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DECEMBER 11 – 31, 2019



Lyrics by Tim Rice Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber



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Lyrics by Tim Rice Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber

MAINSTAGE • DECEMBER 11 - 31, 2019

CAST Oliver Castillo* Chelsea Rose* Timothy Liu Chris M. Ward Joaquin Little Jess Amy Shead Joshua Lalisan Makena Zimmerman Nathan Piasecki Grace Newson Keira Jang Jocelyn Tsui Julia MacLean Vicente Sandoval Krista Skwarok Simon Abraham Madeleine Suddaby* Fiorella Artoni Mckayla Carse Rebecca Tiede Marlowe Zimmerman

Joseph Narrator/Jacob/Mrs. Potiphar Dreamer Reuben/Ensemble Simeon/Potiphar/Ensemble Levi/Ensemble Naphtali/Ensemble Issachar/Ensemble Asher/Ensemble Dan/Ensemble, Dance Captain Zebulon/Ensemble Gad/Ensemble Benjamin/Ensemble Judah/Ensemble Butler/Ensemble Baker/Ensemble Pharaoh/Ensemble Ensemble Ensemble Ensemble Ensemble

CREATIVE TEAM Barbara Tomasic* Christopher King Nicol Spinola Carolyn Rapanos Christina Sinosich Andrew Pye Brad Danyluk Josef Chung Steven Lafond John Allan Nicole Lamb Angela Beaulieu* Koh Lauren Quan* Taylor MacKinnon Sarah Rose Rachel Murray Melissa Sciarretta Luc Corbeil

Director Musical Director Choreographer Set Designer Costume Designer Lighting Designer Sound Designer Production Manager Production Coordinator Scenic Technical Director Lighting Technical Director Stage Manager Assistant Stage Manager Intern Stage Manager Assistant Director & Child Supervisor Assistant Choreographer Assistant Choreographer Production Assistant

*The participation of these Artists are arranged by permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association under the provision of the Dance•Opera•Theatre Policy (DOT).




STAGE CREW Robin Richardson Mark Carter Ken Macdonald Crystal McCracken Masha Birkby

Head Stage Carpenter Head Electrician Head Sound Assistant Sound Head Wardrobe

BUILD CREW Royal City Costumes Monica Emme Grant Windsor Keeghan Bell Beau Picard Phil Schulze Omanie Elias Hannah Myers Eden Cooke

Costumes Properties Head Scenic Carpenter Scenic Carpenter Scenic Carpenter Scenic Carpenter Head Scenic Painter Scenic Painter Scenic Painter


Nick Apivor Arielle Ballance Mark Haney Kyle Hawkes Sarah Ho Laine Longton Kevin McDonnell Colin Parker Kevin Woo

Percussion Piano Bass Guitar Violin Cello Violin Drums Reeds

The musicians engaged in this production are members of the Vancouver Musicians Association (VMA), Local 145 of the Canadian Federation of Musicians. The video and/or audio recording or streaming of this production, and the distribution of recordings or streams in any medium, including via the internet, is strictly prohibited. Program Design and Production: Gary Slavin Cover photo: Oliver Castillo & Timothy Liu. Photo by David Cooper JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT is presented by arrangement with The Musical Company, LP, 229 West 28th Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10001. Phone: (212) 598-2204. Email:




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FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Welcome to Gateway’s 2019 holiday musical, remarkably, our first ever production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. First staged fifty years ago, this energetic celebration of community and connection is a perfect fit for the holiday season. Each year, the holiday show represents our largest undertaking of the season at Gateway. In terms of artistic scale, it is our biggest cast, our longest run, and our most complex and expensive project. Not only that, but we incorporate musicians, amateur as well as professional actors, often children, and sometimes animals. Producing this show during building renovations is a significant feat. I want to acknowledge the efforts of the staff in pulling this together under challenging circumstances. Each of our departments, Artistic, Production, Finance, Marketing, Education, Patron Services, Rentals, Development and Administration, have gone above and beyond to enable this production to happen and to maintain all of our public programs in the midst of much upheaval. Their belief in the values of community and connection, as reflected in this production, is what enables them to persevere. Thank you to the audience for attending our show, our volunteers for hosting so beautifully, and the staff for making it happen. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season to you and your families.

– Camilla Tibbs, Executive Director

DIRECTOR’S NOTES “We all dream a lot, some are lucky some are not, but if you think it, feel it, dream it, then it’s real. You are what you feel.” Thank you so much for joining us for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat! I am so thrilled to be directing this heartwarming piece with this terrific cast, creative team, and crew at Gateway Theatre. Joseph is a show that when you mention it, people often say –THAT’S MY FAVOURITE MUSICAL It has resonated with many people, and the original production with Donny Osmond even more so because it connected with children’s choirs in all the communities it visited. Dreamers get a bad rap in our society. Being called a “dreamer” is often code for flaky, childish, or unrealistic, however, so many practical things start with a dream – an iPhone, a bridge, even a beautifully cooked meal. It doesn’t help that there are a lot of unrealistic “if you can dream it, you can be it” kinds of quotes floating around on social media suggesting that making dreams a reality can happen in the blink of an eye. Our story however, traditionally set in Egypt and based on the bible story, Joseph and his coat of many colours, takes us on a different journey, showing us that just having dreams isn’t enough. We have decided to set it in a present-day dreamworld of a child with big dreams, who, through Joseph’s journey, and his own, is shown that realizing your dreams takes learning, perseverance, luck, and love. My wish for you tonight is that you join us in this dreamworld.

