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August 2012

Volume 2 Issue 6 Dear Juniors and Parents,

Gateway PGA 17269 Wild Horse Creek Rd. Suite 110 Chesterfield, MO 63005 Phone: 636-532-3355 Alex Anderson Junior Golf Director Ali Wells, PGA Director of Foundation Programs & Player Development

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Growing The Game— Junior Style!


Fitness Tip by Barb Michaels


Family golf night


Tournament Results


Player of the Year


Jr Ryder Cup

It is hard to believe the Summer Season has come to a close. First and foremost, I want to thank you for your support and participation in the 2012 summer Gateway junior golf program; without you and the other junior golfers, there would not be a junior golf program. It was an amazing summer and we had some very exciting finishes! We finished up the 9 Hole Season with the Championship at Ballwin Golf Course, on July 23rd and 24th. There was some fierce competition over the two days of play. I would like to congratulate our overall champions for the event; Jonathan Turner who finished at one over for the event and Momo Kukichi who finished at eleven over for the event. Way to go! Our 18 Hole and Tour Division wrapped up there season a few weeks ago at Winghaven Country Club on August 6th and 7th. It was a fun two days out at Winghaven and each division had some great scores. Our overall 18 Hole Boys Champion was Davis Soderberg who finished the event at two over par. Our 18 Hole Girls Champion finishing with a 174 was Casey Yocks. Emily Goldenstein, took the title of Tour Girls Champion for her second consecutive year. Emily shot seven over for the entire event. Shooting five over for the event, and earning the title of Tour Boys Champion was Ryan Keller. Congratulations to all of our Champions! We had two additional juniors who earned the Tour Low Stroke Average for the 2012 Summer Season. To determine a participant’s low stroke average they had to have completed a minimum of five Tour rounds and their lowest five Tour rounds were used to calculate their average. Ties were determined by the individual’s next lowest Tour round. The male participant with the lowest average is then awarded the “Dutch Harrison Low Stroke Average” trophy, while the lowest female is awarded the “Judy Rankin Low Stroke Average” trophy. Congratulations to Michael O’Keefe (74.4) and Rachael Pearson (80.6) for being our Boy and Girl recipient of this award! Alisha Matthews, Katie Caufield, Nathan Jacquin, and Kasey McCammack did a phenomenal job this summer. I want to thank them all for their hard work and dedication to the program. I wish them all the best of luck in their future endeavors. Please be sure to check out the Fall Schedule. The events are filling up fast! Also, the Parent Child event is being held on September 9th. Details can be found in this month’s edition of the newsletter. Thank you and I hope to see you all soon, Alex Anderson Director of Junior Golf 1

Summer is over and school is back in session. How in the world did those three months go by so fast?! I don’t know. I do know that we had a blast at Family Golf Night, though! As a good-bye to summer, the Gateway PGA held Family Golf Night at Yorktown Golf Course in Belleville, IL. Everyone who came out on Saturday, August 4th was privileged to a cookout and Goofy Golf Fun! Eighteen families totaling 85 participants had a blast playing “golf” on the par 3 course. Some holes were real golf, some holes were near-golf, but every hole was different and fun. Check out the pictures! We had such a great time, be ready to do this again next year! In a few weeks, the Gateway Foundation will team up with the Gateway Junior Program to take golf to some 40,000 attendees of “The BIG Day” – the 100th Anniversary of the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri. On Saturday, September 22nd in downtown St. Louis, we will be out with Golfzilla introducing golf to kids and families of all ages and backgrounds. Bring the family, come say “Hi” to us, and attend the parade, concert and other attractions. It should be an awesome day! Thank you to every single junior who played in any Summer Series golf tournament. Each one of you helped make this summer a success! I am looking forward to seeing everyone this Fall. First tournament is August 26th at Pheasant Run! Happy Golfing! Ali Wells, PGA Director of Foundation Programs and Player Development


Barb Michaels Optimal Lifestyles, Inc.

