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Board of Elders From Chairman of the Board - Marjorie Allison The BoE is responsible for the governance of Gateway Baptist Church, discerning God’s purpose and direction for Gateway and orienting the Church’s structure and mission accordingly; providing leadership and oversight through approving key goals and monitoring outcomes and assuring legal and contractual compliance; providing nurture, encouragement and support to the resource and ministry teams; and assuring and managing the BoE’s own performance. In 2010 we saw significant progress towards the fulfilment of Vision 2012. By God’s grace, plans and strategies became realities. Gateway continued to grow, achieving the highest average attendance in our recorded history and in September, a second morning service was established. Volunteers increased considerably to meet the needs of our growing church family. Our church membership also continued to expand. Best of all, people came to faith and were baptised, and individuals and families were transformed by the power of God. During the year, significant groundwork was also set in place for the next stages of the vision to become a reality in 2011. In celebrating the above, the BoE acknowledges Jason’s gifted and inspiring leadership and the willingness of the pastoral staff to step out in faith, taking on new challenges and serving consistently in their areas of responsibility. We are also grateful for the valuable input of our resource groups - Finance, Facilities and Buildings, Pastoral, Missions and Schools Ministry.

For the first time since its inception, the BoE was comprised of the full complement of nine members, bringing greater breadth of attributes and experience. The year also marked five years of governance for Gateway, prompting a review by an outside organisation to assess the performance, policies, processes and relationships of the BoE. The resulting report was encouraging, indicating the BoE is well established and operating effectively. Suggestions for improvement are in the process of being implemented. It has been a challenging year for the BoE members both as a board and on a personal level. We value your prayers as we look to the future in faith. Pray that we will be led by the Spirit of God to make wise, but bold decisions for 2011.

Marjorie Allison Chairman of the Board

Senior Pastor From Senior Pastor - Jason Elsmore

At Gateway we are committed to being a loving and welcoming community where we grow in relationship with God and with each other. It has been great to see so many people get involved in life groups, growing meaningful relationships with each other and applying God’s word to our everyday lives. It was exciting to see our children’s ministry transition to a life group model in 2010. There are now opportunities for everyone from 5-105 to be involved in a life group at Gateway. In September we moved to two Sunday morning services to make space for more people to hear the life changing message of Jesus. It has been exciting to welcome many new people into our church family and to celebrate with 42 people as they were baptised. I want to say a huge thank you to all of you who have served so faithfully and passionately to make it possible to start a new congregation and to sustain all of the ministries that are making an impact for the Kingdom of God in our community, our nation and around the world. Volunteer Sunday was a great way to celebrate how Jesus is changing lives as we all serve God together. As I read through these reports and hear how Jesus is changing people’s lives, I am reminded of the privilege of working alongside such a committed, passionate and hard working team and a supportive and devoted Board of Elders. God has been so kind and faithful to us as a Church, and I am confident that He has an exciting future mapped out for us. I believe Luke 5:1-11 is a prophetic picture for Gateway’s future. We have worked hard

to “prepare the nets” for a great catch, by raising up Godly leaders and establishing great ministries to welcome and disciple all people. I believe that God is saying - it is not doing better what we already do well that will bring a great harvest for the Kingdom. God is calling us to listen to Him; to go deeper with Him and to be ready to obey Him courageously. By His power and in His time, there will be many people that we live work and laugh that will come to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour. I encourage you to listen to God and to pray for a great harvest for the Kingdom, beyond what we have ever expected or believed we could be a part of. Thank you to everyone who faithfully prays for me and my family. I love being your Pastor and I am enjoying growing in God together with you.

Jason Elsmore Senior Pastor

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Attendance: 11% Growth

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Executive Pastor From Executive Pastor - Paul Cavanagh Average service attendance well over 1000 (growth of 11%) Total Giving was up 10%, with Offerings up 6% We seem to be saying this every year but what an amazing year 2010 was on so many fronts with church family numbers, church attendance, baptisms, membership, ministry and leadership levels, life group involvement and giving levels at the highest ever. Though we were down on an aggressive offering target we were able to substantially offset the negative impact through staff and expense management in another difficult year for our economy.... our God is still able! Significant steps towards our Vision 2012 were seen with the move to two morning services and the implementation of an integrated welcoming and newcomer process which saw a stimulation of attendance growth and volunteer levels. With the sign-off of a Counseling Centre proposal for Gateway and scoping of a new church campus initiative some dreams are becoming a reality.

sustainability of our current infrastructure. Again, whilst we are well placed to maintain current demands, our growing challenge remains to fund our future key vision elements including establishment of an offsite campus and Mackenzie building master plan. We take great confidence in a God who is able and a church family that rises to his challenge.

