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Volume 6, Issue 2

February 2014

The month of January and the start to February have been awesome at the Gateway PGA. The cold snowy weather has not stepped in the way of a lot of exciting news and activity. I am really jazzed up about the 2014 Gateway PGA Teaching & Coaching Summit. We have asked many of our past Teacher of the Year Award Winners to be part of a two day summit to benefit our members and apprentices. Not only have they agreed but they all have put a lot of passion into demonstrating what has led to them becoming great teachers and coaches. Joining them will be two special guests. Joe Hallett is a Top 100 instructor who has a resume of players who are the who’s who in golf – especially on the LPGA Tour. What makes him special is that he enjoys teaching the higher handicap just as much. We also have Mike O’Donnell who is the Sr. Director of Player Development for the PGA of America. Mike is one of the most dynamic individuals I have met. His heart bleeds passion for growing the game and his resume speaks volumes about his ability to do just that. At the end of the day, every PGA Professional has a stake in teaching, coaching, and growing this great game. If you were to sign up for one educational event in 2014…this one will not let you down. The Gateway PGA continues to grow their relationship with Anheuser Busch. I think every member should know that they have doubled their financial commitment to programs within the section – including the tournament program and our women’s golf initiatives. In addition, they are helping us bring a fundraising effort, through the Ozzie & Friends Benefit Concert, to the next level. We are incredibly excited to move the venue to the Peabody Opera House where Vince Gill, Kathleen Madigan, and Nikko Smith will perform. AB will help place in store displays at every major outlet that Lohr Distributing delivers to. A scan and win promotion will also be part of this activation. AB is also supporting us along with the American Culinary Federation as part of the “Bud Best of St. Louis”. This event is on St. Patrick’s Day and will bring the best chefs in 15 states across the central part of the country together to showcase their talent. AB will pair a beer with many of their dishes, charge a ticket price for consumers to take part, and donate all proceeds to PGA REACH. Ozzie, AB, and a host of Gateway PGA Professionals are taking our brand to new heights! Last, I am really anticipating the 2014 Tournament Program and Junior Program. We have an incredible relationship with National Car Rental who will help us launch the Pro-Am Series and we have grown some really unique partnerships with other companies this year. The quality of golf will be matched with the quality of partners and tournament administration – I can promise you that. In addition, the Junior Program has never connected better with facilities as they have this off-season. Alex is getting ready to push out her final schedule…she has been holding back a few big venues who will be hosting Junior Events this year. In addition, we have partnered with the AJGA and will be rolling out the Drive, Chip, and Putt Championship which culminates at Augusta National the week leading up to the Masters. Stay tuned as 2014 is getting dialed in for a season like no other for the Gateway PGA. All the best,

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Section Officers Joe Schwent, PGA President

