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Then one day I got up at night and rubbed my eyes. The stark light coming through the window changed its colors and I waved my drowsy hand. My elongated fingers made me think if that’s how they would look when I grow older!

As I made different gestures that fascinated me, from them emerged a larger than life creature. He waved his trunk and greeted me. I smiled excitedly and welcomed my new companion.

S written & illustrated by

Gaurav Ogale

ince I turned eight years old, I have had a room for myself. But when the night unfolds, the glowing dots that form before my widely open eyes frighten me. The neighbour’s glaring television lights create eerie shadows on my uneven wall. The shapes that are formed create stories in my mind and put me to sleep. Often I get nightmares of those deformed objects.

I often go off to sleep before my parents come home from the day’s hard work and nowadays I quickly finish my homework to meet my confidant. He was always inside me and now I am not scared of darkness.

My shadow; my confidant, my story.

Haathi mere saathi  

‘Haathi mere saathi’ is a story of a boy who knows why his parents work so hard and are away from home most of the time. He longs for a sibl...

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