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Gat Rooms Sleep Smart

Our Smiling Brand Book


Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Our smiling Brand Book


Gat Rooms is an Experience not an idea. It’s an Emotion not a feeling. It’s both Yesterday and Today. And it’s, of course, Tomorrow as well. Gat Rooms is the attended prayer to any urban cat: smart, free, curious, cool, friendly, and cosy.

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Brand Book 05

How to live the Brand Meet it, PLAY it, Enjoy it

Distribution of this Brand Book is strictly controlled and limited to authorised Gat Rooms Sleep Smart* partners and friends. Remember, our loyal costumers know where you live.



Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Brand Book 07



P. 019.


How to live the Brand Our brand journey Why Gat Rooms? Our brand statement: loyalty to cats Our brand promise, Sleep Smart*



P. 053.


P. 099.



Make them Talk LET them Talk & Sleep Smart*


P. 123.

And so do us!



TransLATION: ”HELLO FRIEND, Welcome to Gat Rooms”

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Our Brand Journey

Brand Book 011

Our brand journey is the key that unlocks our history, and the Bolt that secures our Future Understanding of where we are going and what we will do when we arrive at the place that we’ve gone to. With the first affordable airlines came up a new market: weekend and short trip travellers who loved cities and, though they could afford flying, there were no affordable hotels with which they could identify. So it was clear, we had to provide a place to stay to those travellers who, like ourselves, where eager to devour the world on an affordable and a highly cultural standard. Gat Rooms was born to fulfil their needs on a design, comfort and “unveiling the city” basis. And this is our philosophy, to keep being a customer driven company, providing our guests with a friend in the city they are visiting.

Gat Rooms, your friend in every Gat City!

Gat Rooms team and friends on a stage in Morocco to prospect and develop the brand strategy. 2002.

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Why Gat Rooms?

Brand Book 013

Why Gat Rooms? This is an easy one! Because we are cats: independent, curious, lovely, funny, mysterious, cool, smart and love cosy places. Just like our guests! Gat: Definition of the Target (Catalan word for Cat). Rooms: Definition of the Product (In English, to make it international). Introducing a new term which can only apply to our hotels, which makes our accommodation offer as flexible as our cats! So, all we needed was a Logo: Logo: The eye of the urban cat, hiding in a bed. The eye that looks around, that travels and captures every piece of reality. But also the winking eye, a small gesture implying complicity. And the bed we provide, a place to rest, a home in a foreign city. The result, a singular easy to remember identity, with a touch of humour.



Travelling alone or in group Eager to devour the city life Off-circuit culture lovers Nightlife is a must

The Suits and Corporate Business travellers Tech lovers Need a place to forget the suit Lovely and naughty

Affair havers

Discreet Seeking an unforgettable unique experience Wanything for a late chek-out

Fashion grabbers

Cool Fashion and design consumers Blogger’s biggest fans


Cool and young 1-2 kids Need a second-home according to their parental needs, which include cultural standards

Not Gatsumers


Fake cats

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Our Brand Statement: Loyalty to Cats

Brand Book 015

We will always be loyal to our Gatsumers, by listening to their needs and providing them with everything they want. We will always be loyal to our cat spirit, ensuring that our offer provides a cosy, city centre, conscious valued and affordable cushion. We will always be loyal to our belief in building a solid, strong relationship with our catty target by offering the best city experience an urban, curious and playful travelling cat may wish.

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Our Brand promise: Sleep Smart*

Brand Book 017

We promise never to forget how smart are our guests and how badly they need a Gat Room to explore the cities happily. Thus, after listening to their requests, we have come with 4 solid values we’ll always bear in mind: Affordable -- to spend the money on shopping, clubbing, having a romantic dinner or going to exhibitions and getting souvenirs. City Centre -- to feel part of the city, walk through. Value conscious -- no need of big luxury rooms. Just pay for what’s important: friendly staff with good tips on the city, cool atmosphere and, free wi-fi. Design lovers -- good cosy, practical, detail-caring nice design.

value conscious

city center


design lovers

Sleep Smart*

CATZENS OF THE WORLD, SLEEP SMART* Gat Rooms is taking over the coolest European cities, to offer you a whole new experience: best tips on every city, the hottest locations, true design, wi fi for free and a 5 star bed‌ and, of course, affordable! Gat Rooms, what else?

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*


Brand Book 021

Why paying more, when all you need is a good, cool place to rest? All our Gat Rooms are conceived as nice cosy places, with everything you need and no extras that may increase the price. We understand you need to save money to spend having a nice dinner, a drink in a club, or to go to a show! That’s why Gat Rooms spaces are not bigger than your needs, furnished with basic practical pieces, but super cosy. Thus, we can keep affordable rates.

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Brand Book 023

The only thing we do spend real money on is on long-lasting furniture, on big pleasure details and on the matrass. Because that’s exactly where you do not want to save: You’ll get a big, comfortable, ergonomic matrass with cotton linen, so you sleep sound and happy all night long! (or whenever, if you’re a naughty nightly cat!).

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Brand Book 025

Small details make a big difference! Happily living with Tarzan, the only thing Jane missed was a nice hot bath. We can assure you’ll never miss your own shower as we’ve worked hard here, to ensure you get the best! And last, but not least, we know light is key to have the right atmosphere, so show your emotions and chose among our menu which provides the best light in every situation: romantic to fall in love, focused for a quiet reading or bright to find your wallet

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Value Conscious

Brand Book 027

Saving money doesn’t mean saving in comfort! A touch of local culture has sneaked in each Gat Rooms to let the city go with you every minute. The bedhead has pictures of the city to inspire your dreams; a big board open to staff and guests to post interesting information about the city; a paper tablecloth with the typical Portuguese tiles; bycicles in Barcelona, Paris and Berlin, to ride the city out; are just a few examples. We know you are a culture-eater, and try to feed you with only the best. Our well-trained staff, is always ready to give you a tip about the coolest places to go, the new galleries, restaurants or cultural events. Use free wi-Fi connection to post your comments and pictures any time you want, check your mail or surf the net. And do it dancing at your favourite tune, through the ipod station in your room. Give you a nice Italian salame, when Paris is famous for its “fromage assortment” or its marmalades? That’s not smart!

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Brand Book 029

Room Room has been designed as a flexible area, which adapts to every city needs: from a library to help you explore the city in Lisbon to a cocktail bar in Berlin. Flexibility is a virtue and a must in cats! We adapt our common areas to host corporate events... But, due to our big family size, it’s also possible to book the whole Gat Rooms and offer to your company staff an unforgettable, taylor-made experience!

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Design Lovers

Brand Book 031

We love functional, long-lasting design. We know good design does not mean luxury. Design lovers seek comfort through details, as well as practical solutions to make life easier. Gat Rooms design works on building harmony from opposite concepts: soft and hard materials; square and rounded shapes. Thus, all those “structural” surfaces, such as walls and floor, are made of hard, resistant materials that require little care. On the other hand, those surfaces you interact with everyday –such as carpets, sofas or puffs are soft and touch-inviting. The same idea applies to furniture, where design adapts to every space and need, using long-lasting hard materials that require almost no maintenance, which rigidity is balanced by round-shaped and sinuous designs.

