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JULY 2012

Volume 2 Issue 6

Dear Juniors and Parents, Gateway PGA 17269 Wild Horse Creek Rd. Suite 110 Chesterfield, MO 63005 Phone: 636-532-3355 Alex Anderson Junior Golf Director Ali Wells, PGA Director of Foundation Programs & Player Development

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Growing The Game— Junior Style!


Fitness Tip by Barb Michaels


Family golf night


Tournament Schedule



Wow! It is hard to believe there are only a couple weeks left in the Summer Season! It has been quite an exciting summer thus far and despite the grueling temperatures, our junior golfers have been braving the heat and shooting some great scores. In the second week of July, we had a Classics event at the Links of Dardenne and Tapawingo Golf Club. This two day event was held at two different courses. Joe Schwartz in the 16-19 age division was our overall winner shooting rounds of 70 and 79 while Michael Pfitzner won the younger boys division with rounds of 74 and 76, winning by a mere 2 shots. Rachael Pearson came away with a victory in the older girls division, shooting rounds of 79 and 84 while Allie Leingang won the girls 12-15 age division, finishing with rounds of 94 and 87. Our Classics event at Persimmon Woods presented an impressive field and some hot temperatures. Ryan Keller ran away with a victory in the 16-19 age division firing very impressive rounds of 72 and 74 while Daniel Venker shot rounds of 74 and 79 to win the 12-15 age division. For the girls 16-19 age division, Brooke Cusumano came away with a win, shooting rounds of 79 and 81. Abby Schroeder was our girls winner for the 12-15 age division with rounds of 92 and 82. As this summer season winds down, make sure to take a look at our fall event schedule, which will be sent to your email addresses soon. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the season! Sincerely, Alex Anderson Director of Junior Golf 1

Good Day, Juniors! I hope this note finds everyone healthy, well… and in a cool place! The month of July held tons of great golf tournaments, days over 100 degrees, and empty water bottles. As we approach August and the end of the Summer Tournament Series, there is one more event that everyone should be at… FAMILY GOLF NIGHT! Contrary to all of the tournaments that have been played up to this point, Family Golf Night is not about who shoots the lowest score or serious concentration – it’s about FUN! Open to all families of golfers, non-golfers, and wanna-be golfers, this event is sure to bring out quality family time, lots of laughs, and end the season on a positive note. SO, Register Today! Saturday, August 4th at Yorktown Golf Course in Belleville, IL is where Family Golf Night will take place. Space is limited! 5:00 pm starts the cookout followed by the 6:00 pm Goofy Golf Scramble. Following golf will be more fun games and activities to keep everyone busy. Call or email Ali Wells to register your family: 636-532-3355 x105 or On another note, I would like to thank every junior who participated in the SNAG Challenge at Oakbrook on Friday, July 13th. Many juniors tried their hand at the Challenge attempting to hit the target and bulls eye and accumulate the FEWEST points possible (like golf!). Three juniors need to be personally recognized for placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the competition. Zach Heet came in 3rd place winning a Gateway PGA Hat. Josh Kleinheider came in 2nd place winning a Gateway PGA Duffle Bag. Finally, Quinn Lowery earned first place winning a brand new golf bag! Join me in congratulating these young men and THANK YOU for participating in the SNAG Challenge and our Junior Program. I hope to see all of you out at Yorktown for Family Golf Night. Good luck during the rest of the Summer Series and finish strong! Happy Golfing! Ali Wells, PGA Director of Foundation Programs and Player Development


Barb Michaels Optimal Lifestyles, Inc.