The year was an important milestone for our governance development with a major external review confirming that Gateway is well placed for future growth and development whilst providing an improvement agenda to move us towards best practice.

As we move into the second half of “Vision 2012� we continue to rejoice in God’s amazing provision and look forward to seeing his dreams become a reality in the futue.

Despite our significant offering shortfall to budget, our financial position remains strong with no debt and reserves that ensure

Paul Cavanagh Executive Pastor

From Church Family Care and Connection Pastor - Barbara O’Brien Church Family Care is about creating a warm welcome and growing a sense of belonging as we help people to connect in our large church family. Souper Sunday in July was a wonderful expression of the church family welcoming, mixing and sharing together, when 290 of our church family met for lunch or supper in over 40 different homes across the city. A number of long term friendships began that day and it became the seed from which new lifegroups have sprung. Another major highlight from 2010 is the exciting growth in our Welcome Teams as we have transitioned to two Sunday morning services. It is inspiring to be part of over 130 generous faithful Welcome Team members who work hard each week to ensure that everyONE who comes here is welcome and encouraged and assisted towards healthy connection. New features and initiatives include the Sunday morning car parking teams and bus pick-ups, and the Welcome Lounge where newcomers and visitors can feel safe to relax in comfort. Beyond Sundays, the welcome continues as we track with those who are new at Gateway to help them find their place of connection in the healthy community of a life group or ministry team. Through our Family Link venture, we are connecting newcomers with regular Gateway families to help people settle in well. 261 new families came to Gateway in 2010. My grateful thanks go to all the team leaders and members who represent Church Family

Care. Your support and commitment to this vital ministry means that we extend a warm welcome to everyONE who comes to Gateway. I love our team times when we get together to share stories of how Jesus is changing lives. It is exciting to see our whole church family accepting the challenge of becoming a welcoming community. Our dreams for forward steps in Church Family Care include establishing and developing functioning teams for specialist areas of pastoral care, eg – visiting the sick and shut in, bereavement, new mums, handyman help, and telecare follow up of newcomers.

Barbara O’Brien Church Family Care and Connection Pastor


From Children’s Pastor - Catherine Tallack ‘Wisdom, Faith, Friendship’ was the Gateway Kids Motto in 2010. We want the children of Gateway to know three things when they head off to high school. 1. I need to make the wise choice 2. I can trust God no matter what and 3. I should treat others the way I want to be treated. Our four major ministries – Kidzone (Sunday mornings), Kidsclub (Friday nights), Playgroup and Take One have these three basic truths as their foundation. We started 2010 with a big change to our Sunday morning primary school program. Changing from a year level by year level focus to an all in Prep to Year 7 large group and a focus on life groups. Every child from prep upwards became part of their own life group, the same group of kids with the same leader every week. Kidsclub remained the best place to be on a Friday night for grades 4, 5, 6 and 7 with some great nights where kids were introduced to new friends and kids who have never heard about Jesus hearing about him for the first time. Playgroup continued in its ministry to mums and dads from all over, creating a place to meet, play, eat and share. Take One was another huge success seeing close to 200 children make their way through our doors during the June/July holidays. With 72 wonderful, committed leaders we were able to make an impact on kids in our communities and neighbourhoods from across the church.

At Gateway Kids we believe the bible should never be boring, worship can be really loud and good leaders really care. We hope to continue with these things in mind to care for and nurture the children at Gateway and their friends and family into strong relationships with Jesus Christ.

