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Viburnix- Building Vibrant Communities

Viburnix helps organizations and institutes to strategically build and manage their alumni network. It is an online community portal which facilitates alumni engagement, community building, communications and effective networking. With Viburnix, the alumni community can stay connected with each other wherever they are and contribute in community building activities. Effectively Connect with Alumni Viburnix is a unique Alumni Management Software that allows you to build a strong relationship with students, batch mates, ex-employees, friends and employers for sharing of information and seamless integration. An online community portal which provides a strong social platform is more productive than any other social media sites as it acts as a wholesome interaction tool for social as well as professional development of its members. This software has a unique feature to provide a secured alumni database where all the profiles are verified.

Collaboration Tools Being an effective alumni management software, Viburnix is the first of its kind alumni solution that enables an organization to not only build vibrant communities but also ensures real time communication between the alumni and the organization. An online community portal, Viburnix allows the alumni and the alma mater to collaborate and exchange ideas and thoughts, and thus making communication a two-way process. Collaboration can be accomplished using the following features of Viburnix.

Knowledge Base Viburnix acts as a knowledge repository which enables the alumni as well as the organization to use and share knowledge. It is a special feature of this alumni management software which maintains a database for gathering and retrieving knowledge. It also has features which enable the alumni to post and search articles as and when required.

Business Exchange Strategies Viburnix acts as a strong online community portal which allows the alumni to work together and exchange ideas and thoughts with their peers at a professional level. This allows the alumni to exchange business details and also offers several business prospects online. Thus, it enables the alumni to expand their business & professional network and even initiate new business ventures.

Career Section This is the most sought after section on this online community portal which enables the members to post jobs and get updates regarding career prospects in different fields. This helps members get information about new job openings and get in touch with candidates with relevant skillsets.

Member Profiles Viburnix offers a platform where members can create their professional and social profiles for others to view. This alumni management software allows the members to socialize as well as share knowledge & ideas and enhance their professional skills.

Batch Mates This feature of Viburnix allows the members to find their batch mates and thus reconnect and relive their memories on this online community portal.

Conclusion Viburnix allows an organization to enhance alumni engagement by connecting its alumni using these features. It enables the alumni to socialize and also enhance their personal and professional skills by building a strong alumni network that encourages communication and collaboration between the alumni and the organization.

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