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Own Goal Did you know? A full sized football field is between 100-120m long and 64-75m width.


My personal article Football is a game between two teams with eleven I have always liked football, and started playing it at the age of 9. My uncle got me into it, and since then I am hooked. I think it is the greatest sport in the world because everybody can play it and requires different skills in every position so different people are welcomed in every team. GG.

Possible career options Most boys who play football dream to be professional footballer. But you really have to work very hard to become a professional football player. You will need a great discipline and will power to achieve your goals. It is very hard but if you can be professional then it is very rewarding as it is very fun and very well paid. But to be a player is not the only career option. There are many jobs connected to the game, like managers and other staff members. GG.

Each player must agree 'to play to the best of his skill and ability at all times'. Football is the most popular sport in the world, played by around 250 million players in the world. American football and English football is not the same sport! In North America football is called soccer. GG.

Subject Wordlist . Team – A group of players, coaches and other stuff that compete for the championship. Preseason – When the teams play games before the real season starts. Relegate – The team that comes in the last two places go down a league. Transfers – When one team buys a player from another team.

Free agent- A player that is out of contract

Christmas 2004 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● Your Family’s Name ● (242) 555-0193

Profile 1: Ryan Giggs

Profile 3: David Beckham Profile 2: Cristiano Ronaldo

Ryan Giggs is a professional football player, currently playing for Manchester United and is also coach there. Ryan was born in Cardiff 29.November 1973, he was discovered by United coaches for his unique technique and his great work ethic. He played his first game when he 18 years old and scored in the Manchester derby. Ryan Giggs was commonly known for his speed and technique when he was running up and down the left wing at Old Trafford. Ryan has never been chasing the fame or the money, he just wanted to play for the club he loves. The fans really appreciate that kind of players and he has been a wonderful servant to club. Since he made his debut he has played in 959 games, which is a club record. I chose Ryan because he really is such a great guy, he has always been one of the clubs top players and I really like his persona and style. GG.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a professional football player, who currently plays for Real Madrid. He is the best player in the world and won ballon d‘or in 2014. Ronaldo is Portuguese and started his career at Sporting Lisbon. Then he was bought to Manchester United at the age of 18. There he played for six years and developed into the best player in the world, when he first won ballon d’or in 2008. Ronaldo plays as a winger or a striker. He is known for his unique technique, strength and his goal scoring ability. Ronaldo is very popular figure in the world and many admire him for his talent and the girls really love his look. Ronaldo then became the most expensive player in the world in 2009 when Real Madrid bought him for 80 million pounds. Ronaldo is my favourite player in the world, and I really look up to him and love the way he plays.

David Beckham is a retired football player and is currently owner of Miami football team. He was born in London, England. David is probably the first real superstar in football. Everybody in the world knows Beckham. He is still the richest football player in world and is very popular. He is most famous for playing for Manchester United in his primetime. He grew up at the club and played his first game when he was 17. He also played as a winger and is known for his passing ability and free kick taking. He was one of the leaders when United won the champions league in 1999 and also won the premier league six times. Real Madrid bought him in 2003 and he went on to be very successful there. Then he went to Los Angeles for a few years finished his career there. I really loved Beckham when I was little and I think him probably the coolest footballer ever.


Tim Sherwood did the right thing blasting his Tottenham players, says Chris Kamara After recent loss against to Chelsea 4-0 on Saturday, Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood questioned his player workload and lack of characteristic, they were not good enough on Saturday and Tim was not happy.

Tim Sherwood

Chris Kamara football expert says Tim did the right thing to question his player’s character. He said that those comments don’t make any difference to whether he gets the job at this moment Tim would only keep his job if the results are good and he qualifies for Europe, and if the players don’t give him 100% each game they are no good to him. Though he didn’t actually name names, the players know who he is referring to. They should take this as a sign to do better. Among those players, there is our own Gylfi Sigurðsson.

GG. Seedorf: We'll honour the Milan shirt Even though Atletico Madrid are favorites for the championship league clash against AC Milan, leading after the first leg in Milan 1-0. Clarence Seedorf Milan manager says that they will honor the Milan shirt. He insisted that his men will do all they can to make the quarter finals. He added that he had been in situations where he was underdog and pulled an upset. His Milan side will try to play an aggressive game and try to take the lead in the clash. He added that his players are showing great enthusiasm and are extremely motivated to honor the Milan shirt and history and do their best. GG.

Clarence Seedorf

Did you Know? 1. That Gareth Bale is most expensive player in the world but Real Madrid paid 100 million euro’s in the year 2013. 2. That the highest paid football player in the world gets more paid in one year then 3 average men get paid in their entire live time.