You are unique, and so are our rooms. In each you’ll find small design details to make it comfortable and personal: a vintage radio station, a reading lamp or a flower pot... What will you find in your next visit?

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Brand Book 033

Always in city center You come from abroad and don’t want to spend half the time taking a bus or a tube to go to the city... you are already in the city! That’s our philosophy, Gat Rooms is where the city life is: cafés, museums, clubs, off-circuit galleries, restaurants... everything we love in a city, just around the corner! And if you come to work, don’t worry, Gat Cities’ business district is already in the city centre… so you can work and enjoy the city life, all in the same area. A big city map welcomes you at every Gat Rooms highlighting those places we are sure you want to explore. “Let the city in” is part of our philosophy, that’s why we try to open as many windows as possible to offer you other views of the environment.

ENJOY the gat experience

TransLATION: ”Gat Rooms added value”

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Be curious:

Brand Book 037

Believe it or not, we have a patron in each Gat Room Hotel. It’s there to inspire you to enjoy the company of other fellow cats… Who may be sleeping next door? The Puss in Boots, Cat woman, a connaisseur of the city, an artist...Don’t be shy and know, it may be heaven’s door!

Find who lives next door


d ken ee

e rs

a fash ion

ga b

be r


oth er Ca ts

i ss Pu s oot


t ca

a sui


Garfield fa

es ili

Fe li x



affair havers Madame Claude Marcel This former Folies Bergères vedette is your protector in Paris. A true bohémienne parisienne. Put yourself under her protection and she’ll unveil the best kept city secrets.

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Be playful:

Brand Book 039

Who ate the fish? Who ate the canary? Every Gat Room has a secret cat story… Can you trace the intruder? Can you catch the hidden cat? Pussy, pussy, pussy….

Find the Cat inside

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Brand Book 041

Be green:

Make it your favourite colour! You are green, we are green, too. That’s our credo, and we express it by chosing green as our primary colour. A way to remind you that being eco and nature -friendly is not an attitude, it’s a must! We try to be as sustainable as possible in everyday life by using low-consuming light bulbs or water-saving taps. We do have a “Green Protocol” as part of our savings philosophy. A new heating system which allows saving not only many litres of water every year; but also gas and power, as there is less water to be heated. We do also encourage you to recycle your own towels and bed-linen.

To remind you this everyday, green is the colour that leads you along at Gat Rooms, from the façade and common areas to the most intimate room: the bathroom.

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Green has 2 major qualities: conveys the idea of eco and natural as a value; is a relaxing colour. And everybody knows urban, friendly cats have green eyes; not blue, which are really snob, or brown, which hate cities.

Brand Book 043

So, logically, our primary brand colour is green, which together with black -our secondary brand colour- helps you find home when being abroad.

Green 382C Too unhealthy

Too strong

Cat eye / Eco

Black 000C Too dark

Too doogy

Cat fur

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Be cool:

Brand Book 045

Cats are the coolest beings in the world, and so are you! Black is the perfect colour for a cat as, unpredictable as you are, its perfect on any occasion. And, remember, an urban touch is requested when walking the cities, and so is a hooded jacket, as dawn may be chilly!

Dress like a Cat

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Be true:

Brand Book 047

Don’t let your words betray you! To be a real cat, you must speak like a real cat. Learn by heart the following basic rules, and start practicing immediately… You’ll be amazed at how creative our language is!

Speak like a Cat

---- Say meeow! Instead of hello, goodbye ---- Use the word gat to re-spell everyday words Deligatessen; magatzine; merchandgat... ---- Use kitty onomatopeis instead of words Room-room= trans.(hotel rest room) Now that you can speak properly, a few rules to get into Cat Culture: ------ ----------------

Travel light Learn at least 5 words in local language (We’ll help you learn them easily as they are all around) Walk the streets as if you born there Rely on gat-friends to know the hot spots Take fun of dogs on every occasion Make fun of yourself, you’ll be the first amused! Do not disturb other cats’ rest

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Be friendly:

Brand Book 049

Trust any other cat you come across, and be friendly to it. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make friends in Gat Rooms!

Smile and share your discoveries

Share your discoveries, have breakfast in our common tables, don’t hesitate to ask or interrupt a conversation… Cats are social and love company most of the time!

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Be loyal:

Brand Book 051

True cats believe in sharing and caring. That’s why we bring you a touch of our Mediterranean culture, which can be felt in small details: olive oil and bread with tomato at breakfast buffet; uniforms as designed by Josep Abril; footwear by Munich or natural cosmetics amenities by Korres.

To yourself and to your passions

But we are loyal to every Gat City, and want to be part of it. Thus we use the local language as part of our secondary brand language; buy local products and work with local professionals who bring their own vision in everything we do.


TransLATION: ”Gat Rooms PRODUCT”


Gat Rooms sleeps smart in several languages


Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Brand Book 057

Speaking Barcelona, Berlin, Paris or Lisbon, means understanding the city codes and including them in our own brand codes and image. Therefore, when applying our brand philosophy to each Gat Rooms, design works on 2 levels: global services and space distribution; specific details to make each Gat Rooms unique, by introducing a touch of local culture. Starting by the name, which is always related to the city -Point Charlie, Folies, Rossio, or Xino- city codes can be traced on signalling and typography; on how architectural needs flow with the surroundings and on how it provides flexible areas -such as roomroom- which help adapting the offer to the city needs. And, last, but not least, as we always walk on the smile side of life, there is always a cat trail in every Gat Rooms‌ finding it, is part of the Gat Experience! As travel-loving cats, we’re eager to learn new languages: London and New York are our next stop. Why? Because we love them, as simple as that!

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

MIAUW! MIAUW! (German voice): HELLO! Welcome to BERLIN

Brand Book 058

Gat Point Charlie Berlin, Mitte

Full address: Mauerstrasse, 81-82 10117 Berlin T. +49 30 20 67 17 47 F. +49 30 20 05 91 20 Operation year: 2010 Surface: 6.800 mts2 Rooms: 140 Architecture and Interior Design: Bopbaa Architects Graphics: Estudi Can贸




Hotel Gat Point Charlie is located in the center of Berlin, at Mitte next to Postdamer Platz, Brandenburg gate and just in the corner to Check Point Charlie. The nearest metro station is Stadmitte.


ROOM ROOM Coffee shop & cocktail bar. Berlin is famous for its 20’s and 30’s designs. A taste of this culture, deeply rooted in everyday life, is also present in Gat Point Charlie: coloured glass cups, and decó inspired lamps, are just an example. Signaling is inspired in the city code, using helvetica typography, in big, well-framed messages



140 completely equipped, comfortable and modern rooms. Free wi-fi access, flat-screen Tv’s, light menu bedhead to express your mood, laptop safes, Ipod station and amenities by Korres natural cosmetics.


Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

MIAOU! MIAou! (french voice): HELLO! Welcome to PARIS

Brand Book 070

Gat Folies Paris, Op茅ra

Full address: 14 Rue Geoffroy Marie 75009 Paris T. +331 44 83 67 15 F. +331 42 46 91 23 Operation year: 2010 Surface: 1.100 mts2 Rooms: 38 Architecture and Interior Design: Bopbaa Architects Graphics: Estudi Can贸


Hotel Gat Folies is located in the center of Paris, in the 9ème arrondissement, next to Opéra and Galeries Lafayette, just in front of the mythical Folies Bergère. The nearest metro station is Grands Boulevards. Paris is the “city of light”, and our Gat Rooms homages the mythical Folies Bergère. Is there a better way to say how much we love it than using “theatre mirror lights” as part of the sygnaling code?


38 completely equipped, comfortable and modern rooms. Breakfast buffet served at Gat Kitchen, free wi-fi access, flat-screen Tv’s, light menu bedhead to express your mood, laptop safes, Ipod station and amenities by Korres natural cosmetics.


Healthy breakfast with “home-made� local products, true parisian bread, cheese assortment, chill out area, drink and snack vending machines, laundry and babysitting services, late check-out upon request, front desk Mac corner and best tips about Paris.


Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*


Brand Book 078

Gat Rossio Lisbon, Baixa - Liberdade

Full address: Rua do Jardim do Regedor, 27-35 e Travessa do Forno n潞 9-13. Lisbon T. +35 1 213 478 300 F. +35 1 213 478 301 Operation year: 2009 Surface: 2.030 mts2 Rooms: 71 Architecture and Interior Design: Bopbaa Architects Graphics: Estudi Can贸


Hotel Gat Rossio is located in the center of Lisbon between Liberdade and Baixa Districts, within one minute’s walking distance from Praça do Rossio, the nearest tube station being Restauradores. Lisbon is famous for its tiles and religious icons, which are part of the urban landscape. Gat Rossio says Miau! to every traveller with it’s own cat icon -Santa Felina del Rossio, patron and protector of Gat Rooms Lisbon- and also with a tile pattern.



71 completely equipped, comfortable, modern rooms. Free wi-fi access, flatscreen TVs, light menu bedhead to express your mood, laptop safes, Ipod station and amenities by Korres natural cosmetics.

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

MÈEU! Mèeu! (CATALAN voice): HELLO! Welcome to BARCELONA

Brand Book 086

Gat Xino Barcelona, Raval

Full address: Carrer Hospital, 155 08001 Barcelona T. +34 93 324 88 33 F. +34 93 324 88 34 Operation Year: 2004 Surface: 730 mts2 Rooms: 35 Architecture and Interior Design: Bopbaa Architects Graphics: Estudi Canó


Hotel Gat Xino is located in the center of Barcelona, within one minute’s walking distance from Las Ramblas and Mercado de la Boqueria. The nearest tube station being Liceo.


The typical plantation window shutters, and a roof terrace, are part of the essence of Mediterranean life, which celebrates life under the sun, but loves a shady cool room to take a nap.


Room Room breakfast, chill out terrace, drink and snack vending machines, laundry and babysitting services, late check-out upon request, best tips about Barcelona.



35 completely equipped, comfortable and modern rooms. Free wi-fi access, flat-screen Tv’s, light menu bedhead to express your mood, laptop safes, Ipod station and amenities by Korres natural cosmetics.




TransLATION: ”Gat Rooms Communication Strategy”

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

We speak the same language

Brand Book 101

This is our main objective at communication: showing our clients and prospects that we share a common language. We want them to be our ambassadors, as there is no better way to arise interest and sympathy, and above all, credibility, than being a friend’s tip. That is why we want them to talk, to talk a lot, to share their experiences, to ask for whatever they need, to take pictures, to send letters, to make funny jokes on us‌ we want them everything but to be silent.

Newsletter to promote Berlin Bread&Butter 2012 Corporate Opening campaing, Postalfree.

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Cats that laugh together stay together

Brand Book 103

Laughter, or even a smile or a wink, is an spontaneous sincere expression of empathy, as it involves a very complex coding and decoding system and a common culture. So, what we are after in every piece of communication is, at least, a smile! To get a true smile, we must create certain complicty with our costumers. And to do so, we use humour as a tool. A tool based on 2 basic concepts: our friendly and original cat language -and our visual experience games.

smile complicity humour language visual games

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Inspiring desire

Brand Book 105

Our clients and prospects are very active social kittens, they have a lot of experiences and are eager to share them immediately. Therefore, we give them reasons to “want” to live a GAT experience by delivering 2 main messages: --- ---

Gat Cities are worth visiting: providing cultural and event related information about the cities we inhabit. Affordable: by communicating special offers linked to these events, to season, etc.

As communication is a nonstop fluxes of information, delivering a very rational message, together with a highly emotional experience, is our way to link the brand to the essential message: “we are just like you”; “we know what you want and we can make it possible”.

Newsletter Paris opening 2010. Newsletter to promote Berlin Bread&Butter 2012.

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Let them Talk like Cats

Brand Book 107

Following the example of our target, we are also active on social media, creating 2.0 campaigns based on a “let them talk” idea. Funny videos promoting a “meow song” contest or taking fun of Christmas by smashing a dog are just examples of how we work pushing virality. Surreal humour helps us deliver the message that Gat Rooms is fun. Together with more rational messages, such as price oriented campaigns, or city events promotion, the whole communication “pack” provides our target with a rational and emotional insight of the company that compels them to trust us, and therefore to be eager to live “a GAT experience”.

Miau song contest, You Tube, 2011 Christmas greetings, You Tube, 2012

Corporate promotion, Youtube 2011.

and LET them behave like cats! Be free, express yourself and be happy! Dance, sing, do funny things‌ do anything you want, but always with a big smile. This is the core idea at some of our promotional videos, which show the location, but from a very arty and happy perspective. We do not sell a room, we sell a way to experience happiness: comfort, healthy breakfast...





City center Qbic

Gat Rooms




0 2


1 1



Room Mate







Design lovers






Value Conscious

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Sleep Smart*

Brand Book 111

Gat Rooms is best rated among design hotel target. The fact that we listen to our client’s needs and provide them is probably a key idea… though, equally important is to be able to make them feel we are two of a kind, that Gat Rooms is their home in a foreign city. For this reason, our main effort is to make them talk…. And by doing so, prescribe our hotels, only for smart urban cats! Our baseline: Sleep Smart* This is the conclusion after putting together the main concerns of our guests. Again, putting together product and target in a two-word concept: Sleep: our product Smart: our target. On a strongly price based philosophy, though providing high added-value: design, location, value consciousness. Our core idea is affordable, though our free spirit needs comfort, that is, key added-values which make our company unique… just like our guests!

everybody loveS cats


“It was SO romantic! They told us about a nice affordable, chic restaurant by the river –I’ve got the card!-… And let us check out at 3 pm.!!!... What else can you ask? You have to take Ana, she’ll love it!” Andrés to his friend Marcos on facebook, April 2012.