Catherine Tallack Children’s Pastor

From Youth Pastors - Tim and Lauren Lucas One Friday night in 2010, as we were talking about the simple fact that each one of us is loved by God, it was a joy to see one young person sit with this statement for a moment and then share… ‘So God actually loves me’. In that moment, a statement that they had heard before now took on a whole new meaning. Previously, it had just been another phrase that they had heard for a few weeks as they had started coming to Gateway Youth, but now, it was something that they felt, something that they understood. They had a fresh revelation that God loved them, God cared for them, and God had a plan for their life. The joy this revelation brought was not just contained to the young person who had this experience, but extended to their friends, who had invited them along to youth group, and their leaders, who were excited to see them taking steps in their faith journey. At Gateway Youth we endeavour to be a welcoming community of young people where Jesus changes lives. In 2010 a significant number of young people attended Gateway Youth for the first time, and through the love and care extended by other students, many young people have become a part of our community and we are seeing Jesus doing mighty works in their lives. A highlight of 2010 was our annual Youth Camp at Ewan Maddock Dam, where we spent the weekend being challenged about the different signposts God puts on our journey to help keep us on track with Him. Students’ feedback was

that many of them took a big step on their faith journey over the weekend, and they had a lot of fun! It was also exciting to see our youth band continue to develop over the year, including leading worship on the camp under the direction of Don Beardsley, who began an internship in 2010 and is continuing his youth internship in 2011. In 2011 we continue to desire to be a welcoming community of young people where Jesus is changing lives. Every one of us has a story where God has used people in our lives to be a link in the chain of our faith journey. This year, we are encouraging the young people who are part of Gateway Youth to reach out to others, and be a link in the chain for the ‘ones’ in their lives.

Tim and Lauren Lucas Youth Pastors

Creative Ministries From Creative Ministries Coordinator - Christine Wood For the creative ministries team, 2010 was another year full of excitement and fun. There are so many people involved in so many aspects of the creative process here - our talented musicians and singers, hardworking sound, lighting and media techs, designers, set builders, video producers, and many people who help generate great ideas to pull it all together. The highlight for me is when all of the different elements come together and create an experience in church that is deeply meaningful and inspiring. We had many such moments last year and look forward to creating many more in 2011. Thank you to all of the teams who so willingly give so much of themselves to make church an expression of our amazing and creative God.

From Music Director - Joel Eames The last year has been an exciting year of change and community building within the music ministry. A big highlight for the year has been the move from four to five teams as Gateway has grown. It has been great to see how God blessed us with exactly the right people to fill the extra spots necessary to make five teams. Another positive for the year has been the new combined rehearsals. Once a month on a Tuesday, the whole music ministry team gets together to gain input, worship together, discuss aspects of God and worship, and also just spend time hanging out. It has been exciting seeing people continue to grow in their skills, leadership and the way God is using them. Lastly, Christmas Carols! What more can I say – an awesome team of musos, singers and instrumentalists put in a lot of hard work and

pulled off a great show – too many highlights for me to pull out any individual efforts! Hope to do more in 2011.

From Video Production - Alicia Eames Video Production was heaps of fun again in 2010, with some highlights being the ‘Share’ series in August, a series we made promoting volunteering and Carols. A small team of volunteers work to pull these videos together, most with no previous video experience, and we all thoroughly enjoy what we do. Hearing stories of how people have been inspired, encouraged, motivated and brought to laughter and tears by the videos is very exciting for all of us. We are thoroughly looking forward to all 2011 will bring.

Life Groups From Pastor - Helen Bates

Belonging to a Life Group is how we connect into the Church family here at Gateway. It’s where we can become known as we share our lives, find friendship and grow in our faith journey. Life Groups offer community for different ages and stages of life: the children in Kidzone, youth, young adults, families, men & women, couples, some groups coming together around a special focus, and of course, the “Ascenders” (our seniors). We have great men and women who host and facilitate these opportunities for us to pursue God and experience Him together. I love hearing leaders speak about their group this way: “We value the opportunity to share aspects of our lives that we would rarely do with anybody else... the struggles, the difficulties, the joys, the successes and the failures. All of this in an environment where no-one judges, but somebody will always have something inspirational or encouraging to say. It’s the chance to do life together – even going camping together!” Then there’s the heartfelt appreciation expressed to a group from a member: “ meant so much to have all of you there for support...” We will continue to develop leaders and work toward multiplying the number and the diversity

of our Life Groups. Everyone is welcome at Gateway, and we want to help every person find a Life Group where their life and faith can be shared and they can press on to know God, and follow His way for their future.