Nathan Charnes, PGA Vice-President

Benjiman Kent, PGA Secretary

Gateway PGA Staff Josh Riley, PGA Executive Director

Steve Finn, PGA Assistant Executive Director

Alex Anderson Director or Junior Golf

Ali Wells, PGA Growth of the Game and Program Director

Lindsay Riley Foundation Admin Assistant

Josh Riley, PGA

Susan Bender Membership


FROM THE OFFICERS DESK Dear Fellow PGA Professionals: Our Executive Director, Josh Riley, has indicated that he is hopeful of delivering (even more) significant news regarding sponsorship for our Foundation and Section. The Gateway PGA is on the minds of local, regional and national business leaders when they are making philanthropic (and sponsorship) decisions. The image of our Section is an important factor when business leaders make these decisions, and for better or worse, some people may perceive actions in a precipitous manner or in ways not intended, while other people believe the same actions to be innocuous. Our Section has momentum like never before and it has never been more important for us to support the efforts that have been made on our behalf, both by Josh and his staff, and by our fellow PGA Professionals. Thus, the Board has made a few decisions that impact our Section Tournaments and Business Meetings. During a recent Board Meeting, the topic of alcohol consumption by PGA Members during Section Tournaments was discussed at great length. The Board concluded that alcohol consumption will no longer be allowed during play of Section Points Events, but can continue to be enjoyed upon conclusion of the round, subject to the rules of the host facility as well as prevailing liquor laws. It is important to note that the Board is not implying that past behavior by any of our Members has been a source of negative publicity or public sentiment at any time, rather we are taking a proactive approach to a “What if…?” type scenario. A second item that was discussed was Business Meeting attendance and appropriate attire. It has been decided that in order to receive MSR Credits for Meeting attendance, PGA professionals will be required to be present at both the beginning and end of our Business Meetings. The Board understands that unforeseen circumstances can occur, and will address specific situations on a case-by-case basis. Business attire will also be required in order to attend future Meetings. Specific details will be communicated upon registration. Thank you for your support of these new initiatives. Benjiman Kent, PGA, MBA General Manager and Director of Golf Persimmon Woods Golf Club Gateway PGA Secretary, 2013-2014

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM SUSAN BENDER Every PGA member and apprentice should have received a letter in the mail requesting you to verify your employment and classification listing. These are important to list correctly in the calendar, even if they change. We will be downloading the information in PGALinks on February 24 and using this for your listing in the calendar. Please take a minute to make sure your employment and classification are correct in Links. The calendar goes to the printer March 3 and after that no changes will be possible. Thanks, Susan 2

GROWTH OF THE GAME Extra Extra! Take a minute to note a few updates from last month’s newsletter information and/ or recent email notifications. Growth of the Game Committee Kevin Schaeffer, PGA GOG Committee Chair from Annbriar Golf Course, invites you to attend the first meeting of 2014. Open to all, the committee will meet on Monday, February 24th at WingHaven Country Club at 9:00 am. The Growth of the Game Committee is involved in ladies golf, junior golf, Get Golf Ready, free community events, the College Skills Combine and much more. Join us for fresh ideas, networking, career enhancement, MSR credits, or just to hang out with cool people! Contact Ali Wells at or 636-532-3355 x105 to attend. Equipment Rental Program Why should you submit your equipment rental requests now? Well, for a couple of reasons: 1. The Foundation has AWESOME pieces of equipment that can be used for junior programs of any age or family events with adults. 2. Dates are filling up VERY fast! The month of June is over half full already! Golfzilla is a hot item, but keep in mind the Foundation has other inflatables for rent along with SNAG equipment, KWIK Golf, Birdieball golf, and more. Contact the office to make your reservation today! Ozzie and Friends – A Benefit for PGA REACH The second annual Ozzie and Friends Benefit Concert, taking place at the Peabody Opera House on May 1st, announces that tickets will go on sale Friday, February 14th. The event is a “must-see” as PGA REACH welcomes talent from across the country: Grammy Award-winning county music star Vince Gill, world-renowned comedian Kathleen Madigan, and American Idol finalist Nikko Smith. Information on where to purchase tickets is coming soon. Thank you for supporting the Gateway PGA and PGA REACH! DID YOU KNOW? 

Did you know that has 9 million visits per month?

Did you know that is a free website and benefit to ALL PGA Professionals?

Did you know that links posted events and programs to and

Did you know that by NOT using, you are missing out on FREE marketing, advertising, and potential customers?

Did you know that the Section Office can help ensure you and your facility are taking full advantage of this resource?

To learn more or for help getting started, give us a call! Also find “Getting Started in 11 Easy Steps” on the next page. While planning for your upcoming Get Golf Ready classes, PGA Sports Academy Programs or junior leagues, consider using to help get the word out about events at your facility and boost registrations. Stay well, stay warm! Ali Wells, PGA Foundation Operations Director


Click on the image below to find out how you can get started with ACTIVE Works in 11 easy Steps!


Sign up to host a team today! PGA Junior League Golf (PGA JLG) is the “Little League” approach to the great game of golf, where every participant gets a chance to play.

