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Alishas Birthday Surprise Table Games By: Gaurav Jagota Hey Everyone, I was thinking that for the table games, we should do sort of a trivia game. So each table chooses one reprasentative.

And each round we ask each representative a nice perplexing question. If the person gets the question wrong, then that table is eliminated. We would then start another round with the remaining tables, and continue until there are 2 tables left. Then we would do a sudden death round which means that if anyone gets the question wrong, they are eliminated immediately and the other team/table wins the prize/contest. I took into accordance what I saw on the Facebook group and came up with the following categories for the trivial questions. ART AND LITERATURE ENTERTAINMENT GEOGRAPHY HISTORY Bollywood

As you all know, I have NO clue about Bollywood stuff so just send me a few questions if anyone has any. Harry Potter (I didn’t know if Nistha Masi was serious about this)

I do have some questions in mind, but if anyone would like to contribute to the question list, then feel free to send me a message on Facebook or text me at 905-621-4543.

Table Games  

You may have to zoom out when it opens up. This is a short PDF about the table game ideas so far.

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