Cats love Gats

You don’t have to believe us,

just LISTEN TO OUR GUESTS and take your own conclusions!

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Brand Book 116


GAT POINT CHARLIE Jose, Sevilla,España 08.2011 // Buena ubicación: El hotel está situado en Mauerstrasse, cerca de paradas de metro céntricas, por lo que nos resultó perfecto para el viaje que teníamos planificado (visitar los museos de la Museminsle, y pasear por la ciudad por las tardes y posteriormente cenar por distintas zonas, como Kreuzberg, Alexanderplatz, etc.) Habitación confortable: La calle es muy tranquila y la habitación nos resultó muy cómoda y espaciosa. No tuvimos ningún problema para descansar a gusto, incluso desde bastante temprano algún día. Limpieza de la habitación: El personal de limpieza es eficiente, cada día encontrábamos la habitación perfectamente limpia. Rocío, Boadilla del Monte, SPAIN 08. 2012 // Todo,hotelazo precioso, moderno, habitaciones amplias, ubicación perfecta, te coges la bici y te ves la ciudad entera sin coger el metro. Hay un chico majísimo,español, que te explica todo estupendamente. Repetiremos seguro!! Todo perfecto. Mariano, Sevilla, SPAIN 08. 2012 // Es un hotel muy bien situado, cómodo, limpio y de aspecto funcional, alegre y juvenil. Es muy chulo, pero sobre todo muy práctico y mapa mural en la recepción. Dispone de ordenador para acceso a Internet en la misma recepción, muy cómodo y fácil. Simplemente llama la atención que no tiene armarios, sino unos estantes de diseño, al menos la habitación en la que nos quedamos nosotros, lo cual está bien para estancias corta, y si no llevas mucha ropa. Carlos, Madrid, SPAIN 08. 2012 // El trato del personal del hotel es realmente excelente. Muy simpáticos, pueden además atenderte en varios idiomas, incluyendo español. Todo siempre muy limpio, una ubicación inmejorable a 50 metros de Checkpoint Charlie.... Recomendado 100% Jimena, Bogota,Colombia 07. 2012 // Nos gustó mucho la ubicación, está en la mitad de Berlín, en un punto central ideal para turismo. Las facilidades de Internet incluidas dentro de los servicios y no cobrados aparte. Igualmente el estilo vanguardista, minimalista y la decoración del hotel. Susan, Dublin,Ireland 07. 2012 // Very pleasant stay at this centrally located hotel, close to shops, restaurants, historical locations, galleries, concert halls etc. Staff were very helpful. My minisuite was well appointed, with good lighting for work or reading, good TVs and WiFi. breakfasts were excellent.

Minerva, Barcelona, SPAIN 05. 2012 // El personal atento, servicial y se esfuerzan en atenderte y ayudarte. El hotel de estilo moderno y minimalista, fantástico. La situación excelente. Todo muy limpio. Muy buen precio. Si volviera a Berlin, iría al mismo hotel. Thomas, Banglamung,Thailand 08. 2012 // New review! I thought it was probably the most efficient hotel design I’d ever seen. The green colouring was relaxing. The natural ventilation was well thought out and used. Olga, Trier, Germany 08.2012 // New review! Location was great, just 10 minutes away from subway, centrally located, but not noisy, room was clean, neat, nothing extra but everything you need to spend a night after day’s city tour. No fridge or minibar, but this is something extra that we did not expect in any case. Luke, manama, Bahrain 08. 2012 // Very modern, functional hotel. Great location, close to many subway stations and within 15 minutes walk of all the city centre tourist attractions. Super value for money for such a friendly, comfortable hotel. Quick, free Wifi works well throughout the building. Jacqueline, Glasgow, UK 08.2012 // Stayed here last year and liked it so much came back with my niece. Great location. Rooms are spotless and breakfast is excellent. Would stay here again when I return to Berlin.

GAT FOLIES Clelia, Bruxelles, Belgique 07. 2012 // A recommander! Hôtel design, original et très propre. Petit déjeuner tout aussi original, délicieux, expressos à la demande gratuitement... Sans aucun doute, je reviendrai dans cet hôtel lors de ma prochaine visite parisienne! Santiago, canarias, SPAIN 01. 2012 // Su personal. Muy amable y profesional. Si te vas a kedar en este hotel la mejor parada de metro es Cadet. Te recomiendo este hotel, los desayunos son variados y con productos ricos y naturales de primera calidad. Tiene un servicio excelente. Garbiñe, BILBAO, SPAIN 07. 2012 // La calidad del desayuno bufet; la localización cercana al metro; el personal joven y amable, alguno de los cuales hablaba castellano; la limpieza y la calidad de los amenities y la habitación tenía todo lo que para nosotros es necesario. Además había panadería y un supermercado en la misma calle. Hemos estado muy a gusto. Volveríamos sin duda a este hotel.

Ariadna, mataro, SPAIN 06. 2012 // Para nosotros fue una decisión muy acertada. El hotel fantástico, la habitación pequeña pero todo en su justa medida. Cama comodísima, baño muy limpio, ubicación perfecta, El personal muy muy amable. No tenemos ninguna queja. Más que recomendable. Federico, Zaragoza, SPAIN 05. 2012 // Es un hotel nuevo, limpio y moderno. Las habitaciones “dobles standard” son pequeñas pero tienen todo lo necesario para que la estancia sea muy confortable. El wifi gratuito en todo el hotel es un punto a favor. Mi valoración personal es muy positiva y por lo tanto lo considero un sitio para tener de referencia cuando vuelva a París. Santiago, Buenos Aires, Argentina 05. 2012 // Instalaciones 100% remodeladas y limpias, cercanía a los medios de transportes y a 4 cuadras de Gare du Nord ( estación de trenes ) y a 2 del metro. Se puede ir a varios lugares caminando ( lafayette, montmantre, opera, etc). Nicolas, louviers, France 07. 2012 // Personnel agréable. Management fidèle, cela fait plusieurs fois que je vais à cet hôtel et cette fois-ci l’hôtel m’a surclassé. Vraiment sympa!Petit déj copieux, produits frais et maison. Une excellente adresse. Corine, Le Touquet, France 06. 2012 // Petit hôtel sympa à 2 pas des grands magasins, chambre petite mais propre et bien décorée, excellent petit déjeuner, très bon rapport qualité prix, à privilégier pour de courts séjours. Quartier sympa : bars, restos très abordables. Une excellente adresse à Paris.

GAT ROSSIO Linda, Basel, SWITZERLAND “I thought that the staff was wonderful and I really like the design in the rooms. The cleanliness was greatly appreciated and the location was terrific. I would stay there again and recommend the hotel to all. Susana, Mexico DF, Mexico 06. 2012 // The room was amazing! The decoration was great. It was really clean. The hotel is located in the heart of the city, so you can go anywhere from there. The staff was really friendly. Highly recommended! Diego, malaga, SPAIN 03. 2012 // Este hotel es la segunda vez que lo he escogido, sus motivos son por el desayuno que ofrece, te pone cada día una pastelería típica de Lisboa,y su ubicación la cual es excelente, esta rodeado de bares y restaurantes típicos de Lisboa y cerca de todo lo importante que tiene un turista que ver.

