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International students: few, but increasing A recent study shows that the number of international students, and mainly students from outside of the EU, has been steadily decreasing since the introduction of tuition fees in 2011. Each university sets the amount of the tuition, and here at Stockholm University there are two different price tags. Humanity programs, social studies and law cost 90 000 kronor per semester, while the science programs cost 140 000. To apply costs 900 kronor. Since 2011 SU has lost about 500 international students, but this fall the number of non-European students enrolled at SU is up by 40 percent compared to 2011, equaling about 100. SU believes it’s due to the increased number of scholarships granted, even though they’re only available to Master students. Con-

sequently, many students still turn down their offers to study at SU. SU is working to market itself internationally, mainly in China, Russia and the U.S., to expose the university and attract students. Ionut Potrache just started the Globalization and Environmental and Social Changes Master’s program at SU. As a European citizen he doesn’t pay tuition, but neither is he eligible for scholarships. – Stockholm is expensive compared to Rumania. My family’s helping me and I’ve got some money saved up. I’m looking for cheep accommodation and a part time job, he says. Original article: Malin Heyman, Mimmi Nilsson Translation and summary: Joel Linde

Photo: Mimmi Nilsson The number of international students is slowly increasing at Stockholm University.

Student Health Doctor’s license revoked For years the doctor at the Stockholm Student Health Unit has been prescribing large amounts of narcotic drugs. The doctor’s license was revoked in August following an anonymous tip and close to a year and a half of investigations by the HSAN public authority. Having discovered the misuse of drug prescriptions as well as a systematic negligence in the record keeping, HSAN concluded that the doctor was unfit for duty. – It is highly unusual that we revoke doctors’ licenses, Anders Kring with the HSAN authority said. The doctor has had a part time, advisory post at the Student Health Unit

Until further notice, students in need of medical attention will be referred straight to primary health care. The doctor now has three weeks to appeal, and has meanwhile been relieved of duty. At the time of printing it was unknown whether or not the doctor would appeal. Original article: Mimmi Nilsson Translation and summary: Joel Linde

The Student Health Unit’s new premises in Studenthuset.  Photo: Amalthea Frantz

since 2005, but it’s still uncertain if he prescribed the narcotics there or at his private practice.

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“Studenthuset” filling up, “Nobelhuset” clearing out The Stockholm University Student Union, SUS, is nowadays operating from the new Studenthuset located on the Frecati Campus. In the same building you will also find the information desk, desks for more than 200 students, as well as the café Prego. What will become of the over one century old Nobelhuset, where the SUS offices used to be, is still uncertain. The building is now being inspected, and the accessibility is one of many pressing issues. According to property manager Susanne Malmgren, one option is to rebuild it to make postgrad apartments. Original article: Amalthea Frantz Translation and summary: Joel Linde

Tips for incoming Erasmus students COLUMNIST DOUGLAS REVOLTA I arrived in Stockholm in January 2013 for a springterm stint as an Erasmus exchange student and left in July with a wealth of stories and experiences to last a lifetime. As well as experiencing the wonders of the Swedish capital city, I travelled to Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Norway whilst enjoying academic life at the University. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your exchange:

Say Yes The first few weeks of Erasmus should be a blur of social activities, so make sure you are involved. Your formative weeks in Stockholm will largely decide who you will spend the rest of your exchange with, so make sure you meet as many people as possible.

Remember that everyone on the exchange is in the for appropriate clothing, and starting with a sturdy same position as you, so don’t be afraid to talk to coat is your best bet. Wait to buy a coat until you arpeople; start by getting to know the people you live rive in Sweden; it’s not hard to find bargains and if with and take it from there. Keep an it’s made in Sweden it’s more likely eye on Facebook and try to join as to survive the Swedish climate. ”Such piercing many groups as possible; most stucold calls for dent events are organised online. Know Your Budget appropriate You won’t be shocked to hear that clothing, and Prioritise Sweden is expensive. Luckily, most A bit of organisation goes a long way, exchange students will be given a starting with a and finishing assignments well begrant from their respective governsturdy coat is fore deadlines will mean that it will ments to partake on Erasmus, so if your best bet.” be much easier to pack in other fun you do; make sure you put it to good things along the way. You are primause. Don’t let the money appear in rily on an exchange to study, but there your account and then miraculously are boundless opportunities to have fun as well. disappear after the weekend. Even if you don’t get a Make sure you find the right balance. grant, be sensible with what you have. Work out what you can afford to spend each week and try to stick to Buy a Good Coat it as much as possible. You might think you know what cold is, but Stockholm will attempt to reeducate your understanding Douglas Revolta is starting his final year at Roehampton University following internships at The Independent and of winter; the coldest it got when I was there was -15 the London Evening Standard over the summer. degrees Celsius in February. Such piercing cold calls

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