2014 Gateway PGA Facilities Registered for PGA Junior League Golf

2014 Gateway PGA Facilities who have Verbally Committed to PGA Junior League Golf

Franklin County Country Club


Persimmon Woods Golf Club

Weldon Spring

Annbriar Gofl Club

HighLands Golf and Tennis Center

St. Louis

Country Club of Legends

Pheasant Run


Crescent Farms

Country Club of St Albans

St Albans

Far Oaks

Ballwin Golf Club


Winghaven CC


The Legends CC


Fox Run Golf Club


Pardise Valley

The Landings at Spirit GC


Pheasant Run Golf Club

Whitmoor Country Club

St. Charles

Pomme Creek

Meadowbrook Country Club


Quincy Country Club

Algonquin Golf Club


Pomme Creek Golf Course


Oak Brook Golf Club


Fox Creek Golf Club


St Clair Country Club


Forest Hills Country Club Greenbriar Country Club Lockhaven Country Club Old Hickory Golf Club

Spencer T. Olin St. Louis Country Club Sunset Hills Country Club The Falls Golf Club Westborough Country Club

Local qualifying registration for the 2014 Drive, Chip & Putt is planned to go live Sunday, April 6, 2014. More information will be coming soon! The top finisher from each site in the same age/gender categories earned a place in the 2013 final, which will be played the Sunday prior to the start of the 2014 Masters Tournament and will be broadcast live on the Golf Channel. To see who qualified, read more here.



ASSISTANTS CORNER Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and the new year is off to a great start. The start of 2014 is an exciting one for the assistants of the Gateway Section. The committee is planning on meeting this month to discuss some new ideas and finalize the schedule for the upcoming year. We are very pleased to have a new face on our committee for 2014. Adam Betz will be joining us this year. We are always looking for new faces and fresh ideas on our committee. If anyone has any interest in joining please let one of our members know. Michael Leotta, PGA Chairman Brandon Coffey, PGA Vice-Chairman George Schrage, Secretary Gideon Smith, PGA Board Liaison Ty Zimmerman, PGA Past-Chairman Andrew Jury RJ Villafuerte, PGA Richard Niedergerke, PGA Austin Waibel Adam Betz

Illini Country Club Forest Hills Country Club Quincy Country Club Quincy Country Club Westwood Country Club Winghaven Country Club Meadowbrook Country Club The Club at Old Hawthrone The Club at Old HawthroneMeadowbrook Country Club

RULES CORNER During the Waste Management Tournament in Phoenix the eventual winner, Kevin Stadler hit a tee shot in some cholla cactus. He declared the ball unplayable and dropped a substituted ball within two club lengths of where the original lay. The announcers questioned the substitution. Stadler proceeded correctly. Rule 28 Ball Unplayable requires the player to drop a ball not the ball.




PGA Magazine Launches Exclusive App for iOS and Android The app will offer PGA members direct access to thousands of fellow PGA Professionals

PGA Magazine Publications & Marketing Group announced that the free PGA Magazine app is now available exclusively for PGA Professionals in both iOS and Android versions. The PGA Magazine app was created to offer PGA Professionals a quick and easy way to access an array of content updated daily. Now, PGA Professionals will be able to view all archived PGA Best Practices, updated PGA Section News from all 41 Sections, PGA of America News, PGA Lesson Tee articles, PGA Rules Talk articles, and a PGA Clubfitting Library. Click here to continue reading. PGA Professionals can download the free app on iOS by clicking here and on Android by clicking here.

Are You Interested in Attending a PGA/ USGA Rules of Golf Workshop?

Click here to learn more 2014 Compensation Survey Live on Your participation is requested in helping to ensure that one of our Association's most powerful employment tools remains effective for you and your fellow PGA Professionals. Your participation is the key to producing compensation data that is valid and meaningful. Please consider the following points when contemplating filling out the survey: • The survey data is completely confidential - individual information cannot be accessed • The survey contains vital information to help your brother and sister PGA Professionals in their negotiations for higher compensation • The Compensation Reports are important for the Employment Consultants as they meet with employers in the effort to drive up compensation • 100% participation is possible only if you take the time necessary to be involved! Typically, our higher wage earners do not participate which can drive the results down. • Our goal in the Gateway section is to significantly increase participation this year! • Each member has until March 23, 2014 to complete the survey and will receive 2 MSR's. Thank you for your support of this very important Association survey! Click here to complete the 2014 PGA Compensation Survey.