Björgvin Viðar Jónsson My name is Björgvin Viðar and i was born on the 15th of January in the year 1996. Today I´m 18 years old student in the FSU on a second year. I live on a farm near Flúðir about 45 km away from the school and i have lived there all my live with my family. Among school I try to work and play sports, I started to play football when I was only 6 years old and I loved it. When I got a little older I started competing and I did well but when I started in new school in Selfoss at the year of 2012 I dropped out of it because I didn’t have a lot time for that. Still, I love watching football and I support Liverpool FC in the Barclays Premier League, and I try to watch their games every week. When I finish FSU, in 1-2 year, I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I think that I will go working for like 1-2 years before I go to college. What I’m going to learn there is a big question that I don’t have an answer to, yet. There are a lot of options and maybe I will learn something that .will make me work in something related to football. For example I am interested in working as journalist and then I would be a sport journalist. Also I could study coaching, when I was 14 years old I was training the 7 year olds for one summer I thought it was very fun and I could totally imagine me as a coach in the future. I’m not sure what it were that made me love football but I guess it is that my father and my older uncles are all interested in the sport and that made me interesting in the first place. Football is a great sport that is the most popular in the whole world and I’m sure that football is going to be a part of my life all the way

to the end.


3. That no one have played as many games for one team then Ryan Giggs have done for Man utd.(960 games)

4. That no team has won the Champions league as often the Real Madrid (9 times) 5. That England has only once been the world champions in the year of 1966. BVJ C

Wordlist Stadium – The place where the games ar played. Professional contract – A contract players get when they turn 18 years old if they are good enough.

Steven Gerrard

Football Manager – Man who is responsible if their team losses. Director of Football – The man who controls everything, manager, transfers and everything like that. Football academy, – The place where all the young player are trained. Title contenders, – A team which is likely winners in a competition. Champions – A team that win a competition

Steven Gerrard is one of the most popular players in the world and especially in England. Gerrard was born in the city of the Beatles, Liverpool. There he was raised with his three siblings When he was only seventeen years old he got his first contract, from Liverpool FC, 18 years old he played his first game for the first team and from the beginning he made the difference to the team. When he had played about 100 games for the first team, 21 years old he became captain for the first time and became the youngest captain of the history, ever since he had been the captain of Liverpool FC. He has won many titles with his club, 3 FA cups, 3 Carling cups and 2 Champions league cups. He is one true Liverpool legend but today he is 33 years old and still playing as world class midfielder who plays for both Liverpool and the English national team. BVJ

Valuable player – A player who is so good that he can be sold for a lot of money

Courtois ,, I have never talked to Real Madrid’’

Head coach – The number one coach, who control everything on practice.

Courtois is one of the best goalkeepers in the world at the moment and many of the best teams in the world are looking at him at these days. Courtois who is committed to Chelsea for the next 3 years have told the Media that he is open for a move next summer because he doesn’t want to sit on the bench for Chelsea. For the past 2 years he has been on a loan deal at Atletico Madrid, and he is open for a move to them but he has been one of their best player last two seasons, The coach of Atletioo, Diego Simeone was not happy when he knew that Courtois had talked to the rivals, Real but know Courtois have stepped up and told that that Caption was not true picture and just something that the describing or graphic. media made up. BVJ

Vice captain –A player who is a captain when the real captain doesn’t play. BVJ

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’ Radamel Falcao is a name that everyone who watches football should know. He plays as a striker and is one of the highest paid player in the world but he earns nearly 300.000 pounds every week, he plays with Monaco in France and he has scored 33% of their goals this season. But he started his career with River Plate in Brazil. When he was 22 years old he was bought to Porto and it was there, where he got famous, there he scored a lot of goals and helped Porto win many titles. He played for Porto in 4 years but then Atletico Madrid bought him for 37,5 million pounds. He didn’t stop long family there but in the year A favorite 2012 when he was 27 years old Monaco phrase or slogan can bought him for about 45 million pounds go here. and that made him the most expensive player that a France team had bought. BVJ

Luis Suarez or Luis Alberto Suarez which is his full name is one of the best strikers in the world. He was born and raised in Uruguay. He started his football career with National in his home country but when he was 200 years old, Ajax bought him for 7,5 million pounds. There he made his name as one of the best players in the world and got the nickname ,,el pistolero’’ because he scored so many goals. Although he was always making trouble on the field by eating his opponents and other stupid things. That made him not as valuable to the biggest teams in the world. Still, Liverpool bought him in the year 2010 when Suarez was 23 years old for 22,5 million pounds. Since then Suarez have been their best player and many people say he’s the best player in the league. He is one of the most valuable players in the world and can make the difference for every team in the world. BVJ

Alexis Sanchez : ,,Vidal would fit perfectly in our team’’ Arturo Vidal the midfielder from Chile has been playing really well this season for his team Juventus. He has been one of the key factors behind the team success. He plays as a Defensive midfielder but still he has scored 11 goals in the serie A. Now being linked to both Real Madrid and Barcelona, Vidal says he is proud of the interest from those big clubs but he said he weren’t going to think about transfer until next summer when the transfer window opens again. Alexis, have now told the media he would love having him in his team Barcelona and that he would fit perfectly in to the team. They know each Caption describing picture or graphic. other very well but both of them play for the Chile national team. It will be interesting to see where Vidal will play next season. BVJ summary

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Christmas 2004 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● Your Family’s Name ● (242) 555-0193

Did you know ?

