rather than 12 they probably would not receive enough points to have a real chance of winning first place in the state championship. The members of your board hopes that this scoring system will give even more teams a chance to win the state championship while at the same time encouraging even more participation by an even larger number of cook teams in more events. Good luck to you all in 2013 and we will see you on the barbeque circuit!

Join us on Facebook at South Carolina Barbeque Association and be sure to LIKE us there.

Judge’s Seminar Aiken, S.C.

Attended by 100 new SCBA Judges, the Aiken seminar was one of the best yet! Our new judges were involved and motivated, and asked lots of great questions throughout the day long presentation. SCBA Executive Director Morrey Thomas said that this group will provide much need judging support to handle the large demand that new festivals have placed on Aiken and surrounding areas.

Big Brothers & Big Sisters BBQ Festival in Florence

April 12-13

Teal Chicken-Pig Pickin’ Coastal Carolina University in Conway

April 19-20

Hejaz Shriners Cook-Off in Mauldin Come See Me BBQ Cook Off in Rock Hill South Carolina / Georgia Border Cook-off in Hardeeville

April 26-27

Project Host BBQ Cook-Off in Greenville

Page 8

The BBQ Times

Calendar of Events

February 2013

You can now view our calendar online at You can even link them to your calendar on your computer with Google + If you would like your event added or updated, please send your information to

Kansas City Barbeque Society February 22-23,2013 Polar Bear Challenge Columbia, MO STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Contact: Jamey Johnson Aimee Harrison Phone: 573881-4074. March 1-2, 2013 Smokin in the Square Pensacola, FL Contact: Ivan Delabruere Phone: 850-995-0060. Fax: 850-995-0040. smokininthesquare@yahoo. com March 1-2, 2013 Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour Baton Rouge, LA Contact: KCBS OFFICE Phone: 800-963-5227. Marcb 8-9, 2013 BBQ Championship & Hog Wild Festival Mobile, AL Contact: Glenn Harger Phone: 251-479-4900. March 15-16, 2013 Don’t Be Cruel BBQ Duel Tupelo, MS Contact: Bev Crossen Phone: 662-372-2208. March 22-23, 2013 Hammond Blues and BBQ Hammond, LA Contact: Eric Phares Phone: 985-969-8172

South Carolina Barbeque Association Feburary 22-23, 2013 Bands, Brews & BBQ Port Royal, SC Contact: Janie Lackman 843-525-6257 janie(at)

March 15-16, 2013 Second Annual Benefit BBQ for Boy Scouts Sumter County Fair Grounds Sumter, South Carolina Contact: Emil Wodicka (803) 512-0921 ewodicka(at) ORBill Robinson (803) 840-3367 billbodar(at)

Georgia Barbeque Association February 22-23, 2013 Pigs & Wings Perry, GA Contact: Audrey Evans 478-218-2333 March 1-2. 2013 Plains Pig Pickin’ Plains, GA Ruth Sanders 229-824-5373 or 229-938-3835 March 8-9, 2013 Statesboro Music Festival Kiwanis Fairgrounds Statesboro, GA Jonathan Judy 229-347-5453 April 5-6, 2013 Grande Creek Pig Jam Georgia Sports Arena Swainsboro, GA Jeremy Faircloth 478-455-0868 April 12-13, 2013 Smokin Pork N Butts Fairgrounds St Jackson, GA 30233 Scott Thurston 678-209-7593

Florida Barbeque Association February 22-23, 2013 2013 Ribs On The Ridge Haines City, FL City of Haines City - Parks & Recreation Department - 555 Ledwith Avenue - Haines City, FL 33844 Holly Carter: (863)-421-996 March 2, 2013 Smokin’ in the Mangroves Santini Marina Plaza/Fish Tale Marina - Fort Myers Beach, FL Bonnie Roberts: (239)-443-8810 March 8-9, 2013 Swamp Boys Super Q School Winter Haven, FL Visit Rub Bagby’s website for details. March 15-17, 2013 Viking Fest Bar-B-Que Cookoff Fort Myers, FL Donny Overholser: 5598 Sunrise Drive - Fort Myers, FL 33902 (239)-872-7787 March 22-23, 2013 Fire Ant Festival BBQ Bash Ashburn, GA Gail Wells - Fire Ant Festival P.O. Box 2864 Ashburn, GA 31714 (229)-567-3436 March 22-23, 2013 Eagle Lake BBQ Festival Eagle Lake, FL 33839 Jim Elser (863)-585-3318 April 5-6, 2013 6th Annual Smoke on the Water BBQ Festival Thomaston, GA Bobby Bickley (706)-741-9317


