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Tutoriales GloboSchool – Settings and Configuration


Tutoriales GloboSchool – Settings and Configuration

General Settings: Path: Dashboard – Settings – General Settings What all things you can do in General Settings? ● Enter the Institution Name, Address, Phone Number, Attendance type, Currency Used ● Upload the institution Logo FAQ: ●

Where can I upload the logo of my School? ○ If you click on Settings icon, it will take you to configuration page. In this you can see the general settings link. If you go to this link, you can see the tab to upload your logo. Where can I see the saved school / college details? ○ All the reports generated will have the Institution details at the top of the document. Logo of your institution will replace the Fedena default logo. I can see two checkbox in General settings page, what is this for? ○ If you select the checkbox, during the admission detail entry, the admission number of Students and employees will be incremented by one for each new entry. If you want to give custom admission number, you can uncheck this checkbox

Manage Courses / Batches: Path: Dashboard – Settings – Manage Courses / Batches What all things you can do in Manage Courses / Batches? ● Add course Name – Click on Manage course, click on New, Enter the course and section name and Course Code ● Enter Initial batch details ● Enter Batch start date and end date ● Enter the grades FAQ: ●

How to add a new course? ○ If you go to manage courses link, you can see a link, new at the top right corner of the screen, click on that link. You can now enter the course name, section name and batch name and batch start and end date and create the course. If the course is successfully created, it will be displayed in the manage course page.

Tutoriales GloboSchool – Settings and Configuration

What is the difference between Course and Batch? ○ You can have different batches in the same course. For example you can have a batch starting in June2010 for Degree in Political science, and a batch starting in December 2010 for the same course.

I am not able to delete a course, while deleting it shows, Unable to Delete. Please remove existing batches and students. But there are no students added, how can I delete the course? ○ For deleting a course, you have to make sure that all the batches created inside the course should be deleted. For deleting a batch, you have to make sure that all the students enrolled in the batch are deleted.

How can I transfer a batch? ○ Go to Manage batches link in the courses home page. If you go to manage batches page, you can see a link, Batch Transfers at the top right corner. Click on that link. You can select the batch in each of the course created. All the courses will be listed in a dropdown table, if you select a course, all the active batches in this course will be listed down, click on the batch to be transferred. It will take you to transfer page. You can select to which higher batch, the batch is to be transferred. If some of the students don’t meet the eligibility criteria to be transferred to higher classes, you can uncheck the check box and that student will remain in the current batch.

What happens to the current batch if all the students are transferred to the new batch? ○ The batch will become deactivated and it won’t be shown in the active batch.

If I go to batch transfer, I can see a link Graduation. What is this for? ○ If a batch completes the studies in a respective institution, the whole batch will be transferred as former batch using this link. The students in these batches will be automatically listed as former students. You can take the TC for the whole batch with one click on Generate TC for ALL button. ○ If the students are graduated, they will be automatically considered as former students.

I have created a new batch for a course. The subjects allotted for this batch is same as the earlier batch, do I have to create all the subjects once again? ○ No, you can directly assign the subjects to the new batch in the same course. For this go to manage batches link and select the batch for which you want to assign the subjects as in the last batch. Select the batch and you can see a page in which the students in that batch will be listed out. You can see a link, Subjects at the top right corner of the page. Click on that link and it will take you to a page, Assign Subjects in which you can see a link ‘Assign old batch subjects’, go to this link and it will show the subjects in the previous batch. Now if you want to assign these subjects to the new batch, click on select all or else you can individually select the subjects you want to transfer. The selected subject name will disappear and a message will be displayed like the selected subjects are added to the batch at the top of the page.

Tutoriales GloboSchool – Settings and Configuration

Manage Subjects: Path: Dashboard – Settings – Manage Subjects What all things you can do in Manage Subjects? ● Add Subjects ● Add Elective Subjects FAQ: ● What is the difference between Normal and Elective subjects? ○ In a class, Normal subjects are applicable to all students. Elective subjects can have more than one subject from which students can opt for their choice of subjects. ●

How the Elective Group Works? ○ Suppose there is an Elective group, Elect 1 which consists of the following subjects – German, French, Spanish and Chinese. If there are 30 students in a class, 12 can opt for German, 8 can opt for French, 3 can opt for Spanish and 7 can opt for Chinese.

How to add Elective subjects and assign students to it? ○ In manage subjects page, select the batch to which elective group is to be added. Here you can see add Elective group. Click on this link and you can see a popup asking for the details such as Elective group name, code and maximum classes. Enter the details and click on save and the new elective group will be added. ○ To add subjects to the Elective group, click on the elective group, now you can see add button at the top right corner, you can add the subjects by entering the details ○ After entering the subjects, against each subject you can see assign students link, click on the link and you can assign the students by clicking on assign link against each students, who ever has opted for that elective subject

Manage Student Categories: Path: Dashboard – Settings – Manage Student Categories What all things you can do in Manage Student Categories? ● Add different student category FAQ: ● What is a Student category and why do we need to create student Category? ○ In Institutions, there may be fee concession for some categories such as Handicapped students, foreign nationals, reserved category by the government etc. If we create student categories, while admission of student, it will ask which category the student belongs to.

Tutoriales GloboSchool – Settings and Configuration

Add admission additional details: Path: Dashboard – Settings – Add admission additional details What all things you can do in Manage Student Categories? ● Add extra details about the student while admission like Passport number, Social security number, bank account number and whatever extra details are needed. FAQ: ● What all details can be added in this and where can I see the added details? ○ You can add whatever extra information is needed about the student like the Passport number, Social Security Number, Pan card Number, Bank account number etc. ○ This will be shown in the Student admission page after entering the student and parent details; it will ask for the extra details that you have entered in this add admission additional details section.

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