Ricardo, Buenos Aires, Argentina 07. 2012 // El personal es muy atento, siempre solícito a lo que se le plantea. Las habitaciones están limpias, son cómodas, son agradables. El desayuno es muy completo, inclusive se tiene la posibilidad de tomarlo al aire libre, en una terraza. Andrea, caba, Argentina 08. 2012 // Todo!! la ubicación es muy buena, el personal excelente super atenta/os , muy bueno el desayuno y las instalaciones son preciosas, super moderno , limpio un detalle los elementos de toilette ecológicos, inmejorable especialmente por la relación precio - calidad.... y nosotros que por otros comentarios casi no vamos....más que buena la sorpresa!! esperamos regresar a Lisboa y al Gat. Svetlana, Saint Petersburg, Russia 07. 2012 // Nice music, great friendly staff and inspiring design space. Just luchchshee location in town! Juan, Madrid, SPAIN 08. 2012 // Sin lugar a dudas lo mejor es su relación calidad-precio. Reservamos con un par de meses de antelación a través de una oferta de booking a 55€ la noche para 2 personas incluyendo desayuno. Habitación pequeña, pero muy confortable (buena cama, televisión, aire acondicionado, secador de pelo). Destaca especialmente lo surtido del desayuno y su gloriosa sandwichera. El parking de Restauradores está prácticamente a la puerta del hotel (20€ por día) y la situación es de lo más céntrica para visitar todos los barrios de interés en Lisboa. Macarena, Madrid, SPAIN 08. 2012 // Original, fresco, cómodo y muy juvenil. Perfectamente situado a 1 minuto de la plaza restauradores y rodeado de multitud de restaurantes y justo enfrente de una oficina de turismo, parking público en la esquina (caro). Y curiosamente es el primer sitio donde te preparan sándwiches envueltos para llevar!!! Wifi gratuito por todo el hotel y habitaciones con buena cobertura. Azotea chill out donde también puedes desayunar.

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Brand Book 120

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Cette semaine... HÔTELLERIE

QUATORZE CANDIDATS AU LABEL PALACE A la clôture du dépôt des candidatures auprès d’Atout France, quatorze établissements ont passé le premier filtre pour pouvoir être présentés au “jury» présidé par l’académicien Dominique Fernandez, qui rendra son verdict à ma mi-avril pour leur accorder, ou non, le label Palace qui le désigne comme faisant partie des plus beaux établissements de France. La moitié des candidats est parisienne, l’autre se répartit entre la côte atlantique et la côte d’Azur. PULLMAN ET NESPRESSO SIGNENT UN PARTENARIAT MONDIAL… L’enseigne haut de gamme pour clientèle d’affaires individuels et séminaires s’est associé avec la célèbre marque de café à la portion, dosettes et capsules, qui sera servi en exclusivité dans tous les hôtels du monde. Des machines dédiées sont mises en place dans les chambres, dans les salles de séminaires et dans les espaces restaurants & bars, qui bénéficieront de mélanges exclusifs Nespresso Pullman (Café Latte, l’Espresso Macchiato et le Cappuccino Glacé). Un chariot à café “Nespresso s’invite chez Pullman” sera en place en exclusivité dans le lobby de l’hôtel tous les jours dès 4h30 du matin. … ET MERCURE SE DOTE D’UN NOUVEAU SITE INTERNET Avec ses 700 hôtels non standardisés dans 49 pays, mais respectant des normes de qualités rehaussées, Mercure a relancé son positionnement plus haut de gamme, il y a quelques années. L’enseigne renforce cette stratégie avec un nouveau site :, qui met en avant la richesse et la variété de l’offre. Elle s’appuie sur un univers visuel complètement renouvelé avec davantage d’images et de contenu et une ligne éditoriale revue et corrigée, qui fait appel aux testimoniaux. Cinq entrées thématiques visibles en page d’accueil : affaires, loisirs, réunion & événement, voyages thématiques et offres spéciales, permettent d’affiner la recherche, en plus de la géolocalisation. a accueilli 13 millions de visiteurs en 2010 soit une hausse de 30% par rapport à 2009, un volume important puisque 20% des clients Mercure réservent par le web.

N°485- Mardi 5 Avril 2011

Implantation française d'un groupe espagnol

Gat Folies : le chat catalan investit les Grands boulevards

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Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*


aume Serra, le fondateur de la chaîne espagnole Clavel, peut savourer le parcours de ses enfants Alex et Bibiana, qui ont tracé leur propre voie à travers un concept qu’ils ont traduit en deux mots : Sleep Smart (Dormir malin). Le tandem frère et sœur était d’abord tenté par un business plan "classique" : créer des hôtels 5* en centre ville, mais il s’oriente vers un autre défi : démocratiser l’accès au "luxe". Leur modèle économique "Sleep Smart" tourne autour de trois fondamentaux : un décor contemporain et stylisé ; des tarifs raisonnables à la limite du low cost ; et une localisation en centre ville. Une véritable gageure qui s’est pourtant transformée en réalité avec l’ouverture du premier Gat Rooms, suivi par un second dans la capitale Catalane avant les implantations à l’étranger, d’abord à Lisbonne et plus récemment à Paris. La capitale française a accueilli son Gat Rooms mi-2010 dans le IXe à deux pas des Folies Bergères, qui ont inspiré le nom de ce nouveau 3*, le Gat Folies. Le petit groupe d’Alex et Bibiana Serra a acquis murs et fonds d’un hôtel dont le propriétaire ne pouvait assurer les travaux de mise aux normes. Il en a coûté 9 M€, selon l’Agence régionale de développement de Paris Ile-de-France, qui a porté le projet, et les travaux nécessaires ont duré 15 mois. Au total, il a fallu à peu près deux ans et demi pour que le

