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Alumni Leadership Masterclass Building an Identity for your Success & Growth By Bringing you Closer to your Alumni Alumni engagement is clearly an emerging trend across Corporates, Universities, Institutes, Colleges and Schools in India. Saviance as the pioneers in the field of Alumni Relations believes that every Alumni office should be the core function of an organization. In this global environment, it is imperative to bring together the alumni of an organization to harness the power of Alumni relations while building a stronger Brand..

The focus of the Alumni Leadership Masterclass (ALM) workshop is to highlight the benefits of leveraging and engaging with the alumni on a day-to-day basis in a structured fashion. It covers the basics from Building the Alumni database to the Importance of setting up an Alumni office to leverage a global alumni network. This workshop has already been conducted successfully in 9 cities all over India with over 408 participants from over 203 institutions with very positive feedback from the participants.

Key Takeaways: This SaaS product is not a destination or social network like Facebook and Linkedin. It is not a software that you buy and need your IT staff to maintain, like SharePoint. And neither it is a server where emails are sent back and forth live in your inbox like Yahoo! Groups. Viburnix is a comprehensive social collaboration platform, uncluttered with the needless distractions often found in Social Networks and are group-centric . It has been designed specifically to empower groups of all types and sizes to come together, share, socialize and make and effective community. 

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Unique Masterclass providing descriptive sessions on managing the alumni, planning alumni engagement activities and benefiting from technology in communicating with global alumni of an organization Learn to better utilize the existing relationship with your alumni and how you should engage them actively on a regular basis Gain a holistic view on building a strong and influential alumni network by running a fully functional alumni office in an institute

Attend sessions by facilitators who are graduates of an Alumni Relations Institute organized in Singapore and who have an in-depth understanding of handling alumni office as well as of supporting the technological needs of the office

You should attend if you are:    

Director / Dean of Educational Institutions Alumni officer / faculty facing challenges in engaging your alumni on a routine basis University / College / School faculty planning an Alumni office in the near future Alumni relations staff who would like to maximize their relationship with the alumni and are facing challenges in engaging them pro-actively

Alumni leadership masterclass  
Alumni leadership masterclass  

Saviance as the pioneers in the field of Alumni Relations believes that every Alumni office should be the core function of an organization....