If you plan to attend a PGA/USGA Rules of Golf Workshop in 2014, you can register online or via phone through the USGA. PGA members will receive 16 MSR credits (Education Category) for the 2day workshop and 24 MSR credits (Education Category) for the 3-day workshop. 9

The PGA of America and Golf Channel Partner with Technology Company GAME GOLF

Game-changing technology captures real on-course golf data to make golf more fun and interactive, allowing golfers to “compete” virtually both on and off the course, independent of location with friends worldwide

GAME GOLF announced a joint partnership with the PGA of America and Golf Channel, two of the most influential forces in all of golf, to revolutionize the way golfers play, compete, socialize and improve their game. GAME GOLF, a wearable device and integrated software platform which tracks and displays rounds of golf in a dynamic, socially driven interface, officially launched the product’s availability to consumers and retailers at the 61st PGA Merchandise Show. Through this partnership, the PGA of America will provide broad outreach of GAME GOLF’s engaging, social-centric, and universal appeal among its channels of business influence. GAME GOLF has the potential to serve as the next generation of teaching application for PGA Professionals. In tandem, Golf Channel will showcase GAME GOLF’s game-changing product attributes, including on the network’s instructional programming. In addition, Golf Channel will leverage GAME GOLF’s social media platforms to connect with viewers. “GAME GOLF will revolutionize the game by changing the way we socialize about golf and reveal how we are actually playing the game,” said John McGuire, CEO of GAME GOLF. “Much like the introduction of plastic cleats changed the culture of the game, we are doing the same by making golf more social and bringing a golfer’s data to life.” GAME GOLF utilizes sensors on each club and a tag-and-go wearable device sensor on the player’s belt. Vital performance data is synced to the cloud from the device and viewable on GAME GOLF’s website ( within a player’s profile or on the player’s mobile device. From there, a player can view a dynamic interface displaying each shot and round data such as club selection, fairways hit, greens in regulation and distance, in addition to other stats and trends important to the player. In addition to enabling golfers to view their game, GAME GOLF features a social media hub where players can share their round, compare it to others, and virtually compete with friends or colleagues across the country and around the world. Among the PGA Tour professionals working with GAME GOLF to develop the product are 2010 U.S. Open champion Graeme McDowell, Lee Westwood and, most recently, 2003 U.S. Open champion Jim Furyk. McDowell has been testing and providing feedback on the product for the last two years. Click here to view more. 10

PGA Financial Assistance Scholarship Program Fund

Graduating high school seniors and college students who are the children or grandchildren of PGA members are invited to apply online at the home page (before you log in) of to be considered for financial support for college through the PGA Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship Program. The scholarship program is an academic based scholarship program.

For more information click on the links below

Fact Sheet

College Preparation Assistance

Scholarship Search Tips

An important note – there are two changes this year: Up to 20% of funding will take into account financial need, please see details in Financial Need Section of application (this will be for students that fill out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and receive a SAR (Student Aid Report) that has an EFC (Effective Family Contribution) number on it. They must still have a 3.4 cumulative GPA. Beginning with 2014 graduating high school seniors (incoming Freshman in Fall of 2014) the total number of scholarships a student can receive will be limited to 2 total scholarships over the 4 years of undergraduate college attendance. For more information you may contact the Section office OR: PGA Financial Assistance Fund Scholarship Program Attention: Linda Bennington 888.532.6661; 561.624.7612 e-mail: Grant and Scholarship Specialist 100 Avenue of the Champions Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418


Employment “Chips”

The PGA Compensation Survey is the most credible source of compensation information in the golf industry. This is primarily due to the overwhelming support from you, the PGA Professional. In 2013, over 15,000 PGA Professionals completed the PGA Compensation Survey. To keep you armed with the most accurate data, it is necessary to refresh the statistics with up-to-date information. All PGA Professionals, both Apprentices and Members, in all job categories, are encouraged to participate. The better the participation, the better the information we will have to work with. Please understand that all individual responses are completely confidential.

