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Srijan Fertility Clinic is one of the best ​Test Tube Baby Hospital in Patna​, Sajan Fertility Clinic i​ s one of the Top IVF Clinics in Patna Srijan Fertility Clinic is Bihar's previously committed and thorough richness facility. It gives those places of work at affordable value with International guidelines. It is a number of the busiest IVF center of India engaging in in extra of 800 IVF Cycles and 40,000 IUI Cycles for each 12 months with awesome fulfillment price. It has a totally a good deal organized Lab which a brags of two embryoscope (a duration slip through photograph, framework incorporated with Triple gas hatchery), 6 Co2 hatcheries. Stereo zoom magnifying lens with HD advanced account and transmission.

The lab moreover has smaller scale controllers provided with LASER incubating System, IMSI and axle see. We additionally have an successfully jogging Sperm, Egg and developing lifestyles solidifying packages. The lab is currently moreover furnished with SQA imaginative and prescient which has capacity for evaluating both sperm essentialness and directing complete differential morphology of a sperm. This is an instinctive equipment for ripeness screening (Fresh, washed, Frozen or submit washed examples). Srijan likewise has 2 VIDAS BLUE framework and Beckman Coulter (ACCESS 2) Which gives a huge instrument to genuine and snappy endocrinological evaluation; of each male and lady associate. Srijan takes into consideration patients of all economic lessons and has group of 6 complete time post graduate gynecologists with large enjoy. Guiding of patients is finished in unattractive and benevolent environment. Quality manipulate of lab is finished through outer organizations to preserve the lab in terrific situations. For andrology, apart from Olympus, mild magnifying lens we likewise have province of ART-SQA-vision for development semen investigation. Srijan is additionally associated with bestowing preparing to Gynecologists with quick and long guides affirmed by means of FOGSI (Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies of India) and ICOG(Indian College of Obstetrics and Gynecology). IVF In vitro treatment, unnaturally conceived child is a approach wherein eggs of a women are taken out from her ovaries. This is completed in the wake of giving some hormones with the aim that numerous eggs are framed. Eggs are taken out with the help of a needle and ultrasound from underneath. These are then kept in a system (CO2 hatchery) which has the conditions just like the womens uterus. At that point the partner's sperms are taken and the first-class nature of sperm are remoted and afterward combined with these eggs following a few days the most attractive incipient organisms are chosen and with the help of a sensitive catheter set again into the womens uterus from underneath. Following 15 days

with assist of blood test it's miles recognised whether or not the pregnancy has correctly embedded or now not. IVF is broadly speaking stepped forward the state of affairs girls who have blocked tubes or non sensible tubes. It is moreover carried out in times of endometriosis , PCOD, unexplained fruitlessness and when IUI has fizzled. It is additionally completed in times of mellow stage of male barrenness. The cost of treatment in keeping with cycle is Rs. 1 lakh to one.5 lakh complete of medications for IVF. Giver Insemination Is carried out in situations wherein the male partner does now not have any sperm in his s​ emen or has low fixation and motility which does no longer beautify with treatment. In contributor insemination sperms from sound male is taken, washed to isolate the nice sperm and saved solidified in fluid nitrogen. The contributor is attempted for Hepatitis B&C HIV I and II, Syphilis and chlamydia. Sperms are utilized from that benefactor whose characters like blood amassing, colour of pores and skin and hair, frame built and stature coordinate with the patient's massive different. The coordinated solidified sperms are taken out from fluid nitrogen and within the wake of searching at their motility they're positioned in to the patien's uterus with a sensitive catheter around the season of ovulation or egg burst. Dr. Sarika Roy Patna Dr. Sarika Roy Patna is working T​ est Tube Baby Hospital in Patna​, (Shivam Hospital And Research Institute Pvt Ltd) in Kankarbagh has constructed up the middle and has picked up a dependable purchaser base within the direction of recent years and is additionally each every so often visited through a few well-known people, hopeful models and other appropriate clients and worldwide patients additionally. They moreover plan on extending their business in addition

and giving administrations to 3 extra patients attributable to its prosperity in the direction of recent years.

Dr. Himanshu Roy Patna

Dr. Himanshu Roy Patna in Kankarbagh has hooked up the hospital and has received a devoted clientele over the last few years and is also frequently visited through numerous celebrities, aspiring models and other honourable customers and global patients as well. They also plan on expanding their enterprise further

and presenting services to several greater sufferers due to its fulfillment over the last few years. The performance, determination, precision and compassion supplied at the medical institution ensure that the patient's nicely-being, consolation and desires are stored of pinnacle priority. Vatsalya Mamta Fertility Centre Patna Bihar

Vatsalya Mamta Fertility Centre Patna Bihar is the best ​Test Tube Baby Hospital in Patna,​ Vatsalya Mamta Fertility Centre became started out by way of Dr. Rashmi Prasad And Dr. Praveen Kumar Sinha within the year 2010. It is the first fantastic speciality medical institution set up in Patliputra colony, Patna and it stays one of the Patna's maximum advanced middle’s for fertility treatment, diagnostics and genetic screening. We are a welcoming and friendly middle with a particularly skilled crew devoted to accomplishing the satisfactory results for our sufferers. This is contemplated in our achievement rates in a broad institution of different patients.

Our crew consists of main reproductive and fertility consulting and nurses, at the side of geneticists. Couneseiors and a friendly enquiries branch. With over sixteen years of experience we apprehend the demanding situations confronted via human beings with fertility troubles and can provide you advice. Support and counseling from the time you touch us. We welcome every body who feels they need the help and recommendation of our specialists. Dr. Rashmi Prasad

Dr. Rashmi prasad is a top T​ est Tube Baby Hospital in Patna​, she is gynecologist in Patliputra, Patna and has an enjoy of 24 years in this discipline. She finished MBBS from Shri Krishna Medical College, Muzzafarpur in 1993, DGO from Patna Medical College and Hospital, Patna in 1997 and DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology) from PMCH, Patna in 2000. Vatsalya Mamta Fertility Centre servies IN VITRO FERTILISATION (IVF) Implantation of resulting embryo is executed by way of Embryo Transfer Technique to place within the lining of the woman’s womb to make her pregnant certainly. The pregnancy test is completed in some days.

IVF is indicated in lots of situations, a few are listed beneath: ● ● ● ● ● ●

Age < 35 years Endometriosis. PCOD, unexplained infertility. Repeated failure of IUI. Reduced sperm count and motility. Tubal delivery mechanism is disturbed.

Laparoscopy Laparoscopy is a process to view the internal pelvic organ in an infertile girl with the aid of the assist of an tool known as a laparoscope, a small telescope-like instrument with a mild on one cease which is surpassed thru a small incision through the navel. The procedure is executed the use of general anesthesia and normally sufferers are discharged on same day. Whole system is recorded and a CD is furnished for later viewing. Very few complications related to the method. Hysteroscopy Hysteroscopy is a technique that allows your physician to appearance inner your uterus so that you can diagnose and treat any causes which can be leading to infertility. Hysteroscopy is carried out using a hysteroscope, a skinny, lighted tube this is inserted into the vagina to observe the cervix and inside of the uterus.

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Test Tube Baby Hospital in Patna | ElaWoman  

Srijan Fertility Clinic is one of the best Test Tube Baby Hospital in Patna, Sajan Fertility Clinic is one of the Top IVF Clinics in Patna S...

Test Tube Baby Hospital in Patna | ElaWoman  

Srijan Fertility Clinic is one of the best Test Tube Baby Hospital in Patna, Sajan Fertility Clinic is one of the Top IVF Clinics in Patna S...