– Barbara Tomasic

SONG LIST ACT I Overture Prologue Jacob and Sons Joseph’s Coat Joseph’s Dreams Poor, Poor Joseph One More Angel in Heaven Journey to Egypt Potiphar Close Every Door Go, Go, Go Joseph

ACT II A Pharaoh’s Story Poor Poor Pharaoh/Song of the King Song of the King (reprise) Pharoah’s Dream Explained Stone the Crows Those Canaan Days The Brothers Come to Egypt/Grovel Grovel Who’s the Thief? Benjamin Calypso Joseph All the Time Jacob in Egypt Any Dream Will Do


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ABOUT TIM RICE Tim Rice has worked in music, theatre and films since 1965 when he met Andrew Lloyd Webber, a fellow struggling songwriter. Rather than pursue Tim’s ambitions to write rock or pop songs they turned their attention to Andrew’s obsession—musical theatre. Their first collaboration (lyrics by Tim, music by Andrew) was an unsuccessful show based on the life of Dr. Barnardo, the Victorian philanthropist, The Likes Of Us. Their next three works together were much more successful—Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita. Tim has since worked with other distinguished popular composers such as Elton John (The Lion King, Aida), Alan Menken (Aladdin, King David, Beauty and the Beast), Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson (Chess) and most recently, Stuart Brayson (From Here To Eternity). He has won several awards including three Oscars, three Tonys, three Golden Globes, five Grammys, 13 Ivor Novello Awards, and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2018 Tim became one of only 15 people to reach EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Awards) status, when the NBC production of Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert won an Emmy for Outstanding Variety Special.

ABOUT ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER Andrew Lloyd Webber is the composer of some of the world’s best-known musicals including Cats, Evita, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Phantom of the Opera (which celebrated its 30th anniversary on Broadway this year) and Sunset Boulevard. When Sunset Boulevard joined School of Rock-The Musical, Cats and Phantom on Broadway in February 2017, he became the only person to equal the record set in 1953 by Rodgers and Hammerstein with four shows running concurrently. As well as The Phantom Of The Opera and Cats, his productions include the groundbreaking Bombay Dreams which introduced the double Oscar-winning Bollywood composer AR Rahman to the Western stage. As a composer and producer, Lloyd Webber is one of an elite group of artists to have achieved EGOT status by receiving an Emmy, four Grammys, including Best Contemporary Classical Composition for Requiem, his setting of the Latin Requiem mass, an Oscar, and eight Tony Awards including the 2018 Special Tony for Lifetime Achievement in the Theatre. Additionally he has been honored with seven Oliviers, a Golden Globe, the Praemium Imperiale, the Richard Rodgers Award for Excellence in Musical Theatre, a BASCA Fellowship, and the Kennedy Center Honor.

Illustration by Owen Jones from “The History of Joseph and His Brethren” (Day & Son, 1869). Scanned and archived at where it was marked as Public Domain.

Amazing Technicolours:

The Significance of a Coat of Many Colours by Julia Peterson

According to Genesis 37:3 from the King James Bible, “Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, because he was the son of his old age: and he made him a coat of many colours.” While there has been some debate over the specific wording of that translation – some scholars have called it a “full-sleeved robe,” “a coat reaching to his feet,” “an ornamented tunic,” “a silk robe,” or “a fine woolen cloak1” – the general idea is that Joseph’s father gave him a special garment that served as a status symbol and set him apart from his brothers. In Joseph’s time, just like today, the ways that humans covered and ornamented their bodies formed a language of its own. From a young age we learn the difference between fashionable and tacky, high-end and cheap, conforming versus rebellious attire, and all

the subtleties within these distinctions that allow us to craft our individual image in the world. Joseph’s coat is anything but subtle. With our modern access to industrially-made fabrics, multi-coloured clothing can seem ordinary, but in biblical times, crafting a

A Proud Donor, Corporate Sponsor, Member of the Board of Governors and Past Board Chair

“coat of many colours” would have been an astonishingly labour-intensive and significant task. The Hebrew Bible contains many references to cloth being dyed blue, purple, crimson, and scarlet. Blue and purple dyes were derived from the shells of the sea snails Murex trunculus and Murex brandaris. These dyes were particularly prized because they were difficult to obtain – it took approximately 12,000 murex shells to produce 1.4 grams of dye, which was only enough to “dye the hem of a garment in a deep colour2”. The use of blue and purple hues was, therefore, enormously expensive and came to be associated with wealth and royalty. In 301 CE, the Roman emperor Diocletian recorded that a single pound of purple dye was worth three pounds of gold, or 150,000 denarii (approximately $20,000 in today’s dollars3). Blue dye was also used in religious objects as a way to distinguish them from more drab and earthly items. Solomon’s temple had blue drapes, Israel’s high priests wore blue robes, and Jewish prayer shawls (tallitot) are still required to have a single blue string tied to their corner fringes4. To create the crimson and scarlet dyes, research suggests that ancient garmentmakers extracted at least some of their red

