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Backstabbed ..A conspiracist editorial

Recently, OFS released an announcement that they were planning to do away with the traditional form of teaching in classrooms and switch to an online curriculum that will soon be implemented. But some are not assured. Why has a respected individual labelled the change as a double-edged sword? This raised many mixed responses from the affected stakeholders. “Our children will have a chance at a new learning experience and this change has all the features to make it a success.” beamed Ms. Nye Ki, young parent of 2 kids, both studying at OFS. Positive feedback was received all round but still some doubts lingered amongst few. Richard Glover, however, scrutinized the decision, by labelling the change as a ‘double-edged sword’ to the children. “Student’s increasing dependency on technology in every aspect of of their academic lives is a double edged sword.” Mr. Glover is a long-established High School English teacher at OFS.

(“Medaino-Tardiff, Audrey”)

What we can take out of Mr.Glover’s quote, who is an important person amongst the teaching circle at OFS, is that there is definitely something with the use of technology that will do considerable damage to the students. Perhaps if we look beyond the sparse bonuses of the online curriculum, we can find dangerous repercussions that could arise with the overdose of technology in the student’s academics that the school

may have stayed silent about. You might start to say, “There are many more positive responses to the decision that that of the negatives.” Yes, the stats may say that, but in reality, all the praise for this announcement is primarily received from parents, children and the Board. These people have not got a proper idea of what it really takes for the students to be educated in the right manner as much as a battle-hardened teacher would. Thus the weight behind the experienced teacher’s statement is more credible and in this case far more appropriate than that of a parent, child or even the Board. Mr.Glover’s statement comes a day after Professor X, a renowned scholar, produced a brief study discussing why, in fact, students are found to be guilty of getting distracted far more easily with an electronic gadget in the room while working. “The traditional methods of whiteboards and markers have proved to be the most effective medium of learning for the average student.” commented Professor X. Suddenly, the statement made by Mr. Glover seems to be more plausible. And for someone with such importance in the school’s current system, we can fully expect his views to be shared by many other ‘veterans’ in the faculty room. Have the Board been allowed to sugar coat the implications that an online school will hold? They should not be able to brainwash the parents and children to convince them to follow their lead..the other side of the story has never been released by someone with such great understanding of the school system, so should the advice be heeded or shall the profit making shepherd control the unsuspecting sheep. . . You decide.

Rationale As conspiracy theorists, I put our own brand of spin on the quote of Mr.Glover by selecting and emphasizing on the negative connotations of his quote and omitting the positives that he could have meant. This makes the audience assume that the whole quote was directed in a scrutinizing way and that helped fit in with our conspiracy of the Board misleading the students and parents. Selecting sources like parents, whom appeared to be ‘brainwashed’ by the Board gave the readers a feel that perhaps all the positive responses were made by naive people. And using a renowned scholar gave weight to Mr.Glover’s quote. The picture shows a teacher against the use of technology in a stern manner, sort of the reaction Mr.Glover has in the quote.

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An editorial completed by a group of conspiracy theorists based on a fictitious claim about their school adopting an online curriculum and a...