I urge you to participate and please remember that no one is privileged to see what you submit, so don't let this be a deterrent. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me about the particulars with regard to the confidentiality of the survey. The survey has been streamlined and should only take 15-20 minutes to complete if you are prepared with the necessary information. Click here to begin: Professionals completing the Survey before March 23, 2014 will be rewarded with up to 2 MSR credits. Your fellow PGA Professionals and I appreciate your participation. Results will be available in the PGA Compensation Survey Reporting Tool later this spring. If you have questions or need assistance finding Compensation Survey data for your own situation, please contact me.

Participation in the survey provides you and your colleagues with accurate compensation information when you need it for negotiations, job searches and budgeting. An accurate reflection of what all members are earning is needed, so we encourage all PGA Professionals to support this survey, especially our most highly compensated professionals. If highly compensated individuals do not participate then the survey numbers reflects lower earnings, which then in turn hurts all future job opportunities. Your peers, your local PGA Section and especially PGA Employment Consultants who meet with employers need accurate information to help upgrade positions for all PGA Professionals.

Tim Marks, PGA | Employment Consultant | 815.630.5196 – Office | 12

Brought To You by Optimal Lifestyles, Inc.

Today’s world of golf is their sights set on Olympic sometimes it feels like we’re in golf game as we also keep pace will show us many examples of we look at ways to get the most on the first tee this spring.

competitive, and many golf pros train as if they had Gold. Even if we’re not playing at the pro level, our own Olympics race, trying to maintain a decent with our busy lifestyles. The 2014 Winter Olympics heroic performance. With that in mind, this month from our workouts so that we can be ready for golf

Questions to ask before adjusting your workout: What are your goals? What is a realistic time allowance – keeping in mind the window of opportunity may not be the same every day? What kinds of activities sustain your interest? With golf season just around the corner, what can you do to prepare your body now? What the experts say: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say adults generally need 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity weekly and muscle strengthening two to three times each week, working major muscle groups; or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity aerobic activity and muscle strengthening two or more times a week. The American College of Sports Medicine‘s overall recommendation is for most adults to engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise each week. The exercise could be 10 minutes at a time working smaller chunks during the day. Some ideas to get you started: 

Engage in something active with your spouse, kids or entire family.

For portability, use exercise bands or workout using your own body weight.

Pull workouts from a variety of sport disciplines and blend them into a single training plan. Based on experience and research, a combination of sport specific workouts produces better cardio and physical results than single sport training. It also helps prevent “workout brain drain.” In addition, blending several workout styles into one also keeps us engaged and saves time.

Popular workout combinations include: yoga, weight lifting and indoor cycling; treadmill, weight lifting, Pilates; yoga, brisk walking and weight lifting.

Combine sports fitness plans that interest you, or personalize your program by consulting a fitness coach or trainer.

If you’re a beginner, try working out with a friend to keep motivated.

If you’ve been keeping up with fitness all winter, try a TRX suspension training class.

Keep in mind this Optimal Lifestyle philosophy: “Any thing is better than nothing, and every little bit helps.” Just get started!

By the way, it might help to focus on that Olympic Gold, even if it’s only a dream. Get in condition for the “Olympics of Life.”

Optimal Lifestyles, Inc is a health and fitness consulting company and fitness education sponsor for the Gateway PGA. Optimal Lifestyles, Inc. provides personal training, golf fitness and yoga for golfers. The information provided by Optimal Lifestyles is for educational purposes and should not replace care or advice of a physician. Please check with a physician if you are starting an exercise program or suspect you are ill.


