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V (Anuncios)


COMISIÓN EUROPEA Convocatoria de propuestas referente al Programa de Trabajo «Personas» 2011 del Séptimo Programa Marco de la Comunidad Europea de acciones de investigación, desarrollo tecnológico y demostración (2011/C 76/07) Por el presente anuncio se hace saber el lanzamiento de una convocatoria de propuestas referente al programa de trabajo «Personas» 2011 del Séptimo Programa Marco CE de acciones de investigación, desarrollo tecnológico y demostración (2007 a 2013). Se invita a presentar propuestas para la convocatoria indicada a continuación. Los plazos y presupuesto asignados figuran en el texto de la convocatoria, que se ha publicado en el sitio web de CORDIS. Programa específico «Personas»: Referencia de la convocatoria: FP7-PEOPLE-2011-NCP Esta convocatoria de propuestas se refiere al Programa de Trabajo 2011 adoptados mediante la Decisión C(2010) 8947 de la Comisión, del 14 de diciembre de 2010. En el sitio web de CORDIS: puede obtenerse información sobre las moda­ lidades de las convocatorias, así como los programas de trabajo y unas orientaciones para los solicitantes sobre la presentación de propuestas.

C 76/14


Call identifier: FP7-PEOPLE-2011-NCP Date of publication: 10 March 2011 Deadline: 22 June 2011 at 17.00.00, Brussels local time Indicative budget: EUR 1.0 million of the 2011 budget. The final budget awarded to this call, following the evaluation of the project, may vary up to 10% of the total value of the call. Topics called: ACTION

Funding Schemes

Trans-national co-operation among NCPs

Coordination and Support Actions (Coordinating Action)

Eligibility conditions: – The general eligibility criteria are set out in Annex 2 of this work programme, and in the guide for applicants. Please note that the completeness criterion also includes that part B of the proposal shall be readable, accessible and printable. – This action addresses a single proposal, including all NCPs who have been officially appointed by the relevant national authorities. Other participants from the EU and associated countries are ineligible. If certain NCPs wish to abstain from participating, this fact should be explicitly documented in the proposal. Given the emphasis on encouraging the international dimension of the 'People' programme, the proposal should seek, where possible, to include other third country FP7 contacts. The latter are eligible to be funded beneficiaries. – For further details concerning these conditions you must refer to the core text of the work programme. – Only information provided in Part A of the proposal will be used to determine whether the proposal is eligible with respect to budget thresholds and/or minimum number of eligible participants. Evaluation procedure: – The evaluation criteria (including weights and thresholds) and sub-criteria together with the eligibility, selection and award criteria, for the different funding actions are set out in Annex 2 of this work programme. – Proposal page limits: Applicants must ensure that proposals conform to the page limits and layout given in the Guide for Applicants, and in the proposal part B template available through the EPSS. The experts will be instructed to disregard any pages exceeding these limits. – The minimum font size allowed is 11 points. The page size is A4, and all margins (top, bottom, left and right) should be at least 15 mm (not including any footers or headers).

– A single-stage submission and evaluation procedure will be used. – Proposals will not be evaluated anonymously. – Proposals may be evaluated remotely. – Proposals will be selected on an individual basis. – The procedure for prioritising proposals with equal scores is described in Annex 2 of this work programme. – Proposals will be evaluated in a single multi-disciplinary panel and there will be a single ranked list. •

Indicative evaluation and contractual timetable: – Evaluation results are estimated to be available within 1 month following the deadline for submission.

Consortia agreements: Participants in actions resulting from this call are NOT required to conclude a consortium agreement.

Particular requirements for participation, evaluation and implementation: The forms of grants and maximum reimbursement rates which will be offered are specified in Annex 3 of this work programme.

– Grant agreement signature: expected from within 6 months after the deadline for submission.