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The Joy of


Taking Tea

by Donna Heber

the pretty colors of springtime emerge nature starts to bloom and reminds me of how

every day brings precious moments of fulfillment. It’s rejuvenating to feel the warm breezes and quietly listen to nature come alive. What better way to enjoy it all than with a cup of tea! My first memory of tea is of the common black variety when I was in my early teens. I use to drink a cup every morning before heading off to school. The aroma of Red Rose tea would linger in our Victorian home. To this day, I don’t think of tea as just a drink, but more of an experience. Kind of like a fine bottle of wine. Each spring I look forward to tea-time in the garden where I can enjoy a sumptuous afternoon tea while relaxing in our gazebo or having a solitary moment on the bench hidden behind the arbor. It is fun to choose teacups and plates that depict the season. One of my favorite patterns is “Victorian Violets” produced by Hammersley & Co., a British manufacturer dating back to 1885. Lovely sprigs of violets peek out among the green leaves that

surround this masterpiece. When was the last time you had a tea party and sipped a cup of tea with someone dear to you? Whether you prefer to enjoy tea in the grand British style at an old country inn or in your own cozy cottage it’s time to rediscover the grace and elegance that accompanies afternoon tea.

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