2014 Gateway PGA Tournament Schedule *Note* - This schedule is under construction and subject to change

Date MARCH Monday, March 31 APRIL Mon-Tues April 7-8th Monday, April 14th Monday, April 21 Monday April 28th MAY Monday, May 5-7th Monday, May 12th Monday, May 19th Tuesday, May 31st JUNE Monday, June 2nd Monday, June 9th Tues-Wed, June 10-11th Sun-Wed, June 22-25th Thursday, June 26th Monday, June 30th JULY Monday, July 7th Thursday, July 17th Monday, July 21st Thursday, July 31st AUGUST Monday, August 4th Monday, August 11-12th Thurs-Sun, August 7-10th Friday, August 15th Sunday, August 17th Mon-Tues, August 18-19th Monday, August 25th SEPTEMBER Tuesday, September 2nd Monday, September 8th Thursday, September 25th Monday, September 29-30th OCTOBER Monday, October 6th Monday, October 22-22nd Wednesday, April 23rd Monday, May 19th Thursday, June 26th Monday, June 30th Thursday, July 17th Monday, August 4th Thursday, September 25th



Spring Meeting/Quad Pro

Forest Hills CC

2 Man Team PING Pro AM Pro-Open #1 Pro-Assistant Championship

Firekeeper GC Topeka, KS OakBrook GC

Match Play Championship Pro-Open #2 Assistants Pro-Am Pro-Open #3

Annbriar GC

Tower Tee Invitational Southern Illinois Open Senior Match Play Championship National PNC Pro-Ladies Pro-Am Foundation Pro-Am

Tower Tee GC Rend Lake GC Sunset Hills CC Myrtle Beach SC Annbriar GC St Albans

Team Championship Scratch Pro Am Pro-Open #4 Pro-Junior Pro-Am

Quincy CC TBA Missouri Bluffs Old Hickory CC (T)

Gateway Section Pro-Am PNC PGA Championship Slice of Life Pro-Am Beautification Pro-Am Gateway Sr. PNC ACG Pro-Am

Dalhousie GC (T) Persimmon Woods GC Valhalla Crab Orchard GC Lake Forest CC Lake Forest CC Meadowbrook CC

National Car Rental Asst Champ Pro-Open #5 National Car Pro Am Series Champ Section Championship

WingHaven CC Jeff City CC Algonquin GC St.Clair CC

Players Championship Lake Team Event

Porto Cima, Osage Natl, Kinderhook

Pro-Senior Pro-Am Assistants Pro-Am Pro-Ladies Pro-Am Foundation Pro-Am Scratch Pro Am Gateway Section Pro-Am National Car Pro Am Series Champ

The Legends (T) Missouri Bluffs Annbriar GC St Albans TBA Dalhousie GC (T) Algonquin GC

Missouri Bluffs


ich. What better way to honor the man who loved the game so much than to have a golf event. Proceeds from the event will assist Jerry & Denise's PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. – J.C. Anderson of Grandaughter, Sarah Lewis. Sarah is active in our O’Fallon, Mo., and left-hander Rod Perry of Port Gateway PGA Jr Golf Tour and will be starting Orange, Fla., paired up after the PGA Cup Matches high school next year. More details will follow, but in September and teamed up this week to win the save the date on your calendars as this is an event 55th annual PGA Senior-Junior Championship at you won't want to miss. Special Thanks to Mike The PGA Golf Club. Suhre, PGA, for puting this event together. Down by a stroke at the start of the day, Anderson and Perry had caught up by the turn, went Season-long Tournament Contest Anahead with birdie on the 10th hole and won by two nouncement Coming Soon strokes with a closing round of 66 on the Ryder course to finish at 26 under par 262. They earned A new Season Long Contest for the Tournament Program will be announced and unveiled at $5,000 apiece from the $98,000 purse. the Spring Business Meeting. We are working with Teams from Pennsylvania – Kirk Stauffer of a Partner to develop a contest that will give one Bradford and Michael O’Connor of Erie -- and winning Gateway PGA Professional an unrivaled Gene Fieger and Justin Bertsch of Naples, Fla., tied prize. This will encompass almost all Section for second at 264 on final round scores of 67. Steve Events, Pro-Ams to Pro-Opens, and we think every Schneiter of Sandy, Utah, and Shaun Powers of Greenwich, Conn., the second and third round lead- player, regardless of age and/or ability, will have a good chance to win the Grand Prize. Stay tuned for ers, slipped to fourth on 70-265. the upcoming announcement. “The 10th and 12th holes were huge, a big turnaround” said Perry, the PGA Professional Play2014 Gateway PGA Putt Putt er of the Year in 2012 and 2013. “I birdied the 10th Championship and Steve and Shaun both bogeyed the 12th, and we held on.” Overall, Anderson made 15 birdies, Perry The 3rd Annu14, and they had three team bogeys. al Gateway

