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Easy Alumni Integration The integration of Viburnix, though done at various stages, is extremely easy. This is because the software is developed keeping in mind all the designing and coding issues. Viburnix is easy to integrate as the faults are easy to locate and the feedback is available at early stages. In addition, Viburnix is integrated and deployed in a cloud environment which further makes the integration an easy and efficient process. The Alumni integration of Viburnix in a cloud environment makes it easy for users to access Viburnix using the internet on any web browser.

Two other key advantages of the integration and implementation of the online alumni portal in a cloud environment is that Viburnix becomes a cost effective solution for organizations and also hardware free. This also adds to the flexibility and scalability of the software. The fact that Viburnix is implemented and managed in a cloud environment also makes integrating Viburnix across various application an easy process.

Easy alumni integration  

Viburnix is today considered as the best available software for creating value for the alumni and also for harnessing the voice of the alumn...