pigments from the dried bodies of an insect native to Israel known as the scarlet grain insect, or Kermes echinatus5. In the Hebrew Bible, this red dye was referenced in secular contexts, such as its presence in expensive weavings, as well as religious ones, including being an element of purification ceremonies. Creating each of these colours individually was a difficult task in itself, creating an object that contained many hues would have added yet another layer of effort and thus importance to the object. Other than Joseph’s coat, one of the only other places in the Hebrew Bible with a reference to multicoloured cloth is in Exodus 25. This passage contains the divine instructions for building the tabernacle, which served as God’s portable earthly home, and references “blue, purple, and crimson yarns, fine linen, goats’ hair, tanned ram skins, dolphin skins, and acacia wood.” Just as moviegoers today still thrill at the scene in The Wizard of Oz when the familiar sepia tones of Dorothy’s Kansas transform into technicolour Oz, people in biblical times would surely have stopped to marvel at a wonderful, regal, fantastical dyed coat like Joseph’s. Indeed Joseph’s coat of many colours would have looked out of place anywhere other than alongside some of the holiest, most significant objects identified in scripture. Mariottini, Claude. “Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors.” Wordpress, July 1, 2014. 2 Gugliotto, Lee J. “Handbook for Bible Study.” P. 114. Review & Herald Publishing Association, 2000. 3 Bagnall, R. et al. “The Encyclopedia of Ancient History”. P. 5673. Wiley-Blackwell, 2012. 4 Ngo, Robin. “What Color Was Tekhelet? Blue tzitzit and murex dye”. Biblical Archaeology Society, January 2, 2017. 5 Amar, Zohar; Gottlieb, Hugh; Varshavsky, Lucy & Iluz, David. “The Scarlet Dye of the Holy Land.” P. 1080-1083. BioScience, 55(2), December 2005. 1


BAKER/Ensemble Simon is overjoyed to be debuting at Gateway Theatre in their production of Joseph! Simon is in his third and final year of Capilano University’s Musical Theatre program. Past credits: Detective/Ensemble in 9 to 5 the Musical (CapU Theatre); Inspector Wormold in Betty Blue Eyes (Arbutus Studio); and Angie the Ox in Guys and Dolls (Fighting Chance Productions). Simon would like to thank the creative team, Barbara, Chris, and Nicol, for the amazing opportunity.

Fiorella Artoni

Ensemble Fiorella is thrilled to be making her musical debut since receiving her Musical Theatre Diploma (Capilano University, 2018) and Bachelor of Performing Arts (Douglas College) in February. She would like to thank the Artistic team for giving her the opportunity to be a part of such a beautiful show. Previous credits include Miss Stacy in Anne of Green Gables (CapU Theatre) and Fakir in The Secret Garden (Arbutus Studio).

Angela Beaulieu

Stage Manager Angela’s favourite theatre experiences include Mamma Mia! (Chemainus); One Man, Two Guvnors (Theatre Calgary); Crazy For You and All Shook Up (Gateway Theatre); The 39 Steps and The Waiting Room (Arts Club); The Shape of a Girl (Green Thumb). In 2008, Angela received the Mary Phillips Prize for her work behind the scenes. Love to SJT.

Mckayla Carse

ENsEMBLE Mckayla is thrilled for her Gateway debut. In 2018 & 2019, she was a Provincial Delegate Fraser ValleyMusical Theatre Jr. Voice and also received Honourable Mentions at Performing Arts BC. Current company member of Delta Youth Theatre. Favourite roles: Jane in Mary Poppins, Veruca in Willy Wonka, Babette in Beauty & the Beast, Kelli in Dear Edwina. Vocal training with Tracy Neff. Dances at Essence of Dance. GSGD past 4 summers. Trained at Gathered NYC Intensive. Thank you creative team for this opportunity.

Oliver Castillo

Joseph Oliver is delighted to be back with Gateway Theatre. With a diploma in Musical Theatre and a Bachelor in Performing Arts from CapU, Oliver has been working steadily around the city. He is also a recipient of a Jessie Richardson Award. Recent theatre credits include: Mamma Mia! (Chemainus); Mamma Mia!, Hand to God and Les Mis (Arts Club); The Music Man (Gateway); Sweeney Todd (Snapshot Collective); and Legally Blonde (TUTS). Thanks go out to the creative team, cast, crew, da Costa Talent, and family. For more please visit

Brad Danyluk

Sound Designer Brad has been working in Vancouver as a sound designer and audio engineer for fifteen years. His work includes a wide array of shows for Arts Club, Gateway Theatre, TUTS, Theatre Calgary, and Patrick Street Productions. He hopes you enjoy the sound and music of today’s performance!


Zebulon/Ensemble Keira is in her third and final year of the Musical Theatre program at Capilano University. This is her first production with Gateway Theatre. She began her dance training at the age of three which led to her start in theatre at the age of seven. Select credits: Sophie Sheridan in Mamma Mia! (TUTS); Mrs.Metcalf/Mrs.Tillbrook in Betty Blue Eyes (Arbutus Studio); and Elle Woods in Legally Blonde (NWSS).

Christopher King

MusicAL Director Chris is so happy to be returning to Gateway for his fifth production as Musical Director. Chris is an actor, writer, director and educator. His Gateway credits: The King and I, Crazy for You, Wizard of Oz, and The Music Man. Last show: Disney’s Newsies (TUTS); and Little Women as Bhaer/ Meeks (Chemainus). Next show: Marvellous Wonderettes (Chemainus) and Hello Dolly (TUTS). Check out his podcast www.fromthepitpodcast. com. Thanks to Barb, Nicol and Gateway for their support.

Joshua Lalisan

Naphtali/Ensemble Joshua is excited for his Gateway debut. Joshua has just graduated from the CapU Musical Theatre Program in 2019. Select credits: Charlie Sloane in Anne of Green Gables (CapU Theatre); Clarence in It’s a Wonderful Life: A Radio Play (Arbutus Studio); Ensemble in Cinderella and Mary Poppins (TUTS); Ensemble in Singing in the Rain (RCMT); Sky in Mamma Mia! (TUTS). Joshua would like to thank the creative team. Thank you for coming and enjoy the show!