In the mid-summer heat of St. Louis you may be looking for cool, even refreshing way to keep fit for golf. This is a perfect time to workout in the water as an alternate exercise to your regular routine. As an added bonus, it’s actually a good idea to vary your program. Swimming is an excellent because it’s an overall body workout. It helps with cardiovascular, strength and flexibility, and is easy on the joints. A good workout includes a combination of treading water and swimming laps using various swim strokes. For example: Start by moving around in the water – get your body used to the pool. Then tread water for two three-minute segments. Increase time treading water to four or five minutes. Give your body a few stretches: Standing at the shallow end of the pool legs apart, one foot in front of the other, bend the front knee slightly feeling a stretch in the back of the back leg – stretching you calf - count to 25. Then lean back on the back leg and bring the toes of the front foot up stretching the hamstring for a count of 25. Switch legs and start the same calf stretch and hamstring stretch on the second leg. Circle each ankle in one direction and then the other direction. Move into a side stretch by standing on both feet, feet hip width apart. Take your right arm up and left arm down toward the ground and side stretch. Count to 20 and go to the other side. Work different parts of the body by swimming two to four laps each of breaststroke, butterfly, and backstroke. Tread water for three to five minutes before switching to the next stroke and after the last variation. Step out of the water, lay face down on a towel. Extend arms over head on the ground and extend legs out on the ground. Pull your navel gently back by your spine. Begin to lift opposite arm opposite leg movements, i.e. - right arm / left leg, then left arm / right leg. Now do that movement to a count of ten. Repeat for a count of fifteen then a count of twenty. This exercise will build core and back muscles. Another core exercise: move into a plank pose on your elbows. Count to ten – take a break. Do plank pose three times, each time increasing the length of time holding the pose. After the workout, jump in and swim around for fun. Shake it up a bit by going to the pool with a friend and challenge each other in treading and laps. All the water activity will keep you cool and in shape on and off the course. If you need assistance in putting together a fitness program for golf or everyday life, contact Barb with Optimal Lifestyles at 314-984-0592. Brought to You By Optimal Lifestyles, Inc.

(314) 494-9533

Optimal Lifestyles, Inc. provides personal training, golf fitness and yoga for golfers. The owner, Barb Michael is the fitness education sponsor for the Gateway PGA. The information provided by Optimal Lifestyles is for education purposes and should not replace care or advice from your physician. Please consult with your physician before beginning an exercise program or suspect you are ill.




Golf courses across the country are offering discounted green fees to qualified juniors. To qualify, simply complete this Course Access Pass tutorial on safety, golf terminology, etiquette and the USGA Rules of Golf. There is also an online golf skills self-assessment to help verify your ability to play nine holes, plus recommend distances to tee off from. (This should take about 60 minutes.) Upon successful completion, you can print your personalized Course Access Pass and contact any of the participating courses to play! Thank you for participating in our 2012 Summer Series! 5

Eagle Springs June 29


Eagle Springs 9 Holes

Boys 14-19 1 place- Marc Sheipeter, 38 (left) 2nd place- Kyle Sachs, 38 (center) 3rd place- Gavin Goga, 46 (right) st

Boys 12-13 1st place- Jacob Muth, 44 (left) 2nd place Jack Fitzpatrick, 45 (center) 3rd place- Fletcher Dietrich, 46 (right)

Boys 10-11 1st place- Kolten Bauer, 38 (left) 2nd place- Brennan Dolnick, 41 (right) 3rd place- Jonathan Turner, 43 (center)


Girls 14-19 1st place- Alexa Shelton, 49 (right) 2nd place- Gabby David, 55 (center) 3rd place- Abigail Robinson, 56 (left)

Girls 12-13 1 place- Michelle Fan, 48 (right) 2nd place- Hannah Willett, 50 (center) 3rd place- Fiona Vetter, 65 (left) st

Girls 10-11 1st place- Claire Solovic, 52 (center) 2nd place- Sofia Gamayo, 55 (left) 3rd place- Valentia Kimbrough, 62 (right)

O’Fallon & Sunset Hills, Missouri

June 9th & 10th

The Classics Dardenne and Tapawingo

Boys 16-19 1st - Joe Schwartz 70-79=149 2nd - Nate Leingang 75-76=151

Boys 12-15 1st - Michael Pfitzner 74-76=150 2nd - Davis Soderberg 76-76=152

Girls 16-19 1st - Rachael Pearson 79-84= 163 2nd - Megan Biscan 86-81=167 Also pictured: Maggie VanCleave and Clare Munie

Girls 12-15 1st - Allie Leingang 94-87=181 2nd - Grace Aromando 81-101=182


June 29, 2012

Boys 11-12 1st - Zach Bohmer, 36 (right) 2nd - Lucas Verdun, 39 (left) 3rd - Matthew Solovic, 40(center)

Boy 7-8 1st place- Xavier Gamayo, 53 (right) 2nd place- Christopher Johnson, 56 (left) Girls 9-10 & 11-12 1st - Ava Mitchell, 40 (right) 2nd - Catherine Hollis, 51 (left)

Boys 9-10 1st - Jack Lidsisky, 41 (right) 2nd - Trey Bruber, 44 (center) 3rd - Chase Callahan, 51 (left)


Boys 5-6 & Girls 5-6 1st place- Brain Gould, 51 (left) 1st place- Catherine Cronan, 50 (right)

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