Helen Bates Pastor

From Discipleship and Evangelism Pastor - Lainey Smith We have Pathways at Gateway to support people as they take the next step in getting to know Jesus better and follow Him more closely. A snapshot of 2010: •New training developed to better equip mentors within our Mentoring Network and 12 mentors were trained throughout March. •56 people participated in Life Keys courses such as Search for Life and Valiant Man and four new Facilitators trained so that we can continue to offer these courses in coming years. •20 couples participated in the Marriage Course receiving quality input and strengthening their marriage relationship. •Over 80 new people volunteering in ministry teams in line with the launch of a new Sunday service in September. •The beginnings of a New Believer followup team so that each person who decides to follow Jesus through contact with one of our ministries has someone to support and encourage them as they find their place in God’s Story. •42 people were Baptised, declaring their faith in Jesus in the presence of family and friends. “I have done a few of the Life Keys courses. These courses gave me the opportunity to really expand my understanding of just how God has put me together especially from the aspect of my God-given sexuality. As these courses challenged me to change my thinking and change my daily walk with the Lord, I certainly saw what a blessing these courses would be to other men prepared to take on the challenge. I felt I should go for the next step which was to do the Facilitator’s Training,

which I completed at the end of 2010. I am very thankful and feel blessed for this opportunity and progression, from participant to facilitating this excellent course.” – Peter In 2011 we’re excited about the vision of the Value of ONE. Every ONE is valued, Every ONE is welcome, and Every ONE is different. We’ve already begun two new “Starting Point” groups for those with questions about God and Church or who are new to following Jesus. We’re also providing practical empowering training through Life Groups in what it looks like to share Jesus with the ONES in our lives.

Lainey Smith Discipleship and Evangelism Pastor

Community & Care From Community and Care Pastor - Sue Sharp Throughout the past year Gateway’s Community & Care Ministries have been actively reaching out to many families in our community. These ministries work together very effectively in giving practical, emotional, and spiritual support to families who are facing so many life challenges. Our teams have so many wonderful opportunities to build relationships with people, to pray with them and to share the message of hope of Jesus’ transforming love. Nothing is more thrilling than seeing individual lives changed and to hear great stories of what God has done in bringing hope and healing. ONE story, about ONE family A couple who have 11 children and are expecting their 12th rang CAP (Christians Against Poverty) with huge debts, looking for assistance in budgeting. They looked forward with excitement and anticipation to the next appointment when we presented them with a workable budget which would see them out of debt in 7 months. As well as providing them with financial help we were able, through the Care Centre, to provide assistance with food, towels, cooking appliances and vouchers for the Opp Shop. This was a practical demonstration of God’s love and they were overwhelmed. We look forward to working alongside this family knowing that God is at work in their lives. It is a real privilege to be a part of what God is doing in and through the ministries of CAP, Royal Treatment, Care & Share, Depression & Anxiety Support Group, Journeys & Steps, Care Centre, Opp Shop & Manna and Craft.

The Leaders and their teams do an awesome job and we are confident that we will see more and more people coming to know Jesus personally and being baptized in the year ahead. The Counselling & Wholeness Project Team presented a proposal to the Board of Elders for the new Counselling Centre to be launched in 2011. Our heart as a church is to care holistically for people and to see them become all that God intends them to be. This year is the beginning of an exciting new journey for us as we see this become a reality.

Sue Sharp Community and Care Pastor

Mensnetwork - From Pastor Paul Cavanagh Our heart for men at Gateway continues to be “...all about connecting blokes with each other, so that none should stand alone. Our purpose is to help men find their passion and purpose in serving God.”

for relationship building with churched & unchurched blokes.