Joaquin Little

Simeon/Potiphar/ Ensemble Joaquin is thrilled to be making his Gateway debut in Joseph! He is currently in his third and final year in the Musical Theatre program at Capilano University. Previous credits: Disney’s Newsies, Cinderella (TUTS); 9 to 5 the Musical (CapU Theatre); The Price of Freedom and Betty Blue Eyes (Arbutus Studios). Joaquin would like to thank the creative team for giving him this wonderful opportunity!

Timothy Liu

DREAMER Timothy is excited to be in his first professional show! He is a Grade 5 student at Meadowbrook Elementary School and an active student at Lindbjerg Academy of Performing Arts. He loves singing and dancing. He enjoys lyrical and hip hop the most. He would like to thank Barbara Tomasic, Nicol Spinola, Christopher King, his vocal teacher Mrs. Elaine Lindbjerg and his family for endless support. He dreams of becoming a professional singer, dancer, and performer. He believes “Any Dream Will Do”!

Taylor MacKinnon

Intern Stage Manager Taylor is thrilled to be a part of Gateway Theatre’s production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat as the Intern Stage Manager. Taylor is a proud graduate of the Technical Theatre program at Capilano University. She has previously worked on The 39 Steps (Blue Bridge Theatre); Rock of Ages (Renegade Productions), and Cinderella (TUTS).


ASSISTANT CHOREOGRAPHER Rachel is very excited to be a part of this incredible production. Rachel trained at Tri-City Dance Centre for 16 years in jazz, ballet, musical theatre, tap, hip-hop, contemporary, and lyrical. Rachel has been lucky to learn from many choreographers including Stacey Tookey, Kate Harpootlian, Chantel Aguirre, and Travis Wall. This past summer Rachel was part of Beat Squad at DancerPalooza in Long Beach, CA. She would like to thank Nicol and the rest of the creative team and cast!

Julia MacLean

Benjamin/Ensemble Julia is excited to be debuting at Gateway this year. Other credits: Mary Beth in A Christmas Story, Tracy Atkinson in Billy Elliott (Arts Club); Flounder in The Little Mermaid (Align Entertainment); Patrice in 13: The Musical, Amy March in Little Women (BOTCo). Her most recent role was JoJo in Disney’s Newsies (TUTS) this past summer. Julia is very grateful to perform on this stage and would like to thank the creative team for the opportunity. @juliamacleanofficial

Grace Newson

Dan/Ensemble DANCE CAPTAIN Grace Newson is thrilled to be making her Gateway Theatre debut in Joseph! A graduate of the Canadian College of Performing Arts, Grace has performed with several local companies, including Scholarship Dance, Kill the Lights Co., Theatre Under the Stars, Align Entertainment and the Vancouver Fringe Festival. She is very excited to be returning to the stage and would like to thank Barbara, Nicol, and Chris as well as her mum, dad, and sister for their continued love and support.

Nathan Piasecki

Asher/Ensemble Gateway debut. Select credits: Billy Elliot (Arts Club); Seussical (CTYP); Bye Bye Birdie, The Music Man, Oliver!, Mary Poppins, Disney’s Newsies (TUTS); Mrs. Claus’s Kitchen (Famous Artists), Will Rogers Follies, Hello Dolly!, Oklahoma! (RCMT); Bite (Montage Pictures). Nathan has studied at the School of Alberta Ballet, along with private voice, acting, and other dance. He would like to thank Barbara, Nicol, and Chris for this opportunity, as well as his family, Chloe, and Darren at Carrier Talent. Instagram: @nathan.piasecki

Andrew Pye

Lighting Designer Andrew Pye is a theatrical Lighting Designer and Technical Director based in Vancouver and Toronto. His work can be found in many mediums such as ballet, modern dance, opera, and theatre across Canada. He is a member of the Associated Designers of Canada and The Vancouver Design Forum. Select credits: Incognito Mode (Studio 58); Tell Me What It’s Called (Riser Project); Mr.Truth (Lester Trips); Misery (Arts Club); Marble, Spark (Lamondance); Wilderness (Studio 58); Light Breaking Broken (Karen Jamieson Dance); Flare Path (Slamming Door Collective).

Koh Lauren Quan

Assistant Stage Manager Koh is a performer, creative, educator, technician, and administrator with over 20 years’ experience in dance and theatre. Most recently she completed a seven month National Tour with GLORY as the ASM and dance captain. Other stage management credits include a number of productions with the Arts Club, Chemainus Theatre Festival, Touchstone Theatre, and here at the Gateway. Koh is also an illustrator, birth doula, and a Hufflepuff. Instagram + Twitter: @kohlaurenquan

ARTISTIC TEAM Carolyn Rapanos

Set Designer Carolyn Rapanos is thrilled to be working with the Gateway on this production! As a set designer based in Vancouver, recent designs include Miracle on 34th Street (Chemainus); Mother of the Maid (Pacific Theatre); The Good Bride (Firehall Arts Centre); and 9 to 5 the Musical (CapU Theatre). Up next is the Arts Club tour of Kim’s Convenience. Carolyn has received multiple Jessie and Ovation award nominations and a design ensemble Jessie award. You can see her work at www.