As a golfer, you know that flexibility is a key asset on the course. Did you also know that practicing yoga is one of the best ways to stay loose? It helps muscles and ligaments become stronger, allowing you to move about more freely. But yoga provides other benefits to golfers, too, including greater body awareness and confidence.

hands back to sides. Repeat. • Inhale hands overhead; exhale forward bending. Move your right leg back to high lunge. Drop your right knee to the ground and raise your hands and arms up. Bring your arms down on the inside of the bent knee. Feel a stretch and count to 20. • Step your left leg back into a plank pose. Lower your body to the ground. Push back into a downward facing dog pose. Step your right foot forward then left foot forward. Inhale hands up overhead; move hands back to sides. • Repeat the same series on the opposite side of your body. • Now take both hands overhead. Drop your right hand down to the side. Lift the left hand up and overhead and hold for a count of 20. Bring the left hand down. • Repeat this series by raising your right hand overhead and keeping the left hand down and count to 20. Bring both hands down. • Keep this pre-golf routine handy so you can practice it before leaving home to play golf. Your body will feel more confident when you play.

In the January/February 2002 issue of the American College of Sports Medicine Health and Fitness Journal, Donna Mueller, ACSM exercise specialist and health/fitness instructor, wrote “many athletes and professional teams in the NHL, NFL and major league baseball are utilizing yoga as a tool to sharpen sports performance. The overall benefits of yoga are far reaching. This form of exercise offers a new dimension of physical fitness.” While yoga relaxes your muscles, it also settles the mind and keeps you in the present moment. After practicing yoga consistently for just a few months, golfers can expect these results: long, loose muscles, resulting in the ability to twist and turn more easily; improved balance; increased focus and the ability to stay in the present moment; body confidence; increased core, upper body, glute and leg strength; stability; and endurance.

If you need help with a pre-golf yoga routine or a weekly yoga class, contact Barb at Optimal Lifestyles at 314-984-0592.

Practicing yoga, Mueller wrote, also helps you to ignore the external noise and internal chatter that breaks down confidence, like replaying bad shots or missed putts over and over again in your head. Following is a quick pre-golf yoga routine to improve flexibility and confidence: • Start by moving your arms around your body side to side to get it warmed up. • Come to stillness. • Inhale and raise hands up overhead; exhale and move Brought to You By Optimal Lifestyles, Inc.

(314) 494-9533

Optimal Lifestyles, Inc. provides personal training, golf fitness and yoga for golfers. The owner, Barb Michael is the fitness education sponsor for the Gateway PGA. The information provided by Optimal Lifestyles is for education purposes and should not replace care or advice from your physician. Please consult with your physician before beginning an exercise program or suspect you are ill.




Boys 14-19 1st- Jake Buss (middle) 2nd- Marc Scheipeter(right) 3rd- Kyle Sachs(left)

Boys 12-13 9 Hole 1st – Nick Westrich (right) 2nd – Brandon Wagner (middle) 3rd – Jacob Muth (left)

Boys 10-11 9 Hole 1st – Jonathan Turner (middle) 2nd – Kolten Bauer (left) rd 3 – Brennan Dolnick (right)

Girls 14-19 1st – Allison Rieske (right) 2nd – Morgan Schettler (middle) 3rd – Alexa Shelton (left)

Girls 12-13 1st – Bradley Peyton (right) 2nd – Macie Daniels (middle) 3rd – Michelle Fan (left)

Girls 10-11 1st – Momo Kikuchi (right) 2nd – Sofia Gamayo (middle) 3rd – Claire Solovic (left) 5


Results on the following 2 pages 6


Tour Boys 16-19 1 - Ryan Keller 72+77=149 (left) 2nd - Dillon Eaton 76+75=151 (center) 3rd - Benjamin Gross 74+80=154 (right) st

Boys 14-15 1 - Gabe Wheeler 76+75=151 (right) 2nd - Chase Kinder 74+77=151 (center) 3rd - Michael O’Keefe 76+77=153 (left) Alex Anderson pictured far left st

Girls 16-19 1st- Emily Goldenstein 77+74=151 (right) 2nd - Brooke Cusumano 74+81=155 (center) 3rd- Megan Biscan 81+83=164 (left) Alex Anderson (far right) Girls 14-15 1st - Taylor Hayes 85+88=173 (right) 2nd - Libby Leath 95+79=174 (center) 3rd - Allie Leingang 85+89=174 (left) Alex Anderson (far right)