April 5-6, 2013 South Florida Pro BBQ Competition Isle Casino Pompano Beach, FL Connie Davis (954)-383-2285

Memphis Barbecue Network March 22- 23, 2013 When Pigs Fly 701 Northside Drive Newton, MS Contact: Kay Crenshaw Phone: 601-479-7943 Email: April 5-6, 2013 Atoka Springfest BBQ Contest Nancy Lane Park 118 Atoka Park Ave Atoka, TN Contact: Brian Peel Phone: 901-837-5306 or 785-213-1907 Email: bpeel@townofatoka. com Apr 26 - 27, 2013 Southaven Springfest Snowden Grove Southaven, MS State Championship Contact: Kristi Faulkner Phone: 662-393-6939 or 901-461-1791 Email: kfaulkner@southaven. org May 23 - 25, 2013 Brenau Barbecue Championship 500 Washington Street SE Gainesville, GA Contact: Jim Barco Phone: 770-654-3600 or 770534-6161 Email:

February 2013

The BBQ Times

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February 8-9, 2013 The Old Florida Outdoor Festival - Apopka, FL Ribs 1. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen 2. L J Smokin 3. Team Unknown 4. Jacks Old South 5. Hot Wachula’s 6. Sweet Smoke Q 7. Saucy Swine-O’s 8. ET’s BBQ 9. Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia 10. Everglades Seasoning BBQ Team


OVERALL: 1. Jacks Old South 2. Team Unknown 3. Hot Wachula’s 4. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen 5. Uncle Kenny’s BBQ 6. Blitzkrieg BBQ 7. Glenn Bob’s BBQ 8. Git-R-Smoked 9. L J Smokin 10. Everglades Seasoning BBQ Team 11. Sweet Smoke Q 12. Budmeisters 13. Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia 14. Bull Rush BBQ 15. Curry’s Rooftop BBQ 16. Hoggin the sauce BBQ 17. Lang BBQ Smokers 18. United Pork Smokers 19. Matt Daddy’s BBQ 20. Great Lakes BBQ Feed Company

763.53330 763.03332 760.48331 760.31665 757.61662 755.95000 754.96665 754.68334 752.48334 751.61664 751.19998 749.79999 747.94999 747.83330 746.90000 743.76667 742.49998 741.90001 741.29998 740.71668

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

194.79999 193.84999 193.40000 193.38334 191.63332

Everglades Seasoning BBQ Team Team Unknown Git-R-Smoked Uncle Wendy’s BBQ Hogs Gone Wild BBQ

1. Jacks Old South 2. Budmeisters 3. Glenn Bob’s BBQ 4. Bull Rush BBQ 5. Matt Daddy’s BBQ 6. Curry’s Rooftop BBQ 7. Git-R-Smoked 8. Sweet Smoke Q 9. All Racked Up 10. Lang BBQ Smokers chicken


6. Blitzkrieg BBQ 7. Bull Rush BBQ 8. Matt Daddy’s BBQ 9. United Pork Smokers 10. Wooley Bully BBQ Mafia

195.04999 192.61667 192.19999 191.71665 191.25000 188.88333 188.11668 187.96665 187.75000 187.19999

Brisket 1. Jacks Old South 2. Uncle Kenny’s BBQ 3. Hot Wachula’s 4. Wolfe Brothers BBQ 5. M&E BBQ 6. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen 7. Team Unknown 8. Bull Rush BBQ 9. United Pork Smokers 10. Blitzkrieg BBQ

200.00000 196.93332 196.23332 193.89998 192.69999 191.73333 191.68333 191.28332 191.26667 191.26666

Backyard 1. Two G’s Next Generation BBQ Crew 754.91664 2. Chow’n Down the Q 745.33332 3. Big Rack BBQ 735.61665 4. Serial Smokers 732.28333 5. Hilljack BBQ 726.83332 6. Double Deuce Smokin BBQ 724.91667 7. Parrothead Porkers 723.91665 8. 2nd Hand Smoke 715.31667 9. Swamp Gatorz 714.74997 10. 3-C Barbecue 711.60001