Chelsea Rose

Narrator/Jacob/ Mrs. Potiphar Chelsea Rose attended the Canadian College of Performing Arts and the University of Victoria. Favourite credits: REDPATCH (Arts Club/Citadel Theatre); Les Filles Du Roi (Urban Ink); Th’owxiya (Axis Theatre); Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth (Firehall); Shevil: The Musical (Comic Shop); Broken Sex Doll (Virtual Stage); Cannibal: The Musical (Awkward Stage); RENT (Fighting Chance); Little Women (Black Box); The Wizard of Oz and Grease (Victoria Operatic Society). Vocalist of symphonic metal band Ophelia Falling.

Sarah Rose

Assistant Director & Child SUPERVISOR Directing: Danny and the Deep Blue Sea (Studio 16/ AOS); The Most Massive Woman Wins (Pacific Theatre/ Stone’s Throw); Lascivious Something (Vancouver Fringe Festival Dramatic Works Series); Onward and Up (Brave New Play Rites Festival). Artistic Associate: All In (the frank theatre company). Assistant Director/ Choreographer: Lost in Twine (Vancouver Fringe Festival). Alumna of the National Theatre Institute (Advanced Directing), University of British Columbia (BA), Royal Conservatory of Music (Certified Teacher), and Institute for Vocal Advancement (Certified Instructor).

Vicente Sandoval

Judah/Ensemble Vicente is ecstatic to be joining this dreamy production. A Mexico City native, he graduated from Sheridan College’s Music Theatre Performance program and was part of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as a Production Cast Singer. He then decided to make Vancouver home, and most recently completed the Arts Club Actor’s Intensive Program. Latest credits: Kismet in Concert Style (RCMT); Comedy of Tenors (Metro Theatre); and Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi (Opera Mariposa). Much love to his Vancouver family and his ever supportive and amazing husband.

Melissa Sciarretta

Assistant Choreographer Melissa is thrilled to be joining the Gateway family on this incredible production. Melissa graduated from Spotlight Dance Centre in 2017 where she trained extensively in ballet, contemporary, jazz, and tap. Previous credits include Beauty and the Beast, 42nd Street, Mamma Mia! (TUTS); Dancing Lessons (Naked Goddess Productions); and Girlfriend (Fighting Chance Productions). Huge thank you to the amazing Nicol Spinola for this opportunity.

Jess Amy Shead

Levi/Ensemble Jess is an actor, creator, producer, and arts administrator focusing on site-specific micro performance, puppetry, theatre for young audiences, collective creation, and voice. She is also learning more about ASL/English theatre. She has worked as an actor at The Globe, Pacific Theatre, Chemainus Theatre, The Belfry, Theatre SKAM, and now, the Gateway! She is the co-recipient of two Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards and a Vancouver Fringe Artistic Risk Award. She attended the Canadian College of Performing Arts.



Directed by Chelsea Haberlin & Fay Nass • ITSAZOO Productions

ETS T ICKom fr



Peter Anderson & Kim Villagante. Photo by Matt Reznek.

An explosive evening of male bonding


MARCH 19 - 28, 2020


SKYB ĄRN Quelemia Sparrow By

Directed by Kim Senklip Harvey Produced by Savage Society

One woman's journey towards spiritual reclamation. KEETTS S TTIC ICKom fr

299 2


$ $


Chrystal Sparrow, Coast Salish Artist & Evelyn Alec, Graphic Design.

APRIL 16 - 25, 2020



By Sébastien Harrisson Translated by Leanna Brodie Directed by Diane Brown Produced by Ruby Slippers Theatre

Two heartbroken souls healed by an unlikely connection

ETS T ICKom fr




Explore creativity and build confidence!



• GATEWAYTHEATRE.COM 604.270.1812 Academy Sponsor

ARTISTIC TEAM Christina Sinosich

Costume Designer Christina’s career in theatre and live performance has spanned over many years. She started as a dancer and then followed her mother’s footsteps into costuming. She has designed for countless productions in the Lower Mainland and further afar. She has designed for and been involved with the costuming for ballet, opera, musical theatre and many events. She has received four Ovation Awards for Costume Design. Thank you to Lisa Coldwells for her input as co-designer.

Krista Skwarok

Butler/Ensemble Krista is very excited to be back onstage in a musical and this time with the wonderful crew at the Gateway! Previous credits include: Controller2.0 (Pull Fest); Sequence (Realwheels Theatre); Crybaby (Awkward Stage); Hair (Renegade); Angels in America, 42nd Street, and The Refugee Hotel (Studio 58). Krista is a graduate of Studio 58. Thanks for supporting live theatre and Happy Holidays!

Nicol Spinola

Choreographer Nicol is excited to be returning to the Gateway to work on this colourful production. Select choreography credits: Mary Poppins & Cinderella (TUTS), both won Ovation Awards for Outstanding Choreography; Mamma Mia! (Chemainus Theatre); Annie & Legally Blonde (Align Entertainment); 9 to 5 the Musical (CapU Theatre); Rock of Ages (Renegade); and Company (Raincity). Nicol also produced and choreographed Snapshots Collectives’ sold out production of Sweeney Todd which won four Jessie Awards, including Outstanding Production. Up next, Beast and the Beast with the Chemainus Theatre Festival. Special thanks to Barbara, Grace, Rachel, Melissa, Bronwyn and her family.