Steady growth in building authentic relationships through our Band of Brothers small groups, experiencing personal growth In 2010 we saw continuing connections and through mentoring, taking the pathway journey growth take place at our annual “Blokes through Careforce Lifekeys courses where the Weekend” at North Stradbroke and “Men’s Valiant Man sexual discipleship journey was well Camp” ...a real mountaintop experience embraced with reflections like... nearly 50 guys experiencing connection & “If more men in Gateway did Valiant Man we rejuvenation. Here is just a bit of feedback... would see God moving more powerfully. Men “Thanks for organising a fantastic retreat (the need to do this.” first one for me), Thanks also for our chat – “This has been one of the most outstanding even better that it was God’s idea!! I have made Christian education courses run in a church many friends and refreshed some old ones. I context that I have ever experienced.” was starting to feel a bit isolated as a bloke – happens in our busy family lives.” With now over 200 blokes on our “Men’s Network e-news” email, we are connecting With a number of other guys we saw Jesus more than ever but with over 40% of the change lives as we planted a Church in blokes in the Church not connected we still the slums of Manila. Along with our “Band have an awesome opportunity for growth. of Bikers” motorcycle group and pushbike Paul Cavanagh activities there were great opportunites


Women - From Pastor Helen Bates We value and celebrate the many women who serve faithfully in every ministry area in the life of Gateway. Every woman is encouraged to find the right place to serve and to use her unique giftings to bless others. Three times through 2010 we held cafe evenings to bring women together to bless and encourage them. These events - Indulgence Cafe, Candybar Cafe and Flavours - were great experiences of sharing faith stories, building friendship, enjoying great food and generally finding fresh inspiration. We offer these events for women of all ages to celebrate God’s love for us and to energise His call on our lives.

Helen Bates Pastor

Young Adults - From Pastor Andrew Mayne The strength of our Young Adults ministry continues to come through our Life Groups. I had the privilege of sitting with one of our groups last year and as I looked around the room I recognised many people who only months earlier had come to Gateway for the first time or who were isolated and looking for a place to meet some new friends. I was not only impressed by the sense of welcome and care that this particular group reflected but also the proactive way they sought to be inclusive to anyone they met who hadn’t yet found a place to connect. This is the heart of our church!

a ‘hub’ where they receive weekly input and make time to pray for each other which then flows out into the week where they know they have a group of mates to support them and to hang out with.

Last year we saw a number of new and diverse life groups emerge and also started a new concept – the Centralised Young Adults Life Group. This was a place where a couple of groups joined together to study God’s word and care for one another on a fortnightly basis.

A special mention must also be given to the incredible contribution of Marissa Dooris who served as a Young Adults intern in 2010.

One of our life group leaders reflected that the strength of their group comes from having

2010 was a year of many highlights! They included: the gathering of our first ever Young Adults short term team to visit Elena Ciobo in India in January 2011; our Annual Young Adults camp held at Alexandra Headlands and the multitude of Young Adults serving faithfully each week in many different ministries across the church!

As we look forward to 2011 a leadership change has seen Tim Lucas take on the role of Young Adults pastor, and the ongoing growth and development of our life group network and combined expression of Young Adults.

Lovers - From Pastor Andrew Mayne Three times a year when the church transforms into a sea of candlelit tables, it is obvious that we are gearing up for one of our Gateway Lovers events. As I have the opportunity at each event to walk through the room filled with couples sharing dessert and reflecting on their marriages, I realise that this event provides the (sometimes rare) opportunity for couples to take time out to invest in their relationship. Once again in 2010 the strength of these events was on the back of some great input from our different guest speakers: Peter Janetzki, John Meteyard and Murray & Jane Averill. A regular attendee at our lovers events summed up their experience: “We reckon that we have a pretty great marriage – but Lovers never fails to give us something to chew over.

Sometimes it makes us thank God for what we have, other times we find ourselves planning for how to do things better. We love the fact that since introducing our neighbours to Lovers, they haven’t missed a single one!” Gateway Lovers expresses itself in three annual events. Whether people have been married for 5 days or 5 decades, we believe in creating space for couples to invest in their relationship. Our desire is to see poor marriages begin the journey towards health and for good marriages to only grow stronger. In 2011, we are committed to running three more great events with top class input and continuing to refine our nights to make them increasingly more accessible to our wider community.

