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site anlysis

design development

form finding

structural layering



ground floor plan

sixth floor plan

third floor plan

twentieth floor plan

energy generation

solar energy Solar energy is harnessed through solar tracking glass collectors on the top of the towers. some of the solar collectors are also embedded into the panels in the sidewalk.

wind energy Wind energy will be harnessed through the use of wind sails, two on each tower. These sails are open on one end, and capture the wind, rotating. The energy from rotation is converted to electric power. The idea came from the Wind Dam Project, where a huge sail is hung above a lake to capture wind and drive it through a turbine to act as a windmill.

helical windmills

wind dam

piezoelectric power energy is generated by the use of piezoelectric floor panels, such as those developed by POWERleap. as pedestrians walk on the panels, kinetic energy from the motion is harnessed.


Final Pres  

Final presentation extremes

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