Madeleine Suddaby

PharAOh/Ensemble This is Madeleine’s Gateway debut, and what better way to do it than to rock people’s socks off? Madeleine is a graduate of Capilano University’s Musical Theatre Program and Decidedly Jazz Dance Works’ Professional Training Program. Recent credits: Company (Raincity); Rock of Ages (Renegade); Naughty But Nice, Touch Me: Songs for a (dis) Connected Age (Forte Musical Theatre Guild); Shrek (Globe Theatre); Anything Goes (RCMT); Fame (BOTCo); Kinky Boots (Mirvish); Avenue Q (Stage West); The Last Five Years (Storybook). YouTube: Madelaide

Rebecca Tiede

Ensemble Rebecca is thrilled to be involved in her first production at Gateway. She is currently a third year Musical Theatre student at Capilano University, and graduates in 2020. Rebecca has been dancing for 12 years, training in a variety of styles at Deas Island Dance. Recent credits: Betty Blue Eyes and The Price of Freedom: A White Rose Story (Arbutus Studio). Many thanks to the creative team, and enjoy the show!

Barbara Tomasic

DIREcTOR Barbara is thrilled to be back at Gateway working with this terrific cast and team! She is a graduate of UBC with an MFA in directing and JIPA with a diploma in theatre performance. Directing credits for Gateway: The Music Man, Crazy for You and The Wizard of Oz. Other favourite credits: Mamma Mia!, Footloose, Grease (Chemainus); Girl in the Goldfish Bowl (Awkward Stage) and Little One by Hannah Moscovitch (UBC). Special thanks to Chris, Nicol, Angela, Koh, Taylor, my family, and the team at Da Costa Talent!


gAd/EnsEmBlE Jocelyn is thrilled to be making her Gateway debut in Joseph! She is in her third and final year of Capilano University’s Musical Theatre Program. Favourite credits: Aqsarniit (The Charlottetown Festival); Cinderella (TUTS); Mother Dear in Betty Blue Eyes (Arbutus Studio); and Little Sally in Urinetown (Lindbjerg Academy). Thanks to the production team for this wonderful opportunity and to her family for their endless support!

Chris M. Ward

REuBEn/EnsEmBlE Chris is exhilarated to be part of Gateway Theatre’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Some of Chris’ past credits include: Mary Poppins, Cinderella, and Mamma Mia (TUTS); Sense And Sensibility, and 9 to 5 the Musical (CapU Theatre); It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play, Grand Hotel (Arbutus Studio); and Princess Rescuers (Ben Bilodeau Productions). Chris would like to thank the creative team for all their hard work in putting together an amazing production and cast. Enjoy the show!

Makena Zimmerman

issAchAR/EnsEmBlE Makena is thrilled to return to Gateway in this season’s production of Joseph! She currently studies at UBC and is a member of the UBC and Thunderbird Dance Teams. A Richmond local, she danced competitively for over 15 years alongside her younger sister. Select credits: Annie (Gateway Theatre); Disney’s Newsies, Cinderella (TUTS); Showcase (Boston Conservatory at Berklee); Peter Pan Jr., Seussical Jr., Honk Jr. (The Richmond Academy of Dance). Enjoy the show!

Marlowe Zimmerman

EnsEmBlE Marlowe is thrilled to be making her Gateway debut with Joseph! Select credits: Captain Hook in Peter Pan Jr, Genie in Aladdin Jr, and 2019 Stage Provincial Representative. Marlowe is a grade 12 student with extensive training in dance, voice, and acting from the Richmond Academy of Dance and Bird College of Performing Arts Summer Intensive. Excited to share the stage with her sister, she gives a huge thank you to teachers, friends, and family for their support. Enjoy the show!


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Percussion Nick received his Bachelor of Music from UVIC, and has been pursuing a career in music since. For theatre, he’s played in over 40 productions. Highlights: six seasons with the Vancouver Playhouse, including the 2009 tour of The Drowsy Chaperone (NAC) in Ottawa. Nick’s percussion arrangement for The Drowsy Chaperone was used in Australia, which starred Geoffrey Rush as Man In Chair. Nick has also played in the pit for The Arts Club Theatre, Citadel Theatre, Western Canada Theatre, and Persephone Theatre.

Arielle Ballance

Piano Arielle Ballance is a classically trained Royal Conservatory pianist who also holds a diploma in Theatre Arts from MacEwan University. A music d i re c t o r , a c c o m p a n i s t, performer, and instructor, Arielle has worked for numerous musical theatre companies in BC and Alberta. Her favourite recent credits: music direction for Raincity Theatre’s Company; Carousel Theatre for Young People’s Elephant & Piggie’s “We Are in a Play!” and A Charlie Brown Holiday Double Bill, for which she earned a 2019 Jessie Award nomination for Significant Artistic Achievement.

Mark Haney

Bass Artistic director of The Little Chamber Music Series That Could and Composer in Residence at Vancouver’s Mountain View Cemetery, Mark is deeply motivated by issues of Canadian identity, culture, and community. As a composer Mark is best known for “Aim for the Roses”, an avant-garde double bass suite that tells the true story of Canadian daredevil Ken Carter.

Kyle Hawkes

GuiTar Kyle is an accomplished guitarist born and raised in Vancouver, BC. He is a frequently requested performer for local events for both solo and in ensemble. He has performed for the Redshift Music vertical orchestra, Canadian Music Centre Class Axe, and the Vancouver Classic Guitar Society emerging artists series. He is a graduate of the Masters of Music degree in Guitar Performance from UBC, and has performed in masterclasses for some of the world’s leading classical guitarists.

