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Institute of Engineering Studies (IES Bangalore) present smartest online portal for the preparation of GATE, IES and other PSU examination     

Download previous year questions and set of standard question along with formula sheets. Participate in online “Discussion forum”. Online Test your preparation with subject level new standard question built by the team of IITians and real time mock test environment. Analyse you performance in detailed comparison with the overall topper as well as with subject topper. Practice standard questions subject wise & topic wise along with collection of previous year question the basis of your performance.

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Database of more than 60,000 questions 490 + Online Tests are available 570 + Forum Topics available 75 + Materials available 21,000 + Registered Aspirants till now

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Mobile Application This is the first and only mobile application developed by any institution in order to facilitate the GATE/IES aspirant to give online test and practice the problem over the phone. This application can be downloaded in any of android mobile and free to use. All the services are available in mobile application that can help the candidates to practice and prepare themselves anytime & anywhere. Download the application from Google store and install in you mobile to get started. It is mandatory, that you have already registered in our website: to login through mobile application.

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