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THE IDEA OF DESIGN - ADES 150 unit Use the left column to record your thoughts, reflections & notes as you work through your thought process.

OUT + ABOUT Pentagram Pentagram is a “remarkable and unprecedented design partnership.” Milton Glaser. “Since 1975, the famed international design firm Pentagram has produced a series of signature documents known as the Pentagram Papers, exclusively for clients and colleagues. The design brilliance and quiry sensibility of the papers has never before been made available to the public at large.” “Each paper explores a different and curious topic that, at one time or another, has caught the interest or sparked the imagination of the Pentagram partners. From the iconic to the obscure, the topics illustrate a wide variety of influences.” The Pentagram Papers

You are tasked with finding every letter in the alphabet from your environment. Like Pentagram, you are looking for unusual or interesting ways to document your idea. Document them with a camera, photocopy, or scan and compile into an A-Z alphabet.

A, B, C for idea one

You need to try three different ideas. Test each idea with “A, B, C” on the first page. Choose the alphabet which best reflects the feeling of your surroundings and gives the viewer an idea of where you are. Produce the rest of the alphabet for the chosen style. Be sure to review the examples on Bb. A, B, C for idea two

A, B, C for idea three


D, E, F

P, Q, R

G, H, I

S, T, U

J, K, L

V, W, X

M, N, O

Y, Z.

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