190.76668 190.76666 190.49999 190.30001 189.85000

198.08332 194.54999 193.61666 193.58334 192.94999 190.80000 189.80001 189.53333 189.33332 189.11666

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Citrus Center Boys and Girls Club’s Smoke

Page 10

The BBQ Times

Photos submitted by Frank Csomos Taken by Aaron Asbury

RESULTS OVERALL: 1. Whiskey Bent BBQ 2. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen 3. Uncle Kenny’s BBQ 4. Get-Cha-Some BBQ 5. Smoky Dog 6. Swamp Boys 7. Fatt Ashes BBQ 8. Hot Wachula’s 9. Forrest’s Fine Foods 10. Bub-Ba-Q 11. Team Unknown 12. Good Buddies BBQ 13. Boca BBQ 14. Kick the Tire, Light the Fire 15. Wooley Bully BBQ 16. Divine Swine BBQ Team 17. Git R Smoked 18. Florida Skin And Bones 19. FBA Black Sheep BBQ 20. All Fired Up And Kicking Ash

769.71665 766.01665 764.24998 764.13331 763.81667 761.64999 761.29998 760.74997 757.63332 757.53332 756.73332 756.28333 752.19997 751.86668 751.63332 749.65000 749.21664 748.91666 747.99998 746.61664

BACKYARD: 1. Fat Bastard BBQ 2. Jamkin Me Hungry 3. Fired N Wired 4. Second Hand Smoke 5. Rub Me Tender 6. Two Breasts and a Butt 7. Back Country BBQ 8. Buttweiser 9. Awada B Smokin 10. After Ours BBQ

718.83333 717.10000 716.35002 713.78333 700.68335 692.03334 690.53335 689.08334 688.58332 681.51665

Reserve Champion Big Papa’s Country Kitchen

Chicken: 1. Hot Wachula’s 2. Smoky Dog 3. Uncle Kenny’s BBQ 4. FBA Black Sheep BBQ 5. Get-Cha-Some BBQ 6. Good Buddies BBQ 7. Boca BBQ 8. Swamp Boys 9. Whiskey Bent BBQ 10. Bub-Ba-Q Ribs : 1. Fatt Ashes BBQ 2. Collision Course BBQ 3. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen 4. Wooley Bully BBQ 5. Kick the Tire, Light the Fire 6. Sweet Smoke Q 7. Get-Cha-Some BBQ 8. Team Unknown 9. Newman’s BBQ 10. Bubba Chuck BBQ

First Place Chicken Hot Wachula’s

on the 197.11665 195.50000 195.08332 194.74999 193.61666 193.60000 193.36666 193.13333 192.89999 192.88333 195.76666 195.05000 193.63333 193.59999 192.00000 191.96667 191.53332 191.49999 189.18332 189.14999


February 2013

BBQ Competition

PORK: 1. Boca BBQ 2. Whiskey Bent BBQ 3. Swamp Boys 4. Uncle Kenny’s BBQ 5. Florida Skin And Bones 6. Hot Wachula’s 7. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen 8. Good Buddies BBQ 9. QUE Crew 10. Smoky Dog

195.96666 195.51666 195.26666 195.06666 194.79999 193.36666 192.43332 192.19999 191.98333 191.96667

Brisket: 1. Big Papa’s Country Kitchen 2. Git R Smoked 3. Get-Cha-Some BBQ 4. All Fired Up And Kicking Ash 5. Whiskey Bent BBQ 6. Divine Swine BBQ Team 7. Team Unknown 8. Smoky Dog 9. The Woodhouse Grill 10. Fatt Ashes BBQ

199.28332 197.88332 196.45000 196.21666 193.83334 193.34999 193.33333 191.71666 191.23333 189.41666

Backyard Grand Champion Fat Bastard BBQ

First Place Ribs Fatt Ashes BBQ

February 2013

The BBQ Times

4th Annual

Smokin’ Pork N Butts •Pulled Pork • Pork Loin • Pork Ribs • Sauce •From the Water •Brunswick Stew • Poultry

April 12-13, 2013 The Exchange Club of Jackson’s Fairgrounds Friday April 13, 2012 Gates Open 3PM to Public

Gannon Adams Band starts at 7PM

Saturday April 14, 2012 Gates Open 10Am This event will conclude at 5PM on Saturday. (Still accepting Vendors for Friday and Saturday as well as Cook-Teams.)