Sarah Ho

Violin Sarah accomplished her BMus., MMus. violin degrees at UBC, and ARCT, LRSM piano diplomas. As a faculty member of the RMS, she coaches both instruments and provides piano collaboration. She is involved in musical theatre performing in various orchestras, and on-stage with mainstream artists and the Postmodern Camerata. Her in-studio work produces multimedia digital projects. Credits include: Skin&Earth Tour (LIGHTS), Ada (Crazy8’s), Tsunami Falls (DGCBC), Kygo (FVDED), ASOUE (Netflix), The Crossing (ABC), JUNOS (CBC). Much love to Mickey and BQ!!!

Laine Longton

Cello Laine Longton (MMus, BMus) is a DMA Candidate in her final year of studying at UBC with professor Eric Wilson. Laine is a core member of the Vancouver Island Symphony, performs with the VMO, and is an extra cellist with the Vancouver Symphony. Musical theatre productions she has performed in include Floyd Collins, A Little Night Music (PSP); Fun Home (ArtsClub); Jasper in Deadland (AwkwardStage); It’s A Wonderful Life (Gateway/PSP); and Company (RainCity Theatre).

ORCHESTRA Kevin McDonnell

Violin Kevin grew up in Burnaby and studied violin under Roger Mangas. He has been a freelance musician in the Vancouver area for two decades, playing with various chamber music groups, orchestras, and musical theatre companies. He is looking forward to performing in his first production at Gateway Theatre.

Colin Parker

Drums Colin is a drum set artist and percussionist based in Vancouver. He attended Vancouver Community College where he obtained his Diploma of Applied Music and received numerous awards in performance, including the Judy Dennis Emerging Artist Award. A versatile musician, Colin has performed in everything

from jazz trios to show choirs, and has been a part of more than 40 musicals around the lower mainland. Most recently he has been playing around the world on various cruise ships.

Kevin Woo

Reeds Kevin is excited to be back for his fifth production in the pit orchestra at Gateway Theatre. Having studied music at UBC, he has been a clarinetist and woodwind specialist in the Lower Mainland for the past 30 years and has played with many ensembles, primarily in the musical theatre community, including RCMT, Align Entertainment, and TUTS. Kevin is also currently serving as the Music Director for Align’s 2020 production of Shrek: The Musical and is the Operations Coordinator at TUTS.

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RBC EMERGING ARTISTS PROGRAM Gateway Theatre celebrates our Emerging Artists! As a dynamic hub for the performing arts, Gateway Theatre is excited to provide practical development opportunities for young talent. We thank the RBC Foundation for another year of partnership through their RBC Emerging Artists program. With RBC’s generous support five emerging artists are learning and working alongside professionals throughout the rehearsal and production process of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, gaining valuable experience. Five of the actors you see onstage tonight are currently enrolled in the senior term of the Musical Theatre Diploma program at Capilano University. We wish them all well in their future careers.

Simon Abraham

Keira Jang

Joaquin Little

Rebecca Tiede

Jocelyn Tsui

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Share your love of theatre with others! Your lucky recipient can redeem the gift pass for any Gateway Theatre Signature Series’ MainStage* show in our 2019-2020 Season. * Applicable to new purchases only. Valid for Price Zone 1 & 2 seats only. For complete terms and conditions, visit

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As our season catering sponsor, Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel generously provides hors d’oeuvres for all of our Opening Night receptions as well as many other events throughout the season. Their fresh and tasty dishes never fail to delight our patrons and artists alike. The appetizers are prepared by the Sheraton’s restaurant, Harold’s Kitchen & Bar, located in the main lobby of the hotel. They have an extensive menu that caters to a wide range of tastes as well as a large selection of local wines, beers on tap, and spirits from around the world. They are located within walking distance of the theatre, and are a perfect spot for a pre-show meal or drinks with friends. As one of Gateway’s Dining Partners, enjoy a discount on your meal when you present your show ticket at Harold’s. We are grateful to the Sheraton and Harold’s Kitchen & Bar for their incredible support of our Signature Series.

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Join us as a Corporate Partner at Gateway Theatre and help your business reach a wider audience, while demonstrating that your business supports the importance of live professional theatre and theatre education for our youth. Call 604.247.4973 for more information.

DONORS Dedicated donors and supporters are essential to our ability to present high-quality professional theatre and to nurture the next generation of theatre artists. As a registered charity, Gateway Theatre relies on the generosity of our donors and supporters to enrich the quality of life in Richmond and the surrounding communities. In addition to a tax receipt, Gateway Theatre offers exclusive privileges to enhance your theatre experience. Please visit our website or call us at 604.247.4973 for more information.

Artistic Director’s Circle ($1,000+)

Wayne Gibson & Janet Sinclair Betty Goodwin Anne & Tom Green Jacqueline Ho Bob & Donna Humphries Diane Purvey George Radke Camilla Tibbs John & Gail Watson Anonymous

Producer ($500-$999)

Nettie Aronius Chak Au J.W. Beggs Paula & Gordon Boleen Mary Gardner Elizabeth Ho Keith Liedtke & Elizabeth Doyle Michael & Edith Matthews Susan Ness Ione S. Owen Valerie Reynolds Clayton Rubinstein

Donna & John Sznadel Sue Tucker Lorena Vlad Garry & Linda White Helena Zhu

Star ($250-$499)

Loretta & Daniel Bogert-O’Brien Sheila Brew Don & Denise Dale Fiona Gan Bob & Jean Garnett Joanna Ko Isao & Ina Kuramoto Sylvia Lanz & John McKinney Charles Li Anne Mathisen Bob & Lois Munroe Lynne Perreault & Kjell Magnussen Lin & John Richardson Susan Stolberg Patricia & Chris Tipple Anonymous