Anderson & Perry Win Senior-Junior Winter Championship

PGA Putt Putt Championship had a change in venue for this year as the event was moved to Disney’s Fantasia Gardens. Anderson, a teaching professional at MisThis miniature golf course in not your everyday souri Bluffs CC in St. Louis, and Perry, head proputt putt course as it is a Par 72 layout with Par 3’s, fessional at Crane Lakes GC in Port Orange, were 4’s, and 5’s. Holes ranged for 60 feet to over 1500 teammates on the U.S. team for the PGA Cup feet throughout the course. Over 30 players showed Matches in England. Perry said he received a call for this years’ event and Mid-Missouri contingent from Anderson in November about the PGA Senior proved too tough to handle taking the Championship and Runner-up spots. -Junior. In the final round, played mostly through a steady drizzle, Stauffer made four birdies, O’Connor two, and they had two bogeys; Fieger birdied five holes, Bertsch one, and they bogeyed one; and Schneiter scored three birdies and a bogey.

Jason Woods & Robert Wilson were the Perry heads to Pebble Beach, Calif., Sunday to play Overall Champions finishing at 20-under par 52. in the AT&T National Pro-Am, one of six PGA Tying for runner-up honors were Jim Knoesel & Tour exemptions he earned for winning the PGA Tory Hayes, and the team of Brett Moomey & National Professional Championship in June. George Schrage, both coming in a stroke back at 53. Front nine winners were Gideon Smith & Paul Leahy, while Knoesel & Hayes were low on the Inagural PING Pro-Am on Schedule Back nine. On Monday, April 14th, OakBrook GC in Special Thanks to Gateway PGA President Edwardsville, IL, will host the Inagural PING ProJoe Schwent on his efforts in putting the event toAm to honor Gateway PGA friend, Jerry Waitulavgether. 15


Happy Birthday! Timothy J. Davenport, PGA Miles Horton, PGA Joseph Mannuci III Michael J. Weirich, PGA Mark C Faulkner Cary D. White, PGA Kevin N. Corn, PGA Ali J. Wells, PGA Samuel K. Gilliland, PGA Donald Haxel, PGA David Kilpatrick, PGA Michael L Tucker, PGA Michael A. Cummings, PGA David J. Taylor, PGA Brian N. Laur, PGA Robert C. Maruska Jr. Matthew B Muckensturm

2/1 2/1 2/3 2/4 2/5 2/5 2/6 2/6 2/7 2/8 2/9 2/11 2/14 2/14 2/15 2/15 2/16

Bryan L. McMurray, PGA Steve T Finn, PGA Brian C. Kuddes, PGA Kevin R Stull, PGA Emily K. Berryman Grant J. Masson, PGA David J. Bird, PGA Aaron T Gleason, PGA Paul Loutzenhiser, PGA Adam M Betz Bradley M Dean Dan J. Hilker, PGA Stephen R. Lestmann, PGA Steve Autry Jonathan G Prange Jack Connell, PGA

2/17 2/18 2/18 2/19 2/20 2/20 2/21 2/21 2/21 2/22 2/22 2/24 2/25 2/26 2/26 2/28


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