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YEAR 2011


* spanning cover * suspension * recycled * distortion-modules *components * components joined at one of the faces, forming a row here

components varied in distortion to form varying profiles process models and production images

transformation of the packaging material into a pod

Canopy BSSA Installation Amphitheater, Kala Ghoda

density rings based on tree cover

The material [corrugated boxboard] provided initial cues in deciding the installations specifications. It is a direct choice of the context of the city[mumbai] - ‘value addition’ and ‘regenerative usage’. It is modular, structurally self-sufficient and works on geometric principles of the diagonal and the rhombus. A modularsystem aids in creating a base which can be modified in accordance with the site conditions - tree-covers, spans and spatial gestures. Generically implied, each pod is like an inhabitant within a larger entity and aims massing based on branching to fit in with its surroundings to create the entity in its entirety - distorted, free-determined, coherent and dependent. A modular system with defined constraints of the site[kala ghoda amphitheter] and the city tries to capture the various forces that define the site and the city. Metaphorically, each packaging box module represents a Mumbaikar; their distortion similar to an individuals state of mind; and each Mumbaikar connected by a string of circumstances. The canopy overall depicts the city of Mumbai, denser at the places it can thrive and sparser at others. site plan diagrams


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canopy at the amphitheatre

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Canopy at Kalaghoda 2011