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Corporate Alumni Software Rejoining a fraternity is not only a way to stay connected with your old pals but in fact it is an opportunity to give back, strengthening professional relations, providing invaluable advice and of course in helping raise funds for special projects and future development. Viburnix is such a corporate alumni software which makes it easier than ever to set up a social network for your corporate alumni group. It provides a platform to reconnect with alma mater through communication and collaboration. As an effective corporate alumni software which ensures that organization and its alumni constantly contribute to each other in their growth, success and development. A Social & Professional Community platform Viburnix is unique corporate alumni software that enables the alumni and the organization to collaborate and communicate socially as well as professionally. One must be wondering as why to connect with old employees when they do not bother much about staying connected. The answer is that there is so much more than mutual benefit in connecting with their alma mater. Viburnix as an alumni community software offers several features that enable the alumni to reconnect not only with their alma mater but also with friends and batch mates. As one advances through one’s career, switching jobs and promotions become an integral part of career and it is not possible to send an e-mail every time one gets a promotion or share information about other significant moves. Hence, it provides a platform where one can update, communicate and collaborate on some important project or cause. It helps to:

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Make global teams and connect at all levels Develop a shared understanding of the common vision Harness the power of collaboration Ensure the success of productive partnership

Why should one join Viburnix? Viburnix, a user friendly corporate alumni software is designed keeping in mind the importance of alumni association and what it can do to enhance and grow a professional network and community building. It is an effective medium which helps in brand building, event management and content management. Organizations and institutes are recognizing the fact that an alumni website can greatly help interaction between its members and help current students to learn and grow like their alumni. By organizing mentorship programs and other such endeavors, this portal enables sharing of knowledge, opinions and ideas between the community and an expert on the subject.

The main objective of Viburnix as an online corporate alumni community is to provide both organization and alumni an opportunity of brand building. By using Viburnix, it becomes very easy for an organization to build its brand equity as this software allows the organization to identify the touch points which are the key to brand building. Brand building involves improving the brand equity and building incredible value for the organization. The main advantage that Viburnix offers as a brand building tool is that it inspires many alumni to join the community and contribute to brand building in a significant manner.

Conclusion As effective and secure corporate alumni software, Viburnix brings alma mater together and helps to build a strong alumni community worldwide. Viburnix, the online alumni portal is cost effective and efficient, and manages a lot of data and information in a very secure way. This portal can be used to create and sustain a productive community of your existing and ex-employees.

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Viburnix – a unique corporate alumni software acts as a critical link where an organization can build an online community to serve basic nee...

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