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Skateboarding isn’t your average sport. Check out the contrast between a traditional sport and a non-traditional sport: skateboarding, and how the gap between the two is slowly shrinking.

Teams and Sponsors

Just like any sport, skateboarding has teams and sponsors. In skateboarding, teams don’t have sponsors. Instead, sponsors have teams. For instance Paul Rodriguez is sponsored by Plan B skateboards, Nike SB footwear, and Silver trucks. Vicariously, he is on the Plan B team, the Nike SB team, and the Silver Team.


Skateboarding doesn’t have a Sunbelt conference. Pro skaters still travel often with select teams on tours. Some skate teams have regular worldwide tours.


Instead of traditional games where teams go head to head skateboarders compete in events like the x-games and streetleague. In these competitions, skaters compete as individuals without a team. Thrasher Magazine’s King of the Road(KOTR) is a kind of skateboarding competition that involves teams but is anything but traditional. In this competition, skate teams travel across america and perform selected tricks as well as wacky objectives to win money, respect, and the cover of Transworld Skateboarding magazine.

No Coaches No Stadiums No 6a.m. Practices No Regulations No Scholarships

Skateboarding is different than most sports, but is transitioning towards becoming an average traditional sport. “From snowboarding to drag racing, new ideas in athletics have mushroomed over the last 10 years..... As a result, today’s kids have a host of new athletic options to choose from. Many excellent athletes are picking up a skateboard over a baseball mitt, and when it comes time for high school sports, they don’t participate.”


--Dennis Read,

It’s only a matter of time before Skateboarding, along with other non-traditional sports, becomes widely accepted the same way as basketball or football. An event that will signify this transformation will be the induction of skateboarding into the olympics. “As far as the Summer Games go, the Olympics needs skateboarding more than skateboarding needs them” -Tony Hawk, pro skateboarder

Skateboard design illustration by Gavin Ezell

Who knows. With the direction skateboarding is traveling, maybe WKU will eventually have their own skate team.

Skateboarding: A Non-traditional Sport  

To provide some contrast between skateboarding and traditional sports.

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