Enfants d’hôtelier, fondateur de la chaîne espagnole Clavel Hoteles, Alex et Bibiana Serra ont développé leur propre concept, Sleep Smart, alliant design et prix serrés. Leur chaîne Gat Rooms compte un 5e établissement, le second hors de Catalogne, ouvert à Paris. Le Gat Folies, à deux pas des Folies Bergère, se décline comme une nouvelle génération de boutique hôtel accessible au plus grand nombre. projet d’implantation se concrétise. tions financières locales. C’est ici Le résultat est étonnant pour le qu’intervient l’ARDPIF. quartier : un hôtel de 38 chambres L'Agence a pour mission de faciliter au décor stylisé, qui développe un l’implantation des entreprises sur concept ‟espiègle comme le félin son territoire. Elle a donc accompaqui dort en vous” et gné l’implantaqui s’inscrit dans la L'Agence régionale de tion du groupe nouvelle générarue Geoffroy tion des boutiques développement a aidé à Marie. Elle a préhôtels, prête à attaporter le projet et à paré le recrutequer toutes les via la secdéblayer le terrain ment capitales. Mais à la tion Hôtellerie de administratif, social et différence des Pôle Emploi, qui Philippe Starck et a débouché sur fiscal Ian Shragger, les deux embauches. pionniers du Elle a aussi concept, c’est un déblayé tout le nouveau modèle économique qui se terrain administratif, social et fiscal met en place. La décoration reste un mettant les jeunes entrepreneurs en élément essentiel, mais le tandem relation avec un avocat fiscaliste, Serra tient aussi à serrer les prix. qui a aidé à trouver le meilleur Diplômé de l’Ecole hôtelière de montage. Gat Rooms a aussi bénéfiBarcelone, Alex se complète bien cié d’une introduction auprès de la avec sa sœur, diplômée, elle, en Mairie de Paris qui a apporté son Gestion et management des entre- aides pour les cours de langue de la prises. Ils savent utiliser astucieuse- directrice Gemma Barberà, et a ment les opportunités d’assistance appuyé ses opérations de communiet la prise en charge par les institu- cation lors de l’ouverture.

La communication se décline autour du nom, Gat, le chat catalan, mascotte féline et urbaine dont l’œil aux aguets trouve sa place dans la charte graphique du groupe et symboliquement dans le décor des chambres : cage à oiseaux aux barreaux tordus ou bocal à poissons vide avec quelques plumes ou des arrêtes signalant le coupable invisible : le chat. Le vocabulaire décline aussi la Gat City, ville branchée qui abrite un Gat Hotel et sa Gat Kitchen, le restaurant attenant, avant de monter dans sa Gat Room et essayer ses Gatgets (produits d’accueil) et écouter la musique composé par la Gat Attack (une équipe culturelle d’animation au service des clients). La directrice de l’hôtel Gemma, 29 ans, est l’ambassadrice de cette philosophie moderne et cosmopolite. Venue tout droit de Barcelone pour monter le projet, elle a la familiarité naturelle catalane. Mais elle sait jouer la diplomate vis-à-vis de ses confrères, nombreux dans le quartier. ‟Nous nous connaissons tous et on se serre les coudes. On n’hésite pas à se donner un coup de main entre confrères”. Apparemment, le groupe a trouvé la bonne formule : le taux d’occupation surfe régulièrement sur les sommets, avec un prix affiché oscillant entre 120 et 180 euros. Le groupe annonce pour 2010 un CA proche de 10 M€ pour ses cinq hôtels, un chiffre trois fois supérieur à l'année précédente. ■ Alvaro Alda

N°485 / Mardi 5 Avril 2011

3,05 euros - CPPAP : N° 1012T80033


La nouvelle économie n'est pas la nouvelle jungle

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carrefour de l'Europe


Mars 2011, l'activité

Gat Rooms le groupe espagnol

hôtelière se met sur pause

investit les Grands boulevards

Pour la première fois depuis un an, le RevPAR mensuel de l'hôtellerie française accuse une baisse. Modeste, heureusement, elle s'explique par une chute de fréquentation autour de Paris et dans les grandes régions. Les prix moyens, eux, continuent de progresser. Entre décalage de vacances, périodes électorales et événement internationaux qui ont impacté les déplacements, cette baisse n'est que conjoncturelle, mais mérite d'être surveillée. (Lire p. 6)

Tourisme France, deux ans pour gagner une place (Lire p. 2 et 3)

VOUS AVEZ LA PAROLE Vous êtes-vous senti victime des avis postés sur Tripadvisor ? (Lire p. 7)


Vincent Volkoff, le punch du management Cet ancien boxeur, qui se proclame autodidacte, a mis à profit la combativité déployée sur les rings pour se forger une carrière dans la restauration. De la pizzeria aux maisons étoilées Michelin, la progression a été jalonnée de rencontres et d'une constante soif d'apprendre. Entré en 1993 dans le groupe Louvre Hôtels, il y gravit aussi rapidement les échelons, pour présider aujourd'hui le Comité qui coordonne les rénovations et animer le nouveau Club des Directeurs qui doit renforcer la cohésion du groupe. (Lire p.16)

Restrictions dans l'aménagement du temps de travail (Lire p. 12)

Règles du Crédit d'impôt en faveur de l'intéressement (Lire p. 13)


Georges Panayotis Directeur de la rédaction

Calais joue la carte du A deux pas de Paris, de Londres ou encore de Bruxelles, Calais est aujourd’hui plus connu pour son port que pour son tourisme balnéaire. Mais la ville fait tout pour que cela change. Entre la rénovation de son centre, la création de nouveau quartier et la revalorisation et la mise en tourisme de son patrimoine, elle fait tout pour rappeler à ceux qui l’auraient oublié qu’elle aussi est une destination de tourisme urbain, et qu'elle a une des plus longue plage d'Europe. Pour maintenir la dynamique positive dans laquelle s’est inscrite son tourisme d’affaires, Calais agrandi son port, développe son tissu industriel, et réfléchit même à la création d’un Palais des congrès. (Lire p. 8 à 11)

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Pourquoi faudrait-il que les nouveaux outils, qui sont censés apporter plus d'efficacité et plus d'opportunités d'ouverture sur le monde, se libèrent des règles déontologiques de base ? La mise en place d'une nouvelle économie, plus numérique, plus connectée, plus instantanée, doit-elle forcément s'assimiler à une nouvelle jungle où la loi du plus fort prime sur le respect des Lois ? C'est pourtant sur ce chemin que veulent nous entraîner les géants planétaires de l'univers du Web 2.0. Les réseaux sociaux sont un livre ouvert à tous pour y déposer sans véritable modération des avis définitifs et des commentaires plus ou moins argumentés. Tout cela ne serait pas si grave si les conséquences ne se mesuraient pas chaque jour dans l'activité réelle des hôteliers mis sur la sellette du Net. Dans le succès planétaire de Tripadvisor, il y a un côté apprenti sorcier, dépassé par ses propres formules magiques. Pour reprendre une expression d'un hôtelier désabusé, les sites communautaires sont devenus le nouveau Mur des lamentations, qui sert de défouloir à la moindre contrariété. Non seulement les informations non contrôlées ont libre cours sur la Toile mondiale, mais elles sont maintenant piratées, comme l'a reconnu, un peu penaud, le patron du site Tripadvisor. Où sont-elles passées ? Qui va les utiliser ? Pour faire du marketing sauvage ou de la manipulation commerciale ? Il est temps d'y mettre un peu d'ordre. Aucune pratique, même bien intentionnée, ne peut se mettre au-dessus des lois, ni au-dessus des règles. Il est évident que le client a le droit de s'exprimer sur l'expérience qu'il a vécu et les hôteliers ont le devoir impératif de recueillir son avis. Le Livre d'or, ancienne génération, a simplement changé de dimension mais pas de nature. Il s'agit avant tout de partager ses impressions avec les autres clients et de fournir à l'hôtelier toutes les informations pour qu'il s'améliore. Mais il n'est pas sain que les hôteliers se déchargent sur d'autres et leur abandonnent cette fonction de contrôle permanent qu'ils doivent continuer de maîtriser. D'autant plus que seuls devraient être pris en compte les avis assumés par de véritables clients qui ne se réfugient pas derrière l'anonymat d'un site communautaire pour déverser leurs commentaires. Le XXIe siècle sera numérique ou ne sera pas. C'est sans doute vrai, mais il ne peut pas s'affranchir d'une déontologie élémentaire. On évitera les pratiques fantaisistes ou malveillantes pour revenir tout simplement aux fondamentaux du marketing.

