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WEEKLY NEWSLETTER | Nov. 2929-Dec.3, Dec.3, 2010 Join us for Early Einsteins every morning from 7:157:45 to improve your math skills and earn some extra

Join us for Monday Math Madness!! Every Monday from 3:30-5:00 work to improve your math skills and earn some extra

This week in reading we are reviewing our UNIT 2 stories, vocabulary and reading skills. BIG Q: WHAT MAKES PEOPLE DO THE RIGHT THING? REVIEW READING SKILLS: Compare/Contrast, Sequence, Author’s Purpose. Please review the “Family Times” Sheet and the homework information for this week to assist your child with his/her work.

This week in Math we will begin working on DIVISION beginning with dividing with 1 digit divisors and using multiplication to check their work. Keep practicing your basic multiplication facts. If you have any questions regarding our MathStars program, please contact me at school. This week in Science we are studying about the WATER

CYCLE! HW:MHW:M-Th: Study Water Cycle Stages/Complete Activity by Friday with Adult Signature. Extra Credit if you attach pictures of your activity. (3 minimum)

In Social Studies this week we are learning about events prior to and during

the American Revolution.

Mr. Martinez | | 713.696.2900 |

HOMEWORK MONDAY READING/LANGUAGE Spelling Words-Digraphs Read 20 Min Reg/Irreg. Nouns. P.165




WEEK OF: NO NOV. 2929-Dec.3

TUESDAY Spelling WordsVowels with r Read 20 Min Poss. Nouns p. 167

WATER CYCLE HOME ACTIVITY (spiral review) Study 4 Stages

WATER CYCLE HOME ACTIVITY (spiral review) Study 4 Stages DIVISION- 5-4 DIVISION- 5-5 Practice 5-4 Practice 5-5 Get the Point (B) Get the Point (C) (Graphing) Graphing) Amer. Revolution (1-2) (Study for Quiz)


WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY READ 20 Min a Day Spelling Words Spelling WordsFinal Syllables Spelling Quiz Final Syllables Subject/Verb Read 20 Min Read 20 Min Action/Linking Main/Helping Verbs Agreement Review p. 173 p. 171 Verbs p. 169 WATER CYCLE WATER CYCLE Turn in Sheet HOME ACTIVITY HOME ACTIVITY (Extra Credit for (spiral review) (spiral review) Pictures-3 minimum) Study 4 Stages Study 4 Stages DIVISION 6-2 DIVISION 5-6 DIVISION 6-1 Practice 6-1 Practice 6-2 Practice 5-6 Get the Point (E) Get the Point (F) Get the Point Graphing) (A and D) Graphing) American Revolution (3-5) (Study for Quiz) Quiz (No SS HW)

WEEK OF: NOV. 2929-Dec.3

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