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Everyday Lives in XS Is this what we do ?

Or do we do this? By. Gavin Cua and Rylee Dela Cruz Everyday lives in Xs #1 issue FEBRUARY

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Everyday lives in Xs #1 issue FEBRUARY

SLEEPING!!! EVERY teacher’s worst enemy.


leeping in class is a big problem to some teachers but to students it may

seem like a good thing but it can also be a bad thing.


o the teacher it is a sign that the student is not paying attention and does

not care about the lesson so the first reaction of the teacher would be to scold the student and give him a warning or sometimes ask him a question about the lesson to see if he knew it but sometimes the student is sleeping because he may not feel well or is already sick.


o the student it is a bad thing because one, he will not be able to learn the

current lesson in class. Two, the teacher will give him a warning or just sanction him immediately. Three, he may be embarrassed by the teacher because the teacher may call him and won’t know the lesson and thus making foolish.


ven though there are many bad sides to sleeping in class to the student but

there are some benefits to the student too like it will make him feel refreshed and energized after the class and will provide some entertainment to the class. But still even though there are good sides you should never sleep in class because there are just too many bad effects to it so to prevent this from happening you have a better sleeping time and you should fix your schedule to maybe give some time for a quick nap. Everyday lives in Xs #1 issue FEBRUARY


SPORTS!! Every child’s dream.

What is the first word you would think when you hear about sports? Is it about how you sweat or do something you love doing. For me as an athlete I think of sport as a thing that i love to do everyday, but , even if I say this i love to do many different kind of sports like soccer, baseball, lion dance or other different kind of sports. Basically what i am saying now is that we are still kids and we can like any sport we want. We can like two sports, or even three, like me. So no matter what you think is the best, but it is how you practice and be good at it and to be able to enjoy the sport.

Everyday lives in Xs #1 issue FEBRUARY


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