Le Conseil de Paris règlemente la future gestion des terrasses (Lire p. 14)


Gat Rooms TEAM

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Brand Book 124


Jaume Serra It all started when I was quite young studying at the Jesuits School in Barcelona. I finished my superior studies, working and studying in the evening law at the University of Barcelona. English, French, German a little bit of Dutch and Italian were the languages needed for the airline business where I begun my working experience. First in KLM, Royal Dutch airlines in Barcelona, Las Palmas on the occasion of the opening of a new route Amsterdam-Zurich, Casablanca, Las Palmas, Monrovia, Conackry and Accra. After that I requested to be transferred to Germany to practice my German and I spent one year in KLM Bonn, Cologne for that reason. I returned to Barcelona and joined Swissair and in both airlines I had the chance to get to know all commercial departments and follow yearly courses in their headquarters in Amsterdam and Zurich. At the age of 25 I was appointed district manager of Canadian Pacific Air cp air for Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. This upgrade position gave me a lot of experience in management. After 5 years I decided to enlarge my tourist experience in the travel trade where I even succeeded in owing a 33 percent of one of the most modern travel agencies in Barcelona, preparing very professional incentive groups all over the world as well as opening new markets to Cuba and the peoples Republic of China in 1976. It was in 1982 where I started in the hotel business in Barcelona creating NH hotels with a group of investors. Having travelled before all over the world, and knowing the most renewed chains and hotels everywhere, made it very easy to me to improve the hotel quality at that time in Spain. In 1986 the Spanish hotel chain Sol Melià asked me to join them for a new project. In 1993 I decided to start my own company Clavel Hoteles with a capital of my own at 100 pcnt. We managed the hotel Barcelona Sants of nearly 400 rooms, 1993 and in 1995 I created a new company with the Spanish hotel group Barceló, BC Hoteles where my company held a 49pcnt Barceló wanted to know more about city hotels and I wanted to be supported by such a large and prestigious hotel group to grow. We enlarged the company with 6 hotels in Barcelona, Bilbao and Vitoria and kept the company together until last year when I decided to sell my shares to Barceló to impulse Gatrooms where I am fully conscious

of its success in this segment of market where there is a lot to be done.

Alex Serra Hotel manager of the second generation, initiating his formation in the Lycée Français de Barcelone, completing it in la Escuela Superior de Hostelería y Turismo de Barcelona (UAB) and extending it with a Master in Hotel Management given by the business school ESADE. He develops initially his professional career combining the studies with operative positions in diverse companies of the sector (Little Italy, Hotel Barceló Sants, Sheraton Brussels), for, once finished to occupy managerial charges in the hotel group Barceló Clavel Hoteles. Finally, in the year 2.001 he creates with her sister the company Gat Accommodation, which purpose is the management of urban hotels under the philosophy of “low cost”, in which nowadays is associatefounder and general manager. At present he leads the process of expansion and internationalization of the company, emphasizing the ongoing project hotels located in Lisbon, Berlin, Paris and woldwide.

Bibiana Serra Studied at the Lycée Français de Barcelone, then got a BBA university degree at the Escuela de Administración de Empresas in Barcelona and Nottingham Trent University, UK. To finish her formation period, she passed a seminar at the Institut Català de Tecnologia of how to introduce Quality Systems in Hotel management. As work experience, she started in 1996 during her stay in New York city, doing a professional training at the Human Resources Department of the American International Group, NYC USA organizing some of the staff trainings in New York and worldwide. Then worked at the Man Laï Location & Special Events Consultant giving support to celebrate all kind of events. Back to Spain, in 1997 she worked at the Barceló Clavel Hoteles, S.A. in charge of the Quality Management Model and the Marketing Department of the 4 hotels of the company. In 2001, after her experience in the accommodation business, she decided to create a family business with his older brother Alex and her father focused on a new concept’s hotel aware of the gap in the market of nice ho-

tels from 2 to 3 stars in Spain. The family decided to set up a company dedicated to a new generation of hotels, smart, clean and well located (basically city center). Considering very seriously the idea of good value for money without forgetting 5 stars cleanliness standards.

Oriol Serra Is the youngest in the family. In his early years he attended the Lycée Français de Barcelone, his hometown. He completed his secondary school education in Abat Oliva in the same city. Afterwards, he qualified in Law in the Universitat de Barcelona and a year later he continued his education in the Centro de Estudios Financieros de Barcelona, where he took a Master’s Degree in Taxation. After working as a lawyer in a prestigious law firm RCD Tax and Legal Advisors for almost five years, he has finally decided to take part in the family business as an audit manager, coinciding with the expansion of the group.

Iván Saldaña Bachelor in Business Administration and Master in Business Administration (Major in Finance) from the business school ESADE in Barcelone. After working in different sectors during the summer-times (banking and internet), he initiated his career in the hostelry industry in Barceló Clavel Hoteles in Barce-

lona in 1998 as controller, after developing diverse functions he achieved the Administration and Finance Management and was an active member of its Executive Committee. After the sale of the participations of Clavel Hoteles in BC Hoteles to the Barceló Group in the end of 2006, he joined Clavel Hoteles Group as Financial Manager in order to manage the Corporate Patrimony which aim is to create its own chain of city-hotels (gatrooms).

Alfons Agulló Bachelor in Business Administration from the business school European in Barcelona, and MBA by the business school ESADE and a Master in Marketing by the business school ESADE. His professional career initiated it in 1990 as assistant of Marketing in Tourism of Catalonia of the Catalan Government. Then he moved to London to be employed at British Tourist Authority, at the Marketing oversea department. In 1996 he returns to Barcelona to be employed at BCHOTELES occupying different positions inside the sales department and he was the person in charge of the program of BCHOTELES’s Loyalty, a program called BCBC. After that, he worked for SWISSCOM as Marketing manager for Spain. He recovered the Marketing manager’s function in CIRSA where his principal projects were China and Mexico, as well as the game in Spain. Nowadays he is the Marketing &Sales manager of Gatrooms.

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*


Brand Book 126

From left to right; Alex Serra, CEO Jaume Serra, Chairman Bibiana Serra, CEO Oriol Serra

We meet the whole family in front of GAT POINT CHARLIE in BERLIN and to our surprise, they ARE cats! Jaume (the father), Bibiana, Alex and Oriol all showed up with cat masks… and refused to take them out! They are in fact cat lovers!

