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STINKY SMELL SMELT ISAAC AND MICKEY FIND A STINKY SMELL! On Wednesday morning Isaac awoke to a smell. He asked his friend Mickey to help him find out what it was. They searched Mummy’s and Daddy’s bedroom and found no stinky smells. Then they looked in Isaac’s room and they smelt no stinky smells. After this they went into the kitchen and smelt no stinky smells. Isaac then needed a wee so he headed to the bathroom. Whilst in bathroom the Isaac and Mickey had a cheeky sniff and smelt no stinky smells. Then Mickey smelt something coming from the front room – what could it be? Isaac and Mickey headed toward the front room and the stinky smell got stronger. They got to the front room and it was super stinky! They looked high, low and behind everything for this stinky smell. Isaac and Mickey followed their noses and found the stinky was stinky cheese coming from the television. This was another mystery solved by Isaac and Mickey and their trusty noses.

JONTI COMES HOME! After three years missing Jonti was found in Tunbridge Wells. Nanny Elaine was very sad when Jonti went missing but now he is found she is very happy. Isaac met Jonti and then went to Lark-about with Daddy, Mummy, Nanny Elaine, Steve, Aunty Gemma, Skye and Kaiser. Aunty Gemma and Skye got stuck and then they found their way out. Isaac had a great time.


Got a story for the IDM News? Tell Isaac and he will decide of its worth running with.


On Saturday whilst Mummy was at a Baby Shower at Aunty Neat’s house Isaac and Daddy decided to make pizza and have a pizza party! They went to Tesco to buy the ingredients. These included bread for the base, tomato puree, cheese, bacon, mushrooms and an onion. When they got home they began preparing the pizza. Isaac and Daddy began by preparing the base by squirting and spreading the tomato puree all over it. Isaac then took responsibility for grating lots of cheese which he did brilliantly! Daddy cut and cooked the bacon, mushrooms and an onion for his pizza. Isaac topped the tomato puree covered bases in cheese. Once this was complete Daddy topped his pizza with the bacon, mushrooms and onion he had already prepared. Daddy placed the pizza in the oven – ovens are for adults because they are hot – and waited 20 minutes for them to cook. Daddy then removed from the oven and the pizza eating commenced. Isaac said “The pizza party was brilliant and they tasted delicious.”

BABY ON BOARD MUMMY GOES TO BABY SHOWER What’s the story at the Baby Shower? Mummy had a baby shower. They had a lots fun and silly games at the girls only party because baby is nearly here.

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