For more Information Please Contact: Scott Thurston @ 678-209-7593

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February 2013

The BBQ Times

Head Country Fit’s the Mold for BBQ Sauce! By Audrey Evans Editor

The year was 1945. Donovan Fred Head, known affectionately as “Uncle Bud,� was home from World War II and his service as a cook on a naval destroyer. Getting back into the rhythms of Oklahoma ranch life felt good, but so did tinkering at the stove and recalling the recipes he served up to his fellow sailors. One such recipe was for a bar-b-q sauce that used wholesome ingredients easily found in a Navy ship’s kitchen: ketchdition In May E

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Inside This Issue


24 Pages



t: Dorsey k left to Righ and Clar Pictured Bridgette er, and Odell, , Lee Point Whitcomb comb.  4FF1BHF Jason Whit







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Fill out the form below and mail to: The BBQ Times P.O. Box 1710 Perry, GA 31069 478-218-2333














BY AUDRE Y ties for a cook-off. Friday EVANS night, cook-te ams and guest and his son Josh, who EDITOR at the contest make On July enjoyed hear- up team Budmeister, made 27, ing one of their a cook-off to it 2012 eighty own, Dorsey remember addthree Odell of ing his Unknown of the top BBQ pionshi third Grand Chamcook Competition p of the season teams in the South take the stage Cook Team taking and home $3,150 east headed as opening in cash act to for national Live Oak, Florida recording artist money. Team Budme Jamie Davis. ister ďŹ nished to compete the cook-of in the f with a As Saturda ďŹ rst place pork Smokin’on turn-in, the Su- rolled around, y morning place ribs and ninth ďŹ fth wannee cook-of the smoke had ďŹ lled the air. place This cook-of f. Teams compet chicken. f is ed for over Bill and Teresa $13,000 in prizessanctioned by the in the categor Tanner, head cooks Florida Barbec ies of B & T Cook ue Pork, Ribs and of Brisket, Team, out Association of Thomasville, and only one could Chicken but Georgia held at the took home take home Reserve Spirit the grand Champion prize and top of the Suwann with their brag- place ee ging rights brisket, seventh third music park, of the year. which couldn’t It pork and place have been is ďŹ lled tenth place an easy chicken with feat with at the compet the teams on wonderful ition. ameni- roster but this 4FF4NPLJOP Thomas Henry OUIF





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The BBQ Times


&:&7"/4 Top Photo Above: Thomas Henry and his son, Josh of team Budmeister took home Grand Champion. Bottom Photo Above: & T Cook Team, Bill B Teresa Tanner & took home Mike Reserve Payne and Grand Chambragging rights Stu Wintrode with pion. Hogs on the    July 14, 2012. as Grand Champion Sauce walked   of SmokinĘź away with See Page 13    Up A Storm top for more on   in Norman, this event.    OK on





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up, brown sugar, distilled vinegar, Worcestershire sauce and spices. Uncle Bud’s “Head Country BarB-Q Sauce� proved just as popular with the neighbors as it was with his sailors! So many neighbors made the trip to buy fruit jars of the stuff that Uncle Bud decided to make it easier on his adoring fans. Head Country went retail in feed stores. Through the years the family’s bar-b-q sauce recipe became increasingly popular. Uncle Bud felt it was getting too much to handle out of his ranch house kitchen so he sold the recipe in 1977 to his nephew, Danny Head. Danny, himself a successful oilfield construction contractor, knew the sauce was too good to let go. After three years of juggling both the oilfield and bar-b-q sauce businesses, Danny had to make a choice. As they say, timing is everything. Danny sold his oilfield construction business in 1980, just months before the oil boom went bust. From those proceeds he moved his family from Shidler, Oklahoma, to Ponca City and set up the bar-b-q sauce manufacturing plant in an old WWII Royal Air Force training barracks near the Ponca City Airport. In 1995 Head Country moved to our new manufacturing plant. Three plant additions