Feature Player ($100-$249) Don Anderson Jo Baxendale

Ian Beardmore In Memory of Pat Hoffman In Memory of Zlata Bilic Robert Brawn Marlene Brayne Gillian Burnett William & Carell Colvin Meg Comiskey Suzanne Dunn Elke Eissler Laurie Fredricksen Cheryl & Thomas Garner Ruth Goodchild Roy & Sandy Harrison Elsie & Audrey Jang Fund, Held at the Vancouver Foundation Colleen Kason Barbara Kissuras Fred & Ruth Krause Marilyn & Michael Krygier Ronald & Marilyn Loyer Ian & Ardis MacLeod Janice Macrae Kali McAndless Alma McDonald Diane McDonald Larry & Tyla Meyer

David & Melinda Newman Debbie & Sheldon Nider Marilyn Peterson Jane Pratt Shirley & Craig Rampton Brenda Reynolds Tory Ross & Keith Martin Gordey Gail Screaton & John Maclachlan Eileen Sengara Fay & Morley Shafron Doreen Stephens Susan Stolberg Ralph & Jennifer Stuart Tom & Ruth Stubens Janet Sutherland Geraldine Svisdahl Kei & Dave Takahashi Charlotte Takasaki Barrie & Margaret Vickers Jerry Wasserman Carolyn Willick Linda Wright Anonymous (3)

We make every effort to ensure accuracy. If you notice any discrepancies, please contact us at Registered Charity #11911 8875 RR0001

Corporate Donors Ackroyd Insurance Agencies Ltd. K. MacInnes Law Group RBC Richmond Chinatown Lions Club Rotary Club of Richmond Sunset

In-Kind Donors Oomomo Japan Living Helijet M&M Food Market Richmond

GATEWAY THEATRE ADMINISTRATION Gateway Theatre Board of Directors Chak Au, City Council Liaison Fiona Gan Wayne Gibson, Vice-Chair Jacqueline Ho, Secretary Zinnia Johnston Joanna Ko, Treasurer Kali McAndless Diane Purvey, Chair Valerie Reynolds Clayton Rubinstein John F. Watson Helena Zhu

Gateway Theatre Staff The Gateway Theatre, owned by the City of Richmond and operated by the Richmond Gateway Theatre Society, is currently producing its 35th season of live theatre.

Executive Director Camilla Tibbs Interim Producer Barbara Tomasic Artistic Associate (on leave) Scheherazaad Cooper Interim Artistic Associate Caitlin Fysh Marketing and Sales Manager Karen Leung Marketing Associate Wendy Tsui Graphic Designer Jordan Kidd Publicist Marnie Wilson Development Manager (on leave) Marla Penner Interim Development Manager Elizabeth Ho Development Associate Crystal Lan Production Manager Josef Chung Production Coordinator Steven Lafond

Audience Services Supervisor Oona Iverson

Building Services Supervisor Paul Bartlett

Audience Services Olivia Etey Cecilly Day Soma Feldmar Emma Hoogeveen Adam Karolewski Tracey Mack Ryan Nuñez Xin Xuan Song Andrew Wade Nicholas Yee

Building Services Assistants Mesfin Ayalew Alyssa Hodgson Education Manager Ruth McIntosh Education Coordinator Nicholas Yee

Box Office Staff Alex Anos Dylan Floyde Tory Ip Grace Le Jessie Liang Vivian Ling Ryan Nuñez Christopher Schimpf Sheila Wong Nicholas Yee

Gateway Academy Instructors Abbey Dutton Erik Gow Manami Hara Elliott James Erin Michell Shannon Pidlubny Tessa Trach Cathy Wilmot Natasha Zacher

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Finance Manager Sylvia Lanz

Special Thanks Gateway Theatre Volunteers

Finance Assistant Agnes Chan Administrative Assistant Robin White Associate Manager Samara Van Nostrand Patron Services Manager Greg Bricknell


GATEWAY THEATRE ABOUT US Gateway Theatre enriches the quality of life in Richmond and surrounding communities by creating outstanding professional theatre and serving as a dynamic hub for the performing arts. Incorporated in 1982, Gateway is a vital member of the professional theatre scene in the Lower Mainland. The theatre offers a six-show English-language Signature Series, plus theatre education and performance training classes for youth ages 6-18 at the Gateway Academy. As a venue, Gateway Theatre provides a much-needed rental space for professional and community producers.

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. Email us after the show @GatewayThtr

WHILE YOU ARE HERE Pre-order beverages at the bar before the show and skip the queue at intermission. Our fully licensed concession offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as various snacks. We accept credit, debit, and cash payments. Please turn off all electronic devices during the show. Complimentary Hearing Assistance Sets are available at Box Office on a first come, first served basis. Free Wi-Fi: @richmondbc


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Courtyard Gardens and Gilmore Gardens wish you and your loved ones a peaceful and joyful holiday season. Courtyard Gardens

Gilmore Gardens

Classical Pianist Performance by Matthew Ma Friday, December 20th

Classic Rock-N-Roll New Year’s Eve Party and Entertainment with Vocalist & Guitarist Mike KinaI Tuesday, December 31st

Matthew Ma brings his classical sound to Courtyard Garden for a Holiday performance

Starts at 3:30 PM

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From 7:30 PM - 9 PM

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Profile for Gateway Theatre

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat  

Any dream will do Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is one of the most well-loved music...

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat  

Any dream will do Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is one of the most well-loved music...