Why did you start such a Business? Jaume: I’ve always been in the hotel business so, what else could we do? It’s the only thing I’m good at! (and he lagus). Bibiana: (Laughing) He’s right, he’s a terrible father… meow! Alex: Seriously, we all have studied to follow the family business tradition, we simply love it!! Oriol: Yes, I think it’s in our genes… I mean, we’ve been travelling around, going from one hotel to another, analyzing them, learning from our parents since we were kids… without even noticing it! Alex: It would have been foolish to do anything else… I think this is the only thing we all agree on!! (and they all laugh). What were you after? Alex: Success, of course!! Oriol: The chance… Bibiana: … and challange! Oriol: Yes, and challange, to start our own business… though with a little help from this man’s experience, of course! Jaume: All I wanted was to give them the opportunity to enjoy life as much as I do! What have you found that you didn’t expect? Alex: That things move slower than you think… Bibiana: Yes, sometimes it’s frustrating… but that’s part of the “growing process” as they say! –says with a smile.

Oriol: And we’ve found a niche we didn’t expect: Corporate. It’s been a real Word of mouth thing… The suits took their companies. And now we’ve dont some events for Loreal or Red Bull… this is Amazing! Jaume: Yes, we expected word of mouth to be a great communication channel, but we did never think we could actually have a big segment based on corporate. Bibiana: Yes, we did never expect to have such a success! Nor to be able to be so flexible, and without increasing costs –that is staff- perform such a good service! Would you do it again? All: Yesss!!! No hesitations… Bibiana: Not at all! (they all nod). What would you change? Bibiana: Basically nothing. I mean, we are always changing… we adapt to the demand, I guess this is the key to our success. Jaume: It’s true. Though, of course, now we know better how long do things take, how to evaluate risk and effort… But this is not changing… it’s improving! Any predictions about the future? Do you forsee anything? Jaume: I do not have a magic cristal ball… but I envision a really long and happy future for Gat Rooms!! As long as we keep loyal to our values, that is, to our hosts! Oriol: Meow! Alex: You know, we are cats… that is, always lucky and with nine lives… what could go wrong?! And they all laugh and celebrate in their catty masks… A funny family for an amazing business. Congratulations and good luck!!

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*


Brand Book 128



When did you start with Gat Rooms? Francesc – We started before they did! Josep – Yes, in fact we needed a client so we made up the whole story about to hotels to get one! Francesc – Yes, Jaume and Bibi had nothing to do with the business before they met us! Iñaki – We started with Gat Xino, and since then on! To us it was quite an experience, because none of us, appart from Jaume, had done anything similar before. Josep – It was a challange.... but it was also big fun!

When did you start with Gat Rooms? Dani – We started in 2009, in a certain way we do the scenography. In the sense that we design the “situations” and “characters” which are part of the GR philosophy... Iris – .... Yes, and from my point of view, they are actually GR. I mean, it’s what make them different. Inti – At least what make they personality be expressed from a different angle... no one has done it!

What do you do for Gat Rooms? Francesc – You could say we are their “family” architects, as you have a “family doctor”. Iñaki – we do everything related to the building and furniture design... with Marta, she does the signaling. Josep – GR has grown with us, and the other way round. In the sense that we started very young, and 15 years later, we all have a family, a business, and still work together. It’s part of our life... Francesc – It’s been good for us, as allowed us to grow as professionals, at the same time as them... Be both benefit from this experience. Which city would you like to be the next? Iñaki – New York... I would really like to work there! Francesc – No, it would be too complicated with the kids... Madrid would be fun, and much closer! Josep – Rome. It’s a very interesting city and people are really nice and friendly... and it’s not that far!

What do you do for Gat Rooms? Iris – You’re right! We’ve designed and “created” the icons for Paris and Lisbon... the Cat Idols, each with its personality! It was big fun, imagining them, moulding them.... Dani – Yeah! We were so much into it that we created a whole story for each one... It was real fun! Inti – And the invisible cat. That the essence of GR. We have to keep thinking new situations in which you percieve the presence of the cat... but never see it! We love this concept! What do you love most at Gat Rooms? All – People! Inti – Yes, we love the stuff. I mean, we work for them, and so do the people we meet at the hotels.. and we can feel that we share a spirit... Iris – I don’t know, but it really feels like... like we were friends! Which city would you like to be the next? Dani – Iris would say Istambul! Iris – Yes... it’s one of my favourite cities! And now is changing so much and so quickly... Inti – I would like New York.. but who wouldn’t! Dani – Yes... New York and Helsinki... I love Scandinavian design!



When did you start with Gat Rooms? and, What do you do for Gat Rooms? I started in 2008, working on the staff uniforms. According to GR’s philosophy, they had to be casual, but classy... It was big fun, because they gave me all the room to creativity! Have you noticed the detail in Gat Follies? The small strass pin? I worked on a mix of ideas: urban, parisian sophistication, girlie, coquette... And in the end I came up with this very simple uniforms, with neat straight cuts, combining gray and black... but with a special touch in the details: the texture of the fabric, the lace in the skirts... Small things, that make the difference. Because if you have to wear a uniform one day after the other, and be nice to your customers –no matter what happened to you this morning- you really have to feel nice and cool... and comfortable! I think we made it. I am very proud of my work for Gat!

When did you start with Gat Rooms? Marta – We were there from the begining… Ariadna – … even before the begining! Marta – They asked us to find a good name for the company… and we came up with a whole concept! Ariadna – It was big fun! We found out a thread – that is, the target as cats- and everything came really easy!

What do you love most at Gat Rooms? I love the details. How they always take care of small things, which make life a bit more glamourous...The glittering logo in Paris, the vintage pieces of furniture in Berlin... this sort of things! Which city would you like to be the next? Rejkiavik. I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland... and probably the only way to do it s having a GR there!! I am sure it would be a success... I have the feeling they share a similar culture at some point, I mean, friendliness, design but cosy.. I don’t know. Why, are you surveying?

What do you do for Gat Rooms? Marta –We help them with graphics, and communication ideas. Ariadna – And you also do the signaling in each hotel. I say each because they are all different! What do you love most at Gat Rooms? Ariadna –The cat trail. All the details showing that there is a cat… but never seeing it! To me it’s the essence of the whole thing: complicity. Marta – The cool&clean idea. To me this is the essentials, and that’s why it will always last! Which city would you like to be the next? Marta – Not one, all of them! Ariadna – Venice, the true city of cats. Seriously, as Marta said, all of them, from Helsinki to Cairo! I know you each had a cat, what were their names? Marta – Antúnez, my street when he came home. It’s a not very common family name. Ariadna – Fellini. I thought it really was a cat-like name… and I love his films!

Gat Rooms Sleep Smart*

Draw the cat you have inside! Take a pen, and fill the page with your cat portrait. If you experience any trouble at doing so, don’t hesitate to contact us for further instructions and tips.

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Gat Rooms Headoffices: Carrer Ă vila 24.28 M1. 08005 Barcelona, Spain. T: + 34 93 221 04 56 F: + 34 93 224 00 86



Gat Rooms Brand Book  

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