have doubled our size. Despite the dizzying growth, we are proud to still be a family-owned company. Now that you’ve gotten a little taste in their history, let me fill you in on what I found when using the products. I started with the Original Head Country BBQ Sauce, not knowing what to expect but knowing it was the “Originalâ€? so it must be good right. Once I got a good taste, I immediately knew what the entire rave was about. It had an almost perfect flavor profile with the perfect hint of smoke. I also got a taste of the hickory and hot; they were perfect too‌not too much hickory and not too much heat. Just right! I also received some of the All Purpose Championship Seasoning. Let me tell you, I understand why it’s called championship and why so many competition teams on the circuit use it. I have used it on everything from steaks, chicken and ribs. When we smoked the ribs, I used the seasoning plus the original BBQ sauce. You could really taste the garlic, pepper and sugar that were mixed together. Another great plus in the product I found is NO MSG, it’s gluten free and they have NO artificial ingredients. What more could you really ask for in a sauce and rub? Give it a try, I bet “One Taste will Hook You!â€?

February 2013


If you are in Naples stop in at St. Monicas every Wednesday and get some good bbq and pick up a sample of Forrest Lumps charcoal. Tell me you read about it in woods n water and get a free bag. Also listen in to Joe Whiteheads radio show on Saturday mornings and win some Big Papas BBq sauce and also some charcoal! A big shout out to Matt with Hot Wachulas for taking the lead in the team of the year race for the first time! Matt is one of the best cooks in the country and even the world. He is a best bet to win just by showing up. I think his new truck is carrying a little extra mojo and it sure

seems to be working. Congrats to the Swamp Boy for getting picked to act in this years Pitmasters show! Rub is a class act and I hope I can get his autograph before he moves to Hollywood. If the best cook wins then Swamp Boys will be your Champion! A bunch of us are chasing the Sams club dream starting in Tampa this week. Troy Black runs this contest and is truly a class act and works hard to make this a good series. You want to be in the Top 6 so you can move on to the next round but if you finish out of the top 6 it does save a lot of travel. (that does take a little of the sting out of losing) The trip to Bentonville is a long way

Looking for a superior gravity feed charcoal smoker?

Joby Stanaland

(678) 807-9564

The BBQ Times but it sure is a lot of fun. They go all out for the teams at the finals and it is always fun to hang out with Troy. Our next backyard class is March 3rd – email me for more info – We cook on Green Eggs, Fast Eddy PG500 and FE100, Webers, Stumps, Orions, Meadow Creek cookers and a Jambo and whatever other cool cookers we come up with. Get out to a contest, come judge, cook or just take in all the great aroma. Make sure you come to Venice and see Myron – he plans to sit around and talk bbq with any one who wants to listen. Bless our troops and bring our families home safe. I miss you pop.

Superior Smokers builds the finest, most affordable, hand-crafted barbeque smokers available! Only the highest quality materials are used by our skilled, state-of-the-art, manufacturing team.

461&3*0326"-*5:r461&3*037"-6&r461&3*038"33"/5:r461&3*033&46-54 WWW.SUPERIORSMOKERS.COM


$UAL 3ANCTIONED Presented by

A Professional BBQ Event Sanctioned by

The Memphis BBQ Network Grand Champion


Total Pr Packa ize ge:

wins a Private Label Sauce Bottling Deal,

that will see Harvey’s Supermarkets place the sauce on the shelves of their Supermarkets all across the South.





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The BBQ Times

The BBQ Times


February 2013 Join our new group on Facebook: The BBQ Times Free Classifieds. Listings are updated daily, and select listings will appear each month on the classified page in the paper. Let us help sell your USED BBQ ITEMS for FREE! Place your business ad on this page for as little as $25 or $50, and get on our website too. Email for more information.


S. CAROLINA Traeger BBQ150/XL pellet cooker for sale. Approx. 2-3 y/o. Will deliver within certain mileage radius. Located in Upstate SC, $1000. Call 864-230-1357.