18 Hole Boys 16-19 1st - Michael Kanan 74+78=152 (center) 2nd - Nicholas Hamilton 79+78=157 (left) 3rd - Hunter Gonce 84+77=161 (right) Alex Anderson (far right) 14-15 1st - Davis Soderberg 70+76=146 (left) 2nd - Daniel Trost 75+80=155 (right) 3rd - Chase Nelson 82+76=158 (center) Alex Anderson (far right) 12-13 1st - Triston Buckley 77+77=154 (center) 2nd - Reilly Ahearn 77+77=154 (left) 3rd - Ej Verhulst 76+82=158 (right)

18 Hole Girls 16-19 1st - Casey Yocks 79+95=174 (right) 2nd - Sarah Creeley 89+98=187 (center) 3rd - Tori Howe 107+108=215 (left) 14-15 1st - Marlee Clouatre 90+89=179 (right) 2nd - Mindy Hennrich 96+91=187 (left) 12-13 1st - Sarah Bell 84+86=170 (left) 2nd - Shannon Gould 87+89=176 (center) 3rd - Isabel Marten 90+95=185 (right) Alex Anderson (far right)


18 Hole Boys 12-13: Elliot Ambort 18 Hole Boys 14-15: Chase Nelson 18 Hole Boys 16-19: Kyle Kesinger 18 Hole Girls 12-13: Emma Solovic 18 Hole Girls 14-15: Mindy Hennrich and Marlee Cloutre 18 Hole Girls 16-19: Casey Yocks Tour Boys 14-15: Michael OKeefe Tour Boys 16-19: Benjamin Gross Tour Girls 14-15: Taylor Hayes Tour Girls 16-19: Nikka Bazzetta 9 Hole Boys 10-11: Jonathan Turner 9 Hole Boys 12-13: Colin Stolze 9 Hole Boys 14-19: Jake Buss 9 Hole Girls 10-11: Claire Solovic 9 Hole Girls 12-13: Michelle Fan 9 Hole Girls 14-19: Allison Rieske Novice 9 Boys 11-12: Zach Bohmer Novice 9 Boys 9-10: Jacob Brewer and Daniel Hunt Novice 9 Girls 11-12: Ava Mitchell Novice 9 Girls 9-10: Brooke Biermann Mini 9 Boys 5-6: Brian Gould Mini 9 Girls 5-6: Reese Reinhardt Mini 9 Girls 7-8: Catrina Conroy Girl’s Low Stroke Average: Rachael Pearson 80.6 Boy’s Low Stroke Average: Michael O’Keefe 74.4 Girl’s 9 Hole Champion: Momo Kikuchi 83 Boy’s 9 Hole Champion: Jonathan Turner 73 18 Hole Girls Champion: Casey Yocks 174 18 Hole Boys Champion: Davis Soderberg 146 Tour Girls Champion: Emily Goldenstein 151 Tour Boys Champion: Ryan Keller 149


My Junior Ryder Cup Academy Experience


f all the experiences a young golfer can have, the Jr. Ryder Cup Academy was by far the greatest I could ever imagine. Meeting new people and practicing golf was just the beginning of it all. Waking up early and going to the course with my new friends everyday was fun, but the trip got ten times better when the famous man who made golf history showed up, Billy Casper. I got to play with Billy for a couple holes and he gave us some chipping tips. And, he saw me make a birdie! It was a great experience to play with a man who won 58 times on tour. Dow Fisterwald also helped us with our games, along with Gary Wiren and other great golfers. Even though there were 82 teens from around the U.S. in one environment, each advisor got to know us personally and took an interest in our games. There are so many events that took place throughout the week; it would be hard to name every single one. The highlights were: the Captains Dinner (formal), individual stroke play, match play (alternate shot and individual), a pool party, and many more. We really practiced hard throughout the whole week but we still had time for a lot of fun! I want to thank Alex Anderson, everyone at the Gateway Section, and the PGA of America for giving me this experience. And, thank you to the Gateway Section for all the years of great junior golf, which have been the launching pad for everything I want to accomplish in the future. I will never forget my junior golf! – Jordan Wolf

Jordan Wolf (St. Charles), Dr. Gary Wiren (PGA Hall of Fame), Jean Tyrrell (Kansas City)


August 2012 Gateway PGA Junior Newsletter  

August 2012 Gateway PGA Junior Newsletter

August 2012 Gateway PGA Junior Newsletter  

August 2012 Gateway PGA Junior Newsletter