XLerate - From Pastor Barbara O’Brien XLerate creates a connection point for people 40ish and over where newcomers and seasoned XLerators can get to know each other better, have heaps of fun and partake in some fine food and beverages. A variety of different social activities provides opportunity for friendships to grow and develop. This year, community was built and encouraged as people gathered together to enjoy the spread of events - from the all-in-together Spit Roast to more intimate Dinners of Eight; from the moderately active Pitch’n’Putt Golf to a relaxed night of images and anecdotes looking back through the years as we reminisced along Memory Lane; and from a fair dinkum Aussie Southern Cross Stargazing Bonfire to the Greek belly dancing at the Christmas Dinner party at

Southbank. Thanks to Doug and Judy Weston and Ian and Conny Biggs who continue to come up with great ideas for events. Their combined leadership of the XLerate ministry brings a wealth of experience, a generous gift of hospitality and a flair for fun. Regular events are planned every two months, at varying times of the day. If you are a baby-boomer or close enough to it, you will thoroughly enjoy the fine food and laughter that punctuates all the XLerate gatherings.

Gateway Beyond From Missions Pastor - Ashley Withers Gateway Beyond is committed to growing God’s Kingdom by sending people, investing money and establishing life changing ministries to fight poverty and injustice, transform communities, and break new ground for the gospel in Australia and throughout the world. In 2010 Gateway Beyond impacted the world through 43 of our people involved in full-time mission, 5 short-term teams, and 4 individuals who did short-term mission assignments. Over the past 12 months Gateway has given $400,000 to support our missionaries and the projects they work with, including our Christmas appeal for Bloom. Gateway committed to “Be the change” in our world. We praise God for the changed lives and circumstances that have come about through the ministry of those who have gone beyond and those who have supported Gateway Beyond. In 2011 we look forward to seeing God bring hope and healing through our missionaries and

teams, and the ongoing ministries of Bloom and Carewerx. God is continuing to send us out in Jesus’ name because ‘every ONE matters’.

Ashley Withers Missions Pastor


From Carewerx Coordinator - Paula Withers Carewerx is a ministry among refugees and migrants in Logan City. It’s faith in action. It’s faith in words. It’s mission on our doorstep. Most enquiries at Carewerx are about fairly ordinary stuff, generally about how things work here in Australia. As we listen and share, people feel supported and better equipped to make choices and take action. Practising English and computers in a safe environment helps people gain confidence to meet their real-life needs. Getting help with homework helps students get through high school successfully.

From Bloom Directors - Murray and Ruth Larwill What an amazing year we’ve had! On February 1st we celebrated Bloom Cafe’s very first birthday! As we blew out candles and sung happy birthday to ourselves, I looked into the eyes of 31 very special girls. Girls who had been violated and abused almost beyond human understanding have built a Cake Decorating Business that has become a household name in Phnom Penh, Cambodia! 23 girls have now graduated from Bloom’s Hospitality Course over the past year. And 7 new girls are currently enrolled in Bloom’s 5th Hospitality course. Thanks to the dedication and tireless efforts of Trish Germain, Bloom has also launched a new Greeting Card business with four girls now working in this program. We are finding this social enterprise is working particularly well for some of the more traumatised girls. Bloom has also been blessed to have Paula Withers and Linda Page (both from Gateway) come over to Cambodia to implement an official English language Program. Bloom has started receiving requests from some high end restaurants who would like to employ our graduates, but they have stipulated that the girls must speak English, so we are very excited to see the addition of this program which could allow some of the more confident girls to pursue a good career outside of Bloom! There’s always something fun going on around Bloom, but one of the biggest highlights this past year was when the Gateway ladies

team, run by Susan Elsmore, came to visit in September! They ran devotions & games each day and put on a concert that still makes us grin from ear to ear when we think about it! But the MOST exciting thing is to watch the girls come to know Jesus in a deep and real way that has taken me a life time to grasp!!! A girl who was tormented by demons every time she closed her eyes, now sleeps peacefully. A girl who had been left to die after a particularly vicious gang rape has found healing that would have been impossible without the healing touch of Jesus. A girl who had been sold when she was 5 years old, asked God for a ‘Mummy’. She had her prayer answered when a spirit filled Christian lady approached us the following week, saying that she felt God had asked her to be a Mummy for one of our girls. When I was growing up, I used to hear stories about what God was doing all over the world. I thought they were nice little anecdotes. To actually be in the midst of a modern day miracle is an overwhelming joy.

Ruth and Murray Larwill Bloom Directors

Gateway Baptist Church 2010 Annual Report  
Gateway Baptist Church 2010 Annual Report  

The Gateway annual report for the 2010 year.