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AA: Saffers complain, but do little ~ Zimbo Sir ~ Thank you for showing courage and conviction in writing such an editorial (Comment, September 2013)

that clearly shows the frustration of just one South African who has confronted “Affirmative Action”.

Yes, we have elections due and yes, we must all rally and participate for the sake of the future of South Africa.

However, that future begins now and not next year. As a Zimbabwean denied access to justice, it amazes me that South Africans do so much complaining about the institutionalised racism that is than-usual-winter temperature afflicting their country, but do problems for local farmers, but very little about it when they she now also has to be have the opportunity to do so. involved in child grants, drug The present constitution, addiction, One Love borne out of the end of Campaign, etc. apartheid, is the foundation of That is asking quite a lot of all law, enshrines the values her, especially as I think her and statutes of today's South background is in teaching! I Africa and it is this very

Dept’s focus becoming too broad Sir ~ Do you remember when Gauteng had a Dept of Agriculture, Conservation, Environment & Land Affairs (called Dacel, for short)? Well – they did all fit together quite well. Then it changed to the Dept of Agriculture & Rural Development (GDARD).

I discovered quite by accident recently that GDARD has been amalgamated with the Dept of Social Development. The MEC is still Nandi Mayathula-Khoza and she now not only has to wrap her head around issues such as stock theft, the effects of acid mine drainage or the warmer-

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