TEXAS ATLANTA TEXAS For sale 8 rack rotisserie 2 years old inside is stainless , also has heat control on trailer this baby will cook. I’m wanting to pellet for my catering work that’s the only reason I’m selling it its a nice pit. Asking 5800.00 Call: 903-826-2555

ack @ 940-390-6864


GEORGIA A DigiQ 2 with new probes and 10cm fan for sale. Asking $200! Contact Jonathan Timmons @ 770-876-1116

Southern Pride BBR-79-3, asking $7,000. Contact Jim Paddack @ 940-390-6864

Southern Pride SPK-500 -SLSE, all stainless, on a Southern Pride Trailer. Asking $12,500. Contact Jim Paddack @ 940-390-6864

Southern Pride 1400 SLSE, very clean. Asking $16,000. Contact Jim Padd-

Cook Trailer For Sale:We are asking $8500 Firm........2002 Campmaster by Roadmaster Toy Hauler Fully contained. Electric furnace, refrigerator, and microwave. Set up as GREAT cook trailer. 12’ living with jackknife sofa and table that co nverts to a bed also, 6’ prep section’ and 6’ storage with diamond plate rear door..... we cook on rear gate as pics show. New Awning.1year old....Checkerboard. 4 New tires in last 4 months. We have outside hot water hook up for secondary sink. 2nd A/C put in middle 6 foot prep section...this trailer will freeze you!!!!! Specially made Cabinets for middle 6 ‘section with countertops, one side has three large drawers for storage and is

Richard Horne



tall for food prep and blind box building. We also have a removable homemade awning to cover cooker on rear gate if it’s raining. Takes 3 minutes to install or remove. Contact Robby Royal: 229222-1070

cookies etc. These were on my competition trailer and have been replaced with new cookers. There are only 3 of these ovens ever built. Asking $ 1,500.00 for each. The cooker retails for $ 3,000.00 new and the oven retails for $ 4000.00. Contact me at jay@spicewineironworks. com if you are interested.

FLORIDA Stumps Classic. Just removed from enclosed trailer that was sold. As is: $2800.00 Freshly painted $3250.00 Contact Danny Evans 478-808-2708


I have a Spicewine Ironworks Modified Medium Smoker and a Spicewine Ironworks Charcoal fired Oven ( No smoke in the cooking chamber ) works just like your oven at home for cakes,

16 ft. Gator Tail Trailer insulated with A/C, Indoor / Outdoor Carpet, Electric outlets inside and out, MUCH better than being under a pop-up. ONLY $4500. Call Larry Johns @ 386-867-1624 or E-mail

2004 Cargo Express Toy Hauler Set Up For Competition BBQ! 14 Ft. Living Quarters has 2 Beds , Bathroom with Full Shower, Stove, Microwave, Plenty Of Storage A/C And Heat 12 Ft. Cargo Area built into a prep kitchen with large stainless sink with drain board with hot water, 2 Stainless Prep Tables, Storage Cabinets, Framed insulated wall with door in back to close you off from outside, Stereo With Speakers Inside And Out, Outside Led Lighting Heavy Duty Ramp For Cooker, A/C in back area as well. ONLY $8500! Call Larry Johns @ 386-867-1624 or Email

February 2013

The BBQ Times

Bubba Grills

Page 15

A Southern Cooking Creation

Located right in the Heart of Central Georgia in Haddock, GA.


The Bubba Grills Cooking Experience Coming Soon!

Sign up today and Come cook with Team Bubba Grills at Memphis in May in 2013!

7bbKd_jiDem9ec[IjWdZWhZM_j^$$$ 15” Tires • 3500 lbs. Axel Cast Iron Fire Starter in the Smoke Box Safety Door Catch on Lift Doors • Stainless Flex Regulators 2 Full Length Sliding/Removable Racks • Protected Lights & Wires WE KEEP SOME MODELS IN STOCK & CUSTOM UNITS ARE BUILT IN LESS THAN 20 DAYS!

We are Family Owned, Come Join our Bubba Grills family!

478-288-1433 • Email or Call Today for a Custom Quote (Please include your name & phone number in email.)

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The BBQ Times

February 2013

'RANDE #REEK 0IG *AM April 5-6, 2013

WWWPIGJAMBBQCOM Live Entertainment Friday Night The LACS Featuring songs from their new


album 190 Proof, featuring songs with Big & Rich, Bubba Sparxxx and Crucifix.

This location features in front of 228 Full Service Pull Through RV Spaces available for Cook Teams. All spaces equipped with water and 30 or 50 amp electrical service.

ead at the This event h rts Arena Georgia Spo

Minimum Payout Guaranteed


The Georgia Sports Arena is an 82,000 sq. ft venue

hosting arena for Equestrian Events, Races, Rodeos, Concerts, Tractor Pulls and other Community Events.

Located at 1093 GA Hwy 56 South, Swainsboro, GA 30401

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BBQ Times 02/2013  

BBQ Times 02/2013