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Unscientific Storytelling is an interwoven and fragmented narrative of our personal connects to modern science and the ways it permeates our micro and macrospheres. The presentation broadly explores the role of imagination in science learning and uses scoops and stories from scientists' biographies to create a collage of these diverse psycho-cultural spaces‌ ‌spaces from which their various sciences emerged.

Astronomy is just a starting point… …a view through the window by which awareness of our apparent location in the universe leads to a dramatic shift in awareness and perspectives of inquiry. We traverse through these possibilities of wonder with children asking questions about how this inquiry begins… …and how imagination plays a role, acts as trigger, prods to seek further. Somewhere along the way, science triggers various memories, of “like” “love” and “hate”, of memories, of school. Yes, it is somewhat intrinsically connected to school and it also perhaps is intimately connected to the icons of science we learn about in school. The Newtons, the Einsteins and the Galileos. So who were these people, and how did we inherit their legacy? Legacies of science minus their lived lives…

Sssh, wait! Pause, listen, there are gaps! Gaps in speech, in communication, in knowing more, more, more. We begin to see visions of the ‘scientists of the east’… … and their new and growing relationship to science in an era gone by. And it is only a beginning. Lets talk more!

Gauri Sanghi & Rajasee Ray are senior students at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. Deepak Srinivasan ( is an artist, media practitioner, researcher, facilitator. Deepak is currently a member of Maraa, a media & arts collective based in Bangalore and faculty at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore. After a Bachelor‘s degree in environmental sciences and a Master‘s degree in neurobiology, his interests shifted to arts & education and the role of expression and art in creative human development. Since 2005, he has been training in performing arts and community theatre and has worked modestly with radio/audio media. Community art and media have become an emerging focus and through this inquiry Deepak has been trying to juxtapose the social, cultural and psychological development to better understand emerging political negotiations and identities.

Developed by Gauri Sanghi, Rajasee Ray and Deepak Srinivasan Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology

unscientific storytelling  

Unscientific storytelling is a fragmented narrative of our personal connects to science. It talks about the role of imagination in science l...