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The importance of medical interpreter in health care Medical interpretation has gained a huge popularity in language interpretation field over the years where health reports, medical documents and product brochures are needed to translate from one language to another. These documents contain information regarding medical terms, which is beyond the understanding of a person who is not acquainted with medical science; therefore translation needs to be done very carefully and properly. A job a medical interpreter is carried out only by a qualified medical expert as these translated documents may have a great impact on the safety and health of the patient. Today, language interpretation is needed is many different fields such as tourism, hotels, education, commerce and the medical field is no different. In fact in other cases, misinterpretation may only cause you loss in business however; it may cause someone his/her life in the medical field. Therefore one needs to gain a lot of knowledge and experience in the medical field in order to become a medical interpreter. A medical interpreter needs to have a thorough knowledge in the field that includes medical terminology and wide range experience in a medical environment. The demand of a medical translator is gaining everyday and many translation companies are entering in this field. However, not every one of them is able to provide quality services. Reputed companies provide services such as over the phone interpretation, contract translation, personal translation and other interpretation services. Language interpretation service has the ability to eliminate any possibilities of misunderstandings that could be very hazardous in cases where medical attention is required. If you are in a foreign land and unfortunately got into an accident or other health related issues, you need to convey your problems to the physician or you won’t be able to get a proper treatment. In order to convey your problems to the physician, you need to speak in /her language and it would cause more trouble if you don’t know their language. Not only it will be difficult for you to convey your problems, it will also be difficult for the professional to explain the situation to you if he can’t speak your language. If somebody is getting medical attention abroad, the cost involved will be recovered from the insurance. However the insurance company needs to approve the claim and to do that they must understand what treatment and diagnose the patient is undergoing. Normally they receive the documentation in the country’s language where the patient was treated and require medical translation to go through those documents. The requirement doesn’t stop there. If the treatment is still ongoing while you return back at home, it is most likely that you receive a referral letter from the doctor from the abroad. To translate the letter, you will most certainly require the assistance of medical translator. A medial interpreter can help the patients in conveying their symptoms and medical history accurately to the doctor. To treat the problem, the physician must understand the patient’s

condition properly and thus takes the service of language interpretation. This way, deadly treatments and misdiagnosis can easily be avoided in case of foreign patients. Source –

The Importance of Medical Interpreter in Health Care  

Today, language interpretation is needed is many different fields such as tourism, hotels, education, commerce and the medical field is no d...

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