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OSCAR ALEJANDRO CHAGOLLA MORALES Audiovisual Professional Advertising / VFX / Cinematography / Digital Arts Tucurán 87, Col. Félix Ireta. C.P. 58070 Morelia, Michoacán, México Cel: (443) 126 1323

Audiovisual Professional with wide experience in online and offline productions.






Bachelor of Communication Sciences with wide interest in audiovisual production; with experience ranging from creative work, screenwriting, directing and camera operation, to motion graphics and visual effects compositing. Accustomed to demanding tasks and work under pressure, with leadership abilities and constant desire to improve professionally and personally. Production:

Visual Effects:

3D Animation:

- Screenwriting - Directing - Camera Blocking - VFX Supervision - Motion Graphics - Compositing - Editing - Subtitling - DVD Authoring

- 3D Depth effects - Chroma/Alpha/Matte - 2D/2.5D Tracking - Matchmoving - Image Stabilization - Time Remapping - Color Correction - Optics/Grain Matching - Wire/Object Removal

- Modeling - Mapping - Rigging - FK/IK Animation - Morpher & Cloth - Particles - Illumination - Cameras - Rendering


Motion Graphics:


- Portrait - Catalog - Advertising

- 2D/2.5D Animation - Puppeting - Particle Effects

Graphic Design:

Interactive Video:

- Corporate Identity - Advertising - Photomontage

- Customizable - Click Through - Augmented Reality

- Spanish: Native - English: Advanced - Portuguese: Advanced - Italian: Intermediate - German: Basic - Russian: Basic

Provide a wide experience in audiovisual production, for both online and offline purposes, with a solid understanding of the tools, requirements and media posibilities in order to become a valuable member of the company: capable of planning, coordinate and implement the best solutions according to the budget and communicational needs of each project. Motion Graphics & Visual Effects:

Audio & Video:

Graphic Design & Web:

- After Effects - Monet/Mocha - Mokey - AE Plugins

- Premiere Pro - OnLocation - Sound Forge - Encore

- Photoshop / PS Ext. - Illustrator - Flash - Dreamweaver

- Boujou - MatchMover Pro - 3ds Max - MotionBuilder

Freelancer Conspiração Filmes, production company. (2012 - 2013) Functions: Creation of videos providing a comprehensive outsourcing service from pre- to post-production, including projects for clients such as VW, Nivea, Ford, Agência Click, Banco do Brasil, GE and Fox FX.

Video & VFX Leader Grupo W, digital agency. (2010 - 2012) Functions: Planning, coordination and execution of video, motion graphics and visual effects solutions for interactive campaigns, as well as creation of promotional videos of the agency.

Teacher Digital Invaders, digital school. (2010 - 2011) Functions: Workshop on video editing, motion graphics and compositing, helping the students to understand the audiovisual language and master tools such as Premiere Pro and After Effects.


Independent Producer Onírica Productions, films and advertising. (2007-2010) Functions: Advertising campaigns in different media, from radio and television commercials to corporate video and graphic design solutions. Production of short films and animations.

Advertising Manager CAAPUS Asistencia, consulting company. (2006-2007) Functions: Management and coordination of advertising campaigns, production of radio and television programs and public relations management in expansion project.

Designer / Creative Pantoja&Com, advertising agency. (2002-2004) Functions: Corporate design and advertising for print media, as well as creation of spots, jingles and campaigns for radio and television.

Interactive Campaigns

Grupo W, Coca Cola, Slang/AAA, Cerveza Indio, Knorr, Rexona Men/Teens, Dove, Pond’s, Coors Light.

Radio Campaigns

Tostadas Luzma, Muebles del Angel, Grupo Bavi, Alternavida Alfa, El Justiciero Legal and others.

TV Campaigns

Laboratorios Dibar, Alternavida Alfa, El Justiciero Legal, Habicasa, Grupo Bavi and others.


Graphic Design IMSS, Century 21, GasMaster, CB Televisión, UNLA, Deshard Systems and others.


Grupo BAVI, Instituto Tecnológico de Morelia, CNC Goliat H15 and others.


Diva Models, Diseños Lety, CB Televisión, GasMaster and others.

Web Design

IMSS, Armando Manzano, UNLA, Caapus Asistencia.

Corporate Video

Deshard Systems, Club Tres Marías, Caapus Asistencia.

Universitary Radio Program “El Infierno de Dante” Production, Script, Direction and Locution.

Feature-lenght Screenplay “Vidas Alternas” Author and Screenplay Writer

Fiction Shortfilm “Voces” Screenplay, Directing and Editing


3D Animation Shortfilm “Así es mi México” Screenplay and Filmmaking

Flash Animation Shortfilm “South Park Crisis” Screenplay, Directing, Animation and Editing

Stop-Motion Animation Shortfilm “Caperucita al Dente” Screenplay, Directing, Stop Motion and Editing

Photorealistic Animation Shortfilm “¿Quién Asesinó a Alicia?” Screenplay and Film making

Degree in Communication Sciences


Universidad Latina de América (2002-2006) Manantial Cointzio Norte #355 Fracc. Los Manantiales Morelia, Mich., México. C.P. 58170

High School Studies Preparatoria Federal por Cooperación “Melchor Ocampo” (1998-2001) Fray Juan Benito Díaz de Gamarra S/N Fracc. Lázaro Cárdenas Morelia, Mich., México. C.P. 58229


1st Place. Digital Photography Contest City of Morelia, México | 2006 |

Special Publication. Photoreportage “Héroes olvidados” Cambio de Michoacán, México | 2006 |



1st Place. Shortfilm Screenplay Contest


Official Selection. Fiction State Competition

Morelia International Film Festival, México | 2006 | Morelia International Film Festival, México | 2007 | Onírica Productions

Official Selection. International Animation Competition

"Ciudad Luna" International Film Festival, Colombia | 2009 | Onírica Productions

Official Selection. Mexican Animation Competition

Guadalajara International Film Festival, México | 2010 | Onírica Productions

Official Selection. International Fiction Competition

Rengo International Film Festival, Chile | 2010 | Onírica Productions


Silver. Interactive Campaign

Wave Festival, Brasil | 2010 | GrupoW

Gold. Social Marketing

IAB Conecta Awards, México | 2011 | GrupoW

Gold. Interactive Tool

IAB Conecta Awards, México | 2011 | GrupoW

Silver. Banner

El ojo de Iberoamérica, Argentina | 2011 | GrupoW

Gold. Website

El ojo de Iberoamérica, Argentina | 2011 | GrupoW



Silver. Online Campaign

Círculo Creativo, México | 2011 | GrupoW

Gold. Advergame

Círculo Creativo, México | 2011 | GrupoW

Gold. Microsite

Círculo Creativo, México | 2011 | GrupoW

Gold. Banner

Círculo Creativo, México | 2011 | GrupoW

Bronze. Banner

OneShow Interactive, USA | 2012 | GrupoW

CV Oscar Chagolla (May, 2013)  

Currículum Vitae