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Monsoon Monotony

written and illustrated by Gaurav

I instantly got ready to set off for the day. As I sat on my grey scooter zooming off towards the main street, a slight drizzle distracted my mind. I saw only white, grey, black and maroon cars and scooters. The wires hanging from the poles were touching the road and the road itself looked as if fresh grey color was sprayed over it. It shinned like never before and I could see my blue vest getting highlighted in the reflection. The blue, again.



t was just another Monday morning and as I opened my eyes, the gloomy dramatic clouds casted a dark shadow on my window mesh. The smell of ginger tea in the house woke me up, I wore my brown chappals and walked straight to the window. The clouds seemed bigger and darker making me feel gloomy from within.

With the plants standing still next to the window , everything seemed still and dead .

After a glass of hot light brown tea, I walked to my cupboard to see an ironed pastel shade kurta and cotton pyjamas which added to the pale palette that was forming in my mind.

Battling with rain and partly soaked, I reached the bridge that runs over the massive river. The river had less of water and more of mushy garbage and blackish ashy things floating at ease.

The man who usually stands there flying a red vibrant kite wasn’t around because of the rains. As I looked around I saw my blue vest in the scooter mirror and I smiled, again I don’t know why..

As I bent down, I saw a stark blue vest

peeping through my stack of clothes. Something so stark on a gloomy pale Monday morning.! I looked at my narrow shoulders in the mirror which seemed broader and the blue color was even more prominent. I smiled at myself. I don’t know why.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Now the rains were intense, I was completely drenched. I got down from my scooter which stopped on its own on the water logged street and I dragged it to the petrol pump where a huge cluster of people of different age groups were standing hoping for the rains to stop. They all were soaked in water and restless standing there worrying about whether they would make it on time to their respective workplaces or not. I stood in the crowd where I found place to stand. My vest was drenched and it looked bluer than its original color. I removed it and squeezed it to let out the water from it. I was so engrossed in the act that I did not realize the people around me staring at me. I wore it consciously and in the surrounding dull milieu the blue color reflected in the widely open eyes of people around me.

As I looked at them in one glance, no one smiled and then all of a sudden we all broke into laughter. The sound of our laughter was louder than the sound of rain and slowly the rain faded away.

I smiled, this time I knew why!

monsoon monotony  
monsoon monotony  

Lately the palette around us has been calm, pale and dead. Does anything inspire us in this monotonous milieu? Well then lets dive in this s...