Personal Article

1. The oldest football club Sheffield Fc was formed in 1857

My name is Gústaf Ásgeir and like many others I am interested in football. Football is the most popular sport in the world. I am 18 years old today but when I was a few years younger I practiced football a lot but then my along with my family moved from Reykjavík to a farm near from Hella so suddenly practicing football became a lot harder and in the end I dropped out of it. Football is though one of my biggest hobbies. I play football every Sunday and every Friday with my friends. My club in the English Premier League is Manchester United because my father raised my to be a Manchester United fan. I try to watch every single game they play and I know most of the players playing there. The League can be really much fun to fallow because you support your club and watch how they play every week. I think if I would work with anything connected to football it would probably be job as a reporter because I am really interested about the sport and I know a lot about the sport but I don’t consider my self to be a expert on football. And I also think working in the media is interesting and that is something I could imagine would be fun to work with every day. Football is simply a really fascinating sport. Both to play it and participate in all the action the comes with playing the sport and also to watch the best athletes in the world work their magic on the pitch is also a joy to watch. GÁH

2. The largest attendance for one football game was Brazil against Uruguay in 1950 but 199,854 people attended 3. The most scored goals by one player in a single gam is 16 goals 4. Football is the most watched and played sport on planet earth 5. Football players run an averge of six miles during one game. GÁH

Mata: I want to play behind the striker Juan Mata arrived to Manchester United there were speculations about how David Moyes would use him along with Wayne Rooney who also prefers to play behind the striker. But he has been playing as a winger in his first games and about that he said: „I love to play in between midfield and defence. Right now i am playing on the right wing but if i am honest i do not see my self as a winger“. Mata came to Manchester United now in january for 37.5 million pounds GÁH

Hテカness could get a prison sentence The trial over Uli Hテカness, the president of Bayern Munchen started today. He is accused of braking German laws about taxes. He has been accused of not paying taxes of money that he kept on a bank account in Scwitzerland. He could possibly be facing a prison sentence if he will be found guilty. The trial is expected to take only four days and it might finish on Thursday. The 62 year old is a Legend as a football player and is the man behind the big empire of Bayern Munchen. Summaries By Gテ? Special Wordlist Foul: when a player in one team commits a foul on a player in the other team that team get a free kick or a penalty Free kick: A free kick is given if the foul is committed outside the penalty box Penalty: if a foul is committed inside the penalty box then the the team gets a shot at goal from eleven meters with no defender but only a goal keeper Throw in: if the ball goes over the lines one the sides off the pitch the other team gets to throw the ball back in Corner: when the ball goes off the pitch in both ends from the defending team the attacking team gets to kick the ball from the corner flag Goal keeper: the only players that are allowed to touch the ball with their hands but that is only allowed inside the penalty box an Leg: can be used as a different word for a game or a match Advantage: To have an advantage in a football game means to be ahead or having scored more goals that the other team Goal kick: when the attacking tam shoots the ball of the pitch at the end the goal keeper get to kick it from the penalty box Volley: when a play kicks a ball that is in the air Wordlist by Gテ?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a swedish proffesional football player thet pla for Paris Saint Germain an the Swedish national team. Zlatan one of the biggest stars in football today. He is one of the best players in the world and he has played with teams like Ajax, Inter, Juventus, Barcelona and Ac milan. He is also know to be a really special character both on the pitch and off it. He deosn‘t appear a lot in the press but yet all the biggest headlines are about him.

Ronaldinho Ronaldo de Assis Moreira better known as Ronaldinho is Brazillian football player that was born in 1980. Ronaldinho is famous for his amazing technique tricks, dribbling, overhead kicks, no-look passes and free kicks. Ronaldinho is one of the best player of his generations and was chosen the best player in the world both 2004 and 2005. Ronaldinho started his career playing for Gremio and the he went to Paris Saint Germain from there he went to Barcelona where he had the best years of he’s career and while he was there he was chosen the best player in the world. Some even consider him to be the best player ever.

Lionel Messi Lionel Messi was born in 1987 and is a football player from ArgentĂ­na. He has only played for one team and that is Barcelona. He can both play as a winger and as a center forward. Messi has been chosen the best football player in the world for four times and he is statistically the best football player ever to play the sport. It is amazing how much he has achieved in the 26 years he has lived. He has scored 230 gaols in 266 appearances which is a better statistic then any other player in the world has.

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