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TobĂ­as Carmona May 2013 English

The origins of spaghetti It is said that the spaghetti were introduced 718 years ago in Italy by Marco Polo after returning from his trip from China in 1295. The spaghetti is a type of pasta shaped like long thin strings of circular section. People usually buy spaghetti prepared but in Italy it is made by hand, from the ingredients flour, salt, water and egg. When the dough is made you use a machine to make the form, then boil it and you can put salsa on it. Today a lot of people like spaghetti.

TomรกsArquiel Sunday, 26th May 2,013 English

Macaroni and cheese According to legend, macaroni were brought to Italy by Marco Polo, when he returned in 1292 to Venice from his trip to China. This hypothesis has been refuted, since it seems that the macaroni was already used in Italy, at least a century before. Macaroni are a kind of pasta made from water, flour and, sometimes, egg which usually takes the form of elongated tube. Macaroni are usually medium sized, almost longer than thick. In their preparation at home, the cheese is usually prepared like a Mornay sauce, with butter and cheese cooked in a roux. The final texture of this cheese sauce should resemble a cream.

Albert Rosell Ysás Tuesday, 14th May 2013 English

The food that I want to write on is the “taco”. Mexicans made the first taco. It’s like an omelet; you can fill it with meat like steak, sausages… It is round but you roll it to eat. You can eat it with your hands and it’s usually accompanied with green sauce or cocktail sauce. Today it is expanded world-wide. The origin is Mexican taco.

Fancine L贸pez Cama Tuesday, 27 th may 2013 English (Group work)


It may have originated as a variation of another layered dessert, Zuppa Inglese. Other sources report the creation of the cake to have originated in the city of Siena. Alternatively, accounts by Carminantonio Iannaccone and Nathan Lopez (as researched and written about by The Washington Post) establish the creation of Tiramisu by him on 24 December 1969 in Via Sottotreviso while he was head chef at Treviso, near Venice. The translation of the name Italian tiramisu means "pick-meup".

Rafi Lucia Wednesday, 29th May 2013

STEAK The STEAK is a cut of meat from the dorsal muscle, is the muscle that runs along the spine of mammals. Its name is female and it is in the French Pyrenees since the seventeenth century.

I like the beef, but , the pork is also very good. Her name , comes from French (ENTRECÔTE). I like a lot accompanied with tomatoes and potatoes‌ It is my favorite food.

Ă€ngel Cordero RodrĂ­guez Monday, 27TH May 2013 English

RUSSIAN SALAD My favorite food is Russian salad. The chef Luisen Oliver made the first Russian salad, Luisen Oliver was from Moscow. Russian salad came from Russia because the first Russian salad was made in Russia. The first Russian salad had potatoes, vegetables, tuna and chicken. On Christmas day the Russians ate the Russian salad. Nowadays, many people eat the Russian salad all the world-wide. By Angel.

Jaume Borrut June 2013

NOODLES Noodles are a traditional Japanese dish. The first noodle was made in China in 2000 BC, but Japaneses created another kind of noodles. One kind of noodle is the curry noodle, which is made of meat , curry, and, of course noodles.

Marta Albert June 2013

RISOTTO Risotto is a class of Italian rice with an interesting history. It's healthy and can be prepared in lots of different ways. This delicious dish can be prepared with many ingredients, for example butter, wine and onion. The story of risotto began with the Arabs. They brought rice to Sicily and Spain. Italy was a perfect place to grow rice because the weather was humid. Valerious is probably the creator of risotto. In 1574 he added an ingredient called saffron to the rice.

One of Italy's most famous dishes is Risotto alla Milanese. In Po Valley, where lots of Italian rice grows, risotto usually is preferred with pasta. In Venice and Veneto, they eat risotto with eels as a traditional Christmas meal.

Maria Vila Guerrero Wednesday, 5th June 2013 English


My favorite food is “Tartiflette”. It was a dish from a French region named “Haute Savoie”. It was invented in the early 80's to promote the sale and meant “potato”. Tartiflette was

made with potatoes, reblochon cheese,

diced turkey and onions. Some people prepared the dish by replacing diced turkey with smoked salmon or ham of turkey. It was cooked in an oven and it was browned. By Maria

Alba Clarens Giralt Friday, 31 st May 2013

The origins of “migas” My favourite food is “migas”. It is a traditional dish in the centre and in the south of “Peninsula Iberica”.







shepherds made this food with the hard bread of the yesterday. The first “migas” was made 2000 years before Christ. To make this you need hard bread, garlic, salt, water and oil. My grandma cooks “migas” with hard bread, garlic, salt, water, oil, fried egg, chocolate and fruit. It is delicious!

Arnau Ros Thursday 30th May 2013 English

THE ORIGINS OF SOUP My favourite food is soup. This food is made with water and other ingredients as pasta, chicken, vegetables, fish... The soup was cooked since the Neolithic, and is probably the oldest cooked food in all times. The word "soup" originally means "water with bread�, and the first soup dishes were hot water with breaking bread. Today there are even tetra briks soups, there are many types of them, and it is possible to buy in all the supermarkets. I like the chicken soup of Mercadona. It is delicious.

Laura Sogas Sunday, 19 th May 2013 English

The origins of the raclette are Swiss but a lot of people say it is French. It comes from Cant贸n de Valais. The Raclette is a dairy cheese. It can weight to 60 kg. Nowadays there are a lot of types of raclette: to white wine, to pepper or to herbs... You can accompany this with potatoes. According to the tradition, cheese melts in the oven. In Switzerland, raclette is usually accompanied with hot drink or white wine, as Chasselas.

Estel Tutusaus Thursday 23 rd May 2013 English

Cuban Rice

My favourite food is “Cuban Rice”. The Spanish made the first “Cuban Rice” in Valencia. “Cuban Rice” was the name of the rice. It was medium plate. They used rice, water, banana, egg, olive oil, garlic, parsley, tomato sauce and salt. This dish is eaten all year and is usually served as a first plate. Nowadays, people eat “Cuban Rice” at restaurants. In my house it is very usually to eat “Cuban Rice”. By Estel.

Origins of food  
Origins of food